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XV, NO. 20.
--, SmmA !"te-W . J&$ t . e
11 i HI I 1 FS I 1HI 1 HI r nW9w.ll KitM.1l Hk f n 1 TfT It" M Iwl 1 iw U.
i r - m m - hi B whbt v a - hhhhw 0 m hhhbhv h am .a5 htx. r,i ' v t vu aui h fi i a -bb. 1 m mA. he 1 mfi v wa
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12 PAGES PlilCE 5
Oklal.ouin Special Reaches
Washington After Tri-
umphant J our
That - What Trip Through
S uth Provided; Okla
h' inans Entertained
In Meantime State Delegation
Taking Over Fashionable
Capital Hotels.
, v HIS" '! TON', Oct. 17 Okla
(. ,M ' keis tnnlt complete possrs
, ' h n.itlonnl capital today,
r. i 'Ho the city In their ten-
"il it day In advance of the
. f the American Hanker
i) convention, tlm sooner
'it wd pitched tin tents In the
V . i i 'he Khbltt, the Raleigh and
I vvntnwn hotels and began
i, ' i"- 1' the woild that Oklahoma
. " 1'irn's choicest common-
hundred one and one-half
i an were on tile long Okla
nr' lal which v pulled Into
,ittnn at 9 o'clock this morn-
'nr. half was the young
' of Clete Peterson of Has
' iialil half fare.
WiiiilroheH Arc I'rotccledT
Pi.i v illy every Oklnhoma bank
er who was In possession of a wife
i. ' '"r ,i"ng That was the
, o.v t'vo detectives rode In
c !;( ear all tho way from
Oklah i.. i They canto along to
p-i t" t fi tnlntnn finery nnd make
nrc 'tn no Oklahoma women lost
niv nf llio wnrli-rHn tlinv .i.iipn l.t-lnr.-
Ir; al"n,- to wear at the numerous
'!.' affairs which havo been ar
ranged for bankers' wives.
Tho oklnhnmans ramo to Wash
1T n enthtiriastlc! over trio Rreat
rfcemtors they had at Memphis,
Cha'Mrt iosa, Asheylllo and Lynch -
Slnec the party left Oklahoma City
Tucslav afternoon tho trip has been
a mill 1 of automobile rides, theater
rr" t dances, dinners, banquets,
t.s'h' sccinfi trips and brass band
wei nriirs. with hero and thcro a
T po cm recital.
FiiKine l num. secretary of the
uKiauo 1:1 li.inkers assorlatlon to-
"b' id that if there was any form
o' f itnment which was not
Slvoi the Oklahomans In some of the
t'Nna Msi ed ho did not know what
It w.is At Memphis, Chattanooga.
A tin. r nnd Lynrlihtirc the enter-
tain ,r-t was Jointly by chambers of
r,, and clearing house jisko-
catii ns
V Hound of I'lcasiirc.
Snine at Memphis with a
lun h. rn tlio Oklahomans were
Ufc' i in automobiles to manufac
" institutions, common wan
hnir nnd terminals, went to coun
try c',ha fnr golf tourneys, attended
Itici'ri p.trticH and heard orchestra
At i hattanooga tho following
ar ihr took automobile rides over
Ln 1 ' 'i niouiitaln, visited famous
! battlefields and attain
"at mns sufferliiE from goiriu
""I ih ii pains iibsuatfuod In jour
ii" on "hattanonira links.
At Ashevillo their bieakfast nt
irnv.. .ar jnli moro nutomobllo
ridiij. i, ,,ro gif tourneys, a drive
"ll'tnlore,,' tho famous North
lre na estate of tho Vanderblltil
I'm perhaps tho most enjoynblo
Ojv l all was that at Lynchburg
Ji'-r.i.,. LcavlnB Ashcvlllo In day
Hill In. , rilor in .nn fl.n Itlit.. tllan
"is nt their October best, tho
" ans arrived nt T-vnehbnri?
n.t tter,, met by 175 Lynchburg cit-
outlieiii lloMilliilliv.
r,"o I.vnehburt; citizen was
P. t with each OkUhoman In
'd' nat they mlRht learn all
' u- i ue oi(i Dominion.' A ban
flj'i ui Itandolph Macon colleBO
pn'ttv coeds servlnc as walt
u.j.i a feature of tho Lynch
U'iip -i"p Addressis were mada by
f!"'"' ''arter tilami, whoso homo
18 ' I.iKhbui-B; by IJr. Illce And-
president of Itandolph
" " nnd by the ninyor and city
Jyi' iKr ,,f LynchburR. And on tho
l tho Oklahomans by 1'.- C.
i,"1 president of the Oklnhoma
''"'. ntsoclaUon; KirSno I".
,J retary. and H. L. Standevan
Piston and H. L. Staiulevan of
T-Us i
T' " divisions of passetiBcr
r" ' ngi-ompanlcd tho patty all
P' v from Oklahoma City to
'- J ido trips, arrantto stops and
"r-'iwisp mak tno tl.p pleasant.
Many TiiIniiih In I'arty.
nn iik ntimnnnii in nr.
!r,J 1 W. Hryant of tho Central
iiifi ..i bank. Tulsa: A. II. llrad
V nd J. D Hnxlov of tho Tlrst
al bank. Tulsa: U. W. Jacobs.
1 iMon and II. L. Kts.ndova of
f ii ''man. Tulsa; II. A. McCaul-t"J""1,P-'i:
A. J. I'etfirs. OkmuN
5' r T 13. I'hllllpKi Hartlcsvlllo; J.
i. '"mer, OkmulKoe; Leo Cllntori,
.V'f' f A. -Mayo, Tulsa; L. IJ.
Miami. Young women ln the
, . Wer' Mlfsen Helen Churchill
.1) v -mn pimnrllo if Vlnltn
..'Klaliomnn on Conmilttoo.
' Oklahonians nrn on tho,
. - ,,f,f which will start Rrlnd-in'-i
,c.arly '"morrow mornlnK. They
Cim", 'l,n I J- Wlkoff, Oklahoma
U.'.l1 A- MfCatilley. Hapul
Bandits' Car Is Found Here;
Fugitives Give Officers' Slip
Two Men Fitting Description of Alluwe Robbers Seen to
Leave Auto; Thorough Search of City Made, But It's
Fruitless; Circumstances Puzzle Officers.
Two men answcrlm? the descrip
tion of the b.mdltrt wfio held up
the Alluwo Hlaic baiiK at .1 13
o'clock H.iturday nftei n m-. nb.n '.
iloncd a motor uir :u;e Saturday
afternoon on a stielih .'nail niie
mile east of the end of Admiral
boulevard and about n half mile
ninth of Homo lliil cemetery, ai--1'inlliiK
to a rcpoit Klven out" Sun
day nlKht by Sheriff Jam's Wool
ley, who Is hotdillK the liiaehlliu
A womii'i llvltiB In the Wnniliy
saw tile two men leave 'he ear.
She obtained a Rood di scrlptloi: of
the men and notified the Sheriffs
office. Hherlff Vonllty eiiiuminil
cated with K. M. K.ucm. iahlVr of
the Alluwe bank, who said the de
scrlptidiii tnll ed with that of the
men who committed the d.ir.iiK
daylight robbery.
Sheriff1 Wool'ey not'fieil the po
lice ileparttni-et S'nul iv evfiilim
Beats Cox 4,210 to 2,566
in Straw Ballot Taken
by The World
Only 25 Per Cent of Those at
Playhouse Saturday Night
Expressed Choice
tii i2 nr.si.'ir,
()i plii'iiiii , .
loyal .
Ma lest Ic ...
Iloiailtvay . .
Dreamland .
Harding Cox
II III (127
. - so:t
, . :tus sun
. . .107 1(11
. . ill ;iH7
.. lit) 111)
.. t.m i;i
. . 700 ;tH1
.. 211 1M0
. . (KI7
1.270 L'..-(lll
majority over Cot,
From a strictly partisan standpoint
the straw vote taken by Tho World
Saturday, at rho different theaters
in Tulsa is very gratifying. It shown
Senator Harding lending Governor
Cox In what has been considered
democratic territory by a surprising
majority. There was a total of n,S3,.
ballots cast. Of this number, Debs,
tho soclaJIst candidate, recevied 2
votes at the Royal theater, and 17
ballots wero placed in tho various
boxes without expressing the choice
of tho voters. At ono theater there
was an evident attempt by both
Harding and Cox supporters to stuff
the bllot box. IJIoeks of tickets
were found In this box In such shape,
as to clearly show that tho tickets
did not represent Individual voters.
An they did not change the relative
standing of tho two candidates no
effort will be mado to throw out this
Only about 25 per cent of those
who attended thn theaters Saturday
afternoon and night availed them
selves of tho opportunity to express
their choice. This may be taken as
evidence that only about 2! per
cem of the voting population H In
terested In the presidential election.
Just what vJuc this straw vote
has wo do not'pretend to say. Wo
shall not attempt an analysis, pre
ferring to leave that to tho analytic
minds of poll'lclans to ponder ovcru
in taxing mis voto everv errort
was made to make It easy for the
voter. Boxes wero placed at each
"heater, attended bv two JJov Scouts
who passed out tickets. AH the
voter had tn do wns to tear tho
ballot In half and voto that portion
expressing his preference. The
World had tho co-operation of all
the managers of tho local theateis,
nnd In mnut Instances the theater
employes, Sol t)nn. -publicity man.
nnd John M. Llndly. scoutmaster,
In putUnc on thin stunt.
Vice lVivlileiitlal Vomliwc Leaves
Wnsliliigton for Siieaklng Trip.
AVASHINfiTON. .Oct. 17. -After a
day of rest here, fjovcrnor Coolldgo
left this afternoon on u spoclal train
for a week's speaking tout- through
six border and southern states.
Job Hedgfrt 'of New York accom
panied fiovernor Coolldgo and Gov
ernors Lowden of Illinois and Mor
row of Kentucky aio to Join the
party nt Mount Btrrllng, Ky., 'tomor
row morning, whero tho republican
vlro presidential candidate will make
(ho first speech of his trip. Fb-ven
slops In Kentucky nro scheduled for
tomorrow. Later In thn week the
tour will li"liulo Tennessee, North
Carolina nnd Maryland.
Monkey Illlo Victim Shows Slight
Improvement Savs Ills Doctors,
ATI I ICS'S. Oct 17 - King Alexand
er, who Is c-lllcally III as n result
'f Infection nrlslt.g from tho bite
of n monkey was slightly better to
lay. His lempcraturo at 11 o'clock
was in 1.5 fahrcnhelt and his pulse
was Hi-
nnd a thorough search of the clly
was Immeulatelv Instituted by
Police i apialn Wilkeison. No nt
i ems had been made at a late hour
last night. It was tbougnt hlghl
proiable that thy men may hittv
loll the city by i ruin sometime
Saturday nmht or Sunday.
'I ho discovery of the abandoned
car which bom a Kansas t.'lty
II- eiue law. With two Allortuilrl II
ceiiM! lags cntiLi-alrd !n the lon
nertu udds a baffling chapter of
mystery to the case, as tho last
tiare of the robbers was supposed
to hae been when they entuicd
Joplln Sate Krlday night.
Chief of l'ollco W, Havs of
Nowata reported he trailed the
men to Joplln but lust tinck of
them nfier entering that city.
Chief Allen raid he knew thn men
and believed the passed through
Joplln and started toward Kansas
Pre-Convention Missouri
Campaign to Be Taken
Up by Jobbers
Senator, Turned Down as
Delegate, Member qf Com
mittee Investigating.
ST. LOn.S, Oct. 1 ?. Tho demo
cratic pie-convention campaign In
Missouri and the actlvltyTtl lidward
'. (loltro, nuiliir.nl commit'.) emau In
the liitori at of tho candidacy of At
torney Oener.U A. Mitchell l'..lmer
I will be aired loinoriMvv when the
' senate committee Invesllr-.-iNr.- i-.im.
palgn expenditures resumes its fcvs-
slons here.
Tho committee !s prepared In par
ticular ic inquire into tho payment
of the cxpensiH of dologa'ei sent to
thn democratic statu convention nt
lopiln and the .intlotial convention
m can i' rancisco.
Senator James Heed, democrat of
Missouri, whoso right to sit In the
national convention was overruled
both tit Jcplln at-d San Francisco, .'
a member of the invest Igatlng tody.
nenai-jr Heed tonight announced
iho committee would nlso delve Into
ilu- post-cor.vcntion campaign of tho
t-cruttnrJnl cainIIJ.il is, Hreckeu
ridge Long, democrat, and Senator
Selden I Spencer, republcnn. Sen
ator Spencer is n member of the
Mr. Jng and Thomas J. Fisher,
who nad chnrgo of tho Long mud
quarters during the primary cam
luign, have been subpoenaed to tes
tify. Other witnesses will include
V. It. Holllsler, publisher of tho ,lef
leiscn City. Musiem, Cppitu-Nu.v.s;
Kdvvuril F. llnltra, the democratic
national committeeman, and Mrs.
,V V: N,Jltl" f Capo Cilrnrdoau
Mr. Holllsier Is executive recretaty
of the, rron.ocratlc national commit
tco. Setintrrs Kenyan or Iowa, l'omt
niio of Ohio, and Ktljo of New Jer
fyy. who, with Senators Heed and
Mincer coinrleto llio committee
"ill arrive .ato tonight. Senator
I.eou Indicated tonight thtt tho ,cs
slon hero i.robably would b com
pleted loinurrov.
One rnorc si.hslnii to complete all
iinrinlsl.cd invrsiiira.lons probably
will be held b.-fore election duy, two
Vi i ''.".ni Xn"lorr"w Senator Heed
nK''il,-g,,!:.a1CaEJ lh, '"b
General Harnett .Modifies State
incut on .Marlui..llaltleii Killings
WASHINGTON", Oct. 17 De.
nlal that he had Intended to convey
tho Imprchsion there had been
piomlscuous killing- of natlvo Hal
tluna by Fnlted States marines dur
ng American occupation of tho
Island between 1915 and 1020 wan
mado hero tonight by Mnjor Oencrai
George- Harnett, former command
nnt of marines. In a formal state-'
ment, which ho said was Issued at
the renucst of Secretary Daniels,
General Harnett declared tho state
ment In his letter of October 2,
UI9. to Colonel John H. Hussell
commnnder of tho marines In Haiti
that statement of counsel showed
mo liactlciilly Indlncrlmlpatu kill.
Ing!i of natives had taken place
was meant to express "without duo
pKieesR of law" and "not. as seemn
now to bo misinterpreted ns "pro
Suh Ho Wiw .loshlng With l'olllon
KIsteiM AlHiut Jewels.
NHW YORK. Oct. 17 Harry C.
Toback. who was arrested hero last
night in connection with tho Caruso
gem theft, after ho had bijen trapped
by tho police In tho apartment of tho
I'olllon sisters, was released fn
J 3.500 ball today for a hearing Tucs
day. Toback's attorney said his rllont's
alleged statements to tho I'olllon sis.
tcrs concerning tho Caruso Jewels
wero niAde an a Joke to pavo tho
way forMio sale of voinn fur coats.
Toback, the nttornoy said, was ready
to proceed with tho case at once.
Much Talk About Annie.;
With Little on .Justice
Declares Lodge
Nominee Could Have U. S.
Take Lead in Real iMove for
I.atinp; World Peace
America Could 13c Forced Into
War Against Her Will Un
der Wilson Covenant
NHW YcillK. Oct. )7.--Senator
Henry Cabot Ledro, attacked, the
iciigue cf n.ttloi s in an nddiess here
(nnlrht, ihilailiirf that It U "an ai
llanee, and that l;istcad of pro. not
ing the world's peat e It irmkej pin
vision for war and will bu it bu;eder
ot war."
The league, ho said, Is full nt "en
forcement by armies aim has tittle
about iho ti.itlonu or n world court of
Justice. As It htamli It Is u iiimIkhi1
a rd not a help to tho peace of I he
After discussing the league cove
nant, particularly the provisions ui
Article 10, Si'iia or Lodge, spfakltig
before the So.Mety of ArU nnd
.-lences, contrasted It with Senator
Harding's conception of Ilia bfst
tneanH to promote world peace.
"He Senator Harding), Is tu nnx
Ictis to protiiotu the world's pence
as any man who lives, ujii itor
Lodco said. "LSut he Is not willing
to sarrlllco the I'nlteil States by
adhering to an alliance; ti.i win d
i.H.ut v,ur and nut peace. Ho Is ut
terly against the Wilson le iguo as
.Mr. Wilson brought It from I'arls,
"Senator r 1 lardh.Lf'.t iil.-.n n I
bring abouf inder tho Jeadershlp
of the I'nlted StatiB an ngreemciit
among tho unions which will truly
promise the peacu of tho world.
,uolc President WIIhui.
"On January 22. 1917. tho ores!
dent piesented In n't address to the
senate, a plan for u world peace. At
that tlmo tho president hail not
1 roken with (jermany and lie was
p.'aiinlns for ft 'iioac.i) wltheu: vie
lory' and ther for the ptotultlon of
a lenguc. Ho piopoccd that we
should adhere to a leagiu for pence,
and then he slid.
" 'It will be absolutely necessary
that a fjrcu In cie.ited as u guaran
tee of the pernmncmy of III" settle
ment to much grciuir than the force
il any nation nyw engaged or any
alH-mcc hllheito formed or pro
jected that no nation, im probable
comhlnailon of nations, could face
crvvithstni ) It. If tho peacu
iresently to be madi is to endure.
It must be a pe.ire mud') securo b
the organized mujor fotcu of man
kind.' "That fJmvvH the president's cm
eepilon of a loarjuo for :jo i',', that
il imwt be backed by tho 'organUrd
majlir force of mankln.' and that
means an International force uii.lor
tho control of thu leiifuo and with
all tho mcmbci of tho leagao
obllg?d to lurnl.ih (jiu.tns tor thu In
ternational force.
UN "I nliiii or Wills."
"That this continued m his mind
to, be tho dominant conception of
a league for peace Is shown by what
he said on Fol.ruary 11. !Ul;), vvhrn
ho pren-nted the finished draft ol
Iho constitution of (hi league of nil
cy.NTiNUKD os pacu: two
Governor Prrimrcs (or a Whlrlvvlud
Finish to Ills Campaign.
CM.HVHLNI ".. Oct. 17.Oov
ernor Cox secured a full day's rcrt
hero today In pre p.uai.oii for what
his associates H.ild would be a whirl,
wind flnlah of the presidential c.ini
lalgn, Hurlng the next (orlnlghl
Iho candidate vv'll mime his fight on
tho great populntion centers ot thuj
fBhlcrn and ccnirn state neginning
tomorrow In .') rncune, llochesier
nnd Hilffahj, N. Y.
New H'iinpshlit cities and Iloxton
will be visited next Tuesday b the
governor. 1'iovldeii'e II. 1.. liridgi
port, Hartfonl. nud othe,- Connecti
cut cities on Wednesday; Wilmln
gt"n., (,iel., and ll.iltlmoro, M.l . on
Thursdav, nnd Tre.tiun, I'rlnclon,
Newark and Jeitcy Clt), N. J., en
A Madison Squ.irvi (lardili i.peui'h
at New York next S.il.nday nb.'ht
will close the wek. anJ during the
following week tho cinilldatu will
fpeak .it Indianapolis, ( hlcago and
other nild-vvist enters.
The league of netloiis prnni.sed to
be virlunily tho excluclve battle
ground of (l-ivernor (' for tho re
i. minder of the campaign.
I'rlor to liU departuro It-ro late
lonlght fir Sjiaeuke. (lovci-nor Cox
spent a (pilot day ut his lintel, en
Joying nn afternoon motor trip with
THI-SA. Oct 17 JUilmum 70. mini
mum (I Hmiihfuat wlniln Clrar.
OKI.AIiriMV Mnmtii'. ni Tumlny un.
cttlril wi-ritftur. probably Mi'stlcrn) aliuw
I.Ol'lHIANiV MnmN" mil Tufmlny psrt
cloudy ti couiL w a ' 1 1 r nn.il i-mimu
AIIKAVAK Mnnitny ami Tuf.y tiuri
ijr clnuily to cluuilv nl omewliat un
tetllil wrsllirr, mild trinprrmur
KANHAH l'.irUr rlou.ly itnnUy. how.
tn In writ portion, 'futiday uliowcra.
inoilerile uniperaturs.
To He 'Big Dgy'
On Front Porch
In Marion Today
M Alt 1 1 )N, Ohio, Oct. 17
Senntii lliiiillug's front porch
anipigii, Intiiiupted for Hint
t tin ii two weeks by siieaklng
ttlih lulu the mlitdlO West and
smith, will he resumed tomorrow
Willi a celeliiatlon expected to
tiling Marlon imu of tho largest
i row (N of the summer.
The occasion has been designat
ed as "flrfl voteis' das'' and sev
eral thousands of young men and
women are tn como by automo
bile and rpeeinl lialn to hear the
nominee's speech on the duties
and opportunities of those who
east their first ballots on Novem
ber 2 Delegations from several
ihio eou'itle" vvhc in the senator
"ilglnally h lit plumed to receive
Tuesday, will Join In tho first
vo'eis tiici'ttni.
On Wednesday morning Sena
tor H'lrdhig will leave fnr his I'ist
campaign dip .Speaking at
,lni I smi Ohio, ho continues east,
ward 'ind addresses a mei tlng hi
lloebt sti -. N" Y., on Thiiri.dav
nU'ht. No oilier speefhes ore
lie made ind the retiator will
1 1 in'-i n Mai Inn Ft Iday.
M iktnn n 'as' run from SI.
Limit wheie be spoke last night
Senninr llnnllnir icneheil here on
bit speela! train beforo noon
Churchill Afraid of Con
sequences ofs North
South Irish War.
Complete and Permanent Set
tlement of Irish Question
to Follow, He Says.
DCNHKH, Scotland. Oct. 17.
Danger of embroilment with the
I'nlted States If tho north nnd
south of Ireland wero left to fight
out their own differences was pre
dicted by Winston Spencer Church-
Ill, the secretary for war, In a speech
bote last night.
Mr. Churchill, after asserting that
such a course would tend to civil
war "on such an organlzod scale
that It would bo disastrous and
more terrible than could bo Imag
ined," declared It would mean that
in 1 : it lt In ri t svmoithv would develop
In favor of Ulster Influential persons
In the United Stales, ho said, sym-
p-ithlzed with the south of Ireland
and vvhllo volunteers would leave
lrnitlnnd for thn north of Ireland.
reinforcements would com" from the
I'nlted States for the south.
That, added, the war secretary.
would croato such tension that
client 1 1 lit il 1 11 would bo faced with
the greatest danger It could bo con
fronted with, namely, a quarrel with
the United Slates.
"Two or three years more of what
wo are going through," he added.
appears belter to tun that that we
should leave Ireland to herself and
lima open tho flood gales of organ
hud wir and Inter embroil us with
he I'nlted Stntes."
Mr Churchill declared the reign
of terror In lieland would bo sup
pressed nnd that It would then be
hoe for a enmplete nnd permanent
settlement of the Irish question.
Wouldn't Aecs'pl lls'iiKnltloii Un
(lor Terms Offered.
MKXICO C!ITY. Ort 17. Tho
visit to Mexico of (Icorgo Creel luic
caused considerable comment by
the Mexican newspapers. Mr. Creel
lemalned three dny, and thn pa
peis assert his stay In tho capital
was limited becrtuso of the "break
down of his confidential mission.'"
1 loth Kxcnlslor and HI Fnlvers.il
uFstgn his depaituro to 1'rfslilcnt de
la Huerla's refusal to accent recoit-
nltlon of Mexico by the Fnlted '
States with the conditions attached I
declaring these conditions were the
basis of extended conferences which
he held with the provisional presi
Negro Who Killed Ileuuiiioiit Woman
l Taken to Houston for Safety.
IlHAl'.Mt'NT. T. xas. (let. 17.
Will Johnson, negro, under indict
ment for tho killing of MIhi Dot
Viitiehelet. prominent llenumont
woman, last Tuesday night, wns ar
listed today at Sllsbee, Texas, anil
mice n to Houston tor snfo keeping.
Ills trial hnii been set for next
Thursdav when Johnson will bn
brought here. Miss Vauchulet, whllo
walking In thn heart of the resi
dence section Tuesday night, wan
shot to death In what police believe
vvaa an attempted robbery.
Dallas Calls Lincoln Factor.
LINCOLN, Neb. Oct. 17 Itcv.
L. D Ynnr.g fo six years pastor of
the Finn J'reshyterlan rhunh at
Lincoln, today tendered his 'resig
nation to his congregation to ac-
i pt a call to tho City Temple
(hurrh of Dallas, Texas, beginning
his new pastoruto tho first Sunday
In November.
Fitznild, First of Cork
Fasters to Die; With
out Food 68 Days
Physicians Amazed at Resist
ing Qualities of Men; Em
aciation Is Terrible
Rests Fairly Well and Sleeps
Part of Time; Pope Won't
Act on His Case
COHIC, Oct. 17. -Thn first death
rimiiML' the huncer strlltrtu In Corlt
'Jail occurred tonight. Fitzgerald
died at Oit.i o'clock, having ranted
IIS days.
Tho condition of Flt.gerald nnd
Murphy had beromo so grave today
that with tho consent of the other
hunger strikers, the prison doctors
wero permitted to glvu Fitzgerald
medlcnl treatment, A Corlt spe
cialist also wn:i called In.
Fitzgerald was at rested for shoot
ing Private Soldier Jones outside
Fertnouy church on Hcptumber 7,
ON IIFNGl.lt STltlKi;
1'ltzgerntil wan one of thn jdeven
men on a hunger Htrlkn In thu Cork
Jail whose cases for u lung time have
been the source ot wonderment on
the part of medical authorities. Near
ly a month ugo Dr. I'earsnn and Dr.
Itattliieotnbe. the Jail phvtflclans, ex
piessed profound umnxcmcnl thnt
tho men, who werinbstalnlng from
food, were Mill nllvo and conscious.
At that time the physicians said that
except for thu devotions and enro of
the ntiitH in nttendanco upon thn
prisoners It wns certain that jpevnrnl
of them would long slucu have boon
All the hunger slrllteis wero do
clared to havo been reduced to a se
vere, degree of einaclntlon, Tho
facial emaciation of Fitzgerald nt
i ft time wan declared to bu tho most
mswi.vi:y passi.s mini day
of ir.(.'icit sTiitiii:.
LONDON, tie 17. Terence Mac
Kwlney. lord mayor of Cork, passed
he 6i:th day of his hunger strnto
in Ilrlxton prison fairly well, said
tonight's b'llletln Issued by tlm
Irish Self-Determination league. Jic
slept part of the day.
HOMK. Oct. lfi. I'opo Ileliodtct,
according to luformatl' n scouted to.
day, has referred tho proUom of tho
siatus of Ijortl .Mayor MacHvlney of
Cork aiiv the other Irish hiiiigor
irlkors to the congregation cf the
holy office;
Many urgent uppeals to make
S'Miioiironouncomonl nave ueeu ie-
celved by tho pope. Tlicm) appeals
are il'lvlded be ween opposite view
points, and Implore tlio pontiff to
rearm diametrically opposed de
cisions on the question w hurt her the
iliatn ot tho pr.soners n.t a leniill
it llinlr linger strikes would make
ilicui suicides.
Tho congregational of tho holy
'fflie settles questiuiis of faith and
moni'c and hidzch Iiltihv
The process In inall-is coming be-i'ew lone city, ami to cnango inem
,'uro ttrZt cc nr k'atlna is ao luiirfldnHy. Is n grip on tho heart of our
ihat it geitetally takes several jeais
hi i each a dcflnli" decision.
Dartmoulli Student Is Shot to Death
.Mime) mill Jewel i Untouched
I'HILADF.LI'HLV Oil. 17. --The
body of F.lmcr C. Drewcs, a Dart
mouth ollcge student, who left his
home here )esterdny to return to
college, was found with a bullet
hole thtough the top of Ills head,
on a Finely road In the northern
part of the clly early today. The
police believe ho was murdered.
Money, bonds nnd Jewelry val
ued at several thousunds of dollars
were found untouched In the
young man's pockets.
Dynamite Explosion
at Mine Entrance
Followed by Fight
MOUOAN'Tc i WN, W. Va (id. 17.
The tipple anil the entrain i to tin
ttocktoid coal mine ot the Connels
vllle HatIn Cjul and Coke company,
st I'.iokford, W. Vn,, near here,
vv.'ro badly ('.(imaged by an expl-json
of dynamite shortly befoto midnight
innlght. Twelvo men at woik In
iho mine succeeded in making their
t scape.
Soon after the explosion the povv
(rhousn of thu coal company was
...t .S.L....I m .imiu ......... ri...a
Tl.e hound of tho shootlpB. and tho
explcriop i.ltiacttd Tiuu-unlon
p.tneis emiiloyed by the ic.ir.pany
(.ml they quickly nS' nibled at thu
in tne nrni wn i n nuoweii t is
believed tl'.it one of ilu men ot the
.ii.,.. m iiiii Klkwood have been nested with no
imdly wounded ,us ho was (nrrhd llPM reading "Shut down your
(vvav by sju.e of l.is companions pit until October 25. You know
when they were filially driven off. JwhM"
4 v
liar re Id Speaks
Here Tonight In
Senate Campaign
.1. V. llnrield, present ron
grisst.iau ft o ii Hie Fifth district
and republic n candidate for the
Fulled Slates senate, will be In
Tulsa today and speak In the dis
trict cotiitinom at the county
rti'Htl.uiiHc at 7 30 o'clock to
night. Congiessman llarreld Is
making an intensive campaign,
having already filled speaking
dates In mote than 00 counties.
Monday will bo devoted tu Tulsa
county, visiting various towns
throughout tho day and speaking
In Tulsa at nlsht.
Mt llarreld has had unusually
largo audiences vvherver he has
spoken. Iho voteis showing a
desire to meet him personally
and hear nt first hand his posi
tion on the big Miiestlons now
being debated bv tin- American
people This will be tho first op
porturltv Tul-a has bad to hear
lilm a formal speech.
At H'linryrtta Saturday after
noon Congressman Hnireld was
greeted bv a large nnd enthus
iastic audience and nt Okmul
gee Saturday night several thou
sand heard him speak
Currency Chief Says High
Interest Hates Hit Se
curities Hard Blow.
Small Coterie of Brokers Have
Grip on Heart of Com
merce, Says Williams.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 17. "tin
Justifiable interest exacted on do
maud loans" by
New vorlt city
I hanks has been
an active con
trlbutlng causa of tho "hugu shrink-
ago' in all security values during
tho past year, Comptroller of tho
Currency Wlllla.-iis declared tonight
in a rormai statement, no cnargeu
that call money rates In New York
wero tho highest In thu world and
that "renewal rates fixed dally by
a small 'coterie' of stock exchange
broilers governed tho interest
charged on brokers' limns In near
ly nil Now York banks."
"Tlio raining or lowering of tno
renewal' rn'lo on thn exchange,"
said Mr. Williams, "Is frequently ac
companied by upward or downward
movements In stocks runt securi
ties; nnd those responsible for the
fixing of tho rate therefore have
tho opportunity, whether exercised
or not, of profiting largely by op
erations on the stock market, which
in so often nnd directly effected by
the call money situation. I do not,
of course, undertakn to say that
this Informal 'money couunlttuo
iloen take Improper advantage of
their knowledge, but there nro rrlt
les who severely consuro tho exist
ing arrangements. Certainly all
prudent and thinking business men
will agree that there Is danger In
the roncentiatlon of Hiich oppor
tunity and power In ho hnndn of .1
few persons. Temptation to tiso this
power for Individual profit must
arise and human nature 1:1 not
changed by high poeltlon In the
flunticlnl world.
"Power to fix money ratei for
all, or nearly nil, of the banks In
commerce. It permits such Inter
ferences, ai fallible human Judg.
ment. whim, or Interest may direct
with tho natural nnd orderly move
ments of money tho life blood ot
buslnei'S. Tho mutter of arbitrarily
fixing money rates at tho money
No I 'f fort ut Mediation of .Mine
Strikers Yet Itcixirted I'uilcr Way
lly The AmeicliitM I'rmn
LONDON. Oct. 17. Otltsldo of
some unofficial conversations be
tween the various labor lenbrs,
there has been no noteworthy do-
elopuient In the miners' strlko to
day. Kvcrvwhoro there Is talk of
be possibilities of mediation, but
up to Into this evenlnic nu stop had
been taken.
With the exception of th" food
.ml., l .i. ...1.1.1. ... .it. .....kuit..!..,! ,,
.cere of' activity, leealllng the tlmes'.every socialistic nostrum.
of the rnllrond strike last year, all
the officii! departments were quiet
One effeel of tho strike will be.
It Is expecteij, to bring tho Industrial
crisis Into gTeotor prominence than
the Irish question when parliament
renssemblen Tuerday. Thcro la
murh speculation whether. In the
event ofho railroad men or trans
port workers decliSIng to support
(he miners by sympathetic strikes.
hereby prcclpitatlm; a still graver
Industrial crisis, tho government
'l"l,u' "I'PJ,
K"nXrV'y'.!Tn':r! !n
to the
to en
iorsu tho ciqtso taken by It.
! m,,,,, ialiama Olns lliirntd.
III NTSVILLF, Ala . Oct 17
f'rvltr.fi rvlna fit T In evoit 'Pin.ni nr.il
Republican March to Vic
tory Moving on Irresi
stably, He Says
That Means More Even Than
the Nation's Foreign Policy1
Clyiirman Declares.
They Realize It's High Time
an Effective and Efficient
Administration la Named.
CH1CAOO. Oct. 17. Ronntor
Harding Is assured of 378 electral
votes nnd probably will rncelvo nt
hast .195, Will Hays, chairman ot
tho republican national committee,
told nowspnper men today In nn In
formal talk over reports now bclnc
received nt republican hcadquarteri
hero from which a formal forecast
of tho presidential election will bo
rnAdn sometime this trunk.
After spending thn day talking by
telephonn to campaign malingers
In overy western stato, Mr. IlayH
said ho was convinced that "Sena
tor Harding would carry overy
northern nnd western state nnd had
n good rhnnco In Tennessee, Okla
homa and other border states."
Western stnten which horrtoforo
have been classed as doubtful, now
definitely aro republlcnn. hn said.
ChanCo'to Oust Democrats.
In tho senatorial race, M r. Hnys
predicted that tho republicans
would "hold everything they now
havo" and.ynuld Bntn by carrylnu
Maryland, South Dakotn. Kentucky,
Colorado. California, Novndn. Ari
zona and Orcgot, Kvcry republican
senator running for rc-eloctlon Is
certain, of victory, ho said.
In 'n formal statement Issued
enrller In thn day. Mr. Hays de
clared that "tho forward march to
republican victory moves, on Irre
"Tho reason, said tno smiomnni,
'Is summed up In two words
AtnnrlciL fltst.' That menns moro
than tho preservation of our consti
tutional independence ngnmst su-ta
pcr-governent abroad. It means
morn than tho protection of consti
tutional functions ngnlnst whlto
house theft of authority nt home.
It rnenns that tho pressing domes
tic problems of 'America first' nrs
In the public Ind and thnt these,
domestic problems nro again to
l.nvn tirntrrcsslvo and constructive
nnd cffcctlvo attention nt Wash
ington. . .. , , ,
i'W i.,iit nnd shall no our wliolo
duty by tho world's pence with nn
eyo to 'America first.' Hut the elec
torate lertlSfS 10 lorKCi wini m
Wilson lcntruo a contract for Inter
national war pnradlng In tho clothes
of pence- Is only onn of a scorn ot
utter railtircH and netrayais wnicn
November's solemn rctV'ronilum must
Siv-m l'eoplo Tlilnalng.
"It Is thinking of 'America first
nnd nil the accumulated work in
Washington which cannot much
longer be denied effective attention
If 'America first' Is to Inst. It In
thinking of theso throttling taxes
which must bo speedily changed
ml reduced an nulciily nn posslhN
If Amerlrnn prosperity Is to survive.
It Is thinking of Inteddlgent mid ef
fective effort to rndnco high llvln
costs with least posslhlo disturbance
to man earning power. It is tninK
Ing of tho real prosecution of those
real profiteers' who havo thus far es
caped under cover of much federal
nnlco nnd precloun llttlo fcdcrl act
tlon. It Is thinking of government
at Washington reduced to a business
basis with wanton extravagance cut
off and political peiislnners Repa
inted from tho public crib. It Is
thinking of gunrnnteos for Industrial
pence. It Is thinking that houslnj
and agricultural problems must bo
faced nnd courageously solved: thnt
'arirfs must bo mnde safo In their
protection of American markots In
the world trade war now opening;
'hnt tile extraordinary nnd burden
Homo wartime powers of tho govern
ment must bo eliminated no far as
tiosslble; thnt we got back to thO
limitations nt tho eonstluitlon IB
t linen of peace and stay there; that
Washington must no longer bo a
laboratory for experimentation In
"As sure nH sunrise, tho rlectornto.
two weeks hence will complete tho
1ob of democratic renudlatlon and
Amerl'-in salvation which It so vigor
ously nnct ho necessarily commenced
two years ngo."
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer Duran
203 l'alaco Mldg. I'liono 151

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