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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 21, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 7

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jM.in. Here for Len-
falature Not Enthusi
astic on rrupuoui
f . , n.., t7K nnn nnn Horn
0UI1 v""-"'
lnwn Throats 01 incxi aw-
maKing uouy
luOVCrnrr JioueriMJii a usn
;M,0iJ rsau UOWJ issue, m
I.ropoiK '' cram uown ino inrom
lif nc tilslnttiro. iIocb not meet
1 1 the ii; inn'"-" -...-. ...........
( of t' f TUlHa coiiniy I'uimmiiicH
li(d rCi- ' 10 1,10 "xolytlon rc
l... jilrp i-tl by tlia Tulsa cnunty
timtcptlvo Icukuo. rvaucpt-
'". ' . . .Wlnlllv utntn thnlr
Diphtheria in Tulsa
and Eastern Oklahoma
Now Under Control
'Tho diphtheria situation In
Tuliu !h sliiiwliif,' mnrkml Improve
ment dally," nr. I,. C. I'rrsnon,
rlty stirlntcnrtcnt of liealth, mlit
Vcdiirsiliiy. "For a tlmn It ap
peared that tho tllsenAn would uet
beyond control on tho rant nldo
or tlio stutn, mid It was only duo
to lmtueillatv and HtrlnKcnt
monsnreu that llti spread was pro
vented. Dr. PrcFHon said thcro nxo only
two (luaranllfii In effect In Tuba
ut present, hut that these pcraoiiH
wl'l probably ho relrared na Mon
ail they uro out of danscr. Not
lone urn thcro woro IB to 20 cases
fact tho HMKRcntlon doca not, ho far
as announced, moot with favor from
any one of tho throe, candidates.
Rave, by WnltliiR Hell.
Whllo llalley H. JJcll, a republi
can randldate, Baya ho In a hearty
endorner of good rouda bo docH not
feel that thin In an opportunn tlmo
to hurdi 11 tho peoplo of tho state.
with a bond Issue of (inch nropor
tionii. Tulsa county paya about two-
KovuntU of tho taxca of tho Mate,
Tho cost of road construction helnn
Beginning This Morning
Closing Out Salex
of Millinery
At 122 South Main
Reducing All
Hats 'to
Beautiful line
at wonderful
Lasting until Saturday, Oct 23
122 S. Main
at Its peak, ho believes thai by wall JirnilhU'rnn nf 'Vultn
Ins tho state HVMtftn ronld lie m PUOlCailS OT 1 lUSO
Invade .leaks Tonight;
CollinsVille Sulurdai
Ins tho state nyntotn could he
constructed for half the present ex
pense. Holl says: "It terms lo mo that
tho taxpayers of Tulsa county have
Just, about all tho burden, by way uf
taxcH, that they can Ktand at this
time, and It In my honest uplnlon
that If bond were vnterMhey could
not bo sold, and If they worn mid II
would bu t ii Krual Ions, on there
Is no market for bonds at this time,
and ns I mn a AunlldaUi for icpio
scutatlvo from Tulm county. If I am
elected on November 12, I expect to
rcproBont tho coiistltirViitii of my
county to tho best of my ability In
obUilnlnB what N justly due, and m
Tulsa county has voted bonds to
pave Us own roadN, vhl h an 1 am
Informed will I'W'tilmilly , Im com
pleted, and Mint tho taxpayers ut
Tulsa county alone are paying tho
bill. I do not foci at this time that
I would bo repi'cttctiiliiK my county
In tho proper manner if T endorsed
a bond Issuo to pave tho rondft of
tho Indifferent counties of the state,
which bavo not seen fit to build
their own inn On."
(Jul In ey, too.
t.- l'eo Oulhrey, democrat,
Citizens of Jenks wilt hear the
republic ,i cause slated by Tulsa,
republican causo stated by Tulsa
publle meeting In Iho Jenks lilcli
si'hool nudltorlum ut 7 HO o'clock
this evening wlitm tho Iimiio nf
nnllolm will be Ihe subject of a
speech bv Mrs. Charles K. I.-ih-man,
chairwoman of tho Tulsa
county republican committee.
Iso ios in tin, statu and i-ounty
r.imt'.ilmi ulll be discussed by
D.illcv Krll and Itemln;!ou Itogi'is.
retiiiblU in cm ml Ma I ch fur the b'Bls
laturiv and .Mm. frames Harvey,
republican eandldato f r clerli of
the court. The meetlni; has been
arranged by Mrs. inhol I'pton,
precinct committeeman of Jenks
t'otlltmilln will be the scenn of
a republican rally on Haturdoy
wants tt to bo plainly understood
that retrardlni: niattsrs of road on-
also Htruclbiu .-mil rnad lelslatlon h" Is
Gloria Swanson in the Best
n f rr .. n . . hat ? .
Constance Talmadae in TheKOie 0T ner areerat maJesaC'
1 Jf'WN.
Love Jbxpert at The Palace
Ilavlnp; received tho request from
patrons that a return showing bo
had of "Tho Lovo Kxpcrt.'' htarrlns
Constanco Tala-.adce, tlie munac"
ment of tho I'alaco therat'T lias
acceded to that request, and thbi
famous photoplay, will be tho at
traction beRlnnlnfj tomorrow
'The Iovo Expert" la an Irreslst
Iblo story and onu that kcipi up
tho interest throughout Hukm
aurprlbca aro Htartllnsly portrnyid.
making tho presentation ultra-mi-pCalliiK.
Constance TalmaKo who
enacts tho leading role. Is always
a charming visitor, and one that
can bo depended upon to furnish a
photoplay enlctlnmont ut quality.
Kho lias In "The Love 1 sport" a
character that fits her splendidly
und the urtli.t makes excellent Uho
of every opportunity afforded her
Constance Talmadgo In "The Lovo
Kxpcrt" will bo seen at tho ralac.it
beginning tomorrow Advt.
dlHttn. tiy a pi ognssH. ll r.ijn In
"The bnlsl.it lire has no more atl
thoilty to iiss : J7S.0flfl.n00 road
bond Issue than has Ihe town coun
cil of one of mir Incorporated vil
la lies. The most It enn possibly do
Is lo f i ante a proposed constitu
tional niiH'ttitmcm ntul submit It lo
the people for approval or rejso
lion, and In tho final analysis tho
voters themselves and not tho leu
Islators pass upon the meills of the
proposed measure. In event such a
bill is framed ami submitted to the
loRlslatuie .mil thnt distinguished
body should deny Iho peoplo Iho
rlRht to "io upon It, such legist I
live action would tiv no mean be
final. It ould be submitted by pe
tition Immediate!) following tliu ad
Journimiil of I lio legislature. Per
sonally. I have but a very vague
Idea of what the governor had In
ml ml and uoilll would, have the
pleasure of ,it least reading his pro
posed in. iimi'i' have no Idea
Whether I would favor It or oppoM
II If ' i hoi iu;Mv ho.li si. hi. I
lug t!' I" I should ft I tli il It
Was f.,i Mi, tn st tnli icM of tin
State I Would lii',iirnlloo.ili. cote
In unbuilt It to the people for their
notion. If, n,i ibn other hand. I
should feel thnt the proponed incus
Uto Wfls had And should not bs
adopted 1 would oppose, tt with
equal cfgor However, In lew of
tho fact that tho IciiWIuturo hm
ptactltallv nothing to do with the
final ens'ti'iii of such u law, I see
but little in tho subject foi the
MiIcih to Molly over at this time.
The fail that they expressed thvm
selvi s mi einphstli ally on the re
cent ;oi 00(1.000 I'Oiul bund Issue,
lends lue tn believe Hint they an
clearly he muted to prole t 'lull
Interest i whenover the urr.iston
arises "
N. It. iliiihnm, domocr.u. i. pll'a
lllKt the qlll IV W-SS the fllit inToi
Illation bioiinht to him n giirdinr
tho piopoi. , bill and Hum rime It
Ii impow'i'li for him to - i rtn.tt
Jilduliionl wilhoiit tl.e ilet,ui Aim
in is. 'line hln iea.soi for opposing
the fotiivr stale rit'id lennl Issue,
ilriiham sues-
"I'lense ijo ml undi rstand by Hit
Ihst I do hot stMtid for permanent
paced ro.'cdn, for I am Cery earnest
In fhy belief thai permanent high
ways will go a Iniqf ways toward
mhlnc the farmer and food iioh
b ms of this country. I reallzo the
fm I thai Ihe people nf Tulwi county
have taken their stand for gooil
riKiils and I shall support any good
road mcfcsuio cvhlch I deem Just to
(he people) of TuUn counlv, fioni
the slnmlpolnt of finntiee and super
cislon If I do to i ut In IP ve in
imv toad I, III I ur I If ele. ted. c o
4mnmnMnm mm v ifm.ntmtm pan i mwniawyii m
p"sn that bill to tho best of -.ny
ability I feel that this statn should
nn, In take u progresslvo road build
inn piogram railing for it dnfinila
result over a period of yoars. t do
not belinvo that It Is physically pos
sible to build all tlio roads In tho
slain In a short tlmo, and I, there
fore, bellevo that If tho bond iasun
Is authorized it should bo restricted
an lo Issun In proportion to our
ability to build tho roads."
Hobcrt A. Menimoy,
Kuneral Director, Thonj 4Bfl-191
9134: 821 South Main. AdvU
J'r. I). W. Dlckason, osteopath,
Os'ago Ifil Advl j
Can you. fancy beautiful Olorla
RcvnltMOii dressed In lagu and tat
tem? Iteinember the many gor
geous gowns cvhlch huvo beootno so
much a part ot Misa Scvanson ns a
result of her success In "Don't
Change Your Husband." "Alain and
Female" und "Why Chungu Your
nd yet raps and tatters aro Miss
SccaiiHon's pmtlou through u small
poi'tlon of tho story of Cecil II. Do
M Die's Paramount plctuio "Home,
thing to Think AbouC' which will
be fbown (it the Majestic theater
commencing Sunday, October 21
oomt-rlntr to Think About" rep
resents a now deprnture In tho typo
of rolo poitrjiMil ly Mlsn Scvansnn.
An Hutb Audeison. tlio inientcu
young ncliess bad .abundant oppor
i tunlty to display her abilities. The
rolo carries Miss Bw.inson through
the entire emotional gamut mid It
Is confidentially expected Hint this
production will cam for her an ad
ditional host of admlruiti.
Although rags and tattera play1
their part In tho action, Miss Kcvnu
son wi ar.t gowns of siiilvliih' beauty.
Hcveral illlia-inw sliucl costumes
and evening gowns of iinusunl
beauty wero designed by Claire Went
under tho supervision of Ce ll 11.
Do Mltle und Mlsn SuaiiHOM wears
them with her hubltuul gnuo and
Mlsi Hwniisou plays the central
fcmlulno role. Other notable iiamea
In tho cast Incliido lClllott lHxtcr,
Theodoro ltoberls. Monto Hluo,
cinlro McDowell, llttlo Mukoy
Wooru, Theodore Kouloff, .lamea
jciason and Julia f aye.' -Ailvt,
Dancing at Home
Tills is only. out) of tlio many pleasures that n
Hood piano or playur will briiiK to you. Music moans
liappineaa; it briiiKS relaxation after the labora of
tho day aro finlalied.
If tlioro is no piano in YOUR homo at present,
wo fool nine tlioro will be ultimately. You 'owe it
to yourself and your family to provido a Rood piano
or player at the earliest possible moment. Wo in
vite every lover of music to call and inspect tho fa
mous Lyon Hi Healy and Washburn Pianos. Wo havo
them in players, uprights and grands; in any desired
finish. Those instruments aro known tho world
over for their splendid tonal qualities nnd beauty
of cabinet design.
Co-mo in at your convenience and let us demon
strate tho instrument in which you are interested.
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' The World's Highest Class Talking Machino
'Also a complete line of Emmerson red seal re
cords, Q. R. S. nnd "Vocalstylc" player rolls.
White Music Co.
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