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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 24, 1920, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 11

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ally the fant'inr tenor n-I" fiom tii1
compoer of thl number, was dcin
of the music department of Yal
tlnherirlty until the tlmo of hl.i
death in t!H!. Clarity, serenity mat
iKnr rhnracterlxp liU muslciil writ
htabat Maier" by HixMini. Tlio en
tire rellRlmis romposttion 1 to he
sunt; in thlft church on Sunday even-
lilfr, Novemncr 21.
(I) V.olln solo Old Melodv"
' It ru inter). C) f'n'it' koIus (,i)
Do rrofundis" (turtle!. Ornnn
rompoiltluisn by tinner N llurtlrtt
Mr Stamm Will Give His
r Rendition of Pop
Oivos Relief
ular Air
pm reed assists
RMvy Compositions Give Way
It rilm Itrb, Are Pnlnfol and Yo
Nrril quirk ltrllrf. Oet a Ilox
of rjrnmlil I'llr Nup
tmalCorlra TvUny
In the privacy -fit your own homo
to Lighter and More Pop
ular Selections
I quick relict from Itclilnc bleeding
I'yrnniui run nuppomiDrian kivu
rnmni ions by modern Amcrlcnn
,, cciiii'oiera will form tho ma-
L . pirt f tho program nt tho
L.aklv public organ recital by
tmwt lwiit Blamm nt 3:30 o'clock
(My at rrnoon at mo First cnris.
Rjn til r. ".. ' ' . .. r. ..... '
krfl F1 1 UUI1 III 'IHJ 111
Hjiraru ' " pitiimiiK iiisiiunnu iiilii
Krmpn il jr,K mus' iijuiib mini"
I'"' ... . u f.,l,l.. I.. . ,..
af IIII I PillHJ !. I't, HI !-
Iiwlc.ll ' Jip-'i oi wiiii ' iirnnm,
Jim1 J1"'"' "cPd, Vlollnlpf, Will bn
t)ieas'i "T nrusi i no rcrnni win
nmm's pjnctlllous custom ijlnro
-m of tho weakly "hour
llfine r Ufic
litre .3 ino program: tit iMrm
inataln I.ilnnr" (Unrowskl). (a)
'Allfgri Jin rroppo.' tii)
I'Adantc " (c) "Allegro Con Fuoro."
Efc!i s' lii'T uouicaieu to .iexanuro
-lullmav tno prom frenen organist.
It written i ' Felix isnrowsKi, cotn
rtser. r. t of tho Chicago HurnM.
Mr. Per wskl l ntithor of tho
inaljrflc 1 nnd historical programs of
rte Chimin symphony orchestra and
lino prra lent, teacher of composi
tion and lrcturor of miiHlcnl hlstorv
i! the ch 'apo musical college. ( )
Violin Iargo (front Second
So-i'a lunuol).
'j) Orpun soloa: (a) "Mnglo
Kir" (Mrale). Tho theme of thlH
compo'ii'in Is played on the pcdalH.
illh the n-rompanlment In harp cf-
lf;ctpn-ici on mo manuals. (l)
"Cujus nimnm" uiossinl) (Ho
rwO The abovo ninnl'erslH origin-'
It's The Face
You Iook At
El DMIgurocI Willi Pimple anil
Such Tllenilshi'M Don't Delay to
I'so Stuavl's Calcium Wafers.
Bautlful hair and Cinderella, fecf.
Lt desirable, nut It is tho face you
wk at. Poetry and romance arc
Jlc4 with "my face is my fortune,"
faco means complexion,
Tcj, you say, sho ceilalnly has a
'otUerfully beautiful complexion.
And BO mnV vmi Thn I n I.
t'.airfs Calcium Wafers which con-
K-wi caic urn tuih remarKaUIo sub-
WittUn ip healthy condition, its ac-
I- i uio Kin is uuio snort or
'Wvelous and you will ba over
M In A t . ....... . t -i.i ,
wwm and rash, with lt itchlns,
I"". amarrs calcium waf rs
!lon to the loveliest, softest nnd'
n uuh te Jin,,,, rjo not fall to B't
"cent l)OX of Stunrt'u Cnlnhim
Ulig DP. TV.1V In hAMIltv nn.l ..rlmlr.
Jliulain Juno Itcl,
Jtme. Juno Jleed, who will nswlst
nt tho weekly orKan recital by Krnrut
Prang Stamm thl afternoon nt tho
First Chrlstnln church.,
Amcrlenn musician, who died AptJI
! of this year. For many j ii'h lie
was orc.nilKt of Mmllaon Aonue
Kaptlxt chilrch of New York illy.
lu) Humorcsauo'1 (Pvnrnki A
well known and nonular seicctinn liv
the Hi'ln'tulaii anURlelnn. Anton
Dvorak, l'lavcd verv frenuentlv n n.
lolln solo. (n "nilstleiiown"
(1.011(1). A llRbt, pleasljiR number ti'"
.lohn Herman Ixud, (onrert urann-
lit of lioston, Slass. 'dl Triuinphal
ainrcli" (Parker), lloritio Parker,
or prolrtldlr.iT pllfs, hemorrhoids nnd
rticli rectal troiiblen, Cil cents a box
nt nil ilriiFKlxts nnvwboro In tho
It ti. and Cuntida, Tnkn no substi
tute. A fliin'a tiox Is oftn suihclent.
ntui: H.iMii.n coupon
PTOAMm nnrrj comimnt.
in l')rmj lUJf , Mtriliill, Mlcb.
nin.II uml rut rim antplt of PtrimlJ
Pill Supinllorlti, In Ula irrai'ptr.
Ntre. ,
Blrcjl-.v ,
Cltj sttir ,
Tulsans Complete Long
and Pleasant Journey
Jlr, ami Mrs. V.. D. Stevens of -101 South Frisco, Tloturtilnic IiYom Ixnc
uour iiuvi) jiucn i-niLso lor J J'.ul.ll.Li UOHU TIIIKS
Chronlcllnjr-the experiences of tho
hundreds' of Tulsa motorists who
tour tho far corners of the country
each year would furnish some very
lnterestlnix rcudlntr, but few of Biich
records ever t;ct into print, which
makes tho expcrlcnco of tho Stuvons
family all tho mora interesting.
Aftr bclnsr delayed by heavy and
cuiiunuQUH raina iney iook ini'ir out
pnrturo from Tulsa on Juno Cth.N
btlnu headed for Portland, Maine.
Their trip east lay through Kansas
City, thonco via tho Ocean to Ocoafi
highway throuLh Indianapolis,
Zanesvlllc, Ohio; Wheeling, W. Vn..
Unlontown nnd Philadelphia to flal
tlmore; thenco through tho New
Kngland states to Portland, Me.
After a fow days visit with relatives
In Portland, tho Stevens dropped
down to New Haven for a stay of
somo30 days before starting on tho
return trip. Hero their plans wero
altered to include a trip through tho
Uerkshlro mountains, which landed
them In Albany, N. Y., after which
Niagara FnllB, Cleveland, Spring
field nnd Marlon, Ohio were visited.
In Marlon an opportunity was af
forded for tho tou-lsts to "listen in"
porcti speccries, after which they
started on the laBt lap of their Jour
ney. I'rom Marion to Tulsa the way
lay nioiii; vf-ry much tho same rniito
followed on their eastern trip and
they arrived hero without further
In commontlnK on tho trip Mr.
Slovens took occasion to state em
phatically that KKDKUAL, tires gave
it hotter account of themselves thin
any other of tho many brands he
bus used in his 12 years motoring:
oxiierlenco. "Of tho four KBD-
EltALS on my car when I left Tulsa,"
onld Mr. Stevens, "not one gavo mo
tho least trouble. They all made the
trip on Tulsa 'air' and despite tho
fact that they havo already outrun
their guarantees, they alt look good
for Boveral thousand more mllel. I
wish to congratulate tho Sturm
Whlttouer company, local FED
KKAI. distributors, for I am satis
fled that they nro selling tho one best
tiro in America." Advt.
Oriental Rugs Now Selling at Reduced Prices
Through our eastern buying connections we have been fortunate In
securing many rare gems of Oriental production at prices far beneath
their actual worth. We hesitate in giving the prices at which these
handsome Hugs arc being offered in comparison to that at which many
reliable merchants arc at present offering like values. For instance,
we have listcil at this time one 9x12 Iicyal Saruk Hug at $975, thaL
under ordinary conditions we would be compelled to ask $1500 for.
Included in our assortment arc Royal Kashans, Malay Saruk, Mantaza,
Kimira, Kelly; sizcA up to 11x25 fc'ct, and the price on each and every
one is comparatively as low as that mentioned above.
We stand 'firmly behind every one of these Hugs as to its quality and
price stated. We have had a life time experience in handing Oriental
Hugs. Don't delay if you arc interested far many of the choicest num
bers will sell rapidly at the prices asked.
Open 8:30 a. m. to 9:00 p. m. Hotel Kelchum Lobby
George r Boghosian
w teal II 1
'. JmT .ilk
""WfW- ' , '
TMi i4efr hjn ftur Na rrji. T 1 1 - -
l If '.u Pr.ri-.ph wt,,.h pi., I. Ih. crue ditMllr
fit t)lia,ripll htl DoUkaJ. lltml.nl M h
laia.Itlila hhhI Mlh.l iho mhuhI thiuiirpli Ucm
thujlUo... ltlhcijolyllitiimrorJ. When Ida
cconj )hnntiph hai (nliliaiJ, the ihlnl niot Ula
pointer mm! plan iha tamt IMorJ. Tlx fuuflh phono
(jiapn Im pla,a Iha aaiua racol U Iha lama war.
"" i " Tu,",,i Ihwoulhlr aclaallia
The Big Musical Question and the
scientific Turn -Table Comparison
which gives the answer. )
VS easy to get confused about the various
phonographs. Each leaps at you with a bag
ful of claims. Each has its friend who shouts,
forth its praises.
But none of these decides the 'question.' Musicand your
own ears can alone give you the answer.
And they would give it, if you heard the various makes
in scientific comparison.
The first scientific comparison of phonographs has just been
installed n this store.
Our Edison Turn-Table Comparison presents each instru
ment in turn, and brings out its exact musical worth.
The pictures and the diagrams in this advertisement show
how it works. Study them. , See how each phonograph
plays in the same room, under exactly the same conditions.
The EdirjonTurniTnblo is the first comparison which is absolutely fair
to each phonograph and fair to you. Your cars detect instantly any
difference in tonal quality and reproductive fidelity. No matter how
vague your present knowledge of phonographs may be, 10 minutes with
the fcdison Turn-Table will tell you precisely where each one belongs.
Tlic TnlkinJ Machines used
in these tests are kept by lis
in thebest possible condition.
Manufacturers of such ma
chines, or their representa
tives, ore invited to inspect
them, to rcgulutc them, or to
substitute other machines of
the same make, of their own
selection, of equal or greater
vuluci" st any time during
business hours.
, it
Special Notice:
While tho Turn.T.hte Com.
p.rlaim i imlallcd at a itrr
loc to the public, It will ba
deinonitratcd only upon year
dsfiuita .quoit.
519 South
Main St.
age 595
The Edison Turntable ia our service in the int'erest of
bolter mumc in tho home. When you arc in the neigh
borhood with ten minutes to spnro come in and hear it.
You may already owi a phonograph, you may be in
terested solely as a lover of music but come in any
way. It's mightily worth your while to decide the
qucstiqn for yourself: Which is the best phonograph.

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