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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 24, 1920, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 19

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' oil. LASH AN1 LKA8n ei-A
Arkansas sells fur 13 . I 'J
,gu near two deep text ou m-il
. co inn w clln adjoining hold-
A Ha as 1" expected lu be tVe licit
i i . ar two wens start immediately.
,n. u tar full particulars, Pitts
J", i - i ulbortion Illdg., OkUhima
irr Ic a
.,7x1 L. I'' XJKlBiiumn semen prniiuc
1'V fcxndle iinlv direct thrnufh
.s f n O"" ""'t'l" " ll
, wile i. i ,
'l It ' 1 . einlKSlinii, i .f 1 i ,jx n I o.
-rtr block of Oklahoma acreaife
l-S .... ...nttart. tnnsl t-.rt mil U.,,1
Is1!''1 " K ul"' (xuuirs II l"rt,
11 w . ,
r. t. ' iuv atre ice niiiuining ixei'o
' rwitv l,ll,E itdv1n....l
. .I.!. rinli 1111 taf Bn ll,.ti
, t mure. Okla.
! iTIvE a Ctlt -(If ly drilling luntract on n
. ifl acre Ifnrt til, ni nt -
.(., t ucilon onNhree sides, Want
nt ne 1 'In "' ln financing Dip first
, ess nox 99I..A. care World,
ltlAN. Jir "' Softly in yeara at
rata" l',r acre, aercs located
utwf w n,w "I" drilled Hi pope,
rJ 1 ulaskt. Willi" and Cleburne
' A'anl proposition from reepqn-
lo r 1 who are eble to develop ur
. , ... n..r.p nnll,ln , ! .. . ,
r t orts. Write W. o. Hcroggln,
A It
1 and gaa leaara, commercial
i fee. near production. , Stuff
cd right. J. II. II., Hoi :oi,
f 1 .
11 OIIjt.IICI1 nil men, how
infill b a neer failed. ha never Rotten
I fry r or amall well? Thren yeara of
. .t ull ..... V. -. tt'llt I.-,..
! TC 1 ' I""" 111,1 i-viM
I, (t a ac t Apaehe. Okla., oil poola
Ji'il I"
UfiSl. I . a reace, rauin aide, worth the
mom - f'edar 4 4.
fiTlNl." maii wanla to Ineale paylnit
lire 1 h.vc 110.000 caah. What havo
, i ' nox 4CX-A. rare World
nUi 1" r nnce atar IS drilling ma.
cMne n.uai uu 111 mnfc iirh conuiiion.
jUrns A. faro norm.
l'MflAV 'JlNTy"oklahom Oil Held,
U a .1 oil already found. v.ll
,,.,7 rial iipwui or neaiaton rielda, I
V0 lll'J urn imt.i itn iu u,j iin'l,
,k,t ,11' Iheae laaa. Addresa T. Jack
rwr AMealan Hotel, Hulphur, Okla.
hire 'and In eiutern Kanaka or north
i;i 0, aboma, In ehallow field, cloan to
jrndiiti well" and want to havo aama
dilled ihiuid aenn exact loeaiiona, num
Iir of a rca, nearest producing wella and
17 he' a, to 1'. O. nox 2S&, rJapulpu, Okla.
l Droi1 in.
II Toll want 10 ouy, or nrill out on B0-&0
lull extra soud Oaage county oil
Mtl. r iir ma once. i e navu
J tract -. ome of them extra pood, and
rl nk. a me very uiiraciiVH propOHl
1 .- ,ul k action. J. M. llrownin
1r"n Cikla.
IE SPLv lALIZIJ In Hopkins county, Tx.
it, I'usri Predicted the next big field.
t,R I.I ASK 0acrea 5 milea can uf
S(i,lftia Kan., Joining 60 produelnz oil
tf j ii lea i.oano. r.eodeaha. Kan.
hur.to Cedar 1113
aik iiageman about
New Mexico I.eaea.
Ill Cmtral National Hank nidg.
FPU ALE Oil learea, and good farm.
it rcHei aurroundliig deep oil .test Juit
iiitlnt to drill, near Washington. M.
Clip county, Okla. ThU la a great oppor.
ciiir 10 cei in on inn ground tioor. lor
fi:i. ind other Information aee or writs
j W Ctmden, Waahlngton. Okla.
HOTKLH I MIMI noi'xi:s
'UghclaRS furniture: blrrlsoyo ma
ple, mission onk. 400. Uuncalow
mm for rrnt. Owiro 3406.
f-OT'Til SIDE, under tlto skyscrap
ers, s-room roonilnu houao: rnnt
1100, Income t:26. Price $1,600:
m 1,000. Onaco 3406.
SOL'TU SIDE, closo In, 11 room
roomlntr house; lncomo $265: rent
11.0. Prlco $l,8p0. Cash $1,000;
bilincB vasy. Osage 340fi. ,
lf-IiOOM rooming house, walking
distance; clo.in place; excellent
furniture. $2,000; nomo torms. Rent
ll!9. I.cane. Jlonoy maker. Osage
riR 1IOTKL.S. reildenrea. room-n
OUIca. rentaliraiitN. ,r,.rv .in.
ll'irl ronma, etc., aeo ua. MoDonili
(.Donntll 410.411 lIlllea Hide. Phone
Jl rm. modern, all outaldo rnoma,
MI UlRM. flflM lA.allnn ir -w. .
kit ioa't par.a thla up.
,ofw jut. i-oriJ.
Oiage 1181
IN-llOUM rooming house, nice houso and
I'M Income, good furniture, and tugs,
.f bargain. Am leaving city. Osage
1 rOOmS. WMlt furnl.t..,! .1... In lArt
AUK Mil. rOPB.
Osage HISS.
I rooms, swell location, new bldg.. clean
Ww! furnished, clearing 1105; I4.SS00.
ASK Mil. rOPH.
Oaage 848$,
ll'l IITllN.'P Hrlltdt.
side, swell iocatlon, 22 rooms, clean
"tf Will fumlh-,l nn llnn'lfn .11,
'W:llit. '
- Osag e8J I S,
I, ituu.,ii,tuiiwuni,g
"r io cnoose from.
Osage 8188.
! furnished rnoma modern, swell Incft.
1 151.000 Terms. 48 rooms. Depot loci
. tips Uy buslnera, 80 rooms, strictly
'rn, long lease, 175.000. 86 rooms, every
j.n'n'-e new building and furniture
tit u",or "nywhero In aouthj
Ossge 84H8.
216 H South Hnatoru
HALF. ItoomlnK a"iul "hoarding houses.
railnM doing I1.0C0. business monthly.
Ubioelcs fr..nv Third and Main, House can
'll'iwil mcdern, rent 1100. Can ba
lhl at on c for 12.000 cash. If you have
' tih and mean business write tn 478
Arirs Wnrld
he Nine-Cent Loan Co.
tuas In .... - .. . .
'.ijjeter suina of 126.00 upward charging
m Cents a Week Interest
on Each ?100 Loan
iMu . ur Popular rartlai.pay plan en.
" i : r j .a repay loan In Installmenta to
.'i income, and also, arnulre in
,..' "l irrtlflcatfl that provldoa for a
'(;.i Al" wr,,e chattel and col
Ud in inf To '"'"ow aeo us, we can
" "III help you.
FVlsa huur" 1 I" P. m.
-1 Securlly Hank Pldg.
hi i' inortaacii nnlfu nnrph,...l lift
ilL' 'ge 7672. '
Vit S. Cedar IS il
b ui New .Mexico oil leases.
emral National Hank Illdg,
. To Umployr.l People
AL?..u,,A'I"r,I' i-oans
tIK at
j, 'V !" and womsii regular
"ItMiis ii .. . u "' cuaiiei loans u
'l0??1 G1LI.ETT nf.nn
-' ' nr iss PAririT MIOP
To Msn and Woman
a4iuussnoio iioous, UUnittA
Ovsr Woolworth'a
U'lll 7J7S
' Ulna. ''"n nd womeni chattel loan!
' '. hoj.ehold goids and dlamesds.
Kb kT-
Huston Illdg. I'liune (SI)
iio n "'" nox- 401 Sccrulty Hide,
"""a Ota ji
. ' " SjXLllijMA N ( 1 1 A TTE1.M in
we. Fill! Liberty dona. ....r .
11 a " '"""
OKLAHOMA loan qompany wil, loan "you
.-oney. "? vour n1 hout. hold
rooda; huelneaa eonfldtnllal, Itoom ,
Tuiner Hld Phone redar 71
i;?.l.i;tTATKI.OANH 41
n 1. ran loin you mney on your real
fiaie, can miy a lew miod aco.111 1
iiiiiiaK"a at a niennni Th. a
wj: iiav'i: 110,000 toT36To"bo"ip. To7
3 to i yeara on builnesa iir nimrlm-nt
Hldn, Ot.Tue 1J79,
MONKV'TO l.&ANl,0O arrTTMMTr,'.
loan on irood modern tirnt,Mrftf. 1...
Hilt fd-a and flrt morlirage. K, (I, fun-
W buy first and aecond mortiiara paper.
Straight money to" loan on Kllt-edira Inr
proved city real cutalc.
4ii Iowa Hldt. Oaaire Ml
On Improved Tnlaa property, low rntei nt
Inirreet. Liberal contract. No long le
laya. No red tape.
Loam Inaurance, bonda. 924 Kennedy
IJ. 600 PltlVATU money tn loan on irj
dehco or bualneaa property; S to t ye.i'e
I per cent. U. C. Itoao & Co., JOC Mayo
WB buy flrat and aoond mortgage papera.
rtralght money to loan nn allt nlir.i lin-
fruveil city real eatate. Tulaa Security Co.,
t lowa mug, usaRO l'Jit
II. 800 1'KIVATB money to loan on resi
dence or bualneaa property: 1 to G eara.
f per cent. D, C. Horn Sc Co.. 306 Mayo
Si;cuitUI mortgage notea purchaaed
Mayo. Ooagn 7RTJ.
1 1IAVFJ money to loan on Oklahoma farm
ami ranch landa: prompt aervlce. Pee n
D. Upperann, Itoom 10, S02H Mouth Mft'n.
Phone Cedar 106,
1P YOU Intend to build tnal home -e
us for (our loan. Straight and monthly
pay real eatate flret mortgage loan.
Leonard, llranlff A Ewlnr. L. At P. Illdg
l'lf'h and Ma Hi. Oiage H80,
I HAVK ready money to buy firat and
aecond tnortxagea. Make city and farm
loana, Claude Nample. Itoom 204 lilies
Illdg. Phone Oaage 1420.
WANTP,!) TO HOItllOW lit
WANTKli 12,000 to 11.000 private mony.
aecured by flret mortgaga on improiod
property. 246 North lwls.
VOn HALU 1 bird dog, Hal Kent, pointer.
r gilt for thla fall training: female, well
started. Shaw Transfer Co.
AIHDALE, well broke and trained;
Rood watch nop. Ohuko 4500.
RABBITS New Zealand IledH of
quality; red feet nnd croamy bol
lies: from pedlurccd, iirbo wlnnlnc
Htralns; youns and mature stock.
Sunshine Kabbltry, 211 H. Xanthus.
Tulsa, Okla.
AT 8EUVICE Beautiful whlfJo
Persian cat, weight 14 pounds;
must be seen to bo appreciated, Also
kittens for Bale. Oh.iko 6753.
PGR SALC A Utter of right braulTTuI
Setter puppies, the finest breeding.
pedlgrro with each. Price 126. Phone
Osage 23S.
COON1IOUNUS and combination fur hunt.
ora, cat hounds, squirrel and rabbit
ounds. Free trial allowed. Also good
firm tor sale. J. II. Williams, Selmvr,
l'OIt SAI.B A few very fine single comb
Ilhode Island Ited cockerels. The heat
strain of reds ln Oklahoma"!!. K. New
block. 1ES0 South Detroit St., Tulsa,
COON, mink, akunk, oppossum and squirrel
dogs. Arkansas coon hounds a specialty.
Money-buck guarantee, dialog ten cents.
W. 1'. Hurrow. Kenselt, Ark.
PntllOFIKIH) bull' pup for sale, prlco I5C
Osage 8837.
KOH SALE Handsome , blue Persian
kitten, ciccllent podlgree. Call Osat:e
MILK COW foVsulr chVap;'24iri:7 Persh"
Ing. H. A. HlierelJ
KOH SALE Span 3-year-old mules, 14
hands high, sound and broke to work.
See Hues L. Grant, 611 Securlly Bldg.
Phone 2160.
1'OU SALE Eighteen head of hogs aTcnd
of F'lfteenth tnd Lewis St., fourth house
golni; south on Lewis, Hogs weigh from l:
to 160 pounds uplece.
KOH 'hALB or trade, team of mulea.
MclKlll 2.400, age X and 9, will trade for
corn or oats. A bargain, 1631 E, Archer.
Osage 7014-J. or 11. .
KOH SALE 3 fresh milch cows, with
calve, It Hereford steers; 7 head a
bargain, for I10O, IV, mile cast, IVi mils
north of Klrfer. Okla. Mra. I. Kagsdale,
II. H. 3, Ilox 90, Upulpa, Okla
I'Ori.TllY AND Pt'l'I'LIKS M
Kbit OLD THUKTV "incubalora. capauty
116 to 176. Phone 3272-J. 1201 North
HF.NS. pullets and frying chickens. 2114
East Klfth.Oaage6296.
KOH SALE Wild Maflard ducks for" do"-
coys, Colleyc HIU Karm. Phone 6109-1.
IHItEH wTifte" Hoik hens, 3 mixed hens
eleven pure Flock Island Red brolljrs,
1.1 ne mixed brollora 120. Oiagw 7032.
USE sure egg mash for your laying- hens,
Rlao"Vcrfcct!nn Scotch toon neat scr.lp.
bone, charcoal, shells, grits and poultry
supplies; straw, alfalfa hay, flower pots,
fern stands, bird cuges, bird seed and
remedies, dog and puppy cakea and re
medies, F'lrst and lloulder, Illndlng
Stesena Seed Co., Phone 41633(1.
roil fiAI.i: Six uuurl lars
Chilli sauce and six quarts of ricaiii,
at 60 cents per (uart, also 10 auart iars
tomatoes at 30 cents per. quart. 331 North
HAVE VOll" TIIIBI) our delicious not
lunches, home-nude pastry? Hroadway
45-INCII square, oak cllnlnp table,
1.0; oak rocker, 15; clean and tn
god cond lllon. Cedar 43 5.
YOU SALU 6 rooms oC furnlturo
380; houw!, modern, for rent 26th
$100. 216 N. Krlst'o.
FIVU rooms new furniture for salo.
Oood terms. Houeo can be ronted
at C6 per month. 211 8. Klwood.
Otngo B953.
WILL LEAHF2 beautiful 6 room ihoroug'i-
ly modern, South Wheeling; e months
at 163 per month must purchase, tha
furnlturo 1450, Terms, Osage 9177.
YOU CAN wear diamonds If you sell your
second-hand furniture to the Diamond
l'urnlturs Co. Phone 6634, wo buy any
thlngand sell everything ,
MATTKES8KS renovated and re
covered $6 50, good tick roll edte
finish all work fruaranleed.
- .. I'liono Osage 1831, - ,
. iim'HMiioi.n (itioiis ni
DOrilMJ burniT Ka li?alcrj" "while
rnniiH'JliPl. Omiiro ! 5(10.
.V ATTliKSSnM renvare.r"n,l VT;..;.i
all dirt taken out. cotton made In lay.r
felt, box filled, work guaranteed, ph.ne
for price and eamplea of covering. Phone
iiv, 1 inea .iiaiireaa ro, ' m
WE buy r,com!-hatni furnlttiro from
ningin nrticipn to a complete out
fit, Trnticlly X- I'lrtlo rurnlltiro
Co., 19 West Flrsi St., phone Owge
WA.vlTKrj-t'iirnlturVoi alTklnd'a" ilfh
eat prlrea paid llowera Kurnllure Ci
I H. rinelnnatl. Ousko Joan
We buy trudo nr aell by the piece or nnv
luanuiy. ai man rurnlture 8tr
Osage t?5
IT W l'lrat Htreet.
Fl'ltNITUtH repairing rt'tlnUhlng and
upholaterlng done right, priced right
Phone Oeage, 43. Tula Kurnltum llepulr
e'lVK rnoma of furnltuTe for aale, termV
at a bargain. IIuuha for rent I'l, in..
l'ago 41H?.
i:ATII FiH uphoTilered fuineil o'ak"ro k';
for aal.- In 1711 Mouth Madlann.
IX llfit).i bungalow, :"cir karTJT
fhtrken heuie. on pavlnir. furnliiirrt r.
ale. le.ne and enme tcrma lo rorponilt.li'
anna 'eage Tuas.
lt MALIi- l'lvo ronma furnlturn, hnuao
renta ror 110. three rnoma now rented lr
7ft Price fur nlllck m,iIm SfiOO. Homn Inn,,.
(ill at II Went llaatnn.
1 OH HAI.i; Threw room of furnlt ire
good rondltlon. hnuao can bo rented
HI North r.liuiod
Kol'll moms furniture to trade for Kord
car. Cottaao for rerit 71! Smilh WHee
136 WHITE reed baby buggy, sell for
.'" usage m
SI'Kl'IAL bargain In living ronm and iIIi'h
Ing room suite: all kinds, mahogany and
walnut, priced from ',n to 1500, Cash or
"redlt. lVldman rurnlturn Co., 21 i!ast
I'lrst street
fcilNlTUl'lE for three rooms to be eoTC
cheap. "Ill sill by the uli'co. 1631U I!
F'ourth street.
1'I.NE Ivory Chlpps ajale breakfast ino'ii
set. Ivory bed and flirst of drawers, ma
hogany table, tapestry rocker, wicker
chair, gs stove, refrigerator, fine chlia.
porch awing, jiml nlher household artU'lea
for salo by family leaving the illy. 'nil
after 10 a. m., 408 West Klfth St., Cedar
THHEE PIECE mahogany nnd cane living
room suite, mahogany davenport; tnble,
one mahogany writing piece; nlno piece
walnut dining room suite, thrro piece Ma
hogany bedroom suite, walnut lieda nnd
dreeaors. cedar cheat, rut glass, Wilson
rugs, white enamel range, this la priced
to sell. 701 South Olympla.
C-IIOOM bungalow, nicely furnished; price
I. ou. rent 190. cam uuu. (.all Moore,
Often ;mt,
l'dTt SALF! Kour rooms nf furniture In
duplex; price 15(10. Terms may be had.
rent 30 per month. Call Moore, Osase
NICE 6-tnom bungalow, nliel) furntsh.'il,
close In. on south aide. Price 11,200.
piano Included, Pent 7S. Call Moore,
Oasge ;15,
BIX rooms of nice furnlturo for sale rn
north aide.. Price 11.40O; good tcrma may
be had, bungalow with basement, and ga
rage may be rented for 1126 per month.
Call Moore, Osa ge 2(il6.
KOUH-liOOM mode'rn house for rent. 136
per month, furnlturo for aalo cheap.
161114 East KourUi.
I'l VIS rooms of furnlturo for sale. Ill S.
! rlsco.
ONE 9x12 axmtntater rug In fair con
ditio n. Phone Osage 4 791.
THHEE HOO.MS furnlturo for sale, lent
160, modern, close In. worth the money.
Held & Cralilro,., Osage 8(S8,
KOH SALE Two rugs, 2 dining rhalrs
one high chair, crochet bed spread Just
finished. Call at 2.'0 West llrady street.
HOOMN vf furniture for sulc. In irond
condition: half . of alx.room duplex
housn may be rented very reasonable, 209
Esst Ilnosevelt St. Call Estes. Osago Hi'J.
F'OH SALF; (lood Knabn upright piano.
izoo; goon wnrcier wuson iirnpnead
sewing machine, 146; set of 67 pieces, fine
china dishes, 1 64; turned oak library
table 810; reading lamp 18; skirt box 14;
kitchen tablo 12: fruit Jars and Felly
glssses. very cheap 331 North itosedale.
KOH SALF! Two gaa ranges, onn heater
and reed baby buggy, nut sacrifice f
sold at once. Usage vaul.
ranire. duofold and kitchen tablo. good
condition and priced to sell, 611 N. Santa
KOH HENT Kurnlahed 6 -room apartment.
Fifth ana Houlder: will se furniture.
Including new plana, possession now. Tel.
Osage 8683.
F'OIrSALF; 1 white Iron bed and springs,
116; practically new. Apply 1122 S,
KOH .SALE Ivory drrsslng tablo and chLlr
In good condition, cedar lass.
I'OUIl-llOOM apartment for rent, ma
hogany and old Ivory furnlturo for sale.
0 ailulla only everything new, best lor.ii-
in. rcasonabl.' rent, can give Immediate
Tiisseeslon to satisfactory party. Leaving
city. Hoi 180-A. carp World.
KITCHEN cabinet, groen window shinies,
largo trunk, all excellent condition.
Oatge 3809-J.
'OH HFLS'T F'lve-room apartment and
furniture for sale, Including baby grand
piano. Apply 602 South Moulder, aput-
mtnt E. Phone Osaro 1878,
VOIA SALE Wooden bed and springs,
also drrsser, and heavy whlta wool
sweater 638 North Cheyenne.
6-fnnt leather seeltec, 825.00
leather rockers, 126.00
6-fuot tapestry arttee, 130.00.
9x12 new rug. 160 00.
C21 South Elgin, upstairs on
north side.
F'OH SALE -Combination gas or rual heat
Ing. Phone Osage 6388 610 S. laln.
F'OH PENT A 3-rnom apartment fur
nished In mahogany and Ivory, rent 160;
the furnlturo for sale. Call Monday.
Mnorehead-Palne, Osage 6(39 or Cedar
KOH HENT New 6-room modern "bunga
low. 17,600, by buying 11.600 new fur
nlture, Including baby grand piano, Oaage
F'Oil SALF: McDnugoiT' kitchen "cabinet",
good aa new. Phono Osage 4762. 1621 B.
KOH SALF'- I 1 -piece leather linlngTrnom
sultaand mission duofold Osage 6182.
LIHHAirV TAlHTE.'nusslan leather couch,
2 leather ruckrra and baby carriage.
Call before noon,34 XTacoma
KOH HUNT Modern 3-roo"m dupfe7,
breakfast room snd built-in features, 60
per month, by the purthaw of high-class
furniture, S00; cash or terms. Immediate
possession. Osage 6327.
KUHNff UiTk for saia. j'n coiritt'ely'luT
nlshed 3-room apartment, and apartment
can be rented, 16 W. Seventeenth Ht.
Shown by appointment only. Call Cedar
LIST your placo wfnTuafor Vale7wT7ia"vi
customers wanting a desirable, place
tn live who are willing to buy the furnl.
ture. F'or quick resulls. call Moorehead.
Palne Osag e6639 orCedar 380.
KOH HF."NT 3-roiim duplex wltii"ga"rage
and the furniture for sale, Price 1126,
caah 1226. (Call Monday, Moorehead-Kalne.
Osjigei6639 or Cedar 260;
OOdii baby buggy ami nurTery chair tor
sale. C 1437 South Detroit.
F'OH HALE F'urnllure nf il-room duplex
11.000 ; 1650 cash, balance terma. House
ran be rented 176 month, rent paid till
Nuvemher 14. give possession any lme
Phone Osage 4164,
'OH HFJNT F'our rooms, modern, ' very
reasomblr. furniture for salo. Ill Rniiili
OH SALE Kour rooms complete, of new
furniture, will sell by piece or all. will
Strlflce for 8100. Terms If desired. 0( 11
Detroit Osage 8118,
(JOLDEN"OAK lib re ry table In good i.ili"
dHlnn. If sold today half price, Osage
Qi) Ai t TLTt HAWED oak d I n fn g rooln
suite, consisting of table sideboard,
china closet, 8 chairs. All In good tun
(lllpin, Nit ' East Seventeenth st
Tllill-r. i ins uf furnl ur for nnlvivr
111(1 at lZit West Kust eu
IIOOi'lHII.II noons el
4 INl'H e,uari. oak dining tabls. Il. nh
'i.i ker !:,, clean and In good ronilltliin
re.lar 406
F'l K rimnis of f iirnlture-7or"sale, terms
si a bargain. House for rent
('saga I19H
FJ aVm'iiilsrr rug, liitt. perfect rn-
'ttl'Mi. inabngany chiffonier, one leati-r
I Mum oak rocker. 118 West l'lfth. Osage
lUo-wlirel wlilnw ran. the body Is
built nn the atyle f a large car. ,
f sape s:n I
I 'It S.m.k, kiVp i on nis of tiirtiTturv fll
South li isi o St
MATTIlFisSES-'lfinoiated mmX reroV-'reiH
ri turned home the same day l'hotii till
fanltsrv Miltros Co.
Volt SALE rive rooms nf practically lew
furniture at a reduction If sold In one
lit itt? i-.ii li.ii i, ,
in -1J2 Last liartiin.
rt'llMTflll", tipaiilng and reflnlihlns.
upholstering mattresses renovated :' Igb
Osage 4S. Tulsa F'urnllure llepslr shop
roit SALE lMlson phnnograph. " Iniilte
at 4ft) West Pnu rleent h St
at 4B3 est r ou rieentn r i
I'Oll HALH-i'iiblmt j'honograph and
Price o. C17 N llostnn
r-..,-- n fing nU ,.-v..,n
I'DU SAI15 Coluinbla (IrHfnilola
and ri'rorils 1 10. Call 112 V. Hcc
ml. llenry'H l'rlntlnr; Co.
KOH "S.U.hi I used"pann, gnoil condi
tion, lion. Phone Osage 3791.
i:Li;i:TltlC nickel piano, perfect con, till,, n.
Phone Ossge I28G.
WILL take tlto nn piano for aoml S?7il
car will give terms nn 1:00, call at
11.11 West Hilton M.
Wo will tako your silent piano In
trade as part payment on players
and ,;riimln.
We si'll phonoRfapliH cheaper than
anyone rl.10 nnd guarantee alimiluto
tiatlHfactlun; terms If desired,
21S S, Cincinnati Ave.
Osa (jo 61C5.
Pianos Tuned Pianos
With best materials. High cliuw
wnrkmanshln. Best referenced,
Phones Oh.iko 8207-8034.
Values In Used
417 South Main St.
on. MAciiiNi'.itv-surri.iKs 01
Flight complete rotary drilling rlas. with
all tools first-class condition for salo or
rent, with option of buying; also com
plete stock drill Pipe and well casing; will
make special Induceinenla, account being
overstocked. Tcxaa Bupply Cu., lleau
ntont, Texas.
I'Oll HALE CHEAI' Ono 70 II. P. rnn.
tlnrntal boiler, one 60 II. P. Atlaa
engine, I. L. Wetmore. Cowetn, Okla.
TWO 7218. 160 If. P. hlrh pressure boil
ers, recently overhauled, full prints, all
fittings, nn siftcKa. bniiera good condition,
each 11.300, one 2S0 H. P. high pressure
holler Hartford Inspection, 140. pounds
working1 pressurci first class condition, no
stack, 12,600, Address Chaa. (.'. .tones, 604
Jefferson St., Phono 2914, Muskogee,
roll HENT Oft SALr: Concreto Mixers,
ateam or gasoline Hoist F'nglnes, Der
ricks. Winches, pumps, gasoline engines,
wheelbarrows. It. T. Courtney 416 N.
roil HALE (Jiiod roller tup desk. 1 lie
Hoyal typewriter, cheap, If taken al
once. Apply to No. 1. Turner Illdg.
KOH SALi One flat top desk, quarte-rd
oak, one revolving chair, one f c. Smith
typewriter, nil In gnod condition. 801
Ilrrxrl Illdg.. Osago 3739.
F'oll HALF; Ono roll top desk, cheap If
taken at once, one Hoyal Typewriter
In good condition. Apply room 1, Turner
KOH SALE One 38xf,0 flat top desk, Iwo
chairs, 1 swivel and ono straight bar.-.
also typewriter and stand, alao oak filing
cabinet and hall tree. Oaagn 8613,
KOH SALi; Now IlurroiinhH D-col-uiiiii
adding machine. Will make
blu discount. Phono Sir. Purdy,
Osauo 644!l.
.-'-.'.'Y s
Highest yield per acre, 40 bolls lo pound,
40 per cent lint, (let facta, proof snd
special price on seed. B. Manley,
Carnesvlile, fla,
I'Oll SALE Several loads of well rutted
fertiliser. usage C'Jil
' ,
TAUPE fur scarf and muff set, good con
union, usage 411.
HJIT I'Oll SALE Dark worsted material.
lallor made, urand-new. too small for
me Your price, 323 Hotel Tuts Sunday
2 to 6.
FOK 8AKFJ Thren-qtiartrr lctlBlli
moleskin coat. Sltirhllv worn: ma.
sonablo It taken nt once. Call Osago
... . -
M'l HELL A COItSET rnado to measure.
I'. W. Lucas. Ossge 8191.
i)NF!f;KA knit hosiery dlrert from fee-
lory, me dcbi inane, order now. Osage
A tnllnr.mi.de suit. sle 11 l.nai . will . I .
If nere8sary. 232 Cole Illdg. corner riflh
and Hoston. Osage 1048
and Hoston, Osage 1048
IIKIIIEST PIIICES paid forTerond hand
clothing, ahoea and hats. Phone Cedur
IIKIIIFSST prices paid for arcond-hand
.chithinci shoes hats, etc. Phone Osage
for men's second hand clothing shoes and
hats, we buy used trunks, handbags sol
tools. Phone Osage 6181.
1IIOIIEST I'lllCEK paid for ec'coruT-oind
clothing, shoes and hats. Phone 7111.
HEAT price paid fur second hsnd" cloth.
ing, snoes anq nais. rnone ossge 8228.
HIOIIEST prices pair fur seVoi.it" "hand
clolhlOB, shoes, hats, etc Phone Osags
WILL SELL good looking winter coat.
also new tattered blue vrlour dreas: U'liln
only once. Call Cider 111
SPIIIELLA COHSFrr made to measure. S
v i,ucais ossge 4 9L
, Misci'.i.LANr.ois roll sali:
KOH SALE CHEAP Heed go .artosge
FllEE DrilT--6i"7 W. Hrady.
KOH SALE CHEAP folia ""double barrel
shot gun. tolnt rliarilnir rod. i'm hi
South Ituckfoi'd. Phone Ossge 4784,
HAUS DUPLICATINtl machine, cnmplrie.
n"w never oi'sii useij, une ior circular
work. F'lrst 110 takes It. Writ.. Hi.i. l..
land, Sapulpa, Oklahoma,
KOH SAI.FJ -Ten thousand new rai'e brick"
Wrlsh-McNuliy Motor Company, F'ourth
and Frankfort.
HAHN F'OH SALE -Mostly rorriigsTed icon'
See Janitor county courthouse. I02C S.
II. S. AliMV ilfjifn's haTf;'-1! ;raViiiy
wool ihlrls. recla'iued 12 ''3, I' S army
P. Wool blankets perfect It 9." slisup
i i lined costs, new 1' 60, navy xrool
ew underwear strl tly first Class, I 16
armcnt Hec'almrd perfect wool under
wear II IS garment leather saddle bags,
4 I0i rubber hip boots, new pair, 16,76
anadlan wool, 60 In. long overcoats, ro
lalmrd, 116, I'nlona la, excellent condltlun,
envy, 12 5 W He fur bargain l,t Satis
action guaranteed ar nirney ba k Army
Salts Co., 2201 1'raukllD, St. LcuLi, ilu.
Misci:i.i.AM'ot s nut sale nn
I'Oll 8 Vl.l! -llw.ka l.i ba Inrludinsi
Iti'ier Hoy Tom Swift II ,y Allies, liny
Ftirui and iiianv utheta at half prlci., ilsi
"Id set nf Ulrkeiis. Iliil.ters lilslnllea.
anil ollnis. 811 Nnrlh llneedale.
MHtSi: wishes to buy pbonu for Iran
' .,,"."net '"r xt'arlments Phone Jams
, Koll" SALE-Oni new Priwpetlty presilnr
iiiarliine, o,ie sec, m, I hap, I llottmiiii
press. n new hmid nilrarlnr. lip to Kale
Cleainre. 910 South Main. Phono Osage
f'HEF; lay in vour fiieT nnw" plenty nf
cirn cobs al elevator l'lfth and Mldl.md
A HHVULATION of-money saving bpfvTr"
tunnies Hxslla you at tha flsniirnt I'ai'-
nry's 15. pr lent illsiouut sale All fall and
winter lu is r.,r u,ii nt.hlr nit
i ,VT5rrririi."'"
i " giving yon the full benefit of nur
sminas m buying humlrls of Items sll
through this house The Oarmeul l'srtor.
. ITnTiWN" slierilrm l,rv "TihsIIii "ism
worth .lac lard llarinenl I'delniv.
ti Till", il.VFlM ISN'T I'neliiry hss taken ad
,";?. , "mi, J' b-.i' nH'sVii'."
U"ie mii lower prp-es on sheets, pll-
nw ,, ,,mp, ,,., ,,, ,pr,,,
win.lmv shades muslins ami outlntis. and
,,,,,n l ,n n imP ilMllsr lllSCnUnt
ilia, I1AHMKNT I'actory s superior buy
ing power is telling gieally in your fa
vor, now ibet priies sre lower, you will
illscnvcr this if uu rtimo to their 21 per
rent discmint sale now going on.
WF? sell.bu rem or x, hang's, fixtures
show rases, desks, registers stools
table, rhsira, muntera. he boxes, iheclt
wrtters safe, roffee urns srales, vacuum
cleaners, c.t. . Crdsr 8 ti tvrirst.
HAINCOATJl" Ouaianleml waterproof.
Aj.WAIT, .Jul'bergiMids.M N. Jloiilds
H15U' On account of Wikni'.ai", I
onnnot tine ciinpU'te htinlni'MH eolleite
HChnlarnhlp pun lianed n fi w wekii
iibo. Will sell at a liberal dlRcfiiiiil.
This Is an opportunity fiy- nomeone
In take a btiHlticHH con rnn at a re
duced rale. Aililresn nOl-A, World.
I'Oll SALE. Large luty reed' baby bu
sunn cnniiunin usage lil
UKUlKsr PIUOES paid tor secnTidTiTsnd
aciii inns, sum's, iisis. sia I'ltone Dili.
HlTlililST price i.alii""ror iiienre second
hsnd clothing, shuts and hats. Phone
Ossgn 90H.
WANTED TO lll'V"-i e
WANTED 1920 of '21 model Iluleic.b or
7 passenger, must be almost new and
bargain, lll pay riish. Osage (021.
WANTED 6-room hungslnw, ' north "or
west side; can pay 11,000 rash and 176
per month Oeage 7819.
I'Oll " SALE Two tenuis "gniul 4-yearoTl
mares, wagon, double hsrnrss snd tniv
liirneee, also one good siddlo horse and
sil, lie. Sell cheap. Osago 2811. 171'J
1 orrst.
WANT TO UUY 3 tn 6 rooms fur
nlturo nnd rent houso or apart
ment. Addrens World, 452-A.
WANTED to "buy-I6ld gold, silver", plu";
tlnum. crown and bridge work fur melt
ing purposes.
307 S. Main.
WANTED 300 folding chairs or opera
seats, llonner and Washington, Welch,
WANTED To buy of owner, five or alx-
room, Washington school district, nut
over I6.000J OsngH 79K;
WANT TO HUV Three or
have you 7
house; gooil terms. What
Cedar 4 4.
WANTED lo buy secondhand 4 gallon
roffee urn, must Im first class tomtltl M
snd priced right. Call Osage 1126.
WB WILL HUV nr eichange for your
necond hand furniture. North Side
Furniture Co., Osage 3112,
NOT1CK TO Tilt, 1 'UHlstC Wo buy
maea'lncH; nowapupera; roKa:
motnlH. Republic Iron Jt -Moial Co.,
303 N. UlBln. Osafro 3I1,
newspapers; books and magazines.
Will nay tha hUbcst market' prlro;
wlll call for same nt your hiimes.
rx) utu-ot-iown nii.iiiii.'na boiich'iu, i uiea
SalvaRo and Wasto Paper uu, Tf l.
Ooagii 5544, po.stbffluo box 40.1,
Tulsa, Okla
fllUUKBT PIIICKH paid ror acriDS
Iron, metals, raKH, rubber, ropo,
maciulnos and oil field iiiidpiI''.
Security Pipe. Iron A Metal Co., 207
N. Peorlfi. Phono Oriano
W15 UUY, KICI.L, anrt'repalr furni'tiro
and stoves; Mcl'cters Furnlturo
Co., 124 W. First, Phono Osago
Wh want to buy a car load of sncond
hand furnlturo of all kinds. Cull
us (pilrh, Hower's Furnlturo Co., 3
8. Cincinnati, Osauo 3006.
. v;. r. .;,-7rr,oU,.i.n
11,1,1111, XI M .r, ,,F
KoirSAl'.n OH THADFj'fiir real estate or
light car, 7-paaienger Marmnn, In first
clasa condition, new tires, new top nnd
seat covering, and new paint. P. E. Moss
at 114 South Cheyenne or call Osage
WILL TIIADE dfamr,ndandrnrfor good
pay or iuko iiiucrence, uau
Osage 197.
" K CH A Nil re- HEAL ESTATIC" '"' Jl
KOH SALE IIY OWNEH 6-room, modern
house, screened-ln back porch, good well
n ..nrnh. usrsife. fruit cellar, fruit trees.
hearing; chicken house and park, 60x160
feel l"ti ") ".r ".n"' '?' '."r '"" .5""
lull in
Mill Irs il fnr land ln Missouri nr south
eastern Oklahoma, 2626 E, Seventh.
PhniiHCcilar 1 1 CS
Wood addition, on Sand Springs cur
line, box house and full slxed lul In Sand
Springs, office Phono Cedar 62, rrslilence
Phone jMce)lt!T-J.
liANDY brundne,w strictly modern Hlii"
crest bungalow, t rooms, 3 nana, nsse
'" n""Ui '- 10 ,e"V'V ,or ' u 1,
r.unty farm, my eqully tl.oon. c. E.
las In
124 South Hoston, Osage 463.
F FINCED. CUIiTI va riiii. i i.nfir; i,n,
fiANDY brand new, strictly modern IllTT
cresi bungalow, 7 rooms. 2 halls, base
ment. Immediate possession. To ei
change for Tulsa county farm My equity
16.000. II E Merlin, Ossge 4683
f, uh" u; "0 if I'.X Cli A Nf. E"Y
F'OH TliADE 6-room house, lot 60 by 20
feet, uke light car and 1700 cash I1411-,
din deal, located southeast part of city.
Price 17.000, inalarioe irrms. John Par
rel!, t'ifim 208 Ilubininn Illdg. Phone
Ossge 17 nr 1361.
"""" "w ANTED To" i;.rilANili
fll lease or real estate for touring ear.
ases are In good location. Call Mra E
I iiks. 310 Central National Hank Illdg
Poif TilAbK-8 acre fract inifiroveii'g oii
anil, dose In, win tags gnou car ami
some rash, might msku some terms. C.ill
Ossge 1644
I'Oll EXCHANOE - 400 (ash and 1180
equity In good nuuuing ioi aa first psy
ment on houso with large lot or rrnsll
piece of Improved acreage not too far frm
school and transportation. Will pay lf.0
a mouth or better on balance. Want some
thing worth the money If you have It
give descrlptlun nnd cracl location. Ad
dress Manager, P o Ipu 1919
Vint "tiiadf: MiHcr.LuNF;orsy7ii
liOYALTY'siiK k paying" I4 inonfhljT i"
trade for auto, diamond, clir.ip iirupurty
Whal have you' cedar ii. r,li iayn.
KOH SALE OH TIIADF, -Ileautlful farm
10 acres, I and miles east Indr-pend
ence. Mo., on ru k read new rock hnusii,
7 rooms, strtcliy modern, Delcu lights,
rock garage, con1 rete hog hcuse granary
barns, chlrken houses, etc , i -iws, horses,
sell for taili or trade for Kansas City,
apaniuenis, Kor ptrllrulara aildrrs Lone
hogs, chickens, plaws reason fur r-lljng,
Star futin, II, 11. 1, box II, liidepindeiitv,
Knit III. ST I'n'umlrrisil ap.itti.ieul- I
root, s I bath, just rompleled. Ihir (
and Isii-mg 1'hotie Osejel'IS
sl in him ipsnineni ,ir rnu1 i.'e ueil
t.itli ., i .om apartmsnts convenient to
Wrsl Tn'sa 71 South I'lmeulx
Fi-fl I.I'M ... Vnvrisi-I'.rs. r n-
furntstiiHi i room sparlmenl lamnlrrl
room ami In Chealyn Ap.rtmenl. '
111 S I'lt.icnne
To tenanie panv .
months i longer lease, Apply murHnf"
parlmrni , lisass 781? nr aplKUIlimeni
ri.AiN--iiiiMMiiD '
I'lllsT II null J room furnished apsil
tneiit IfJi Nnnh Huston
EttllN S .'l J riwim flltnlsheil apart-
mcni st..i gas eletrlclty and tele
plume furnished Telephone efter 9 a m.
N '', ;:l-I:",r.V., ,T...riIiJ oiihim
apart ipenis
118 W.
ill ItF'SI Complete!?'' tiiriileiird fl.rr.r
r..om duplex IIS per month at III
man, St Phone Os'Kjn..""'.
JiAIN N. H One" furnlsiieii apuriment
for rent ivdar ljSl , .
ONH fin niMinil "npartment for rent.
100 10 M" Ve II 111.
il.MAItfl.Y (urnlshod apurtnient;
,,ii,,i nwiv Im niirr Iihhi'iI. Omikh
- - 1" r i V .
IllfAl'l 1 1' I 1(1(1 inriiiniii-ii iri.-.ui
nparlmenl; nlfo- nleepltn: I1'""''!'
itiiiimi niiiH. limn I'lix.-!, u, ...
fi s i T'F:j'V -('(MiipTeteTy fiirrinheil I
room elflclinry apartment, close In,
sieain heat Plaea t'nurt apurtinenl In J
'inner I'uutth and F!lood Phone l.edar
l-i'ill TfENT - Half t r.-loitil duidcl
strictly miidern.
Apply at 130b East
KOH HEN r - -One 6-rmim lurniaurn
apartment, one 3-rciom lurnimni imih-
inent llssgi. 1181 or I'edar 881.
l'i '11 " ltiTs r- -One-hnlf ""of "duplex lniiise.
furnished, no children Apply 809 Lest
l'lfth Sunday ..
VANTI'.D - Hnslness'glrl io abate well Im
nlshed apHrtment. Ileferences ex.
rhsnged fxsge 9686.
TENTH. i:T 2I--Nlcelyfurnlshei1 4-room
apnilment Cedar II4I. .
.- "lliil'SI'.s 'I'Olt HUNT "'" "11
,....i ni'WT 1 ..r " frtntVis. lliodetn. Wesl
i-i.ii i,,,. , 7- "', ,,. ,
Tulsa. Call 18 S Hoston.
I'Oll HENT -Lovely 7-room bungalow, all
bullt-ln features, nak floors, Isrge bsse
ment. garage end servant quarter, win
give lesso Hi f 1Kb. Call at office for fur
ther Information A'nnday Mnrireliead
Polne, Ossge 6639. Jlly South Main,
dining room, living room, bedroom
and hathi cheerful and wellcfurnlshed,
rent 160. Call Osage UII It or osago 8117
Poll HENT F'lve-rniiiii furnished house
at Ited I'nrk. one block fiom cerllne. 111
tard surface. 11 complete little home. Hunt
E0 per month, Phone Ossge 9126.
sTl ALL unfurnished ""J.Tunm "house, plp.nl
for gas. freo water, nee 1 nancier. iii
High St., lake East Sixth Jitney, warn
south. Itenla 116. .
V'OI'it ItoOM new house 109 South Nan
thua, 140 per month E. E. IMulow, 31 1
Palace Illdg. Ossge 1991
NI8WLV papered and painted house nt II
;sst ruin, can mi ixeiiur.il-.
ONE room modern house on rear 01 101.
813 South HPS on, osagn (.on.
vTill HENT New 3-room modern house,
unfurnished Call Osage 7686.
Koh" HENT Tirrult "aiidlliiin, new
rooma nnd breakfaat room, basement,
furnace, Ilent 1160 a month, Ileferences
required. Address P. O. Ilox 88, Tulsa,
Oklahoma, -.. .
ONH 0room houso for rent or salo.
Call Osnno G251.
HMAM, iinfurnlshed 3-rnom hoime
piped for bus. freo witter. Ben
Chancier. 1027 HIrIi HI., lako Hunt
Hlxth Jitney to WhecllliFt, walk soutn
Kent 112.
i.-ntt ri i.;nT . Sim 7-rootn. two
story hoime. $lio n month. Hofer-
ences rfinulreil. osapo 7S7.
KOH HENT 4 rooms unfurnished, over
bakery. Phone Oaage 8884,
V"1" iiousr,,rO:l,'v,N,l,,".r- '
1'oTf HENT l-riinm"" furnished collage,
rlose In ! two bedroniiis. Apply before
13 n, in, to ail oils only. 121 J-rlsco.
Cedor 617.
WILL rillXftli nicely fiirnisheif buiigaiow
with young couple. Call 617 South Yolk-
Wli.f. SIIAHF! part of bungalow with de
slrable couple, Osage 6683-lt.
I'OHEST, S., 921 Heaullfully furnished
6-rnom bungalow with s repine porrn
and garngn, planu and vlotrnla, 190 per
month. Osage 8010 after 9,
WANTKD A roiipli) to sharo mod
ern bomo with mlddlo iikcii man
and wife. Phone Owiko !IS10.
F'OH HENT or sale 6-room house, llsth,
bssement, 2 large porches, garage, ser
vant quarters, chicken house, chicken
yard, best of furniture with Oriental
rugs, restricted neighborhood. Or will sell,
If rented must bavu references. Address
II 104. rare World "
I'iiii il7;NToir TIIADE Six -room house"
bath, lineament, two large porchea, if.i-
rage, servant quarters', chlrken house,
chlckrn yard, best of furniture, with
oriental rugs, restricted neighborhood, or
will sell. If renin! must havo reference.
Address 101-11. rare World.
.'ILL HENT npartment or share newly 1
furnished bungalow, modern, with re' I
ned rniiplo or two ladlis. Irving place, I
nn block smilh inolllltlllint. Willi nr will.
ono block south monumiint. 'lth or with
out garage, reiieonable. 1602 West Onn
EIX-HOOM modern bungalow, cnmforlably
lurnisiiiHi; two-car garuge; lease to
June 1 at 1125; references. 647 S. Xanthua.
Osare 7032.
I'ilitNISlfED house for - rent, iiirner -e"
serves onn room. Apply 1C16 South
ornrr.H and desk room i
desk, rhslr and telephone, stenoaratihlo ,
... ..,.. ,u...u XXX If '
n.mtB . lotuia, n,,n lliro IllUg,
Ossge 8976.
1 WO centrally located modern office
rooms, furniture for sale at 1800 and
worth the money Phone Osage 1379.
OF'FP'E ronm fur rent, have two rouins
furnished rnmidetc, centrally lore!.
suitable for any kind of business, 48b-A,
r World
F'oll IIKNT Sloie room suitable for
radiator or tile repair ahop. 112 Flint
OF'F'Ii'F; "spare tn renlii0-lll III las) llTdg.
rcie,nune ossgn n
KOH HENT Office spine, with desk. In
quire xv it iiannia, loupy ot wrigiit
Illdg , Osage 6101
Ul'HK space in rent. 410-111 llllis ilbiri ,
rnone osage su.
iil'l'lci: spare for rent, paitTy (uriilin-'l
and pnonn ipaiuiieu, iioom 219A.
South Main. Osage 79t.
MOItl'.s" AND WAHEIIOI si;s" To
KOH HENT -Storeroom, rcferencu re-
Osaue 1381 .
- - ... ,
SIX or 7-room mndnrn unfurnished house.
Phone Osage 3719.
WxN'TriD 9 iir inoie rooms; "woufd buy
lurillturu li pricvii riglll. xvorid, JlOx I
X V S A ,
WANTED TO HENT Furnished four' ir
five room apartment or house and n.
r ge. mini be modem and close In Osin
li d'H OH HlX-room house wanted wl'ii i
or 3. car n irage on paved street. Hear
il'.orfirurih Main St
A" ANTED AT""ilNi'F: Two iir Three. loom
apartment or modern housekeeping
mums, mother and daughter, daughter
mployed. Hest of rcfcrenria. 467-A. ism
vurld s
rtAVI'lili Flirnlsheif fla'i wltir'twu lini
moms 46KfA rate World
WANTED To"ltl'NT Flve'nr s.ruqm
hr'Use by reliable party between i.ow
and December I preferably, Irving
Place. Permanent and frfeirnces. Os.ige
VtAN I F D ix'nr seien runm hnuseTii".
furnished modern three bedrooms, nn
isdUte ur by November 1, Call Cedar
jf'AM l',i-TII llltT J Z. '
1. ,N1 Rll TO ItrNT--I'lre. or sli-riiin
linuse, by reliable party, hetwwn I "
ml Horember I pn-ferrahlr : lnlnrlPla
lerniiinenl and reference iage 111.
M'aVTuTT-ToferTtr "oVe"mer irtt t
five room house or apartment unfumletv-
,1 Oeage leTI-.l.
WANTED TO IIKNT I'our. live nr six
room house and will pay Komi rrm
rood Imatlon
usage 8l
HKN r-
ic,.;ni.l,.,t analt.
inen. or house i.h two bed .son,-, In
...il. ,r uil,ul t-ert nt eltV. With ga
rage ptetcrablc. three adults cis,ige H80.
A( lll'.AHr. I OH SALE M
J'Oll HAI.H- -Trackane
eloHo In.
I cuiner lul isnxli", linen i""'i
1 ti it : some improvements
Daniel. .100 N. llmililer.
See O. I..
I'Oll SALE- i 'Irate In acreage, east side
Ifl. in or 1 a eage I'or price jriil
turns. Phrrne Oeage ! "t Ossge 1JII.
riiit SalUT
wcTT iniiifoved. eloee
lo rlty; good sell,
tescli: pilee II.M0.
flue lor ehlckTi
Will make terms
,-.,11 osage sail ,
t'i.tWri.r'ie'aVe.'soutlT'aTIe, oriii the
tnnnev. if ill t
Cedar II
Ill IT IN s' renuevnll want, 2 U T
7H nr
to acres southeast on Alti'tt Pike '';
Ment, rail Homer A Oicutt, Osage '171
Osago M79
.-- ,(,MN.,,S4 t(0l'KltrV."
tiTiJYrW" u in- 1 . 1 - ) imalliin tot
.. .a.
FJoutli Hnetnn Osa gjl 639.
'oiT SalTT" Ailentlon oll'men. fine Ii -
itnn fnr office bldg, ouner. Js.ige
2IH-J. ... - .
r "ii'.itTai-Mri'iiii HALE M
. -Tr.h:.""T.ii"
lolt SAI.E-lly owner J"'"''"'
renin, sleeping porch and ,'''"';,, "V
C'.dlege Ave See Ihle
DANDY Invisimenl iiropeny, i "
i.,v..siiiieiil nropiirly, (lose in,
has three '", r,, ' , ,
arge lot; price IIJ.OOO. '"'""'' ""'J
I tins. Call M. J. "lass A to., Osage or
lar msi. .
i olj i 1 1 ""i?u e . rnnnl modern bllllgt
i.i, 01 -- lit AO lluOO
,,oi -- ,. ... llno
low, comer on paying, IL'OOi li.w
nsh T .1 Phelan. 0"" "
t'lnTTEnirAliNIJlTr room bungalow,
washholise, young nrcnsm, .....
13,800, 11,000 cash, T. J. riiel.11
Bilge 4691,
iiijiuhTn. Hiitilh side, fi
, .-i,, imeilix-nnil flniirs'
sleeping porch! ""'"'wooii I""""-".
cistern, basement; Karaite; seo own-
er, 411 H, outline, rntinn un.iB.
PfxvrSViD"-NoiiTli IC.ioO, ILtfo ea'sli,
..room I iiodern buligalow; a bargain.
Ossge 801. i
a.,, ill. llfWIXt l,n,L, nn 3 tota
r ix - . - ,,.,1i,.
.nn.t .n nf wsier. I6.8HOI 3,lfl0 ossh,
road, east Blue , gariia. . """'"-,-
i.siance ISO tier month. Cedar 1663. 1 C,
!.,. liniiseM!
ilAVIi buyers for 3,
in joul Phone Cedar 1861.
i f
whal nsvo
1. A. Justus,
niisrlment or enrage Marilll, xtlln the cllv. Call Oaase 7J8I Cllv llallv
i-.imi.iinriM VoVse. inod'ernTio" blocks Vf room for another house. Priced at 111.600
Main! paving ' ami sewef paid out. H.OOO, with terms Call Ossge 3833 for owner.
11,000 rash, balance 60 per month. Cedar. f
1662. 1 A. Justus. JllIfltriHNCn lrrH RALE Let m show
C(jfifl,l".jChesi for cash, l-rimm ' you Ike beet residence bargain In the '
house and basement, lot 60x398, will rhy, and then we ask you til prove cur I
tsko n gnnil Kurd car as part payment, .word by any expert builder ynu may
733 B. Troost, Osage 6371-J. Irelect. Complete In every appointment. ,
"""" ' " Large, airy, well ventilated rooms; hot
WE If AVE sevsrol nice little homes lliat'waler heating, best plumbing; hand ,
lin be bought for 1300 In 1100 cash and decorated, high class light fixtures, oak,
munthly payment Just like rent. Huy n fleore throughout; trimmed and ftnlsnel
home and save yourself Ihe Inconvenience up lo the minute, Ideal fnr summer lest
and expense of moving. M. J. Olass Cn , rnd enjoyment and unexcelled for winter"
Osage or Cedar 1631. lomfnrt. Look, examine and you'll be
1760 CASH Praclllly new, modern 6 lonvlnrrd. If you are In the market for
rnoma nnd breakfast room, oak floora 3. gnod hnmo we can Interest ynu, Shown ,
rooms, beautiful mantel and electrlo fix- week days hy appointment or open Sun
three, basement, gsragn; near car line. rtl, sfiernnon. Henry Hnrnecker end
Price 16.860. Phone Oaage 1149 or Oaage Joh v ntarr, owners. Ossge 3741.
4318, 1 it
A CO.riioMK-l "tnoms n4 brri kfsst 7SCASII, price 11.710, l-room houss,
-..?0,.J.".,i fl!i" rii'i.r.J wl.ii forr' 1'lastered and papered, chicken house'
nut! maniei, nice niiurrs, uesriueiu, iur-
... I, Hiii,..,nri. Iialta in. lrlrA
111.000; reasonable terms, 1'lionii Osage
7I4 or Ossge 4318j
-nit'lll llliuni. IU riinilis, iiiinnnai
room, oak floora throughout. 3 miinlela
Ivory finish, bsseinent. furixico. 2-car ga- llnne. tnren seie mncn "
rsgo, corner lot. 768IIO. a real lis run In. beveled plain glass, large basement, ur
Price 110.0081 cash 13,000. Phono Osage nice and laundry tuba, two-car brick ,
7149 or Osage 4318,
U.OOO" CASH-New 'i-roo,,,- inodir'n "Tulip
galow. Ivory finish. I'rJce 11.600. Phone
flssge 7819 or osage ij .
IK YOlf are Interested In n small property I
and have 1198 cash, balance terms, you'
ran buy neat 2-room frame home on rear
of extra fine 60-foot lot. on paved drive,
at 1700 lesa than actual cash value. War- I
relirsewe'r):"":!-.!.. pVopef'ty' 7. .if.r.Yfor
Sundy and to Monday iiuun only.
rrderai nt.
11,200 puts you In possession nf nice
4-room bungalow nn paved strset lit
fine neighborhood; bslsnce of 14,660 at
160 per month, M. J, tllass s Co., Cedar
or Osage 1631,
11,810" CASH paymtnti ff,rcToiif"muderirdu
plex and 3-ruuiii' houae on aanie lot, en
paved street! can tiot put the bullitlnir on
thn lot for thexpricu asked fur the prop
erty, ,000. John llarritt, room 201 lloh
Insnn llldg. Phone Oaago 1187 or 136s,
1600 CASH payinnnt; 3.room itioiiern atiil
sleeping porch, flne block from csr line,
only 13 blocks from Third and Main Hts,
Price 13,260, John llarrett, room 20s Hob.
Insoii Illdg, PhonnOsaga 1817 ur 1281.
Uli-to.datn In every feature, fl-roum on
eicellenl high corner lot, basemsnt, 2-car
f," V, 7 ,,'in"r"' ".'",0 ""hdlcs,
i?'""1 ." J"- ?.0,i lVT". ".? b'""
eliew A Company, 18-K Turner
KOH HALE Heal relate ii"ffic"annd fix.
turrs, doing u gouil business, eicrllent
location, will turn business over tn party
buying office equipment. I'liune I ICO for
EAST" SID.r i".iunrinn.i.,n,- l.iimedi-t..
7iy.,..e.slun, 16,600. 11.360 cash, Osage
SOUTHWEST-HAiitiAiN-East-fn,,,, cor'-
tier lot lth 6,roiim modern house, base-
(ment, ll's a reel buy, closo In; 11,600
- handles. Price H.00O. Mtshnw ti Cum-
pany, 16-16 Turner Uldg,
Phone Osage
CLOSE IN. SOUTH g.rnnm 'innTlr i.-lr.
beautiful full terraced lot, only 3 bloeha
from courthouse. 'Ihlnk of It! The
nn aiune is vxurin ills money. Only 12, 000
"' trrnis Meahew A, "'fjnmpnny,
!lTurner Illdg Phune Osage 1979.
1175 CASH Oiiuil. new "i'.roiiiii uniiri
Ishrd house 8i2 feel on lot 69x300 lest
on paved toad cast of luwn. House nemlx
plastering nnd flooring. Will sell as It
Is for 11,676, 1376 rssh, balance 136 per
month It Is worth your while to Investl
rale this. Phone owner at Osaifu 8471.
YOHKTOWN. H., F'lve-room modern
house, new and up-to-date In every re
spict, haa fine large front punh. nea-ly
three-quarter "found huuse, large frunt
and bark yard; screetn.il tn lick iwfi h.
Can be bought at h bargain. Addreee
Ilox A. !:. N., care World.
HOOMH and bath. nTar llllcrst.iTa"k
floors throughout, nice mantel, .le.-iri-lions
and light fliturea 1'nnlrv., hullt-ln
raHtiir,. cinli, if. inn r'ui, ii haa i.,,....-
'.-"-. "'.""..' " ci l iwe
iTiaiirni lSSKS B4UB.
1 1. VINO" PLa'cE. bt'aullf"ur"e"usf "iToiilT eli"
galow if elx large ruoms and u breuh
I del ivxiiii. xiiuie unix iiuurs inrnughiui
I tutlt - tn cshlnets In liltchsn and breakf.isi
In kltehsn and brejixr.isi
loom, French doors, elegant fixtures .mil
ili-i orsttons, concrete purch. hssemriit;
rarage and seivant qusrters. Price 13,009,
(lood terms. Phone Osage 1718,
"AST HIDE, cast" front, l-ruenniouseV well,
fruit anil chlikeu house, three lots under
fsnic, two blucks, good sehool, will loll
all or separately Call Cedar 1080,
F'lill" SALE KIVH.ru.iin inodeirn siTiise',
Ivory finish, bullt-ln features, hard
Mood floors In two rooms, garage. Ill
North Columbia St., Heddln addition, 6
blocks east ut Whltllir echuul house,
IUOO AND "niovo In tomorrow " new'f'iyT-
njoni bungaiiiw Just , .i.upletuil iak
flouts, inuntc liusemont tfari'ge, tn li
lg place W II have tj tie ncn tn ue n
iri"-alrd. t my C 710 balarrn tn suit,
We are open Sunday.' Osai. c 92 Leui
mini & Wll'iama It aity I j. :o Securlly
A vf li inti ".min ui iui.Fn i riiiiii
bungalow on the xouth side, has every
l-i'iled fcjiur good tirms lu rsspunsi'jla
. , ., ,-.,.11 ri.uu i,
" nrM'ar.OirBAT.i: M
N.M-ftftlY " HKAIlf' DISTHIC1 - room
modern liome hardwood floors thrnuoh-
I ,n enienil arranged, fine basement
.anil garage. j ono under market value
J''!'''' "n'y I.'"" with 11,800 payment.
' Ji" JV" .r.'." Weshew A Company, 16 !
i '"'-' .'''' h"n" r ."'. .
rnn ni., NT- I roum house, bsrn and
. h "X",Z''.i.'C. '"i C""
,.-....-, ---". ,..': ...
ii, - - -.. ....i,, n.i,v, ensi sine,
.' , iiinn in leaiurea, every
I .".'"' " ""ape. sure eel e-reoi
' TJ,l:MiSSn.
neaPy Co J0J nrrr ,tK
I 'oil S AT.fr-rieaTir 1 1 flil sou t h side 7-r.i.ini
biingn'ois; M.nlplete In every detail.
Phone Osige 7J or Osage 1680.
TO nxnilAVOFS for smaller linuie And
some rash. Isrr story modern house,
rinse In on south side. Income how 1310
per month. Price 111" 860. price Inrl-jde
limisu And furniture. Thla Is a fine In
vnetment. Csll Osage 7281, city tlealty
Inveatment Co
A inCTiYlA'iN. 8 room preeseii brick hufT-
gllleW. lnmlem. newlv tieeairaleil litt
fOxIIti nn eoutheast side. Price 18,009;
, goo r,,, T,.rnis fnr 'balance. Osage 1
6ft. Osage 1117.
I II 8 A I.K New" i fu pi rx house, for In
farmatlnn esll Ossgn r.831.
-Ui III4ST HAIlflAIN. large 11-ronm
hiuise, all link flnnre, east front rnrner
Int. lOxlin feel, garage end servant
quarters, basement with rnmblnsllon fur
nare. price 110.800. about 11.000 rash.
balance 1116 per month. I'.in't beat thla
l'i, 1 ,1'r,, 111, . ,1,1, Will I II IS
Ill estniellt Co.
; II otin IIUVH Iwiv four-room houses, mod-
I" fll class shape, rental 30 per
nemlli, balance 68 per month, 'lily
H.IOO Can you Imagine this. Call Osage
0793 for appointment Lrnimon Wll-
Hams, 701 Security Illdg
3'AST i'HONT. l-roiim modem rnltnga vltti
ensmel finish, tinted walls, bullt-ln fea-
I ires, cistern, fruit trees; gnu.l high Ufa- 1
1,n; leaving city; only 14,800, very reason- 1
r, wner, Cedar I3l, 2H
lorin virior.
x(T,'iS . '..1. .7" " m ' '. lT ''
Jill, iimiiii, iiirner im, M.vuu cneiij nils
, splendid 8-room modern house on a cor-
Jill, iimiiii, iiirner im, M.vuu casnj nil
Per lot In Orrutt nddlllun nn rar line, close
n school. 1 block fropi pavement, all fur
4,,v wmi imiy li.uuu casii. ion citu 1 uciv
Ills. Thompson. 20J Cole. Osage 6911.
jiavh inu ij.ooo 7 Tnen nuy 111 is s.roim
miidern house with basement and Bleeping
I '"h fnr mi y 17.000, liicalnl nn East
A,1mlr .,, bargain for una ptlce. J ty ,
, .Inl, Thnmpson, 201 Cole. oagn nil. f
llTMH7 iifr.LT'iiiisTTli.ioo""TTAW,
1 '"k at this splndld properly with all ynu
n want In a modern home. All for M01!
I 00 cash', Thompson, 201 Cole, Osae
' .a. .
TitOOHT, ., 1703 New 6-room bungalow,
large living and dining roomi Hires
bedrooms, hath, kllrheu with
breakfast room. Israe dry basement, at-
tractix't features, maniei, oau umirs. in ,
fuel ever wl I, In s- In hnkn n first etsBS .
liume, A 2-rar garage, This properly on
corner lot so arranged that you have .
-, u.,11
'anil ixairr wen.
Ossgn 801
ieiis,ui;ii xi,ii(i'.ii in" m-oiii, ,,-,,
I irvtnir I'lnre. brlrk bungnlnw. six largo '
the market.
'moms, hrenkfast room and encloaed oaclt
,-- ,,,,- .H ,1m,n
rnrch, high grsdo flxturea and I deoi n-
rarage and inoderi servant quarters, nign
terrare.1 lot, uthea.i exposure. Kor full f
particulars rail Osago 601. Will piako
I '
nxvMnn nffnrfl ft. room hunimlnw
0,'N . , OI0" -rooni iiiinBTiiow
at a blK uavln-f for n iUlck sale,
JlardWOd floors; lllo bnth; bullt-ln 3
. tS cabinet am book cases: f no
diH'or.'itlonw and fixtures; lots of clo-
Hot room; baeement anil Karacc; on -smith
side, Ihirnco Mann district.'
Terma. Call Osubo S299.
11,500 CASH buys new five-room bun- i
galow, with breakfaat roonu located
on the North Denver pavement, Oak ,
florets throughout, with many bullt-la , -features
Mini tuv a good hlglf lot. Thla
Is a bargain at the price aikod.
17,760. Phono Cedar 901, J
deuce district. Klve-foom bungalow
with large sleeping porch, MsuT
bullt-ln features end oak flwrs. Til
lot Is 60x160 and there Is a 3-rar rev
rage The price Is only 19.600 with
good terms. You can't beat this one.
Phone Cedar 903.
JT L'S'flV.rn.yd'waVl. "ul'llTn
, .V'ern. 'fruit "tre.r'go'oj ' high ,
'?.,!".". ?i'.r 'cll.'r tiff.
North Victor,
12.000 CASH
Ili-autlful south shin hllliKalnw,
modern In every delall, alx runms.
hardwood floora, tile bath, ex
pensive fixtures, large basement,
furnace heut, garage, modern ser.
xant quarters, good location. leav
ing and must sell, will sacrifice for
110.000 or 19.600 with 11,600 cash
Phune Osuge MIH6 and Cedar 1111
or cull at Hoblnson Hide.
I'olt SALF! OU THAI)l5 4-room
coltai;e, 3 blgcks north of colU'Bo.
corner lot 50x140. This houso li
brand new nnd modern In every way,
except bathtub. Wo want moro
room. Will trado for 5 or 6-room
modern place. Call owner. Osaijo
I8fi3. .
limvlnR town has 7-roon east 1
front buiiKulow, oak floors, base
ment bullt-lli features, tllo bath, kh
rnKe, bervant quarters; tako $14,000
for quick sale, Tcrnm. Oautfo 83
or 05. Kdw. K. Jtarrett.
iJKTltOlT, S 1 1,000 cash, bal.inca
monthly buys 6-room modern
houso, Prlco 15,7 fiO. Osase S3 or
J500 CASH, balance nion'ihly;-8i)x
30& foot corner; tjood 4 -room hnuso
12.HO0. On Hmul Hprlngs line. Oa.iKu
83 or 115. Kdw. J3. llarrett, 204 IJUsa
i'OH "5aI,1' New bunfe'alnw,owner.
Phone O!ti;o 299.-1.Jh Kemlall.
ni'V FKO.M OWNKIl-3,000 puts
you In poiseririlon of 2 houses for
tlio price of one Klve blocks from
tenter of business, cm than block
from school houses strictly mod
em, notliliiK- cheaper in Tulsa for
Ihu price. tu kcd. Osugu U353,
' x

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