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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 30, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 17

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Tl in ti fiOU Tnltc I'nrI In (.'unit,
of llnlltiut't'll SImkciI Jointly
hy 'i Mi orKiiniuiioiiM,
tennis f 600 young people, n
rtitnber of whom wore willy
ril, Joined In tho fun nnd frol-
I '
by '
W '
c .i
IS "
to 1
. id. r
the Halloween rnrtilviil Klven
V. W. ( A. unit V. M. C. A.
r bulldlliKs liiRt tilKht. Am
1 In the lobby of thn "Y.
,. BueutM wore piloted thrmiKli
floors of mystery, beltiK mot
turn by "witches, Bhosts,"
tlier HtraiiBii creatures,
i ne "Y. M." thn guests wore re
o enter by the. basement, go
rough the "house of mystery"
. lobby whero iIoiikIiniiIs and
tvere served. Following there
i i entertainment nnd inoviui;
pxlilbltlon in tho Kyiutiii-
Xf T K TiO rn K NO 7 f in t r v e r t
f Hfnit Thnr..U (...!..
Kv Third Thursday. M. M. Fourth
?icWi 'nurnisv, A Nexl meet tig
tfVwi'Vov 4"' Work In F. C. It.
jn grte, comment Ins al 2 11, m.
fw visitors welcome.
Jch A Walker, W M J. C.vtonforte.J'ee.
HE A LODOH 42S will meet In regular
communication Tuesday. Nov.
ind Work In F. C, dsgrec,
c i i-irni Inn hi 2 p. m. Visiting
Muauhs. always welcome
Masonic hull.
II. C. K Al KM AN. W. M.
fllll'll llAKUlt. Secretary.
(I. I - I.I.I M LODI1K NO. 474 ,,,
every Friday exoent -,
t, Next Communication Friday.
l"-toucr ""i. commencing 5 So
... ... iivin nun examinat on
In M Vf .1...... ii.. .
m. Vlaltlrir M . .,, .... ......
I invited
, M. H. FLKSIIKll, w. St.
11. 11. HANVA. Secretary.
lIAI'Trtl O K. S.tneela first
in vuiiit n c.inrn.iay of thn
month at Maeonlo hall; first
, uusincn. ercon.I, tnl
and soilal. Star' club
Still dh.l J.t. h-.ui....i .
Mn.,ln h..tl i -a ",,i7
MIL 11..MIMK TIJNNANT. Worthy Matr-n.
Jllt.s KMMA KA8T. H.cretary.
TULSA I'lIAPTIili NO. r.!," K. A. M.. meta
i-Kumr f-iMllinunic.ttlOn NOV.
Int. Work 111 V M. clere.
icmmcncInK at 7 30 p. m.
it. it. ni: who thi:, a. i.
M. A. HNYI)i:it. Secretary,
ercund and fourth Muni
..n i.
.tlt i-.nitlli N'ft tiienllnL
Nov. 8th, Jfi 00 a. m.. lilnnor
C in ll'..rlr In nr.t.r r.t
St the Temple.
.11.1 1 I.N MhlSIIMIAI'llUl, M.U.
('HANK SKAMAN. Itei-oriler.
AKtAIt TEMl'I.l: A. A." O. N. .M. S. Next
reRiilur itieetlnK rrhiay. ov.
2. (.'cremunlcil Nov. JO.
8A.MUi:t, It. DYi:, Potentate
It. M. V1:M,1V1:H. Itecordcr.
AfltOHA LODOK NO. 36, I. O. O. K.
Next meetlnir Nnv.i 3rd.
Vork In Inttutory deKrce. ,
All Odd fellow... Invited.
Lode opena at 7.10 p. in.
It. U. POUNDSTONE, Secretary.
tuwa encampmknTno. SS. l.O. O.K.
tneeta aecond and fourth I'rlday, 7.30
r m K. P. hall, 1SV4 li.mt Second.
J.P Moore, C. P. U. A. Fuller. Act. Scribe.
Tl'LSA l!i:ill,KAlI NO. 36. 1. O. O. P.,
mreta aecond and fourth Friday, 7:30 p.
a., K. P. hall, Kant Hecond.
TULSA CANTON NO. 15. I. O. O. 1'., meeta
firm and third Friday, 7 30 p. m.,
Mmlelana' hull, 1I2H Houth ltnulder,
;, 11. Wllllami, Captain. It. II, Fuller, Clk.
TULSA CAST- NO. 907.tTwrof A.,and
roi AiioniAn u.ir fno. iivi
it, n. or A., ineeti overy Tuea-
l)TV nay lUKht at K of p. hall.
t"XQ I second aircei. vis
it. i:. Mct'llne. Coniul.
A A lliivhea. n.njiU ClmrU.
Mrs. S. p Kennedy, O-S019. Oracle.
Mn. I.JWrlBht. O 350:, llecurder.
siLvi.it r i.i'm i: ' i,odoi:"i3:, ii. p..
meeta every Thuraduy nlsht at
K- P hall, IUat Second. Next
meeting. Oct. ZSlh. Vlaltlntl
knlKhta urRed to attend.
U. It. fi;lts. C. C.
i:u sah. k. n. a a
BADA QltOTTO NO. 6S meeta Irst Satur
day In .'..eh month at
Maaonla Hall. Hualneaj
meetlnir 7 p. in. at
Maaonla hall.
You are herehv notified that hv virtue
of a general assignment mado to mo aa
Ttiutee for .Tohnson mothers Shoe Store
if Tjisa. Oklahoma for the benefit of
their creditors. I will otter for sals and
' I Ij tho highest bidder, (or cash, on
the f rsl day of November, 1920, at 10
eclMk in the forenoon at 11 South Main
frtrtr Tulsa Oklahoma, all of the stock
ef Merchandise anil fixtures of said
John- in llrothers Shoo Store.
The slock of merchandise consists al
'nm entirely of shoes, pra. tlcally all
of w i h are winter goods There Is aim
m i e slock a consldoi ihlo amoun of
hlth . Uts rubber goods. All of ililji stock
'a 111 drat Cl.k, condllfiili. "'"1 Is eal.lbln
and ic.sonn.blo merchandise. Tho Invcntury
mat bo aeon at tny office at any limn.
. 'he alock Invoices I2S, 860.26, fixtures
JUiro. making a total of ,29.644. SS.
a 10-13 Mayo llldg.,
Tulaa, Olrla.
e flnniu.1 tn.-llritf nf tun stockholders
Jf tie Tulaa Hospital nesoivUllon will b
held at the Tula Hospital, fit West Fifth
at three o'clock p m. ot the 1st
i ' November 1920 At said meeting, a
1 ard of Directors (or tho ensuing year
V.U be elected and thn consideration of
ouiin is affairs of the Institution.
C. I, llllllDUll. Secretary.
T isa Okla., Oct. 19,1920.
I"j" hed in Tulsa lialiy W. ria. October
I 1 I m 11 I! 19 II 15 1C 1' 1 1'
' SO 21 33 23 24 25 26 27 2! 29 30 31. No
Punier 1 and 2 .d. 9f0 The WorlJ
I' 'Ishlng Company. Publishers.)
01T.01NANCU NO, :03
An Ordinance to apportion, levy and
less special taxes In payment of the
cost of constructing a sanitary rtv.nr
8BWKH DISTltlCT NO. 170 In the
t ' ol Tulsa, as created and cUb
' !' d by Ordinance No. 20J- and de-
' "g an emergency.
U11KHAS, in pursuance or the provisions
ft i i harler of the City of Tusa. Okla.
' a anil the statutes of the State of Ok
Urr a for such tases mado and pro
'S'l'J tha said City o( Tulsa aid by Ordl
Jn i No. 207 create nnd establish
H.Urp. DISTltlCT N'UMIIKIt 170. and
I ' having declared it necessary to con
lru i sewers In said SEV.RU DISTltlCT
" " UH 170, by the provisions of aald
Cre nance No. 2011. did on the 29th day
'f June 1920, let to Cumstock-Hmedley
Coniiany. contractors, a certain contract
h construction of a certain sanitary
" snrt,
N'HrrtAS, In pursuance of said contrac',
"M Comstock-Smedley Company have
cornnieted a certain sanitary sewer In
EtYUn DISTRICT Nl'MHCK 170, and lh
under said contract has been ac
i and approved by the City Engineer
"4 tne tloard of Commissioners of the
Ut - ef Tulsa, and.
"II Kit AS, In further pursu'ice of the
Utues of the Slte ot Oklahjma. afors
U. and under the terms if the Charter
1 Hit said City of Tula, Oklahoma, It
Msimed necessary by the Hoard of C'im-Wlal-neri
of the City of Tulsa to levy and
, a special tax upon the property liable
'funtnt In sad HKWF.H DIHT1UCT
H'iliiep. no, by reason of the construc
tion of said atwer and to pay (or the
"" and
wia'lt,8. the total coit of the con-
'UTfUUI NUMUKH 170- Including axlraa.
iv been aecerlMne.Vanil li'hirVSy-.
vlared t, be the um of 11 Ml tt. all ot
?..llr,U. J . I'l' hx .eeola l
nien' ajalnut the Inta and parrela ot land
uenenttd by the "nnatruetlott of aald aewer
In .aid ai'.WISM IJIMTltK'T NIJMl.Kt. lJo'
WllKliKAH. all Irral f enulr.ment. have
l.een compiled wtn tn nuthorlte the lev
ut tho BMeMinenH aealn.l aald lota nnd
liar.tla nf and tn liable for the. coat ef
jonnrurtfoii of aald acwer In atld MHU'KIt
H"Ti",:r NUM,I,,,., .,7-in ," """
he- nafler ipaclfle.1 In Section 1 uf thli
iIoma"18 C,TV TUI-SA' OK""
NBCTION I That there ahall he, and
there la hereby apportioned to and levied
Jiron and aateeaed analnut the unveral
ii".n.''. I",r' 'l" "f land In aald KliWIill
IHSTItU'T Nt.'MHKH 170 In the City ,'f
Tulaa, Oklahoma, ao beneflte.ll by Ine
ranalrurtion nf aald eewer, aa a ;. I.I l,
vimiruciion or eai.i newer
the nmounla
reipectivoi-' aa follow,
Highland Hecond
l-ol llloek Amt
4 1U M
10 4 S3I.M
n an.M
11 4 :u jo
13 4 117 30
II 4 13 4 M
15 4 t!4 II
10 4 Ui M
That IKa a-aa.,,n.
nereny levied on eaen nr tha above men
tioned lota arrt panels of land are heron
declared to be a Men upon audi Iota and
par...s of Isnd to the same eitent its other
taxes and ahall be cotlorted an J mfor -ed
In the aame manner as other t.net In and
for the City at Tulsa. Oklahoma, are col
lected '
KEl'llON That all assessments here,
by levied shall be divided Into three (Ji
equal annual Installments na authorise"!
by said Htatittea of the State of Oklahcni
for such .ases mado arid pro. Med. thtl
the assessments ahall bear Interest at the
rule of elirht it) per cent per annum, pay
able annually at the time of the payment
of tho several Installments of the sal.t as
ac'sments. from the date of the takliiit ef
fect nf this ordinance: that tho first In
stallment of a.id assessments, tnneth-T
with the accrued Interest on tho deferred
Installments shall be payable on tna 1Mb
Cry of I)e-eirher, 1331. and the remaining
deferred Initallm. nta with the yearly In
ures! on thn unpaid Installments, shall be
r-.yable on tna ISth day of December, of
each succeeding year until all ehitll hi
pa 1.1.
Provided, however, that any of the own
ers or the Iota or parrels nf land so as
sessed may at any time durlnir the lour
14) consecutive weeks following tho day of
the first publication of this ordinance piy
to the City Auditor nf the City of Tulsa,
the full amount of the asessmenta so lev
led against their said lots and parcels of
find and thereby release such property
from the lien nf such assessments.
SUCTION 4: That thl ordinance, shall
l.e published for twenty-nine consecutive
days, In the Tulsa Dally World, h news
paper published In Tulsa. Oklahoma; that
the publication of this ordinance aa re
quired by law ahall be taken and regarded
as sufficient notice to all persons Interested
In the assessments hereby levied by l.e
terms of this ordinance.
SUCTION 6: That all ordinances or
parts of ordinances tn conf'lct with the
irovlslons of this ordinance. Insofar as u-h
conflict exMs, are hereby repealed,
SECTION 6: That an emergency exists
for the preservation of the public, health
nd safety, and by reason whereof, this or.
dlnance shall take effect from and after
Its passsge, approval and puhllca'lon
PASSKD. and the emergency clause ru'ed
u.nn separately nnd approved this 1st day
ot October. 1920.
AITHOVKD, thla 1st day of October,
T. D. i:VANS. Mayor.
City Auditor.
City Attorney.
Published In the Tulsa Daily World, Oct.
29, 30 Hint 31. November 1, 2. 3. 4, . 6
and 7. 1920, World PubllJhln Company,
M'F.riAI. I'.I.F.t-rillS l'IIOCSIATl(N.
NOTICI! Is hor'.bv given that a special
election of the quillflcd vuler of the City
r.t Tulsn, Oklshonm. la hereby callnl by
the Mayor and Hoard of Commissioners,
and will be held In th" aald City ol Tulsa,
on the 20th day of November, 1920, be
tween tho h"urs nf 6 o'clock A. M. and
7 o'clock I' M. of that day fcr the pur
pose of submlttlnif to qualified electors of
tho said City of Tulsa for adoption or
rejection, tho following several amend
ments to the Charttr ot the said City ol
FIIIST' ThaJ paragraph No. 14 nf See.
E of Article 11 of the Charter of the City
of Tulsa be amended In read as tollnns:
14. "The City ol Tulsa ahall liuvei
luilsdlctlon over all plicea within
Five (6) miles of the corporate limits
of th said City (or the enforce
ment o( all health and quarantine
regulations of said Ctly. provld.nl that
said City of Tulsa shall have and
exercise Jurisdiction oer all Innds
owned or controlled by It outside of
the limits of said City to tho same
extent that It has over land owned by
It within said City limits."
SKCOND- That Sic. 6 of Article II of
the Charier of the City of Tulsa be amend
ed by striking out. repealing and annull
ing all nf Paragraph One, Paragraph Two
and Paragraph Three ol said Sc. 6. Article
II. and adopting In lieu thereof the follow.
Ing amendment to said Charter. said
amendment when adopted to bo known and
designated as Paragraph One. Paragraph
Two and Paragraph Three ot Sec. C of
Article II of the Charier of tho Cflty of
Tulsa, In words and figures aa follows,
1 "The City of Tulsa shall have tha
right, and power to acquire, own,
operato and maintain within or with
out the corporate limits of the t lly
nf Tulsa, rial estate for sites and
rights of way for public utility und
public park purposes; and, for tho
location thereon of waterworks ss
tems, electric power plants, gaa plants,
hospitals, quarantine stations, ceme
teries, wtirk-heius.is, poor-houses, gar
bage, trash and Mt.ste reduction plants
transport a b"i plant and dlspoul ys
tems, storm fewer and pimping plants
sanitary sewers and tllsnosal sya--tems.
transponati" l ayHi'u.a. strict
railway syitemi, ielrpli.ni" smites,
telegraph svclcir. pip." Iln-s. lre
lines' und conduits, sower lines and
water lines, for the transmission and
transportation of gas, water, sewerage,
gurbugc. fuel, waste, freight and per
sons, and. lines for the transmission
nnd transportation of electric power,
water power, air power and other
forms of power. nnd. for any plants for
the manufacture ot any material for
public improvement purposes, puhllo
buildings, and for the construction, re
pairing and maintenance thereof, and,
shall have and exercise the right,
whether within or without the cor
porate limits of the city of tho city
of Tulsa, to manufacture make mine,
and produce any material (or public
Improvement purposes, nnd to barter
and exohungo ihe same for other ma
terlalf" bo used In public Improve
ment, within or without the corporato
limits of ssld City of Tulsa, and to
sell the same to other ritb for like,
purposes; and to lay. establish, build,
construct, operate und maintain any
publlo utility, public park, public plant,
public Improvement, public transmis
sion and transportation plant, pub
lic pumping statlona. miration plants,
dams, locations, water-ways, water
llncs, pipe lines, sewer lines, power
lln. s. telegraph lines, tel. phone lines,
electric lines, automatic uiii wlrel.ss,
and tranaiul-wl m ar.d ' rjniporiat'on
systems. le-m'na'e, bul'.llltgs Sta
llone, connections nnd crotrlngs,
and the aild Lily of Tulsi thall
have, tho rlg.it to engwo In any
business or enterprise which may
bo engaged in ny a perron, firm
or curporatlm hv 'iue of a
franchise from said City o( Tulsai
and. (or nil such purposes aa herein
provided shall hive and exercise tho
right of eminent domain. whether
wlihin or wllhotrt the . ot porato limits
ol tha city o( Tiila, and. In order to
raise means to carry out the same
ahall have thn power to lisuo and
sell bonds In manner and form pro
vided by law, bearing Interest not to
m est tier centum cer annum.
maturing In Twenty-F ve (21) years,
and redeemable at will In not less than
Ten (10) years' und. whenever any
such public Improvements shall havo
been constructed by means derived
from tho sale of bonds aa abovo pro
vlded, It ahall be the duly of Ihe Clly
of Tulsa lo IU the ratea charged (or
services to the public as near aa prac
ticable mi aa to pay the Interest, and
not Has than Three per cen'uin (3)
per annum on the principal of such
bonds, In excess of ihe expenses of
maintenance and operation ut uch
public utl'ity," t ,, ,
J 'The t'lly of Tulsa shall have tha
right and power In sell translsr und
eUauoio of uav property ucuulred by
ssld City of "fula forfubllo utility
purposes. In manner and form as pro
vided by law. and provided further,
that said City ot T'llat shall exercise
police Jurisdiction over all lunds or
prorty purchsst'd, controlled or con
demned by It, outside of eald City
limits, tn the snme extent, and In the
same manner as It exercises Juris
diction oter lands within said City
3. "Tho City of Tulsa shall have the
right to acquire real estate for sites
and rlghta of way (or publlo utility
and publlo park purposes, within or
wiihout Ihe lorpyrate limit of tho
City nf Tulsa, by t'urchase, donation,
bequest, lease, rental, and condemna
tion proceedings, provided, the con
demnation of em h properly shall 1
regulated In all respects as provided by
law for the condrn.imllon of properly
for railroad .purposes. All nets nnd
parts of ants of the Charter nf the
Clly of Tulsa, and the ordinance en
acted therumler, In rnntllit with the
Provision of Ihls niiiemlment. are
hereby repealed and annulled."
TIIIHD. That the Clmiter ( Ihe City
of Tulsa shall be amended by adding
thereto an article to be known and d-elg
naied as "Article XII Water Commission "
That said Article XII shall be In wolds
and figures aa follows, tn-wll:
SUCTION I. There Is helebv creale.1
a "WATI.lt COMMHHION" consisting
of five. (M qualified electors ot tho
city ot Tulsa, whoeo tight, imwers
and duties shall bo as herein pro
vide.. SUCTION 2. The "WAT Kit e'O.M.MIH
SION herein mentioned shall consist of
Five (6) members one of whom shall
Alli: ( OMMIKMION'UI provided (or
In lh Charter who shell be ex-offlrlo
chairman ami member nf eatit
(4) other members wh.l shall he elected
and servo ii term of Four (I) years
from and after election, except as
herein provided
SI'.i'TlnN . The qualification of a
tnnmber of such "WATF.lt COMMIS
SION" shall ho that such member l
an sciumI hona-flde resident nf tho
city o( Tulsa, a qualified elector and
free-holder theteof.
SUCTION 4. Immediately upon tho
adoption ot this amendment l.t llu
Chattel of the Clly ot Tulaa by the
qualified clectora thereof, and Ita ap
proval b) the riovernor of tho Slnto
of iiklohoma. the Mayor nf the City
of Tulsa shall nominate, and the Com
Inlssloner confirm, Four (I) qunlltled
ele. tors poss-sslng Ihe qualifications
provided In this amendment, who to
gether with the "WATIIItWOItKH
and si:wi:itA(ii: commishioniiii"
ot n.nld City, shall constitute and bo
nnd. tho said Four tl) members, when
so nominated and confirmed, shall
hold office until the election and quali
fication ut their successors.
SUCTION S. At tho regular city
Illectlon of tho '.'lly of Tulsa on tho
First Tuesday In April, 1922, there
shall be elected Four (4) (ree-holders
nnd qualified elector of said City of
Tulsa mm lii.'ltib.TS of aald "V A'l Mil
COMMISSION" whose term of offlco
shall be hs follows. Two 12) members
for Two (2) years, and Two (2) mem
hers for Four (4) years, and biennially
thereafter there shall be dieted Two
(2) members (or a term of Four (4)
SUCTION 6 In the event nf a vacancy
In said "WATKIl ''Oil Ml-O''o S" by
reason of the death, resignation
or removal of any memlur there,
ot. the Ma or und Comi.iUci.in
i era of tho City of Tulsa shall
1 fill such vacancy by appointment
and confirmation; provided such ap
pointment nnd confirmation shall only
ho until the next Oeneral City Hlectlon,
at which time rucli vacancy, If any,
shall be filled by election for such
unexpired term In tho sanio manner
prnvldlng for the election of members
of said "WATmt COMMISSION."
SUCTION 7. I.xrept ua otherwise pro
vided herein, the memhera of slid
"WATHll COMMISSION" ahall be
nominated and dented as provided by
the laws of the State of Oklahoma nnd
tho Charter and Ordlnancea of the
Clly ot Tulsa, and, the first Primary
lllectlnn and ltegular Illcctlon here
under shall tt held In the near 1923
at thn same time, place and manner
as the (irncral City Primary Klectlon
and ltegular Hlectton (or Odlcers of
Hie Cltv of Tulsa, and biennially there-
after there shall bo elected In the
same manner, inembera ot said
"WATKIl COMMISSION" aa provided
SUCTION . At any Trlmary lllectlon
herein provided (or, any candidal (or
a member n( the "WATHll COMMIS
SION" may have his name placed
upon the primary ballot by filing with
the City Auditor lit least Ten (10)
day before said Primary Klectlon. his
request lo he placed upon said ballot;
provided, said request must be accom
panied by ft petition directed to said
candidal and signed by not less than
One Hundred (100) qualified voters of
aald City of Tulsa requesting that he
become n candidate, nnd, provided
further, that at any Primary Illcctlon
and (leneral Flection held hereunder,
ruch Primary ballot and such (leneral
Klectlon ballot shall designate tho
term for which such petitioner Is a
candidate; and, provided further, that
audi request filed with tho City Audi
tor shall designate the term for which
tho petitioner Is a candidate, provided
further, that In the event less than
Two (3) candidates shall file their
request and petition to bo placed upon
the primary Klectlon Ticket as here.
In provided, the newly elected nnd
qualified Mayor and Commissioners Im
mediately after being Inducted Into
office shall nominate and confirm a
free-holder nnd qualified elector as
herein provided, to fill any varancy In
any cause whatsoever.
SKCTION 9. It shall be Ihe duly nf
Ihe Clly Auditor to prepare a separate
Primary Hullot and Oeneral Klectlon
hailot for Ihe election of membera ot
arrango the numea nf the candidates
for each term aa member of tho
betical order without any designation,
Insignia or device of any kind or char-act-
r. political or otherwise, except
that raid ballot shall bo headed by
tho words-
and thereunder the words
and thereunder the words
as shall apply, nnd all builds cast
(or members of thn "WATKIl COM
MISSION" ahall be deposited In sep
mate ballot boxes.
SKCTION 10 At any Primary Klec
tlon held hereunder, except no herein
provided, eaoli voter shall be entitled
to vote (or uot more than Two (3)
candidate for th Four (4) year
term, provided that In the event of
an election lo fill a vacancy, each
voter shall bo entitled to vole (or no'
more thun One (I) candidate for each
vacancy to he filled, and Hi" Knur ( ijff
candtdatca receiving the highest num
ber of votes for the Four (4) year
term, and the Two (3) candidates re
ceiving tho highest number of votra
(or each vacancy. If any. shall bn
deemed homlns ted. ami their names
place.L upon Ihe separate ' WATKIl
lar City Klectlon as herein provided.
Nn candidate for a member of the
"WATKIl COMMISSION" shall be en
titled tn hsv his nam placed upon
th ltegular Klectlon "Water Commls
nlon" Hallut unless he shull have been
nominated In the Primary Klectlon us
herein provided
SKCTION 11. It shall he the duty of
the officers charged with the duly of
fixing the voting plaeea In tho Clly
of Tulsa for Clly Primary Klectlnns
and City ltegular Hlcctlnna. lo. In Ilka
manner, fix Ihe me voting place for
held hereunder.
MISSION" herein shall havo and oxer
else full, complete and exclusive
rights, powers, and duties In the doing
and performing of al and every uf
the things In be done and performed
In the construction, operation and
maintenance of the water system or
aysten.s of Iho City ot Tulsn. and, thn
urqulrlng of real estate by purchase,
condemnation proceedings, donation,
bequest, lease, or other legal method
ot acquisition necessary and proper
tor the construction, operation ami
maintenance nf such water system or
ys'ema provided that In all mailers
requiring action at law on th part
nf th City ot Tulas, such action at
law dial be instituted, prosecuted,
and carried on In tin name of the
Clly of Tulsa by l's oftloefs as by
law provide 1
MISSION" eii-.ll have tho uvwer t
appoint and employ Supeilntendenis,
.Mansgi'r. Kngineeis n e. retary, ami
such other employees as may be re
lulled in thi die. harge of their rights,
power, and dilles "s herein defined,
and neiessnry and incident thereto ntnl
may ri i in-tr .-imipensalloti, time, and
manner of payment and tnak pro
tllnns therefor. '
SUCTION II Tho member of thn
'WATKIl COMMISSION"' as herein
pr.n iitcd, excepi tho ex-otftdo member
of such "WATKIl COMMIsniON."
shall each retell for their setilte
ss member nf the "WATMIt COMMIK
flii.N" th sum of Onn till. 00) Dollar
per annum, and their artual expenses
Incurred In the performance ot their
dull a members of th "WATKIl
COMMISSION", provldect. further,
tltt the ex off I. It member of th
"WATKIl COMMISSION" hll receive
his acual expense In th performance
of dull" as member of aiich "WATKIl
SION" ahall have sower In tx-eure
office (or iich ' WATKIl COMMIS
SION" and provide tor .the equipment
nd malnieiianc therexif.
SKCTION 16 Mmbr of the
" TKIl COMMISSION," whether ap
pointive or. elective, shall be subject
to th proMslnn of Article. Ten (III)
( the Charier of the City of Tiel
deelgnaled a "Itecall ot Klrcllie Of
ficers," and shall h subject tn r.all
In the earn manner under tho am
condition and up. n thn same terms
a therein provided.
SUCTION 17 All money received by.
for .ei Tt.l on ncc-oiint of th woter d.
partment ati.l water systems of tn
cit nf Tulsa from any anil all
source mav b used by the "WATKIl
COMMISSION" for the purpose herein
defined, provided, that money derived
front Ihe ale of horuls shall W used
only for Iho purpose (or which said
lunula wer authorised; and, provided
further, that all expenditures ot th
"WATKIl COMMISSION" ahull be paid
only from moneys icedied by, tor ami
tin airoont of the walci department
hi! water B)slem ut the City of
SKCTION IS. All mjiin recclve.1 l.y,
for, and on nccuunl of the water s-ti-lo
or si-lems of the t'lt of Tulsa
shall b" deposited with Ihe city of
Tulsa the same aa other funds be
longing tn said till!
SKCTION 19. No money ahull he
pended or paid out for any purpose
whatsoever (or and on account of th
walcr system of the City of Tulsa
except upon liemlted statement pre.
sented to and approved by Iho
lar meeting thereof, and ihe same
approved by the chairman and attests,
by the Secretary of the "WATKIl
COMMISSION;" and, when filed with
the Clly Auditor, the Clly Auditor
shall Issiio cluck or warrant for tho
MISSION" shall hold such regular and
pedal meetings s may he fixed by
me "oAii.ii i ii.ii.il inniti.N" provi.ici
that said "WATKlt COMMISSION"
must hold not less than on regular
meeting i-a.h month, and Threp e.t)
members ot such "WATKlt COMMIS
SION" shall consilium quorum for
Ihe trans. Hon of business, and, pro
vided (urther. no official action nf iho
"WATKlt COMMISSION" shall hn
valid and binding unless such official
action shall hale retelved the affirm
ative voh tit a maturity of th mem
bers of the "WATKIl COMMISSION,"
and no member of tho "WATKIl
COMMISSION ' shall be entitled tn
vote unless present in person and vot
ing at tho lime such official action la
voted upon,
MISSION" shall make detailed report
to the Mayor and llourd of Comrnla
aloner through tho office of tho City
Auditor on or before tho 10th of each
month, of their doings for tho prior
SION" shall mnko and flln with the
City Auditor of the City, of Tulsa on
or before the first day u'f July nf each
year, a (nil and complet Inventory In
detail, of all property, real and per
sonal, owned, leased, occupied or used
bv or for th Water Department and
Water Systems of tho Clly of Tiila.
SKCTION 21. The member of th
"WATKlt COMMISSION" shall at Ih
tlmo of their qualifying a member
thereof, filet with thn City Auditor of
the Clly ot Tulsa a surety bond In th
sum nf Twenty-Five Thousand
(126,000.00) Dollara conditioned upon
the faithful performance or the duties
us mcmberaiuf such "WATKIl COM
MISSION." SKCTION 21. All acts or parts nt
acta In conflict with tlm provisions nf
this amendment ate hereby repealed.
Tho ballots voted at aald c-1-.cllun shall
under each of tho thren separate proposi
tions contain the words "shall It be adopt
ed" under which will b the words "Yes"
and "No" with a square opposite each of
said words
Those desiring o vol to adopt either
proposed amendment will place an "X
In thn Knui.ru nlinoslto tho word "Yen '
I under such proposed amendment. Those
desiring to vote to reject eiiner propose..
amendment will plac an "X" In the
square oppoalte Ihe word "No," under such
proposed amendment. Kach of the said
proposed amendments shall bt voted on
separately In tho manner above act forth.
That the election district or precincts for
aald election ahall bo us follows
, Prcrlnrt .No I Ileglnnlng at 'h" intr-
section of Second and Main Streets, thenre
Knst on Second Street to th M. K. & T.
Hallway, ihenc Westerly along ,lh. M.
I K. & T. Hallway to Mali) Street, thenco
South on Main Street tu the place of be-
ginning. Norih along Ihe Mtdhend Valiy imnway
I'mniif' No 2 Ileglnnlng ut the inter. , fifteenth Street. Ilia place of begin
section nf Main Street and Frisco Hallway, ping.
and M In Street, thenco North on Main, precinct No 23- Ileglnnlng at tho In
Street to Ihe M. K. A T. Hallway, thenco tnraoe Hon of Ihe I'rlsoo Hallway and the
Wosterly along th M. K. T. Hallway j, j; & q-. Hallway tracks, thenco North
to the center line of Maybell Avenue; PHster! along the I'rls'n Hallway ttark
thenco South on Maybell Avenue to Ilrady tu IVhiI Avenue, thence North on Pearl
Street; thenco Knst oti Hrady Street to Avenue to Commerce Street, thence Wesi
Kawton; thence South on I.awton tu the t'omtueree Street to tho alley between
Frisco Hallway, thence Kaslrrly along niociia Two and Nine In l'olrvlew Second
Ihe Frisco Knllway lo Iho place of be-1 Addition, thence South along said alley
ginning. .to Haske I stieri, theme West on llnskell
rrecmct .no. j. li'ginning ni me imn- t nifMi t the West line or Wkldmore aciui
section nf the Frisco Hallway and Main u,m ,tlriie South along the Wist linn
Street; thence South, rat along said Frisco r Skldm.ire. A, hill ion in Huston Street,
Hallway lo the Intersection nf Second Hienie Host on Huston street lo Lansing
Street; thence Host on Second Stroet to Avenue, thence on Ionising Avenue I" Ih
Frisco Avenue, thenco South on Frisco North line of llloek 3. In Sloan Addition;
Avenue to Third Street; thenco Kast on thence West tilting the North line of said
Third Street to Main Street, thence North niock 3; thence South along tin- West line
an Main Street to tha pluuo of beginning f a 1 .1 HI nek 3; thenco Kast
Precinct No. I All of that territory b'-, along the Smith line of sal.' llloek 3 to
tween Second and Sixth streets and Im- i.anslng Avenue, thenc South along Kan
tweet. Main Street and Ihe Midland Valley alng Avenue to thn Osagn Cherokee line,
Hallway. thence West along aald Osage-Cherokee
lireeloet No. S; All that territory be- I tine tn tef rtt.t i.t uHv line .if Midland
tween Sixth and Kleventh streets and b-
tween Main anil ino .Miuiar.n vai.ey nan-
Precinct No. C- All that terrllnry be
tween Third and Seventh Streets and be
tween .Main Street and Denver Avenue.
Prednct Nn. 7 Hi-glnnlng at the Inter
section o( Denver Avenue und Third Street;
thenre West on Third Street to Frisco
Avenue, thence North on Frlsro Avenue
to Second Stret, thence West on Second
Street tn the Frisco Hallway, thence South
along the Frts. u Hallway to Seventh
Slled; thence Kast on Seventh llreet to
Denver Avenue, thenco North on Denver
Avenue to ihe plan, nf he ginning.
Preclii. I No h Ileglnnlng at the Inter
section of I.uivton and First Streets; thenc
North on l.awtoo to Ilia lv Sired, thence
West on Ilrady Slreel to Maybell Avenue;
il,a-u M..r.li on Msvl.ell Av.-nU' lo til
M. K. A T Hallway. Ihenc Westerly along)
said Hallway to the westerly i ny iimus
nf the city of Tulsa, thence South to the
South line nt New Irving Place Addition,
themo Kasi along the Snulli line flf New
Irving Pinee, Arlington Heights and
Hunker Hill Additions to I'nlon Avenue,
thence South on Fnin Aveuu tn the
Hem til line of overlook Park Addition,
thence Knst mi the South linn of Overlook
Park Addition t. Itose.lalo Avenue. Ounce
North on llose.iale Avenu to First Sired,
thenoe Kast on rltit Mreet it) i.awton
Avenun. the iilaco of beginning.
Precinct No. 9r Ileglnnlng at the Inter
aectlon uf ih M. K A. T. Hallway and
Main Street, theme Norih on Main Slieet
lo Orlando Stiset to Cheyenne Avenue,
thence Nor'h on Cheyenne Avenun to pin
Street, thence Wist on Pine Street o
Oaug Avenue, theme South nil Osagn
Avenue to Duluth Street, thence South
easterly or. Klwuod Avenue n. the M. K.
T. right of way. thence Masterly along
th M K ( T. right ot way lu the point
of ht'Kltinii.t.
Preclmt No. '0- Ileglnnlng at the. lntr
eetloh of Ihe M. K & T. Hallway and
Main Street, thence North on Main street
lo Orland street, thenc Kast on Orlando
Street to ilnstun Avenue, thence South nn
notion Avenue to the North line of
Schlegala subdivision then. Kast to th j city llmlis theme east on North Itn
Kast line of Si htegals Subdivision, thencof Clly limit to flnnton Avenue, ihenc
Mr.o.h i.. Marshall Streel. then. Kast on I South on (lor. ton Avenue to Federal Str-el.
Marshall -ctreel lo cm. Innatl Avenue;
Ihence South on Cincinnati Avenue to
Lowell Streel Mienc Kasl on Lowell Sired
lo Delri i' i.Miss.tirl Avenuei. Du nce
South on I'e.r .1 Avenu tn King Street.
thence Kasi along Hie South line of I. in
coin Park i!Ue m 1:1 Frankfort (Huihj
Avenue iit-ii' e I' uih on i'ranltfort Avenue
lei Haskell ' "hence West on llasknli
Street to 1.1 g 11 Avcn is III nee South on
);lgln Avenue ta Iho M K T Hallway,
Iheni ! Wesl'r al ng sal l si iv ft i
jtai way t Hie piaeo f beg lining
I'rcr.ij'ct No Ucglbnlnc il Iho In
terseellon nf Ihe Frisco and Ihe M. It.
T Hallway tracks ilien.e Nort)iatrly
along th lrl.o ltir."v track tn IVnrl
Avenue, thence Nnttn on l'arl Aienite !
Noble Street, thence eat on Noble Street
lo t'tlca Acenoe, theme South on I'tlr
Avenue to Se.'on.l Sir-'. Iheoee West in
Se. ond Stteel lo th. M It. A T. Ilnllroad,
thence Not thweslet Iv alootf Ihe M. K.
T Ilslluni to point ot beginning. '
Pterin, t No. 12 Ileglnnlng al Ih In
tci sect Inn ot Se. und Sited atlil III Mid
land Valley Hallway, tliaur Knst along
Second Street to I'earl Avenue, them'
South on Pearl Avenue lo Klghth Street,
Iheme West oir Klghth Street In Md(on
Avenue, thstris Norih on Madison Avenue
to Klghth Strel, th.nce West mi High Hi
Slieet tn the Ml, linn, I Valley Hallway,
them Notih along nal.l Hallway tn hoc
ond Street, Ih plane of ImgltiniMg
Precinct No II Ileglnnlng at th In
tersetlh.n of Ulghth Sited. and Ih Mid
land Valley Hallway, thllne ;sl nit
Highlit Stieel tu Madison Avenue, them
Souih on Madison Avenue to Klghth
Stre. t theme Kssl on Klghth Slreel In
tPenrl) l'oil Avenue, thence North on
Pe..r.v Avenue to Seventh Streel, thence
Last on Seventh Street to Trenton Avenue,
thence South on Trenton Ave-nun to
Kleventh Street, them Kent on ICIeventh
Htlret to Alley Kast of Trenton venue,
thence south along said lly In Ihe Sooth
line of latt S. Ill,,, k 7, likvl Addition,
then. Kt to Truest Avenue; thsnca
Norih on Troosl Avenu In Thirteenth
Street, thfin Kast on Thirteenth HI i eel
lo ITIIca, fihenie Mouth on rilcu Avenue
In Fifteenth Slreel. I In u. .. Kast on Fif
teenth Street to Vlulor venue, tlienc Smith
mi Victor Avenue lo Huena Viet a Pis,.-;
, thenc F.at mi Huena Vista Plsi to th
I KM line of n,twooii Plan. Addition;
Ihenoe South lo Nineteenth ir et , th-me
West on Mnele.ni , sumet in I'tica Ave
nue. ihenc s,.iiih on Ctl.a Atatiu lo
Twenty-first Slrtvel, Ihenc West on
Twenty Flint Stteel to th. Knst line of
WoniUnl Prk, thence duo South on the
hnsl line of Wi.ii.tard Park lo the South
!'."".,"' W"d ltd Prk, thenc wt on
the South line of W.mdatd Park lit Peoria
ll'oil) Avonue then... Ncrlh on P"..ila
I Avenue to Firieetilli Htleel; thence West
on I'llleenlh Street In the Mldlnn,! Vnll.v
llallwav, ll. . ni e North nlong sal, I Ml, I
I land Vlley Hallway to the point of begin
nlng. Precinct No II All that territory lying
1 Hnsl of Main Street. South of Klclclllh
-.rcci, .uni i u .n ririeenin Slreel and
West nf Ih .Midland Valley Hallway.
Precinct No it Ileglnnlng at the cor
tier of Seventh and Main siree' . Ihenc.
Snlllh oil Malll Slreel tn I'lfleentll Stteel,
thenc Wist on Fifteenth litrnni lo perry,
man Avenue, theme North oil Ferryman
Avenue In Fourteenth Slreel, thenc. Wet
on Fourteenth Str.et to Denver Avenue
thenc.' Notth on Denver Avenue In Sev
enth Mtr.it. ihen.n Host on Seventh Sited
tu Main street, th pUi of beginning
Pwelnct No 16. Ileglnnlng nt the I ti -lersectlon
of Seventh streel and Denver
Avenue, thetnl.i Hott.li .... n.i,.-.
j lo Fourteenth street, thenc Kant on Fniir
, teenih stiret lo Perrytnau Avenue, ihenc
.Soiiili'on I'eiryn.iiii Avenue In Fifteenth
Street1; thine West on Fifteenth Street
lo the Arkansas lllver. Ihtllle Northwest
I crly along the Arkansas lllver to the
l risco ltalllva. Ilieii. o along snld Frisco
Hallway lo hevenlh Slreel, thenco Hast
nlong Seventh Slieet to Ihe plac .If be
ginning. Pretlni t No 17 Herinnlng at the. In
tersection of ((lusher) t'nlon Avenue n,l
Iho Arkansas lllver. il.enco Southwesterly
along thn Arkansas lllver to the Kast Clly
i tlmlis line ot West Tiilsa, thence South
siting rani r;nst rny umiis un to (Texan
Avenue) Twenty-llfih Street, thence West
on Twenty-llflh street to th" Knst line
of Howard Park, Ihenre South along tha
Hast lino of Howard Park to tho South
lino of Howard Park, thence West along
the South line or Howard Park to thn
West line of Howard Park, thenco North
to the North line of Howard Park, .thenco
till Kast In the West linn of Herllou II,
Township 19 Norih. Hnnge 12 Kast. thenco
due Notth along said West line and along
I'nlnii ((lusher) Avenun to tha place o(
beginning, but enluiUng theretrom nil
trnrts that are not within the city llhilt
Precinct No It Ileglnnlng at the Inter
section nf Flllcer.Hl Street ami Iho .Mid
land Valley Hallway, Ihenc South along
said Midland Valley Hallway la Woodanl
tloulevard. theme South along the Knst
lino of lllversldn Drlvn Addition In the
South Clly lliulls u( Tulsa .Ihenen du
West to thn Arkansas lllver, thenco
Northwesterly along thn Arkansas lllver to
r met run street, thenco i.ust on riiieenin
Street to the place ot beginning.
Precinct No. 19 All Ihat territory ba
lvee.il Second nnd Seventh Street and bo
te cen Pearl and L'ttcu Avenue.
, Precinct No. 20: All' that terrllnry
lying West ut I.awton Avenue and th
Frisco naiiwuy. south or First titreet ami
North nf the Arkansas lllver. within the
clly limits.
Precinct No. 21: Ileglnnlng at Hie in
tersection of Lewis Avenu and First
Street; thence South on Lewis Avenue to
the M. K ee T. Hallway, thenco Southeast
erly along said il K .V T. Hallway tn
Thirteenth tllnosevelt) Sties'; thence Knst
on Thlrleenth Street to (Irani, thiic
North on Orant to K evenMi Stteel; I hence
Kast on Kleventh Street to Nicholson
Avenun, thenco North on Nicholson Avenu
. kikIHIi Slitet. thence Hast on Highlit
Hired to North Avenue, theme Norm on
ts'orih Avenu lo tho clly llmlla, tlienc
west nlong said city llmlla In Kerr Avr-
; thence North nlong suld Kerr Ave-
IIUfl 0 First I (lodge) extended, thence
West along First Street, exleniled, to
i,W, Avenue, the pinto nf beginning,
Precinct No. 22- Ileglnnlng nt lb In-
lersectlon ot the Midland Volley Hallway
( KKlcnlh street, thenc Kast on I'll-
i cm ill Street to Pearl Avenue, thence
houIIi im Pearl Avenue to Twenty-third
street Aheine West on Twenty-third Street
. the Mldlai.il Valley Hallway, thenco
valley Hallway, theme North along enld
West linn of said right of way to Haskell
Street: thence Wet on Haskell street
lo Klgln Avenue, thutice South on Klgln
Avenue to M . K. & T Hallway traoks,
theme Southeasterly along M, K. tc T.
Hallway tra. ka to point r beginning
Precinct Nn 21: lleglnhltiK at Hie In-
lersectlon of See nnd Street and I'tlo
Avenue' thence Smith on File Avenue und
thn Kxtensli.il thereof u. I'lfieenlll ritreet,
Ihetirn Kust on I'lfieenlll Street to Vli lor
Avenue, theme South on Victor Avenue to
the Souih line n( llimgalow Court Addi
tion; thence Must alung the Souih line of
said lluniulnw Court Vilitlllnu to lb West
line of Msywoo.l Addition, thence. South
along the West line of Mayw I Addition
to Huena Vista (SnvMiteent i, ) Place,
thence Kast nn Huena Vlsts to Lewis
Avenue, then'. North on Lewis Avenue In
Seventeenth Street, then'.- West on l'Wla
Avenue lo Seventeenth Street tn tile Kasl
line of llloek I. Maywood Addition, thenre
due North (3'J (eel, thence due Knst 326
fact, thnce due North J90 leet to Fif
teenth Street, thenc due Kast 663 feet to
Lewis Avenue, theme Norih uu Lewis
Avenue lo Ihe M. II. ft T. Hallway. Iheme
Northw eeii rl along ld railway to
Kiev cuiii Street, tlienc n Kast on Hleventh
Sired lo Lewis Avenue, thenr Norih on
Lewi Avenue to Second Sireee. thence
West nn Second Sired lu L'tlca Avenue,
the place ot beginning
Precinct No 26 Ileglnnlng al the Inter
section of Se.oi.d Street ami Ctteec Avenue;
Ihence Nonh on Uiba Avenue to South
right of way Un of I'risc, Hallway, 'hence
Northeasterly along ld Irlghl nf way to
th North Un of the Clly 110, lis. ilisnce
Kast along Norlli line nf city limits to
llie alley In llloek 1. Ohio Place; ihenre
South along said alley to (llenn Street,
thence Ksst on Cllenri Street 'Center
Avenue, thenco South on Center Avenue
In An her sued, theme Knst on Archer
Street to (. I eland Street, then. North on
Cleland Street to nienn Street. Ihence Kasl
on (llenn Street to Midiy Street, thenre
North on MiCoy street 226 feet, thence
dun Wed 660 feet to ('Island Street, tlisnce
i North on CleUhd Street to North lln uf
thence West on Federal Streel lo Lewi
Avenue, thence South on L.wls Avenue to
! Second sire.i n.eme West on Semnd
' street to poln' of beginning
Pre. Inc. No 24 lleg'nnlng at tie in
terse 'Ion of the M K. A '' llsi wa 0
Klwood hence Norili.nn Klwood to tg
- reek iheni e West al ing s.ud 1 "
f reek .in 1 Ihe We.it 11 ...is .
, along ssld West ( ity lli ii's to ) M
K 4 T lltlljwuy, Ih' ' e I list a' UK said
Hallway In the pls-e t f r gl n'ug
Tho voting pli-cs in a i e( r tl Pre
clncts ut Vulliu' Distil J, locethvr uh
the 1'ie.lnct Klectlon floatd who ahall
tntiiiuet said election are a follow, lo-
H i
I'redn. t Nn. It Voting Plane, 211 fisst
First street lnT"clor II. If Hopkins.
Judge I, H Wov.ls; Clrk. Loill Jamba.
Phi Ho I No. ! Voting Place, Cnnvell
ti.m Hull Itraity and Hnul.ter. lnspe. Inr.
Hv WaJlvlev. .llldg Ii II. II, Rlrtk J.
W i iini inghrtitl.
Preeltu i No 3: Voting plac. Central
Fue St ..I i.m West Seci.ml Street, lnsi.ee
Im II !' Ilnwtfuni Judge D. I'ox; Clerk.
.1 II ll.lrnett.
Pre. I ni i No I: Voting plac. Old High
S.hnnl Pull.llng, Fourth and lliwtnn. In
spector K.I K.ngani .liidg W A. Mr-Dor-tnt.li
clerk. M. c. Snradllnr -s
Pre. In. t No I. Voting place, Oarnge,
corner sixth end Main, Inspector. W (I.
Wiilianinn. Judgs. Fred T Hill, Clerk,
John Ward
I'redn. t No. 6' Voting place. Court
1 1 nil. Aeor' Office, Inspector (1 (I
Averv, Judge, W. A O'Hrlen. Clerk. II
N li.etv
lTerln. t N 7 Veiling plne. Plymouth
Drug t'omiuii.i 614 West Fifth, Inspector,
John W Wnndard. Judge lleurv llisn.l
tier, cietk, W II. l.etifesiy.
Pre. In. I No It Voting Flare Irving
School. Park and Maybell Avenue. In
s inn In r .1 C Con I so ni Judge. Howard
Price. Cletk. Ii It SlllimvvnV
1'te.lnel N.i. 9 Voting piece.
Sihoi.l. Fast Falrvlew; Inspector.
Wynn. Jinlge, Im tlrey, Clerk,
I'tecitn t Nn. 10: Veiling place
i- W.
Sid Fit elation. Notth Main Slreel, In
pitifot. .1 I,. Shallghl.eeey, Judge, C. C
Thompson. Cletk. ( S llonlh
Precinct No. It' Voting lilac Washing
Inn Soln.nl. Ilockfnrd ninl Hodge, lnspc
tor. W I.. Dellrrry, Jiitlgti John Smith,
terk, Tom Union.
Preclnet Nn II Veiling place, I la pi si Is
I'lre Station. Inspector, J William. Judge
J D. Sinlih, Cletk, William tjuerry.
pre met No 13 Voting place Lincoln
School, I'lfleentll nnd Peoria, ti.potor,
S W Mile hell. Judge, P I.. Kley, Clerk,
M. Welch
Pre. In. t No.
Melin School,
II Voting place. II,, ism
Kleventh nnd Huston, ill
Oatlagher, Judge, tl K
,1 Ii. Sha(er.
16' Votllia nine. Sldrs
speelor, K M
l.lnlon. i lcru.
Pre. (net No
Monument. South Main, Inspector "
Wilder, .luil IT. Hnti'irilph House, lletu.
W (I llroeklnati
Precinct No. 16' voting plan, lllver
view S.hnnl, Twelfth and I risen, Insliec
tor, ,1 I" Itarnell; Judge, Lawrence Man
ii gin. Clerk M. 11, .Darlington.
re.-lnct ceo. it voting louni, i- est
Shin Fl-e Sinllon; liai.eeliir. Jack Sti'lth,
Judge, Fruiilc llatetesly Clerk, c. 0 Spill
reclnrt no. IV veiling place, rtouin
Sldn Fit Station, Klghteenth and Main,
ln.iiiMli.r. Fitivit II. mil. .iintge. j J. jnycei
I'l.rk Peler Delditnunn.
Pteclnct No. 19. Voting place, (Irnt
M I.. Church, Inspector. It l. i.aw,
Judge, c F. Kleser, Clerk, John Slmi.son,
Precinct No. 20 Voting place, 301 South
Mav hell. Fenton reldvni, Inspector. C.
K. Fenton. Judge, W. P. Mnupln, Clerk,
C. M Prllcliard
Precinct No. si veiling pine, ien.ian
Scinm!, Inspector, ( W Johnson. Judge
W. F lltown, Clerk. I". I). Prentiss.
PrMln.l No. 34 Voting place. Hubert
F l.ee school 'Ifwenlleth and Cincinnati ;
Inrpeetot. Mrs f A. tl. Thotnss. Judge,
IJitgar Marshall. Cletk. Klva Harrows
Precinct ino sj voting place, sirnt
ford Hold. '01 North (lreenwoo.1, Inspev.
tor Itlcliard Nelsoni Judge, K. I. Sadleri
Clerk. II. A linen
Precinct N. 2li Voting plr, (lurage,
117 South Wheeling, Inspector, John
ltnlne.il, Judge, D, W. qolnn; Clerk, C. C,
Precinct No. 31. Voting place, Whltulcr
H honl. 231 North Lewis, Inspector. Ira
fllljons; Judge, P. J. forced i Clerk, W. II,
"pierllict No. 16: Voting place, Heat
House, Owen Park; Inspector, Kd Cross
land, Judge, T. II. Ilaatlngj Clerk, C. J.
(liven under my hand and seat nf Ihe
City of Tulsn. OklisJioma. thi 26lh day
nt October, 1520. 1
city Au.iitur.
City Altorney.
Want Ads
-'.ui jii-
" lost anjii'oiinji j
LOST lieTiveii lllnllu 'rlifl"slr'anil"Uaiiip-
bell Music Drug slniej gold, bar pin
with solitaire diamond. Liberal reward.
I'll. Houlh Detroit.
t'.OST l.illen gold vvulrli' while shopping
down Inwn, nam engraved Insld.
II. Fanner. Flndsr pleas call 111 South
Peoria and receive reward.
LOST (Hay (ox tholtsr (uf. Plea'an re-
turn l'i.413 World Jlldc. Howard.
LOST -Pointer bird dug, color white with
temond coloicd ear. Phi ne ( K. Ward.
Cedar 696 or Oaago 7413-1 for' reward.
t.OST- On" Oi t. 3lh;' on " lh"re-elghlii
rarut blue. while diamond ring In mill
iliter sailing; llgernl reward. Flmlrr pleas
return to room 70l Dshlcl Hldg "i ..
LOST llfasse at M. "it. "T. lUpot TUes
day. J. A. Hiifor.l prli.ted Inside o(
ease. Itdtirit lo this office for reward.
WILL PAIITY who lost diamond Clrrle
pin pleas address box 6&0-A euro
Woild, and glvii amount of reward.
Used C;a
Two Mmmon ?"lPassinigeir
Osae 1917 )MMmon lto&dsta,
Tte 11911$ M&ffpOT Qtafflrainmys
Abovo MnrinoiM lire nil In first rlass
overhauled. Cull for ilciiiniiHtrutliiii,
l'rUc'H liiDK') 2,000 Uf.
1920. Hudson Hn.BilHter- f-vflfi
A btirBalii ::..'P-L),)UU
tCISO' Uiilok rontlhtor; S Iloyiil Cord
tires. B.Uiie iig
ires. Millie 'an V-l KKf)
l'JIS II. A. 1-. K
wheels and nuw
roiulHtur; wlro
l9tS H. A. U. 12 tourln'K; wlru
whanls; setilnl piilnt; Q1 OZ()
donblu tiro c'-iirrler ep i ,ejv
tJ20 6-iiiHMuiii;iir Jordan: 0?O AfC
miKhtly iimc.1 'P-J 1UW
1917 5-i;iiMoi)BiT Saxon; isent cov
ers ntnl (tood li'lZ,
rubber 'J ' 0
1920 Liberty ruridntor; r tires;
looks like.
1918 Velio 6-menKor, 5 i:od
tires and itood QSfn
W V w
1 701-3 S. Main St.
lilsr A, Ml I'Ot Ml 7
I.OMT Hold loir pin set with diamond
annum nw trd. Phone iisng nil
l. 1ST - While tlier . olored femal pointer
pup nleoilt lx month old, head and
ear, liver color, tip of noo whit
Answers to nam of (Jueen. Liberal re.
ware! to l returned lei 303 North May
hell or call (Mag 6617.
LOST (liinmstal ineli bag, opnlHlnlng II
In Mpei and handkeri hlet , iswanl,
tissue 6611.
T1IH PAIITY Ihot find my l.lll foldsr
with money and vuliiable tiapero it til ha
liberally tewarded If they return It la me,
J. A, Deeker. rail at 311 Sou Hi Denver,
or phono Osage Soft I,
STIIAYKIi ort STOI.KN.-Femsl.i alrdale
dog. 16 month old, color rin. black
and grlsttey with small while epnl on
breast; answer to natnn Texes Osegn
670 Call at II North Yorhlnw.. re
wer. I
1'IIISn'. HAST, llfti-Loet, elaric brown
shellahd pony Osage !.
LOST -Two" "flu pins, on "about " two
months ago, nn recently, with P. A S.
hospital liislgna. I 'lens, eall Ceelar 1676
l.t 1ST- One alreilale dog; I year old, an
wet lo name of Jerry; bras
rellar ami lhnoe lag. III. Ileturn
l Itensae tlly Market ml tecelfe re
weid. Osege TNI.
n n. 1
eleit liitlhllng and Hennetly re.isumni.
Iteliirn lo Wot Id office, VOry liberal- re
ivnrel, T'lllW", "K . Jed fatet. dalle brown shel-
Isnd peny osge S
S'ol'ND A.K'.nd place in do tny watch ei-d
Jewelry repairing si popular price
.lenlers. lilt South Main.
II work guaranteed on ear
THAYIlTi to"my"p1ae . "l mile mnihe'f
Tulna. on bay mare ami colt. Mr .1. W
IN lllil'LY lo perential nitd by UW.
Ileveiir for l'l Aalterg wile. slstr In
Minnie Smith. Sam may he lound ut
3211 Hnsl Hodge Si.. Tulaa Okln
SCHOOL HOY, age II, desires to make
his home will) good family. Ilrady
Hotel loom IBS.
P(i'PLAHPltlt'l! I'.JvPHKSS 't "if we
don't haul vimr Irimka hotli Ins
money. N, Tatiim, 2t W. first HI., Cellar
600 nor.
- -A homo for thn est and protection
of young women; rales reasonable: babies
a.iopieii. iir m. ii. recwmnii, menioai
director. 1647 W Malii. Oklahoma Cltv.
VANTV.I)--Ahsliy LetHeen ageii 4if it' nn
3 lesls to Iniaid ami rare (or In my
Icmte Osxg 3093.
AhK ANY POLIt'F.MAN In Tulsn to .If-
reel you lo Hi People's Trading Co
Jewelry store, wher )ou can buy dla
limn), watchea and Jewelry ut a groat
laving People' Trading Co., 307 Ho jth
PltlVATTlloSPlTAL. Maternity a spe IsT
ly. Strictly mndsrn and asnllary Ossce
7311. IIN Xn nlho..
UANliKli positively rurrti nn pay till
cured Delay Is Islsl Court llussel, 7ir
finrest Ave.. Tulsa
FA fTlM ONT .MATI'.ltNtTV IIOSinfAlT tor
eonflnement. private, price reasonable
may work for board, hablss adopted.
Wrlln (or booklet. Mrs. T. II. lailig, 4911
IS 27th Kansas Clly, Mn.
WANTKD'tO IIA"Hl!4.,srwVtir soma
one moving household goods from Webh
Clly or Jopllu Lplon Shunt Metala Works.
(MNCKIIB, tumors, goitre, imsc ilsinla.
Writs for testimonials, IIo 617, Dallas,
A liri'II IN VA'h COI.. T H. MaMlll. Phone
Cedar 6M Co; cd s r 696, 23 West First.
jll'ld 1.1 L NIITIt l. W
FOIt HAL1".---I,uiiipklns " for" ifallowseii
Ceillei-e Hill fa'lii. Phone 6I09-.I.
AUCTION s'ALK --Tneiday is I i p. 'tn.."at
1211 Admiral. 1 lot of high erado fur
nlture, T S Martin. Auctioneer, Fred
Liggett, Clerk.
OVKIII.AND. 1920 6-psssenger. good me
chsnlrst condition, good Hie. J extra
tires, will IbIis 1600 for quirk lr. C. (I
Anderson, 1200 South llta-lon. Ossgn 7900.
!ll!THOI I'. decirlcT double ilrlv j-passen-
ger UKe new, wollhlii olisliler gu car us
part payment. C, (I. Alidetaon, 1200 South
Iloslnn, Osage 7900.
Overland Fnur Inuring Car; In dandy con
.1 11 Ion 1 owner leaving city, A real bargain
at IU6. Inquire Klweivl apartment. Apt,
A, 401 West Seventh etreol,
I'ltKlll.ttSS Chummy roadster 1917 model;
good condition! I good Urea, Call Osagn
C3SS-J or 6190,, sk (or Hush,
1 ' ' 1 ; " 1
HANKLIN CIIHMMT Ol wire wheels
CIO South Huston, Al a linlaam.
t oriel litem ; rofRlntud mid thnrotiKhly
or stop In rim! limiioct those curs.
1918 Stuilobi'ikor 7-i:iMHeu-Bur;
ii wood Jltnny cur. . . .
1917 Cliandlor Chiiiiiiiiy; &
ovcirnlzo now tires
1918 Olilnmobllo 7-)iison- nAf)
or; In fine runnliiK order '?"VJ
1918 OlilHinobllo ro.-idstur;
ii diindy
1917 IJiilclt . D-ii,igengur;
ruuiioiialily i;ooil nibbur..
1917 DoiIkii r.-pHHeoiiytiir;
Kood' little car
1919 OoiIko Hpucdrrtur; beat
buy lu town
1917 7-jiiiKuiiBor Jor- (j 250
1919 Liberty roud- (j1 2e50
191C 7-pusnenKor OudlN 000
Phone Osage 5300
vriiMiiiiui i:s run aj.k
ONK-TON "truck (or nlet" or "trade for
IVrd iar or' Viuanl lot. Phune Cedar
J6. ,
foil SALK I'orei roadster. 1916, nw
renders, 2'1 Write. IS. II. Hatch, llox
176, Tiilley kln
roTtSAI.IC- tin Fnrd Inirk7 ln'grteid""enn.t
ellllnn,. can be seen at 416 North Marh
f"on SAI.K "foril ciife" "perfert con-
illtlon. 1126. OeMge 211, 711 South Chey
enne, FOR SALE '
one se'ven p.ineiitnr llutlson Supcr
Hlx Cnr Two new cord tires, four
other tires, nenrly new. I'alnt In
HXlni KfiiHl I'DiidUInn and rnr In fine,
nomlltliiii. Price 1,200, t'ltsli only,
If SI i hi rbilit HWHy. I'll'IMO OH.IRO
1SSK or writo I. O. Ilox: 1 Id.
FOIl SAl.lt Out) Csillltne rewdsteri 19
model, one Hudson speedster; 6 dlso
Wheel: practically new tiles; will sell at
iMitBoln; mud he en let be appreelaled,
Mason (Isrng. 617 South Houlder, Phono
Owge7IJI. ,
i'AiTts'Toli thi: Aimj
lllng gears, pinion gear, axel shafts.
l-eartngs, earhoralnr. generators, start
ers, magnetos, rodlalors, Dodre rear
lenders, new 11.10 Dodge parts new and
need sprlnns. fart for inmost any stand
ard mane cars.
112 West First
Itltl.IA III.I-: AtlTO SAI.VAtlH
foil SALH -one new Fnrdj tine-ton
Irnek. 1006 Souih Trenton. i
Foil SALH Automobile, Oaklamt Six!
risi.nal.e, in goid condition; good
tires, will lake cheap Ford delivery car
Ir, trails. Can see nt 211 W. Cameron noon
e.r after p. m.
1H6 FOIID roadster, first class condition.
Iniinlii. leaving city, Osage 2629 or on
West HUlh .
WANT Tl) THADIi- 1920 Waynes touring
car, dilvcn onn month; will consider
rash nr lime payment! clly properly or
yond note, for appointment Monday ad-
Iresa 616-A, euro worm. l
llOllOK IIOADHTKII, lale 19li flrat claes
reiii.Iltl.il , nveisite iiresi itou it sotn io-
ilay. Might muko sum., terms tn reapon
slide parly. I can mil in rnir.i.
11117 roilD 1 llllllireil. goou runu.na
i.t .In r , good ten and tire; bargatrv at
I960. 1014 Kasl Third.
Foil MALM 1930 Ford sedan, 160 ot ex
tra inn. osage , . .
Foil HAM! Kuril louring 1119 only run
60O miles, fine condition: can he seen
and demonstrated at Liberty (larags, i i
1916 NAfllf, 7-paainger, newly reflnl'shed.
narl.ict running order; pries 1100. Phono
Osage 6677-11. r
Mot6llH siiil generators" bought, sold aril
exchaiised, Klectrlo repir worK nr ev
sry deeertpllnn, Klectrlo Supply Co., 31 K.
Foil rill. phon Osage 606.
Foil HATTfT-Dodge delivery car anil Ford
tic ivory car. Kings Market, U is
"F(iTlt) IlOADS'fi:u"(or sale. 1110., Call
bS2 noiilll cuiiie,
1916 IIUICIC 7-passengnr Sedsn, gnoel tn
chanlcul cnmlltlnti, god tires. Cad Mr.
Anderson. Osage 7900j .
Hltiilelmker 17-4 Tourlnc.
Chiindler Chtimtny Uortdator,
Hulek Hlx Toilrlnir, IJ--15.
liuluU Kour TotirltiB.
Hulelt Kour Tourlni!, D-tB.
Ilulcl Hlx Xtoadatpr, cut down.
Ovcrliind Club llondatnr.
Ifiiihliui Hlx; TonrhiK,
1 Uiidxe, Winter Top, Complnto.
FOIt HALF, litnoy car, Rtildelisker. 21
North. Tn.ost. I.e. Ho Wsrd,
NKW OAKLAND C 1930 modal, now
selling l 11.400: this on nt 1760. guar-
arlced i-nnditliin. Ametlrsn Oarage, 721
South MslnCsll Davenport. Cedar 1712
"f6HD 'nilAfrnffill "(aral.i (Ins condP
lion, l.J . call usag 6617.
MlTCIIHI.I, touring car: will sell cheap;
.will lake u For. delivery or rotdater.
HOOD 6-passenger car; (Ine condition:
never been driven excetit by nrsssnt
owner; (or quick sale, 13.0. Stanhrough
Motor Co,, C20 Hast Third, or Osage 1979,
FOIl HAI.IV-Hy owner: Ford louring
cart (Hat class condition, Phono Oaaga
9113, or call at Mi South lilwood.
OH HALK 191'. Font lourlnrTlooko and
I tins Ilka new. good tires, chains, font
e,, cut out, brace and 16 lock. 1160 csnh.
Carl ti. Juliusou. Klefer, Okie., cere tallir
rem Li Tcruiii.Mi, isro mooai, wiin iuo
worth "f nt-i esfurles. has beon run less
I lion 3 060 miles mostly nn city paving
a pleasure car. 111 perfect conilltun
and InoLs aa good a new. Call Mr.
Ilrulon ut Y. M. C. A, after 6 p. in. It
not In, Uave phone number.
, ri I i Wv P 1.1 F.SA ND UKPA I HM II
yon SAM: Alt slrea good used and vul-
canixe.i urea. doiiio gouu rorii oixn
tires. 14. 31x4. 14 In 110. Vance Tiro
Co. 121 Mouth Houlder.
need of the setvlces of all expert auto
mechanic call or address Mechanic, 4 16 Ve
North Main, work guaranteed; right
jirleee; rease.nable. 1 1 1
Illcycla and run repair shop; work for
two men, good wago. will eqvertlseil: a
annp . ics-nt Cyclu Co,, 216 Court tit..
Muskogun, OKI
lull SAI.K llkiley Davidson niulnrcycle
new and seenndhann Cunningham
ilo lot. vile Co.. 1926 Ouanah St.. Wl
Tula. Okla. Phone Osagn 7936,
VA VI'i;ilAI TOloiHLlf' It
WANTKD (lood Ford sedsn- "Call 617
Mau llldg
j .1 1 i 1 1 f IJ ,lfS K K I 'J. f I ' L 2. J 6
FJllSi'O. K. 309 -One room for "house-
ke.plng, private ir'ltrj,i'c. closi In.
i iNK light housekeeping suite for adults.
SI I t'liii-ugu pun e
o.N K latge light housekeeping rooms;
tins in. modern usage V6-.
i'IIKYKNSK N, 611 Two extra "largo
south routu. sink, god furniture.
Mll'Y ii.siiaiile rooms, housekeeping oi
slcefilng use of piano. L'e.UrJllO.
THIHD K. 1142 Twq" "nicely turTilslied
'I.OIOB (of light housekeeping. Cedar
1166 '
Knit I IK NT-- Llglit housekeeping ani
l.'eping rooms. 319 South Detroit.
Osuge 7 VI
Foil IINS"r --Living" room; hcdroonT, din.
log room und kitchen, lights, Weil fur
nlslie'd, rdennoes and no children 630
North D.-nvt r
ONI, exlta large (urnlslled room with
kid ben pilvtlegsM (or congenlsl couplo
In pnvate home. Cell Osage e) -:i 0-H.
Foil HUNT-Tvii (urnlshe.1 rooms, good
water no ihlldrsn. Osage 263J.
IHHKK nicely f ut nl lie3 huuoekeeplng
in, ,iii wiin on or wo bedroom, close
in o nil Denver
lull .i. ,T 2-rnnm aparinwn' furnished
f. r gin I us . 'I'Mg on s md floor-
I rdcr ' ri o d wit' employe I, no chli.
limn, ail a V '3 ' uMi I'.n vr
J-olt 111 - Two in la ! uusekosplng
rpurtui' Tits ' m) urstai'4 an 1 oio down
-1 a. 1U6 fill S 10 I
TWO furnished loums. Hi Sautlx QinW-

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