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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 30, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 20

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E. 0. Lingo, County Chair
man, Counts Majority
in JRogistrutiou
Drop Former Load of fiOO
Vol oh; Lhiko Kxpecls liloc
tion of County Tickut
A compllntlnn of the registration
In TiiIkii oourity thli year Kites the
republican!! iipprmlm.iloly too nm
(rlty ov I 111" entire county, arc.iril
tng lo a Mnlcmcnt Imiiod from re
publican headquarters Friday.
Thl statement bused upon tlm
results of llio two registration
peril. ds. ono preceding tlm prlitmiVi
and the other whlth closed ti ftY
dnys ago.
Itcnililli3iiis SImiw Mg lial'i.
Thi' pro-primary rrglHlr.ton
howedi n majority nf npproxlticiti'ly
f.Ou for tlio dumocrat, t gnat part
ol'whlih wnn In tlio tuiul pt.iiiul.i
To offset Ilili. tin1 piB elMeb'ii regis
tration porl d which Hovd (blober"
?I! ri'MtiU-(l In H ropiibl i an ni.t)iill
of about ,;00.
Subducting 500 to offset llie Jfti
ociotlr, majority In thr beforn'fcrl
mnry lefilnrnilon, then Is ;i icpiinlU
.nn nwtjnrlty of 1,01(1 left.
Sonic ii'-IIi'kMi ml,
However, sewinl hundred rcpub
Henna became iipprohttislvo lent
they might bo d. tiled tlio tight la
votu In tho ejection, ami, according
to K. O. I.lngo, chairman of tho ri
iitrblicnn I'ounty ccntial I'om.nlllcc,
ro-i'i'tlUtcri'il lu.fm .j election, lit
i rlltiuilcH tlilH uuiuhvr' wna about 800.
which would Iwivd u republican run
Jority of GOD.
'This rcMilt Im arrived nt only
lifter a very careful compilation of
tho two registration!!, kirn? la not lliu
result of mere gucvi-wnrk," Unrfo
declined, llnslug IiIh pictllciloii upon
theso flguriMti ho Im confidant Unit
the republican county tickut. will bu
I'linictl without oxc-iptlnu.
.Stockholder of Snoil Coiupaiiv Kit)H
Officer KiU to Sell Plant
mill liextroy Its Ahm-Im
llccolvcrshlp for tho Clear finnil
nnd (Travel company, nn accounting
to tho pliilnllff for assets of tho
eotnpnny and a restraining order pre
venting tli offices of tho corpora
tion from disposing of the propel tics
hold by tlm couipnny, wnn linked In
n unit In dwtrlrt court Krldiiy by l
C. Iliui against tho company and Us
Dolnn Mfutwi Hint before, the. In
corporation of tho company Im
ngreod to alluw the use of an Inven
tion known iih a Hoisting-Conveying
mechanism, and In return -watt lo
recolvo 2.400 shares of stock anil
$300 a month as salary for superin
tending the plant, lie furthor says
that In April of 192(1 hn wiih deponed
from bin poBttlon, and Hint tho of
fice m, without lawful right, pinned
a resolution ordering tho an la of tho
properties held by tliefu, Dnlan
clalniH that the ontlro vnluii of Stock
In tho company depends upon the
micccssful oporatlon of tho Band
and frrnvel plant and that the court
nhntild appoint a receiver nnd con
tlnuo tho operatloiiN for thubenoflt
of nil stock lioldorH.
Denial of Stand for
an Unchanyed fjcaynv
1 8 Cardinal ' lie ply
Thai lie wnn tnlmiiflMl by Torn
I, Wnde, former il' itHn riiMr Ht.if
rninrnltlMnnn 'I htirmlnv, when
Wniln iteMiireil "In- n tn 111"
lendm of imtluiifi a It now
"IhiiiIh," Ib tlm Inforrniitliin roti
tnlneil In n teledrnni rmlved Krl
ilnv evenlnw by Knllo r Htnnibiert,
of Tiilra, from (ririllnt (llliboiiK,
Wniln bint Hinted Hint r'unllnnl
'llbliiiim Ik In arroril "lib the inv
ennnt fid It rendu, w It hunt iremir-
The telrirrain, Knt from Italll
Innre, nnd alKiied bv Cnrillnnl fllb
biit(N. rniiiM in rHNponNe tn an In
Itilry from fathei Btatidaert, who,
IihvIiik' known the rnrdliifil'N alnml
prloiily on thi leKua, wnn non
IiIommiiI nt U'nde'it alittfinrmt.
"The teb'Rriini rendn-
"Hev ('hurled Btnndnert. Mnrll
Heart Cliorrb, TiiImn, Odin. "I
llln Iru rii rei I ly iiiotii1. I iitium
tuend n li-iiir'ie of natlorm with
ptoper i ckit allium anil ronatltli-'
tloniil HNf'KilniilH "
Wniln nrfii(l ihnl nit ''urdliinl
(llbbonn In tri fnvnr of Hie pri'H"til
tongue, It nhollld reeelvii the mip
iort of frlnnili of IiImIi freedim.
Tlm riirillnnl'n tileiriioi bimitls
Wmle'it Miitcirinht im a fulm-hood.
Mnrlnello HVHtem of tho now hair
dyeing, hair drvHsltiK and mnrcellluir
dono by an exjiei lenced operator.
Will innko cnllM at your renldeuee.
Mm. Miller (H yearH" experience In
Chicago.) Itoom 212 Knufnmtr"
Jlotcl I'lione Onaco R700--Advt
New Elixir, Called Aspiron
nl, Medicated Wilh atcst
Scientific Remedies, Used
and Endorsed by Euro
pean and American Army
Surgeons to Cut Short a
Cold and Prevent Compli-cations.
Every Druggist in U. S. In
structed to Refund Price
While You Wait at Count
er If Relief Does Not Coma
Within Two Minutes.
Delightful Taste, Immediate
Relief, Quick Warm-Up.
Tho sensation of the year In tlm
(trite trmtn (m Auritr.t.Kit flw. ..-
minute, cold nnd coukIi rellovor au
thoritatively Kuuranteed by the lab
exutorlua; tested, approved and
mout onthUHldnllciilly endorsed by
tho hlKheat autliorlllea, nnd pro
claimed by tho common people a
ton timeH nn ijulck and effectlvu us
whisky, rock unil rye, or ur.y other
cold and couch romcdy they havo
ever tried.
All drug utoren nro now nuppllfld
with the wonderful now elixir, n
nil you have to do to get rid of
that cold Is to ntcp Into the near
est drug Htorc, hand the clerk half
(v dollar for a bottle of Asptronnl
nnd tell him to nerve you two tea
spoonfuls with four teunpoonfuls of
water In n Rlaat, With our watch
In your hand, tako thu drink at ono
owallow and call for your money
back In two minutes If you cannot
feel your cold fading away Ilk.) a
dream within tho tlmo limit. Don't
bo bashful, forall drugging Invito
you and expectyou to try it. Jivory.
body's doing It.
i1Jl!lon. 'out'llcol,l or cough Is re.
lleyoa. tako tho remainder of thu
bottle homo to your wlfo and babies
for AAplronal 1, by far the safes
. 1 ""V ,"""'"1 eiiHicsi 10
tako nnd the moBt ngreeablo cold
Wllllnmo Hint in .lull for AWlim of
lllslib i ( unit on I'lcnxi-.
('. UIIHinnn. knoun i the nilri
nn 11 hit k-n thief, euteied pleiiH of
guilty to tuo cbiireM -vf this iiiiturei
it his nrrnlgniiient rtldHy before
.lUHtlre II. "'. liny and wiih roiii-
mltted to J11II iiihIi'C Imiiil of (ir,o In
I'lK h ense fm iM ilnii of diHirlrt I'niil
Wlllliiliis ndoiltted entering the
ihlrken liinisei of II. II. Howe. 1 1 0 3
H"iitli (Jlilniy iivi'iiiie 1M1.I W. i.
(llilnton. I10J H0111I1 Koriifcrt ave
nue Uctobr 2li ami .UciiIIiik 1:i ciirl-
1 1 11 niKiiiH llork from Kniix.in.
Mr. nnd Mm. .1. K. II. union left
Kildny evening for Wldilt t, Kan.,
via Kiirmn City, lifter n few days
upent hire nn huiliiimi. Mr linn
Branch of Portland Firm'
May Be Located II6rc
for Road Work j
If the pIiuih of frju ft Hon, local
(.ontis' tola, nifi 1 1 1 I t ll.f, (here wbl
be located in Tulsiv- county a I'ort- ,
land cement plant thitl will "iipply
the neii of both city mid county
for paving and road btilldlng pur-
C. O. Frie, heml of tiro firm, In iv
lVer to the rlinintier o i'jflimer''e, '
n nil t the weekry meeting of ill-i
rocters I'VPIny noon, Htn;cil Hint hist
cnmimnv -IiikI ured ti Ntnnlt acre
age south f Sand MprlngH underbill!
with llinesione nnd Hhule 11 supply1
sufficient t iminofiii'lur'i 1 ,00 0 lmi-
rels of ii'iiiem n day for tint next 70
yiiBiw. Tents iif the fortniiilons are
now belhg n ode by experts to de
termine their conwlstonoy and effl
cli iii v In 11 mi 'it m iking
If IhSSf tixiK iiiiiVh them to l"J
valuable I')! rnmpany lll Ini
iiii'di iH 'y sunt plans to Ii-m'iiII tnn
ohlni'iy nnd develup the property.
New Name Iteinu Placed
on Stale Elector Ballot
HUikcr binrlng (he imiio nf Kd. t
( ChssIiIv are le lng plneeil on tho 1
3 ("JO state bull IK h Hot tril to Tulsa ,
t'oimtv for Hie eledlon next Tuce
ilav, to ri plii' " th unuin of .1. V.
Mc.Murfrv. dinieit, nn V) cdilcntliil
i lertnr nf this sls'e on the denio
crntlo llckit. The county election
I'Oiuil hns employed 20 women to
nmke (be nlternlloii. ThlH proiuduro
Is necesnHiy ner lluelltlie stHte,
lion's mother, Mts M.ut K, I bunion,
wiih In lined leretitl) while on a M.uul
Hpilimrs Inlenirbim rtir when It tun
Into 11 freight tmln A claim for
.lilinageH no 'be purl nf the Injured
woman wiih feit'cd nniluibly nut of
court- f In it ' 11 10I.
Constance Bin ney in "39liast"
Conies to the Palace Sunday
MrniBbtN-MKVMyx.w"R7?9? ni-niri- fsBrsB ' WHIM- WB.
r f . r't r & m" r
During tho filming nf lUchcl Cro-
lliers ".isi Kast." ror lteanirt, sonii
otiH asked the pretty star. CotiBtanco
lllnney, If utter playing tho roln two
season's she Wasn't ho sick nf It that
It would bo I', terrible taHk to enact
It again beforo the camera, "tio. In
deed,' replied MWn lllnney Willi eni
phasli, "I may be ublo to learn a
lot by the way I register as I'enclnpo
1'enn on the Hcreen tb.it I never
grasped during tho long stago run of
tho play." '
That Is n koynnte to tho little
stnr'M chariu-ter. She Is Hlways eager
to Improve homclf ami will go
through all sorti of difficulties and
hard work In order to net n certain
point. She first started In "3U Hast"
In the early spring of Ifll'.i nt thu
Hroadhurst theater and after 11 long
run in Now York, during which she
also appeared In motion pictures,
tlio play went on tho rn.td. No soon
er did they romo back from the rond
this sprltn, than ..IIhh lllnney had to
change her stage' mnko-up to screen
make-up and (lash to llealart'ti New
York studio to work nil day before
tho camera In tlm picture version of
tho name play.
"It will be the first time that 1
havo done a play both for tho stage
and tho screen, and I shall watch
the resultH of tho camera with In
terest," continued tho star on the
Picture lot one day. "I (tin sure Hint
I will detect defects, in my acting os1
roflunteil on tho Mrrunn, little move-1
merits I innko Hint went well with
iipoken llalogue but will bo amiss on'
tlio screen 1 believe ib.it 1111 actress
should bo a bin to Judge herseir very
fairly and sijuarely nod thiiiug)il
after sho has neen lurs.lf in tlr '
same rolo on both wroou nnd singe."
Miss lllnney will bo supported In
tho picture by the samo cnift. with
ono exception which she had In the
stage production. The part of Hie
leading man. played nn the stngn by
Henry Hull. I enacted by Reginald
llennv nil the screen. John K. Itnb
erlson, of "l)r. .lekvll nnd Mr. Il'ydo"
fame, uns responsible for the direc
tion, nod Knthiyne Stunrt prepared
the scenario.
"Just iih one may cheer howlf up
by dancing, so may n danco bo tlio
highest culmination of Jy. Again
tlm heroine of "i'i Hunt' ilcmontKmtCH
this point. Khu was Cltlt the man
she loved In the beautiful (setting of
Central Park. After sho had had 11
heart to heart talk with him, nobbed
out all her hoarbreakn to his sym
pathetic ours and he had snothed
her comfortably, who heard tho mllBln
of an organ grinder.
"The iiiusle to her was lllto tho'
smell of innoke to a flru horse, she
didn't slop to mmlltato on whether
or not It was proper to dunce then,
but sho Jumped up and throw her
self Into a wild dance. Laughing,
whirling, swaying and kicking, shu
was able to let out her repressed
feelings nnd we know, Incidentally,
that If wo penult our repressed emo
tions t0 get out, we will feel much
better, physically and mentally. I
"Of course, slnco I havo been a
dancer practically all my life nnd re
ally tiindu my Mtnrt on tho utago
through this art. I appreciate tho
value of giving ent to oiio'm omo.
Hons through bodily expression. To
me the part of 1'cuclnpo Tenii, de.
rives much nf itn chaini from the
spontaneous way In whuh the hero
inn danced Ad t.
J5S 10 '
'Flower Special for
Halloween All
Saints' Day" .
Japanese Pompon Chrisanlhemuma in
beautiful colors $1.00 per bunch. Let
m deliwr you t bunch of these lovely
fall blossoms for your Halloween and
Sunday decorations.
Osage 510
ClwrKO Piirflmscn Mlc Tixlay Will ApjH'nron NoTPtnlicr Statctnmtfl, raynblc Dcecmlicr 1.
Wo Quoto No Tonncr
or C o in a r n 1 1 v n
rrliTo In Our Ailrcr
tlslng. Wo Ix t You llo
tho Jmlgn of Values.
Halliburton-Abbott Co.
Main and Fifth Streets Member of open Shop (Squaro Deal) A.voclittlon
Phono 6060
Storo Knurs:
B130 to f,;30;
fllSOo 0iU0 I', Jf.
Today Concludes the Clean-up Sale
Many Additional Offering Will Stimulate Interest. Re-nmimng Stocks of Lines Already Offered rc Included
Children's Hat
A splindliL collection of velvet
hats with stltihed brims nnd
trimmed with gros grain ribbon
In sizes for girls 5 to 1! years
obi. Choice of navy, brown and
black Todny, i nr
spocln! 4.I7D
Women's Hats
All hatH except fur hula, fur
trimmed liatM. gold and sil
ver laco effects.
Reduced 25
Special Tables
rtirtlicr Itcduccd to
3.95, 6.95, 9.95,
12.45, 14.95
Mllllinrj Tlilnl n,K,r.
Special Group of Dresses
For Street, Afternoon and Practical Wear
at 25 Less
Klftren dresses satins, trlcottnes, taffetas nnd lace models
fifteen attractive, appealing garments In n diversity of styles
that will make that hhmo number of women happy. Clioosu
touay at onc-tourtn leas man regular prices,
T a f f o t a a and georgctto
blouses, tho former In tlo-on
stylo and the latter beaded
and cmbroldiircil; white,
flesh, navy and other colors,
Today ,
Wanted robes for lounging
nnd bath wear of good qual
ity corduroy; unlined, round
collars nnd patch pockets; In
rose, Cnpen and purple.
Third llniir.
Silk Remnants
Rednced 25
Recent heavy selling finds us
with many nllks of all kinds ana
colors In Bhgrt lengths. For this
Inst day of tho Clean-Up salo
they go nt 21! reduction train
already reduced "remnant"
prices. A largo assortment
awaits thrifty buyers.
Chiffon Taffeta JfA
Flno qualities In plain colors and
rarely attractive changeable ef
fects; In plain black, navy blue,
brown and others; 3G Inches
Choice Satins
Oorgeous satins tnndo by "Cor
tlcclla," and "Skinner;" lovely
quality; some of our best nnd
most popular plain colored
satins; 36 Inches wide; black
and many colors.
Full qulro paper nnd envelopes-;
white and tints. Also
gold embossed Initial paper
and cards; In white, or
Choice, box, special.. uuV
Mulu floor.
Selections Good Saturday, the Wind Up Day of
All Womens Shoes at 20 Reduction
Thoughtful, thrifty women boat on neclng that their dollnrs buy
ns much good quality In shoes as possible will not overlook to
day's opportunity to securo cholc of all our women'H Sorosls
now fall high and low shoes at the worth-whllo saving of ono
fourth the regular price. Early shopping Is advisable to securo
widest selection of tho many styles in tho propor wldthand nlzo.
These Are Some of the Styles Offered:
Ioc IlootH of dark brown glazed
kangaroo with welt soles and military
I,wo Itoota of dark brown glazed
kangaroo with huml-turncd soles'aud
French heels; ontlrely hand-made.
The same boot In black also shown.
Oxford of dark brown glazed kan
garoo with welt soles and military
heels. Tho samo oxfords In black,
also brown.
Hroguo Oxford of dark tan calf
with welt soles and military or com
fortable flat heels.
Kuedo T-nro lloota In dark brown or
black; entirely hand-niudo; turned
I'limiw of patent kid or dull kid,
with turned soles; graccfuK lines,
Sntln Pumps In strictly tailored or
novel designs; entirely hnnd-made.
turned soles and pretty French heels.
Vootirrnr Main lluor.
Household Linens
Iliick TowoN with whlto borders. Kf
Tho dozen, special X.OU
72-lurli llciuy Morverlieil Table Dnmnsk
In good quality. Yard, - QQ
special JLOt
82l2 Ileil Spreads, scalloped, cut cor
ners; good quality. n A r
0-1 Illcnchril Shooting, good quality;
heavy weight. Yard, CQ
special UC
Noonil Moor.
White Moods
27-Inch White Dimity In small and largo
choeksj good quality. Oft
Yard, special OOC
:H-Inch Vancy I.lnwcnvc Invn In
checks, Btrlpes and plaids. 00
Yard, s'peclal OtC
ao-Iuch Palsy Muslin In fine quality and
no dressing. Tho yard, very n
bpccUI )C
nn-Tnch Indian Head Idnen for lunch
cloths nnd fancy work. Ofk
Yard, special OuC
rVtsind Jloor.
Staple Goods
30-Inch rcroilc In pretty new patterns
and good quality. fir
Yard, special DC
nn-Tnch Our Hent Quality I'crcaloH In
pretty new patterns OET
Yard,, upcclal . tOC
SL'-Indi Outing Flannel In good, fin,,
heavy weight. Yard, Bjicclal.... UUK,
32-Inch Scoti-h IMald Drciw r.lnglinms In
our best quality Yard,. 1 1 A
special X.1U
8'roinl Vloor.
Saturday Sale of Desirable Toilet Articles
Mull order for toilet articles should lw nix-ompanlcil by delivery clinrgrs
In full, plus govcnimont tax for lo for each 2lk. or fraction thereof.
roml' i:trct Vsnlihlnc
Cream zte-l
UacKutt St lUmmUll'a Crtum
1'omrtUn Duy C'rm SOo
roinpclali M.iB( Cram. ..tBr-SOo
I'cinipnl in Nliitit Crrtm . .. .3J.9i
Clrrm-i:ioya ftUc
HpniiT (llnvlno i!9o
Mclba ClramlnK Crmni 3
Melbu Orfolfii crm Stt
Klino CUnnalnK Cri'm . . , .lOcsOc
Klmn Hkln i'rrm 4te-S8c
Stllhnin' I'rtclilo Crm 38c
Hcotrh, Tons I'eroiliU
Cinm 19rSSe
WomtMiry's l'cll
Ctun lRe-3to
Vontbury'a Cold
Cmm lf.3fl
Our Mpoclal Witch ltul
Cruam S9
Our Mi'ci Ui Cucuinttr Crtam . 39t
lllivla ll.moj ami Almond
I'rmil StHi
Jerirrn'N llrmoln and Alntond
Cvra Cream )9
1'ri'nillla Cram 'Je
Arradla VuiiUhlntf Cream .... 119c
Lonn' Cold Crfam , lVe.3
Wend bur) 'a
Hratch Ton 1
Jap Hon
Mrlba ...
Malta llouqurt o
tlta NiuiraJ Ada
llt'a Opara , sag
flardni rrasraoc SOo
Nadlna jt0
Carnitn noB
l'uaiy Willow j0
l'ACK rOWDlIIld. Cont.
' 30i
Pnmpnlan Prauty 30c
Ar.nanda jnn
Chantllly 300
La Illanrhe 69c
Ixivs Ma , ,10c
Armand's Cold Cream Pnwdtr 9o
Klanoae (m0
Jr Kl .lOc-DSn
Xary (lariUn one
La TrtftU ivi
Cot)-'i all colors 1.60
Arradla ... , 39c
Javu lilct 39c
tlmo 190
Latl' t for 2.1i
Colcati'a 13c
Wllllama' l,v
Soodworth' I0o
Iive Mi itt
Poinpalan Kranrance n
Jerien'i c
Chanllllr 10a
Malba Olorr lie
DJer Kl tla
Mary Oardtn 7c
Oarden I'rarrancn tie
lloublfant'a Ideal 9 80
Wllllama Pental Crarn 19c
Kuthrmol Too til I'aats 19c
Dr. Lyon's Tooth Powder 19c
nr. Lyon'a Tooth I'aite jic
Kolynoa Tooth Taita llo
rorhan'a Tooth Vnte n
repaodtnt Tooth Paale as
I'abeco Tooth I'Kta 19a
LUterlne Tooth I'att Jte
Tyorrhoclda Tooth I'owdar .... 19c
SltAVINO l'i;i'.Il.TIONS
Wllllairn' Cup Soup g
Wllllama' fhaOu Cream 9o
Wllllama' ShavlnR Powder .... z9o
Wllllama' Shavlnv Htlck 9
Colsale'a RhavlnB Stick t'Ja
CoI-ate'a halnc l'aito z9e
Coleate'a Shaving Powder Z9c
Lyaol Hhavlnc Cieain 3Jc
Kranlva Lather 'Kreem .3?c-4lr-6le
Cocoanut Oil Shampoo 8O0
Palm Ollvo Shampoo 9o
Lemon tihampoo noc
Ater'a I'lnn Ta, Hli.m,.A nn.
- - . . . . .... ...,h,,,,.uw uvv
Cuntlirox Shampoo 4So
I arao llalr Tunic i9.70o
Dundrrlfie 09,,
I'lnaud'a L'au da Quinine ,9e-1.00
ami tiKiii.A roittr.s
I.literlno jlo
Lavorll 19c-39f.89o
Witch Itaial
I.l,"l 1le-43c-S9o
Mum io
Hveraweet 190
N'onapl 39e
Oilnrono tlc-19c-S9o
Meet 39c-0o
Delalone ,.40o
Ayer'a Depilatory l.zs
I)r. Korony'a Hair Solvent .... 40oN
Arcadia Depilatory 30
White Itoaa Perfume, ounce ., R9e
JlcVee rerfums, ounce 89o
TratttnK Arbutua Perfume,
ounce jioa
It'uat Illoieom Perfume,
ounce ,., , 8B0
Lilly of the Valley rerfume,
ounce , 590
Ileneyauckla Perfume, ounce .. SOe
Ciardenla Perfume, ounce C9o
Crabapple Illoaaom Perfume,
ounce ' 89c
Wnodworth'a Toilet Water .... S9e
Melba Lovo Me Toilet Waters.. :9e
Melb Lllao Toilet Watera .... 1o
Melba Toilet Watera, naaortcd
edora jn0
Jersen'a Toilet Watera' 40c
Mavle Toilet Watera 9c
Three Ploweri Toilet Watera .1.30
Mary Garden Toilet Watera ...LtO
T01I.KT 80 A TS
Jerren'a IHth Tablet!, 3 for... 3o
Woodbury's toe
Scotch Tene, 1 for IB0
Tackar'a Tar lUe
iteelnol ji
Cutlcura Xe
Caihmere llauauat Zio
Sayman'a, 3 for S7o "
Jap lloae, 1 for Z3o
Klrk'a Coco llardwater Caatlle,
3 for 2.1c
Palm Olive n0
C'reme Oil 0
llaby nath Caatlle, 3 for ...... J3o
tiuiraugni iniparieu ratine, '
4.1b. bap fur .
Colonial bath .
... I.R0
Prophylactlo Tooth Ilruehoe,
U. 6. Army (hard) x0
Aluminum Hot Water llottla,.LIS
Oood Quality Tooth Itruihea .. lo
Good Quality Nail Ilruahea ... IPo
Good Quality llubber Iloueeholrt
(lloves, email alaea , lie
Oood Quality llubber Hot
Water Hollies ,1.(10
Oood Quality Sponsee jtuo
L'ltra Kin Kara Chamole
, 13ct3c-33e
Solid Hack Hair liruahea, Oood
brlatlea. aet In aluminum
baio, very ipiclal too
All Housil
LaModcs and Barmons
20 Reduction
Choice of numerous attr.i. 'e
styles In ginghams In nnpis
nnd plaids; ln regulnr slz. - is
to IG, nnd extra sizes 4h t .
All Corsets, All
Choice of Stock nt
20 Reduction
All Children's
and Juniors'
In dressy nnd In jiracthnl styles
for everyday wear; tailored In
tho desirable fabrics nnd ple.is.
.intf- styles. Choice of stock at
20 Reduction
Special Todny
All Children's
and Juniors'
Rain Coats
and Rain Capes
20 Reduction
One Lot of
Baby Sweaters
Coat sweaters, knitted of good
wool yarns ln plain nnd fancy
weaves; good quality; slzcst 3
to 5 years; In cardinal, ("onen,
Pekln and whlto. n Qff
special t et7U
One Lot of
Rompers, Creepers
All-whlto or striped gingham
rompers and creepers In brok
en lines; nicely mode; a good
selection. Choice, - rA
special 1.0U
I'ourtli lloor.
Drapery Specials
Terry Cloth
36-Inch Terry cloth In pretty
colors, both sldeH alike, several
patterns for choice. -i if
Yard, special XtU
Drapery Madras
Scotch madras, 36 inches wide,
ln blue, rose, brown attd green,
for attractive) ovcrdrapes. Tho
special . . 1.50
Drapery Velours
42-lnch drapery velours In rosn
or rich shade of blue, a spbn
dld quality offered. Q QQ
ThJ yard, special (J.JO
Panel Nets
, Ivory or whlto panel nets for 1
curtains u-mcn sections,, sl.i -
loped bottom; deblrablo pat-
terns. Yard, Q QQ
special Ot Ju 1
Curtain Swiss
.16 -Inch curtain swIss In neat fig
ures nnd dot patterns; for Inex
pensive uso In almost any ro. m.
special .. . . . 49c
Upholstery Tapestry
60-lneh tapestry for upholster-
,ng purposes; in green, brwo
and blue; an excellent qunu'
special U,UJ j
All Blankets
All Comforts
Choice of Stock
20 Reduction
nftli Floor.
Steel Scissors
Special purchaso of flno quality
scissors and shears; uvory pair
guaranteed Scissors, 44. 6, 6H
and 6 Inches. Shears 6, 7 and
8 inches. Choice, Qs
special OVLi
Notion Section Main FrSor,

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