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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 30, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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l"lllti.l l'i l '.li.ll. HI 'II h.Jlllir " II uy
JrjjfrM! In ll. rul l'..ll(lr, Bmolt'l I'l MJ'JV
Siirfifi or AiiinT niiin n' i'IH' ii..Tms
iil ui.vi.ri r- tiil luui .. iiTkh I'llKHft
Tt,i- Ani.l rtfio l rilulir niiltl.! th um
fr rikMlellDii of 4.1 ilinpiinhM eftilltnl I" I
lit nil ntt.MwlM iiMliiml in i Iil" pitp'f "' ,n
m iwiuriiuN r i rics. it v mail in advahchi
Onn Vmr IMO ' ytur .
fit mi.ll. .M hli inunlha
Thf Mon'h. i ,1 l'f Month
uii Monik ti
haii.t om.r
On Vr II on Yr
..I M
Hli mintl hii MK.titiin
TktH Month 1.11 !'' M0WI1
Oh Motilti to
U1M r 11.11 Oil" T'nr .
Ili Inunlha 1.14 Hit ii.i.nlhn
Fr llanih ii Pw Mmilh
If 60
1 1
I'ff Wfrt
IHf Uviill In Advisee
BJWfAiiiiii'.ii in tCiaT hanh "MfiTJSiAVrt
Vtr Wrtk I ;
I. Mumh, In lne .
lr mt. In A.l.nin lltl.M
. im m f r. ii-nrlPi the Little l'.vnn plum before the
country in thta crucial hour, lint n tragic,
ttnedy, mysterious und altogether unexplained
tliHl-luiK buffleit I ho itrt I lull for morn than a
yenr. A mystery tlmt may even ynl rciilt In
n national Hrnmlftl thitt will blast reputations,
professional hiiiI political, hihI find a triple oml
in high curt (if linpeochiiient.
It In i'. i illy possible to f"d llm greatest nyin
ii thy (i.r tho afflicted tn.ui wlm linn becoinii
the puppet (if ormplr!w, his faintly hikI
friends, hut for iltovx votiMplriitorM oua's Indliinu
linn knows no hamuli.
I'llllNK 100b I nil AM.
ea:r -.
ti )' r i i
tr ---r- - - - z -
a i. ii t r a i i:
..41 ir-J
II jt
Dtiilil Itiblicul Quotaton
s.viTito.w, ocrniiiiit an, n2.
I will Htri'imtlii'ii Hue. yia, I will liulp thmi;
j isi, I will liphnlil Ihcc with tlic rUtlit IiiiikI o(
my rlKhlcotiHiii'HH. Imi. 11:10
Ji'hiik, linw Klorlotin Ih thy Miitco
When In thy Mump wu triiHl,
Our fiilth rcci'lvt'N ii rlKhtnoumii'tm
Tlmt iiiiilo-H thv mIiiiiit Just.
WhoRiKivor ilocth not rlitlilcotiniii'iiH Ih not of
(hid, nt'lthrr hit tlmt luvctli not hl.i Intithor.
1 John .1 : 1 u ,
Oovcrtior Cox kuh "tlm lutidnllilu Novomtiorl!
, will ho ii ponce victory." Wo rclxo tlm nil too
rixro occahIoii lo niirno with tlm illMtliiKtllMhuil
Rcntlcnmn. It miro will ho!
(Ji;r out youu Ki:itciiii:i's
Hlnion L(jrco Iiiih JiiHt chiiHinl ICIlsui with hnr
bftlm In Iiit nnnif over tho trrachiiniUH leu flow;
tho If Klit ftro turnmt low, tlm orclu'dtru Ih pluy
ItiK ftliKirnl mimln; I.lttlu Kvu In nhont to put
on tho ilcntli-liRil hcoiiii. Hot out your kciohlcfn;
you'll need' tliom prenontly.
"Itoiiiibllcun pro-li-nRtioiH," ho tlm nrrlpt rutin,
"culled on tho prmldont ami united Itlin to tull
them nbout tho loaRuo." You roummher tho
placo wlicru llttlo Kvii iihIim Undo Tom nhout
htjiwn? Holm In tho nudlenno, lotn of 'om.
And tliu good nmn rrnpoudud from tiln wlu'iil
clmlr whore wlmtovor It Ih tlmt'n tin; iniitlur
with him hnn kopt him for many, miuiy mon'.lm.
Kor rrSoro thiin.u yonr lio ImM rofUHcd to Hco tho
Impnrtnnt dlgnltarlm of utiite; lmi lunoriul all
reprcttuntntlvcrt of tho other liruiichrH of tho
covernmont. lio Iiiih Iicpii too 111 to hco or talk
wllh iinyono about unythliiK. Hut whon I.lttlu
Kvu linked about hciivoit ho IndulKontly uom
pllcdl And ho In IiIh whool clmlr, which wuh
carefully trundled out In front of tho American
people, lio repeated hln fairy Htoryl
"And moru than onco hln vnlco choked," runH
tho Htory prepared, you undoratand, by tho
Utile pro-lonmio ICvuh who arranged and ntagnd
the affair, adding that tho deputation (lunnun
nnmn for tho Little Kvua) felt It was "nothlim
lew than trnRlo that tho prrtfldenl had been
brought to nuch a stricken physical condition
m tho rcHiilt of tho Indefatluablo
laborn for IiIh country and humanity."
"They felt," tho atntomcnt contlnuod, "that HiIh
mlijht bo tho pretddcnt'H final appeal to tho con
Bciencn of Hln countrymen."
Hob freely, uso your kerchiefs liberally, thou
lot rcaHon rnKaln her throne, drive your emo
tlonn back Into their proper placo and comddcr.
What Iuih all thin to do with tho tremendouH,
ovorwhclmliiK fact that thin "appeal" lu for an
Instrument that HtandH discredited and means
tho betrayal of tho republic?
Hupposo that within tho noxt fow,moullm tho
country Hhould, bo shaken to Its very foundation
by tho knowledRo that thlH "appeal" and tho
proposal It urKe.i, was tho hallucination of not
only a nick man but a man -whoso mental facul
ties havu been tottcrlnK for months?
What would you Hay to that? Would you weep
iiualn over tho Imposition, the conspiracy, that
wa practiced on n great people for montliH and
mouths? Or would you rlso In righteous Indig
nation against tho vapid, disgusting by-play In
tended to Hweep you oft your feet without
knowing tho deception bolng practiced upon you?
Tho most solemn fact In this whole itocei'd
Ing hi that tho president of the United States
Is nol In n physical condition to give advlco If
Indued ho Ih In u physical condition to rc.ioli
safe, decisions. I'or 1C mouths tho man hnn not
discharged tho duties of his high office, met the
representatives of the people or oven associated
with his own official family.
In the mlnd:i of mllllomj of his Hiibjrcts, mid
wo uso tho word "subjects" advisedly; Amulca
has been without an official head for more .tliftn
a yiMr. And ot the oonsplraiois, playing u
last trump curd, stage this play-acting for the
purposo of making uu emotional appeal to tho
people, and deliberately temporize, with a sit
uation that Ih traKie and may even yet become
peri'ouii lo the lepublic!
Tho people ehould be advised openly that
hundreds of UuuiiMndH havo feared for months
nnd months that thorn Is tho gravest question
concerning the 'president's mental condition, and
that thlH question reaches searchlngly and fear
somly back Into the dnya Immediately following
tho signing of the armistice.
A charitable and sympathetic respect has per
mitted Hint question to remain without public
recognition, believing It would better thuw than
to Invadn the stricken white house, llut a
groator concurn for the future of America, now
that tho conspirators havo invaded thos0 pre
cincts for the purpose of bolstering up u lost
caui.0 by tho appcarnnco of the pitiful, shrunken
wreck, requires that the public le at least
. warned against penniting cmoilon.tliHm to influ
ence Judgment
U iujnul i u ,u, cK'ur-UUnkli ttuteamau
Ilmirbon ilemfK-iaey mid local boiifhon
ilenim i sty wn Bte i iiiiiphIIhiI to My wllh deep
i si ii gii'l, for we had hutlnvml that TiiInii diimo-
rulM wete hIiuvii hoiiih of tho practices of tho
sluts machine Iihh atiiinlitittlollod tho poison
n'ihiIi( nml s.nt tlieiii fiitlh In corrupt hi Uh
soiircM the sin hiii ,f Aincrlcnn siiverelMnty.
At tho olevi'iith hour uf the cnmpiilKti them
Is HiriiiKliiR forth from hands unscfn tlm vilest
slanders nml most IimihwkIIiIo and unspeakable
( liHtl.'i'H malnnl tho republican cnnilldiiti'H. In
line ciise It will be a telephono csll, In another
a mure 1 liewrltten statomeiit of all ton few
wiiiiIm; still niidtlier form Is u printed eard
which beaiH a statement utterly impniwlhlu.
In no single Instance In there the Hiimllcst
sight of authority or eriidlblllty. The methods
of the Italian mafia society are honorable com
pared with this oiiinpalKii by the poison squad.
If line who has heard or seen tho nl.iniler nskH
concerning Its authority, I ho reply from some
one who disclaims alt responsibility fur It Is,
"If Il is not true then Senator Harding should
prosecute for libel."
Prosecute whom? You can't fight a. hand
that bun no body illiectlng It. You can't de
fend youiself against tho calumnies of cowardly
character assassins! A slander circulated In
such manner cannot even bo denied hounmw
It cannot be rtp'outilzcd.
No one need Inquire iih to where It comes
from. The motive, tho purpose, Is clear. Dem
ocratic agents are at the bottom of tho whole
miserable canard. The purposo and tho hopo
Is o poison the eleclor'n mind at tho eleventh
hour In such n way an to induce him to either
vole rontrary to his convictions or refrain from
voting at all.
A party that will tolerato such practice;!, In
dividuals that will loan themselves to such
criminal acts, are nllko beneath tho notice of
respcctabln people and capable of shooting a
good citizen In tho back from tho protection of
tho darkness. They would betray their country
for less than thirty pieces of Hllverl
Why wns not this lias0 canard circulated long
ago? Why were not iheso thtngn blazoned forth
from tho front page of overy newspaper lu tho
country? Tho democratic nominee has not hesi
tated to accuse his adversary of an Intention to
buy the presidency why did ho hesitate to
bring these charges? Cortalnly not because
of any consideration for his adversary.- IT WAS
IlKCOMi: Hi:.SPONHIUMJ, for thero Is a law
that protects 'tho Individual against uch crimi
nal practices and InfllcXs heavy punishment on
those who violate It. That's why.
no on your guard for the poison wiuad tho
sower squail, Other filth will no doubt bo flung
liofore election day. llut, voters, use your-head;
uso reason, You yourself nro not H.ifo from
such calumnies, No man or woman can be. If
you como In contact with tho bowit rats and
can find ono that will admit being a party to
this transaction, file your Information quickly,
Tho law will toko' Its swift vengeance on thoso
responsible If they can ho found.
Tho effect of tho slander will bo disastrous to
tho caimo of thoso who are circulating It.
piton.vm.v r.xPiiAiNK .much
Mr. Dudley Field Malone, who was for yearn
tho Intimate and confidant of Woodrow Wilson,
nnd knows the man as well as, If not better,
than any other living man, Is writing of that
relationship for eastern papers.
lu a lute article he tecalls a conversation had
with Wilson when he was governor of New Jer
sey, According to Mr. Malone, tho was-to-bo
president said.
I have a profound affection for Kugl.md.
I would like nothing better than to H.ienil
my declining days in tho countryside of
Permlssab'o sentiments, admirably expressed,
to he sure. Hut do they explain, much, little
or nothing? - Can you Imagine any ono of the
w oil-known patriots of American history ex
pressing the wish to spend their last dayH In
a country with which their heart was not flrrt
lu accord?
Would you want to dlo in any other land
than your own? It Is characteristic of oven
tho denUuns of the animal world that they drag
themselves HOMII to die.
League of nations officials are Interesting
themselves In the American campaign. M.
Leon llurgeols, president of the council of
the league, gives out an Interview In which he
expremes surprise, Multh all other Kuropeans"
that Article X should command so much at
tention In tho United States.
"Article X," said M. Ilourgeois, "is foarooly
moro than ti normal background to tho coven
nut, 11 is nut considered so Important by Kuro
peans as by Americans."
Thut Is precisely tho position taken by .Sena
tor Horah and others. "Abolish Artlolo X,"
f.ild Senator Horah, "ami leave Article XI and
you would havo accomplished precisely nothing
so far as safeguarding America Is concerned."
And If Article XI should be stricken from the
covenant nothing would have been accomplished
so far us safeguarding America Is concerned;
there would remain Article XX. Strike that and
thero would remain the Insufferable outrage
of Article XXIII. Strike that and there v.ouid
remain tho disproportionate Miung strength pro
vlded for lu Article I
in Blunt, thero lu but ouu uav u udeuuaiulv
safeguard AuWlcn, and that Is to strike out
every provision of tho league after tho hypocri
tical preamble, then dlicnrd the preamble as
benelh the dignity and reputation of tho great
western lepublic.
Wo thank M. Iloiirgeols for making It clear
that Kiiropenn statesmen are willing to accept
any reservation America may wish Just so they
onu get America Involved In Kiiroponn affairs.
And thai In a danger that but ono reservation
onn protect us from tho reservation of Utter
and lusting rejection.
Oklahoma Outbursts
II) Oil lirtnn.
Speaking of llmerlikH, Homebody by mistake
HMit one of them to this office the other day
adilie-iipil to ho I.lmberneck Kdltor. We for
waided It lo the proper address.
Vice President Marshall's high praise of Hcn
ntni Harding ought to be surtlcleut answer to
the sliinderom IhltiRH being clieulated by politi
cal cutter wosherH In Oklahoma.
PciMirinlly we are not Horry women have en
tered pillule, reluctantly iidmltH the Dallas
Nowh, but we icollzo that It will bo harder than
ever for a man o get a postofflce.
Now If fiovernor Ittilmrtsoii would only Issue
a proclamation prohibiting aid- ono rrom voting
who does wear the tnaihlno Ifiiind he might re
instate himself lu the nffcctlons of Cam Camp
bell. The girl on South Mnln s.iH bIio told Hie two
young men who havo been burning her father's
Wis that she will marry the one who buo,,'"m
which of Ohio's favorite soni will cut breakfast
In the whltu house on March IiIh.
Klvitlry between Cam Campbell and J Ilerry
King over which can glvo out the most opil
mlstlcprcdlctloiis ns to which way the cat Is go
ing to Jump has beconiij acuto, J. IH-rrv Is a
little moio positive, asserting that the It cud in
wards democracy shows conclusively that at
least one candidate for constable In Muskogee
county who has no opposition will surely he
Wo do not know Just how much Interest tho
voters of Tulsa aro taking "In the cramps certain
machine democrats are having over negro can
didates, hut In order that a little more light
may bu thrown on tho matter wc turn to the
record and find that In district No. I, which
has Jurisdiction over the eltto white folkn of the
city, with Just a few negroes within Uh boun
dary 11 mom, Kred Douglatf. president of the dem
ocratic negro convention recently held in Tulsa,
and which was addressed by Governor Kobert
son, .Indue Ilrecklnrldgo mid other well-known
democratic orators of tho Caucasian nice, was
tho Kthloplan candldntu for Justlcn of tho peace
liiHt August, nnd recelvod 048 votes, practically
nil of which wero white. He ran not very fnr
behind M. H. Cllnscow, S. C. Muxey, .John .1.
Slack, H. J. Orny and other contenders for
tho nomination on the ilomocrntlc ticket, and he
was probably Induced to enter. tho race by some
of the same democratic politicians who are now
having fits over the-, negro question. The argu
ment tljat a negro Justice in a negro district Is
Justifiable does not fit thlrf case.
Barometer of Public Opinion
Madison lloulevnril.
Kdltor World; Tho properly owners on Madi
son boulevard In tho vicinity of Twentieth to
Twentyrsecond struct are somewhat indignant
for tlm reason that Iho article In The World of
yesterday's Issue Wnted that tho work of beau
tifying Madison boulevard was being done under
the supervision of tho park board. We wish to
Inform you that tho park board never had any
thing to do with this work, Tho work was ar
ranged and paid for by D. II. Mnson, O. It. Mo
Cullough, W. A. Moore, Phillip Kates. C. 1
Hopkins, .lessn l-'lnston nnd lllair Urother.i nnd
supervised by O. C, HlggtriH, who wne placed In
charge of the work. If there was any superin
tendent of the park hoard out to Sunset park
he muet have been thero after night. Tho only
city official the property owners recall seeing
In this vicinity was a lonely motorcycle police
man and some of them were wondering If he
wasn't lost. They do not hold any grievance
against the park board, but feel as though tho
credit should bo placed where It belongs and
to the parties who wore responsible for the work.
After waiting for threo years for some sugges
tions from the pnrk, board for beautifying tho
boulevard they have taken the matter upon
themselves to complete tho work from Fifteenth
to Twenty-third street by nowlng tho vacant
spacu In the center of the street to Ilermudn
grass with each property owner sharing In the
care or name.
Tulsa, Oct. 117. J. n.
I .
ICopriibl; moi 11 TbaChlcno Tribune. 1 , j
Keep Vo0 (
SHE BIT IN 1916.
Ti'Q0! I'M STILL PIYANG Jf V " ft t
"Tri i7ri: i "Zasft Bought frCjm
J V -;,J
About Town and
In Hotel Lobb'm
LouLs Ilcndlt of n,
troleum nnd uim.
ccntly returnpii r,,
Hpoko IiIh views in
untlon ns follows
"There nro few t
torcstcd In potltn ,
are calmly plant n
tending their call
occupied In cniki .
dollar. The ion.
election results n,.
tho snmo by hotb
KnnsaH nt least i.,
majority. In Miss ,
ully the same. Tin
thero Is Senator J u
ocrat, against the u
d it-
ire i,
' IS
rn -i'
The Horoscope
Ml 4'.
1 -a 4
in .
ill at,
The Promoter's Wife
luslliv the Truest KtihiIIcih'v.
Killtor World! Pilate knew Jesus 'wan a JilKt
man and satd so to those clamorlnir to kill him.
but the pressure of Chrlat's enemies upon Pilate
was so strong that the weak politician thought
It expedient to turn the guiltless on() over to
tho mob of lynchers. And slnco tho time of that
tragic betrayal thero have been many betrayals
in jounce w) mo mammon or expediency
In a noble outburst of true American love for
fair play our preH.dent nald that Shantung
minimi ii in go to .inpan. innt it should he re
turned to China from which it was wrongfully
wrenched. Tho suave Clemenceau and the tricky
Lloyd Oeorge. however, convinced ji. vnw,
that expediency cnlled for the cet-sion of China's
rulr province o Japan.
As a consequence of this perfldv we hav,. Hie
written covenant of the lo.iKiin of nation
Dreaming notiio altruism lu sorno parts like
1 Hate H first stiiil for Justice, and In other
parts, ruale line, yielding to l.ijustlco for mis
called expediency.
i lie cuveiiuni manors Hpeni inilcn time on
their aborllve work, hut as there was no Jef
ferson nor Lincoln among them no! nor the
spirit of truth they forgot that "Justice is the
truest expediency" and tho only foundation upon
which an enduring league of nations at peace
ran no num.
Tulsa. Oct. 28. I). J. HAYKS.
ni:hj ti;li,s ha it ha ha a :ooi
Much against my will, I had ar
rived at tho conclusion that Nell
did not wish mo to know anything
of his business methods. Not that
this wuh cjiuso for niy doubting them
perfectly legltirnato;Nbut it, in a way,
mndo mo fuel lht Nell did not think
fascinating, unscrupulous when It
suits thetn."
Did It suit lllancho Ortou to bo
unscrupulous? And was there some
thing In her relation wlthNcll that
warranted that remark?
In splto of my anxloty, the day
passed swiftly. Nell had asked for
an elaborate menu for the dinner;
and there were flowers to get, and,
other things to occupy me. 1 wus
all dreiwed when ho camo In. Dress
ed exactly as I had been tho night
mo capable of understanding thlngH i,fr ,,nri. nd all. And .1 should
which, It was perfectly obvious, ho1 havo no rlvnl nt this dinner. Ullancho
confided in Ulancho Orton. It mndeOrton, In her snnky costume, would
not eclipse nv. it raised my siunm,
In a way, that this wns so; nnd when
me vngtioly Jenlous. I did not, for
a moment, yet, believe Neil to bo In
love, with Hlanche; but 1 felt that
ho thought her worthy of hln confi
dence, in a way that It hurt mo to
think of.
I was definitely conscious of tho
possibility that because of this faith
In Mrs. Orton's ability, ho might
eventually think her necessary to
him. Hitherto my happlneiu had
been almost perfect because of my
trust In Nell's loyally.
t regarded tho ordinary form of
Jealousy an unnecessary, and tndocd
dishonorable toward Nell toward
my love for him. To me, such forms
of Jealousy wero an Insult. Hut
could Nell, moro than another, per
manently control his heart If this
woman made him think she was nec.
ossary to his success?
Success wan Nell's (5od.
If It would mnko for that success,
would ho sacrifice me?
I risked myself this question, but
rerused myself an answer. When I
married Nell, although 23 years old, I
never had cared for anyone else;
never had had tho slightest Idea of
what an all-abyorblng lovo meant to
n woman. llut now I knew to tho
fullest extent. Wus I also to know
comes to women who lovo?
All day I thought nnd thouirht nnd
thought. NcII'h friend had said that
he was fortunnto to bo nblo to "enlist
tho interest of two women." and then
he had called Ulamvhe Orton "clever
and- -dangerous." Then ho had said
It wuh ensy to read tho character of
a woman or her ort: "Charming,
The Young Lady
Across the. Way
tin: i:asii:st thincs
(Copyright 1920, by Udgar A. Guest.)
U'h hard, sometimes hard to keep plugging
When the game isn't going your way;
There are times, without doubt, when your
hope flickers out.
And you think It Is useless to play:
Hut J ii:)'. keep In mind that the battle's not
Until till of tho. fighting Is through.
Make a contest iff It, do not Ho down and
For qulttlng's ho easy to do.
The way of a man In nil struggles of life
Is to play to the end of the string:
He may feel that defeat he is shortly to meet
Hut he'll fight til) the last bell shall ring:
The cowards and quitters drop out of tho
Kre ever the finish Is due.
They lmen't the heart to go through with
their imrts
And qulttlng'ti ho ensy to do.
It's easy to fllnrh and It's easy to whine
When foes that are stronger nssall.
When your pathway Is barred and tho going
is hard.
That's the time It Is easy to fall.
Hut wtille vu'o n chance don't glvo way
lo despair.
To yourself and your purpose stay true,
Make a battle of It, do not He down and quit;
That's the easiest thing you can iio.
Nell again complimented me, and
told mo I looked sweet enough to
eat. I felt quite satisfied with myself
and with my appearance.
Mr. Scolt camo qulto promptly,
and I wan surprised that Nell should
have been ho particular, Hhould havo
gone to so .vjeh trouble for him. Ho
wns a short, swarthy man, badly
dressed nltho In evening clothes
"Opcn-fnced clothes," he fncctlously
called them, later, on, when tho wine
Nell had given him made him feel
more at ease. His English was poor,
and ungrammatlcal; his volco halted
frequently when ho tried to oxprestt
"Ha needs his money. Ho hasn't
any other attractions," I said to my
self. Hut Nell had wnntcd me to en-4
tertnln him, so I tried to forget his
unattractive personality, nnd to be
an Interesting ns I could. That I was
succeeding, nnd that Nell was pleat.
ed, was evident by his quick, appre
ciative glances in my direction.
We had coffeo In tho library cof
fo0 and liquors. Hoth Mr. Scott nnd
Noll became talkative.
"You're n slick one, Forbes, so I'm
told," Mr. Scott remarked. "Hut
bora on tho end of pencllu than cny
vody elts In tho hole skool.
Lost nnd Found. Found Hag
containing 4 Hour balls. Owner can
hnvo hag and 2 sour balls pcrvldlng
they are still left. Seo Artio Allx-ndcr.
be a A
- lUl.KI
-B lor ti.
'ir I
lul m..r j
Abe Martin
"Tbt itlin Inrlin i,'
(CnmltM, 1020. tirilwMrl .-
This is not a foi'
cording to nstrol..
Neptune is In lunefu
Suturn and the Sun ,
It Is n time th a
for Helling, but all in
should he mibject to
Neptune Rives preti
to nil who travel, cs.
cross the ocean.
Thero Is a sign
auspicious for all i
torestH. New disi oy.
commercial Invcsllg-.
benefit tho peopl. i.-.
At this time thei , i
elded falling off In n
continue under u rtuc t
tromo conservatism
cates that nil who
will be exceedlngh i,i.'
The old and those u'i tnu- h(!'
power for a long tlmt ti i be m!rJ
pessimistic unoer tins ru t itij.
a fortunuto day to t f,n.ti
concessions of any sor
The KUn bodes 111 f t tlu so !
aro at tho head of s'lifo or courJ
auairs. rney may suircr irem it
vero criticism.
November' is a month (f nu-
Ruiis.iuoiis. i lie resu r in.r .
lionai election is suti ti
friendly sway of Jupiter n il gjt.-r
Mars. .Mercury and t rai.ua l ;
strongly adverse.
Theft nnd fraud will tinue
bo alarmingly prevalent Jurtng
winter months.
Uranus lu sinister sun, u belle
to be more or less r- - I :.ii le
tno explosions oi doiiios ana H
plots .that lncludo the sa riflce i,
Whllo what seem to be tho fc:.i
of evil aro much In evidence.
seers ileclaro thut there is cor:
dpondlng development of all that
good, for many of the world's eu
are dying out.
Pernons whoso blrtlulute it
should avoid Hpcculatlon or btislci!
risks. Tho health Hhould be watrhr
for thero may bo a temptation :
Children born on tins day
likely to bo too kind and genm
for their own good. TheychouUM
trained lu systematic buslst:
Miss Fawn I.Ipplncut has an
uncle thnt gltH 35,000 a year on
paper tin' J 75 a week on Saturday.
Anyhow, th' felcr thut'B In th' habit
o' forglttln' his chango don't lose
half iih much ns ho used to.
Ktrnilillc tin .Slntc Line.
Hptclal to The Worht.
VINITA, Oct. 29. Kleven Pi
roads boosters visited th'a city fH
Labette county, K.'ins-ns, thLi ten I
In the interest of sciurlnj a rM
road from Chotopn. Kansas, !
Craig county. At a in. fine
while they were here the bus:
men expressed themsolvs fav
to the preposition- nnd Crnur cocm
will stand Its hnlf of the rp(nc
building n road along tl-c Mate ''
Then It will be tin to Orug co"
citizens to build the ro.ii! InS) til
countv. and the expression U fc'j
?ethr favorable. The ro.nl toll
u -faced Is the Jefferson hljHirl
which Is nlso tho King of Trails'
tills pwlnt. Delegates wero elfCl
tr. (Ltteiul tho Klnc of T ajIK tn"
to bo held nt Kansas ritv ThursJil
Itaptl-ts Jlii't at foiiiincrtc.
Special to The World. , .
VI -VITA, Oct. S'J - Uap'tsfs ey
Northwest Oklahoma nssot
open u four days con'crer c toil,
at Commerce.
""'.'.!"'!! ?t""oJ up earlj-hV the morning lo put nity-
ining over on me. I am sure your
deal Is on tho square, and I'll take'
Oust block of stock." I
They excused themselves and went I
to the dowk and talked of checks and
shares for about ten minutes. Then.
Nell gavo him some stock ccrtlfl
cates at least that wns what they!
cnlled them and ho gavo Nell a'
check. i
After ho left, Nell laughed, rather
snrcnstlcully and said:
"Tho fooll he's dead easy,"
"What dp you mean, Nell? And
why wero you so anxious to enter
tain such a man lavishly?"
"A good front goert a long ways
with somo people." I frli-ii to got
him to say more, but without huc
cess, I went to bed, once more, with
a feeling that all wns not right; but
also feeling helpless to chango any
(hlng. To Ho Continued.
Iicnnics' Notebook
The young lady across tho way
says wn haven't had so many per
sanalltlcsi to a cumpaign since Ulalnu
wuj elected.
Weather. Days shorter. nlteK vlca
Spoarts. Maud Johnson Is getting
fatter Insteil of thinner, but the fat
ter sho Is tho madder hIio gcs wen
hu nbody calls her n femalo Puda
Slmklna. ,
SlKslety. Mr. Sam Crosses tuff cuz
zln, Mr. Puggy Miller, finished vis
itlng Mr. Cross and went home last
Sattldy, wlch wile he waa leevluC
scvrel members of slsslety stod up t
the corner and gavo 3 cher to
show they wasent nfrnld of him or
enybody like htm, Among thoso
cheering wns Mr. Penny Potts, Mr.
Sid Hunt, Mr. Lcroy Shooster and
Mr. Charles (Puds) Slmklns
Thnt.i Dlffrcnt
I dont mind going on n trolly car
And I llko to go on n train,
I lovo to go on a merry go round,
llut going on a errand la pain'
Irrlstlnr Fucks About Hurls'ln'
People. Sam Crofcs gets more bad
marks In nrtrmetlc thenAeny 4 fel
ows In tho class together and w'iom
ho wunts to bo he's harder on rub-
- uu:-
, j Hand
li'-::rrl I
J ,S5
What-cha Oonna Do When Thero Am't
Slow and Kaxy
Who's Who in Navy Hluo R
Comrudo of tho Legion v u
Alexandria ' Joseph C. Smiths
Oriental Stars Joseph C. Smiths
Avalon Just Llko a Oypsy
. . .Paul Wliltemnn and Ambassador
Host Kver Medley
. . Puul Whlteman and Ambassador.- .
Stnbat Mater.". . . .Mine, Homer .Miss I.. oe
Trovutorc-Mlserorc. . . . Knrlco Caruso 1 u
Hubble Hooks'' for th..it-n.
si r
Wo carry a complete scries of
Latest and Best Roll Hits
Barcelona Fox Trot ...
Fair One Fox Trot
Llko Wo Used to He Waltz .
On a Dreamy Night
Stop It Fox Trot
That Old Irish .Mother
Victor's March
Sheet Music
Word Holls
Hose of Washington Square. . .
Sweot Lovei,
Ha by
Jelly Hean
Chile Hean
Japanese Sandman
1 Never Know
Pretty Kitty Kelly
.'in i ' .'
'" '
Si' f w
Osage 3133-3134
A. J. CRIPE, Mgr.

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