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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 30, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 7

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Dazzling Costumes Worn
by Merrymakers at
'Halloween Dance
ft ,
"Cowboys" and Fjcrco Look
ing "Pirates" Portrayed
by Masqueraders
i Wonitorf il Night" In perhaps
the i t fitting description of Thurs
day ' i flit's "harvest frolic" nnd Hal
fwc ii Masquerade bull at the ElkJ'
TV affair wirf pronounced tho
mi-si nitlllant and enjoynblo party
tvir ivtn 'by tho local lodge. It
,11 1 llnutcd there, were 400 coupler
in , '.d.incc said to h.i tho largest
tin , i, that over attended a social
fun l 'ii of this ti Hum In Tulsa.
A .spirit of merriment anil genu
In s d fellowship pervaded the at
mo.', '.pre. Dignity was cast nHldci
lom xhty ceased to exist and conveii
ilonality crumbled llko tho lllndun
vjrc Ine Everybody hai a good
iT Thoy al! fald no.
T' o were twd orchestras and
both tho main ball room and tho
lMqe room wero csed for diinolng.
Tut' 'lo-'pltullty of the club was not
cm' ucil to dancing, and tho billiard
mm card tablco and lininxiw
no- a on tho main floor wero almost
sn mwded as tho upper floors.
Vnrletyof Costume.
Thcro wero costumes of all hues
and evi.ry eorcelvablo variety. Not
al! character!! of hiftory, such as
Mhrs Ktuullsh and 1'rlscllla Dean,
John Smith and Pocahontas, and on
down jlit lino to Chartio Chaplin and
"Kn"y" Arb.icle wero represented.
Cowboys with clanking buckles
darned with bewitching Spanish
glr!.i In all their splendor; swect
fucid Colonial dames yith powdurccl
wss dropped their djnlty to swing
merrily armnd tho hall with pirates
atiptarlng In tho woll-known fierce
n'ss of Captain Klild: wlnsomo
minds Dixie 'way down South
ui th modified hoop skirts and th(
far-famed beauty and sweotness of
the olden days "bofo' do w.vh"
mingled with chivalrous young gal-
tno Argonno.
Visions of IxrcUnrK.
Visions of flehls of waving popples
and 'ho frngrnnco of cherry blossoms
cf far off Japan nddd to tho gay
tty of tho occasion by two beautiful
young ladles dressed In Orlontul
illken trousercttcfl nnd Jackets.
PrizcH for tho most original and
bu'omJnc costumes were won by Hen
nothstcin and Mrs. V. .1. Hlckcn
ttlier Itothstelii' wuh dressed as an
Indian chief and presented a stately
UK'Ti'. huh. liicKennemcr in a dikuk
end whlto costume even extending
ttie color scheme to her fare, ono
!de of which was painted black i
was awarded tho ladles' prize, a
hanlsomc manlcurhig sot. Hath
tttln's prize was a gentleman's toilet
kit Both prizes wero donated by
Morris Wasserman.
Orcliotn. All "Dolled Up."
The costumes woro not confined to
the dancers alono ns tho orchwitras
were also "dollop up." "Jack" Jlob-H-onJ
renowned orchestra leader,
added "pep" to tho mimical selec
tions by virtue of a flaming' red uni
form of tho "Jazziest" typo. Other
members of tho orchestra, wero
dressed In a variety of style.
The club rooms woro decorated-ln
an artistic manner symbolic of tho
occasion. Stacks of corn on tho
stalk, with pun'klns nestling 'neath
the harvest moon, woro placed
through tho rooms, while Jack-Ian-tfrns
and spooky witches ostrldo
broomsticks adorned tho various
Delicious apple cider strictly
"soft" fresh- from tho hillside
orchards, was served with flaky
CotiRhnuts hot out of tho pan. A
bountiful supply of lunucious red ap
plfs also was served.
Mown O'clock Toat.
Promptly at II o'clock tho music
ceasod nnd tho merry throng as
sumed an nlr of serlousneiw whllf
tho chimes tolled tho mystic hour of
Pleven, and Exalted Itulor "Hilly"
West delivered tho "Kloven O'clock
Toar a Vinder ceremony devoted
to the memory of "absent brothers"
who havo Journeyed to tho great
beyond. The assemblago stood In
li-id bllence as Exalted Huler West
spoke in a solemn ami Impressive
The sucess and popularity of tho
affair was attributed to tho untMr.g
fffnris of Exalted Hu!er West,
".Isek ' Gelfand, chairman of tlio on
tt'rtntnmcnt committee, "ftnoko"
Baflew, Walter Gray and othor mem
bers of the commlttco In charge of
armngehents. 1. ii.
Remains of Capt. Harry
Gwynne, Aviator, to Be
Buried at Arlington
Tho body of tho lato Captain
Harry r, Gwynne, son of Mr. and
I. I). Gwynne, 1305 South Hal
'more avonue, who foil In Franco
Juno 9, 1918, nas ftrrIvod in Now
fork city according to a tolcgram
fecelv,.j j,ero yesterday. Tho ro
fUns will bo laid to rWst In Arllng
'Jn, National conletcry, Arlington, W.
Captain Gwynno'a paronta will
J Wnablo to go east for tho In-
Vrracnt, which Is to bo marked by
.ytl military honors.
captain Qwynno was commanding
incfr of tho 133rd nlr squadron and
'.' s In this capacity that ho' met
oeath by accident, whllo flying to
hoapital to sen n comrado who
"111, Ho was vM known through
u.' 'bo mldcontlncnt oil field.
J.'Jfe ho had boon In tho omploy of
"''"rent oil companies. VA brother,
v"' u. Qwynno ana sister, miss
'r4 Qwynno also survive tho do
""ed, Captain Owynne'n memorial
w holil In MHntt Prosbvteria.il
thurrl, - 1
Th TlrllUl, al.tn nf ntnln In nn.
Kunt!rlng odverso Gaels. Norfolk
" Conncctvd Willi So Other Kslablhhmcrd in tltv orM
. .. A Wonderful sale of 125
Luxurious Winter Coats
Two-Thirds of Them With Handsome Far Collars
Saturday Morning
at 8:30 o'Clock at
The Coat Shop
j of Tulsa
Regular Values
$75,. $85, $98.50
to $125
Sale Price
r IT D rrru ;
2 Qss&w. mSLyZ
No Approvals
No Credits
No Refunds
Regular $75; $85,
$98.50 to $12$ Values
Your Choice
This is thcnmsl wonderful sale of the scaHon and every woman in Tutea and the
surroundings should take advantage of litis excellent opporlunilu. Come in cardu
Saturday morning and make uour selection, for during the entire Fall and Winter,
fou mag not have another opportunity to purchase coats of this class at such a
wonder f id low figure, as these coats were bought from regular stock, all fresh,
new merchandise, garments that sell regularly for a preat deal more money. Every
coat is beautifully styled -and modeled of the Winter's newest materials, heavy
Wool Frcize, Ilolivia, For tuna, Kersey, Marvclla, Frost Glow, Heavy Silvertone,
English Velours, Duvet de Lainc and Scotch Mixtures. Colors arc Reindeer, Light
and Dark Brown, Copen, Navy, Oxford, Mixtures and Hacks. Sizes for all women,
34 to JO.
All these Coats are lined
throughout with, beautiful
silk and are heavily inter
lined. Many fine Coats for
first Choice. .
Two -thirds of these gar
ments have luxurious Fur
collars of Bay Seal, Rac
coon, Nutria, Dyed O pos
sum, Fox and Australian
Suits Sacrificed
175 Finest Quality Suits reduced to prices that are less
than former wholesale costs only a few months ago.
$35.00 Suits of Poplin and Vclour. $21.95
$49.75 Suits of Silvertone, fur trimmed $35.00
$69j50 'Suits of all. wanted materials $19.75
$89.50 Suits of highest quality $58.00
$980 Suits, luxuriously fur trimmed ,...$75.00
$110.00 Suits, only one and two of a kind.... $89.50
$125.00 Suits of Veldyne, Squirrel Collar ... $98.50
$14930 Suits, including imported models $98.50
Marvelous Purchases of Waists al great Price Con
cessions enables us to show Saturday two remarkable
groups al these two prices,
$0.95 liT
Georgettes, Taffetas, Pongees, Crepe de Chines,
Pussy Willows.
300 New Dresses just received, bought al prices repre
senting an actual loss to the makers and placed on sale
Saturday al prices Jhat will astonish you. Although
we have been giving marvelous values in our October,
sales, these are the greatest we have EVKlt offered.

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