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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 05, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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Sews of Sapulpa
We sell satisfaction, too. We guarantee it or your money back.
100110125 Kuppenheimer Suits at$7
Republicans Elect Hard-
; .fe
the World.
,1'A. Nov. 4. Tho last of
, ii returns wcro In today
k thin morning anil con
pi oved without a doubt
k county hndtrann repub
i ,!. Inst night It wnu thoujjht
. .unty Jtuleu, county ntter
,V rift s office had been won
. ocr.it nominees, but when
i n.lcr of tho precincts ennw
i nini; It proved tlmt even
os had been won by tho
t althoudh with a very ,
M mty. !
y cork and county commls
w re tho only offices won by
iii rats, thesH wcro both won
11..1.1 mnjoilty. j
fin1frfihlii rurn ondud
l I Hpcttkman, democrat, le
u ii 6 1 votes nnd H. 8. WIN,
s i. publican. 6,77a voten. This,
,i ,'iil to be a very cIopo one
., list of tho precincts hail
u,u (1. For county attorney,
i ,, u,ii republican, won G.s;i7
v . , 1 (iiorj:n JennliiK, demo
, veil 6,061 votes. Late last
t u i lie tlemocrata claimed this j
i -hi rlff'a r.ico proved to be a
tt, , , s.. ono and tho republican, I
ii ! I.ivlnguton, received 0,967 i
v, s nd Abner Ilruce, democrat,
n iJ 0.652 votes.
Ti .. . itv mmnrlnf ini1ont'n nf
I ; . j n i j - -
f.. was won with tho blsgest ma-'
ot votes ns Mrs. Halllu letei
ro.ni.iil 7,920 votes, whllo her op-1
..i ll. inn l.-llrhl. nnlv L'Ot S.S'JO 1
Mt. maklntf Mrs. Peters win with
a nujuiitv of 2,530 votes. This raco
iv, , fur tho republican nomlnco
from lh! very start.
WU'lnm .Jenkins, republican, was
i 1' ious In tho court clerk's raco
im h revived 7,005 nsalnst tho
u. m rat. Maudu Klliott's 6,560
lit - The democrats won the
c 'ui.tv clerk's offlco by 199 votes,
. i 51 s. t'hestlnn Mnddox, domo
ci i n , 'vcd 0,755 votes and Uertha
1. 1'. inker pot 6.650 votes.
In the raro for county controls
si.in'r anee Likely, democrat, was
winner with 3,286 votcn and J. W.
Tli inpson received 2,432 votes. Tor
i .it y surveyor Jos. O. Gillette, re
pub.lcan, received 7,009 votes and
L ii e I'atrlck KOt 5,87 1 votes.
Kr c utility treasurer Ktl layno re
pubWan, received 7.229 votes, while
the democrat, K. K. I'ayne, received
C 'il voles. 1'rank Lynn, republi
can, won for county assessor with
7.02", votr3 and his opponent, John
I Cornell, received 0,088 votes.
Itopiibllcnns Carry Nationally.
Not only In tho county election did
Creek county go republican, but na
tionally and all other ways, for In
the firfal totals Havdlnc led tho
ti. Ret with 7,928 votes, whllo Cox
only polled 5,401 in entire county.
'nng.-cssman Harrcld led tho ticket
wrh 7 S06 votes, his democratic op
ponent. Scott Ferris, received 5,595
vnes John H. Miller of this city,
r.-iuiullcan. received 7,763 votes,
Mhlie Judge ltozarth of Okmulgea
re.ilxpd fi.492 votes. For congress,
Ti m l. McKeowcn of Ada only got
5 6j3 voles, whllo tho republican,
Piuigey, received 7,690 votes.
Itepiibllrnm Will Celebrate.
The republicans nro planning to
rldo high Jicru on Saturday night,
Mh. n they stage their ratification
in ngrum, according to party leaders
; "'ta . Itepubllcan leaders wero
jji'iimt today becauso Creek county
had Joined tho rest and Bono republican,
Car Is Stolen,
n. 12. Kelso ot Uio Kelso filling
stntinn on Dewey street, reported to
tho police this morning that hi
Unclse touring enr wan stolen last
nigliu Tho car was parked In front
ff the filling station nnd was inlawed
about 9 o'clock last night. Tho car
was painted yellow, gu ho thinks it
will bo easy to identify it.
Marrlngo Licenses.
Creek county marrlago licenses for
todty arc Itay C. Lnweon, 21, Ok-,
'"i'w and Jessie Callls, 19, ot Ilax'
t;'Vprings, Knn.; V. O. Frlcker. Jr..
Ji r.ir.,s, T,.lnni nnd cynthla Fryo,
-0 Sapulpa; David I.. Pollock, 38,
aI Mrs Mlnnlo West. 32, of Tulsa;
i;iy l-wing. 21, and Rachel Alley,
i ' , of Dopcw.
Struck by Two Trains
at Once, lion Is Killed
pITltuiT, Nov,. 4. One train cut
gs nf Walter Frantz, 11,
anil iim.u. .. .
fc iu nitinii inmaiii, a
' '"! train going In the opposite1
dlrrrtinn nut off UU hands when ho
! ,1 .. iM.-cn tho passing cars late
W'dii'sdiiy. The boy lived hut a few
ii i- wm j(0 ws playing on a ho.
'i when a Bwltch engtno backed
"i'Wii ami Mtruok tho cars, thrdtvlns',
ifl' ' v ! the ground with 'Ills feet I
' i ih.. rar mi which he had been
''.- Ills h;in!n foil nn lli nnrnl.'
""k and the Bccond train ran
'"I iliem.
Put Nilro in Lantern,
Miami Tots Arc Hurt
I'v A-,,ru(f, prp, . . Wlre.
- r. i kl'1' Nov. 4. Robert
... -rainor, 14 and 12 rc-
-;,ei hHj, nro m n iinncprtma condl
non i a l0n, jI0BpUn, rcflut
' r m uriei, recelvrii when their homo
' it Welch wtbs blown to atoms by
' v. rrln which the children,
(ft. i king for kcrosenu, had put In
i 7, , J'ireo other members of
wuro Injured.
hills rather Over Politics.
The. World.
KTItoro. Nov. 4.Kollx Ary. CO
ri old, was shot and instantly
lel mi election day by his 16-yov -'
id H,,n rieorgp, during a violent dls
1'Ute. over polltlcH.
''fl IIIhIKV Ciim-s.
o.JZ OI.AH. Ariz.. Nov. 4. Judgo
Mmucl L. Patteo -this morning nt
r n,!.Pj ArM, dismissed tho enso
a.rnt ,,u nr t)le rcnlnlnlng dofenil-
' n- lii in connection with t!-.o
1 isl.en deportation of allege,! "agltfl
irs ntnong tho copper miners. Tho
a-tion was taken on motion of
County Attorney It. N. French.
These are our finest suitsfinest in the world for that matter and
we are selling them at an actual loss; at less than we paid for them
Curtis Brown has the envied reputation of meeting conditions as they exist nnd dcng it quickly.
Single-handed and alone tho Curtis Brown store has fought for lower clothing prices since
last spring. Because of our success in lowering prices a combine of retail merchants tried to "bluff"
us with a "Vigilance" Committee "for cutting prices." We don't bluff. We are not that kind.
Wc took our stand and stood by ii. We said then prices would bo lower. Wo lowered our prices immediately. We've
lowered them many times since. Wc will lower them aain if wholesale markets continue to decline. This is an inde
pendent store we believe in a square deal for everybody every day. You should come in and acquaint yourself with
the new lower market prices. Kvon if you're not ready to buy now, you'll be posted on R10AL VALUKS.
All Wool
$40, $45, $50 Suits
Tho value in those miita is rep
resented by the original prices.
The fabrics arc all wool; the
styles superb. Now they are
Reduced to
Pure Wool
$55, $60, $65 Suits
You would hardly expect such
jjreat values as you'll find here
now at $'M. H isn't much lo pay
for a good suit that is worth up
to ?G5
Reduced to
Virgin Wool
$70, $75, $80 Suits
Modeled by Kupponhoitner for
pert designers, worked by skilled
tailors and made of the finest
woolens. These are went values
the best you can find any
where. Reduced to
$85, $90, $95 Suits
You men who nro accustomed to
fine clothes will feel at home in
one of these fine Kuppenheimer
tailored suits' nt $00 they arc
worth up to ?t)5
Reduced to
f Overcoats $58
Not the distressed and distressful orphan origins, "sweatshopped"
by unknown makers, now offered in such plentiful supply for "sale" purposes, but ,
regular Curtis Brown-Kuppenheimer garments at even less than our usual low prices
Ask to see the Label in the clothes you buy
Clothing offered at? retail that has no label to show who made it is like an anonymous letter the writer is either ashamed
to sign his name or too cowardly. Many makers of clothes do not label them they are ashamed of their own product! So
the Madofl'sky, Shimanski and Slabotsky stores that sell these "orphan origins" tell you they are "good" clothes or as good as
some famous brand. Look for the label in the clothes you buy. Then look for pric-j. When you find a Kuppenheimer label
you have the personification of clothes perfection and the finest tailoring and woolens that you can buy.
$40 to $45
Wo nro not conslilorlnc pohW.
Tliat'H why we've marked
homo of those routs nt lews
than the piico vto iald for
Reduced to 1
$50 to $55
J3K lMti't imirh to iny for
vprrmlM Hint wild no rv
cfiitly nt $" nnd $!.. You
ran now nfford to liny; thry
Reduced to
$60 to $65
You hiiy otiTomlH for
wnrnith, Mjlo nnd .n-rvltx-.
You i'iin'1 find Ki'ntiT wliv
Hon nor hcttcr vnhifM (linn
Reduced to
$90 to $95
The neurit mid Hinnrlcot
inodrN, Iho richest fnlirlcn
mill vti'im-s; Iho limit viuird
fihlmliiK of hi'iilillful i:il(i'nis,
Reduced to
$100 to $110
Mimy men won't wenr uny.
tlilntf hut Iho Iii-nI, .S'd mini
will Kirk ni imyluir J7H for
ono of Hicm' cokIh. Tlicj- wcro
8100 mid $110; now
Reduced to
Polo Coats
Field Coats
Hero nro tho real vuluesj Iota of
Moron would 11 $10 for coiils
not its Rood. Thowo nro wool
tweeds," rulilK'r mid iTnuintrd
lined, then lined with Hlll; wind
nnd rain proof, Mncle nnd dou
hlo hrciuttcd, ruclnn M(t'e, hell
nil around or half licit; all Mm;
wonderful allien at ,
Up to $2 Neckwear at 95c
If you wh-h lo nivc money If jou nro M'el;lii tho lit
niiHt In value, you'll ninlio Immediate selection from
theso mnrtelous net'luli. Uvrn If ion
don't huy, you hon!d iieiiiiulnt jouielf
with tho new market prices. 'I'hcMt nro
cnMly tho hl-cehi valui-s In town. N'ono
worth les-s than J1.M; many like them
formerly sold nt $2
r "
Newest Fall
A new suede cloth brought out
during the war and distin-
KulHhed lor IIh wearhiK ipuillly. Tills
fimt Is rulilier lined then a itood plaid
lining N (s'tiieuli'd oer thai; doulile
hrMit.c(l .sljlo half hell, railau
hlis-cs; sinies In llttht Ian and ;or
llovuu. Specially priced at . .".
A Great Sale of
Dress Trousers
Ynuntt nifii's fnnrv. nil-wool ilrcf pnnls ot
mixed fancy paturns In sliades to match
hultHi 10 values; our new A r
prieu ipO.flt)
Mon'fi nnd youni? mon'n wool panix; HrIu nnd
(lurk :ry. fancy intxturcH, k.tkih anil flmi
iisIh; Jll valuow; now Qn A?
price D 4 .fit)
All-wnol worsted nnd cnwtliiuire puiii, lm
hluf. brown, uray anil Kreen XlnniiclH; 12
values; our now (JQ A r
prlce OO.'it)
Yourifr mrn'u pnntu, out from firm, all-wool
HultintfH. llht and dark tray; fancy (TQ A f?
imf.cii), only tDtt 10
l hose ticld coats are warm;
they have lo ho. The sheep
pelt lining cuarautees thai. 1 1 Ik and
loomy, wild all 'round l II, laruc fur
collar mid fur cuff, slorm slcoic. I'lm
for ilrltliiK and iiiit.iloor tiear. $0
was (he price, now reduced lo
Vassar Underwear
Unhlonched vrntton rlliiiod union rnjltn. h'-nv
weight, nl.ii 31 to IB. vuiy hitht fl- , run.
larly retailed nt J2.Hi, fQ
Vhit9 cotton rlhhed union huI'ii of well known
mk. livy weight; n n ic; (jo or
rcducod from 13. So to Oj0t)
Xatural IlflltwolKht wool xarnn nt, ruriiierly
rotdllod t 13. BO; all 31 to in, (!() Afc
Idenl for fall woar ivA.O
Vino mercerized white HkIs unlnn niiUm of do
lU quality. V pni fei t-fittlntf t'arn.eiit; wurin
and twrvlceabl. Mads by tin; mil i (U.i
mU at J6; nuw prlu, uult .00
Genuine Cape Gloves $3.45
You hate probably m-cii the prices on kIoics this fall.
If )ou hme jiiii know they are liluli, Wo like li sur
prNe )oii with tallies. We want )ou to
m e llieM- .Mark t ioh Cordotuu caM) O i r
' i' I' M mis'. .. . r I .1 e a- a hiici lal J) J ,l T)
..rl.... I..rl.....u I ....... . T -Jk '
they nro Kreat Millies 1J
$4.50 AND $5
Madras Dress
'IliU Is tho prcnU'ht thine of
Its kind that's been ilnno In
yearn. 'J'Ihw are new hats;
hiuuller hiuart nliapeK with
eloso rolling brlinsj very
Kxd looklm;. Tho value nro
really wonderful.
urns rowi
Tuba's Livest Leading Men's Store
A few weeks nco fhlrt mail'
iifiictureiH wero askhm l
wholoalii for iIicm' samn
hhlrla; pennies, conls, prlul
ed and woieu madras anil
other isiMid weues. Wo
IioiikIiI them on the lower
market. Wo sell them tho
tnmo way.

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