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i VOL. XV. NO. 44.
Foreign Policy to
I m-t - t- - I
But Our Citizens Will Be
Given Full Protection
Anywhere Harding.
x"Amcrica, Eminent on Seas,
Safer at Home and Greater
in Influence," II Says.
Cnvalry Sabers of Ft. Brown
Garrison Rattle About
Him During Address.
Br Tha Araoclated 1-ress.
UitOWXSVlLLK, Texas, Nov. 11.
Facing a bordor crowd lrii which
wore many citizens of Mexico and
several offlclulu from tho Mexican
government, I'rusldent-Kloct Hard
ing proposed hero today a foreign
policy directed toward peace, and
i.t "lshlp, but demanding' always
lull protection of American nation
ality and of American citizens whuro
ever tlioy may bo,
Tho address, which wns his first
prepared public utterance since his
election to thu presidency, wan de
livered from ti stand on the Fort
Brown uparcd grounds with n fow
hundred yurds of tho International
boundary. Tho cavalry" sabers of
the Fort IJrown garrison rattlod
about 1 I in. but In placa of honor
on his right wns also a part of
tho -Mexican garrison of Matamoros,
paying a visit of compliment and
courtesy to tho 'next American
In the course of his address, do
.voted Jointly to tho significance of
Nho Armistice day anniversary and
to the country's foreign relations,
he did not mentloh"Icrlco by name
nor did lie refer directly to tho
leuguo of nations,
"Wo IK'iuiiiul Freedom."
"We cravo fraternity," he said,
"We wish nmlrnblo relations every
where, wo offer peace and choose
to promote It, but we demand our
freedom and our own America. I
believe an America eminent on tho
tens respected In every avenue of
trade, will bo safor nt homo and
grcn'rr In lnflucneo throughout the
world 1 llko to think of an Amer
ica whoso citizens uro ever seeking
the greater development nnd en
larged resources of the republic, und
I like to think of a government
which protects Its citizens whom
ever they go on a lawful mission,
snywhero under tho shining sun."
Mr Harding also suggested lnat
tho nation learn a lesson of prepur
ednfM from tho exporlonco of tho
world war, and spoke a word for
waterway development, Ho pnalsod
tho efforts of Tcxnft cltizetiH toward
tho development of adequate port
f.icl'i'les at the mouth of tho nlo
Grande, declaring his vacation visit
to Pont Isabel hart brought a new
realization of tho economic possibil
ities of the state,
llugu Crmwl ;iitli(TX.
Ai' hough primarily an Armistice,
dav celebration, tho program of ad
dresses and the parado whlrh pre
ceded It, wero also planned as a
we', finio to the president-elect and
as a boost for tho Itlo Grande deep
iteras movement. (Tho crowd
can by thousands from many of
he Kio ornndo valley clttos and
ncr H the border, nnd there wcro
In Mw. day's events, many elements
'o . iphaslxo national nnltyvnd In
'arnntionnl friendship.
' tho parue, which Included an
r' r.ao pageant .representing his-tori-
,1 opoches fttd demonstrating
prodinivo possibilities of tho val
1 Mcxtcnu Consul VnsqUex Of
Brownsville and American Consul
Ww.n of Matumoros, rode togeth
er f ,ch carrylhg tho flag of his
"v f Many other Mexican flags
wn-t n, (), procession nnrt tho mil
itary bnnd of the Matamoros gurrl
Wn t ad a plnco just behind - the'
reur'ti cavalry squadron which acted
i e president-eject's escort ,
Oeneral Lopez, military governor
of the Matamnrus district, was one
" 1. JesMiip, vice' presldost (if tho
"f 'hose who sat on the speaker's
Mexico Pnrt mi lrtfiviniti
IV fori, Mr Hardlnflr's torn on' the
program thurn were address by
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
!03 Valaco IJIdg. Wiono 151
Thousands See
Hundreds Attend Cerepiony
Patrick J. Hurley Presented With Distinguished Service
Medal; Veterans Speak and First Tree Is Planted on
Riverside Memorial Drive by Legion.
O. W. Fleetwood, adjutant of T,
A. Hunt encampment and a grny
halred veteran was assisted to tho
improvised platform, nnd In thu
name of tho onrnmprncnt presented
to tho Joo Carson post, a" largo
framed picture of notional of fleets
of tho Confederate Veterans and (J
A. It. seated nt a table and clasping
hands nt tho Joint meeting at (lettys
burg In 1910. Tills picture Is
symbolical of tho united spirit
which soldiers of all wars must
firing to servlco of tho country, ho
declared. "It Is my pleasure to pre
sent to you this memento of tho
mingling of the IJluo nnd tho Cray,
nnd the burying of tho tomyhawk.
a memento of this occasion nnd of
tho fact thst we alt stand united
under ono flug."
Will I.. Ktigloton accepted It, say
ing: "On behalf of the Joo Carson
Post i wish to thank you. Mr. Fleet,
wood, and through you tho Thomua
A. Hunt cncninpmen of the Con
federate Veterans. Hy this spirit
all will bo enabled to carry on and
prosper." i
Tho dodlcnlory address was elo-
Soldiers Refuse to March
by Stand With Official
Reviewing Line.
V 1 1 1 1
Mayor Refused to Call Off
Benefit Affair Planned to
Aid Children of Germany
PlTTSltunair, Nov. ll. Forty
thousand world wur veterans today
refused to march past the reviewing
stnnd in which stood Mayor K. V.
Ilabcock. Tho veterana had pre
viously announced they would tuku
this action because of tho mayor's
refusal to call off a tag day for the
benefit .of Ucrniaji and Austrian
children. Just before the marchcri
roached tho reviewing stand they
turned und mnrchod Into auothcx
Judge Paulson K. Foster, who
nerved overseas oh a private and
Captain Itobert S. Cain, county com
missioner, who wero on the stand
with tho mayor, pointed uUt Hid sit
Uatlti to htm, and he tried to ad
dress the crowd to "explain his po
sition, persons noar him said. Uut
the crowd would have none of It.
Thov cheered the veterans and
after moro than half an hour of con
fusion tho mayor wulked down from
tho stand.
Immediately tho lino of march
was resumed und the parado con
trolled without further Interruption
to ftalienly pork where a program of
Hports was carried, out.
Wllen tho permit was granted for
thu tag day, which was to raise
money for children in the central
empires, it was greeted by a storm
of protest from soldier organization')
and while Mayor naboock refused
to withdraw the permit, tho society
back of the movement finally do
cldcd tb cancel iill its arrangements
.uid collect no money. Meantime
prcssuro on thy mayor wns without
result and last night ho Issued a
statement in whli.li ho said that
"whether right or wrong, tho permit
had bean Issued" and that ho wns
"the mayor of the peoplo of Pitts,
This- did not meet tho demands
of, tho oMdlers and today when a
line of automobiles carrying thous.
and or more who had been wounded
reached tho reviewing atund, ov
which stood Mayor Habeock, tho
parade rjtopped. Men climbed out of
the machines and tho assembled
ciowd cheered them. They made a
detour of about a block or two
art-uml the stand and thou took up
the line of mnrch us though noth
ing had happened.
Tho word was carried back along
tho lonjr line of matchers and post
after post of tho American legion
followed thu example of jhfc wound
ed u.t they reached W)o stand.
Chester Won't Fight
Extradition to K. C.
OHUAT RI.I.S, Mont,, Nov. fl.
Usury M. Uoylo, u Kansas City de
tective, today identified a man held
hero as r;nnls Chester, wanted Ic
the murdiur of Miss Florence llarton
In KsnsAs City last October. Itoyle
suld Chfstor did not deny his Iden
tity fuid announced ho would go
back without extradition papers.
Big Parade,
fluently and arnestly given by
Kngloton: At this time it become
my placo ti dedicate this treo and
this drive, he said. "This lieo.
though It seems puny and weak Is
dedicated to tho moniorv of Jon
Carson, the first boy whohad been
reared In Tulsa to give his life In
active battle In the great war.- This
tree, so small nnd weak now, will
beeomo large. Its spl ending iirins
will lift heavenward ami. remind is
of what ho and others llko htm did
for America. This drive will be
decorated by a tree for each one
from this state, who gave his or
her life In the great wnr. k Thero
aro almost 1,000 trees t tie dedi
cated. Thin park' will becomo ono
of tho most beautiful sites In tho
State of Oklahoma, It will be n
constant reminder lo us fit what
was done by us in tho grent war.
It will remind us that when wnr was
declared that the boy had no educa
tion, coming from n homo of pov
erty, gave his life gladly It will
remind us that tho boys who wcro
"As Near 100 Per Cent
Value" Given as Pos
sible, Says Clements. .
Wooden hips, Built for
Emergency, Certain to Show
Loss, Witness Says.
NKW YQUK, Nov. 11. Com
mander A. H. Cleinents'xccutlvc
assistant to .Admiral Ilenson, chair
man of thi) I'nlted State shipping
board, today told the congressional
committee Investigating the Affairs
of tho board that, considering every
thing, It Is a remnrkable tribute jo
the board that,the Frilled States se
cured 'as near 100 per cent vulue
as It dUU'J
The witness referred to tho work
er tho board In Jmlldlng up new
trades, nnd told of tho business cop.
noctlons established that wcro prov.
Ing remarkably successful. Ho de
clared conditions In different trades
wcro such that n general operating
contract covering everything was,
In his opinion, a "dream,"
Tho United" Mates shipping hoard
now employs 10,000 men with an up
turn! payroll of ( 19,000,000, Com
mander Clements said, The slzo of
of tho organization1 is being gradu
ally reduced, howover, ho added.
On Stand All Day.
Tho oommnnder was on tho stand
all dify testifying ns his personal
knowledge of the. chnrges contained
In tho report to ttio committee mndc
by Hecretntlej Fisher and ltlohnrd
son, of u majority of tho matters,
he sold, ho had little pcrnonnl
knowledge, his vork consisting
mainly qf "tnntrrlals of tho future"
having pnrtlrulnrly to do with the
trade routes. He said that tho re
port submitted was "substantially
correct" as to thlngi which ho
knew, and that his tistlmony slunv
ed thero wero Isolated oases which
hud come to his knowledge.
Under tho udmlmstratton of Ad
mirftl Uunson, tho witness assorted,
the board w-ns alwavs rciidy to hear
and to uct on complaints arid con
structlvo criticisms.
Much of his testimony during the
dny tended to show that tho ship
ping board was preparing or putting
Jury Convicts Rufe King Quickly;
Bones o f Men Slain 11 Years Ago
Used as Evidence Against flayer
LYNDON. Kan.. Nov. 11. Jlufc
King, on trial here charged with
tho murder of John Woody, who
disappeared while In King's em
ploy, nt Maple Hill. Kan., In 1909,
was convit tcd by a Jury Into today
of murder ,ln the first degree.
King has been on trial here
for tho last 24 days. Ho was
arrested more than n year ago
In Colorado, after bones had been
dug on the farm premises at
Maple Hill, whero ho had con
ducted a livery stable. Other
charges of murder In connection
with tho finding, of the bonea aro
pending agulnst King.
Tho Jury deliberated only. 45
minutes. Itcsldcs Wood, King
-was charged with tho murder of
lleuben Cutshall, u young farmer,
Be Friendly But
" ' 1 .
Sells Soviet Government'
Billion Dollars Worth '
- of U. S. Goods. !
Largest Amount of Merchan
dise Ever Contracted fpr
l in Single DeaJ.
Declares All Parts of United
. States Will Benefit by
Restoration of Trade.
Hussion gold Milpivrd to the
Vnltoil tii iiurrliiu-o supplies
through Washington 1. Vnnderllp
or Ills syndicate nr for other pur
'POM'.H will l' liebl up by the
Fulled .States goM-riiiuent und will
rotitlnuo to Ih held up until tho
oonMgmVH establish their owner
ship of thu gold to tho complete
Malefaction of (IV' Mate iiiil tros
ury departments. Those regula
tliinn VIU remain In effect Indef
initely. Assistant Secretary of Hie
Treasury Gilbert announced to
day. Ily I.Ol'ISU HflYANT.
HrrUt Oirre.nonilant of th I. K. S.
tt'opyrlKbt 19J0 by Th Jnfl .Newt
MOSCOW (Wireless to Ttnrlln
Nov. Jt.- Tho soviet government of
Itussla has contracted to vnurchnso
i,uwo,oeii,viu worm or mercnanoisr
In tho United Wales In mil through
the syndicate beaded by Washington
I). Vanderllp,-a Unnkrr i,S i,.,s An
geles, It wns nnnounced here by Mr.
Vnnderllp before his departure for
Itovsl In a special train. The Amer
ican financier said ho was well sat
isfied with the result of his nego
tiations with tho soviet government,
and this sentiment wns eeltoed bv
niisslan officials. Tho commercial
order socllred hero for fulfillment
In thu United Mutes Is, the biggest
In tho history o the vwld.
The correspondent of tho Inter
national News Service met Mr, Vari
derllp at tho foreign office Just ufter
he had signed tho contract for n
long lenso on a gigantic sllco of Si
beria and Kamchatka, u tract as
blgas an empire Tho banker was
smiling nnd hnppy uer the Success
of his deal. Ho gavo tho Interna
tional News Service tho following
Not Harding 1'inl.vnry.
For tho foreign prsss nnd the
American peoplo: "It has been
brought to my nttentlnn that our
socrnjary of state, Mr. Haliibridgo
Colby, mado a statement to the ef
fect that I was In Moscow at tho in
stigation of Senator (now jircsldont
elect ( Harding, negotiating for ro
cognition of soviet Ilusila by lbs
United States. I camo to Itussla to
acquire .or th" Vnnderllp syndicate
on terms Of 50 years, 400,000 squaro
miles of Husilsn territory, rl'jh In
oil. coal and fish This acquisition
gives the United States rnutrnl of
th oil situation on the ISieifle. I
have also obtained an understand
ing whereby the Russian govern
ment will purchase in tho United
Btnles during 1921 merchnpdlse
worth fl, 000, 000. 000, offering In
puvtpent gold, platinum, furs, oil.
oil products. innguieSQ copper, tim
ber pulp wood, hides, grain and
other raw materials
"Oreat quantities of these supplies
nrn ready for Imnu'dluto shipment
The commodities not needed In tho
United States will ho distributed
throughout Kuropeiin countries." In
n few months tho unsettled con
ditions here have enabled Japan to
se ore almost n complete monopoly
t tmde, will be brought back to
iiorn i condtilons. and goods )fur
who dtF.H'pearod in Mnrch, 13.
nnd W F lilnyer, a Jewslry
peddler, who disappeared in De
cember. 190fi
The sk'deions dug up on the
King property, and declared by
the stute to have been those, of
Woody, (inetsball and Itlnger,
were Introduced at tho trial, al
though ihe chnrg' on which King
was' ci.nvb tcd today was that of
killing Woody. .
The slate also endeavored' to
prove at this trial lhi robberv
was tho motive for tho alleged
killing of the three men.
Tho dcfetifo Introduced wit.
riesscs wh claimed to have fcen
Woody nllvo after tho date tho
prosec itlcn charged, King I ad
killed him und bupried tho body.
World Joins in
Celebration of
Allied Success
The whole civilized world unit
Od yi'flerd.iy In the observance of
ArmWtlco day. -the second nil
nlversary of ho cessation of hos
tilities on thu western battle
Never have "tho great nailoiw
of the globe met with such
unanimity and on such common
ground the celebration of a sltrglo
event affecting all.
Throughout the llrltlsh em
pire, the United States. Franre,
Ilelglum and the lesser states, the
day wns observed with lilting
ceremonies. Natlomi, statesmen,
diplomats, solitleis and men of
humbler walks of life Joined In
paying homage In tho memory of
fallen heroes, There wero cele
brations. In all the lipportnnt cities
of tho United Staes. (irtiornl
Nlvolle, former comtnnndci'-tn-olilef
of the French army, to(7
part in the" ceremonies in New
York city.
Wall Street Disaster
Aimed at Union Crooks,
Says Evening World.
Workmen or .Sympathizers,
Intended to Bldw Uri Brin
dcll and Aids, Theory.'
NKW YOIMC, tfov. 11. llesponsl
blllly for tho dlslsous Wall Street
explosion last Heptember, tho echo
of which was heard around tho
world In denunciation of thu "reds"
and "anarchists," today was charged
. I...1li,l.ltll Inlinrlnl. iii.ii Mi- fnfinr
sympathizers by tho New York Kvo-
ning VVftnu. I lie iflltir, iniwiiTwi,
,i.,lii,t It nnnl.l mil nxiihiln the
presence .pf""" threivtB signed "an
arohlHt fighters.'' found in n mall
box near tno scene or tno explosion
.In a three. page story tho rjaprr
announced that the myBtery of the
blast that killed nearly 10 pirsonn
and Injured IRQ more had been
"solviid," Tho theory advanced wai
.tin. Mia Aanth urnimn In which the
bomb had exploded had not been
sent into tno financial oisinci. iu ter
rorize "tho capitalist class," but had
i,.nn inintulfiil mi a ruortsal aimlnst
llobert O. Urindell, president or the
hqlldlnir trndss council, and 86
"bnnucii worsen ompiyi
...ii.,!,tni. tlid mIiipV iiyebanffs build
iui,n,,i,, " - ...-..- --
Ing annex. Held up on tho way, the
bomti was nsiievcu oy mu iiin m
havo exploded beforo It reached Its
destination. . . ...
Snoklng to 'n Mho explosion with
tho "building tnirteu itrnft,' 'now
being investigated by a Joint legls.
i.,ii,.n Knminlitcii. tile n.-fner. namlnii
a housov wreiTfers union, said "Ihe
JvVenlng World hero presents proof
that l.SUO men, iimny mi iok-ih"
born, sober, industrious, efficient and
well disciplined, have, within a space
of 18 months been snbjerted to an
amazing ronsplrscy of greed and In
Jnitlce and the enploplnn was the
culmination of this tyrnnny. The
building trades graft wns responsible
for the crime."
The RvcnJng World does not
rhari;o"lb union ns a union w'h
responsibility. It was the work of
lndlvldunl, pi.Hihiy lnld" the
union, possibly tho work of syrppa
thbers . .
"Further proofs are presented that
the wrnth nnd resentment of these
working men and their Mows who
knew of their tragic losing fight
to avert vngrnncy and starvntlnn in
dnys of overflowing labor opportu
nity was centered not only on their
nrehoonressor. Honert I . uriiyicu
d'e'ntnr of the building trades coun
cil but upon house wrecking con
trsclors." The police nnd ngenH of the 4H"
unrtmenl of Julce. the pnpr as
serts, todnv are "busy looking
through the membership roll of
Hnitso V.'reckcrs union No.. 91 to
find mtii wjio mii'ht have been so
fnl t modern Hlior union nrln
eloles and the teiieblnL'i of flomtrs
nod rrayne nnd their own oulennken
Pdvocnte of lau- arid order Wllllnm
Vnrnnko. ss In Id-t.eken their ortrnnl
rnHoti'H emd name yliv n o-lriie of
nrlvnle vong-soep s horrible and
ns v. I'ert n the Wall Street ex
" At'ornev Sivnnn nnnnnneed
b. bid iPVped every pemon mei
tinned in th" riewstmner storv to be
piirte,t thst If thev hfd any Informs
tlnn llkelv to resi'lt In Indictments
of -iiltv parlies, he would lmm"d
atflv idncp It before the Pontember
a his n'flre tomorrow nfternnnn He
rovTisfni ov paof. hktkk.v,
irf new on aalo at Jftlklns Mualo ator.
- y
Sustains Fractured Skull
When Aulo Skids Into
Only Mark of Identity Is
Ring Bearing "C. E.
Allen; Auto Is Wreck.
Empty Eight-Ounce Contain.
or Smclled of "Corn" Po
lice on Case Doclnro.
At 2 o'clock tills niomliig Allfl)
xmih n'srttt ns slltl iincmwIouH slid
In a dangerous (inilllUon,
A man believed lo be ChnrleH K.
ah.... ,iiir of nnllco under
lllVII, llllllt.t ... - . y-
the Hubbard tftlmlnUlrntloli, Is In
the Tulsa hospital with a frsulured
skull, flghilnic fur Ms Ilfo, as the
result or an nuiomuuin nniiio..i ...
tho blind Intersection 'Of Mirth Kl-
wood aii'l i-iiiuuiPivBei" m
block on North lJIwnod Wst night
about 10,45. , . . .
Although" tho accident victim 1ms
. , uiii....i., Mitiiilrliiil. a. rlnlf
1101 imen 1 ni" , . . , ,' T, V
bearing thu nurne. "C,
removeo trom nin nnKr r
liy Wiley. nttendlrirJ physician.
Thiisi JlherH IX1iki IliJury.
Kxcetit for nils' talfsmftn ttftnoM
oompleto mystery shroiJilM the case.
Two unidentified men lira known to
l.i.,nf IM...I men nrfl known to lutva
have b 1 membuts Oflho party nc-
oordlngg to police and noetor Wiley.
Th two men, who took 'Alleli lo tho
m .,.. ,11,1 iml Hnnlnr In tin
Injured, hosplUI ntthnhes said. 1he.y
(.Id not give meir nuiiii-n, n.ui n.nu
the Injured muri wns "ex-Chluf
Allen." ,
trfflcers who invemnjiimi me tung
stated they found nn -jentpty olIjMt
butico bottle which they ssld hud
contained corn wninnvTi 10 am .--peau
of the wrecked machine.
K("eml Nninori (Ihon.
,11 .. t..i.,,,u.,iiiM form WnS
lieil n iiiivki,"
tnken to tho hospllul In on arnbu-
hiiico called by two men wnu uim
1..1.1 ii,,, ilw, liililreil man was
U IM iiinnio i,,u. ..." -
C. H. Hubbard, foruiur mayor. Then
they gave thu name of C, I-.. Allon
and finally said their companion wus
"Fox". Aocorqtng 10 1110 "
attaches thfly wero under tho Intli)'
enco of liquor, They departed frgm
t)l hoitptal wnnimi iinivuiK nr
dlrwtlons as to euro of tlmlr com
H was immofiiatriy esiniwiiuu
that tho man was not Hubbard.
It Is nssumcd by investlgntlnij pf
flcttrs that tho driver of llof 111
,.i ii,,i,n tnnrlnir car. sneudttig
south on F.lwood, was forcfid to at
tempt thu turn Into Duluth ufter see
Ing tho curb ahead when It was too
latu to siurgen speen.
.... ci 1,1,1,,1 i-iriv i'11't.
Marks on the street Indicate thu
auto skidded nearly to feet- buforo
colliding with n tslephoqo post, bead
on. The car was noticeably short
imni! In leoirtb and crumpled up :n
the middle by the Impnrt. I
The rur, whose owner could not be
Identified, born u 1420 Oklahoma li
cense plate, No. nam.
Doctor Wiley, summoned by hos
pital authorfles, hurrlid Alton to tho
office of Dr. M I". Springer whero
:u X-ray photograph revetited tho
fractiu-e. Trni pnllenl was then
taken back to tho hospital.
Mrs Allen, prior to Identification
of her husband, told The World he
bnd gone out of town curly In thu
afternoon. She did not know, shu
said, where Mr busHniid bad gone.
Mr. Mien Doubts It.
Msr Allen when lfnriued by the
,,,.'.1,., 1 in. 1 ji man "wc believe H
Charlie Allen" was nt Ihe hospital
with a fractured skull, S.ild she did1
not think It wus her husband. "He:
Is supposed to bu out of town", she
ssld. She was preparing to go to
ihe hosnllal at 2 O'clock to e the
Injured man.
! ii.uiiitii iileollflciiilnn w.ik im-
poaslblw at .111 earlv hour this morn
ing becaiisi of the refusal of hos
pital ntt(ilirs tti peimlt police of
ficers to view tho Injured man:
oni: kii,m:i, oni: injur
ll AMO'l.-lHirt prraa Stale Wire
MUSKOKUKi:. Okla., Nov. II."
Herbert tleniiul of I.Iiihi, Ohio, was
killed and I.. Hnjder of this city
seriously Injured, when the aitlotno.
bile lu which they wurc rvtiirnlnii
from a hunting trip fun off of thu
highway and turned fiver, eight
miles south of here, at I o'olock
thin afternoon.
OKLAHOMA: Frldfty fair, colder
In vast portion, Saturday fair.
Maimed 'Heroes
Of World War
Are Forgotten
HUSTON, Nov. II -A call to
the tuition to leiuember Us
wounded of the world war, "20,
000 of whom still live, maliied In
mind 1 or body, 11ml to a great
ctMit, foi gotten," was sounded
today by F. W. llolhnllll (if pill
rlnuatl, national commander of
tho American I.'glou, who ruino
here tor Armistice day exercises,
Ho asserted that hospital f.irll
Itlcs, for tht" wounded wtornns,
i,Veri! "entirely Inadequate, add
ing "It there 1 adequate treat
ment given these broken boys at
Uny hospital, 1 buve yet to sou
Doth army and navy hospitals
.aru capablw, hn said, but added
Mi... 1.. .n ,1... ...... H..1.1
ipt lll"l Iill iOU llVllllillllll UOIH
lluvo been removed from theso
Institution!!. lMiblln liniillli mir.
1 vice hnspiluls Wnrn giving tbli
post treatment pivoutiln with
tliulr facilities, Im continued, hut
nin nuiilbtir of men nt these. Iifi
stltlltlotis wus eomliarativclv'raw.
f''Tho wounded men uro being
Irsinsfurreil to other places, nhy
Whoru to got them under cover
and away so they may get treat
ment ns Is their need and duo,"
tho legion hend deulared.
JTh jicoplo of tho United
Mat as had acclaimed them ni
hofoes when they returned nnd
tho men of Ja American logtou
Hhp claim 'them ns comrades In
arms should Join hands to rem
edy thu conditions Hint exist,"
aw IH...M
Sale of Malt and Hops to
Private Individuals Is
Put Under Ban.
Enforcers Throughout Land
Notified of Now Ruliiiu; by
Dry Officials.
Hy Ilia Aajoi'latnl I'reaa.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11 llbmo
brewing was brought actively under
thu prohibition ban today when ft
won ftuined that enforcement offi
cial) hud ruled against thn snlo of
hops and malt to others than b.ikns
and confectioners, ureal secracy
surrounded the prohibition bureau's
action, but It was ascertained Unit
such Instructions hud been Issued.
Details or tho order were lack
ing, Thn only admission made by
prohibition offclals In tho absonco
of Commissioner Kramer wuh that
tho Volstead act had been construed
to mean that tho sale of mall and
hops as component parts of home
mado beer wero "without" tho palo
of (ho Inw and their sale must stop,
Knforcemetit officials throughout
tlu country huvit been notified of
the government's determination, but
they have not been supplied thu
technical language of the decision.
Officials An Ilctlivut.
The construction which resulted
In tlo new order was miide nearly
tvp months ago. At that time offi
cials have It In 1 barge, starltid a
document through thu lugular pro
ceiliii" from whli h It emerges us a
treusUiy deilsl'in Hut It lias not
yet been approved by Secrotnry
-Houston l iii-ilier Hum to admit
existence of the proposed treasury
ruling, officials declined to discuss
Denial was made to the report
that the bureau bad considered or
had Included in 'lis order other ar
ticles us ''I In home brewing. Offi
cials likewise denied that provisions
wore to b made fur the licensing of
even the bakers and confectioners,
apparently the only persons who
will be ubio to purcliHsu hops and
There wero persistent- rumors at
both the urohlbitlon and Internal
revenue headquarters that scores of
oniiiplalnts hud come from tho man
ufacturers of cereal beverages, con
taining less than 0110 half ono per
cent of alcohol against the tremend
ous growth of brewing as u homo
Industry. On this phase of the sit
uation officials also rofusod com
ment. Near II01T Kales Decn-un.
If was unders'.ood, however, thnt
tho beverage iiiuiinfacturers' com
plaint had been based on n steady
hut rapid decrease In their sales,
which they have charged to the
growth it home brewing. They
wero understood to have protested
to the internal .eve,,,,., bureiu thn
erifpreornen. agents were enforc ll.
W a"i!e:g.!"!:,!r.,n!!t:
n wave or t antu us 10 inn i.uv
lorprnent'fl rlnl"!
Relates Rate-Raising His
tory of Commission in
Sizing Up Case.
Public Merely "Hollering
Gas" UccatiHo It Lacks Butt
for Anger, Echola Thinks
Mass of City's Testimony May
Not Ho Presented, but It
HaH Plenty, Ho Says.
Tulsa gas users may proptvr for
thn shock)
A rnhtp In g.io rntcn for this Clt
was nractlcallv promised bv II. 1':
Keiiolu of tho slato corporation com
mlsalon, In an Informal statement
made- yesterday during tho naa
Rcho Is didn't Indicate how fctoeo
the lalso will bo. Ho didn't even
stute definitely that Jhoro woulld bo
a raise, llut ho hinted nt it no
strongly that those in thu municipal
auditorium nt tho tlmo went away
convinced that tho rate will V
boosted- spcculntliur only on .the. tpc-
ieni m ill" iiiKO( 1
ICehoIs said! "Kvery decision
mndc by thn (Sii-jxiraUon commission
slncu I liavo Ixtii with this liodylms
cuiiMil liuwism In rules, even
though tlictwj decisions luivo Stavn
mado In tho foeo of ad verso publlo
oplplon. Wo'vii got lo flguru tlirwj
lIllllL-M nut 1111 11 bilslnCMM IuuiIm. llvnn
I though ej may not Iw popular, tt
I Is our duty.
Defends (ion Company.
"Fpbllu servlco coniorntlous nro
(lio only tdnss of business In the statu
that lulvcn'l iroflccr-I ilurliig ttio
past four cnrs. Their physical und
rlmiiii'lal I'Oiiillllou .ikiiv is vrorn
llia.i ir tVnn ill It) III. wlilln iivrr
other class of ImslnrwM lias nroflted.
Tho K4)iilo couldn't 'Iiolier' at uny
mio idso but It hollered nt tho cor
IKirnloiis, Thero Is tui nocd to work
yourselvcrt Into u frinuv over it con
dition that cJlsts only In your nilnils;
Jtist hh wvH meet tho situation
frankly. You limy take iiU ns a
siHf'li of defense for llm cnH com-
pany'or us 11 plain slatcjucnt u(
That witiilsscs for tho city will bo
put on the stand Friday morning lo
testify to servlco given by thn Okla
homa Natural (lus company in
phibablo, Tho city Attorney's of
fice has given out word that ull wit
nesses subpoenaed should reportat
10 o'clock Friday morning. It does
not a linear, h'owover. after Thurs.
day's session, that many of tficso
IVll mtllllPM Wilt loutlri- l.Vl ln..v .
lion Commissioner Kchols admitted
without fetuctanco Thursday itbat
tho municipal auditorium couhl rib
iiuuob im cruwuati win local con
siimern who can and will truthfully
declaro on oath that tho servlcn
glyen hero last winter by the gas
company was almost unbearable.
he Nollilng Strnugo Hen-,
'You can't suggest or won't iurr-
gest anything that wo haven't hoard,
uniens jc migui 110 a lew local con
ditions that nro different than lhr.-f
In other cities over the state,"
Kchols asserted.
it. C. Sharp, acting general man-
ager for tho gas company, who oc
cupied the witness stand all dny
Thursday, said tho company's equip.
.,,,i.i I,, n.,i 1. 1 1.,
1,11,11 ,,, mm,, .a 1 iiiu,iv ui uuiuAung
60,000,000 to 70.000.000 feet of ek
dally If that much could bo obtained.
Tho present average is around 18j-
uuu.uuu icei in com weatnor. Jlrj
said tho ruoson his company soils)
gas to producers nt a flat rato lu
" promoio tno iiriiung of mora
wells hoping that by so dolnir nn ml.
dltloual supply of gas will be do-
vuiopeu. '
He testified that tho oil nnd gnu
Demmies Spent More 7 V
Than G. O. P. in State
OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov. ll.-r-Tio
democratic stnto campaign com
mittee filed with th statu election
board u statement of Its axpensoa
In tho recent catnpnlgii. Thu stuto.
mont niacoii thu democrat s expenseit
In Oklahomn nt 63,432 S3 The
republican staternem filed vesterdnj
gave IR-1,577.70 as tin expenses ol
thnt party In tho campaign in the
Ki:i:riN(i thi.vos movi
Itm (instruction days demand extra
"" V m etent rel ablo
I P"1 wp";; L Vu I,
' f ' "(1""r yU n,U",
, ; "U ';
If .iu are an emiiloyor, you need
i prooKtns ter mnny
t an Osage, C000 fur want ad taker,
i Si

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