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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 12, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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rUlW PM,Y VOPTP rpjr
v vn,' 10 1020.
I'ubliahut l.vary "i tn i-ii . i. 1 iloot mlir
f-tir;g'n th 'tula p.iil(i. r s,r,.i,,l '.''.
nTTIl'nt" 'ci'K ' At llIT lit II I- A I t)Y 11 ll' I i.a hTjN
MKMllKltM ()K Till; AHOl lA'J'KII I'lIK'"
Tlit AmmIk I'ft.t i, Ficltialvalr rlilltlot In th
for ttt'iibllcalli'ii of ml n.wn riiapalcliaa erxllltil In II
er not nlhtrwUa rrcllltil in Hil I'mxr iel lha
JjjyJMjg liMiphnlhrin n
BUiirciiirruiN "iiATiinr ii7Yiaii."Tn advamoi:
On Tar ,.M00 Ona yar II AO
Mi monthe too Kia Mm n I In ,,, '
Ttirtu Mon'ha Ml per Month H
On Month II
On Tar MOD on Vaar
Uli Inontlis 1. 00 Hla noml'ia
Thr Mor.lh ,., I. It I'n Muntli
On Mouth IP
One Yrr (1 71 On Ytur .,
Mi mnrilha I..0 Hl month
l'r Month II y,t Mgyitli
.1? 10
. 1,10
far Waik
I'ar Mahth In Ad.ifira
1'at Vaar In Ailmten .
.1 .11
. (id
lit U4
Tar Waak
I'ar Month. In AUnanc
Yaai, In Advanr
ii i' r i i i A i, i:
t v ! . r k u
Dailu liiblicul Quotaton
1'imiAV, novi:miii:ii la
The, angel of thn l.oril oiicnmpHth i omul ulioul
Omni (hut fear him, ami dollvcreth t hum
I'iu. H i 7.
Hn bids liln iingols pitch llii'lr tents.
Hound wliorn IiIh (hlldrcii dwell;
What III" their heavenly earn prevents
No earthly toungn run Mil.
Aru (Iicy not all ministering spirits, mnt forth
to minister for thorn who shall ho hells of sal
vation? Hoh. 1: 14.
Kvcn a baseball league in a war breeder,
Thn World frankly confcsscH Itsqlt wed
pleased over tho report that neither Herbert
Hoover or Kllhu Uool will bo offered . cnhlnvt
portfolio!. ' '
Tho report from1' l'pl.nt Wbol that Haunter
Harding hooked tho biggest tarpon In tho itulf,
tut wuh uiialilo to land him tihoiVH that newly
elected presidents nro no dlffciciit from nrdl
nary llshcrmnii. No lie-man In expected' to toll
tho truth about n fishing expedition!
Another election casualty hull hoop reported.
Tho Knld News, dnmocrutlc Irinn Ita hlrllt, him
nnnnunccd a ctmniro of heiu t . and will henr.'j
forth champion Um enunn of rupiihllranlnm,
irnvlni; tho domocram of Oarfluld county with-'
out an "oruan."
, .. :
After all, It roittitrvN no Httlo effort and no
much lorm achievement to win fanio that thn
wonder Is there Imi't ipor'o of It Mcuttercd arolind,
Tho national domocrntlo ciuU of New York han"
Jut clnctd "Woodrow Vlnon and .lamen Mlildlw
ton Cox Ufa momhors "for CotifiplciiotiH nervli.o
rendored tho world." It In oxplnlnod that tliln
l tho flrnt election of tho kind nlnco Orovur
Cleveland wn elevuted! ,
No cabinet member evor heforp received nileh
ntlnKlne crltlclHut an that applied to, Attorney
General 1'nlrncr by Judua AnileiHon. And tho
pitiful part of It l.i tho cntlro country iipplnudn.
I'nlmcr han oyer nppcarcd nmull in A cabinet,
I'omponod of Binall men, 1IU action In tjm coal
ntrlko cuso Htnmpcd him iih a, man ponltlvuly
daiiKcroun. Tho nrbltihry manner with which
if., Nought to defeat tho endn of Junttco und
Hamper tho action of tfio court linn hut onn
parallel In American hliHnry no far an we know,
and that wan when Gov. ChnrlcH Ilankell arbi
trarily ordered n nrand Jury, convened to In
quire Into tho Columbia Hank & Trust cotnpuny
wruck, to Immediately ndjourn.
Tho InventlKutlon of tho HhlpptiiK board with
Itnj Attendant dlnclotiuroa of craft und profligacy
does not afford plcnnnnt rcaitlnr, iuir'dorH it
tind directly to encournKU patriotic devotion to
tho government. Hut It la un tinpleamtnt duiy
that must ho performed.
It will probably ndd nothlnR to tho popularity
of tho republican conKrcpn to delvu Inth the
uordld mans of Iniquity that han been kept from
tho public eye, hut ll In Imperatively ennoutlal
thnt tho public nlmll bo udvivd of tho condi
tions which prevailed throughout the condu t
of tho war, and that potiltlvu criminality utmll b'j
mado to suffer. The very iiflrjiotility of popular
Kovernment depends on pucIi .remilt.' '
- It will ho recalled that 'he ndmluUtrutlnn bit
terly rejected tho proposal of coiiKrt'b-' 'hat a
committee, blpitrtlnun In Itn compoiltlon. be
created for the purpono of BupervlMiiK the ex
pendlturu of tho fabulouM kimh of monny coiiv
KrosM nlmoHt too wllliimly voted-the mlmtnlulni
tlon for tho conduct of the war. When mich .
mcaauro wan inirnduied In upltq. of tlio, pri-Kb
dent'n protest, hn fnuiTht It lcioihly anil did
encompacs lt defeat.
Tho purpfido wbh to pr'i'vent jiont-wnr Hnn-
dais. For had such a rominlUoo been In exist.
enca the HcnndalH could not have occurred: oi.
occurrlni;. ono party would have been uulte n
ihucli to blamo as tho othor slnco a hUpartlna.1
board would have had advance knowivdRe ot
A thoroUKh Invcstlcntlon of tho .govermuont'?
conduct of tho, war will uliow, w Imve little
doubt, that of each iluUar contrlbutd 1y tlM
people for thw conduct of tho wiir. only aliout
fifty cents wuh efficient. Thu lomalndor Win
wsjte or outright craft.
Such a thW cannot be permltled to bo un
disclosed or unrobuked If th uovernment of thn
United BUitos Is to continuo to cnmtimod tln
affectionate support and defense of lt citizens
fhorofore, tho public must prepare Itself to hear
threat donl of this sordldness and contcniptlblu
,Antl as at-WttshliiBtun so at, Oklnhnmn Cltv
Thero 1m a very serldus (pieMlon whether the
nowly elected legislature should not read In Hi
niandato an imperative command from he tax
payer o'Jh9;tato to turnjhe llBht ot Impartul
"Ihlty on what tins bnuii hidden In tho suit),
il' l'mlinirlls slii the first hour of statoluni'l
lii iki other wsy an llin pooplo bo faithfully n ri.)
s in .iti.lv nil. land of ulia; liafa been koIiik on.
H lifiher sin h k thtnif would be politic Is not
nf in ii r so min'h innrein us whether It would
l.i riKbt. If right, then It should bo (lime wl'li
i' iiinK', bit ihe i'(insi-iii.i( es be Wliat they limy
'Ibis Is n poptilsr Kovnrnment, from '.VushlnKton
ilnwn In Oklahoma city, it ImiIoiiks to the men
mid miiih n who pay the crists. Tliey ir enllllei)
to see Inln Die secret phres and dink clnsi'ts of
administration. Minority parlies uie xlven tlir
Kovernlmt nisndati- for the cxprosw purpnm ot
turnlriK n the Ihiht.
Tlint is the philosophy of liiviMLUtatlons.
Tim Hcll'Hi of woman In politics Is no lniK"t
n Miuitei of piirn siieculiitloti. Woman hnn peiv
formed, nriil It H ponMbls to reasonably apprnlsfi
tho rpMitbiM. of the fiimliilno initial on matters
purely pnlltii hi.
On Die fain of the returns those who Insisted
rluht along that the net result ot woman's par
tljlpnllon In polities would bn' to Incinase thi
majurtty rather than fhaiiKo lbs verdict appmir
to linve the bsl of the nrKUimiut. Kor woman
uniturstliiimlily illd Increase the majority soni
Tho entluiato thnt seven out of every ten
women votlhir voted the republican thkm Is not,
wo think, ei-y fur from tho truth. I'miuestlon
ftbly a prepondeiiirit mnjorlty of the woin'en vot
Inir did vujo o Kill HHt the leacue of untlotis. The
possibilities nay the probabllltlen of that
pioposltlon was anathema to mother" both
ptesent und prospecllse. They wanted none of (i
And )ct, we feel convinced, on a matter In
vulvitis only tho protuctlon of Amerlcn and its
tirli-cK'Hs tlbiirtles, tint women would vote qul.c
as strongly 10 solid their sons to the defenso ol
thu I In if.
It Is easy for us to sen In tho first adventure
of wolii"ii Into national politics a sheer anchor
for tho republic. Women are und have always
been Infemtely national and Intensely patriotic.
They will ever remain so. That they uro qtilto
ns discriminating as inert In abundantly proven,
nnd that, their opinion responds to prcrlsuly tho
natnn itrKUineiitii that appeal to men, scums ulno
, A 'very danKcrous coiicIuhIoii on tho part of
politicians would bo the usHiimptlou that bo
causu a vast imijorlty of women voted with tho
republican party in I9SU, they are to be counted
on an f,nfo!y republican. That, It seems to u.t,
Is far from tho truth. Women are not koIiik to
bo, consldiiroti quite Konerally, nearly so parti.
sail ns have thu men. That, too, Is tho veiy
bunt, feature of woman suffraKo.
SUAIili Till: GOVKHNOIl III: l.MriCIIl'l'.'
An soon, ns ho learned that the republicans
had uluulcd their ticket In Oklahoma, Governor
J, II. A. Hobertson left tho state. There may
or may not bo slKtilflcanco In that, but the air
Is full of rumors of his resignation or, If ho
'fulls to rcvlRit, ot his Impeachment, These
rumors, ho It .understood, nro In every enso
originating with fAfctliinn nnd members of tho
yovernor'n own party.
Corporation Commissioner itussull hnn an
nounced his intention of filing uharKts of lm
pcachmeift aRalnst tho Kovcrnor Just ns sooi
us tho IcKlalnturn convenes, llusscll linf. served
notice on tho republlcnns, who control the lower
UotiH'i, , which) acts In luiieachment matters ns
a sort of grand Jury, that they wil bo cnllud on
to consider the case nnd either act an the law
prvcrlbcn or nssumo responsibility for tho gov
ernor In tho future.
It In (becomlng Increasingly evident that thi
democrats nro preparing to throw the governor
overhoard. Homo ot them are nctlng from th-i
best possible .motives a genuine desire to purgo
their party and tnako It nu organization capable,
of earning tho respect and confidence ot the
people; while others are acting from a selfl.i'i
motive believing that their chancn to again feed
at tho public crib depends on their 'ability to
get rid ot tho man who has contributed his tut)
share, but no more, to bring thu entire machine
into disrepute.
The Impcai.'hment matter Is strictly n demo
cratic, matter sn far ns Initiating It is concerned.
It the ch.itgcs are filed before the republican
lei;lluturi), that body, we nt-sumo, will act wlih
strict fidelity to tho people and will bo governed
, Impartially by the evidence, nnd tho law. Tho
senate, controlled by the democratic machine,
must in any event tr' the giucrnnr. Tiie point
The World desires to make Is that the repub
lican party purposes seeing In tho governl.m
mandate given it an opportunity for construc
tive Horvico to tin pcoplo of Oklahoma rather
than opportunity to Indulge In puttyfogglng
AT tiii:toi
(Copyright ltfJii. by Kdrfiir A. riiiect.)
t'f. i,,i i - . i. i 'inhting hard that gets
a fellow through,
it's giving Mil your thought and strength to
do what you have to do;
Oh, there's no Idler's road to Dime, no care-
free way to win,
l'he man who wants to reach tho top must
Imve - a stern-set " bin;
The summit of success Is fine and much
there Is to' see thero,
Hut he who'd climb up to tho crest, must
prove to be right there.-
. ...... ,i touch of,sklll, nor
glory's gods decelye. v
The indolent or cunning hand no lasting Joys
Though sham may seem to prosper hero,
there nlwnys comes the tciit
,1., who i;tv their noblest
and their best:
A man must climb tho mountain height
' ''! lie"--Who
ntaiulB with men of Btrenth and skill,
must prove his right to be there.
I.lfo soits the false men from the truo. the
crooked from tho straight,
No man shall wear tho wreath of fame save
he bo truly crest :
ileal merit h.is no counterfeit, when by tho
test 'tis tried.
If It do"s not deserve to win It's quickly
thrown aside.
Bo wo k your way and cam your way you
shall re elve the fee there
When you have reached Mo mountain top.
If you ve n right to be there.
Hi ! Irt"n.
We hnve Just been rertrtl g wits- Bum Ml. the
I K-i " 1 to nay ii i), in i the situation oi.iv u few i.y
bsoiu the oat l oi i.alloia, run I we find that
Ihv election was vei) much In doiiiit.
Mrs. Ilaitieit sski for JS.000 to buy her hus
band a Chi IstiniiH prs"iit, und this In fare ot
thai riul that the price of bilffht mloird m'tktlen
II. CllllIK IIUHII, , ,
The girl on Boiith Mnln 'snjrrths nearest silo
rutin to lislnit mixed up In he hip board san
ilnl wan wht'ii she turned down a young msn
who atttvrwaids went and Joined thu navy.
Now If some one would i h"ke off Dai Id
Uwrim n we might l nole to i"llow Mr. Me
Adou'a advice and wrap the lnrtii:l of forgetful
ria about us.
Vrdmoto Is worrying iver a nero I! ember of
iim MlMourl IcglsUi'uro. A town Which con
snrves Ilia elderly sggs for Mlsnurl ilemiWiaa'.H
oilisht in t to feel .oin t ineil about the color of
.MMwuiirl liifliliilots.
tt Is moio than an even bet that the public
Is with llau Joiiufon In hla d termination in kep
th- Amnrlriiii leng'ii. apvo nnd funellonlng. To
ti'du.e the big lenKiies to one wooltl ink" out all
Ihe l"v iht- funs hme In looking forward to tho
WO' bi s Hi" Ii s.
liuruwvti r of PvMir OiJimat
An I'.lctllou I'ost Mortem.
Hdlfor Win Id- Now that the election Is over
and the results tabulated, t miv he In order to
hold a post ynortcin invis Irnitlnn ns to somn
nf tlie th iim whl'-h coni'l'iuted to the result
Prom sources which were Iden'lfled with what
Mr Perrls calls "ihe lost cause" wn nro confront
'I with IntcrrnKntlonn, "Now that It Is over
what are you nolng to get?" And one of the
mosl Irrerrm. I'uble of tho mourners puts It this
way. "Now pressnt your cheek and H"0 if it will
be honored." It was eosv to reply lhat as fai
ns those AniTlcami of Irnh birth or diwnt are
rnnceined their prlii'dp.il object was n'hleved
when tho people derided to put an Amer'ran In
the White House, Thnt was worth all the effort
put forfh; that nsiti'cs us tint there will be no
more consideration of the rlfhts of any forn'gn
nation In Washington when these connlderat'ona
coi-fll t wl h the lost Iniernts of Mi" United
?ln'cn nnd Mo principles of liberty. The declara
tion of Independence and th" United H' ttes con
stltirlnn w 11 do us an the guides of the policy
nf A'i "riea. I'a'i lo'lsm can i.iy no more, Ii cjin
not Will any- nny lers
Ittil enough of that. This attlcl" Is Intended
n a post mortem rom-lushiM, und the first lines
tlon to be answered ,1s to what extent A-nerlefins
of Ir'sh blrtli and descent "ontrlbutod to the
detent of Mm national cnn'l'di'cs favoring tho
lengue of nations It In hn r ill i. resS'iry to offer
any proof that the rontr'Juitlon of Minse men
tloneil to the elei-tlou of Hem 'or Harding was
Considerable One has but to analyze the results
In those s'alcs wh eh are closn and In which tho
so-nlled Irish veto bus In the past been t.nt
for the d-moerntlc pa-ty And the name Is 'rtio
In Oklnli win as to tlie part played In thi ejection
of Sonator Harreld That will he admitted by
those who an1 li-ini (inoifd to agree.
And now why this change?
It us take tho last Inc dent first, bccnu'ip it
may best servo to, bring out the point I wish to
ii'fik ' t'he Mm Hwlney protest nnd the memorial
meetings wero held In every city In tho Un'tcd
Ktatcs of nny onscri'icnce nnd tlio nnlv placet I
know of thil nnv .Iniocratlc Icadei or I'un 1 date
took part In nny of these meellnirs was in 'ew
York nnd only ono man wha asticlat" I h'mseif
with tho meeting there? who hnd any rc nu etlin
with tho dcmocrntV, or rather the Wilson-Cox
party, was Governor Hmlth. It Is worth noting
here that Governor Smith ran nearly a m'llto'n
rot s ahead of th" miHdnal Cox ticket. In Chl
cngo, tho prluc'plc spotkers ware Hcnntor Mc
Cm inick Contrrcssrnnn Mason and Mayor Thomp
in, all republicans. The sumo was true of every
other city. .lust lb lilt of It! .Suppose tint thorn,
meetings were held twelve years ago, or eight
vciuh ago, Tho platforms would not hnvo been
Urro enough tn hold tho democratic leaders nnd
candidates. Why wro tiny absent thn year
Hlsht or twelve years ngo If nueh meetln"s were
held they would probably have been In charge of
Ihe same kind nf people who arranged thoao
demonstrations nnd the pioceedlngs would very
Mkely be n'mllar to thero of this year Tlie Irish
quesMon lias not changed, nor the tone of tho
Irish meetings The democratic polltl -lann who
wou'd have been present 'n thn other years, but
nbwnted Miciiu-elvcs In 1920 must have changed
Hei a use they were Invited to thoso meetings Just
ns all other American e tlr.ens were Invited and
here In Tulsa some of them wero asked to deliver
addresses. Hut they liml IiUsIiicsh elsewhere, or
ns one of them told me, "It was too close to
election." Can von Imagine In other yeurs an
Ir'sh meeting which would be "too close to elec
tion for democratic polltlc.ins to attend i'V
Of course I nm spi-aklng now of tlie so-called
deirnornttc leaders, not tho rank and file of the
party, becaimo ttiey made up a largo percentage
of Mi" people who attended They were not 1- l
nfter fnlse gods, as the result of the election
orov i! " here In only one way to nt-cuun' fin
th" change In those eight years nnd that Is that
h" ibti'o in'le party tinder Prevalent Wilson
h"i been "c the pro-Ih'ltlsh party, the tiry party
of Ameilcan nplltl s. Naturally any self-respect-'ng
American Yllliiil of Irish birth or descent
l nu iiNsi-date with or become part of such a
party, the effor'n of the profi'isnnal Irish Amer
ican political "patriots" to tho contrary tiotw:ih.
The AinerlcniiH of Irish ib s -ent or li r'h h.ivt.
nlwnvs been ani'iiig the I'v-st devoted tdmlrma
or Mie gloiloiin Stara and Hlilpcs and wh-'re thw
flag Is not given fist plico, where any docu
ment Is offcied to the peonlu an greater than
the American eonst'tutlon you will find no sin h
Anuolcii' s tie those whose par.tliannhlp warps
their JiulK'ncut ami wliiite ambitions dull tjich
r m'Kh: be Interealfng to go back further than
the Mu t-'Wlnev ii'eoMngs, but It Is hardly nnf-i.mni-y.
"hev p.'l the' stoiv picttv well. Thi
'ns nnce of the Panuiiiu t.aoal toll milter, tin
Underwood five per unit iiiHantnge lo Amerlein
sl.lpiung. the Jones shipping bill, pis d by tin
last cong tmh and s gfjed by the preslil 'iit, only to
he set aside like Mia ot)(eix aftic Hrltaln had
mnde protest, these mlcht be cited The four
.' la's iitl:'i. ' '"I 'teil nnd all h rtii jt
Hooeches about the rights ot "nations gieot and
small" which se on fire tho hearts of the op
pi cased every w bet o and In Ireland were tho
ten." upon whl h Mm polltcnl jmp.tlKu w.ot
nneed whlctl resul.'d Inlhe rornm lon of the
Irish Republic. And iheso might be contrasted
iv ib h ne'lons of ihe pss.'-B eonforence, thus II
lumli atlng the matter .further..
Hi" fiv tlfnt ihe logic, of events placed tho
Wlb'on-Co party in opposlt'on to what was con.
aid' red by ui'i'l A"iorl'Vihsnf Irish b nh and
descent ns the Intcres s of the lilsh neiubUe
wai an effect nnd not a cnuse No trim? Ainec
can ought to bo gnlib d try .he Inierests nfviny
foii'lg'i country, Hut It no ll'ippcncd that tho
In crests of the American ttcpubile and I lah lt.--publ
c went bund m hand and the other ts now
flndleg Its b iptlsm of bl .od 'i protestltif ut ilnst
the irtlile, al cn rule The S nine of liberty,
rechl g iiv.ioi the sea fioni N v Vork h i -bor,
fl-ulH congei Isl fellow hip lif Irtimd, win rc us
the rcsut of tta bVn gn Influence ano'lhur gov
ernment hns been set up "wth he consent ot
tho govei ed" atid gab nt whb.-h (he forces fo
t runny nnnot mil shnl' not prei II,
Amet leanalif Irish des n nu t th dcnocratln
party wIku It became th. Hit Nh party and
ceasvd to he Annrlian and thov win not 'h
on'y o'u Mie np'vi mqiit waa general among
Amer cans everywlui e v ho were 'lot bltndeil by
party pVehnlleo. I'li.thiTnioro the Americans of
Irish blrtli and descent nee not k 'ns back to
the di'llioura le party U"t 1 I' bee 'it ci Anerlrm
again. Natlornlly it wil' have t . pu qu itse'f
of I.lojd Gcorgsni. locally It wnl h ive to piifge
Itself of l b yd ,1 Jiii'ii'M- ''o'h m-nn he same
thing d are euuall dangc i , to Aim
t an I' stuut ens,
Tulsa, Ukio. , A. T. SWUt:NBY.
, : . ,
I , '
i ; t'H Y A wmmm
) fix! '(hXMs'l
' 5 (r rv V-?:- J.V"!-,- yM. XsA-vMftm
- 1 .
JJ 7to i ".
The Promoter's Wife
llarbnra la AinloiiH Hi'caiihC Nell Is
- Drinking.
When Nell nun. home to dinner I
taw at oncu that his mood had
changed. He was almost uproari
ously happy. That he had been
ill Inking was obvious, yet ho seemed
pot at all elated bemuse of that,
but un U' couiu of" something deeper
more pern.iinent.
I was tingling with rcBcniment.
He had spent jipurs, the duy bufoio,
(.ailing on Ulnn'chc -Orton, how did
1 know that hu had 1101 been there
again this afternoon? Ho ate very
little dinner, but emptied his gli.su
Several times. And he talked, .allied
gaily, as a person talks when tome
thing which has caused them anx
iety, Is done with. ,
When 1 begged him not to drink
any more, lie hecumu repentant, find
pushed his glass away. Then, as wo
sipped our coffee, lie told mu a
little Just unough to glvo me a hint
as to the cause of his troubled ac
tions of the past few days.
'Tim. damned Hcotl thought he
was mighty smart," he said, upropon
of untiling. 1 fairly held my breath,
hoping ho would go un.
"What did lie do?" I could wait
no longer.
Tried lo bluff mo! He rnn up
against the wrung fellow, I cuu tell
ou. Got cold feci and tried to make
trnublu for me. Hut I headed him off
took Ills stock oft his hands, 1 II
show him he innt' fool with me."
Hla voice was strident, loud.
"Wliut did he want to get rid of
it for?"
"J-ald It wasn't worth the paper
It w us written on, or some such
thing. Tiled ;o queer mo with Fred
erb k, too. Hut he fell down thero,
Frederick stood pat."
t filmed 1 old with dread. Mr.
Frederick hud a motive in telling J
un- in t'uHiii nu iu uit'iiu. into un
already proven a friend? Had ho
stood "pat," ns Ncl had said, bo
iauM of I1I1 friendship for mc?
'Where who tools his stock?" I
asked, ".Mr Frederick ?"
No. what ivnile ou ililnlt It was
"What you said tha he 'stood
"It was a good friend of mine whs
did It a very .good friend." Ho
then burled himself In the paper,
while I wondered who the "very
good friend" could bo, at the same
time feeling relieved it had not been
Mr. Frederick, the mnn who had
offered to serve me It over there
should hu need.
"Go to bed, Hab. Tint are the
tired-looking one tonight."
I was tired. The emotion I hid
felt during the Inst dnys, added to
my physical condition, had left me
ed mand, espcshlly mad, and
tho moro 1 tried to explain tho
more ho wouldent Ilssen, the result
being Artie hnd to go homo and 1
got about 10 fearso krncks with
pops slipper some place',
Party Only Polled 2,1,000 In Stnto
at Recent Klcctlou.
lly Anclaled free IHnto Wire.
OKI.AHOM CiM. No 11. So
cialists In Oklahoma polled nearly
25,0r)0 votes In the election Inst week
according to estimates of Colonel W.
C. McAllstcr, secretary of tho state
election board. With all but noven
counties reporting, tlio total social
ist voto Is approximately 21,000-Tho
party polled nout CO, 000 votes In
Oklahoma In 101 J. 45.000 In 1916
and dropped to less than 8,000 In
iaiK, according to tne orttcini rig-
weuk .and nervous.. Tears wero ur,,;- Socialist strength was strong
resfdy to start at the s"Shtest provo- st In the seventh congressional dls
cation: almost no provo"atlon at all,
.so 1 hurried to bed, sighing grata
fully as I slipped between the cool
It was good to have Nell moro like
hlniBclf. It must liavo beon tcrrlblo
to have that horrid Mri Scott throw
the stock on his hands after he had
thought It sold. ' Poor Nell, No won
der he was anxibus and worried.
.Men hnd it rather hard, alter all.
They had such financial worries
men of big business affairs like Neil
I wan so tired that 1 fell asleep
almost Immediately, nd never
wakened until the sunlight was
dreaming In nt tho wlndiiws tho next
morning. '
Nell had gone dovh-town. leaving
word that under no consideration
was 1 to bo disturbed. That I was
to rest.
"Dear Nill," I said na I sat Up In
bed and lazily sipped my coffee. "Wa
will soon be so happy that you will
Imve no thought for anyone or any
thing but those who belong to you."
Yrt ns I Mlpped down among the
vlllowH for another half hour, I ro
membercd that he had said nothing
ot his call on njAnche Orton.
Toimiirow Hah Huh nu lira of
Complete Ilnpplurs.
The Younr Lady
Across tho vay
Jennies' Notebook
-"1i Oit
f in
"""he yc tig lad across the wn'
says a rat dnl il P'-nd on hcrldi
t " tnt r -dap "he -,in't lit
t 1 11 n out whom her child
pmb with.
My ciizM" Ante came erround yea
tldday ngd pup waa Inking a nap on
the setting room sofa, ami mo and
Artie Btuod there for a whllo watch
ing him and making motions in
frtint of his faco with' our hands
ns if we had put him to sleep ly
'lyniulisiu, nnd alt at once pop
started to smile throo hin sloop,
Artie whispering', O, look, I bet
lie's decerning he's eating a plate of
lc" rrenm or sumthlng, and me wis
perltg. I ht ho nlnt, I bet he's
di ei ling-he's amlinmlng, that's his
'avoilte spoart.
And we had n wlspering argew
ment about It und after n wllo t
Mlspcred, All rite, I tell you Ictn wat
do you get t'he dinner bell .and
ring it easy nnd if he's dreemln
about eating It will mnku him
n.i. lie agen, nnd I'll get somo
wafer nnd mako It splash so he
can liter it, and If thnt makes him
smile ngen It shows he's drcemlng
about swimming,
Wl -h wo stnrtcd to do, Artie go
leg down to the dining room and
bringing up tho dinner bell nnd nn
carrying In a basin half full of wat
ing frrst tern nnd ringing tho din
tor from the bathroom, Artlo tak
tier bell rite easy next to
to .pops ear. Wlch fho 3rd tlmn he
rang it pop made n tinlnjoyabli
'a o In his si op und rolled ovor on
'ho oth"r side pro' ing ho wnseut
dromlng about eating.
Wat did I tell you? I wlspered
rtrt I started to Jlgglo tho bastr.
mnltlm; tho waiter splash, and Jes'
as pop was starting to look nn If hr
mite smile eny mlnntt I Jiggled It
to hard and a lot of waiter bounced
out on pops face, and he quick
woke up und Btuck up his hands
eing ono of the worst things hn
nuld of did, hccaus6 he nocked tho
nsln rite out of my hands and the
ntt-r wont nil over him.
Who thn mlsfhlff wat the mis
Uhlff, ed pop Jumping up ucrpris
trict McAllstcr said.
Talk Gat Contcnntion.
Uy AasocUtru I're Huto Wire.
n.rTL,KK L. x'. Voy. '1 Gas
producers and attorneys and repre
sentntlvcA of the Oklahoma, Texas,
Louisiana, Arkansas and l'cnnsyl
vnla public utilities corporations met
nt tho United States oil and gas ex
periment stntlon today to discuss
with I)r. F. O. Cottrecl, director of
tho bureau of mines, tho most ef
fectlvo means of conserving tho nat
ural gas supply.
Abe Martin
l ilM www
Of all th" aubstumto u substitute
speaker is th' worst, We're mlghtly
glad o' one thing we don t have t
know how t' pronounce "oligarchy
nnd more.
The Horoscope
. I
1.1 i't
I to b
ll !
y fi
ll or
"The lr Inclln but rt r
I rlil.i), Nou'iii. cr li
(Cpyt. HJO by Mcllure ,
Ncpiillu.' rules st. u ih
today, according to nsir
ttr i tuHcirp.
it Is n rule under wi
should bo full ly ltn kv. b ,
Is rvnuuttlvu should be 1,
Tho signs .are piotniKi p
meno, whit n will 1 xt., : ,
new tf nncls opening in
During this nwny od ,
ft diM'itlnti that is ni'"j 1
NVw 1IU1 liveries will be
pi' fi s wll increase, the t
Whllo thl-i conflgur Ml r
tn ii-i-nlnl vision Is supp,
tn. 'sjally clear, so that
uk- ns well ns fuMiri
k-'ily picsi mid to tlie t
lho nile of Neptuti. U
lii.'-.u I'syihic Kif;s arid ,
tne power of proiibe v
lire "M'tlve to in uili ,1
TUs should bo a lu I
liKiiii."vjr Journeys of pi ,
ln, r , uiiUys buying 1
p. 11. il.
Wn'uliig Is given atoliim n
tn'.... to ap. ulate wlibb 1 ijV ,
Bt.v,- Ths la n time In whith u
s.iifleil with routino wuv i f , lt
inWivy, K
J Pl'er Is n ft place lr J.iy thu
nrini--. sober prar tl al irmon
bm: -Aalnst whatever Is Ii. t). ioa,
visn..4r, " "-a!l
li !-j not n fortunate rule for locla
latois sinro It la likely 13 brine
I.om1 ( lushes of opinion aii-i h'.u'.S
ihn death of a prominent JuM
Ii prosnostlciited and It will have
political effec!.
l'.ky public expenditures win
cause sweeping lnvnatirnii.,.. ..
this time but little will come 0
them nnd few economic ...i 1.
lnstt-avd. '
Science and literature are to bene,
tit greatly In the new- v. .1.
drama making special strlilrs. ' 1
npain is to be affected with 60.
Itlcal nnd religious disturbances it
is proplieslod that there will never
bo nnothor king to reign over tha
people. "
Drowning seems to bo fonrast w
the sturs. Accidents nt sea are Indi.
Persons whose blrthdato It Ii
should keep watch on financial a.
talis during the coming year. .spccu.
latlon will be disastrous,
Children born on this day aro
likely to bo generous und frio tt
excess. They should bo trained It
thrift and probably will find their
.n- buhvcs wncn actnig
us emi
lnrmcr Are Not Wori)'!!!!;,
Special to Thn Worlil.
KINOFISHKK, Okla., Nof. 11
Tho farmers in ,he Atona commun
itj have enjoyed so much prosperity
during tho past few years that thw
reruso to worry over tho drop la
whoat prlccH,.and nllego that they
will hold their wheat fur h.o,;
prices. They do not mean 10 sell
their wheat until thov ri
Their bank accounts make them In-
ucpcnueni os never beforo In this
particular community,
ilil for Pollivinnii.
Special to The WorM.
KINGFISlll.lt. Okla.. W 11.-
Tho seek lug to obtain revenge pruvM
to 00 tinprofltablo with HI H. May.
field of Okarcho, who was shot
through tho stomach after he had
knocked I'ollcemun Harvey Coon
to tho ground' three tlmn in the mid.
die of Main o'reet. l'ollcoman Coon
shot In self defense. Mayficid was
nrrested Halloween night by Cuon,
.Miiyiieirt is recovering from tno
wound In a hospital nt Kl Ilcno.
Thieves Oipturo CIiik;.
Special to Tho World. .
V1N1TA. Nov. 11. Threo kecs of
choc boor, which the police had cap
tured from two negroes and smrca
tn tho city hall dltcctly under poll's
hcadnuarteri), were stolen Monday
nlpht by somo thirsty thieves who
broke the padlock to get at tho
Addition tn ItoundhoiiM'.
SrUl to Tlia World.
AFTON, Nov. 11. llnplr progrffs
In .being, mado In tho building of .an
nddltlon to, tho Frisco roundhouse
which will accomodate nine addi
tional engines.
Candidates Arc Tied.
SpecUl tn The World, .,
VINITA. Nov, 11. What is m.M
to be tho third Instance of a tto "J
nn Oklahoma olectlou Is that cr
Jack Mills, republican, and J
Ri'huth, democrat both of Ucicn.
Who each received 8J9 votes 1"
commissioner from the second 'i'3
trlct. II. II. Campbell holds that
place now. No decision nai
reached-ns to how to break "
tie. The election hero was -vu-Ingiv
close In other offices, I',',HI1'
lard, ihynorrat, winning over .
Hlmms. republics i4 for county ut
tornoy by only five votes.
Clothe.1 "Mi Skin of Maro-
fipectnl tn Th worlil.
PfTNCA ,U11'V.
10. Jcsn
Hoxley of "the Kaw cpy neighbor
tmnii i wMirinL- nn overconi, Cin
nnd glovrs. which he has Jtlst mau.
Ufactured from the shin t a favor
ite mare tlint died Inst winter. Tti
entire outfit has coat him less than
forty dollars.
r t
AT OUR. ST011E AWimi Trial SU1T5-V0U BEST
Pnvmenta. ' Soi-'b'WOmic Co
417 South Main
A. J. Cnpc, .Mgr.
. aitis-atci j

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