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pin.C!'LATION nn FiO
m J3?
VOL. XV. NO. 47.
Km I
SIX'TOTS MWHarding's Party Marooned Hours .
II THEATER PANICi In Texas Cactus Land as Rickety
False Cry of "Fire" in!
New i oi'K lviovie nousu
Is Stampede Cause
Bowery Fruit Peddler Car
ries 1" to Safety Before
Smoke Overcomes Him
Vearly All Scats Filled by
Little Italian Children, .
Watching Their Hero
NJ'W OllK. Nov. 11. A papor
.logged furnace flue, which rr.uscd
,mok to fill iho Catharine theater,
i motion picture house In tho cant
,ldo Itu.iun quarter, mined u try ot
fire' late today and. In Iho ensuing
ranlc. six tots, between the ages of
to tt) yciirt.. were trampled to
dth. "riUlv others were iicrloiw.
lyThiUttttlV theater wan crowded to
capacity. Children filled most of
S 0 Ma., for the hero of the
' . .. f...iiUM l.i.i who ruse
olYrs "re- absorbed In the
,1 , the scrtjen hero. Plctro.
rhT;;. Vn,..e,lnhN father from
thieves, when ..moke. began to J U'
hrouKh the rra.-k. ot
Panic pillows "PUo" -" ,
ily Ood- It's a fire!" Thin shoul
came from an elderly woman, who
n hereU a little one un, er hVT.a""
and ran fur tho nearest exit. Im
mediately loud walls nrono, children
S t cry. They jumped from
Jammed tho
loudit for pamase. lio kls
W?oHlfUU,cr., attracted -any
widrnnt of tho Italian
hoed. i amlllo IlrulUo, whn sell
bananas from a push curt on UU
Buttery rushed to tho scene. n
darted tn., the theater. . "lc ! ,'5
lo shout down the '
cries mum, he raved those
could. -amnio carried more tha i
15 tow i- t-afety. then collapsed,
ovrnuino hj smoke. i.,rtn
Someone sounded a fire M '"
Man) then were cunled lJJ
thcaur. ., .r.ome by Bmoke. Ihey
were wn revived. .
Ktre,in earrhd tho do ud lo
Mrh d. uk "tores. Tho Injuria
were s. n to hospitals. .
I.- Hn,,. women and mWwm
Ing f the dHantur, crowded hef re
the U'uc th.-aler. Btfarded by a cor
dot, of jiollcc.
Theater Owners iiem.
mi,,i Max
, proprletorH of the theater.
rre token to the pflllco motion and
. .. 1 1... .llit'r ft tit
later queHiioneu u ,- .
tornex They said they j"5rcha8cd
th.. in. uior List week and had bon
operatins lnce Saturday. Tle
we . 'i. lil pendlnc Investinatlon or
chaiK--." thai one of tire front exit
ot ine theater was locked.
Turks Diniand Itatnin.
I'OVaTANTIN'ftl.K. NflV-
The i.. orclan Kovernment Is report
ed i. hue received an ultimatum
, frm T.-k'Bh niitlonallHlH order
inn ii tl evacuate Hatum.
Ti . menlan hlKh command Hay.i
the -w nla"R were compelled to
fl?r -n. t m"nrary nrmlwtce now In
tltf 'ween them and tho TurUlnh
na I. 'Iwh v aiiFe of tho neeetudty
of ui'hiltiiwlnij their forcen from
Atcx.i ..i oi to put down an uy-
rt H'Jl.l !l '1 ' Ml Ml til lll II
ftsiriK ..f Tartar rehel.
IieellnoM l I). V. Offltv.
ASIIII,I.K N. C. Nov. H. The
fxe .en, committee of tho Grand
d'vt. fnlted PatiKhtem of the
f .i'i d. ra v. which clofleil the net4.
f!a- -f !hi- 2 7 1 li anntint rrinvention
hp ..
tn. .i i
s.T'irdav. will meet here to
i fo the purpose of eleellri;
"d virn president. This office
' nnnt heetitiHe of the re.
' Mn, rjeorcrt K. ronnlnnhnm
U l 1 I, Hock. Artnnh.-iR, who was
"c ' 1 'I to n-eevt tho prwltlon.
IlrltMi Sclioouer DUnMed.
NFW YORK, Nov. 14 The Jtrlt
I'h -r schooner Ilr-nowi Is di
bl' ,.f thi coast of Florida nnd
Will t t..vil to Ivev '!
Ins i ridto niessjttri' received here
DV thr nnv.nl .m ... i. lnn i..n . .
tod v
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
SOS I'alaco Hide. I'liono 151
Train 'Stalls' Near
President-Elect's Adventurous Attempt to-Leave Coast Town and Conclude
Vacation in Brownsville Results in Melodramatic Failure; Mrs. Harding
Serves Sandwiches Cheerfully in Crowded Little Coach
I'OINT ISAHHU Texan. Nov. 11. '
KallliiK In an adventurous attohipt
to itilt storm swept l'olnt Isalnil
and coneludo' hi vacation In more
comfortulile qii, utets In llrowns-villi-,
I'resldent-Klect llardliiK re
turned here tonlKht after helns
tnaiooiletl for four hourw on an (
imlnhatilled stretch of Texas
pmlrie, and decideif to postpone
Ills 'moving until tomorinw.
Tlio failure ,10 reach llrowns
vllto waH duo to a lireaktlown of
the narro' , KatiKe nawillne pro
pelle.l Illfj Clrando railway train
on which the president-elect nnd
his rarty had started uway early
In the afternoon. After bclnc in
formed that nutnniohllo trnfflt
lietvveen the places was Imposslhlu
hecniisex of the Hftirm that i:
rupted tho party's vacation plans,
they returned at 7 o'clock In the
evenJpB without havlnKlieon more
than two m!lea away from the
,Tn Try Ajrnln Jlontlay.
Another attempt to move Into
Ilrownsvllle will ho made tomor
row mnrnlnK, hut It Is uncertain
whether Mr. llardliiK will choose
the rnllwiy or the winding, raln
xoaketl trail that leads Into town
throw;!, the monotonous expanse
of oacttiR and mes.nlte. Tito to
nleht there were some indications
that tho possibilities hf a passnno
by motor were Improving, but the
speclnl train WflH held for his uso
;i nc Htinuiti want it. A
i in- imveniures oi me presitient
elert In his unsuccessful effort to
Ket nwny from Point Isabel hnd"
cinny humorous nnd almost melo.
I'ramntic touches. Hut both Mr.,
Ilardlnir nnd his client lmr.. ilir.lr
tnlsfortuneR eooi! nnturedly nnd
wnmo nncK smi.in to unpack their
bapKatro and spend nnother nlxht
at this senshnru resort of which
they hnd taken lenvc a few hours
Ifanlltip neclile.s to I-nvp.
It yas earlv In the day that
Senator Hnrdlnc decided he no
longer could ho.ne to be" comfort
able In his llttlo frame cottage
overlooking Ijigkina Madrn. ap
parently n Fpeclnl .target during
tho past thr'io dafi of the cold,
wet gulf const norther thnt over
turned lils nmhltlons for tarpoon
fishing and golf. He nsked about
the nutnmnblln facilities for tho
trip Iptn Ilrownsvllle. hut aban
doned that avenue of depaiture
whn he learned by telephone
thnt some members of his party
who start-! to motor In last night
hnd nrrlved after dnvllght and had.
walked almost nil nt the way. Ho
lie ppenled to the narr-jw gnuge.
It Was n Herllo Dny,
It wn an epochal but hectic,
day In tho history of tho Itln
(Irande railway. Hauling presi
Ten Sacks Thrown From
Car; Amount of Swag
Not Yet Known
OMAHA, Neb.. Nov. 14. The
postal department tonight Is slowly
tightening tho net about the bandit
gang thnt last night staged the dar
Ing robllery of a llurllngton icgts
tered mull ear within the city limits
of Council Illtiffs. Iowa. Ten sacks
of tfvlilered mall were thrown from
'he cur and one sack recovered In
tact. Investigators said no eftltnate of
tl)0 lost could lie given as no nt
tempt had been mndo to check tho
contents of the pouches.
The stolery pouches nro fromH.m
Prnnclsco and are said to linve con
tained currency for New York
The touches were trnn'ferred to
'he l!u''ington from tho 1'nlon Pa.
clfle and tlo robbers gnlned en
trance to the car Immediately nfter
It lyft the trnnsfer by breaking n
winw. An automobile wns ifsed
to carry nway the loot which was
"brown Out of Hie enr whllo the
train slopped at a crossing.
Th rifled rnr was n "storVice enr''
is all its contents' wns destined for
astern points. Attention was cnllcd
the robbery when mall lerks on
he rear i'ir of the train saw one
of tho sacks nlong tho right-of-way.
OKLAHOMA! Mondny Ulr, colder. Tum
iIhv ftttr
IJANT TEXAS: Monday partly rouldr
'r'fsTV TKXAK' Monday fair, colder In
aoiiili portion. Tufartay fair.
KANSAS Kalr Monday and probably
Tueaday, wanner Turaday.
Tmbo'a lwnl Ktrnta.
Slat" I'onffrrnco Welfarn Workcra. Mu.
nlclral liall, 9 30 a. in.
IlVd freaa Worktr.. Municipal hall. 4
''' I'liblle niMllns for women, public II
brar 10 p. in.
Tula Ton club, Kennedy reataurant
( It p. m.
dents )!s not Its specialty, for ordi
narily Its train makes but ono
trip to lomt Isabel nnd back,
bilnglng out mall nnd provisions
.during tho morning nnd. taking In
a Io.ul of fish late In the dny. It
usually moves IMsurely, two or
three hours being given over by
tlie Mexican train crew loa s.ifu
and sano Journey 6cr tho 20
Ilut todny It taxed Its facilities (
to necommodnte the entire party
of .15. Itnllway official decided
to stlpply two trains, and ono of
them enmo out before noon and
sidetracked In the patio waiting
"for orders. The other was not so
fortunate. Half way out It was
derailed and at 2 o'clock, Iho hour
fixed for departure, tho Hecond
train was not yet In sight nor was
there any word from It.
llccntise there is hut n single
trnck over the long stretch tniln
offlclnls waited nearly an hour for
tho tardy second section of tho
presidential special. Hut the
presldeiit-eb-ct nnd tho senators
and millionaires who are Ills
guests, were on board and the
driver grew Impatient, cranked up
engine and started.
- Window Pnncf Alwiit.
The trnln consisted of tho
motor, nn old style narrow gauge
baggage car and a passenger
conch of similar proportions hav
ing general characteristics of n
small town street car. Tho seats
ran lengthwise Instead of across
tho car nnd a small stove In tho
center of tho nlsle vomited smoko 1
ftnd sparks as It battled vnllnntlv
against the Icy gnle. lint Its work
was woefully handicapped by tho
absencoif several window panes
nnd thor members of tho party
bundled tip In-all their winter np
pnrel In nn unsuccessful effort to
keep warm.
Loss than two miles out on thij
pratrio tho driver sighted the de
layed second sertlon coming to
wards him nnd threw his own
motor In reverse to com"la k Into
l'olnt Isabel. Then the tragedy
of the day occurred. The load
wns too great for a reversed, en
gine, and the crank shaft and ono
of tho springs under tho car gavo
wny slmullnntously
Mrs. Harding Seres Lunch. .,
Night came on during the Ion
wait, while the Mexican trainmen
worked nnd swore nd the wind
whistled through the presidential
car. Newly piade friends in l'olnt
Isabel heard of the accident
through Mexicans who walked
back along the track, nnd at
nightfall a basket of sandwiches
nnd sevcrnl bottles of coffee weru
brought out to the marooned pas
Actresses Poisoned,
Attacked and Left in
Chicago Park to Die
C II HMibrNov. 11 -"Tho
bodies of two women were found
tOd'T In Grant park after the po
lice had rifCeived an annnj tnoiis
lelephono call telling wlui the
bodies were. They were identi
fied by two electricians from a
local theatrical company e.i Jib"
.Marie ltamey, 27. and Mlxs
Mlllan Thompson, 29. both no
tressis. HoOl bodies! showed
bruises, but t Irate coroner's physici
an announced death had been
due to wood alcohol poisoning
and exposure, police are work
ing on tho theory the two women
were given poisoned wine, nt
mcked and then left In the park
where the m I w.ih Instrumental
In causing thoir deaths.
St. linnU nctcetho lntorrerreil Willi
Dice Osuiio Ilold-l p and We.
HAST ST. I,Ot'IK. ifl.. Nov. 14
Perry I'roit, 4,'i year old, a member
iff the local detective department,
was. shot to death hern early today
In a battle with three men whom
Krost nnd nnother detective dls
covered In the m t of bidding up a
dice tnme. The detectives were In-vi-H
Igatlng an earlier holdup In
which the victim wns killed. After
shooting Trost. the bandits escaped
with nbotit S3, 500 taken from tho
players. Two suspects are held.
Dead Greek Monarch's
Wedding Is Held Legal
Widow Inherits Estate
ATHHNH. Nov. 14. Tho Into
King Alexanders nrirrlage with
Aspasla Munos was declared valid
by the court here today, which
dismissed the opposition of former
King Constantino and ordered tho
seals on the apartments of the latu
monarch broken.
Madame Mnnos will Inherit Alex
ander's personal uropertv.
Point Isabel
seigcrs. Mrs. Harding served,
sitting on n suit rase' In the aisle,
and laughing nt her troubles.
Ptvsldcntln! dignity and Isola
tion went by the honi'ds. l-'or
Mr. Harding himself was ono of
the most active and cheerful
members of the group Ills car.
wan militated and was aUo
overcrowded, as ' the unguarded
presence of celebrity nlwnyH !s,
and as tho over cua ted pansengers
went up and down tho n tat. th"
led hot stlove took lis unfailing
. toll and kept the enclosure pun
gent with the smell of s' niching
It wns more than three hours
after the nccldint. and well n,flnr
dark that the train crow finally
pronounced their engine In
working order. To combine Iho
forces of the two engines a roll
wny tie had been roped In plnce
between them anil It caused ni
other delay because It had to bo
lomnved to permit the chauffeur
In tho presidential motor to
ctnnk up. Ilut after much sput
tering and the use of much Span
ish prnfanly, the entire earavnn
rolled slowly nwny In the direc
tion ofva'olnt Isabel. It was not
until after the nrlvnl hero of
Mr. Harding and IiIh advisers de
cided to remain over tonight,
i T'horf are several long trestles be
tween hiro mill Ilrownsvllle nnd
the rnlns have softened the road
bed so as to Inject elements of
chance Into the carrier of hrnvy
loads. ThU'o nrc no Itnervenlng
stations In the 20 miles and In
deed vlrtiiully no houses stnnd
within sight of thu '-rlgbl-ot .
wny. '
Among compnnlons of tho
Harding party In their long wait
among the cactus, there wero
two Catholic sisters of mercy,
teachers of Point Isabel school,
who were outbound pus.iengers
on the second'sectlon. Mrs. Hard
ing hnd planned to visit the
school next Tuesday had sim re
mained here, and u'b, u sho
learned of Hie prf s ' ice if the
" tifl-s Vinlght she sit.:,'i'sti"l tli.it
n purse lie made up for their uso
In equipping tlw:r M.-im rc(,m.
The collection wis promptly
made and a school tre.isnrv of
more than SI 25 v n placed in tho
hands or tile astonished school
When Mr. Hardi-i leaches
Ilrownsvllle tomorrow ne piob
ably will go to the home ffr It. P.
C renger, Ilrownsvllle attoiniy
whose summer eot'ie he has oc
cupied here. lie will remain utiill
Wednesday mm em. Mio time
previously set fn- concluding bis
vacation nnd for departing for
NeC Orleans o tnlc.i i h p for
V LI 1H.lL.wv II Ii .
Constantine's Chance for
Throne Wiped Out by
Election Results
ATHIJN3, Oreeco. Nov. IK,
Premier Venlzelos announces thnt
his party Jnis obtained a majority
In the elections throughout (ireece.
If Vcnt.clcn has been returned to
power, ns he claims, It means elim
ination of the prospect of (ViiiH'au
tine returning from exile.
Ilemetrli'i Ooinarls, former pre
mier ntl lidtr of the oppcmtlon,
who was tho opponent of Piemlcr
Vciil.eloK in the. balloting,
I'undldaie of the elements
the return of l.Vnstintlnc.
Ixelos, on the other hand,
tvni i hi
M. Ven
ts una!
torably oppi.sed to the return of the
A bitter campaign wns waged b
both Hides nnd, no matter which
side r.iribd the elections, trouble l
Comarls made preparations for
quick flight In caso thu elections
went against htm, having requested
passports to Italy on Friday last.
lOxlled during the war on -Hie
barge of hlfcTh treason, he was per
milled wl'' the appiovul of M. v"eii
lelos, to return to take part In Die
campaign, but should hu fall of
election, hl.i paiilumeiit.iry Immun
ity would expire Immediately. In
case Premier Vi nlilos Is micccim.
fill, lie will be given n fuo hand In
I lie mil cum of u new Ileal of the
statv- Prince Paul, who was offered
iho throne on the death of tho late
King Alexundci, not having as yet
formal!) accepted the government's
Invitation to return from Switzer
land and rule Oreece.
Trnu-fvr .Memphis Pastor.
Mi:.Ml'HIH Term., Nov. I 1. Itev.
W II Coleman, pastor of St. Johns
Methodist Kplscopal chinch here.
,U l been trnnsferred to tho Txns
ronfererico and will become pastor
of Central Methodist church at Kort
Worth. Jt "H announced toduv
Muskogee Pawnbroker Is,
Murdered and Robbed; ,
Slayers Escape . I
Throat Slushed and '11 Cuts
and Bruirse.s on Body; Ter
lyfic StnitfKlo Is Indicated
Kings Worth Sfi.OOO Stripped
Off His Fingers; Other
Valuable Stock Missing
MlTHKOdKK. Nov. II With his'
throat cut and 21 other culs and
bruises shout his head and aiioul
dei. and his fingers stripped of
mine than tri.oon worth of diamonds,
tho bidy of N. .Mntjasle, local dia
mond meridian! and iiawnlirokiir.
! was found In "he rear of his store
, this morning, lying in a pool of
blood. fliips nnd suitcases were
scattered about mid .1 broken revolver-
and n heavy Iron bar found
I near tilt body, Indicated that n ter
: rlflo struggle hJd been waged by
the muribyeil iipin for his life.
Other lUimhlo Jewelry, worth
several thousands of dollars, also Is
mining, although a complete check
lias not been made.
Police officials believe the mur
der was committed as Mntjasle iwns
closing his slp Into Saturday nght
nnd before he had taken nil the
valuables from his store window and
.nlared them in his safe.
' Tho search for tho slayer has re,-
sitllcd In tho arrest or eight sun
pects who nro being held 111 the
county Jail here.
No llcllef I'rom Cold Snap Seen Hy
(.'o eminent I'lirecaslcrs.
WASH1NOTON. No II Snow--tho
first of ,tlie 'neiiyon In n number
of slates was forecast by the
weather bureau tonight for tho
eastern half of the country north
of the Potomac nnd Ohio , rivers.
Tho bureau also saw no relief from
the cold spell which hns overspread
thnt, part of the country oast ot the
The fall of snow, which Is fore
cast for the middle west tomorrow,
and for Iho east Tuesday, will be
light, the bureau said, and In some
stales will amount only to flurries.
Temperatures now reported tho
t..uei of the fall In tho east prob
ably will be lower tomorrow In the
drvnt Lakes, lb- low r Ohio nnd
eentral Mississippi valley regions,
and Tuesd.'ty In tho eastern and
southeastern slates, tne loreciisiur
Ml.ss Mirth H"" ,,f n""Mns As-
lib) .lnlcl in OLinnouiii iij.
,.-i iiiimv i-ITV S!iw 14 The
body of Miss Myrtle J. Hall, 35, was
found In her room at a rooming
house here laii nigni. i ne loom
was filed with fumes from a small
sas stove and county officers Mild
the woman probably had retired
when the gas pressure wns low,. nnd
l.lr.lt.1.- tiri-u.lirii llilil ev.
I lid I 1 11 " i i. . i
llngiilshed the flnme In the stove
nnd the fumes eanseo ner ueniii.
.. -.melee U'lln IIMCll for tWO llOUTS In
nn uiisiiecessfnl ntten.pt to revive
the woman. i.eiiers niiinu in ner
!,. leime of her fiitller
as l.ymnn Hull of Iteadlng, Kaimas.
Mist Hall fame nere six weens ago
Movie Cashier Detects
Three liois in Atlcmnt
lo Pass Had $20 Pill
Kdgnr Mlnson, a youth about
14 years old. appeared at the box
office of the Hoyal theater Hboi.t
0:30 o'clock lasl night and risked
the cashier If she could change .i
120 bill. Receiving nn affirmative
answer, he pushed a crumpled
bank note over the desk and
nsked for three tickets When the
en slib-r unfolded the bill she dls-y
covered a specimen of -alleged
forgery.'" A small bit of a bill
berirlniithe symbols "20" bail been
pasted over the "I" of a oiui dollar
"That Ii only a one " she said,
laughing as she handed the bov tS
cents In clMiige. As snot) ns Mln
son and his two chums, Cecil Tal
bert nnd Homer I'aln. had been
iMited Inside the theater tjie po
llen wero called and the luiys soon
found themselves In the city tall.
A .32 calibre revolver anil a flash
light w-ero found In Mlnson's po-K-sslnn.
Sevi rnl weeks ago Police IJi -teciive
Henry C'lrnib-hael found 'o
Hi,. poi.Hesrlon of IMgar M iiwiii
and Cerl) Talbort about S700
worth of clothing s'obn from i)ie
Ilohnefebl Cleaning wotks, 314
South Clnclnnntl nvcnuo on Au-
(U"t a. u la luievet'
$93,000 Cash
Loot Tainan by
Mail Robbers
Wl I KIM. INC W. Va . Nov. II.
The theft or !I3. (Hill III CUIIom
In transit from a littstmtgh bank
i , . II' on. (., Kleel
iciimpany, was fepi r.ert here to
night, iirtnrdlUA lo word received
from Hleilbi'iiMlb" (Ohio) ailthnil
tles. who ure said to have been
notified of the theft by postal In
speetoin. A " registered mull pouch 111
which the money was supposed to
have been sent lo the steel com
pany to meet lis payroll, ijrrlved
at Well ton Thin sd. iv night, It
Wlis repotted Official of the
company upon examination are
M.lld to have found the paVknge
contained a neatly cut and slack
ed lot of cuppings from PIM.
burgh newspapeis of Thursday
morning's Issue.
Price of Gasoline Cut in
Three States; 1 Cent
a Gallon, Fall
Bip; Oil ComrJnn gees Iridl.
cations Pointiiip; 'Hack to
Normal and Acts to Help
Ni:W OIU.I2ANS, Nov. I I - Hi
dtnilon In tank wagon prices of 1
cent per gallon for gasoline, effec
tive Monday throughout tho states
of I.otilslnnn, Tennessee and Arkan
sas, wns nnnounceil tonight by tho
Standard Oil company of Louisiana,
as an aid to the restoration o.
whnt wns properly considered nor
mnl nrlecs."
Tlio retail prlco of gnsollno here
tomorrow becomes 2K 1-2 cents.
Announcement of the reduction
wns accompanied by tho following
"While there has been 'on ma
tin lal release from any of the con
ditions which brought the rise In
the il lie of pell uh.14111 pl'iidlli 111, the
Standard Oil company or Loiilslann
believes bhnt tho proeesH of read
justment now under way In tho
business world must eventually con
tribute to lower costs of producing
land refining oil.
"Up to datn thorn has been no
lowering of labor cosls for crude oil
pi Ices nor recessions In the demnnd
for gnsollno. deductions which
have already taken place In many
of the principal Items entering Into
the cost of living have for tho most
part not reached the ultimate Aon
Biimer, but IVts inevitable that be
fore long loVer prices will be
brought nboutv by new quotations
n.jw prevnlllng In primary markets
'The. Htandaid Oil company of
Louisiana believes that .this move
ment toward n restoration "t what
was prop-rly considered nmiual
prices shall li aided by the oil In
dustry." Price Cut to Me Cciicral,
NJIW YOItK, Nov 1 I - Tank
wagon prices of gasoline will bo re
duced 1 cent a gallon tomorrow In
states In which the Stand, ml Oil
company of New Jersey nnd the
Standard Oil (ompony.of Louisiana
operate. It wns announced hero to
night by Walter C. Tengle. president
of the New Jersey i ompanv.
Ktutis In wbl h the reduction will
lie effective lnludo New Jersey,
Maryland. Virginia. North Carolina.
South Carolina. District of Colum
n's, Louisiana. Tennessee and Ar
kansas. Prices of tnnk wagon g.isollno
under the reduction will vary In
the different states It wns ex
plained, owing to different n In
freight cosis. The effect upon the
retail price generally wns riot pro
dieted by company officials. In New
Orleans the prlco will bo reduced
to. 2H 1-2 cents toinorrow. Tho
present New Jersey price Ih from 31
to 33 cents.
iiiiiM.tirv V'ntiti 'I'll Itnllf).
HCDAPlwr. Nov. 18. When
the peace treaty between Hungary
and the entente allies tnme up in
the national nssemblj today the
deputleii rose and snng the national
nnthems nnd then voted for ratlfl
wiion amid absolute silence, It was
ordered that the black flaj? ol
mourning shofibl fly over public
buildings during thu application of
tho treaty.
Keata now on ! at Jenklna Muale tor.
Rout of Anti-BoLshcvik Force in Crimea
Reported Complete; Mutinies
Blamed for Disaster
CONSTANTINOPM-J, Nov. M. The army of General
WraiiKul, the anti-holaheviki leader in south Hussia, has heeii
wiped out, and a number df his generals have committed
A mob in Sebastopol lias pillaged tho American Red
Cross stocks.
The American torpedo destroyers at Sebastopol arc
evacuating officers and their families. The American de
stroyer Humphreys has gone to Yalta to take off the Hed
Cross supplies.
Mutinies Cnuecd Dcfcut. "
Mutinies in General Wranr- PICTURES SENT BY WIRE
gul's army brought about hisu .
midden delcat. it was learned
here today. The French war
ship Waldcck-llosseau is in
Sebastopol ready to envoark
General Wrangol. who is
Tho retls broke through tho de
fense of (it neral Wrnngel on (he
Isihiniin oi' Peiekop, according to
the Im st reports obtainable here b)
conceiiliatliig 20 divisions against
three divisions of the white army
Wiangel's men, although greatly
outnilinbered, willistuod 22 assaults
he fin i Peiekop, but finally wen
In aten.
Tho cuuiiniintlers of moat of
Wrnniiel's nulls were klllel tvnd
thu li.BHislu men nlsu wero, ei)
i hil nuocem of Iho hotshevlkl 1
attrlliiiled largely to tho excellence
of Us high command, which Is said
lo lleSdlrecteil by u foreigner.
Thu evacuation of tho Crimea,
Which began ThuisiUy, Is cuntlnii
lug unilei difficulties. It U a prob
lein how (he lei'ugeeil can be cured
for lit Constantinople, ns this ell)
already Is over populated.
The fighting nt Pereknp wan of
the most desperalo character. The
Imlsheviltl, ncc Hiding to latest ad
vices admit they had 30.000 men
killed. They claim to have tnken
40.000 prisoners. They own their
success largely to tho uso of poison
It Is stated, that at tho request
of the Trench representative at
tached til Wranget's heatbiusrtern
the bolshevlkl have granlvd eight
days for dvncuntlon of Crimen,
Pin in Confirms Wriuigel Collaw.
PAKIS, Nov. H. 7hu i'Va-ncr-foreign
orflrn today contlrmed trie
linpelcHincHs of (liiiiunil Wraugul's
military situation. Tho evacunlloii
of Hebnstopol by civilians and for
eigners Is under way. accortiing 10
foreign officii advices, but tho
members of (iennial Wraiigel's gov
ernment allll wero In Sebastopol las.
night allhouMh the bolsheVlkl were
reporletl to bo occupying Simferopol
and rupturing many prisoners and
largo qunotltliH of materb.ls.
Information teaching tho foreign
oftlco sajs tho bolshevlkl did not
storm the I'erekop lines, but nn
overwhelming biovemtni of their
lfl wing Invaded the Crimea. The)
crossed the Ico-i overetl Hlvlsh put
rid sea and iittiu ked Hie main Umiy
if (lenelul WlllliKels llo,.,i, VWIieo
then still were holding the Perekop
dffeusis, fiom tho rear.
(leneial Wrangel has decldi-d no'
lo attempt guerilla warfare In the
Crimen, the Infm mntloii adds, owing
to the overwhelming bolshevlkl for
ces converging on the peninsula
which are variously esiinuted ai
between 1 60.000 and 200,000 men.
tleiiernl Wi angel's ariny. thor
oughly beaten, 1 lontlntilng to re
irent louthward, accordllig lo Infor-
r iatlon rf lived by the I' rerun tor
eigu .jfflte today, pursued by a
will ommaiided bolshevlkl armyvd
27 d visions. 1 (leiieral Wrangii hns
sulfered great losses nnd many of
Ills off Iters hnvo been billed.
(ie..eritl Wr.ingei has gono aboard
nni) of ihe I'reni h warMhlps In Se-
bsstopol, but the vessel still Is re
maining In port, say tho advices, The
evacuation I" contlniitnit but there
Is Inadequate shipping for the num
ber of peisons seeking to flee.
Wraiigel's troops lire declared to
huvo fougji' splendidly In the battle
or ihelr defeat, which began with
the loss of Perekop anil soon tle
velqpetl Into a wild retreat toward
headquartoru' at Hebastopol. Ids
patches roculycd nt tho foreign min
istry hero asuert theie have been
no mutinies. On tho contrary, the)
praltm tho courugn of tho white
army anil tho sacrifices of ihelr
iii'llcors. 'Thu dlspntclfes say tin.
whlto army Inflliled heavy lo-seh
on tho bolshevlkl, but that they
wer,i overwhelmed by the reds, who
are repoited lo be well organized
and Ictl. Some of He 1, ,,bi vilu
officers are said t ! lie. nuns
Move Woiimlctl anil Women. to resell hero t.miorow forenoon, 11'
CONSTANTINi'l'LL. Nov 14.- cording to a wlrc'rsi mwimv from
Prcmlir Krlvtuhin of CeneralCaHaln Vot bes to the. Cannd an Sou
(JO.NTI.NUEO ON l'AUU TIUIKH ulrelcss atalton late loiljtfht. ,
Complete HxpcilmeiK
saw vriiir.- v.... 1 ,
York World tonight ' an,',,,,,,,.. ..'.1 .1)!.
successiul ti'uiismls.1,,,1 today or four
'l.otographs between Its WfZl,
i-ost-Ols : ,"""f
T"'".,",,0"''"I'I'H, "no of (he Yalo.
1 r1' ton football gaum and I ho
we 10 sent
uo- inNew Vork to Hi.
a picture 01 .m i,,,i
Louis mid
chief and onoVr -aMIssissMip'rve;
M..o ; oaiaucit with .,.
United S.ntes. conditions ,"
.atlii-Aiuerlra., court ti h w.seem to L0
Ac I u Director- Chniies K lierr inR
"tu,."' '" ?"'
,.nAa, 'i'"' """""I mnrket foe raw
then, will . ".". ""l"'...IU'U''ll
rliw .lee ariM-V, i"" "'.
"It l to hi ei,
re. .bed " '7 "'C'"l"ro deflnUoly
iti.il 10. 1 1 1 '"""uriicrs Irr tlic
"lump , thi ' 7,o' ' ."J
America,, raw materlalu wl I 0
lU'Ved by lieavv . V !."
rniii.1 hi,....- ',.'. '
,,- "-" iiiiaiiii lllld
noii-j'.urciieari rountrleii,"
''I'i''""'"'") In Iteir,",.!,
... I.-.Te,, .Nov. 13. D'Annun
z lo's warships hvc lef, p',,,, m
an u iknovvn destination, most
probahlv Dalmatla, Tho InsurKeu!
o.'!J'ri..'' ,',,""l'n r"volt "K'll'iat tin
Ilaly-JuKo-HUv ngreemrint. Ho hiu
seized the Islands of Veglla nnd
Arbe, whloh llo a short dlstanut
from I-lurne.
Ibirge Sinks," Crew .Saved.
DI-.TKOIT, Mich., Nov. I I. The
wooilen barge John Uddy, In tow nl
the lug Custodian, sprung a leak ofl
.Middle Ulster Island In Uiku UrU
enrly last night and sank. The
crew of seven. 0110 of them a woman,
was taken off tho bargi) by tho Cub.
Thieves Oct v liL.kcy Haul.
NICWAltK. N. J.? Nov. 14. A
hand of' whlskoy thloves hollovod
by ihe opllce to number 25 or more,
e.ni"' today broke open two freight
this In tho Mouth llrond railroad
)nrdn hero nnd stole 588 cases ol
whiskey nnd 41 barrels of alcohol.
Th whiskey Is valued at S2.310
and tho ulcohul at S35.200,
More Itntds In Dublin,
DUIILIN. Nov. 14. Thu military
today ,rultlrd about 50 dwelling
houses of Irish volunteers, notified
tho occupant.) tho authoiltles had
full particulars of their association
with the republican nrmy and Inti
mated they would be arrested un
less they ceased association with that
PoIch ItVniii Itlg.-i.
ItHSA, Nov. 13 tho Polish peine
delegation, headed bv M. Domlmkl.
arrived here today M. DoniMkt will
have his first in, ding with Adntph
Joffre, pieslibnt or the ltusslan
soviet government delegation, to
SAI'LTK SJ'U. MAItll. Nov. II.
The lleeker linn stea.nor I'Vnjiols J.
Mdlar Is wricked oil IVncakn
Sbosls ten mils riorthc.-mt of
Wiilteflsh Hay and Capluln Aiho.
Km im. of Ashiabu'a, Ohio u cm
mnnd of the v ssel, has been i.ik,
aboard the steam, r Livingstone, lur
1 J,
r '"T'rr
" 1 HI" II i ,

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