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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 06, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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Thr Month I.H I'tr Month
On Month .1,.... 10
On Trr IS.T On Yrr M"
til month 1. 10 Hli notitli
l'r Month .... .IS l'n Month
! ral dove nt liomr, Oklahoma i (-publicans urn
capable of ordering llii'lr own nffolrs without
llui nilvlni or dictation of uueh chunicteis. Ami
Oklahoma republicans will ilo i'i, loo,
Thero will ho no regency established In Oklu
lioinn. Not this yrnr.
l, lo
lr nk .....I .J!
I'rr Month In A.lrano ' J
J'l Yrr In Adraiic '!
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I'llONB 1000 Ko"JTTl.l1 IlKI'AltTMIINTB u
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Daily liiblical Quotaton
momi.w, iir.ci'.Miii:it it, mao.
Tho l.onl lovoth Judgment, anil forsuketh
not hlii saints; they nro preserved for over.
Psa. .17128.
Whin sinners' full, tlm righteous stand
Preserved from every snnio;
They Klmll possess the iroinliiil lurid,
Anil tlwrli for ever there.
I, nt thy loilng-kliidhcss itml thy truth con -
tlnimlly preserve mo. Pen. lui 11.
Tho Charleston Oazrttu thlnkn thu trouliln wits
earned by too initny democrats marrying rcpub
llcnn wives.
Congrcw, contWmplliting' tho possibility of
hearing a president nnd president-elect on tho
Hamo day, Is experiencing thrills It never
d roamed possible.
Tho man who hud six wives run scarcely
be censured for tho upparont difficulty ho
experienced In recognizing hoitio of them, irlncu
It hojt nlwayM been held that ten yeurs li ro
quired to got ucqtialntod with even one's flrMt
wife. :;
, Another great question ban boon adjudi
cated. A Justice of thu peace has decided that
u legally constituted nchoolmutitor Iium tho right
to apply the cono to nn obdurato pupil. 10 vl-
tlontly the "new day" hain't fully arrived.
Friends of the president are urittnR him not
to attempt to deliver his incnmign to conn rem In
person. The iiresldnnt, as usual, Is obdurate.
Wo predict that It tho flesh permits ho will not
forego his last dramatlu opportunity, and wo
also prophesy that he will make the most of It
to slnir ii swan son thnt will llvo In history.
When Clara Bmlth llamon kocs to trial, as
suming that she will bo apprehended, tho In
dications oro that the reading public, will havn
to take a grip on Its oniotlonn. If sho over re
lutes her full story from the witness stand It
will bo tho most Kilpplnir human Interest serial
ver published In America. Kveu tho thought
that such a thing is possible, han soot shlvors
down the spine of many, many nnd then soum.
l'resldont-olect Harding gave his "political
cabinet" tho Jumps by announcing his Intention
to take his sent In tho senate. "No pre.-odnt,"
yelled tho politicians. We wonder If It will ever
enter tho honds of tho political element that
the bent possible politics Is for a public man to
bo perfectly natural, do the natural, honest
thing and refrain from play-acting as much us
possible? Warren O. Harding Is still n United
Rtates senator. Ho Is not a president. If he
expresses vlewH on ponding matters thoso views
will bo tho vIowh of Senator Harding, of Ohio,
nnd not necessarily the vlewn of President
Harding, who will not speak until next March.
Tho proposal to establish a political regency
by naming tho widow of tho lato national com
mitteeman to succeed him the representative
of tho republican party of Oklahoma on tho
natldnul committee, Is too absurd to command
tho svrlous attention of any one ut all milleltouH
for the welfare of tho party.
Kvcn If Mrs. llamon wero a renldent of thu
state and familiar with Its politics, Kvhlch sho I.h
not, tho schema becumo hopeless when "Jako"
llablur, thu delectable, and "lAv" .Morse; Tho
Impossibleboth Missouri politicians who huvo
ull but wrecked their iwtrty In that stuto and
been repudiated an u cunsenunnce, appeared
before thu regency crowd gathered at Ardmorn
and undertook to dictate to Oklahoma republi
cans how they should order their affairs.
In other words, tho members of tho statu
committee tit Oklahoma, who nro charged with
tho heavy responsibility of filling the vacancy
created by tho death of llamon, ore being told
tint they should follow the advice of these two
dlm-cputablo Missouri politicians that practic
ally every respectable Missouri republican lias
openly repudiated.
liabletj. central flguro In tho boodlo mmi
satloi) uncoverrd by tho senate Investigating
committee, who saved hit face only by u hair
when thu outraged Missouri republicans went
after his scalp Jlabler. tho discredited In Mis.
nouil, coming to Oklahoma to dictate to tho
republicans of this stato who they should name
to succeed his frlond and fellow craftsman!
And I.lv, Morno! And an Ohio politician
who shall bo nameless unless circumstances ru
qulro that ho bo named! This Is tho political
dynasty., tho regency crowd want to perpetu
ute! Tho report thut a slush fund of 130,000
n-as raised to "put It over" hi in cntJre keeping
with tho reputation of tho men behind it and
the purposo they have In view.
We Invito Missouri to keep her soiled polltl-
ni'itciaii i.vsi itANci:.
Tho eight-) e.ir-olil boy who by his iiliirni
driive burglars from his father's home, by that
mt calls atentttm forcibly to wbnl h,n always
been known un a mntl'r of arailcmlcs, to-wlt:
That children In the home nro tlm best form
of burglar Insurance known. Iliiiisnbiciikers
avoid homes where children abound, It cannot
be s.ilil that they never attempt to burgl.il Izu
Midi hiitnei, but other things being equal, they
will select thu liotrm where (hero are tin small
i hllilren fur their depredations, Thu renimn
It obvious, and has nothing to do with thu
iimri) or less f.ict that where thero are plenty
of children there is usually little property worth
If you want to illiuoiinifTe house-breaking,
Invito the stork to make your home hit roost
ing place, llusy, ptntttlng vhlldren constitute
it risk that your house-breaker does not dcslrn
lo iiHeiiine. Home of thn flock Is almoirt certain
to do like the boy Haturdny night shin out
of the liouso on his hands and knees and rnltu
such ix fuss that mi burglar that ever lived can
i-'.anil the i;n f f.
Opinion to thn contrary notwithstanding,
kids lu thu home are not only ttylng at times,
they urn ulsn u great rnnifort and not Infre
quently exceedingly tisi fill,
Thu veiled ItilpllilenCn In the reply of (lrr.it
Itrltn In to Uncle H.i m 'ii protest concerning tho
Imperial appropriation or oil rights In various
countries which huvo fallen under thu domina
tion of John Hull jih a consequence of the Ver
sailles treaty, serves to call attention to thn
ar.utrncKS of thu Issun which has been Jollied
between the two countries over thu petroleum
Tho dlplomatlo exchange referred to made
It clear that It In tip; attitude or llrltaln that this
country Is Wlhtnut nny trade or exploring rights
In nny of thn mandate countries so long ns It
remains outside the league. In this attitude
Ilrlluln Is running true to form, Hut thu con
clusion reached by some American commenta
tors that thin country is without recourso other
than to got Into the league, where It woild be
inoro completely dominated by the llrltlsh
theory than outside, Is' rash Indeed and very
much contrary to thn record.
Htrange enough wu havo to thajik our own
senator, Thomas 1'. (lore, for thu fact that
America Is prepared for both defense and re
prisal, If necessary. In other words', In the oil
war between the two governments, t'nelo Sam
Is not at a hopeless disadvantage with John
When several months ago, and after Knitlund
had apparently sueeoeded In her oil swhonics,
Plr V. McKay Edgar, tho well known Kngllsh
man, gave out his rooklsh statement calling at
tention to tho fact that "except for Mexico nnd
a small part of the United Stntes, tho entire
world was barricaded agnlnta American oil In
terests," thero was a movement inaugurated
In tho United Htaten senate to exclude Kngllsh
oil Interests from thu United States,
This movement was led by tletmtor Cloro.
It was not directly successful on 111 fao but
It did senru Indirectly by the enactment or it
law April 1, 1!C0, which enables the secretory
of thn navy to jrrnto oil reserves In any state,
and henco, If necessary, to expropriate for
eign Interests.
That our government will sit Into this In
ternational petroleum gamu nftur March I In n
very different frame of mind from that which
has animated It for tho past few yearn, Is,
happily a matter not open to dispute. The
Imperialistic hypocrisy of John Hull will bu
Hpeedlly disclosed.
And so It Is about to bu admitted, albeit
reluctantly, that (1ml knew what he was doing
after all. Tho league Is discovering that "West
Is West and l"ast Is Mast" still. Others havu
discovered It before, Others have never over
looked the fact. Hut the Inventors of a new
world, party hypocrlt and part Ignorant, thought
they could ropral tho work of Clod and Ignore
tho natures of men.
Argentina's; bolt from tho lear.uo has been
sustained by nil the other latin countries of
the south, while even tho western dependencies
of Oreat llrltaln are repotted Joining with them.
Tho forecast Is that tha league faces tho with
drawn! of every country of thn western hemis
phere. Of court. Tho Went Is West and tho
Hast Is Hast.
Tho ambitions, tho aspirations, tho charac
teristics, tho Ideals even tho morals and
amusements' of tho West conflict Instantly and
everlastingly with tho Kast. The Kastern
hemisphere Is old; tho Western hemisphere Ih
new, May mating with December Is no more
Incoligrtilous nnd Impossible of a happy union
than tho attempt to mnto West with Hast.
Tho history of tho Kustertt hemisphere has
been wrlten. Thu history of the Western hem
isphere is In thu procein of writing with the
most heroic chapters still n nebulous hope In
the minds of its people, In the West there exists
a prldo constructed on confidence lit pre'it
ability; In tho Kast thero Is a pride that
rests altogether on the achievements embalmed
tu history. Thu West Is animated by that
timid self nssuranco which Ihiim-IIs explora
tion and experiment; the Kast Is animated by
the churlish Intolerance of ago which exacts
childlike respect and blind obedience.
Whether tho apparent break between tho
nations of tho two hemispheres materializes
now or not Is of lltlto consequence; it will come
sooner or later. "West Is West nnd Hast Is
Knht " (jod ordained It so, Hefore that tro
meiidoiiH fact man, hW efforts, his ambitions,
arc puny,
Oklahoma Outbursts
Kt Oil lirtsn.
The old-fashioned profiteers who
meet mi ru a yenr to "rut a mellon" now
quarterly to "split a gntpu fruit.'
Hied to
The girl on Mouth Main spent all day yes
terday destroying her dlaiy.
At nny tale, It appears now ftoin develop
ments that Mr. Ketch uns much belt'r In
formed than Harry (lllstrap,
Arthur Capper, finding that corn Is a pretty
itond substitute for "rye," now urges that It
be used for money.
Conversely, t very tingedy has Its smile. 1'or
Inntniiee, thu publication of the diary of Clara
Hlnlth. H1IU" pupeis annuiinceil the "exclusive"
light to make this beart-toiu lilng document
public, while thu fact Is, so far ns Tulsa I
loiicerned, The World had thu first Installment
nf the ill.iry on I'rlday morning before any other
paper In this Immediate territory knew the diary
xl-ted. nnd It iiiiiip to us through the Inter
national News, n Ihe-wlre snM'e, at H o'clock
a. In. 1'ililny In the regular and ordinary couihe
of bimlncNH.
Vie Kills was In Tulsa Saturday, lie spent
Him election seiu" m In Tennessee, and he says the
celebration the lepubllcins put on down there
oeat anything he ever saw. nnd showed whnt n
rare bit of Joy will do for n leimbllean In the
south. There was one tall, lank, solemn-faced
rennesseo democrat one never known lo smile
who went to a real estate agent on the morn
lug he learned that TennetMce had gon republl
an ami gave ordeui to "sell me out." The next
day he again called on the aitent with thu query
"Have you sold me out'" On being told that
them had not I n time lo swing such it big
deal, he despondently canceled the order to
"selMne nut' heinllsn "there's no place to go"
Uarouwtcr of Public Opinion
'I'lii' (1, O. I. National ('oiitmllleetnntislitp.
Anent tho sudden taking off of Jake llamon,
republican national i:omiiiltteeinau Thu Kagle
desires to point no moral. It prefers to be for
ward looking The sooner the bltteinens en
gendered by the committee manshlp contest Inst
iptlng Ii forgotten, tlw better It will be fur the
republican party In Oklahoma. Thu shot that
killed llamon penetrated thu vltuls of bin close
follow em, and that element which trailed him
solely In thu hopu of monetary or political to
ward lu rapidly approaching thu statu of dlsso
Thu chief concern of tho republicans' of
Oklahoma now should be to take full advan
tage of thu disposition shown by a vast major
ity of the voters to rebuke Incompetency and
extravagance In public office. Wu believe when
the tlmo comes the democratic state administra
tion will bu found fully ns wanting an wax the
national administration, mid thu next Job for
tho rcpuhllcnnn of Oklahoma will be to offer
good government to this state ns a remedy tor
state extravagance. Hut to accomplish this we
must have a national committeeman who In
clean both politically and morally. He must be
unselfish to thn corn and not Interested tu nny
faction, and have no desire to build a machine
within the party to keep himself In power.
Oklahoma has seen enough of "millionaire"
committeemen, and It Is time Jake's follower!'
quit their slush nnout the great victory in ciKia
lioilia being due to his wonderful energy and
the liberal use of his money. The splendid vic
tory on November 2 wns not tho result of any
particular Individual's efforts' nor of Damon's
distribution or thu state's apportionment of the
national campaign fund to "denirvlug workers,"
but was a result of widespread dissatisfaction
with thu Wilson administration. Thousands
of voters who iitipported Wllnin four years ago
voted aenlnst him this year for good and wif-
flclent reasons, demonstrating thereby their
willingness to rhnnge nt any time they are
convinced or tho sincerity of republican party
leadership and Its) promlso or better gov
ernment. The business or tho republicans
Is to take nil vantage ot this fact nnd repeat If
possible at tho state election two yearn from
now the terent landslide. It can bo done.
Hut to Insure ftituro republican success in
Oklahoma, thu par'v must look from this tlmo
on to Its high minded leaders'. It must choose
it leader whose ambition to take the state away
rrom democratic misrule will be Inspired by a
wholesoniu desire to build up a strong and uni
fied patty within this state, nnd not to con
struct, through the hope of tiolltlc.il reward
and the Inmiranco of being "In" on tho divvy ot
every campaign fund, a niarhlno to keep him
self ami followers In control ot political pat
rotnge. A sane, honest, liberal nnd Intelligent leader
ship tn Oklahoma from now on will obliterate
every vestige of factional strife and placo Okla
homa not only in the category of republican
states', but will unsure the mate Its rightful In
fluence In republican national party councils,
- Knld llagle.
Thin life has grown so mixed n thing, with
nil there Is to do.
One task treads on another's heels before
you're fairly through;
It's business In the morning, when I rend
my mall or try,
Hefore tho telephone begins Into my tlmo
to pry,
Or visit with a visitor and treat him mi n
Then hustle to a meeting that I'vu promised
to attend;
Hut nowhere In tho schemo of life slnco I
grew up to roam,
Heems there to be an hour for me to spend
lu peace at home.
I would not by a word of mlno or single
hasty act
Wound any man who calls me friend. I
merely state the fact
That life ban lost Its olden chnrm which long
ngo It knew
When men could be contented hero without
a thing tu do.
Hut now upon a treadmill that goes ever
round and round
Krom dawn to midnight I must trudgci for
fear that I'll be downed;
t'pon n schedule I must toll, as ship that
ply tho foam.
Chartered tor everything except a quiet hour
ut home.
When dawn arrives nnd over nil the shades
of night descend
Somewheie there Is a banquet or n show
I must attend;
Into my evening drexs I Jump, tho while
my girl nnd l.nl
Stand bv me, as I sbnve myseir, to visit with
their dad.
The old tlmo father used to take his children
on his knee,
Hut that's one happy privilege which life
denies to me;
And yet I vow some day wo three will shnro
tho evening glo.tm,
And 1 will tell them wondrous tales thn
night I nt.iy nt home.
I often fancy I would like to catch some
mild dlseise
So I might stay In bed awhile nnd rend what
books 1 please,
Pome comfnrtnble ailment which to suffer I'd
With no committees to attend, no phone calls
to nniinv
A few brief days 0f perfect peace, too III to
do a thing,
Yet not too III to want to hear the songs the
youngsters sing.
Could 1 break ui) the schedule which com
pels inn now to roam,
I'd reallro my fondest dream a llttlo time
at homo.
CnmluM I'tO. I'T Kdmr A, Hunt.
I CoprrU til 1 M0 11 Thn Culrsto Trlban. I
The Promoter's Wife
Ilarliiira Is HImccnmiI nt What 1-ur-nil
lie Ti'lN Her.
1-or a little after Loiratne left I
sat stunned. Then I began lo th.nk
of all she had said, to look things In
tho fat e. ir what ube said were
liuo 1 was not even jet quite ready
to admit It why I must give up all
my cherished plans, or I must get
Nell to reform his business methods
at once. Theie was one other thing
I was not leady to believe, and that
was thut my husband was really ills
honest. Why he couldn't be! 1
thought as I recalled his kindness to
mo and our boy The child would
keep htm straight If hu needed a
motive, which I did not at all be
lieve. Lorraine had exaggerated. That
hum the conclusion at which I ar
lived. Sho was rather prudlbh, and
.i.i she had said, they had no monc
'a lose. Perhaps her father had
'anted her to go In with Nell In
something and couldn't because he
hndn t the money, and so was a bit
sore. I found all eorts of excuses.
hu ami thing which made me al
most 111 was that Mr. Powers should
Imvu such a mistaken Idea of Nell
I should have to wall awhile to
launch my social war; wait until
.sell would have mailt) them nil set
he was thu absolutely straightfor
ward man I knew htm to be.
What Lorraine has said anent his
making Blanche Orion's house a ren
dezvous mortified and hurt me. Dad
I done wrong to lefuso to tecelve
Miesu coarse men In my homo- men
.with the money necessary In Nell
in his business? U I had received
hem, perhaps there would have
ecu no scandal, no talk about Nell.
Hlanche Orton's servants had prob
ably talked. Lorraine said the men
gambled and drank whllo there, also
mat it wns In her house that Nell's
mlg deals were put over 1 almost
wished I had allowed him to brln,"
'hum home, then as I recalled theli
uncouth mnniiers, I shuddered with
Into my mind riashed the though)
of Mr. 1'rederlcks. He had long ag..
warned me. Someway I wished he
were where I could t.ilk to him. I
would see If he were In town. I
wentjnjho telephone and called the
The Younff Ladf
Across tho. Wai
The j-oiing lady ocross the way
sajs shu often wonders what the
otlier children called President
Kmerltus Ulloi wlnn he was a llttlo
boy ns Kmmy ccttalnly woundn't
have sounded iluhi
hotel where ho usually slopped.
"Is Mr. Fredericks stopping thero
at piesent?" 1 asked.
"No, but hu Is apt to come In nt
any tlmo. Any mcesage," 1 was told
fter a moment's waiting.
"No, yes. Tell htm to call Plaza
."31 when he comes."
Perhaps 1 should decldo to say
nothing to him If he did not arrive
in lnwn for seveial days, but I could
g v'e some excuse for calling him If
1 com ludcil not to tell him anything
of what 1 had heard.
1 knew he did not approve of
Nell's methods, but even so I had
utken Nell's Judgment as final when
m had tailed Mr. Krederlckks nn
dd woman' and not up to date In
is Ideas of business.
1 knew I had been frightfully ex
avagant, but Nell hud t)ld mo to
- a ahead, nod to be sure and have
ic best of everything while I was
oout It. He had good taste, and
ated anything shoddj'. Ho all the
iiinlshlngs of the house were of the
mest woods and materials prorur
i ile. My home was exquisite. Vet
a I looked around I thought of
' hat limine hnd said to "give up
Idea of social sucects and en.'oy
with the friends I now had." I
.ui not willing to do so, It was n
ent deal of tare and hard work to
un such nn establishment properly.
small house and fewer servants
were all we should ever have re
tired hnd I not Intended this on
aiight upon society.
I had oidered several very expen
ve gowns, so that they would be In
eplng with my surroundings, eve
e.g dresses that would bu of no use
f my plans failed. No, no, they
uldn't fall! It wns Just that pur!
in ral streak In Lorralnn that had
ade n mountain out of a mnlo-hlll.
would go on Just as I had Intended,
rhnt Is I would alter 1 had a talk
with Noll.
Friday seemed a long way off, it
mild be hard to be patient until
Is return,
Toinorrovi U Ino Hllnd?
Cherokee Editor to Be
Secretary to Swindell
nell to Th World.
WASDINTON, Dec. Ii. S. C. Tlm
inoris of Cherokee nrrlved here yes
terday tn assume his duties ns sec
retin. v to Congressman Charles Swln
duil of the eighth district. Tlmmons
was formerly editor ot tho Cherokee
Hcpuhlirnu nnd at one tlmo wns sec
retary to tho late Dick T. .Morgan.
Swiudall hns not yet arrived, but Is
expected here Monday.
Cotti Different Imprison From
What Ail Henlly Said.
KANSAS CITV, Mo.. Doc. Ii.
The "Hood to Itlches" wai some
what misleading to n young woman
who sold 20 volumes of It, says W
.1. Ilurke, legal nld nttorney. re-
ontlj. nnd a matter of punctuation
t't her n good watch.
A Chlmgo concern, according to
Mr. Ilurke, offered a "watch chain
and charm" as a premium to any
"lie who would sell 20 volumes of
tho late gct-rleh-qlllck edition. "The
Horn! to Hit hex" A young woman
who called at the free legal aid bu
rem sold them, but only n chain
mil char m wero sent nftcr sho re
quested the premium.
"How comuV" sho asked Mr.
"Very simple." responded Hurke.
as ho scanned the advertisement of
b" mall order house. "Thero is a
omnia missing In 'watch chain and
charm.' You had better bu glad
there wasn't a question mark after
the nil."
If every smoker In Oklahoma
went without one cigar every day
r m December 1 to 15, and Invest
he money thus saved In Tuber
ulosls Christmas seals, Oklahoma
.vould bo on Its way to the title of
he lu'.UlliU'st state In thu Union.
Abe Martin
The Horoscope
Hardin's, goln' t havo n whole lot
o Wilson autoa t' keep In repair xnet
summer. Mrs. J.tfo Hud went f
town t' buy n hat an' had t' park
seven times before sho found what
she, wanted.
250,000 J0JJ3SE JOBS
IteprcM'tilntlvo Madden Predicts Po.
Iltlcnl House-cleaning by In
coming Ailmlnlstnitlon.
Staff Corrcaponilcnci.
ATLANTIC CITV, 'N. J., Dec. 5.
As soon as the Harding administra
tion takes over the government, 250,
000 persons will lose federal Jobs.
Itepresentallve Martin Madden of
Illinois, n member of the republican
steering committee, declared today
In the Marlboro-Hlenhelm hotel.
Mr. Mndden asserted with postlvc
ness that Presldeut-Klect Harding
would call a special session of con
gress ns soon as ho was established
In office to make pence with Ger
many. Ile does not bellevo the ro
in' llean congrei-s wilt enact any leg
islation aimed nt union labor.
"I have beard a great deal of talk
bout laws to establish the open
'hop or the closed shop, but 1 do
not believe congress has anything to
do with either proposition," ho said.
"If thn business men want a closed
shop they can go ahead and put It
Into eirect. I do not helluva they
want congress to Interefcre."
For the same renson Mr. Madden
Is not In r.'tvnr of special legislation
for labor. He said It was absurd
even to Imagine that congress could,
compel owners or plants to run
hem If they Bnw fit to close them
for any renson.
(.'ei'erii! WnodV Order In Honor nf
Woiindttl Mori nn Innotntlon.
Thnt Major C.en Lennnrd Wood,
commanding the fith corps nre-i nt
''ort Sheridan. III., has a high feel
Ing of honor for those soldiers who
were disabled In the fighting during
Hie war Is shown by on order he has
lust Issued on the subject of mill
nry courtesy. Tills order In part
"Fort Sheridan Is still honored bv
the presence of many sick nnd
wounded soldiers from the battle
"elds of the world war. Tho com
manding officer will set the example
In showing special consideration to
Into theso who are tinnblo to sa
lute those who nre unable to so
bite first ns they would wish. It Is
dslred thnt this policy rharncterlze
'he officers of th's command us n
mark of renpect to thoso men who
have served so well."
It Is sild by those familiar with
"my nunctllousnrss thnt this Is tho
first time In tho history of the serv
lee that officers havo been directed
'o s ihit first when meeting disabled
nllsted men .
"Tlio tara lmlln but ili not u ,s
MONDAY, DIX'K.MHl:it n, ii0
tCrt. Itfj by Mcl'lur .New!,,,, ,
Uranus reigns in an iv.i , ,,.
tnily In the morning, bm . ,,:
astrologers tend that the i, Ulll,
changes to benoflc aspect. TI.i uc
mid Jupiter arc mildly itdvei.-..
It Is a rule held fortJiia e f .
perlnients of every sort and n
loin should greatly benefit.
There Is a lucky sign for -,,,,
ufter midday, but pleasure tr.o
likely tu bu more fort inait. ii, .i
those with buslruss idms.
Tho planetary rule is he'd id,
turh thu public mind, caiisinK ,
changes of opinion and a i..n
nttlludu of crlllsm. "J(s
Until men and women In t i...t
life may suffer severely from i .
comments on tin lr best seri "t.
Hallways havo the pi.n ,
Hon of success and piotit ,Kk
official will receive great hon ' it
Is predicted,
Dai Ing this conflgurntu o i)t.r.
may bo a strong tendency t
rolTiu lie,, itml Itu ....nn,... r.,i.
affairs are not well dliected u-'lej
uim gint i Minum oi tne siais, uii t
Is supposed lo elicouiagu fi, Kle
Again thero Is n sinister sign foi
all that pcrtuins to thu ,,,ice nt
male, of kings. Spain, us wc i ai
(Ireece, Is subject to mcuae,n.. i.
Af falls In Turkey will lt uir
careful handling on the p,llt m
(Ileal Hrltl.tn, thu seers .fori, ist
Wall street will bo extiennl nr.
live next month nnd It Is pidp.i.Se(j
that inoro,thnn onu flurry In stotkt
w ill enliven thu winter's fiimn, iaJ
Karthquakcs nre foretold for tht
third degree of west longitude.
The culminating position of Sea.
Itinu In se.xtllo to .Mercury and u
trine to Mars Is Interpreted ns en.
cotirnglng tho growth of deinouatli
Ideals In Oreat Hrltaln.
Persons whosu blrthditto It Is wll"
lravl and enjoy changes that will
be favorablo In tho coming year
Speculation will bo unfortunate. '
Children born on this day will bt
quick and clever and exceedingly
persevering In all probability Tliei
usually nro very self reliant and
Bennies' Notebook
I was stnrtlng to study my les
sins nnd wishing I wns flnlshln
them, nnd pa wns reeding tlw
sponrtlng page, nnd some of thu fcl
lows started, wlssellng for mo cut
side, rno saying. Hay pop It I hurry
up nnd finish studying my lesslnj
can I go out nnd play with thu fel
lows n wile, pop?
Yes, sed pop. Mo thinking, (J,
And prltty soon I sed, All throo,
pop, I'm going out now.
Hold on, hold on. slppose you let
mo beer you your lessins ferst, sed
pop, nnd I sed. Aw O pop yon
dldent say enythlug about heerltm
them, nnd pop sed, Well I'm saylnn
something now.
All rite, hcer mo rny history, I sed.
History being the only thing I knew
and pop sed, I'm doing this, I'll beer
you your goggrlffy, glvu mo your
list of goggrUfy questions.
Wich I did, thinking, Heck, O
nnd pop sed. wnt aro tho boundryt
of Afrlcka?
Sir? I sed, nnd pop sed, Dldnent
you beer the question? nnd I sed Yei
sir, nnd pop sed, Well unsl-r It
Afrlcka Is cheefly bounded bj
wntter, I sed, and pop sed, Hny par
tickler wntter?
Sir? I sed, and pop sed, Cut out
tho sir blzncss nnd givo mo the
bnitndrys of Afr.leka, and I flu!
Well, Its ony partly bounded by mat
ter becnusi) If It was bounded all
erround by wattcr It would be a
Island. ,
And If It was bounded all erround
balr It would bo an airship. I sip
p'ose, sed pop, wnt nre the princi
ple exports of China?
Sir I sed, nnd pep sed, Whit
did I tell you about thnt sir stuff'
and I sed, the principle exports of
China aro Chinees', nnd china ware,
Thats plenty, not to say too miirh,
now get to werk and study your
lessins, sed pop.
Wlch I did.
Y. M. C. A. Notes
A council of tho Woodcraft League
of America, tho organization
when Krnest Thompson Heton
the founder, will bu nrganUed in
Tulsa at a meeting to bo held at tn
V. M. C. A. Thirty or moio bo
will launch tho organization under
direction of H. J. Hntlger, who re
ceived Instruction from Mr. Heton.
All boys of tho city aro Invited to
attend this meeting.
Fourteen boys wero placed in poib
Hons through tho employed boys de
partment of thn Y. M. O. A. durlni
the month of November. Tho "
serves as a clearing houso when
boys and Jobs nro brought together
to tho mutual advantage of the l.idi
and their employers.'
Tho membership of tho "V foi
the past rew month9 has ttood
around 3,300, which Ib tho largest in
tliM tttntn. Tt (u nlun 1.1ft?cr thntl t lift
iiieniiivrsiiip in mo lami-n uw""'
Hon In hair the states ot tho union
A u-nmnti :ivn Ihnt Immediate'!
after marrlngo a man Is different.
Yes, and a yenr arter mnrnagu in
Is apt to he Indifferent. .
(2je&. Cedar
VUrfcu Cot

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