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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 07, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 2

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Lehigh Valley Railroad la
Violating Sherman
Law, Says Court.
pailway Gobbled Up Anthra
r cite Coal Intcrt'Hla Along
? Its Uight of Way.
Mrs. Harding Entertained at Tea
By Mrs. Wilson; First-Lady -to -Be
Explores Future White House Home
mull tn In Kcolt county
-ar tur e'.uiliein Hebaeiion rtunty lint
j., tVAHIU.VOTfiS', !)".. r, -Tin
I.cIiIrIi Valley i.iltirmd anr. Ilu
M-cond iiml last or Hi" tfiral antlini
clto ronl and null trum couch, vrii
won today liy tin Kovvriiinont.
Tim ftipri'iim court, In tlm
inmnlmoui opinion of wen mumhirM
.J)'irticlintllii;, hold that tlm r.ilMlfw,
I'liiulilmitlnn of Hi" i.iliiu.iil unit It
prlnoliml Milwldlaiy i iimiinilli'H n
III vIolHtloii of ilir rlhi'rtiiKii lUill-tliim
net, mid, iiM'lnlnn (ho I' rtrr ruilli,
ordnrrd Hip i-iUrrm of a dui'ir-i din
nnlvlliK tlio luinliiniilloii mid ''
illdtllliulliu: Itn iituikn, I.oihIh nml
proiiirfloN m iim to mako raidi
i:oiiiponciit part In f.u't litdcpoiiiloni
mid compotltlvi'. Hpi'i Ifli ull
named In llin iirilrr of illHitiilutloii
vivm t tin I.cIiIkIi Valley railroad com
pany, tlio 1,1'IiIkIi Valley t'oiil rum
pany, I ho l,'litfli Valley Coal H.ikH
o i 1 1 . 1 1 1 y , Coxe limn. Ac Co., and the
Delaware, Htlnitle)ianna A- HrhuyllUII
Jtullruiid Co, Tim court iIImiiiIhmimI
the Mil ft) far (in It named tlm New
York and Middle Coal Field Itall
roml Ar Coal en.. Hie ) II, Markli'
company, Die nlrmd Triint eompiiny,
and IndUldiial dcfuiidanlK, Inrliiillnii
Hid late (litit Ki) I''. Ilai'l-, llnnlel (I
Held, Mdun II. Tliouiaa, 1-iViunu 1).
Hmlli, K. T. Nlttid'iiry, tlnorKo
Jlaker and other offlcem and dlrec-
Ifirit nf Mill flnrf.llil;illt I'.lllll till nleit.
prominent In tlio riiiiuui.il mid rall
.To.nl world,
Juallci-M MelteynoIdH mid llrandeln
took no pait In tlm consideration of
tlio caNu, It wiui annoiincad,
(iowrniucnt .NiiMiilnnl.
Tlio opinion of tho court, nn rend
by Jimtlea Clarke, MiKtalnnd In un
vrpilvoral laiiKiiiiKp prnctlcally every
contention i allied by the Koverninonl
In Itn brief- It wiih held that Ilu
I.cIiIk)i Valley railroad, thriitiKh the
coal rotniiiiiiy of the ku hid name, and
Othrr miiiKldl.'irleH, iitono)oll7.eil the
production, tianHportatlon and Hit li
,of nntbraclto runt fioni mlnen located
hlotiir ItH IIiii-h; that thin moiioioly
Wii8 ituNtnlnrd throuuli Illegal prefer
ence to Hie HUlHlill.n1eH, and that the
oiicinlratlon of the coal Halea com.
pny was in fact a niero dovlco to
clix univiiu thn mi-calli'il coiuniodlty
claiiNo of tho IntorHlatn rommcrco
act, which forhldn 11 common carrier
to trannport coal In which It han any
"This history of nlsjont 2B yearn,"
the onlnlou mild, afl . revlewlim the
life of tho lallrnad from Hh Inception,
. "cant un lllunilnattni; IlKht upon the
Intent and purpnxo with which ine
crimblnatlon hern unwilled wan
formeil mid continued."
Kvldenro Mubmlttvd by tho Govern
ment wiih accepted an proving that
'.' tho railroad controlled HO.OOil ncreH
of anthrnclto land along Itn Una "In
the limited area of atithraclto pro.
dilolnir territory," and that OS poi
'-?' cent of thn coal tonnairo nuivod by
it the railroad In l'JOS wiui controllud
by It.
M Ilnuclit Up CiniI T,andn.
l4? . Juntlco Clarke nald tho court con
p eluded that It unn "clearly cntali
J' llnhed that prior to tho enactment
'-(3 of tho anti-trust act, tho railroad
1 company, In combination with Itn
coal company nubuldlary, deliberately
entered upon a policy of making ex'
tennlve purclmHeM of anthrnclto land
tributary to tho rnllroad coinpany'n
Unn for tho purposo of coutrollliiK
tho mlnliiR, trannportnllon nml nalen
of coal to bo obtained therefrom,
and of prevmitliiK nml HUpprcmdiiK
. compettltlon, enpoclally In tho triinn
B portatlou ami miln of nuch coal In
S Internlnto commerce, and that till"
8 policy wan continued after tho pan-
sbkii of tlio antl-trUHt net with ln
2i crcimliiK emirKJ' and tenuclty of pur.
B pone, with Ihu renult that a practical
monopoly waK nltalned of th trnnB
j& pnrtatlon mid nale of nuthraclto coal
S Udilved from nuch lamia."
1 where"topace her
W,HIII.NlTON Dec, --l'or
tli. flri-i tlmn wlihln tlm memory
of Ihu oident allnclio of thn whim
bonne, n flrnt lady of tho lurid oli
i tallied today n next flrnt Imly
or thn Intnl.
Mrn. Florence Kline llardllii,',
Wife of tlm prenlib-nt -elect, whh
the ;ii-nt of Mm. Kdlth MollInK
Wllnnii, wiro of the pionldent, at
mi I n Tor tun I lea at tho executive
matmlon Into I bin afternoon. Mr,
Wllmin me( her nuent In the fioM
hall mid cm urN'd her to the bluo
room, where ten w.ih neived.
After Mm. AVIInon nml Mri.
Ilaiilliii; linl ihalleil awhile, they
Walked aliuiit tho whltn lionw,
tbroiiKh the iirei n and rod room
mid the ntiitn dlnliiK room ov. r
whit h Mm. Ilniillii'.; v. Ml he enlled
Upon ptenlde .i ft ' r ue.xl Mini h
I Mm. lliiidlm; did n il meet tlio
prcHtdmit, Who hid letlied to Inn
ntlldy on the upiir floor to tend,
nor won nln- nhown over the white
hotiNii kid hen.
Mm. llanlliiK preiiate I to de
part after xp-n llnu all bout with
her hoitinn aril ti.i-t ;ir irr i-mi l as
far an Hie front doo-wiv when
Mm WIImoIi. iitiddeiiiy ic'-ulltiiK
dutnlln nf the whltn hoimi hold
ori.'iiul..'itloii. wlib h nhe had Im -
Hearst Loses Soil lo
Prevent Sate of Ships
WAHIMNnTON, Dee. fi.-TIm din.
trlct court of ap;inln today not nnlde
tlm Injunction Krantcd by tho iIIh-,
tl let Hlipri nin court mialnnt tho nhlp-
pliu: board In thn nult of Willi in I
Itnndnlph I leu ml to prevent tlm nab-j
or -i rormer lieiniaii venneiH mm
directed to (IIhuiIkh the bill of Mr.
llem-nl. The action of roiiKrcnn per
m 1 1 1 1 li it tho nalo of nhlpn In (UoHttnn,
accordliiK to tho court, ban iniido
tho uueHtlon of whether tlm nhlppliu;
board oxreeded Itn power In uffnrlui:
tho nhlpn for nalo at publlo uuctlon
a moot ono.
To Talk .lap Oiii-mIoii.
WAHIIlNdTUN, Dec. r lly
iinanlmnUH rnummt. tho houno of
teprenentatlven today planted Itepre
Hi'iitatlvo KhIiii, rciiuliilcnn of Cali
fornia, Icnvo to aildicHH thn limine
for ono hour Thurnday "on Iho Jap-
miCHo ducMtlnn In I altronila ." Tho
porinlnnlon wan reipienleil liy llepie.
nolilatlvo Uandall, pioblbltlonliit of
Tlry riilllpinfiieH Nmt,
WAKlllNnTflN, Dec- . Kxten-
iilon of prohibition enforcement to
tho Plilllpplno lnlnnda In pioponcd In
an ameudmetit In tho Volotead I iw
Introduced by lleprenentallvn itn n-
dal . nrnh iltloulHt of California.
Ili-iireneutatlvo Handall dei-lmed ho
found Manilla to bo thn weltent npot
on tho globo when bo vlnltud tho clly
Innt Hummer.
1,'otlen to liopiirt, Invited her I ueK
and tliey Uihdrew ai?nln to I'm
blue room wheio they t.nkeil lor
another 2(1 iiuniiten L'pou le.ivnu
the while hoiino Mm. Iliudtnif le
inaiked that nhe hud had a 'very
plcnnmit Ml.lt, Indeed," nut idle,
ankiil In be cm un it from nnnwi-r
Ini; ipientlunn an to her vlnlt. Thin
wiih her flral meellni: 'villi Mri.
Wllnoh mid her firm vlnlt to the
matinloii over whli h nhe noon In
to inenlde.
Mrn. Ilardlm; bad a buny day In
WnnhltiKton. Mhe went to the
capltol In Die uiiirnliu; and wiih In
the itnllcry at the ipeninr nenou
of the nenate. Hbe hud lunch at
the capltol lentaiiiant Willi her
WflHhlhKtnn Imntinn, Mm. II. J I.
McLean, and Dr. and Mm. ('. K.
Hiiuyer. An Mm. Iliinlluir left tlm
1 1 1 n -1 1 loom nhe met Mm. M tili.ili.
Wife or the vice ienldnt, lind
lliunedlately, an old frlemK they
cmliini ed.
Mm. Wllnon'n Invitation to buvo
tea at the whlti- Iioiihd wii'i re-(eli'i-il
In the fureiionn ami nh
Immediately imepteil. After b-av-Ink
the f.ipltnl and befi.ii. iou
to the exi i ullve miitmlon, hIio
called on n number of filendn In
Repeal Nearly All of
War Laws Is Plan
U'AIIIIINflTON, Dec. (!. Onn or
the flrnt ntepn by tho republican inu
tility In tho limine to placo the
counlry on a pence tltnu banla, wan
taken today by llepretienlntlvo Vol
Hteiiil of MlnneHOtii, rhalrman of tho
Judiciary committee, who Intro
duced a hill repeallm; all war time
Hlatuten, exiopt the trading with the
enemy food control, Dlntrlct of c'o-
liimhla lent, liberty bond and v
plnniiMo ncH.
Mr. VolRtead announced that the
Judiciary cominltten would bcKln
hearliiKH Immediately.
Amendment of tho bill In com
mittee to txempt tho war flounce
corporation In expected by botino
neii. nr" the i. re ddent -etc, I n.ild I "
li. y, ,nn mill I i an omy r-piy ,, , ,, ,,,, ,., ia,.ne .,r
' III 010 w, crlrl. Tlu orltin of lh flr
u unknvrh TM 1 .1 1 1 1 n-urr wai th
ltl In AMintt ulel h'l be'ii In eitnteme
for ininy yearn
MlicrtlntiH abioit the lublnet with th"
nweepltiK nnntn.inro that 1 have
notblnu to niiv."
Mr. Ilnvn, Mr. Dauuberty and Mr
iVickH were all prenent a ttoday'M
, tonfereiii en with Mr. ll.irdlriK on
... . ., i r- 1 i tliln an dottier nilbjectn. ThroilKhoiit
WeeKS, HayS and Dailgn- the campalKii thenu three were
,, l,.t.;ut mil if AIfin ,amoim- .r. iiariiuiKH cioneni aovin
ui i,(Y i uinL-iiiLij
tioned for Herts.
WAHIIINUTON, Der. f, Kpecula
tlon about tho ponnlble rublnet nelee
tlonn of thn Incoming ndtnlnlxlri
tlon wan cunt Into moro definite linen
today by connullatlon between I'rinl
dent elect llardllii; and republican
pin ly leadern.
Three iiiuikh whh h ntood In the
foremiitlnd tf'lllKht Wen; thone of
.lohn V. U'eekn of ,Mannachunetln,
for neeietary o film navy; Will It.
Iluyn o flndl.ina. lepubhian nntlonat
ihalriiin.il. for pontmnnter general;
and Harry M. D.uiKbeity of Ohio,
the llutdliiK preronventloti mmuiKer,
for attorney cenernl.
Hill Ma) (i'i Slnlo llerth.
I'rotnlnenio ulno wan Klven by Hip
dny'n innfeienceH lo t lit ionHlble ne
leetton or Duvbl Jiiyno Hill of New
York, former nnibui.iador to (ler
mmiy. an Kccictnry of ntute, althouKb
nuch leadern un Chntleii II. HiiKhen,
Kllhu Hunt, Senator I'hll.inder C.
Knox. Henator Henry Cabot InlKe,
Senator A. II. Kali nnd othem ntlll
were irotnlneutly tnentlonrd for thn
poitfnllo In nome iiunrterN.
in on ciuentlotiH of policy, alt luv
I Ini,' been tnembem of the rcpubb an
rumpiib;ti committee.
I Another cimn friend nf the prml
, dent-eleet who took part In tlm (on
' fereucen, wan former nenator (leorne
I Hiitherland of irtall. Hcretofote. bin
1 name alno ha nheen aHnoebtted with
'inbliiet ;ohiIi, but today the Im
! prennlon i;.ilued Kround that be
would prefer nome other npoolnt
, ment, either In tho diplomatic acrv
! leu or to tho Htipremo court.
Wire Flashes
WABMI.VHTO.V, l)-e t liwint; l,l'rte
nf Mi.nourt ret Anitiii McUnn nf Ninth
I'ur'iiin.i ..,r,i nppninirxl Uoitajr MPRlKtunt
rrtilr of the ttrnury lo H'eil le-
lii-cllvtly Jniirtt 8liou! ami Altirrt l'ttli
lloiel, tulicm-d.
ii:nvp,ii, n.f. e inm cii,iuvtni.
T rff.1.1 ertt (finerltim ef tht? I'otorailo H Imnl
if Milieu Hint vrl.lrl knnwii Ihrnuirheut
tho ciMintry an a rhr nlt an, I i U'lutrtu'
tJieit hf-ra y.ilrritay. Itn wna 71 yara
elit ll-fore ceuilnn to ('ulnrailn friim HI.
1,'inla. tin vviin iliMitiltal hoad uf lilt' Keo
loxlcal aurvey of Mlfiuil.
IIIHM AltCiv. N I), Die. . Tli ClllifPa
Hi. Ir lljnk nf IMifily and tha Htatn lunk
.if N'lrlnMVlUn. r!ii.-t Ihflr ilnnr. lu.lilV.
HeKarnini,' Itm other piacen m the acconiinn tu word rroivad by r u. i.n
offliliil family, i;onnlp wan lenn d. f- '"",H inr. Tula brlru:
Inlto and Iho lint of p(mlbllltleH w-ik I ,,n,,;;,al, "wnX ,",,,k c""u,,, """"''
widened by tho dny'H deveoimenta, ' , ,
That no forma lofrer.t had I ninadol II AltHISIlt'ltd. Pa. . Mnvlnir
WIIH eniphimlr.ed by Mr. llanllntj i rlftera fllina that idorlfy rrlma or rnaka
l,lr,,,.lf i,i-i,i n. iiin nitl ,..,,. ..i ' 'Imlnul ciri or advenlnrea fclnt
hlliineir tntilhlit an tho only comment r Mnrni wm ,. forth bo l.arrnl
ho wiih wlllluK to make on tho re-lm l'ennlvahli, lh utn board of cm
potted Hidortlnnn or on bin dlncucnlon ora amiuuncul today
of the nubject with tho republican ,.nIT SM,T Af ,,.r , f
leaiii m. 1 l!J noo waa raui,.-it by flra hlrh dfatro,l
"No plncn ban been offered totliaW A l.lttte ganrral inarriiandlt atnrn
I'lro Iiimi Very Sninll.
p..rlal tnTlift W'ollil.
V I.N li'A, Die Tho total fire
I n H.i In thin city dut In tlm p.mt yea
whh only JI.HI5 nccoidlni; to l-'lm
Chief C. II. Webb, who haH Jliat
filed IiIh annual repmi with the
mate firo rnamhiil. Thetp wero only
II flriH during tho our, liictudlnK
KinnH flren. The department in
celved and renponiled to only 4i
nlarnri duiini; that period. The
eipilpment of the fire ntatlon In
VoIclh 0, 600,
rueful Kirtn for tho liotiHCWlfc
St (iiis-iricatlnn II I -A, today
All! I.
oAbout One-Eleven
2 O cigar! ttesl5r
Mitbllcfomc WrltcrM Worrlcil About
Mlsn HolMTlNinV Job
In New Onu;rcrw.
Btatf Corrf iminlnea.
WA8H1NX1TON, Dec. 6- Women
lendern hero resent tho miSKentloti
that Mln Allro Itoberlnon b niado
cluilrmnn of a npuclal coinmltleo to
hnvn charite of tho houno of repre
nentntlven lunch room,
Thew women leaderH alno offer
tho complaint that nownnaper fca
turn wrltem and nob nlntera are
"wrltlnir their hend.i off frninlnp
unliiue piacen for Minn IlobortBoti.
Thcno women Hny that MIbh Itobort
Bon wilt bo a valuable leclHl.it nr.
amply nbbi to hold her own with
inv member of tho limine, and that
thorn wilt bo a larso howl if her
committee iiHslfiunciitn uro not In
"t Iceeplng witb her iittalnmcntH.
It In bnlnir iirued that MIhh Itobert
nou he made a member of thn Indian
nffnlrH committee, where her traluln
would ntatnl her In Rood ntcad.
Chairman Hnder of the Indian af
fatrH commtit'-c in n.ihl to bo taking
It for Ki.inti l that Mikh Itnbertnon
will find a pltic on lili conunlltee,
despite tho fact that ' freak ntory"
wrltern are fratnlun new and un-licivrd-of
Jobs for her
ini c-"r"'T r"T' 1
M . 1 1 ill I I' Mf t em
JUST an Insidd word about One
Eleven. The American To
bacco Company has served the'
public with fine tobaccos for
many years. It commands the
Apcricnce and skill to prepare
nad know good cigarettes.
The American Tobacco Com
pany would not give the ad dross
of its home otlicc as the name of
anewcigarctteifit did not believe
(hat the blend would please you.
try them
liltli nimi that II you Jofc't
l.kc "111" CumiiM, oa ca v
piuacy tcl Hoot lot ueuer.
Supremo Court t'pbobU Ccn Cola
Compmiv In Suit to l'li'M'iit
1!m of N'nino "olc,"
WASllL-VC.TON. Deo. 0. The
Coca Cola company, manufacture
of a popular Hoft drink, todav won
11b nult In tlm nupronio court for nn
Injunction rcntralnlnn federal cor
lioratlonH In Mlxnourl. Texan. Okla
homa and Arkann.iK from untnir Htm.
liar names In their cornoiutu tltlon
and for nn iiccountlni; for ilum.iu'on
remiltlntr from nurh lnfrlm;ement.
Tho ilcfcndnntH nptiiiiBt whom the
Injunction w-.ih anked Included tlm
Koko Company u America a Mln
nourl corporation! the South Kokc
Company, Mil., ami tlm Koko Com
tin nlH nf Texas. ArkanmiH and Okl i
homa. In opponlnK thn uult they nl
leged that tho Com Cola rampant -had
corou Into court wi h m l
haiidn In tnnt u proauc- wan i
truthfully dcHcrineii py tj,r trulo
tiamo under which It wiih nolil.
Tho court refuneil to in- thn de
fondanta from umIhr the term donu
tjt deucriblnic thu product
L i"";
You'll cnioy the
rich Maple I'ttvor
S A V IS S M f 1. K a O f S T E P s
hjwlhV f fn day's- rflBHHMS
sl h"'Jin'l"UJ
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rut In tlm prlrn of brfmt In tun weeka
wn Minnunr'eil t'ly- Pouri'l Iimvm r
Ulir.l t 12r, vhllc 1 na ankid for
MW'OUful lodvfn a ftMuclloti of one cent.
WAHirtNMTOV. ! .-- Druhkmnoi
rrtntinul lo t I hi piln l.il for
trlni rtfni infill mn f thr fisvy fnf !(
ffftlon or nverataylriR lfao during th
tiMiit ftumi rr Hpmttllnr tu lh nnul
fpprt of Itrar A dm ir.il (lpnnt It Clirk,
itwlK Aflvuctftn cenrr1, to Mrcr'tnry l)n
IH f1ny Of 1 73 such rnm(i iltirinK
the yr, iImh fit ilfiirikrnn',i Hta n
lfr1 In 3M cu, yn th rcrnrl. The
"Mtui" nf Mvlnif Rood time" wb
KtVfM in 3(2 innrfi.
"Properly Pasteurized Milk
INDIANAPOLIS lire 1 -Kour mn
wi UllW'l and l'olon-1 tliii-i-ll II. 1 1 a rr I -.nn.
non ef tli lata Prrnt.lnt llejamln
If irrirn. win aarlnualy Injurfd nh.n an
nul.mnil.il" In hirh thry wrra rldlnK,
ulttirk hy a trai-tton 4r at a crimalnir
mar hfr yraienUy Mr lUrrln'in, wlio l
u torl rttturny. 1 ctpmtrtt to rcovar.
NKW YOI1K. life e Onruo M. Oann.
itMiiralng ulflrar of the ahlrplnir hoard.
hMUy wa npimlnted fnti-ral tutelar lor
Ilia Italian Mar Una or thla city.
NIIW YOltK. Ie . -Naval oftlcUla to.
.lay vara a-aVIra; tlia caura of tha flta
whlrll lata y-larilay aal off otita altty-alx
tan in'-h ahalta on lha tlnlttar Mackantn
.it tha I'nrt Hamilton wliarf, llroohtyn,
,-aulllaa In Ilia timiiharillnant And ahtik.
imr of liuaa within n tliraa tulla rndiiia. '
hn injury or a acorn or tii-raona ami
1100,01)0 ilalinil'x.
laka tha alnliara' tilaoaa Tha mayor of
ira Crui tal'icrahcl lha fadaral ovarn.
man i at Manlcii City for troopa to handle
lha altuatlon.
PITTHIlPIIOIt. Ilac. . City and rail
road pollre war" tnday without dun a
in ho tlrn.l lavaial ahota at tha Pann
aylvanla ralnnait'a Keydnna i;ntraa a
It n .ipprnachlnx tlaal Llbarty, an up
town atallon, aarly Hunday mornlnit Sev
aral Imllala paaaail throuuh tha vratlbiile
wlmlowa of one Pullman but nobody u
I'lllft, Dae 6 t'nltad Plate" Panator
I.1III tl-rtnlU rantibllcan. of llltniltfl
annnunrad today h would vlilt Prcaldent
Mlllrmul of F.anca an.l rrnmiar
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Way to Health
Misses Swyny
LaSallc Hotel
415 South Denver
Cedar 1606
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tnanla evlat. i'i-
Note Change of Locution
Niw "ZVIilllM" rinmnl, V.H
UlllSSI'.a OP HIHI'tlK'll'H With ..iori'
Ii'Um-s, roniiilvtc, (ILtainx' ilr rcmllnj
Cut Rate Optical Co.
I lO.'-A Wtt I'oiirtli Stric t, IUiit)vn
llniililrr luul Clii'jiinii' tn.'
Tul.sn, Okla. I'lunic nil
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