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,V0L. XV. NO. 76.
20 P AO ICS.
mmmw m
ID I, H 1 III !!yA.JliXlia!Te
iui i ihi m a m aam it - -"-
Volstead Resolution Is
'Adopted by Unanimous
Vote, 323 to 0.
Food Control Law Among
Those Knocked Out; Like
One Wilson Vetoed.
No Opposition Expected to Be
Mot in Upper House; Quick
Passage Predicted.
WASHINGTON, Doe. 13. Hrpcal
tf mM of the wartlmb lawn wns
toted today by tho house, which
jilot'ul the Volstead ri'solutltmfor
lh.it purpose utter two hours orde
lutc ito on adoption of thn reso
lution wan unanimous 325 votes be
ing rcc jnk'il uh favoring It, with
nc no opposed. Tho house, before
taking the final vote, accepted nn
Ar.riiilinont providing for Inclusion
tl tho Lever food control act nnonp
I k ,iws which the resolution would
repeal. The amendment, which
cour all provision)) of tho food
control i.-t with tho exception of the
nfction relatln cto rent In the Dm
tri.t of Columbia, was offered by
I'pprrsr-ntntlve lllund, republican of
Indiana, It was carried by a vote
of 175 to 137.
Thn resolution, which now goes to
the prnatc, excmptH from repeal
only the trading with tho enemy
"t, thu war flnanco corporation
ii' t and Its amendments, and meas
ures dealing with tho Issuance of
Llhcr'y and Victory bonds. I.lttle,
If any opposition, Is expected,. In the
tenate. '
Quirk Passage In I.lUi'l),
The resolution declares "nny not
Jf congress that, by Ha terms, is In
force during thu existence of a state
of war and n limited tlma there
after shall bo construed and ad
ministered as If tho- prevent war
tern mated on tho date uhen this
resolution becomes effective."
The measure, ns adopted. Is prnc-
al'v lilentlcal with that passed by
ronsres-s Inst session and vetoed by
rresi.IeiU Wilson, v. U
(i o, i. iiimloo Kiilfllli tl.
ftf-puli'lcan leaders of thu house
tiroi-ted tonlRht that adoption of the
lesci'ution was one o'f tho first, steps
taken by the republican majority to
fulfill tho catnpaiKn pledge to put
the country on n peace-time basis.
nUpenltlon of tho Volstead reso
lution clears the way for consldera-
ton of tho resolution offered by
P.f jireientutlvo Itoavs, republican of
N'plras'ca, which would provldo for
a congressional survey of the gov
ernments administrative, depart
R.'nts. A special rule limiting do
nate win bo presented tomorrow by
Chairman Campbell of tho rules
rommlt'ofi and nctlon on tho floor
will fellow a vote on the adoption
of the rules.
Four Children Perish '
In a Kerosene Maze
WINNKK, S. D., Dec. 13. Four
phllil en, raiilnjf In .-ibo from one
' Hx years, were burned to death
" 1 1 re this mornlntr. They were
'IiijJ eti of Mr and Mrs. .lohn Shu
manr wl10 also were so badly buin
d 'lia- It U not believed they will
ret ed U s thouirht that Mrs.
e'atpuni used kerosene In starting
11 're In the cook stove
Gen. Nivclle Reviews
, Second U. S. Division
VN'TONIO. Texas, Dee. 13.
1'obert Nlvolle. I.renrh war
if- ii wed the second division
'lay with Major Oneral
Jos.,,, t. Dickman. rommantler of
no i mull corps area and Major
James (5 Warbord, com
nui.i. r f ffimp .Travis. Ttte
' " l division Is thu only American
arT' division which Is heliiK re
- ' full war stronrjth. About
o ' holdiers nasjiod In review bo
lnT h. ro of Verdun.
jyant ,d lines in Thn World tnmor
will cost you only 11 few ill men
iiir. takfi only a few minutes of your
We 10 write,
J'" httio ad will work for you for
nourr ln praclicallj. ov,,ry office,
"Ore non0 ,M TulSili It wlll t0t
v.T an,lli of Interested readers Hint
our pnposltlon la reliable mid that
incc KlouM Kct ln lHUoh wllh yu
vo yju
1 ml'tmas
o today
tried Classification Cl-A,
sUBBestlons? If not, do
whri''!'.la 0000 and ask for a
'I1 Want Ad Taker.
Society Cashier,
Is Given Liberty
CHICAGO, Dec. 13 Charges of
embczxlemon of ir0,00u against
Mrs, Hose Sehwelbir Merger, which
brought nallon-wlde attention to
her when tiny wci- f.led sometime
ago by n harness firm by Which she
was employed, were dismissed today
on motion of the sJite's attorneys,
Uiho said they lackiel sufficient evi
dence to prosecute. .Mrs. llcrgcr,
then Miss Srhwclber, It wits said ut
ter tho chaws wore tiled, bad been
living In a fashlonabjc north sldu
apartment under the numo of "Mnn
du Hose." and had become, will
known under that name lu Chicago
society nlthouKh worklntf as a cash
Three Days of Heated De
bate Ends in Fixing of
One-Year Ban.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 13. Tho
house today transmitted to the sen
ate thu Johnson bill prohibiting
practically all ImmtRratlton to the
I'nlted SIiiIoh for a period of 'ono
j ear. Tho vote on the measure.
2vt to 41, uroucni to an en nmore
than three days of heated debate.
It also followed futile attempts by
tho bill s supporters to leuKthen the
prohibition pitrlod to two yours, as
orlKlnally proposed. Th first of
these attempts broiiKlit a rlsliu: vote
In favor of the two-year exclusion.
but a t.econd call showed 1S1 In fa
vor of the one-year period and onl
icr, opposed.
In the senntc tho bill will be re
ferred to the Immigration committee
and action w 11 bo defnr-ed until the
Kovernment has concluded hearings
and investigated thoroughly ah
nbases of lmmltnatlou and natural
Izatlon questions. A number of
measures benrlnc Ml theso subj:cts
nrn tiMtiillni- In tin. nlllfn fi 11,1 It W
retrarded as likely hat they will T
lncorooratod In tho .iiinil'ion mil
when tt H fltnll.v roportel to tho
cnato for consldei alion. Thu nttl
tudo of scnato lead'H today wriB
'hat no hasty aetljn shou' 1 be t.-ktn
ty that body Ir 'toiiiii with lmmt
ijratlon Issms.
WiisliliiKton WiintM to Know How He
U'fi Without. I'ni-MHirt.
WASHING TON, IKO. 13. I'eter
MacSwIney. American citizen and
brotlwr of tho late Lord Mayor Ter
euro MaeKwIney ot Cot, will be
Riven a passpoit to return to the
I'nlted t;, at ex from Great llrltaln as
S Mill lis llll eJkplultIS HOW lie p-ii nun
country and went to Ireland without
a passport, It was announced by Uic
state department today.
Indian. Only UH, rutull.v Ilurtinl In
Aii lilenlul IH1171'.
OAK CHHHIf. Col, Dec. 13-
I'hllllu lx-flhuud, nn Indian llvln
near hero and reputed to bo 138 'eais
old. died yestird.i) from nurns re.
reived when his elothlnt: ratuht fire
from snarks from a pipe ho was
Russian Count, Held
At Ellis Island for
Two Dans, Admitted
NKW YORK. Dee. 13. Major
rterieral Count A. Cherep .Splrlilo
vlach, fornior head of tho Kilsalan
Imperial marine corps, was rn
leased from detention at Hills Is
land today and admitted to this
country nfter havlm; been hold by
immigration authorities since Sat
urday, when lm land Mil from tho
At the preliminary inspec
tion, the Kcner.il had been unablo
to convince the nilthorltU'S ho wuh
not comlni: here 10 conduct an
itntl-Hebriiw propRRanda, A spo
rtal Imiulry board cleared him of
this suspicion today -when he
kinwud a letter from William G
McAdoo. former secretnr of tho
treasury, and proved by other
documents- that he was well known
In socluiy both hero and In .Now
port, U. '
Oklahoma Oil Man Urged
to Present Views Be
fore House Probers.
State's Congressmen Like
Idea, but Constituents Kail
to Express Desires.
Chairman of Ways and Means
Committee Presents New
Plan of Financing.
World VVjutilmrun ferreriwindrnt.
WASHINGTON, Dec 13. -Ulda
homa oil men and othris who have
siiRKetloUH t'4 iiiiiko on reWslon of
'he present t.1. Ihwh will have to
en mo to Washington or send their
lews at onto It they desire to be
Hearings 011 revision of tho tax
IW8 he Kan before the house, ways
ind means rommltteu today and
111 end on December 23, 10 das
hence. While it is not the Intention
to brhm In tho revenue revision bill
at this sesshm, the committee at the
lose of the 10 days hearliiK .will at
opco begin to whip Into shape a tax
bill to be presented at the special
session called by I'rrsldent Harding
probably on March In.
Although numerous complaint
about high taxes have comn from
Oklahoma none of thn complaints
hnvo been accompanied by a sub
stltute plan. Hepiibllcans and
lemocratlc lenders said today that
the government must get an much
taxes next year as wers paid thb
year and If excess profit and other
obnoxious taxes are to be repealed,
some BUb-nltuto must bo found.
Turiimor Tui niuuvd.
Itecently there has been much
agitation for a sales or turnover
tux, and the Idea Is said to appeal
to several ot tho Oklahoma con
gressional delegation. They have,
however, heard Utile fiom their con
stituents as to how this plan ap
pealed to Oklahoma laximNers.
rax levlis Ibis year failed ly
1,2(,000,OOU to meet thu cost of
running the government, Senator
McCumber of North Dakota, acting
chairman of the flnanco committee,
has revenled. This must be met by
laiiuarv 1 or ln little more than
two weeks either by howls or b
the sulo ot short term treasuiy cer
tificates. Huge Hum Xes'ilcil (JulcU,
It Is lmposslblo to float a bond
Issue ln that time because of the
condition of tho money .ind hunil,
market now. so the only plan seems
to he the sale of shuit term trcusury
certificates. This deficit will have
to ho taken euro of by taxes next
With this huge hang over ni mucn
wlll havo to bo raised from taxes
next year as was raised this yeai
even if appropriations for nil pur
noses are sliced to thn very bono,
and the J2, 000, 000 soldier bonus bill
which was passed th" house anil is
now pending in tno senaie, is uirneu
cern of congressional leaders an 10
tho ability of tho treasury 10 meet
the $7,500,000,000 of war debts ma
turing within the next two and a
half years was inillcuicu py ruair
maii Knrdney of tho ways and means
committee today, both In the house
and at the opening of hearings by
his I'omuilttou on revision or rove
nun legislation. ,
Tho ways and means eommiiier
chairman trankly e.vpieved doubt
as to whether tho estimate "f a I I.
OO.VTIM.Et) I'Adf: hlXlKis
Red River Oil Case
Up to Highest Court
famous I led river oil lands ase was
called for argument io th,. supreme
court today, marking the passage Of
onu more trtop In the original suit
between the states of nkbihomu und
Texan to ileieriniti" which should
hold title to vnlunlile oil tracts lying
along thrr common boundary.
Attorney General run mn ot
Texas, headed counsel for 'ho de
fendant state. Assoi.aieu won mm
were Assistant Attorney tienerais t
W. Gregory. G Carroll Todd and It.
11 W.-irri. Attorn',' General M 1'.
I'reellng of riklahomn presented tho
briefs of that state.
Tt'l-SA, Vrr. 13 - Minimum
n.ii.. 1: antilh ulllill. rlOlldf.
fiklh(im T'loduy nd Velnf itUy
1 .
Arkan: Tuly flr, eoldfri Wil-
KANSAS Fair Tui'dy nnd 'protiitilr
i . ...
Veiliida-. not much cnni;ii in inn
Tiutii-t; incAI. KVI.VIS.
Tulu Advtrtlilni cdlut), Holrl Tul".
I m
Purclmalnv Agonln' sMoc'allon nt Okls.
hftm. dlnnur In Knnndy' rrturtnt
I 11 v. in., mid public mrllnif In munlcl
pal audltar'u -i, 1 0 P, in
STAVIKV Mrri.l'liR
I liir.i-inri CJ0 H. ilotildtr Pnnnr)
p. 1171-1(09. Ainbulinc irvlct. Advt,
Schwab's Gold Casket Stolen,
Smuggled to Germany, Sold;
Two Men Arrested, Confess
NCW VOlt IC. Dei 13. (hunted
with the larieny of a gold casket
valued at 0,000, from Charles M.
Schual. steel magnate, George
Wllilnms, 22, a seaman, was ar
retted here tonight.
ICIuar Dletrieksen, 10. a steward,
formeily employed as "second
nmto," In the Schwab residence lu
Hlverslde Drl)e, ulso was arrested
on the mine chaige
The casket, ulileh was given to
Mr. Sihuub by the city of Haiti
moil', when, he was tendered the
freedom of the tlty several yours
ago, Uiit; stolen, police alb go by
Illett Ickson, who hud aecesn to the
sllver'.aio while iwirklng Hi the
house, After 1 emoting It from
the house, police s.ibl h" turned It
over tn a second man who took it
to rierlin, Germany, and theie ohl
It for 1,500 mat Us, I'pon hlu re
turn to the I'nlted States, tiny de
clared, Dletrleksoii cavo Williams
$10 an his shutc of tho proceed"
I'ollco wero notified of a report
1'ollco were notified of a tepoit
that tho casket (hud been offeied
Arnold Says Basford and
Nelson Robbed Him of
Diamond Ring.
Identifying Curtis' llasford and
John A. Nelson, held In the county
Jail for attempted robbery of .1. M.
l.enon on the nlitht of December 5.
as the two men who lobbed him of
a diamond ring valued at $700 on
the night of November .111, William
H. Arnold, 11 Kast l.itlturr. Monday
swore to 11 fcecond 'Information
against the men. ItasTord wns cup-
ured by Demon, 1111 oil field worker
when ;i second man, identified us
Nelson, ran uhen the victim resluleil
t)io robbery. After tho seeond rob
ber ran, Lmon seized and lield
Jlasford until Chnrles Iliitchlnson,
he formerV friend, cunui to his ns
Klstance and called thu police.
Arnold, who wii'i held up and
robbed In the Country club district
when two nin jimped on the run
ning board of his r.ir, entered the
noNTivi Kii ov vor hixtbkv
Lists Prevent Duplication
,of Christmas Basket Gifts
The Ministerial Alliance and the ' liuiiianu soelel) The families listed
relief organization meeting to-iwlth the humane soclet) will be
tether In eporinl session ut V listed with them atone and the hu
M. C. A. yesterday morning, agieed inano society In depending nbsolute-
upnn it plan to prevent duplication
lu the distribution of Chrlstm
baskets. Tho lists o needy families
lu the possi'iHun of each church
and relief organlitatlon mo .to bo
checked with each other Immediate-,
ly and duplicates eliminated, n i that
there wlll bo u busk t for ench poor
family on Christmas day Instead of
two baskets for one family and none
for another. The contents of a bas
ket tn servo as the utuniluril woto
This meant neither moio nor less
thiin that somn worthy distressed
families In Tulsa will go hungry on
hrlHtntPH If the Hmpty Slocking
Fund Is pot quickly raised to $!.!!oo.
the sum Whlrli Humane Agei.t A. M
Welch has from careful compulation
anil from thu figures of preceding
yuletule giving has pronounced nee-
ssaty to prepare Chrstmas baskets
for the people In the cure of the
Only a Few More Days
for mail subscribers in Oklahoma
to take advantage of our ANNUAL
Christmas Bargain Offer
I wish to 'alio advantage of your annual Christmas Hargain
Offer chi' ked below. J enclose remittance to cuver.
(T or Dully nnil Sunday World, ono )tar. Hegular
ipU.O I'llco Jlt.uo, after Jan. 1st. I nut- 52.73.
( Qf Dally Only, World, eino )rnr. Hegular I'rleo
tpD,9 S7.(i'), uftcr Jan 1st. I ao $1.7.1.
Dfl?0 OT Huchiy Only, World, nun yeiir. Itegular Frlco
foiJ,uO 9.1.(10, nfter ,11111. 1st. 1 save 7.1 i ts.
You Save $2.75 "Su a,ld
THIS OKKHIt K.Vl'lltnS DKC 24, 120,
foi sale in (lernriny mid Miisplei.iu
Wis dlieiteil ug.ilnst . I 'letlb Umiiii.
us hi' hud left the Si hwiib i iiiln
sl..t,y alter ills.ippeaialui of the
llham.1 mih, omplo) ed on the
iile.imei' Magnolia ninl tecently
suspii l. m w in aroused that salhus
on this ship had been engaged In
Hiinm'gl.ng stideu goods Into Gel -many.
Investigation when the ship nr
llMd hern lust I'l Kin y leHiilted.
customs oflleers s.lld, In dlsi'iivei y
of iiiililllllieK uf v.iiloim llllleleN be
lieved to lime ft en sioleii. Fur
ther lniiili tefciill.il lu locating
H'llllums iiml lileli Ickson In
Itrimklyii After tbelr uitisl. de
teclIMN ileel.itld tolllKht. tin- men
nilmltied the theft and told thn
munnrr lu -which the cusl.et wus
disposed of. Dleti Ii ksoii, lie, Hi ll
ing to 'iffleis. is, 1 lit lie was em
ployed last siimnier on the j.iehl
of Jobepli I' Wldmer of I'biiu
delplila. lie also slid hi' hid been
employed bv the iitulei bills
Three Posses on Trail of
Two Robbers; Fugitives
Hiding in Woods. '
lljr AmiicIMoiI l'rro Htatu Mlr.
SUA WNHIC. Oklii-. in c. 13 -After
robbing Uje Dale Ht.ite bank at Dale,
Okla., nine miles west of here, of
$900 this afternoon, twiv lobbers
drove south five miles where the
ub'iuibined the car. In which thoy
were driving and took to thu w'onds,
I'ooscs seal died tho woods In anil
around Waco, Okln., nil Inland town
for four hours In vain, darkness forc
ing tho scutchers to abandon tliellt
Tho tnen witp traced fiom their
cur west for four milts and authori
ties believe tho men are eiideavoilm;
to make their way to Oklahoma City.
After forcing Cash M. Wade, Jr.
Into Hie vuilll at the bunk, the 10b
ln'is shot nt him hut missed. As they
retired from the bank, Jim Flnjd, a
fanner, was sitting In front At tin-
ly upon the l-lmpty Stocking 1'iiuil
of Tho World to provide the where-
wlthall for Clulstmas baskets.
A strict accounting of expendi
tures for OhrlwtmiiH baskets by the
humane nulely will be kept and
in ml t jui It) c as sunn after CIiiIiMiiiis
us possible. Welch Paid furllier that
there would bo no wastage or "over
head" expenditure of the fund
An prpvUilmty rr-purteil
Wurlil lltlip.fi)'ri4 ... .
I77 10
tiu uo
Mt i; J. )'nic ..
Iloiti'iii'ry llildlP-n
A friend
Mr Ii I. Ilfiry
1-' " dni
M. M.ud" 'I'licK. i
I. It W llnm
Women of ,Miirh,i l-Kt'n
Msjioie AmuK-iit'in I'n.
T ! In iUl ,
I 01)
1 00
2 (il)
10 n 'i
t In.
3 on
l lm
I it..
A 'i'i
10 10
David M. 1 lodge Dies in a
Muskogee Spiritualist
"Temple of Health."
Vok'i'au of Civil War. He
Took Loading Part in
Early-Day lndiun life.
Translated English liiblo lilto
Creek Say Friends Telling
of His Prowess.
Mt'SI'OOUi:, Okla. Dep. 1.1.
David M. Hodge, Wealthy Creole In
dian, one" counsellor and lender of
his peop'e, and ymrn ago one of the
klnrs ol llioken Arrow, died today
In the "temple of health" Of U'splr
Ituullsts' medium hero Into thin uft
i rnoi u.
llo wns 7tl yenrs of age, aecoidlug
to his sister who was with him when
he died. Hodge's homo wan In
I'ulsu county, near Itiokcti Arrow.
lie w.is u functus Interpreter. His
friends nuv . unci' translatrtl the
Knglleh lllble Into C'lel'le dlnlect, ittlil
truusliii ti d Hie Cn-clt myths Into
David Mack I lodge, whoso death
net ui red at .Miiskogcii Momlny aft
eriioou. hud been ono of the most
promtnnnt Indian eltlrens lu this sec
tion of the statu furs the Inst 50
yeiiis, lie was a Minuter. blond Creek
Ills Indian blood intuit from his
mother, his fuller bring a white man
llni n lu what Is now the town of
Muskogee, llodgti Was leured In lilt)
Creek ii.i I toll. He was educated In the
old Tahleiiiiah mission, his lencher
being thu Jlow'i-cuil Knhurlsoii, the
father of Alice M. Itobeilson, con-gVrsswomnn-eloct.
'When a young
iiiriii ho servi'd through tin) ft vl 1 war
In the ranks ot the Confederacy
r Following tho war Ilodgu nerved
us Cieek delegule lu Washington for
u number of. yea is, II" was a mem
ber of the commission which tiego
tilled the oilglnal Cieek lienty anil
later the creek stippleiuent ngrni
llieut. lie was also one of the men
who negotiated tho sulu of I lie old
Oklahoma territory to the I'nlted
States government which paved the
way for the caily settlement of the
teriltory by tho whites,
lu 1 II HO Hodge was a delegate to
the Seiiuovah convention hlch had
ii niuikc'l Influence In Inter making
statehood of the two toirltoiles pos
sible, lie soiveil many terms In tint
Cni'K legislature, tilth In the houso
of kings mid thu-liotisu of wnrrlors.
Tho Pint few yearn of his life
were hpent quietly on his modem
farm foui inllen southeast of llruken
lie was.i brother of Alvln T.
llodgo, u pioneer clllren ol Tulsa,
who died here about threo years ago,
and for whom llodgo street was
llndge for 33 years nerved lu the
Creek Indian coifutll, us a member
of the house of wurilors nnd th"
house or kiln,, lie wus lecognUed
is one of Hie fiuemont Inlei prelers
f Ills rube and, according to his
J Mends. lrnrislati.il the I.ngllsli
mine ini'i i ri'i K an nrric ' i.-.-nn
Ulble Into i'.nglisli.
'iviuir Apsnrs In (ipcrvi
llmil.liig lllooil Vi"r.el.
NHW Vllltlv, Hee. 13, -Ills vui e
apparently uiiiiff' i ted by u bmlieii
l.liM.rl v.hhi I In his ihioil, sufri red
S.ituid.iy while singing 111 the
lir'M.k!)ii Ai'Milemv of Music. Kn
Hen Cninsii appeared tonight nt the
Metropolitan opeiu house In Verdi's
l,i I'ri'siu del IP stlliu "
In ii Cm liso fii.it tippe.nnl be
the foutllghts tin uniisoiillv
la IK'
uutllein e burst into applause
lisiid fisevmul iiilnu'is i'.i-
.ing with III" iihiiiI vlgi.r '"' 1
I hvsli lar.rt said I'lirusns ml' i'
I it, Ml
v.n lu 11. 1 wlm 1 ii.l.iiigii en ny uie
11 Jill s .
- -
M'Clinlk Would Make
National Hanks "Safe"
WASHINGTON. Dm 11 -Creation
of u fund lu ear h federal re-m-rve
ilUtrli t fin the protertli f
dt posltoiH of di fund. national bunks
, 10,1 trust oompniiten Is proposi d In
u bill iiitroduc.il today by Itepreseti
tallvo McClllitle. tnoeiat. of Oklu
linliii. The ine.isute provides Hint
lu per rent of the nniiual tu t earn
ings of .-.it'll fcdcrnl lesiive bank
Khali be deposited . Ill the Intuit to
the crudlt of tho proposed fund.
Iln.lnes In liiiiid,
arp HlioMtritf an i, apr.cul frnra
(too MO tiak nf
Uh nan. iM
j I i;i 1 1 k
Wn m I'.-rf . 1 1
a d Aiiaiti'd
"V U jKi. I IK eir, it
W 11 'n 1
I 75.00
p is
A, V
llMII lillitllUa.
IlllhWtll.l. C,
I'm the Harmony way at th Harmuny
CataUrU, undtr Woolvtotth'a. Advt,
British Troops Packed
Fire Loss
St. Pntrick Street, in Cork, Wrecked as if by Earth
quake; Looting Breaks Out in Fire-Swept Area;
Police and Military Have Hard Task Keeping
Crowds From Fire Zone; English Deny Charge
That Police Fired City as a Reprisal.
LONDON, Dec- 11.- The Daily Mail says prominently
in us second edition this morning, that teiennono commutn-
at ions between Dublin and
l'lio London officials said they
jeyoiid Hul fnnl. The ISolfast nostoffiee reported it was unablo
to get in connection with Dublin.
l-'roni Miioradic attacks and outbreaks, Ireland, within lh
past '18 hours, has been plunged into a condition more closely
approximating actual warfare than at any other time in the
history of that country.
Irish republicans carried
country" attacking Hritish troops occupying Camlongh bar
racks in North Ireland 'Veeordlntr to "".confirmed reports
many persons wore killed itf a
Troops that wero being rushed to reinforce tho defenders
of Camlongh barracks were
took place at a railway viaduct between Newry and Ciam-
The pitched battle at Camlongh was the first that nun
taken place since martial law
southwestern Ireland.
A military lorry was bombed outside Cork and 14 black
and tans were seriously injured.
IMack and tan policemen were accused of selling tho lorcn
in reprisal for a Sinn Keiiv attack Saturday night, but the
Irish office in London denied this. The partial destruetionof
Cork, entailing 915,000.000 damage, was a sovere blow to
the republican cause- Cork was, thu hotbed of Sinn Foinism.
All south Ireland is crammed with Hritish troops,' Measures
are being taken to tighten and to possibly extend martial law.
All the motor cars were commandeered at tucenstown by
British troops, which was interpreted an a preliminary movo
to more drastic military activity. 1
Tho severity with which the British troops are putting
down sniping and ambuscade attacks was revealed from
Cloync, County Cork, where bombs wore thrown from two
houses at a military patrol. Tho bombers were attacked;
one man killed, two others wounded and two mado prisoners.
Then tho houses wore burned to tho ground.
Irish Spirit Not
Capital is Ashes
Colli", luly 13. - A speclul
mi'Uliig of thu city cpuucll pre
sided over by Lord Muyor O'Cal
luhan this arteiuoo nuilopted thn
following icnolulloo:
,"Wo, the coriioi.itloii of Cork,
affirm onco inoru that II Irish
nation la fighting for Its' very ex
istence, ugalusl an unscrupulous
enemy hut Is desirous of nn hon
orable peace consistent with Us
position 1111 a snveiclgu state, and
we express undiminished foufl
eriiiflileni'U 111 our eluded li'PU'
senlullven. who alone are nuthor
Ized to speak lu our behalf.
"We pinrhilm our unullcied de
lct mliiittlou to seek or s.'ine'l'.n no
truce save such Irit i'iii.i I imm 1
ngiei'tnent us may In aiuimud
between the dill 1 Iriiemi anil the
Kngllsh griveinnienl."
Ilninon's sou to See llaiighci H In Hf
to liiipidi- Mr. Hiiiiiou'h l'o
lit leal Cluinci-,
ST l.OCIS, Dec 13 Iluirv M
OiiilBherty, preconvenllno loiiiuigifi'
fur l-i 1 sldetit -I'.lect II1111II11K. and
Itudolph llyobku, ii piibliciiii na
lli.iiul 1 im m 1 1 1 ee 111 u n frnin Ohio wlll
In urged lo support Mis J.ik"
I. il.imon for tho place on the ic
poblieuii national committee fiom
okliibiitii.i, nn .tit tl bv the tliuth of
lici husbund, .like llamon, who
wus shot at Aidinole Nt veinher 111.
according to the statement here to
night of Jake I., llamon, Ji., their
Hammi wuh in St Louis en route
in New Voik A confei etn 0 has beep
ununited with DuiiKhurly unit ny-
nlekii anil probably wlll bo lieni in
Cliveliilul tomoirow, ho said.
Hamoii conferred hem Willi .IitCoii
I,. II. tliler, tcpiiblleun national com
rnllteeman from Missouri. He war
leeopipamed by l-'iank I,. Ketch, ad
inlnlHtrritor of the- llumou eutatu.
A (Jucer 'I'llangh-. This.
SIOUX C1TV. Iowa, Dec. 13. -Mis.
O, D. Church and her husband
me under, arrest hero and Mi
Chtirclt Is ucc.UHftl nf posing as a
man for three years while slu w.i.
our the "husband" of a young wmau
Whoso flllino the pollen decline 1 ,
disclose. 1 lie -uiiue is 1 1 1 1 ui-
beeii completely ib e '. It H
alleged she nnd l.e o 1 bus
band wero 11 tit- led ",ri e jrars ag 1
In HIoux Clly Mr Chiireh, It Is
charprd, i icd as 11 biothcr of tho
15 Millions
F.iigbind ceased this morning.
were unable to communicate
their war "into tho enemy s
violent battle at that place.
ambushed and another battle.
was proelaimcjl, throughout
whom: ci:nthai, i-aht
or coiut is IIUHMOI.
COKK. Dec. 13. Hertvlly armed
llrlllsh troops nnd black nnd tun po
lice wem on guard abunt tho fire
swept ruins In the henrt of Cotk
Under orders lo shoot nil looters on
night. The wholn central part of
thn city wuh binned with lost esti
mated at (10, 000, 00U. Hundreds of
persons nro homeless. Mnny havu
fled from thn clly In pnulc,
Tho ruins are .till smouldering
today nnd Hie firemen under mili
tary guai d were still pouring water
upon the debris. ,
It In declared hy Klrxn Kelu sympa
thizers that before tllo fires broko
out Satuulay night, black and (an
policemen In oho Into shops and loot
ed them, carrying off tba booty lu
valises The roullngratlon followed
nn umhusli of u military detachment
at I'lllous Ci oss,
Ituliis l,lkt l'arlliiuiikt-.
St. 1'utrlck tcet, one of the main
thoroughfares of Cork, this morn
ing presented tho uppcu'rauco of
having been wreckeii by an earth
quake. Looting has been done, Tho
pnllco seized a gain; of burgluru Who
weie killing 11 woman.
Tho week-end of turior and wild
destitution through which Cork
pnssed, left In Its trail 11 lerrlblo
wel.er of lulu, There havu been no
fresh nut breaks of shooting.
Today the fjneif. part of tho city
lay a mass of ruins, lu St. Patrick
'itn'i'1. which was thu main coni
mcn'iul aitery of thu city, solid
blocks of buslnuHu promises, tho
most prominent In Cork, havo hcvu
wiped out. Th city ongineur stated
today that thn destruction was on
u scale loo gnat for him lo muko
.10 Immediate cstlmato ot the build
ings duott uyeil, but lu othur uuarters
it wus sad that more than 300 had
been Inn lied with tllo lokrt ot mom
than I, QUO, 000 pounds sterling.
Incenillarnsiii Is (,'hiirgcil.
l'rom St. 1'atrlckii "street thn
flames passed tnpldly to the morn
congested limns of htilhltuKH at the
back and at hoiuo points, penetrated
a distance or jno yards, The main
area of desliuctlnn wns confined to
this Mdo of the liver Lee hut 011 the
either side the city hull and Car-
ncglo libraiy were d str yd From
r-tlN'flNt'KI) 11V l- I. f IXTI'I'.N
New York Life
insurance Co.
Farmer & Dnraii
"03 rulace- IlillB. I'Uobo 151

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