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Pasterner Beat Title Holder
In No Decision Bout Year Ago
jvnch la Lending Con
I tender for Bantam
To Be Herman's Second Title
Bout Sincu Bcntinj? Kid
Williams in 1917.
iy lntrntl(nl Nf Hmlre,
f NHW YOUK, I'oc. 20, Joe
iynrli, New York' popular nsplrnnl
lb tho binitawclght championship,
will rind out till week whether or
Jot lio linn been chasing u rnln
liotr, 1 Lynch will got lilii flrnt (banco nt
1J10 coveted tlllo over tho decision
routn WVdnifday night when ho
lpcrtn Champion l'etn llrrnitiii In a
lG-rotiml lit lo uoui in .miiuiihiii
tyiuaro (larden.
l.yinh lht Ihii
I Confidence 1 lunch's
3)o feels ho will walk nv
i's middle immo.
iwny frnni the
jlnK Wednesday night with chnm-
jilonhhlp laurels on his brow. Ills
auifldcnro Iiiih u fniiiiilutUin In thn
ftict that he In admitted to bo tho
best bantamweight n Herman's
1 nil. n rid thnt I." Rained n popular
ilrclMlon over Herman In n ICrnund
1 o-rienlslnn bout nt Wntcrhury, u
) ttlo over a year ago.
Hlnee capturing thn tltln from Kid
"Williams In 101 7. Herman lion do
fe tided It but oncu In u decbilun bout
when ho mot I'rnnklfl Ilurnn In n 20
svund bout In Now OrlcmiH. How.
ifvcr, thn champion I confident ho
i!fn tnko earn of IiIh crown for ho
lias nlrcndy signed to meet Jlmniy
fr'Hctr In a tltln bout n Tondon,
January 14, and ban arranged to will
for Kngland next Thursday, tho day
Illowlng IiIh bout with Lynch,
Vein Think Well of Joe.
Herman thinks well of Lynch,
"Ho In eoBlly tho brat of contend'
R for my title," Mid tho bantam'
Weight champion today. "That's onu
anon why I am giving nun n shot at
tho championship beforo I ko to
Inglnnd to meet Wilde. 1 don't want
It to bo Mid I took tho trip broad
i duck a tltto bout on thin aide.
i "An I Mid before, I think Lynch
quite a fighter. I aun think I
in lick him. I've fought blm three
mcs, ono here, onco In I'hlmdolphlu
fid once In WnWrbury. I hear ho
ytB Improved a lot but tlint'a qulto
iblt all right with me. I haven't
nn back any, I think?'
(Tho bout between tho llttln fl
liwn la caunlng quite a little Intercut
Mid it la expected to draw tho blo
at houaa that haa been attracted by
ay match between bantams In the
Trcmainc Contender
for Ilertnun'H Crown
frtATS uHfn
&-nf43 "THE
coi.e of vty
VMOoirt1 TO "ft
i.'nrl TrcniiiliK.
One of tho leiullni; coutundern for
I'eto Heniiiiii'H huut.'kiuwelKht crown
(It may bclom; to Joo Lynch )
foro VVudneHdiiy iili;ht ) Ii Carl Tro-
tnaini'. ono or tin- vury nqsl llii
ppund boyn In thn came,
tllop'a Men Itcoelvo Clreat flrcotluc
from Alumni at uciivit.
DENVER. Colo.. Dec. 20. The
ihlo atato football team arrived In
Denver early oday and waa given nn
3nthulntlo reception by hundred
t supporters headed by the loral
lumnl aaioclatton of Ohio atute col
( The football nqtiad, "lg Ten"
(diamplono, accompanied by about
fifty rooter from Columbim, In on
rnuto to 1'anadona for tho content
with University of California Janu
ary 1.
( Tho stop horo Included a pronnun
ojf entortalnment and a brlof work
put by tho aquad nt Xlroadwny park
thin afternoon. Tho parly loft nt
five o'clock for the went,
t Coach Wllco reportn thnt nil IiIh
wnrrlorn nre In tine' condition.
"DIMoynlMs" it ICtiMnln ItoKlMtlnn
of n. Ji. ilrcitorM.
kkw vmiK- nor- an rim in.
nuhRvnt Tictlim in tlm American
loaguo In mild to ho preparing n
statemunt rcmirdtiiK I'rexldent
Johnnoi move In keopliiK lln iiioiri-
born ort llm limit u or illreutom.
Coin- Jacob ltuiipcrt nnd T. r.
Huntoii of thn YutikecM. Harry Kraieo
of tho lted H"X "nil Charlen A. Co-
mlHKey of llm wiiito Hox will Mlun
tho Rtittl'inent Jointly when It In com
pleted, according to ropoiln.
Tho Illue l'trfixt DUmnmU t Ilaiwill'i
Kiiscnp tJum nnd (icorRc Itnilmvkrr,
J Oorntipoudent, on rnKmiu.
f A "double-barreled" program 1 in
atoro for members of the AdvertlM-
ing club nt IIh weekly meeting In thn
prlvnto dining room of Hoe I Tuln.i
Tuesday noon.
Gooro Ilrubackcr, pren.i enrren
pondent, who In now in Tiilna on
npeclnl work, will talk nn tho nub
Ject "My ObHurvatlnna of Advorl?-
Inir." Kugcno Oum, nccri'tarj' of
tho Oklahoma Statu ll.inkem aiwi)'
elation, will toll ot financial condb
tlnnn In the ntnte. ContddorlnK tho
present economic linrout, Cluiii'n talk
Ih expected to contain a number of
pertinent points.
I. O. .J-ong, president of tho club,
who has been attending; a family
reunion In Texas, Is expected home
Tuesday morning, no ho may pro
1,1 do nt tho mcotlnK.
lt . ..-.( m tiHnH f I " - -' - - 1
rak vnT3 uwnm wrrms.! ES'F V CAUU5
S3 TalK' to SHt M6 2 JggT
i .- . i r . . . .
m Misers t VI tv K rJk -yv stroll
A couueee.
Western Association Asks
Class C Rating Next Year
Clami Q rating will bo nuked for
tho Western nmnclatlon next yoar.
according to President J, C. Letcher
or Tulsa, who has Just completed a
survey of thn leaguo which shows
thi' estimated population within thu
Jurisdiction of the circuit to bo well
above tho required 276,000.
Thin nnnlloatlon will bo based'ou
tho recent action of the National ns
Hoclntlon extending the Jurisdiction
of each club to include all territory
within a tnn-mllo radius. Conserva
tive estimates of the population of
tun western association under this
plan In 220,000 nnd tho survey made
by thn president shows that where
niacin are Kood nnd automobiles
plentiful, several ot tho cities draw
regular patronage from as high us a
lb -mile radius.
Tho entire association I on nulld
financial fontlnc President Letcher
reports. Any doubt that bad arisen
ovor tho popniblo transfer of any
franrlilsn wan dispelled tonight
when word wan received from
Chtcknt'ha that a closu-lu park had
linen assured and that Itay Winder,
former secretary of tho Llttlo Hock
Southern Leaguo club, had been the
guged to tako charge of tho club.
At least ii scoro of players already
nro under contract to ench of tho
other cliibn and ovory club Is sup
plied with funds ample to carry it
inrougn mo season.
UKmuiguo itns completely reor
ganized with K. II. lllack heading
inu nuw organization.
' Crimean ItcfugMX to Mexico.
Mb'XICO CITY. Dec. Slxtv
thousand Itutudan refugees from tho
Crimea are expected In Mexico, with
in the next row months, according
to a report rocently made to the
department of ngrlculturo by one ot
us agents wun nas just returned
from tho near east. The agent de
clared that many of tho liusslnns
will embark for Mexico within a
f.tw ..'finlm Tlin iflVftpnlnnl tian
signified a willingness to receive
I'luinio of Uiiclpannean.
IHJDAIM'VST, Nov. : I.--IIungar
lans arc suffering from nfi epidemic
ui carouncirs anil nospiinis nero
aircnay are ovorcrowded with pa
tlents, Prnfesnor Arthur Verebely,
director of tho 1'nlvorslty hosnltal.
said the dlneaso was due to tho lack
of -soap and "mien, nnd might bo.
canon -inn puiguo of misery and
Two Leagues Formed
instead of Enfarging
of W. Texas Circuit
KOHT WOltTIf, Texas, Dec. 20.
Instead of enlarging tho West
Texas leagun to eight clubs, the
meeting held at Sweetwater of
franchlso owners will probably re
sult in two separate circuits with
six clubs each, Amarlllo declined
to enter the present league, but an
nounced It would Join with pan
handle nnd .New Msxlco In a sec
ond West Texan league
Ho thn old circuit will remain
tho Mimn with thn exception that
the linstlntnt franchise will bo
transferred to Jlreckenrldgn nd
that Jin Angelo likely will rcplaco
Mineral Wells. The ploying sea
son will open April 20 and close
Labor day, September n. Another
meeting will bn held February 17
to adopt tho schedule.
Owner of lleniimont Texan XmaTlc
Club Victim or Jluntlnjr.
11KAUMONT, Texas, Dec. 20. Fu-
nornl arrangements were being made
today for O. (I. Orcovrs, n. local cap
italist ana owner or mo rexas icaguo
hnscbull franchlso here. Hl.i life
long friend, Hubert It. Oxford, acci
dentally shot and kllldd Oreovcn
whllo tho two wcro returning from
a hunting tVlp, according rto Oxford's
testimony tit tho Inquest.
Tho two had completed a day of
sport and were walking toward homo
lain Sunday when Oxford stumbled
Into a'mudhnle. It Ih automatic shot
gun was exploded and tho full oad
struck Orcevcs, Instantly killing him.
Grooves lssuylvcd by ii widow.
C. II. Howard Advised That Vege
table- Will Make 10 Jincjr riot.
Qlftn nro arriving! Thar -come in
all shapes nnd colors! 'And' they
como unexpectedly!
8o thinks C. It. Howard of the
Exchange Trust company, who Sat
urday received material for nt least
10 pics In the form ot an enormous
doep yellow pumpkin sent -him by
Oeorge Wallace of Grove, Okla.
There Is much dispute In tho office
of Howard an to thn comparative
greatness of thc holiday gift, tho
consensus of oplnldn being that it
runks next to tho largest pumpkin,
in the state. The'largoat haa not yot
been sent In.
natalta Tetterdar.
Pint Rc, t rirlontt Tom Up, JCel
lull), firm i Hficrtttry, (Wida). iaen!:
rimlleo, rtodrlque(), third. Time, 1.11
!!. Contrlot, Plate. Obatlnat. Joe
Whlppl. Mated Joaapnlnt, alio ran. '
Kacond nc, ( rurlonaa Lontlr, (Me
Tafarl). -Jlritl I.ancalot. (Jarfla) :
and; Oaklawn Ballo, (Krlckaon), third.
Tlmo. 1IT I'k Pueblo, Opportunity. Ap
proval, Valvrla Weat, Malrollo, alio ran.
Third . 1 mll Harvay Hmarr.
(Mconoy), first : Old JMcKtnna. (Oratory),
aacondl Oalway, (nodroqu), third.
Tlmo, 1.41. Madras Olnsham. Dr. Camp-b-ll,
American Hone, Walter Turnbor,
I.arahftlo, alio ran.
Fourth If, i Kurloni Vlca Chair
man. (tlutton), flratl Hailraln. (Wrlsht),
rcondl nasnmora, (Itlrhcreek), third.
Time, 1.1 4-S. Cryatal Ford, Smart Otiy,
aln ran.
Kltlh Itaca, 1 mil Fantoeha, (f.Tkr),
first; nnnaa Uurk, (Kink), aecondi White
Htar, (Wlda), third. Time, l.li. Day
Lilly, Petrarch, alto ran.
Plith Itace. Mile and flliteanth Cheer
Leader, Marvla), flratl (lain Da Cauaa,
(lllchrreek), aecond: Touna; Adam, (Mor
rla), third. Time, 1.80. nomeo, alao ran.
Hevejith.ltace, Mile and Quarter It.
C. tlaach. (Jarvla), flret) Capital Clly,
(Uelnlerh), aecnndl Paddy Dear. (Col
lotll), third. Time, l.li. U.habUh,
Hilly Stuart, Adelants, Jack Raeyta, alio
First nace. f rartonga Old Roi. Ill;
Rpartan Hoy, 110; Waneda, lit; Carllno
S.. 107s Iloreb. HI: lUaawaa. I0T: Pun.y
TUoennm, )or;landalay, til: Tllddte, 107:
noydon. Ill: Pawaukta, 110; Ilopover,
110,4 Adrlanna K., 107.
Second Ilace, t Kurlontt lirown mil,
101; Mnntlllo. 101; Counteaa, 5: Dannell,
101; Omer K.. 107: Peppery Polly, 10:
Turn Roach, 101; Crimson Kambler, lot;
Boa Court. 107; Silver Springs, 101; Re
luctant. 107; Mary, Fonao. 101; Klnnatk,
se; iKiulna Wynne.Vl Allca Atkln !
Tutt, 101; Superb, 00.
Third Itace, Fnnpnta Sammy Kelly,
ltf; Cracow, 111; lira noad, 101; An
ticipate, 116 Oranso, 109; Thuraday
NlKhter, 107: Murray, 115: neslet. 110;
liond, 101; Rasaua. 101; Mlaa Nail,, II;
Double Van. 100; Annta Kdfar, 107; Iron
llftr. 109; Jaio, 111 Rod Wins, 10Si Mar.
mite, 101.
Fourth Race, Mil and 70 Tarda
Johnny Overton. TOO: Tho Archer, 1V0;
Drummond. 107; St. Germain. 101:
Trooper, 110: Lada Loto. 114: Raider,
107; Chief. 197; Comma CI. 107; Till.
10T; Dancing SpraA 14. ,
Fifth Race, Jirlonfa Pfckwlck.
114; FllhMrty OlbblC 101; St Quanten.
Ill; Anfon,--120. V
Sixth Rare. Mil and Sixteenth Ma
drono. 114; Golden Dawn, 105; Keep. 101;
Colonel Lit, 101; Idenwall, 111; Eleve.
103; Daily Delia, 110.
Seventh Race, Mil and One-elxhth
Rundurla, 107; Altec, 110; Den Uampaon,
lot; ChKTft Darkley, 101: Ouy Fortune.
101) Saaln, 110; Ojcourrtraan. ICS: ldy
Ward. 101; cerydon. 10tr UarvayBmarr.
101: Tuaa. 101; Kabo, 111: Neenah, 104j
I.uclaa. 110: I.ad. 110; Loftna Moaa. 112;
Xing Neptune. 110.
New Yorker Says Landia
.vyiii uurD ' John
son. 4
NEW YOU.K. Dee. 20. Failure ot
tho American leaguo to elect new
York, Boston nnd Chicago represent
atives to its board of directors at
the annual meeting last Trlilay "n.
dicatod clearly" that President Hun
Jo"hnaon and tho clubs which sup.
ported him In the league war "are
dlssotitcrs from tho now Lanills re
gimes In baseball," Colonel T. U Una.
ton, part owner ot tho Yankees, an
nounced hero' tonight.
"Durini the past year Jnbnann t,..
fouslitJlhe appolntmen ot Judco
tlpdcnrcar for Men
v 33 1-3 OFF
Bat aagJ
-aBBBBBBBBaaaaBaa 1
Daughter of PnMor of Onutt M. 1
C'litirvh DUil of Dliilithcriu.
I'ineral services for MIhh l.utha
Valentino Ilrnnnou, daiighter of Itev.
and Mrs. I.. I,. Hrnnnon, were hold
at Orcutt Memorial church at 3
o'clock Sunday uftornnon with Itov.
J. W. Abel of the Vim .Methodist
church officiating. Burial was
In Hotfo Hill cemetery.
.Miss Uranium died at her homo
Vrlday afternoon, following an III
iicus with diphtheria and a relapse.
Hlie wiiM born In Deopwater, Mo.,
February n, 1j07. Ilesldes friends
whom her bweot, lovable disposition
nnd kindly acts won, her death lis
mourned by her father and mother,
two ftlsters, Sarah and ltelna, and
two brothers, David and Hubert.
Hcvcrond Ilraunou In paslur of or
e.utt Memorial church.
1 i
"Thorn nre many things which
make our conditions much butter
than lu former times of Ovprt's
nlon," ho said. "Wo know more und
tho fedeml renervo banking Bystem
In our Kreatcvt bulwark In the tlmn
of storm."
For. Expectant Mothers
ana raa aooaicr ea aorsianoot aas saaT, rm
atnnii e rreuutoa Co, am, ap, aiuata. ava.
It will show him you were
thinking of his needs
A gift that he will enjoy day after day
. F course, he mny have n safety
razor now, but-ihe chances
aro ho is not thoroughly
satisfied with it. Ordinary safety
rnzor blades grow dull quickly.
Thnt means discomfort. It also
means constant blade expense.
What more welcome Christmas
present could you find for him than
this razor that sharpens itself?
Probably he has wanted an
AutoStrop Razor for some time,
but! has neglected to buy it. Get
him thir Christmas what he hasn't
found time to purchase for himself.
Give him the razor he has wanted
4uta5trop Razor
a ratar nnd stropping device combined
saves constant bhdo expemo
On rarori, strops, blades, etc.,
hereafter manufactured by us
wc hnll apply the trade mark
"Valet" In addition to the trade
"AutoStrop" o an
additional indication thut they
re the genuine products of the
AutoStrop Safety Roxor Co.,
New York.
the one razor that will add to his
comfort and pleasure every morning
of the year.
The AutoStrop Razor i3 a razor
nnd stropping machine in one.
Without removing the blade or
taking the razor apart, it can be
shorpened, used for shaving and
Every time he shaves he will
appreciate the care and thought you
gave to choosing the right present.
Aik your denier to show you the many
ityles of AutoStrop Razor sets from the
folding pocket kit to fitted and complete
traveling sets from the standard set at
five dollars to the attractive sterling tilvet
act nt twenty-five.
BBnnnVW KaHif aaaV V
dlsTia chairman 0f tho national
mtoslon." Colonel Huston m
"and aucccsstuiiy resisted tho
Judge's advent into baseball until
compelled to consent at tho recent
Chicago meeting. His show of 'so
qulcscenco Is tho veriest hypocrisy.
I fa had ta.eurrondcr Ht tho recent
Chicago meetlnjr becauso his wlllfui
flvo deserted him In tho fear that the
proponed 12-ndub leaguo would In
juro their0 proporty Investments."
Charging that tho' -recent move Is
aimed "to disgust and discourage
Judgo Landia at tho start," Colonel
Huston expressed the opinion "th.v
Judgo Landia will quickly flnS
means to curb Johnson and his pud
petn." v v
Aged Cltlien Dim.
. James M. iford, aged 83. died
Sunday night at the horns ot lili
son, M. M. Bird, 1610 Kant Blxth
street. Funeral services will be held
at 2:10 p m. Monday from the
Church of Ood, Fifth slreot and
Peoria avenue, attor which tho body
will bo sent to Ozark, Arlc, for In-tormont.
Buy two La Azora cigars of your
favorite ihape. If you do not find
them the best cigar you ever
smoked for thi price, mall the
bands of the Washington, or the
bands and Soils of the Imperial
and Perfrcto Grande to the Con
nolldnted Cigar Corporation, De.
di vtmcr.t L. Slat Street fit East End
Ave., New York City, within 3
daya. We will promptly rsfund
you purcnase price. ,v
VER 100.000 hustling stores where
cigars re sold- have spread the fame of La
Azora far and' wide.
Cigar dealers tell us that the demand for
La Azora is growing greater every day of the
year, and that La Azora .flavor has not yet
-found its equal. '
We paid a fortune to perfect the mellow
blend of La Azora tobacco, and each year
we see new millions added to the multitude
of La Azora smokers. ,
One trial smoke will prove to you that the
mild Havana La Azora is the very cigar you
have been looking for. We guarantee that
La Ajrora will give you every satisfaction.
How you will enjoy them I
Kansas City, Missouri

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