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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 21, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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FuMUhtd llvofr Mnrtitn, InehMtn RiihiUr
Kntrd In Ih Tul I'natnfflt i Hroti.l rt Mlt
Mr.MIIKIt OKAUi)IT lltlllBAH OK rtliri'bATtoN
liHMlllCllH or Till! ASNOCIATKO lilKSH
Th Atkccltlfd l-rms l nclmlvi-ly nUIIil In "
for republication of nil iiw iiup.tcln cr.llld lo
r not nthrln cinlllnl In lulu ipr nd lo
jcml hwi puhllnhvri litrem.
On Tr II. oo on r J"
Ml Month 1.00 Mil innlilh ...... ...
Thr Mnnlht .:t -t Mouth
UD.',Ji2i'!!,!JL!i n , ,
On Yr 11.09 On Tor '
Kit monihi 1.00 Nil tmint-i
Thr Montbi ....... I. to I-r Munlh
Oh Month 0
On Trr , It.U On Tf !
Ml month I. tO Hl imiilth
'JitJ22J'!!i, " ''" l0llh 'Utysssda
Tar Track '
It Month In A'Ivmio .'I!
I'r ltr In Ailmio j
y cAiutiiiii in tuThaThani si-iuno.i ank
rr Wrrk
l'r Monlli. In Advanc
I'r Jjt. In A il v i in r i jj.&.l!. '-5; :
rilONi: 1000 KOH ALL IlKI'AllTMIiM'IH
llll'll'IAI, 0 I T V I'AI'K K ,.
stnncn nttondnrit upon thu old customs, not only
Impresses lint earns respectful confidence.
It Is trim thtit tlin "Christ Candle" rustom Is
being wliliOy tovlK'il, In Mime localities of re
cent years scarcely a linrtm on Christmas uvo Imt
hums tln criinlln In tlii! window. Wouldn't
It Ik1 a film Irlliiitii to our Christian pretensions
If Tnlmi, the ))rtri! of luxury iirul wealth, yet (i
Chilstlnn Tulsa wltluil, should show In ltd
very window Cliilstiuas cvn ii rnmlli tin)
"Clnlnl I'lindlc," iu mi outward token of rrnpi'ct
and love for tlin creut cnuno?
Why not 7 Wo i.'ii'lnnd the front window
wltli WM'iitliH mill Im IIii; why not hIno llnht Him
C'liilxL Cundlo?" lt'H a lii-alillful trudllluu.
Daily Biblical Quotation
mrr.Miir.ii m,
I will imiir my Hplrlt iipnn thy m'l'd, mid my
l)Ioilnt; upon tlilno offnprlnK. mid tlny nhiill
HprliiK up n nmniiR thu i;nm, u willow h by Ihu
wiitcr-couiBt'K. Ihu, 44.3, 4.
Tin- lloly Spirit miiHt rrvcul
Thn Rivlor'H wnrlt mid worth;
Then tliu hard hu.ut hi'Klnn to fori
A niiw mid heuvenly Idrth.
Ono iihiill my, I nm tho I.ord'M nnd miutlirr
"hall cull hlinnHf by tho tiiunn of .lucob; mid
anothnr hIiiiII HUbm:rlbc with hln Imnd unto tho
Lord, anil Hurnatno lilniHcIf by tho natnn of
luraid. lna. 44:S.
TIIK I.MI'i:itIA!.IST Ol' Till'. WOlll.O
A ogood nmny poopln flrKt mid hint huvo
written Tho World to 'sprc:l their terct nt
Iti untl-HnBllHh policy. Tho chiirKO that Tho
World !s niitUUnnllMh hun novor been well
founded. Nor In It. Tho World Iuih been, Ih.
and will continue to be, Intcimfly pro-United
That oxprenncH ovcrythliiR. Hrrnuno of tlutt,
and Iipciiuno of lln profound conviction Hint tho
lOngllsh covornmcnt, an nlwayii, linn never criiHiid
to prow ltn world-linpcrltillnin whorover ponnl
ble, wo havo been In opponltlon to UiiBlnnd,
There we ittand and tlmro wo alinll contiiitio to
tand. Justified In our position, too, by tho
current e.vcntn ot our Onto.
Thcro la no gulnHaylns the fact tlutt Downing
trevt litis to a very litinilllaltiiK extent wrapped
Washington about I la flnRc.ru for the past sev
eral ycura. Wo have not only pulled Downing
atrcct'a clicstnuta out of tho fire, but wo liavo
walked Into baited Imps nnd been tho victims
ot tho cheapest nnd tnottt tiuostlonablo prac
tices at thn hand of tho KtiKllsh Imperialists.
Thcso fuels oro coming to light with great
rapidity thcso days. At least u. part ot our gov
ernment already realises that England, in thu
natno of a fine altruism, has steadily been tak
ing advantage of the material Interests of
America; and In tho cable hearings now bolng
conducted at Washington Amorlcan nationalists
are not hesitating to speak their sentiments nnd
prefer their charges.
If Germany committed crimes against our
nationhood in tho things nho practlcod, nnd sho
unquestionably did, what" In to bo said of Drltaln
controlling the cableti nnd opening tho com
munications of our nutlonnlH for tho purpose of
taking advantage of them In buslncs transac
tions with other nations?
And what ot tho arbitrary tiso she Is mnlUni;
of tho mandutory system under which despotic
control was glvon her of vast stretches of tho
earth's most productive stirfuce, largely, tut it
again be said In shame, by tho supremo repre
sentative of our own nation.
H Is not surprising, thorofote, that an open 1
break lias at last occurred between American
oil men and tho oil imperialists of thn llrltlsli
aaplre. Tho wonder Is that tho opei. breaK
liaa been so long delayed; a fact that U attrib
utable only to tho lamentablo additional fact
that our own foreign offlco has been the Im
perialist's greatest ndvocato and aid.
N mailer how pleasing It was to view thn
cordiality existing between thu two countries for
a time, It could never havo been oxpocted to
continue, because it was constructed on tho
menacing foundation of English hypocrisy and.
Imperialistic intentions, which, in their realiza
tion meant the subjugation of tho Unlled mates.
From tho first England has viewed tho rapid
rise of tho United States in commerco and fl
nanco and world-lnflu'enco with the greatest
Jealousy, and it has been tho novcr-lost-slght-of
aim of her stutcsmcn to at nil costs regain her
old-time hegemony of tho world.
It Is Inuvllublo that Amcrlcnn-Bngllsh rela
tions will boconm critical n It ii Intivltablo that
o as ft people will ulwayn resent an insult and
tofuso to bo dictated to by any nation. Thero
no hostility to England in our attitude. Thuro
!s nothing but In Interna-, burning prldo and
confidence in our own nationhood mid our abil
ity to defend It against Imperialistic aggression-)
whether they como from the east or tho west.
Tho utter, absolulo. Indefensible, hypocrisy of
English Imperialism and her secret machina
tions with tho imporlullbt of tho far east, con
atltutea tho gravest menace to continued peace
thcro Is In the world today.
Ono of tho most delightful traditions is that
which holds that a lighted cundlo set In the
window on Christmas evo will guide tho babo
of Iicthlehem to your home.
Superstition? Sentiment? 1'oeslbly. Hut
most of our forms nnd religious conventions urn
bullded on superstition nnd sentiment, Thero
are worse things in tho world, too. Mera form
and stage setting lias wonderful effect on all ot
us. Tho august court which opens with thn Jus.
Ucv-a In robca nnd all tho pomp und clrcum-
mi: ntiMi: or I'ltori.icACY
I'littftwtry In thn expenditure of the moniy
exit' Imt f i inn tho peopln for thu conduct of gov
ernment Is thu greatest I'ltniu of tho day. Ami
In Olilulinma at least thn namo of edurntlou
has Ik en until to perpetuate this crime to ii de
gree positively mnar.lng.
Tlii' World hopes In u short lime (o net beforu
the people of thn state thu official figures ill
Just what has been done, mid what Is contem
plated In this lespect.
Pur Instance, think or this stute expending
1S7.00H to gindiiiilo 10 pupils! That Is but
ono ease. Thn cause of education tins been al
most discredited by pork-barrel Icglslatum,
poil-l,nrrel politicians and pork-barrel towns.
A splendid Idea has been seized on to cloak
tho giafter mid tho corrupllonlst. Thu peoplo
havo not been benefited In their latld.lldfl de.
slio lo placo education within tho easy reach ot
their children. (Julio the contrary. Their sub
stantial Inleiests aro now threatened by a sys
tem of ntatc-luHtltutlon-i.ontrollcd legislators
who almost dominate tho legislature.
If a halt Is ever to be culled It must lie called
now, Tho statu hospital matter Is another caso
directly In point, A splendid theory and senti
ment lm been seized on to do scrvlco for thu
cm ruptlonlsts and pork-barrel statesmen. Wo
do not think It will succeed. Wo know that It
should not. I 'or tho plan fulls utterly lo do
what It Is being offered for thn speedy umel
lorntlon of tho sick and disabled ex-sorvlcn men.
Already physicians with experience in thn
Into war, and leaders who understand tho con
ditions to lie met, are cnijdmnnlng It unspar
ingly, and thcro Is a substantial movement on
among tho ex-servlcn men themselves to havo
tho efforts of their organization wisely directed
to where relief can bn expected .to como from.
T'ho theory of state constructed hospitals, to
bo leased and opnrntcd by tho federal govern
ment, has been completely exploded. It Man
Uttorly failed. As an ex-offlccr of tho medical
corps In I ho Into war wrote The World, congress
Is thu place to get Immcdluto relief for the sick
and suffering ex-servlco men.
Tho legislature which convenes in Junuury
could not do better than create a hoard com
posed of ablo men free from all partisan taint
for thn purpose ot making mi Impartial survey
of the so-called stuto Institutions with recom
mendation to tho next session regarding con-i-oll-Jallor.s,
abclir.hm'entri and general improve
ments. Such a board would need to bo abovo
reproach In personnel commanding tho pub
lic confldonco that It would bo guided only, by
tho Just Interests of thu public and In no In
Btunco Influenced by locul sentlmonl.
In tho meantime, 'thn legislature should re
frain from making a single building appropria
tion, contenting itsolt with appropriating only
funds sufficient for mulutetianco needs. And
In other Instances It should abolish with a ruth
less hand. Oklahoma has Just us much use 'for
ft flro marshal as It has for another housn In
tho legislature. It has Just as much use for
nn Insuranco board. And various other and
useless dcpnrfWntn and Institutions.
Thero Is not a successful business man in the
state that, given tho tusk of putting the statn
on a sound business basis, would not flrBt of
all ruthlessly abolish and consolidate stato In
stitutions, boards, commissions nnd depart
ments. And vastly Improve thn efficiency of
government thereby.
Sooner or later this will bo done. If needs bo
It will como through thu Initiative powers ot Hi--peopln,
mid when latinchd In that manner. If
It finally Is, will sweep the stato from end to
end. Hut it would bn much more fitting for
this legislature, fresh from tho peoplo and
chastened, regardless of imrtlsanlsm, to seek
diligently to crystollzn Into legislation those
things which every member knows tho peoplo
want anil deserve.
Tho stato Is full of peoplo perfectly willing
lo Incur thn danger of being classed ns enemies
of education and tho ex. soldiers In older to
protect tho fair mid Just Interests of the entire
(Copyright, lOSO. by Edpir A. Ouest.)
Think not that I would play thu Judge
Nor dictatorial be;
I would not for some ancient grdugn
Demand a cruel fen.
I'll let my neighbor go his way
And plnd along on mine,
And let him have his little soy
And live to his dcsUu;
Hut I would set that man apart
And strew his way with stones
Who, shaking hands, believes It smart
Almost to crush my bones.
I know It takrs all sorts of men
This world to populate,
And as I meet them, now nnd then,
Hut very few I hale.
1 understand wo cannot be
Alike t tastes and Wows,
Nor can wn nil of us agree
On politics or booze;
Hut I would banish froiu the land,
Out of the tcmperato zoneH,
The Idiot who takes my hand
And tries to crush the bones,
There's some excuso for freakish dress,
For boastful men and proud;
Though they dlctiirh nie, moro or less,
I can ahldn thu loud.
Nor would I hero condemn the man
Who stoops to foolish things,
l or folly, under nature's plan,
Has oven ruined kings;
Hut I detest the man who stands
n.iAml m,u'Kl;,, t my groans.
Thinking It's eutn while shaking hands
Almost to crush my bones.
Oklahoma OulburntR
II? otla lirlnn.
Mtiskngen finally bent us to It, Hhu hui
hail her gas ruin hiked 10 cents.
Tim 'ilieriiloiis old Dallas News wants lo know
when Is thn closed season for open-work styles.
.terry Hand says mi Okmulgee mother has or
dered her son from thu housn hurmisu ho wanted
to bandoline his hair.
I roin a reading of tho Headlight, wn Judgn
that Carmen, Oklahoma, Is fairly successful in
Its efforts lo live up to its nume,
fill. Spurrier is going to locale a buffalo
n." . 1 ., tM" ""'"kins of Plan-morn to aid anH
uliet nullum water as a moving power.
,i ,w.ny cul t,,(' r,ml "r Christmas, suggests
the ( hlckitsha Expiemi, Is tu pasa on tho present
you received last year provided, of course, It In
perfectly Useless.
The girl on Sonlh Main says there Is nothing
t that mistletoe dope. Hho has had a hunch
nom lt,'1' " W,'''k "ot,ll,"f
itllhl.'Sh "'I '"7i"' tli.it Neptune devoted
ha b m. "i th." '""imlilH. but It Heon.s
it I "ii rH.'.' ",0'1,1V"'K with tin, postal funds
at H.irllesvlllu m.d lost bis Job s postmaster.
Hr!aiiwBl,ll,ilri''"1. ,M !lrlH thn
nristi.w Itecord, Is dun to the efforts of a lot
res,sls;:,.i,,r:,:n11rr'i(, r'snnn ,ho Uni1-"
h this another o' V those ' &r,,HI,,,y'
scoops! 'iiosn united Press
What wo have all known as n fact has now
been Judicially decree,! ,y t. Unite Htates V'lr
ha;; .i,n
o from Japanese gunboa'is is" now '
Among the funny things which encumber this
irr .2!"ll'lnfir,'in''n ,W" l'""k lho' "ru "''""lutely
d ! ' ,'r, ,C,'l?lm ' "'"'K'rJ Personal
,1?,' "'versatli,nal iiccompllshmentH or lit
erary attainments, and they ill ride o u f"
"?"'V'r.. ;, ,."U'r', Tll "'" who rellei on 1 Is
"looks" finds himself laughed at; the t a kln
man Is culled a bi.ro and literary gent li ih It
slipped o him that hn can't oven "write , n"i
pmtmel,;. ""v""t for tho Jlusslfied",'.":
Barometer of Public Opinion
KVKHYHnnv me tifv tv. .
listen t MC,IUr,lU0" trnv' "" train nn.I
nee" wh , n,en!n'."C.",H fr0,n ,',"l"(;0 "c.,ualnt.
,.,.,. ? t ",cot '"'tween stations. Wo heard
Snoro,!rrt;e,kc'KH!;;mYuo,:,u r
"uy tho railroads' ?oy v"u 0 cal!,UnraHV'0",,i
,of re"
law," remnrl e.l ,vL, 1 "S.? to ',a'", ""Ol
about tips collected by some of th wn "tor "hi
e-,,",t,!'HMH? H;,,,, ,a K ,l" h other morn
lug; '1 paid 05 cents for oatmeal cakes and cof-
dollar" '" W",Cr ,00k wl,ut w '"ft of a
logr'w I?n I"''''V'V PHOCICSSES.
...,i "lustraiioii of two ay of
;5 V'Vf . ,nck norl'"11 '"ondltlons. Speaking
sii, l,fl ?,'V p,,,no:! 0,It hu '""idkercl le a
a 1 owl o 1 i'T 1 ',"P ,hls handkerchief In
ft bow I ot water and hang It on a lino to dry
How long would It tako for nnti.r", through
atmospheric action, to atworb all tho molwturo
from It7" Hn unsweied his own iiuestlnu by es
timating frum four to eight bourn. "Hut sup
pose." hn continued, "after dipping this hand
kerchief In u bowl of water, 1 put It through u
wringer and then hang It on a lino lo dry. How
long will It take to get all thu water oul?" And
again ho answered his own query by estimat
ing ono or two hours ns thu necessary tlnm.
I hen ,n Inquired ns to which was hettcr to
apply tl... wringer ns ho had di.no to Kt the
water out of business within a year or mi and
then start on thn road to recovery, or let the
nrjiiin process go on over lour to six or seven
years with business depression moro or less e.
tioim throughout that time.
Thero Is u good deal of discussion In these
days nnd much udvlce us to thu wisdom of
charging Off losses und meeting deflation as
promptly us it occurs. .Souin of this udIcn Is
timely and wise, and et it is easy to sen how
too rapid a process of deflation might result In
hurm. The wringer may bn a useful Implement
In sotno particular cases, It might not bu so
lionet Iclal In others.
It Is of course u regrettable, but nevertheless
Inevitable fiuU that values are falling below
those icprrsented by war-time tirlces and busi
ness must recognize the necessity of readjust
ment of prices tu coincide with deflated values.
Thero Is, however, no occasion In this for de
ptessloti or discouragement or alarm. Condi
tions in tho country ns a whole aro exceedingly
favorablu for meeting this price readjustment
Wo have In our possession one of tho largest
crops of ull food products In our history. Its
movement to market by tho railroads has been
relieved of tho congestion which embarrassed
ull trntflo a year ago; our financial system Is
sound, wo have, or ought to have, accumulated
earnings und prufttH of years of gio.U business
activity; tho uncertainties of the election have
passed and there Is promlso of the adaption of
wise business policies; Industrial difficulties are
comparatively few nnd altogether the situation
Is favorable for meeting thn necessary deflation
which must bo accomplished before iv now and
permanent advance, can bo expected.
It Is only a question of whether wo shall per
mit this process to drag over u longer period
than necessary or whether wo shall, by too tight
mi adjustment of tho wringer, pieclpituto dif
ficulties which moro moderate prices might
avoid, This is thn problem to which business
must uddrcss Itself with ru.Mge. and resolution
within the coming months. Minneapolis Ttib-
(CoprrUhlt 1924 : T Clfc Trllmn.!
Cilristmat s onttf about
n TUech aw a tif
When H. Wa m y.
Attn Hm Cru Up.
The Promoter's Wife
Told at Oklahoma City
CHAl'TElt 1.XX1V.
A Confidential Coincrxullnii.
Whon I asked Mr. Frederick what
hu thought of Hlancho Orton my
heart seemed to almost stop beating
so anxiously did I await his reply.
Would ho think that she und Nell?
"Mrs. Orton Is hard up. Sho Is
tho kind of women wo sen occasion
ally In tho west," hu Interrupted my
thoughts. "Sho U hard ns nails, too
clover to be wicked, knowing sho is
not, caring nothing what people say
at leust I Judgu sho docs not."
"No, sho never did Even when
Mr. Orton was-ullve. Hut then peo
plo simply smiled at her actions;
imw they talk."
"I see; VI know very little ot so
ciety folks. I know a good woman
when I sco her, nnd nn honest man.
I know, too, a clover woman llko this
Mrs. )rton. How long have your
husbnnd and his friends been going
"A long time nearly six or eight
months. Ever since 1 refused to en
tertain those men hero. I did wrong,
didn't 1?"
"That's n question I can't answer.
You certainly could not entertain
that bunch at Mrs. Orion's bust
night. Whether you could havo pre
vented Forbes from getting mixed
ui with some of them If you had
allowed a few llko Scott to como
here, 1 don't know. 1 doubt It how
ever. And It Is too late lo think of
that. 1 would rather losn every dol
lar I have In the world than see you
making free with those peoplo 1 was
with last night."
"You urn so good to me, X don't
seo why?" 1 murmured, ull tho time
knowing why that ho cared for me.
Then before ho could answer my
tactics question I usked another:
"How can Blanche Orton endure
them? Sho is educated, accom
plished, dainty. As I spoke I re
membered what she hud said about
resting so she would bo nt her best
when sho was going to bo bored.
"if shu wusu't ull those, .things she
wouldn't bo tho kind of u woman
who could help In promoting. Add
to what you havo said, cleverness,
need of money, lovo of luxury, and
you hnve tho typical women nld to
any promoter."
"Taen you think that"
"That you havo causo to fear
her?" reading my thoughts uncan
nily. "I do not think so not In tho
way you mean. She Is fascinating
and very beautiful: Hut a man with
a w'.fo like you would hardly allow
himself to bu duped by a woman of
her typo. Thon too when men and
women aro In any sort of business
deals, cither honest or dishonest,
they seldom huvu love affairs also.
They don't go together. 1 would not
Abe Martin
Coop BY
1 ti -flltnK
"What gets mo is how a clerk that
bus never seen you kin alius manage
t' nil your wlfo a night shirt ex
actly four sizes too big for you,"
said Uifu Hud t' day. It's Jest
about got so It's a natural dt-at'i t'
get killed on Sunday.
worry about that phase of tho mat
tor If I wcro you."
I was so relieved I sighed nudlbly.
This man's pluln common sense view
of tho matter had taken away tho
Jealousy I felt at least for tho pres
ent. "Then you think th.tt what Mr.
Powers, nnd others said Is truu?
That Nell. Mr. Forbes Is not quite
honest?" My face burned as I put
thu question, yet I must know.
"I tint afraid that all his schemes
won't stand daylight as I said. He
can't bo entirely Ignornnt of the
fact, as he is tho brains of alt the
things ho goc Into. Thero nro usu
unity three or four types In all pro
moting outfits. Tho society man. or
the man with education and appear
ance, the bluff common man whoso
very bluffness causos confidence, the
politician often, and either some
woman llko this Mrs. Orton, or an
other man who Is equally clever at
entertaining. Winn nnd women
sometimes play 'a big part If tho deal
la crooked."
"Do they blamo Nell for being so
I was going to say generous, but
Instead I changed to 'extravagant'?
For this?" I gestured to Include
house everything.
"Yes. They say ho uses other peo
ple's money to live as you do, In
stead of trying to mako them the
profits ho promises. I am sorry.
Hut 1 must tell you tho truth."
"No wonder Lorralno und you
also dlscourugcd my social pluns."
"You are young, Just put them off
a while, I must go now. 1 shall
bo In town a few duys. I am going
to talk with your husband llko u
Dutch uncle, ns wo say. Then I will
tell you of a plan I have."
"You aro tho only real friend I
havo in tho world!" I said impul
sively, giving him both my hands.
Ho drew mo to him, kissed mo once
on my forehnd, ns hu might have
kissed n child, then left without un
qthor word.
Tomorrow Sad. Dlsturblns
ThouglitH Follow.
The Horoscope
"Th tar Incline, but do not compl."
TucMlay, DisvinU-r SI. iOiO.
(Cpyt. IS!0 by McCiuro Nwpopr 8yn.)
This should bo a fortunate day,
according to astrology. Tho Sun
and Prnnus rule strongly for good.
Under this planetary government
tho spirit of Christmas should bo
tvidont In business as well as in
social life.
Tho Sun gives evidence of tin
usuat generosity on tho part of em
ployers, for tho rule imparts sym
pathy and understanding.
For thoso who desire to solicit
promotions or now positions for
tho now year, tho sway ot tho stars
is most auspicious.
"With tho great luminary friendly
nnd Uranus in bciiefic uspect, peace
and good will should bo prevalent.
Prunus Is in u placn supposed to
assuro tho mental vision that aids
all human endeavors.
Lovo affairs should prosper under
the kindly influenco of this day,
which seems to foreshadow happi
ness and long life.
Itom'aiici- under this direction of
thn stars belongs moro to tho In
tellectual or spiritual realm than to
any other, und for this reason, It is
held will bo enduring.
There is n sign read as promising
for Ireland, but Its hopo carries
with it somo unexpected troublo for
tho king of England.
Mexico is subject to a sway mak
ing for speculation, excitement and
many difficulties In which Amer
icans will be involved,
Tho seera behold afar serious
troublo for this country and they
even forecast military and naval
movements, for they declaro that
tho nation did not learn Its real war
Aviation is splendidly aspectcd
today and all the signs point to ex
traordinary development in 1021.
Persons whoso blrthdato It is
havo the augury of a removal or a
long Journy. They should be care
ful of both health and money.
Children born on this day may
bo ambitious and unsettled, but
they will succeed best as employes
and should bo taught tho best busi
ness methods.
Arrival of Senator Joo Fleming,
democrat, of Poteau, and tho an
nounced nntl-Kohcrtson democratic
candidate for president pro-temporo
or the senate, was ono or tho fea
tures. "1 nm a cnndldato for presi
dent pro-tomporo ot tho senate,"
said Fleming, "and it goes without
saying that I am for retrenchment
in stnto expenditures, und for good
government. It is unnecessary to
add that aiy candidacy docs not
meet with (lovernor Robertson s ap
proval, for ho can not understand
such. Ideas of government.
"I nm aware of tho fact that If
I enter tho democratic senatorial
caucus the governor will control It
and have me hound and gagged, but
there Is no law to force mo Into
that caucus nnd nt this time it ap
pears to bo Biy duty to absent my
self. If convinced to the contrary,
I shall chnngo my course. I left
all hopo of being nn acceptable can
didate to tho International socialist
forces when 1 supported Harding
nnd llarrcld last fall, but I am a
democrat and will ask democratic
support, (lovernor Ilobcrtson has
two candidates ror president pro
temporo Dob Wallace nnd Tom
Simpson, both nlco gentlemen nnd
cither of them will suit tho gov
ernor. I nm rather proud of tho
fact that tho governor does not llko
my idcuH of government. In my
country the governor s ornciai rating
Is poor Indeed, und, If possible, It
will crow even poorer."'
Senator Fleming's attitude Is tho
talk of Hjo capital city political gos...
sipers. it is Known mai seven oiuer
democratic members of tho senate
aro arrayed with him against the
governor's legislative policies, but It
Is not believed that all of them will
havo tho cournge to remain out of
tho democratic caucus. Five demo
cratlo senators supporting Fleming
would land tho place, ns tho seven
teen republicans, recognizing they
con not organize thn senate, would
prefer to follow ji leader who had
defied tho opposition party caucus,
Then, too, Fleming led tho revolt in
southeastern Oklahoma against For
rls nnd Cox. and his independent at
tltudo prior to that time has won
him statewide recognition.
Different In Men nl i i.i.
"This talk of democrats getting
toiiothor." said Senator Tom Anglln
of Holdenvllle nnd n democratic
stato administration leader, "Is ovi
dently meant to have them dwell to
irether In ncace nnil amity and I eoV
talnly hopo that such a happy condi
tion will soon overtake Oklahoma
democrats. However, they got to
gether August a Inst, and those who
nought to untangln them met with
The Young Lady
Across the Way
About Town and
in Hotel Lobbies
Everett P. M.n,l fn...i..
torncy of tho Scnrrlt, June 2mA1:
and North firm of Kansas nty !
,nw nnnlntt.,t tulth ,1... .-. J- on'l
Morns ronitmnv nr t,,i, . u-
o.n h-iiv p h, V""."0K' of
Tulsa within the T, .ait few
....... ..w. -....,. ,., . ,nK enough In
know- many of thu details of th.
trouble here. Hut we ,avu 1 V,',
somo such trouble In Kansas city
Thn lawyers there are making .
(m1u nf Mm nmnnu .. .
these sporadic outbursts from th!
standpoint of thn court, Satunii.
Jtlilcn llarrv rilonn ..t i. r"1'
pal court of Chicago spoku befari
. .'rouii.MiQP, 01
1 1.,: u" l"o respond,
lillltv nf tlin nmifla l .. . ,s'
that tho courts urn ablo to help in".
I,, i.iv.r iuru oi mental and
physical defectives." 4
TV If. Vrultini. -.i. .
- - i urn sa m.
man of tho southwestern territory
Is qulto optimistic as to general tan.
Hon of tho nation. "Wo have founl
a great dcul of ( depris.Mon In th!
--i.iiiii .inn nrpi, in, H,im m IL,
inirntirii nnini Mntni , iii.,.i ...
find llttlo cause, for It' here. Tulij
avniMn lu nil lip UUI n-gOtlg Wh
plenty of money for everything in
Waco, Texas, thn cltlonj, cnrciur.
aged by the city officials mid th.
Southern Traveling .Men's asocl.
tlon, hnvo started a campaign. nt
- " mure optimistic turn of
mind on the n.irt nt nil i it.. -..
Stickers nnd placards with ln,
words "Ho Optimistic" nrn muck on
all public buildings, hotels anl
schools. It has changed the atti
tude of tho entire population. Thlnti
f. nn uuuiir,, aiiu me rcaHon In
fiHvrholni?lrii I nnn
afraid of everybody else. Sow the
got together and smile." '
Bennie'8 Notebook
Mr. Parkins earno to sen mv irit
Oladdls ycstldday, coming so erly
iii.il hu hub iiuur lor suppir, DClnf
stuffed veel, and I was out ln tin
kltchln smelling tho dlffrcnt smMI;
and (Iladdis came In, saying, vj
Nora la everything nil rite? I
Wy ahouldent it? sed Nora, ana
Oladdis sed to me, Now llonny try
to behavu yoursolf at mipplr so Mr
Parkins will think you'ru a sivlllztj
human being and for goodness sake
remember to say filling and not
stuffing, and sauce, not gravey. ony
cannlbllls say stuffing and gravey.
Will you give me a nickel if I do?
I sed.
0 I sippose so, sed Gladdls, and I
sod, Will you glvn mo a dlmo?
1 will not, sed Oladdis, und I zed,
Well III say filling for a nickel biri
1 wont tay sauce, I charge, a nick)
a wcrd.
I never saw sutch a profiteer In
my life, sed Oladdis.
Mooning me, and prltty soon suit
plr was reddy und everybody went
In and sat down lscloodlng Mr. Par
kins, and ma started to put thing
on tho dlffrcnt plates und I id.
Wen you get to my tern ma give me
plenty of filling an sauce.
Do you meen stuffing und gravey'
sed Mr, P.arklns, things must be In
iv prltty bad way wen boys start to
say filling and sauco for stufflns
nnd gravey, I consider atufflr.g and
gravey 2 of tho noblest wcrds In
tho lnngwldgc.
So do I, Mr. Parkins, nod Oladdis,
I lovo old fashion homely words, me
saying. Well then O. Oladdis. gosh,
wat tho heck, nnd Oladdis quick sed,
That will do ffum you, dont inter
rupt, speck wen you're spoken to.
Mo thinking. Well holey smoakn
III bo darned wats you know about
Proving tho more you try to
please pceplo tho more you dont.
part of those who did tho gcttlnj
Moro. Uko Old Times.
"Republlcun meetings nowadays
rnrnind me of tho old times," said
Halley Springs, republican commit
teeman from Choctaw county and
who always officiated as thu Kiaml
tla county representative In the
Indlnn Territory days. "For several
years It required a warrant to S'J
enough republicans together to. at
tend to the official duty of keeflns
tho party together. Since the b
vembcr election republicans hae
been attending everything, and I n
sorry to say thero are thoso already
anxious to havo two or threo repub
lican parties. Wo have hard enoufn
time keeping ono to thn front and
havo to get a lot of help from dem
ocrats now to win." .
Springs Is a Choctaw nnd his mind
very evidently hnrks back to the eld
days when tho Washington depart
mental rulo was thn only r.iy ol
light to political dwellers ln tn
Indian country.
Tho young lady ucross tho way
says tho sum ot tho squares of the
two sides of a right-angle' triangle
Is equal to tho square of tho hypothesis.
Mullen Is Itcturnod.
"Theso republicans." said Van Mal
lei!, former mayor of Ardmore, mil
lionaire oil man nnd democrat, re
mind mo of an old negro who useo
to live on father's place. Ho?"
n.. - i. .11,1 imt liave
unuuiiy nu iuui nu --
enough to eat, and when properuj
showered down on mm, no .p...."--over
how tho food was to bo prr
.... . ....,. .... i.. item
pnrcil. TI10 repuoiicana ii"'" - ,
starved for official pie, and now W
prospects are gnort tor a im";
hud to stuge u little setto with theni
solves over who Is to servo tho n"
and eggs."
Cafi JLb uCs,
xCtnto fit

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