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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, January 06, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 8

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AIJ battles Won by Tulsans
Over Invaders By Knockouts
Mace Takes Count, Hyrd
and Fleming Quit
Hamilton Winn
None of Three Main Scraps
(!o Over .') KoiiihIh KM
Spnck It ingl under
Last Night's limit
(lien c.Siill.tr) filekntr it
Tulsa knocked tint Imj Mam ,if
Chiciifjo. two row m Ih.
T(iriiln .Mini nf Tillmi m
tiMliiili.il kuoekrml over Itcil
llyril of Okmulgee, Iwo riiiiiiiU.
.Ilinmv Itllt-y of Tulsa won
technical huuikniil ovei At l"Vm
ng of HI. Louis, thno Hunidi.
Muddy lliiinllii.il ir Tulmi nut
polnled (llil Muriiiy i r Tuln.i. no
tlei Wltm liy H-feree
-i-ii ipii imxnrn last night success-
fully repelled tlm In vnnlrm of out-of-town
scrappers when they won lliri'ii
reformi deelnloiin In thn show staged
ly tlm A. 'inn Athlulli) chili at Coii
ventlon hull. AIJ three goen wore
won by knockouts, to tlm count or
technical nnil npnn went over three
rtmiiilH, Hnllor Clleknor, Tommy
Alba mid .1 1 in in y- Hlley wcro tin'
Inrnl buys who beat Jon Mara of
Chicago; Red ltynl of Okmulgee unil
Al Fleming of Ht. Louis, lliu In
vader. Mure, ni'tit to llm floor by
Clinker, ntlcr ono minute nnil 20
NocmiilN of milling In tbn flnul bout
of tliu evening, over tlm 10-roiinil
route, waited too long to nrlno ami
was rniintrd out by Hofi'rro 11
riuhun. Whlln tlm Chlcagoon might
tioiwlbly Imva inlllcil nml nmilu II
Interesting for Clinker, tlm hitler
looked to tin rnclly tlm superior
wrapper nntl Mnro wan saved fur
thor liiinlBlimcnt by tlio abrupt end
ing of tlm go.
Red ltynl lilt Albn with every
thing but tlm wntrr bucltnt for two
minutes nnil roiihln't oven stagger
Chick lllgdnn's middleweight. Thru
Tommy caught Hyrd with n left -and.
It wim tncrnly a uuestlon or
tlmr. In tlm second rouutl Alba
twleo sent Hyrd to the floor, tlm
second time for tho count of rilnn.
Iloferoo Unban guvo Hyrd n long
rount on tlm final two seconds and
Hyrd arose uoforn thn count of 10.
Two punches ho exchanged with
Albaand then hopped through tho
ropes aiul to hln dressing room,
quitting rtflcr ono mlnuto nnd -&
seconds of tho second round, limy
wern to hnvii Bono clitht rmindif.
Jimmy "Wy. CorrlKan
ImrdhlttlnK llKhtwclBht. not wnrniod
up In thn Hilnl round of "'1,!,,,i
Xd rlKht-rouniV Ko with FUmhIuK
"id of I "r dropping Al for tlm cou.n
of nltio. forced hi" nocomti. to throw
In Mm towel In order to hhvo M-m-'InK
from a nrcdlcM novi-ro lioatlnn.
The only bout of lh nlwht io n
tho pri-HCrlbod limit W" tlie HuddJ
Hamllton-Kld Mrn;y l-r
utirtaln miner, a non-dec . Ion nffalr.
nutldy outt.olntod Murray
an liitcn-HlliiK rap. but tin llttl"
fellow paid dearly for It.
jurlnB boll. hand., tlm rlbt very
badly? Huddy l.ia.le Koo.l lit I.Ih Ini
tial .lebut III tho bantamwelKlit 1
and tin In no provlnun mill" heic
Zwed exceptional V'0,1"1;."'0?.,
future. FaullH In hlj boxliiK. h
over, are obvlotw and, iiiuhI bo cor.
Hi" i, n : ,t noddy imn
'KlS vtan,lho (belmt
illy' a lfi.ear-old youiiKitiir)
, urally Inclined to l.eln "ver-eon-fldent.
Thin led lad "Wit to him
holnir uneoveied on numornna oo
iHlon. lenv..K oponhiiM Wrh n
more exierlii ed boxer than MUliaj
would have uAd to nilvantnKo.
K. O. Hinllh of Kaiimm I Ity. who
reccntlv boxed a draw with Chlefc.
tier al lllRheart. wim Introduced and
challenged tlm wlnirtr of tlm thick-
WKh ,lHiecl".t'cracJ TuUa bantam,
who .eeently boxed Mutt "
a HuIkcm" draw tleclHlon at OUix
homa City, wan a r'.nursidcr.
I'lrnillH Tor Structural V"iW Iwueil
Ko mr In .Ian. i:l'l S75.Jim.
Optimism prevallM In the iifflc.. of
t.'lty llulldlnK lnapcctoi; 11. h.. UopP
over Iho IniltdlnK outlook for thr
month of January. l'l 'o Tueadaj
night, tho 4th. pvrmiu bad beer
Iwurd ri'prcHcntluK an liivcMtineni
of npproxlmulely 175,000 In TiiIki
bulldliiKn. Till, wan In leallty tw"
daVH" hiiHlniwH. u no IiiihIuckh vwc
Iranai tud In tlm lnpeclor' nfru
on January I becaiiHo It wan a lull
day or on the hooond liccaiiKe It wun
Tlie total t'CprcHented by iermlli
IrHtied iturlnw the enllro month ol
.December wan approximately taOO.
000. Jatiuary'H pnrmltH mi far nie
ouu-fouith that amiHiiil.
'itn lilt lit-tl to Sich.
All nicmbeiH of tlm Jon Cm Hon
pnl, naty teteiaiiH. iiiarineH, and
f oritur mldloiH In any war are In
vited l ,1. 1 linll.iiihcr, coiniiiaiiik'r
of thr t nlteil Kpanlnh war tetcrann.
to In Minn llllxabnlh ll.llu of the
Aiie an Hoelal Hi icncn mmuclaiion,
dlniu.'s health matter tit tho uliliv
liuma Natlunal unnl armory at
8:30 o'clock Thurmhiy iiIkIiI.
Major Dell of thn national truant,
U co-operntliiK with thu HpnnlBh
war vctcruiiH In ntiih'lui: tho event.
JVrw .lemcy Mluli-tcr Hero Sunilny.
Iltiv. D.tvld A. MucMurrny of Ah
bury I'ark, N. J., will preach on
"Thu Voice llehlnd" at tlm montlim
nervlco of Trinity Kplvcopal rhurch
Sunday mornliiK In tho Majentlo
lljentur. At tlm evenlmr service In
tho church. Hot. Holfo I'omeroy
Crlltn, rector, will IickIu a neihn f
ermon on "Why I Am an Kpinco
tin 1 lan." to ho continued through
tho month at January.
.111' k ( 'mIIiiIi.hi, ,
pmmotor or thni
Til Ira I'MlnuiH
wlii'i, hi- aiinoiili
i'i 'I tin ii'inati li.
It'tf 'f 'ii no l)i-l-iiion'
ninl .lurk
liwler. Tlii'Ho
liovn boxed ,i
iii mild I 2
t . i ti 1 1 draw ln'it
li few wifi'kn iiro and tho Uun llii'ii
imlml tl.i i bi ii iiiiiti'hi'il. In hiliiff
IllK Hill IlK'lltHl IkIiIm b.li k, (iU'l M
ItuiKi-r dlKliitii a. I .'.-ri.iiiiilM to u ref
tiri'i-'H ib'i Inliui Ciilliiliaii h Imcillmt
Ihi' iblii'M of tbi' filluwM who buy
til" llil.'rttn xotilt tlitrur different
rroni mdiiy xportlliK IliipieKniulnM
wim In I In- print hiivt. been liellneil
in xlnu enrdii to null their own ion-
lour i Iklalioiiiii Imijh k Si hi I Ii
(IiIm piln at member of bp;
leiiKini pllehlliic htulf, .pi It c ii
prouil biiM'hnll reiiinl for lb
Sooner ulntc. Thero are iiiliueroiiH
other plnjriM In the IiIk lop who
Mem up fiiini tliU Mute, illbir
fn.iii (iihiimIi iI buNi'ball clti'iitM or
I be linli'ii lent rniil.H. Hut tliiY.il
four, l:linc. I'oiiilrr, (,f shatuicet
:arl ,Mu... of KlnufUhcri 'lilcf
1"ellotlioiM, or flillnico, nml wil.
bur Hay, or ,Stlllater, lire uallvo
1'oniler ami Alaj hav aehloved
ifieat MiceeH In major Ioiikiim biiNe
bnll. An a member of the I'IIIhIiiiicIi
I'lraten, l'oniler In tlm fall of 19 1 H
twirled a no-hlt Kiime. I In Hhortlv
iifterwaril Joined thn nervleo re
tlirnlni.' to the lluce.iiieei'H blHt Kea
noii, Mityn him been liitml iim one of
ton Kiralent Iwlrlern In the IiIk
leaKileN. l'oniler ntarteit lliu baHciball
career nB n member of the Hhawnee
IiIkIi Huhool team and later pitched
for thn Okliihoiua Hit ptlxt and Uni
versity or Oklnhoma nlneK. MayH
madn bin Imlldoin debut with Klmr.
flnher hltth mcIiooI nod later w.im tlm
mnlnntny In Iho box fo- tlm KInk
rjrher colleite.
Thin Ih the fliat trial of Yellow
homo ami liny In the major leiimien.
Tho former wim a leadliiK pitcher
bint Kcnuon In the Houtliern nnnocla
'lon and wim Hold by Utile Hock
to I'ltmburiih at tlm rlimu of tlm
pauiijint race, YellowhorHu'n prov-
iouh oaHi'iiau cxperletien wim im a
member of the Chlloccn Indian team
Hay for three yearn a ntar all-rotiml
rtthletp at Urn Oklahoma A. and M.
collctrn fornonk thn colleRlntn for
nnifeoHloniil buiieball only a few
weekn iiko when hn uliinril a contract
with Connie Mack'n Philadelphia
"Do you know why all men are
wearliuf red IroumMHT" wan tho
tilery that CRme over Ilie phonn
to thn nporti ilenk Inn tiluht, "Ko
wn don't know, why?" wn InterroK
ited. "They arn hiding from Hono
Wonder," nhot back 'thn reply.
Klfly-ltvo Cum") lll-rharucil I'rom
Tulmi Hraticli Dnrlinr Dii emlier.
Diirlnit the mouth of December 52
eancn were illNcharKPd fnfn the iIIh
pennary of thn Ttilna County Health
annoelatlou and v 28 new eancn en-
teied on thn files. At thn utnit of
tho new jear 341 canen of tubercu-
lonln wern under tlm nbnervauce and
earn of thn tinmen of thn oikiiiiIzji
Hon, according to nn ntinouiiceiuent
after tlm monthly leport wan handed
to tlm board of director at tlm
monthly ineethm Tuenday nlitht,
Thn tinmen, MIkm Hi'fhIo Itlcli.inl
ntin and Minn (leitrudu HwatiHiin,
have made 'id vlnltH nmntitf their
poor patlentn and tlm colored iIIh
pennary nurnn rciiorted IIS vlnlln
inaihi. Tho cllnlcn, which are held
j'very Monday and Wednenday,
totaled IS for tho month. Thin In
cluded weekly cIIiiIch held In Iho din
pennary In tlm colored necllon,
'Co llliihlrnte lln1 Atiimnitim.
An llliiM.'i'aleil lertlito on the ui.e former and orator, w III bo the upeak
of I'hefoain, an npparatiiM for fluht- er at dm V. M. c a, furiim Hun
liik" tire In tho oil country, will be day. January 0 at' 4 o'elm k. ti...
t?lvcn by a reprenontatlto of the
film at thn regular meeting of the
l'lllrhanlng Agenln' iiHMiolatlon of
Oklahoma at H o'clock Tinmday eve.
Mini,-, January II, In the municipal
uiilltoilum. I'lecedlntr, dlitnei' will
tie Hi'i-ted In tho ICeiinedy renlauiani
at it 3d o clock.
Pinehurst Midwinter Shoot
Qets Under Way January 17
I'INI:lll HMT. N C. Jan 5 -here
In every limitation that the
allien I.,!- the rimi'tcc nth Annual
Midwinter II, in. II, -ap Target l.iiiina
iieiii. to be held at I'lnehiirnt dur
ng tho week beginning ,lanuui n,
till rxiecd the record number or
.'40 gun Hut took pun In the nteut
at year.
A new fealuto or thin wini. i h
mil n, uncut U an Annlvei var nvent,
ipen to nil wlnncrn or mevioun ptn..-
aurnt Midwinter handlcaiin. Anu.iii!
hoso who are eligible to thin new
yearly rivturo are Oharlcn W. llll
iliiBK. Dr. D. culver, Chaiien 1 1.
Nowoomb, Hugh Kahler, J. ;. Jun
itlliKH. W. (I. Hainney, r A llilbialth
mil D. W. linker, winner or the big
vent lant year lip. AuntvcrHary
rophy will be awarded to thn nlmnt
r making thn hlgheni ncoro on a
otal or 200 largnlH, madn up or 100
largetn in tlm inelluilnaiy handicap
.Hid the 100 targetH In tho Midwinter
The i:.int n. Went team earn will
jw nil, n
'iJrolhe i's of Other Fami
lies Have Achieved
Ring Success
Nl:V YOIIK Jh i Hi-Veral
vl"li nl flnlle illnllirlMiii e. will be
'I'iiIkh Ail. i, .ii, i , "' " oexi iu u.iyn ir
, m i. J , UU'' "flellf .MIKIielln" Imve their
i ll tail tilKlitiw.. ii iiiiut It
iiMlKtited he In ), M MohMll brnllmr, Itleblo nml
i-lriiun of nit-1 I'lnkle. nre here from .Milwaukee to
trrlim to the fln-jtait the new year with ,i loud luin
tl' faii'lPM of liU 'iy puiehliiu Heteral In r" ilentj in
lie inrlilweiKbt il l vlilr.it.
I'lnkle who will Hturt the ram
pnlKO l''liny nlirlit iiMllihl Wli'ie
.lie knon will uln.l ui haul training;
toiluy nnil intP'irrow
Itlclile Mii'Ih ('lianiiliiu.
Itlellie iiii'I'Im Cb, imp. nil llcntiv
l'iuiiiiil in the name arena. Jaim
'i') II, iiliinn to l,e In the be! i'.ii
illtloii of bin i-iueer In battle for the
divided title.
The t tin It i of thn MllehellM to
New York mnrkn a iiilber utibiun
'lepaituie In Hi, i way of IiuxIiik nt
Ira' tbmii llutli urn topnoti h lu'it-
wclKhtn who I'oinn from n flKlitltiR
rnmlly and their llivanlnli In n iimi
liiterneetlonn affair, for tbev will
lake on the Iwo h-it Ikhi tw luhm
New York him ilnvelnped In many a
day In Jurknou and lonard. .N'af
uially enouk'b. thn boulx will at
ll act wide attention an well an nllin
ulate Inieient In the llKhtwelht ill
vlnlou whli h iiroiniuM to have a
banner year.
.Mnnai;eil by llrntlicis.
Tbn Mil, lu ll boyn am tnatiiiRnil
by a third member of their own
family Hilly, which recalln a num
ber of liiHlaneen In thn hlniory of
boxlnif whfro membeni of the name
family have won honorn In tlm rlriR
Alining the famlllen that have liail
tlili'O incmberH In thn f(Htli' IiiimI
necn wern the McUoverfiH, I.ionn,
I'hlladelplila .Moorea and the I'rnnH
finally, tbuiiKh iinno of thene were
able to lioact of two HUch flKhleru
an Kiriile nlnl I'lnkle .Mitchell.
Then Ibere were the Attelln Abe,
Mnut it and Caenar tho twin Hul
HviiTin, Jaek and .Mike, the Uroekn,
I'lill ii ml .Mutt, Hairy anil t'larene.)
I'orlien; Mike and Tommy Olbboim;
Jack and f'liarlev Wb'ln: U'lllln nn.l
t'harley .llecclier and Jon and
Johnny S. HiiKliriii', not to iiu-ii. ..,i
OeorKe Chip and IllN brother Joe.
Hrnthcra arn plentiful etioiiKh If
mm delve Into tlm ivcordH, but the
ciino of the Mltehelln In a bit tllfler
ent from tlm ordinary run for thorn
In little to chonne between them in
eiipt lllcliln In a lvi.'ltliuatn llk'ht
WelKhl, whereaH I'lnkln In urowlmf
and Jiit about to lound Into the
wclterwelKlit dlvlnlon.
Orient (Jlllllniiil and (i)pny :t2-no
and 77-11 HcHMi'tltely In
Oil CukIiik Irf'iiKtie.'
Noble and I'uro Oil iiiluteln laat
ulKlit defeated Din (lllllland and
lypny ciiKern In tbn Oil leiiKUn on
thn Y. M. C A. court by ncorea of
32-30 and 77-t I respectively.
Tho llneunn:
Noble (it J) Pom.
Hlchnrdnon I'
Hiinfro. I''
HaiiKcrt C.
Orlffln (J.
rilllllanil (:lt))
. .. DIckeiiHOii
. .. Thompnon
Oonlii rroin fleldHlcharilHon
IlailKei t II Henri o G, (kiuvim -I, Dlek
cnnon, (lilbert. l-'rixi tliiows Hani;
crt (Iowau, Dlckennon, Thouiii
win. Httbntltiltea Oltlltaud, Heub
for Tlioinpmni.
rum Oil (77) Hon.
W. Hexton.., .
.... Taylor
i.... Yoiiiik
, ... Happau
, Alklu
II. Hexton.
' l 'l
leld doaln rtpiiniM'r 17
W. Hex-
ton , .Melntef 10, II, Kc.xton 2, Hap.
pan 2, Y o u n k, Hhuman. l''reo
thrown Younir ft, I'appan, II. Sex.
ton, HuliHlltiit.H I'ure Oil llraliam
fur Went! (lypuy Adaiun for Taylor,
Taylor for Yoiiiik. Hoforee. Klbcl.
Cardinal Schciliiio Amioiimvil.
OHANOI0. Texan, Jan. 5. -Ilranch
Hlckey, miiniiRer of tlm Ht. l.mil.i
Natlomm, hem tonight aunniinced
exhlbltlnnn ne.hcdulu of hln team for
thin Hprlnt;, an rollown.
l'hll.ulelphla AthletU'H at Orange,
Texan. March, S, S, 10, 20; Athletlcn
at like ChailcN, It Maich B, tl,
11, 13. 17. 10; Athletlcn at Itwui
inoitl .March 7; lleaiimout, Texan,
leaKim dub, at Heaiimoul March 12.
13; Iteaumoiit at OraiiKe Mar,h IS,
13, 23, 2 1, Houston, Te.ak le.iKUn,
at OraiiKe, March 15. lit, 17; lloun
ton at Houston Match 26.
I'liiiiAnixnuAN "at v rouni
Dr. C. I". Hwlft of Phil,,,!, .1, ,i,i
well known natrlot. sini.,M,,i:,
Hilbject. of hln addrenn will tin "Au
uther CnloHR.it Job for I'nclo Mini,"
Doctor Hwlft w.Sn one of tho tuont
Influential niembern of thn I'ennnvl-
vaiiia icRwiaiiiro iiuting itn recent
ncnMim and even hln oppouentn tec
iiglilned bin temperance nptei h an thu
must miinterful nddrennen dnllvcred.
yanlH The teamn will comtuinii tho
tite high kiiiim from each M'ctlon
and the dividing hint between the
.ml anil went will bo the western
Pound, liy .f Hi,, Htaten or Michigan
Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessnee. ami
MlHHlnaippl. A trophy will he aw.inl
ed to each tiininber of the winning
Tho usual, preliminary or practlie
10 "'"eil thin year and Dm
flint 150 targetn or the i;,n target
event will be tin own on Monday.
Hits event will b,. conipleled on
Uednenday. the lyth. and all t
IhurHday will bo devoted lo the pro
Imlnaiy liaiullcap Tlm Midwinter
handicap will be shot off on Trl
day and tlm usual connotation hau
dloap will takn plant tjalurday.
the cloning day or tlm tournament.
rim total mniicy and trnphlcH
,iiii,jiiiii 1 1 1 ij.;,uttii, turned on "00
iiirlen in thn Midwinter handlcati.
1 1 he winner of the Midwinter h.indl
eap will receive 350 In c.xnh ami a
'i.,ii tt ii it inn
It. Mitchell to (id
Another Title Scrap
Hltchln Mitchell ban bud tbn Iiiil-
for Home time that he cm lick
llenny I,i '(Hi 11 . I Ir li n v. tin I tin
other Klovn. Iuih prov d that Mr.
Mllrhell from Mllwnuken In tnln
taken. Now Mitchell Is to bo an
other crack at Moimlcur Henny In
January at Madlnon Siiiain Karden.
.Mitchell Iuih Improved counlderably
tlm lant few nioiithn, expertn nKreu.
"nliiiiblnoM to Carry Clin.
NUW VOllIf, Jan. 3. "Iiabe"
Huth today asked tho nnllco de-
parliuent fop a permit to carry a re-j
voivcr tltlrliik tlm "crlmo wave" and
wan told hn could have. 54 of thorn
tho number of home runn ho wal
loped lant year If ho dentred. He
declined tho extra 63.
Tlm homo run hIukkt told tho
polleo ho freijuently had ronnldcr
ablo money and much Jewelry on
hln pcrnon. Hn Intimated that ho
could not makn home runn with
holdup men nt hln heoln.
Carter OefeatM llanlon
SAN ANTONIO, Texan. Jan. 5.
Tommy Carter, lightweight of El
Hano waH awarded thn rereren'n do-
Vlnlon over Jliumln Hanlon of Chi
cago nt tlm end of a hard fought
12-round bout hero lant night.
Mcacham Announces
District liaskctball
Tourney Committees
NO II MAN, Okl.i.. Jan. 5. D's
trlct and ntatn basketball tourun.
iiientn ot the Oklahoma Athliitlo
iiHsoclatlnn, thn former to be held
March IS and 1!) and tlm latter
one week later, will be conduct
ed on the "iitue plans an thono
lant ynar. Kdgar D. Mcacham, nee
retary of tlm board of control of
the imnoclatlou, bnu announced.
A coifimltten nf thren ineniberH
In each dlntiict. to arrange thn
tournament In their district, Iiuh
been nppolnted, The plnro of tho
tournament and Ita nupurtinloii
will bn left to theno lommllteen,
It wan iilinnthrcd. The place
where tbn Mate championship
lournanmnt ttiir be held h.in not
been announced, tho hoard or con
trol declared.
Two per cent of tho gro.s.s re
celptn or tho district toiirnainculH
will bn paid Into the treasury of
the Ht.lto athletic annoelatlon, and
the winner of each dlntiict tour
nament nhall pay $,1 to the an
Hoii.itlon, tho board ruled Heforo
tlm rccolpln of the statu tourna
ment iiro pro-rated among thn dis
trict winnein, 50 Will be deduct,
nil to purchase a nllver cup trophy
to he presented to the winnem of
tlm hankelball champlonnhlii.
iim high school athletic nsno.
clalloii In compr'netl of 131 lilgh
school of the state, divided Into
districts roi responding to tho con
gresHlonul dtstrlctn of tlm nluto
The wlnuern of the district tour
namentn will cninpnto .March 2."i
and 20 In an elimination tourna
ment to limbic tho statu chain.
plounhlp in high school liaskctball.
The following rommlttecH worn
DUttlct No. t-Principal Morln
I'runly, Tulsa, chairman: tl. It.
Cllft. ll.xrtlesvlllc, and Clay linke,
District No. 2 liinclpal W. H.
Ctr.lcr. llcnryetia, chairman; Y,
H, lliiggn. Oktiuitgnc, unit 11. W.
Hranscum. Haskell.
Dlntiict No. a- Principal It, f
Pheroii, MeAlenter. chairman; C.
11. Woodruff, Atdnifirc, and H. (J.
Vlllarn. Dili int.
District No. I l'rtiulpul C. W.
Delhmaun, fhawuee, chairman:
J. It. Holmes, .S.miilp.i, and A, 11.
UuriU, llohhiinille.
District No. 5 Prof. H. .
Huscli, Oklahoma City, chairman;
W. A. Oreen, llulhlie. nml W, 1..
Hnaeh, Norman.
District No. it -Principal r V.
Hi'iidsli.iw, HI Heno, chairman: H.
H. l.lde. l.iwtou, and It I,, Clif
ton. Kingfisher. '
Dlntrlci No, 7 --PiltMp.il J. C.
Hearns. Clinton, chairman; A. ftl.
I. nwery, Fiuduilok, and A. R .Mar
tin. .Mills.
District Nn. s Prim Ipal He..
Witt Waller, i:td, .halnnan;
':r M'lmoti lllaekwcii, and W,
J. Trunks, Ponca City, '
Itltchlo Mitchell
Hornsby Tops Score of
Players in Coveted
He Intunilluml Net Mrrvkg
M'.W HUtU, jan. 5. -Twiny
nn..y.-in, lienueil liy ItC'tfers ll'TlllbV
oi inn (.TnrilliialH, hit In thn .300 ilimn
in inu .National leac-ue durinif tli
miiH'in of 1020, nrcoriliiiK to tlm of
mi iianiiur aver.iKes mada ptibll
lOUil) .
norrirfhy captured tlm battlnn
.I'.iiiiMiiiiniiiji oi iim eircuii vi n an
avtrue of .370, a mark that hun
m i ii llentnn but rnllr tlmen .tip..
iwyu. ami exi'ciieii only til tlmifc
ovii a Hlri'teh of If, yearn durlllK
which naiiiiiK ohamplonHhlii ro
oi on nave iieen kept.
,t. ....
urn K.uiiii(; mmiiKu of the new
ciiamploii t,,iincl Hint 0f I'red Nch
olnuii, ofthn I'lraten. by 10 polliU
nun iiuruttiiy look part In 1-19 K.imcn,
hix Pun than lun team plated. In
the flrnt 10 with llnrtmby nie Hoh
iouiib, .Vuw York, with .351; K
ilouncli, I'liiclnniitl. with .iVJ
hniltb, Ht. l.oiilM, .33.': Zach Wheat
32. IMille Kayren. Ilus
ton, ,32K;
phla, ,325;
.319, and
Fred WIMamn, I'hlladel
Milton .Stock, St. LoiiIn,
Charley llollocher, t'hl
cago, .3 1:1.
Of the Ml-Ht 20 ti.Hn
men, nil of whom hit .300 or
ter, nn veil played In lesn than
hundred games, which leaves
batnineii who proved their right
b. clansed an .300 bittern by baiting
conmuicntly in 130 games or more.
Curtis Team Atcnigcit.
Tho batting nttength of tho Ht
IoiiIh C.irilliiats In shown In the
team averages. Tho Cards led theh
rivals as a teaii, Hitting .28'), an
exceptionally rino average, and part
or tbn answer in shown In tin; list
of the charmed twenty," In which
Horunby, Hmlth, Stock and lxnir
nler appear.
The champion Hrooklyn Dodgern
al: hud four clnnlnteut .300 bittern
last HciiMOii In Whiat. Koney, (Irltne
and Myers, and Hrooklyn finished
second In team batting with ,277.
Max Carey, Iho Heel liratn out
fielder, Ud Ills league oncn again III
Hiolen bases, pllfeiint; a tinal of 2
Cm oy ban long been Iho best bast
runner in IiIh long hi
Hornsby mSde the most bits, 21H
and nlnn leads hi two-basu hitn with
II. .Milton .Stork In tho leading one
huso hitter, with 170 sIiikIch. liy
.Myers leads In three-base hits, with
22, and Oy Wllllam-s occupies homo
run honors with 1" home runs,
Hogom Hornsby lends tho long
bittern with 329 total bases, for
percentage of ,559,
Two players Hogcrs Hornsby, of
Ht. Uiuls. and Uoss Young, of New
York garnered t'noio than two
hundred hits us their Keason'n por
Hon. Only 13 National league, bat
tern havo reaped mora hits uor sea
sou than has Horunby, with Willie
ICeeler, of llaltlmore, tho leader
with 243 hits during tho season of
Made Most Scores.
Oeorgo Hums, of New York, leads
the run. scoieim with 116 rutin. Not
since 1911, when James Bhcckard, of
Chicago, tallied 121 runs, Iuih any
player reached thus high mark In
runs scored.
(ionrgti Cutshuw, of Pittsburgh, In
the loading sacrifice bitter,
thirty-seven sacrifice hits.
Mvn players nngnged In every
game willed tltelr club played, as
follows: (leorgo Kelly, New York;
.tames Johnston, Hrooklyn, and .Mil
ton .Stock Ht. IaiuI-s, 155 games each
I .mi Is Duncan Cincinnati, 154 and
Norman Hoeckel, Honton, 153 games.
Milton Stock went to tho but the
most times. 039.
There wern forty-nlno cases of
hitting safely In ten or morn con
secujive games, with ICddlo Housli,
or Cincinnati, tho leader. HouhIi on
August 27 began a streak of safe
hitting that endured for twenty
seven successive contests and yield
ed forty-sis-hits in 114 times at bat
till September 22, when Charles
Adams, or Pittsburgh, stopped
Six Hits In How.
David Hancroft. of New York, was
thn only player that got six hits In
six times nt bat In one gnme." This
Unueroft did on Juno 2S, ngulust
Woven players garnered flvo hits
In a game, ono player, Hoss Young,
of .New ork, performing thn feat
twice. Walter Marantilln of Huston:
Marl Hmlth. Oeorge Hums and Hoss
l ntiug, of New York: David Hubert
sou, of Chicago, William ..Smith
worth of Pltlsbuigh and Clifton
lleathcote, of St. liuln, were tho
other men who tiiado flvo hits In an
inn ii v times at bat
, Might players tallied four runs In
ono game during the past season,
viz.; Kred Williams and Krnll Meti
hcI, of Philadelphia: Charles llol
locher and (leorge Paskert, of Chi
cago; Cieorge. Cutshaw. of Pitts
burgh, Henry Orob. of Cincinnati:
Jaciues I'ouinler, or St. Iiuls, and
Peter Klldurr, of Hrooklyn.
.Many Shutout Hume.
There wore 10 1; shutouts scored
last season, the clubs being shut out
nn follows: Chicago, six times; Hon
ton, ten limes; Hrooklyn, .St. l.ouls
and Philadelphia twelve times; New
York, thiitccu times; Pittsburgh,
seventeen times and Cincinnati
twenty-rour times.
St. louls leads In club hitting
with a percentage or .2S9; mado thn
mii't hits, 1.5S9; tlm greatest num
ber of total bases. 2.115; most sin
gles, 1.223 and got tlm greatest
number of two hno hits 23S.
Hrooklyn made tho most three. base
hits, 99, unit Philadelphia batted nut
tho greatest number of homo runs,
New York leads In scoring, with
t)S2 run, unit Pittsburgh Is the lead
ing luiso stealing club, with 1S1
stolen bancs.
Chicago leads In sacrifice hits,
with 220.
Last Night's Fights
A; New York Frank Carbono
stopped Dan Lynch of Ilayonee, N.
J. In iho seventh round of a sched
uled 15-iound bout. Patsy Hogash
won a technical knockout over
S.tllor Jack Henley In eight rounds.
At Newark Charley Wclnert
knocked out Dick O'Hrion of Cin
cinnati In Iho sorond round of a
scheduled 12-roUiul bout.
Clickner Makes Good
In Tuha ting Debut
Sailor CHtkncr.
Sailor Clickner, Tulsa light heavy
weight under tlm management of
Chick Hlgdon. welt known Tulsii
boxing ImprcsH.-iiiD lust night made
good in his rlmr debut In Tulsa by
knocking out Jio Muce, of Chicago,
In two rounds:
Foreigners Wlro Congratulations on
Winning of Davis Cup.
NKW VOItlC, Jan. 5. The Cnltcd
States lawn Tennis association has
received cbngratulatory cablegrams
on tho winning or tho championship
ny William Tllden nml William
Johnston from tho Australian. Kng-
llsh nud Spanish lawn tennis asso
ciations, It was announced toduy.
Officials of tho American tennis body
point nut that it is apparent tho re
cent matches attracted attention
around tho world and they expect to
receive challenges from tho princi
pal tennln plnyer nations beforo en
tries close March 16.
Iiorlila City Sclcctcil by Hob Qulnii
After rooking Over Kites.
HT. I.OUIP. Jan. 6. Tho Ht. l.ouls
iVtncrlcaiis will trnln at Hognlusa,
La,, this year, Tho announcement
w:ih inado In a telegram received
hero tonight from Huslness Manager
Qulnn, who has been In tho south
for several dayw looking over pros
pecttvo camps,
New York State Boxing
Tickets Limited to $10
iNHW YOHK. Jan. 5. The' New
York slate boxing commission has
taken a step for thu good of the
game today In limiting tho prlco of
tickets to boxing matches to J 10,
The promoters will be permitted to
charge $S however, for champion
ship bouts,
rwixcr (3cin Prison Sentence.
I'OUT WOHTH. Texan, Jan. 5.
Sailor" Connor, tho pugilist .lost In
his fight with the statu of Texan.
Ho pleaded not guilty to a charge
ot burglary In tho district court here
today. Tho Jury, serving as reforoo,
considered tho points against him
and send h! in to prison for two
White nml I'rcldman Matched.
CHICAGO. Jan. 4. Charley White
and Sailor Friedman, lightweights of
Chicago, have been signed to bnxs
ten rounds at Kenosha, Win., on the
night of Jan. 1 1, They wilt make
1 3 .1 poutnlK nt 3 o clock the day of
the fight.
Whlto has been guaranteed $3,500
for his share, while Friedman has
entered nn agreement with Promoter
Frnzler, which la ntr Innovation to
tho game.
Hoper to Meet llreunan.
CHICACIO, Jan. 4. Captain Hob
Hoper. tho Chicago heavyweight. to
day was matched to meet Hill Hrcn
nan of Chicago, In a 10-routid con
tent In Kansas City, Jan. lti.
Holier will box Hqmur Hmlth of
alamnzoo, Mich.. Jun. 11 at St,
JnUn Miller Chilmcil by llnls,
WICHITA FALLS. Texas. Jan. 5.
Walter Halm, manager of tho local
Texas league baseball club, was no-
tiried today that Juke. Miller, out-
rielder, whom lio sent to Pittsburgh
via tno nrnit route at t no close or
tho season, has been claimed by the
Cincinnati club. The Pirates rn.
cently usked waivers on him nml
.Moran refused to walvo. Miller was
one of tho leading batters of tho
Texas league.
of tha
I rfliovwl la 1
h w m m t'j
Each Cud.
n&me 4v
JVim rt o tern n ItrftlU
WJW.l.D.ui,lliiiOitS HO. MCUIIKI. lik2.
RVR n m
Delmont-Lawler Rematched:
Go 15 Rounds
Ctilocco liaskctball
Prospects Brightest
in School's History
fieecl.l lo Tho World.
Chilocio Indian school basket
ball team has been practicing for
four weeks and expects to make a
good showing thin season against
varlou'i college and university
teams of thin statu which Chllocco
will meet following January 1.
Thero are only two letter mep on
tho team, Huyhyllc at forward and
Wuno at guard, with Huyhyllo
also tho captain of tho 1920-31
team. Uajhyllo is a Pawnee and
Wano a Cheyenne.
There arn 25 Indians trying for
place on thn team, the bent show
ing being madn by llayhylo. Col
lins and Wnlli r, forwards; Dun
lii, Hackward, Sturm and Wano,
guards, Fruman, Ills F.ukI'', Kent
and HiiKlctt, centers. Chllocco
claims the pronpectn for a winning
team better than ever beforo In
tho school's history.
rormer .Middleweight Mat Chain
plon Would Wrestle llen
'loung notch of Flint, Mich,, for
mer world s m ddlrfw-rlcht wrculllric
cnampinn woum Jiko to meet any
vrappler In tho southwest- This is
the information rocelved by Louie
Pallas, well known local sporting
man and proprietor of tho Arcade
llllllard narlor. In a loiter reeelvni
from tho former tllloholder. Young
tiuicii is especially i i niui or wreni.
ung in Tinsa or vicinity.
1 Oling OOtcll lost thn Mmmnlnn
shlji to John Kllonls, who ban never
neon cicroateil. Hlnen thnn fr,.t-i. t...
tw. 1....I. i . . : J
i.iu .i,i uiinc gmppier to securo a
return mutch havo boon unavailing.
Newkirk Legion Post
Has Basketball Teamt
Spoclttt tn Thr World.
1-u.x.a uirv. nvis. Tor, r
i lie .ewKirK post Ot thn Amertn.,
legion In now renrenented bv nn
tho best basketball team entries In
una portion of the Mate, having
ucirmeu leain.i rrotn both
l alrfux and Tonkawa. Thn
kirk pluyers arc Hellleu. Aney,
Lelghty, Jtyors, Hits, KlUott and
Tho post has elected nfrleer.
ensuing year as follows: K. V, La
Bess, commander: M. E. Anev. vlc
commander; C. M. Lolghty. odiu-
tantj Paul K Hellmard, vlco tidju
tant; Claud Knnnn, treasurer; Stan
ley Sharp, welfare officer; nr. ii r
Sehenck, chnplaln; and Walter
Albcrtl, . chairman general com-
The Most Delightful Musical Play Presented in Years
Dim XT
Hook by
(conco V.
Music by
II. C. llllllani
Mail Onlern for aeata till be nixvpted now and filled In the
order of their nvolpt (add 10 por cent for war tox nnd endow
stainH-d, ncir-aildrcjwcil fiivclopo). Address all mall orders In
Sinclair & Hastings, t-arc Quaker Drug Store.
PRICES: $3.00, $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00
Scats on Sulo Saturday, nt 9 A. Sf. nt Quaker Drue Store
Bring Your Lock Problems to Us
"PAY UP WEEK" Everybody It Doing It
107 South Main
Here January 18
j Principals Boxed
J r.. . ,
iu& uraw a row
Weeks Ago
Prcvioqs RIcctitiB of Light,
weights' One of Best Kvcr
Fought Here
Jack Lawler of Omaha and r,nt
Delmont of Memphin, crak lltk
wtlghta who battlnd a r -nsau;.';
12-round draw hire J frw w.",
ago, have been rematched f ir . ,'!
round bout hern January i, i,,v
ri.lli.linn .. .",C
Hit! Ac
, Dm rftif,
Is Irt n ),l.
.ttiiifiic fiun is mnging
mati'h. Thn scrap will b
eree s decision. This was
the in.
nniinreinpnr ini nitriti n f.i,.t..
boxing show nt Coriventlori h,ti'
Following tha Wlilrlwlnd b.ittl
Lawler nml Delmont. local run. ..'
thtlsluHts Immediately rlaunrcil for
a return match. Heeding thn a.
hIivh of tho fans Call.Vhn
the agreement for both boxen vu'
their malingers to return hcri) t
early date- January 18 wan the Urn
date agreeablo to both boys.
.no iinxtng contest in the it,
of Tulsa was harder fought or raor
nxrltlng than the provlous UtwKr.
Dolmont tilt. Action was emu-fl.j
In overy second of tho 12 roundi
and Iteferee Oruhnn's decision n.,
.with popular approval. Feeling tit
tno jz-rouna nintnncc is lniirloqug'j
for either boy to show superiorly
Promoter Callahan therefore prnvtd.
ed that tholr next mwtlni? he for
Fo"r National nnd Tlurxi Anierlran
Tritins Condition In Ixmc Star.
FOHT WOHTH, Texas, Jan. 8.-
Four National league and thr
American league b.isoball tnms will
have spring training nuartrni Is
exns. fMven cities arn nrenarlni
ncllltlcs for accommodattnir thi
nlnycrs nnd postseason gnmfs an
being arranged. Hranch Hlckey (,
tho St. Iottls Cardinals and C'minli
Mack of tho Philadelphia Athletics
are nt Orango today to schcduli
trames between ttiolr teams. Th
Cardinals will train at Orange, th
Athletics nt Utka Charlcn. La. rtoth
Mnck nnd Rickey will return tn their
homo stations this week. Dallai
will bo training quarters for Trls
Speaker's Cleveland Indians. whIU
Ty Cobb's Detroit Tigers will U
In quartern at Hot Wells, near Pan
Antonio. Tho Now York Giants alio
will train at San Antonio and thj
rioston Hraves go to Galveston, kid
nloason'H shattered Chicago Whlto
Sox crew will train at Waxahachie.
Tho SuLzarlan rovernmont In tak
ing onerxetlo stens to Increase the
production of, cotton in that country.
JAN. 11
One Year
New York
In Cldcueu
Phone Osage 22-8022

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