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cinct'UATioN nn rzijf- v
VOL. XV, No. 110.
n m i I TwlBi I J FINAl EDITION 1
,' AliTilL,. VTAfrK liJl
Trims State Budget'From
35 Millions to lV Mil
lions; Up to Solons .
Reduction in Price of Com
modities and Cost of La
bor Predicted
- Pnrkitmnn Democrat !
T. . laiKtnsoil, ULmucrui,
of Wagoner, Unseated in
House Because of Frauds
BrAMr V-rt t'rrra Stat Wire.
OKLAHOMA . CITV, Jan 17.--Itrlklng
a not of optimism rogartl
jlng reductions In prices of com
modities and labor for the oyxt
two yfure, Gfovornor Kobprtson In
his meM.ige lieforc the Oklahoma
legislature asked for u budget of ap
proximately $17,500,000 fori state
eipemli'uu-s for that tlnieA ,Ite
quests of all departments covered
In I ho buitgut hud amounted to
.bout 1331292,312. . .
The message nccompanylnc the
tudcet nys In part: ,
The appropriation made by the.
revrnth fegislature was approxi
mately J16.000.000. I am not cer
tain that my Judgment wlh rexpeet
tu the total estimate In thlx budget
can b successfully upheld, for tho
rtanon that If .prices for commo
dities and labor for tho next bl
ennlum am an high a tlujy have
been In the pant blennltini tho1 esti
mate will bo too low. 1 do not an
ticipate such a condition.
l'.HMib Dpflrieneli'n.'
"in this state the larujir part
ft our general revenue Is derived
from Indirect tHMitlon. The as
aeBtd valuation of all proprrty In
the tntc In nil valorem taxutlon for
the present fiscal year M $1,090,000.
00. The state levy for tho year.
Is, one-half mill. My best Judg
ment In that Cherts will bo de
liclenclet in practically nil tho stuto
institutions before the eiul of tjie
present ducal year. Thin doon not
mean that deficiencies exist-' now,
but it does mean that unless the
university. A. & M. college, hospital
for the Inrano and other institu
tion are given emergency appro
priations they will be compelled to
clone their di'iu or ' bo cured for
by deficiencies, which would be
created under existing ntato lawn.
"Ninety-four departments have
tubmltted requests to thin budget,
including inritllutionu. boards and
commlcBlonn." the mensago con
tinuM. "They have nil been cb
tbllheil by law and It is not no
much a 'question of whether they
fc nil necennary ns It In providing
for them so that tTtey run function
Prope'Hy. If It 1h the denlro of
the people to reduce expenditure.
It rtiould bo done In an orderly and
iyalemiillo mnnn..r."
Among tho totaln recommended In
the EOvernor'H hudect are;
KlHo of lleromtnendatlonN.
'TnlvciKlty of Oklahoma Thin
ytar had tC 17.2S5, naked 3,.MI9,000
hext year, $1,576,000 SurceedlnB
)er; rei'ommended $773,500 next
Ttnr, 170,000 succeeding year.
"A. & M. " college Thin year,
I.01.S32; asked $1.0D2.000 next year,
recommended $645,000.
'Tnlverslty hospital Thin year,
4I26o,000i rjiked $980,000 next year,
aUST.OOO nucreedlng year; recom
'aended $176,000 each year.
.."Auditor's office This year $70,
500; afkeil $89,000 each of next two
Tears, recommended $42,100 each
"Attorney general's office This
far $01,500; nsked $118,350 next
JMr, $t S ,3 50 siiecccdlug year,; rec
Jimondvd $72,900 next yeur, $57,
i0 succeeding yean ,
"Corporation rommlsialnn Tlitn
mr $170,605; asked $19'.i.400 next
Tfar i"coiiiinpnflcl $107,050.
"Superintendent if publlo Instrnci
Hon -This year $33,000; linked $51,
W0; iccummeiided $28,000.
'Ooologlcal survey This year
"6.600. askeH $130,000; rccopi
Blended $32,000.
",laomu College for Women.
.hlckanna Thla year $174,000;
Ukfd $545,000 jiext year. $17.000
fsucceedlng year; recommended $9g,
"OO each year.
"Central State, Normal, i:dmmid-r
pis year $101,0110; asked $712,000
"t f.ir, $174,000 succeeding year;
recommended j06j)00 euch yeur.
Houlbeasterri Htatc Normal, Du
nt This year $165,000; asked
jbs ooo ext year, $182,000 hiic
ceding year; recommended $50,000
Tauhundle Stain Hrhool of grl
il' Ooodwoll This year, $30,
nsked $258,000 next year. $123..
1 ",cc'3t'dlng year; recommended
r,f;0 each year.
. 9klHhoma Mllltnty Academy.
Uartruore Asked for $368,000 next
;o,ooo succoedlnir ear; reti-
...... ..-imi-u ii,6uu each year.
'.filverslty Prenaratorv
ift ?wa"Thl" W 74,400; asked
,000 next year, $69,000 urcecd-
v.c?.r: "commended f 54,000 next
ar, $52,000 Succeeding yea' 1
ncnool of Mlnfcg at Wllburton
inis year 130 nna- nut,i nsnnnn
yf,i W00 succeeding year;
"commended 35000 each year.
' entral Hospital Ihsane, Norman
a. trvui IIVO.VUU UHOa IB II
-us year $408,000; asked $787
next year, $383,000 succeeding
recommended $253,000 each
, upercilosls Sanltorlum, Clin
li"rAkc, $240,000 next year,
in.ii . ""deeding year: recom
mnUed $60,000 each year.
Another Kent Jir U. O. I'.
iu 6 '"eommendatlon of tho eloc-
committee of tho housu of the
McCormick Beats
Reaper in Race
To Wife's Side
CHICAGO, Jan. 17 -Mr, lluv-.
lict H. McCormlck. wife of Cyrils
Hull McCormlrk, chairman of tho
hoard of directors of tin- Interna
tlonal IlnrvrMter enmpuny, db-d at
St. Luke's hospital here curly to
lay,, Her husband wns nt her
bedside nftcr a thrilling race
time frojn New ilork,
Mrs. Mc(ormrck liornmu ill
about two weeks ago and tinder
went nn operation. Sho wan ap
parently" on tint road tci"' I ecovory
when shn suffered a I elapse. Mr.
MeCormlck. yiiiii.h.nl gone to New
York on urgent business, wns sum
inoned. Itutlier than vnduru a 15
tnltiiito walth between trains at
Kort Wayne. Imt., Mr. Mrt'ormlck
took n Hpeclal train from tliat city,
rcnchliig Chle.iKo " minutes
nl",ntl of thn Veguiur train.
M MeCormlck had been' n
lender In the social and phllnn
throplc circles In Chicago .for
many yearn. Ileslde lied husband,
Mhe In survlvrd by two sons, Cyrus
MeCormlck, . Jr.. and (lordon Me
Cormlck, a student 'it 1'rliiceton.
Youiig Chicago Woman
Admits Taking Part in
. Fifty- Holdups.
. I
Until Two Months ago She
Fed Chickens and Milked
Cows; Finds Game Easy
CIIICAOO, Jan.' 17. Mm., llro
patru lltiruniuii, years old, who
until two montljn ago nad spent her
life in milking, cows, reeding chick
enn and helping run a farm near
Wfchlta .Fulls. Texas, tonight as
quoted by thu police ns coulenslng
that sho'was thu woman bandit who
had played tho leading part In 50
holdups In 60 dayf, many pt them
in the daytime, and who had been
nought by tho police for several
weoks. .
"A smile or a tear on a pretty
face wcro my chief weapons." ho
wnti quoted as saying, "but I also
carried u Ilttlo pearl handled re
volver for emergencies.'
Mrs. Hurtzmnn mild she waft mar
ried to Kurt JIurtrman two mouths
ngo und their left tho farm to como
to Chicago Vrlth him.
Mils health, railed, hn lot his lob,
bcTame too fond of whisky and then
felt' In with thlovcs." sho added.
"We decided to become bandlln.
"I acted us a lure. Kurt and I
would rent u room In u fashionable
resldencu district. 1 np-ollcd along
the street mid when 1 met a pros
perous looking person. I managed
to forco u tear. 1 told him I wan
lost and wanted to find n certain
address the number or tun room
wo imrt taken. When ho explained
that U was only a. doors dls-
tiwjt t brought forth the smjle and
generally he wotlld volunteer to ac
company mc.
"When'the numbfrr was reached,
I either persuaded him to enter with
me or brought forth the' pistol.
In either case I took him Intoho
room wbern Kurt took his money.
It was very uimplc. Sometimes we
held up flvo or six persons In a day.
ft miirfp ma wonder .why 1 spent 23
Ivrviru mi :1 farm, it Was SO bUHJ'."
Tim iiurizmniiH wcro iraucu i'j
tho police several weeks but always
evaded urront U"ntlf four detcftlves
waited for thenl nt u room they had
rented. Hurtitnan was held In Jhn
Jail tonight and Mrs. Uurtzman was
in jf detention Home.
Governor Lara of Tamau
lipas, Mex., to -Talk Oil
With Magnates
. Preparations, for tho reception
and entertainment of (ienerul Cefcr
Loiiez do Iiru. governor . vi,
nf Taiiia'ullrMS, Mexico,' nrfl
i...,uii. rixiitiotpit. Thn commit
..... nimo lilted to tako -charge of
the Jlcxlran representative Is com
posd of both bankers and oil men
and Includes 1J. Hoger Kemp,
ihalrman: I, r . urow. vico i-nnii-
man: Mayor T. D. i:v-ans. W. l.
Moffltt. A. W, Hurley. V. O. n.ick.
A It'll J. Nile, W. I.. 'I-ewls, John
J. McMaJian und 1-. 13. 55. Auronsoti.
Deflnllo ussurunco as iu mn uio
of do lira's vlMt to Tulsa Is ex
pected "by th", clulmbur of rom
,r. nnv tlnto. lAcrordlng to a
helegrum from tho' governor's sec-
rotary, received several ujj
ho was to reach Tulsa lmm'dlntely
after the inauguration t Texas now
governor. , ... .
It is probable thoro will be a
pul'llq reception for Tulsa oil men.
many of whom urn Interested In
Mexico from' nn oil man s vlow
nolnt. Tho governor controls the
Tntnplco oil .fields which me
among rtio most productive In tho
world, and over whlrh there has
been no small amount of difficulty
ijnd dhtpulo In yeirs past,
Jap Knvoy ltiaclicK IU'rlln.
HKHLINT Jat. )7 -Kiel Hlokl,
v.n r,.n!i n louin.ci fiauanciru am-
basrador. to Ourmany, arrived f n
Uerlln today
House Chairman Seeks
Reorganization of En
tire Service
Neleivos Time is Now at Hand
for Government to Award
Red Men Citizenship
Ircsent Manner of Conduct
ing Osage Affafrs is brand
ed as 'Almost Criminal'
WASI1INOTON. Jan. 17 Tim
fierce fight which wnged oxer the
Indian appropriation l i 1 1 Kutiirday
caused It to hn laid tinido today. Tho
measure will not ir taken up again
until Thursday during which time
it Is Hoped differences can be urn
posed. 'j-
Taklng advantage of the lull
Chalruiau Hnyder reported his bill
tu reorgunlzii the Indian service and
expedite the settlement 01 Indian
claims. The reorganization Is closely
bound up with the fight finyder
niado on the floor Suturday to bring
the Indian appropriation bill back lo
tno liiniun committee.
Snyder In his report quotes testi
mony of the report of tho necrctnry
of Interior in 1914 to sltow that
many Indians are ivudy for the lull
duties of citizenship. Tho Indian
bureau Is now fighting reorganiza
tion. Snyder churgvd duplication In
work, saying the Indian bureau
overlaps the national forest service,
the reclamation service and the pub
lic health service.
Make Onuses Cltloii'..
It Is Important that u law be en
acted making the Usago tribe citi
zens. Hnyder said.
" Tho supremo court of the stnto of
Oklahoma han already held that
members of the Osage tribe nre cit
izens of the United Htatc. but the
mutter has not bocu pnrncd upon by
the suprcmu court of tb- t'nltcd
States)," Ktiyder'n report w "Con
ferring citizenship does -fere
with the control of th. a tea
over tho tribal properu .em
bers) of thn tribe u'ld re as are
removed frnnm thor membi'ih of leu
than one-bulfndlnn Mood "
Dealing with thn reorganization
of the Indian bureuu the report
says; ,
Fundamental Changes Xcrdrtl.
"It Is reullzed by your. eomnilHcn
that there necessarily will bo sev
eral fundamental changes in the ott
crutlon und execution of tho laws
under the Indian bureau by reason'
of the enactment or this bin. uut
It will be cwdly understood by every
one that some time (and this seetns
to' ho the tlmo tho government mubt
put Itself In a poMtldn to reduce Us
responsibility to the Indian. And It
Is firmly bulloved by jour 'committee
utter nearly a yeur and a half spent
in Intensive Investigation tliut the
enactment of this bill will huvn the
effect of uutomutlcnlty mid annually
reducing tho government's responsi
bility to Indians who nre fully able
to excrclso citizenship. will uld
tho young Indian, malo or femulr,
when ho Is best rifted to bucomu u
citizen, to euro for himself, either
on Indian land or on thm public do
main or in any part of tho United
States. It will do away with the
parental 'control over the Indian
child. It has neon conclusively
shown that a very small percentage
of those who uru educated actually
break away from tho ties mid bus
been alsb' conclusively shown thut
those who return to tho tribes from
tho schools do very Ilttlo In the way
of Improving tribal conditions, und
tho system, us It now exists is simply
revolving und stops no where.
"Your committee In Its Judgment
believes this is the time to chungo
present conditions and go forward
in thu right direction,"
. lilg Sums I'lihl Usages.
Dealing with Osago condtlons as
rovealcd by the hearings held there
In Uie surly summer, tho report
said! .
"In the heurngM It wus disclosed
that, during the past few years, the
fiance tribe has been receiving what
seemed to Hie committee mbulous
sums of money fur beyond their
leqiilrementsiind beyond thn desire
of Bomo of them and ho your com
mltteo hns provided In this section
n tiroonsltlon for tho rur und re-
sponslbllty of theso ludlunn, und the
prospects are that th eamotint which
would bo received -w wiiiii iiuuur
the present law woulU.greatly In-iri-iisu
tind so the eomipltU'i' hns
thought It wise to prescribe methods
for the benelll oi tnesu inuiaus, ami i
yet leaving them, It Is believed In
tho best Judgment of tho committee,
i. sufficient amount of money to
properly care for their families and
eutlCUIQ ineir cmiurtin, i'uiihk uiu
present fiscal 'year each -of theso
Osages somu V.100 In number wll
receive not less than $10",000 cash,
In quarterly payments.
"It wdR disclosed that there wcro
families. Including as many as sev-
mi nereons. euch or wnom nrew tno
amount nbovo mentioned, ami the
imreut has tne rlgnt of tueaiispusai
of all this money.
"Your committee, alter careiui
TUI.SA, Jn. IT. Miilmum limnri.
turf minimum 11; north wlndt,
clotidr. '
OKUAllDMAi Tunday cloud, wsrmtr
In wt pnrtlnnt Vt'pdntaday umttlrd,
in ul.a l.ly rain; warmer lu el and south
AKKA.NHASi Tuaiday cloudfl Wdnf
day unltld. wanner.
Tulaa A4 club, Hotel Tula, U;U.
JZx-Governor Is
Denied Right to
Carry Revolver
9 "
Itev. Sidney .1. Cntt.
CommUsloneiH of I'nlm Uracil
county hao refused to consider tho
leqticst of Hi'V. Nldiioy J. Catt. ex
governor of riorlda, to bo given u
license to carry u revolver und to
be appointed n ltiiity sheriff, lie
told the commissioners thut ho had i
many enemies that tho feel of a '
"good shooting Iron ngalnst Ills
Irg "would have a soothing ffct."
British Labor Party In
vestigates "Fanciful Tale
By Greenwood
Purported Tralec Fight Scene
Found to. Have Been StaRCd
on Road Near' Dublin
LONDON, Jan. 17. A supplemen
tary report of the Irish inyestlgut
lug commission of ttyo labor party
whleli recently visited Ireland, was
issued thla evening by the labor
party. It states that'tho publication
ef tho testimony of one fitness be
fore the Investigating commission re-
nulled in a visit to his home by
armed men. who. not finding tho.
witness, proceded to damage tl,e fur-
nlturc. .
The supplenientary report chal-1
lenges tho u cull nicy of the govern
ment's account of the battle of Tia-
lee, drawing the conclusion thut tlul
battlo of Trulco Is a figment of tho
Imagination, nnd alleges that "there
is serious conflict between tno evi
dence gathered by the Toinmlsnloti
and the fanciful, highly colored
story of tho battlo of Traleo pre
sented lu tho house of common!) by
tho chlcr secretary.) ,
1 nknl a riiotograpli.
Th docu intuit cites whut It Inti
mates was a caso or tho deliberate
faking of photographs portraying u
battlo sccuo In order lo support ac
counts given in thu house of com
iiiqijtTha report sas the photograph-
in question has been sup
pressed, but it lecnupls how it pic
tured 'u wounded cadet und two ileud
Klnu Kclners lying In a road, und the
cudels taking Sinn Fein pilsoners
lu th ebnekgrnund, v
Tho report declares Ilia I this phd
igrnph appeared in many news
papers nnd was Variously declared
us u "plcturo from t)io Kerry front"
und "an lllustrutlon of the battlo ol
"What wo wlfch emphasized." says
tliii loport, "Is that this photograph
purports to hato been tuVen in
southwest 'Irejnnn." Attention Is then
called to'u photogrilph Included In
tho report showing" a Junction of two
rouds Jiibl butsldis "Dublin city. Tho
leport udds; .
No Hiicli Kccno at Tnilee.
, "It Is this exact spot, with the
addition of the people referred to
above, Which l)s nppearcd us u pic
ture of tho battlo of Tralee."
"There is no such sculio In thu
vicinity on tho 'battle ground.' We
do not Know who arranged ror the
liking of thn photograph nutsldo of
Dublin, but cull understand that this
publication would glo an ulr wf ver-
stmiiituiio lo tno story of un vn
coupter ns des'rlhed by Kir Hamar
tlieenwood, elder secretary for Ire-
IN Uti:i.AM All.M)ONi:i)
LONDON, Jan. 17. Since the sua.
pension of tho negotiations begun by
Father O Klanagull, there has been u
complete cessation of unofficial con
versations ror an Irish truce, und 11
Is not likely they will bo renewed
for nt least two mouths. During this
Interval tho authorities In it eland
Will be pi emitted to tighten up re
prcsslvu measures und prove thelr
tiillef that Ireland can In this man-
i-nen be restored to older, mid the ex
tremists I'onrnunilud,
Tho goVerninenC.vew'- is that no
body, entitled tu speak for the Klnu
Fein lias yet enmu ror word to ills
cuss matters with the government,
whoao uttiludu remains unchanged,
, Ilr. II A. Jereaen iwinounc-i the re
sumption tt Mm practk al ;(t New
Ault Wfi AUVV
LANGDON KILLED Hardings, Incognito, Spend
WITHOUT CAUSE! uls hlciev
Officer. Victim of Unpro
voked Attack by Jap,
U. S. Is Informed 1
Confesses He Shot First, but
Contends His Gun Acci
dentally DischarRcd
Await Official Japanese Kx
planatioin as Assurance It
Won't Happen Attain
Lnngdon's Slav Wife
Kills Herself After
Murder of Husband
1leutenaut Lull 'don's wife, whom
ho married under the Itusnlan
common law, committed suicide
by shooting herself when In
formd of Itugdon's death. Hlio
was tho widow of a Itusslun offi
cer who bud been killed by tho
bolshevlkl, .
WASHINC1TON, Jan. 17. Lieu-
tenant W. II. Lungdon. American
naval officer, who was shot und
killed by n Japanese sen ry t Vlml.
ivcxtok January tj, was me victim oi
nn unprovnxcu uiiiick, uinpaicnes
thn sfate department and to tho
navy' department today agreed.
Ikith nets nf dispatches were based
on stutcmenth elicited from tho fo
cused sentry by Uie loard of . In
vestigation und i'oyrt of Inquiry con
vened by (ho 'Japanese, government.
The sentry's state,:nonts were de
scribed as In agreement with the
ante-mortem story of tho affair by
I.leutonunt lingdon In that Uie sen
try was the first to fire, Tho sentry,
who previously had maintained that
thi American officer fired first, also
was reported nn having told tho
court of Inquiry tliav ho had dis
charged his rifle by accident.
Won't Itclux Inquiry.
The dispatches to the navy de
partment, Med by Admiral (Jlcaves,
conimaii(icr-iir-anie& nt tun Asiain
fleet, now en routo to Vludl7)stok
with an American naval court oflu
!' Tll
ommandiMl for er.urt-niurtlul by tho
Japaucsu uulliorltlcs, Whlo tho dis
patches received today were more
complete than any thut luuVpreyl
ously reached Washington nnd while
officials expressed gratification thut
uh agreement hod been reached as to
whut uctually" happened, no ten
dency wus displayed In official
olrctes t reaBX tho dctcnitinatlon to
investlgatn thu matter thoroughly,
and for that reason ABnlral (lleaveo
with his court of Inquiry will con
tinue on his way to tho Siberian
port. Htatn department officials
also continued to await n reply to
tho note sent tho Japanese giA'ern-
met, requesting un explanation or
tho Incident und assurances thut it
would not bo repented.
l.uiigdoii Used Light.
Tho slate ilepaitment VuK Inform
ed In Its dlspulrhcH that Kangdou,
who Is described as "a total ab
stainer," was returning to his ship
early on the morning of January A,
used a flashlight In order to pick
his way along un Ice-covered street
The sentry was on duty before the
lieadquartetH of thu JnpauuOse Kiev
until division,
"Tho final story und full admis
sion of the sentry's, tho nummary
of the report of investigating board
ns received by ,the -state department
amino, macio niter n iiiorougu in
terrogation by tho Japanese, hoard
of luvcstlgirtlon anil cou
an I ry. whs that thn sentry
post, run norohs thn Htreet three
times called out 'liult.' und
IJeutenaut l.aiigdou did not
ijUNTINL'Kli ON I'AOi; TlllllThr,..
Right to Confiscate
Itooze Car Is Upheld
,tV. S. High Court
supieme colli! of thu t'nltcd Htnten
today upheld the practice of sclz-v i ,.,.t,.(l , lut ,M)Htloii on tho Non
Irig and confiscating uiitomoblles' ,aK11,. ll(.k, m,iT,.nmi t.
which engage n the transporla- rm-liibers of tho Kansus legislature
lion of Ittinof In violation of tho llc. tonight.
. The case in which tho decision
was made nroso lu (leurgln.
J. W. Ooldsmilli, Jr.. sold un uu
tomobllti under a conditional con
tract, reserving title tiotll comple
tion of payments. Mquor wus
concealed In tho cur to avoid pay
ment of taxes thereon. It was dis
covered and the machine was con
fiscated by the government. On
appeal It was denied tbero was
any knowledge of (he alleged pur
pose for which the car wus uspd
nnd thut only the equities of thn
vendee could bn confiscated, bht
not thu car, tltlu of rvhlch wa In
the vendor. The district court of.
Georgia affirmed the Judgment of
thn irtal court In making Utc con-
fJucaUoH, '
aewre L,rvwtu
Make Trip From Marion n
an Ordinary Parlor Car
and Kscnped Crowds.
Final Plans for Simplcv In
auguration Approved by
Cl.i:VI.ANKI), Ohio, .lun. 17,
Travollng liuogiilto, President
elect Harding slipped Into Cleve
land today on personal business
and succeeded In making his way
about the downtown section for
several hours until recoRiilxed fy
utreet tiowds. .
Accompanied by MVs. Harding,
tho picldcnt-c1cct madn tho trip
from Marlon In mi ordinary parlor
car attached to a regular train.
Ho caietully had they laid their
plans to escape attention that they
go, away from the rnllwnystntlou
as quickly ns ordinary travelers
and tonlghtfinmo nf Iholr closest
friends heiT hail not leurned of
their presence.
Mr. und Mjs, Harding reached
Cleveland late III the afternoon
mid worn driven directly down
town lu u closed secret servlco au
tomobile. After u circuit of sivy
rial shops and nfflr.es they went'
to u hotel where they dined pri
vately and lemtilncd overnight.
They will leave for .Marlon early
tomorrow forenoon.
MAHION, 0,hlo, Jan. 17. Klnal
plans for tho nlipplo ceremony on
the east portico of the cupltol
wht''h will murk the Inauguration
of Warren (1. Harding as presi
dent of the United States, were
virtually approved todny ns the in
unit of u conference between the
presldent-eliiut and Klllott Woods,
superintendent nt tho capltol build
in and grounds.
Mr. Woods cunio to Marlon to
tell Mr. Harding formally thut tho
inaugural committees had acqui
esced to his proposals that the
east step nf thn capltol bo made
the scene of the event, rather tlmn
the si'iiato chamber, lie also
sought tho president-cleat's con
ncnt to the plan for the erection of
n small platform' on the east steps
from which tho Inaugural address
will bo delivered. It was' agreed
that tho platform would ho" built
but It would bo merely u small af
fair designed In assist President
elect Harding In making himself
heard. i -
Mr. Hunting today continued his
cabinet conferences preparatory
to Ills departure for Florida, but
whethor he wus able to reach a
conclusion In regard lo the several
pressing questions could not bo
Amihng the visitors were Frank
O. I.owdon, former govnrior of
Illinois, who it) reported to bo
supporting Charles (J. Duwes of
Chicago for secretary of the treas
ury; Will If. Huys, chairman of
the republican national commit
tee, spoken of for postmaster
genenfl, and Charles D. IIIlV'U of
.New York, mentioned for thd sec
retaryship of tho treasury.
Scleral 1'oiirlli 'liiK-4.t)klaliolilit Of
fices ItalMil In ltunk.
WAHIIINOTON, .lun. 17. llnsl
ucss has grown so large In 21 Okla
homa lourth class postofflcfM that
they have been raised to presldenllU
class, thu poiitofflcti ili pai tiu'int an
nounced today. Thdse poWflccs
and the raiarlcs tliuy will pay hero
after uret." Ciiney mid Hpnrks,
$1,300; Clmnuto, Colony, Cyril, (Into,
Oouduell, (Jould, Hllchcock, Jett.
I.oco, Maul too, Oukwood, I'ocushut,
lied oak und Klplny. $1,200: Head.
rick, Wiishlugton md Webbers Falls
al 100, Kellyvllle, $1,000
irougii m- '
Nonpartisan league is
Attacked; Milked
North Dakota
TOPKIvA, Kun.. Jan. 17. Wll
Ham linger, former attorney gen-
mil nt Virtli fl-,l,ilf. - ...I, ....
U'uiger ulturked the loagtio, do
nounct'd A. C. Townlcy, Its director,
wiio enmu to Kunsas recently for u
miimbiusblp rmnpalgn in this stale,
and culled upon business men und
farmers to oppose tho activities of
the orgnnlmtlon,
"Townloy, through the lease, has
milked Noith Dakota dry," ho told
the legislators, e
Ho concluded by challenging
Townley to debute the Issues, nnd
listened; "I do not believe ho wilt
dare neurit It."
tJinger said he wus not u member
of Hie league but worked In liar
pipny with the members at the be
ginning. His telallnns with thmu
were severed, lie said, ,'ts hu could
not stand (o s o tliem wreck tn in
Btituttoim of thu stiite,
laenury i nem
60-Year Search for
Missing Wife Near
End, Man Itelcives
17 II. II. (Ned) Poor of Hum
phrey, Ark., who lost track of his
wife In 1802, when he entered Hi"
Confederate army, and who has
never censed his search for her
for naily sixty yearn, has ap
pealed to Chief of Pollco W. U
linker here for iisnlnlnnco In lo
cating her, having rorclvod In
formation that she was lu thin
The message leerlved by thn
chief was most pathetic and, wus
acrompunled by u lellur nd
diessed to the mlssjng wlfo hero
lo write lo Poor.
Poor wins married In Claiborne
county. Tennessee, li( 18C1 mid
went to war In the following
year, according to Hie letter. Ills
wife's maiden nunin wus Mary
Frances Morris. If ullvo lite la
nearly 70 years old. Poor spg"
gestnd to thn chief that she may
have been married ugaln,
Bright Kuture Ahead, for
JJUHIQL'HH, rtvura neuu
of Reserve Board
i mmmm mm
Ana BusincsB With Foreigners
Must Be Extended, Harding
. Tells N. Y. Bankers
NEW YOfllf, Jan. 17. Ilolh lomr
term credits and Investments in
ISetropnun securities are called for
by the 'present situation to supple
ment ordinary banking activities In
effecting the economic and financial
rehabilitation of foreign countries,
florernor I larding, of thu federul re-
servo board declared In an uddrrss
hero runlght before n group meeting
of the Now York Btuto Hunkerx as
sociation. .
Hpeaklrrg on "working 'back to
normal,'' Governor Hit rTlhitj assorttd
that 'whatovi!." .Imsor of a crisis
there may havo beon'ls iiossod nnd
IIfat"uj'irlBht future 'is ulinnd' to bo-
attained' through hard and' Intelli
gent work. ,
Must Sell to Kuroier.
Production must conttnuo If the
uetuulry Is to prosper, the governor
fald, hut .surplus) production must
oo iiiauosoo or oj aa iq 10 lorcign
countries. Under present, condi
tions, ho coiirinuMl, many Countries
cannot pay lor goods in the' usual
manner mid "It Is necessary that we
should devlnn neey mcuus of fi
nancing our foreign trade.'" Cou
tlntialice of trade with Ktiropo Is
ut till. Oovi-rnor Harding declared,
And the maintenance of "thn trade
relationship of other countries with
I'Jutope," Is scurcaly less Important.
"Otherwise thcru will bu u con
stant tendency," 'the governor ex
plained, "towards the accumulation
hern of goods, principally ruw mate
rials, from those countries which
huvn been In the habit of celling to
Kurope, but which now, on account
of Kurope'if'luablltty to pay and
their own Inability to extend credit,
arc shipping to Jim Culled Ktutes, lu
order to sell for cash."
NmiI Long Term Credits.
KefcrrliiR to the unsettled ex
hungu situation, lic'ssld that "ill
he tueseiit circumstances, It would
bo vain to expect to flnnnco our ow-
ports to Kiiropo ny iiiuuiih oi snuri
lime li.iimers creuiin.-
"Tho war finance corporation has
sai revised," ho lidded, "mid sub
ject to the act creating it, it Is au
thorized lo extend ci edits In export
truitc-ncllons, but It Is evident thut
lew agencies must bo resorted to,
u order lo furnish Ktiropo with
long tlmo credit which Is so essontlal
for her rehabilitation mid for her
rontlnunnci) as a potential buyer lu
Die world's markets."
Foreign trade riuunclng compan
ies Incorporated under Ihn F.dge
act, are ulienily In operation under
ff.df.rnl MiinervlHlnn. Ooveriifir Hard
ing s.ild, and should their operations
nrnvii successful, the fnimatlou of
othuis In to bu expected.
Track Inspector Finds
Babe Dropped Off Train
i THXAItK'ANA, Ark,, Jan. 17, -Willie
making his rounds, Jnck
Kpence, Inspector of bridges for the
rit 1,ouIh outliwestern railroad at
Naples, Texas, yesterday found u
thiee-months old bubn, yelling lust
ily but unharmed, near tho water
Ilun of Hulphur river, Tho Infant
either fell or was thrown from a
passenger train. Spence said, ns I,
was fiiiind in a depression III the
mud which cushioned Its fall. Hi
)jns said hi) wu'lld adopt thu child,
funeral rllrertorr. S0 H, llaulilar Phone.
l. IUJ-K0O. Aiiibulaoca ef rvlct. Advt.
175.000 MEN
Senate and House Agree
on Maximum lor Amer
ica's Regular Army
Pershintf, Baker and Others
Advise Against Rcductioa
to Below 200,000 Men.
Japan Has Neither Power
Nor Desire to Fight Amer
ica, Saya Senator
gress voted today to limit tho tin of
thn regular urmy to 175,000 enhstad
Thn senato by ft vete of 41 to 31
net aside Its decision of last wk
to rcduoo tho army to 160,000' rnn
and tlitn. without a record vote,
adopt tho original Joint resolution of
Honator New, republican, Indiana,
directing tho .secretary mt wr to
stop recruiting until tho wr la dit
to 175,000 mtt,
Tho house, 14 mtnutea -Utsr.
adopted a Jqlnt resolution aponsorfd
by Chairman Kahn of Its military
hf fairs committee, also directing th
secretary of war to ceaso enlistment
until iinnro. aro not nioro than lTo
000 enlisted men in the. regular
army. Tho vote was USOtb. only
Representatives: Dee, Texan; Itlack
inon, Alabama, and Coady, Mary
land, democrats, and Cramston,
Michigan, republican, standlnr out
agulust tho reduction.
itcMolutlomi AlmoH idmtical.
The resolutions adopted by th
two houses aro almost idfntlcul In
their provisions, each Drovldlo tht
thu 175.000 limit shall' not prevn(
tho ro-cullstmont of men who have,
served one or mora enlistments lit
tho military service. The langutt
of the two measurss, howovor, dlfJ
fern somowhnt nnd either tho aenatt
or tho houso will send its resolution
to conference for rearrangement.
-'Action by tho Joint conference
coinmltteo of tho two houses la ex
pected to be taken speedily and tin
resultant measure sent to the presi
dent. i -
Tho action of tho two houses wni
taken against tho rcuomuieiidutfon
of wnr dennrtmpnt hrHitav-arut (Ian.
luul Pershing. HecrearvBAcer In
Appearing before tho senate mlrltary
affnlis commlttco advised" acalnsl
an- army of I enn than 350,000. men
after tho "present necessity of 'econ
omy had been realized." Xleneral
Pershing told tho samo commute v
that an army of 200,000 constituted 1
u safety margin.
M-iuuoni o AMen, ,
Tho vote In the mmU iHfie4 t
that several senators who last week
went on record is favoring an army
of ISO, 000 had changed about, plac
ing tneir support behind the 176,000
figure. -No reuaon for tho change
was announced, but some senators
said privately that they believed
'resident Wilson would sign a resolution-
placing the future army at
170.000 men but would not approve
a smaller number.
There was no party division In the
scnuto on the question and tho final
votes wcro taken after an all-day
buttle over the question of army
alio. This debate was enlivened by
il clash between Honator Thelan,
dompcrat, California, and Williams,
Democrat, Mississippi, over the ques
tion of Japancso aggression. Senator
l'helnn urged stronger garrisoning
of I'aclfln ports nnd Senator Wil
liams declared that Japan had
"neither power nor deslro to fight
this country over what may bo done
in California," regarding tho Japa
ncso question.
Discuss tho Isle of Van.
ftcforrlng to a suggestion by Sen.
utor l'helnn thut disposition of the
Inland of Yup with its cnblo com
munication was u delicate problem,
remaining for adjustment, .Senator
Williams declared Hint it wus not a
question which would Involvo Ameri
ca In war.
"Threo. fourths of tho senators
don't know where Yup Is," said Hen
ntor Wlllanis, "yet wn'rn going to
Yap for ft big army, nnd Yap against
the Japanese) and Yap aguinst
army of 150,000."
Partisan Debate In Ifonsr.
Called up unexpectedly, the Kahn
J resolution In the houso provoked
considerable debate on which repub
licans cnargco aecroinry linger lias
violated tho will of congrcsu In run
ning tho total army strength above
coNTiNuicn on rxaB iskiht.
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
SOS I'alaro Ulde. I'Uom 19t

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