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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, February 14, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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lti:l 'llll(, l.All.T ANII HUNIIAT. .
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Ifr l(inin. In AiKint" , 10,00
v.., n Ativan
" l-M".Ni5"l"o60 'Oil AM. uVl'A.ITMBNTrl .
Daily Biblical Quotation
..... 1 1.
I would have you withnu. ( iiritiiliK-" - ' r,,r-
V i. .12
n l.ntd, how l.nppv .llOUld w I'"
If uii could cast our car" in 1 !.
It wn from wlf could rent;
Ami feel at heart Hint Ctnr uliv-.
In perfect wisdom, perfect love,
In working for tho best. vtiMl'"
-nri: riNAii siurtnii.i:.
Of course tlm IlivlBll.li' forces behind the
(utc hospital 1111 would malm 11 final eflmt t
mm, their child. Tho (.1.1. ol.l gaum l bom
barding II... leglslntuio with ttlturniMH wu
sorted to. Probably several hundred such tclo
grams from vnrloun sections of tlm Mate i eaoh.d
,1,0 various leglsb.to.s. nt Dm entire number
probably not on.) but was suggested by ll... Invis
ible forces behind tbu measure.
Thero will bo mi .fort tuml" Hi Pl a r
..onMrtrnillon'm H.o l.opo tlmt I'rl-lny vol.- run
l, rpvrw.1. 11 will prove futllr. A lKlHl.itr
,ht will elmi.Ko hi. v'l unJor mich tlrcum
1..nrr tultlfl. l.l.i.M'lf ovni If Im not
deliberately brand l.lmHcIf with an UKly dUCHtlo,.
A Kit In wo .. no .....tier M tlm w-inln.
, rejoctlon ot this plero of porU-lmrro lelH
Utlon wilt bo HUHUlned by publlo ,en l.ne....
Thono who 1U.V0 uilvorntod It ino-l lul.l.i.t
,vo never hn.l it r..llowliiK of any ron- .lorol.lo
proportion-not vrn nn,o..K tlm c.-rvlc n.-n
( Silrrom.- n umro HU.,d,n,,o
federal wnlco to Icono tho proponed rtriwturo
t IK" rnto of rental w..h HtuttlfylnK to tho
UUC.,: kin, U and wo. nnl o.,.,e d to a
nionmnt-H .erlou. conUler,itlon t tho band, of
" Mato nuthor.tle.. Kor Hm hI..,..Io .. .
t ho federal government doe not do bu.L
i, turn wy; " "r ",llll",m, r"u!"m
a aLo It fedcrM a.l.n.nl.tratU.n I. Im
, 1, ent-a ohanKo that wn fondly -v will
"Zl a complrt- rever,.t of mo.t ot tlm ,-ri.o.
,"c" .nd promlwH "f "" nlI..IMrallo now.
-'i ".rVUX - m ..ato to.
rov do hon-Hul facllltlw a. a ort of en.eiKency
",dln tho completion ot tho fedoral honpltaK
practical atfpa ' l,,ul ll"pd' "Ul ' "
"a ... It I. tor ho.p..a. fae.lU.eH and no
Bppro,.r.atlon that will reu.ro year, to
U-nnHform Into honpltal faellltl?..
The talk that tho republican, aro iiKali st
, t.x..ervlco men I. baby talk pure and .l.nple.
iWbly bourbon IleutenantH anions tlm ex
icrvlco men believe that, but .ho real ex.Hold.eru
do not.
m:om.AS-iN tiih uHMtinuvric i-aiity.
It ,M not alway. been pohhII.Io for The
World to attreo with tho McAdoo men ot de-
c e5- . U ..oe. aBree with their contention
"ll tlm democratic party h.iouI.I be thmon.hly
,eorKnUed at tlm earlle.t moment.
Nor It thu Hubjeet oi.o that command, only
tl)(lntcreHl ot democrat.. The oltlzen.h.p n
. y .. a very deep .n.ere.t In tho welfare
f tho democratic party, or any m nor.ly party
,at po..e..e.tho potential..... of n Ulna to lead-
hl P The tact Hhould not ' " l,t
,at tl.o democratic party Im lh eeo.ul cho.co
e .ub.lcan. and vl.a ver.., -fhoretore .n.er
et in It ... even umoi.K ropublliun.. only
undary to their liitrrcai In tho republican parly.
Iteoruanlrntloii ot a mot thmoUKh-KoliiK
nature 1. necem-ary in order lo tako tlm do......
ratio party Jiuin that position whe.o It . eo...
h dercd a poHltlvo menaeo. Ii .mould be mado
Sblo ranctuu.y for dlwutlMlo.l ...depend
,t and rcpublivan.; and It -hould bo put in
nuch nhul- forlM ,"'U K" l0,Ul'"' "f ",0
Kovernmcnt will not be looked on a. a danger
U, bo avoided at all coU.
U thetio rciulrcment. nr.. to be met there
must bo rcorBautzulluu and ui.lly different
leadership a. well a. a new ,-.le of party
principal.. Kor nn election lo be won by a
purely ncKiillvo vote .Imply bornuo people
aro Kcnerally votluB to end .omethliiK and avoid
bomethlni.' rather than to l.CBln Bomethlm; or
affirm prlncliile. cnuiuialed. I. a lond.i.on ot
affulrti that Ih full o( peill.. That .ort ol thing
may lead to national con.oqur ihim of the gravest
That psycholoRy obtained tu an alarming
extent dnrlnK tho l.i.l camp.ilBii. If one Knew
tho number ot people who cast their vote while
vlewlni; Mr. Cox ulniply a. the roHlduary leuateo
ol Wllsoiil.iii. with tremeiidoim tear, rather than
looking wth un.iualltK'd iipprovnl on Mi. Hard
liiU and III. piopoHalH. the kimw ledtio would
probably .hock tho .enslbllt.le. ot tl.o publ.e.
Nor will It bo post. l.ie, within ronsun, lor
tho llardli.G adnilnlstriitlon to d nnjiluni;. no
matter how far short of popular hope u may
full, to urou.o any ronniilornblo loBret tlmt
AVH.onlsm wuh defeated. Tlim 1. likewise hi
mcntaUlc. Tho point wo neek .. n.nl.. m il,. u.e i.mi.o
crfttlo party must reassert na uueime national.
ma a nil piit of flier, in (!.arKi In keeping with
I'. nnnrrtioti. before It tmi hope to tni.ko nn ef
fe.tlve appeal (i. tlm country. It would Im the
i.tmo.l folly to liellevn Unit the deniorratle party
It or Mint IIh UNcfultiM.. to tlm rrptlbllu I.
ot nil end. It 1. nedled and there I. a Kenulrm
work for It lo perforin, but It mii.t prepure It
"elf for that work.
Hy iji'ttliiK l.nek to Hi. ni.elei.t mooring.,
fuelnif Itrelf of tlm limt vntlK'. of Intnrnntioiml
Mm. .oeliill.m, a nil, w ny It with pain but
i. eri.Hlly reiiire. thai It bo .aid, botiilmvl.m
ii. well, it cm, niviiln (ncnpy Iti trndltlonnl po
"lll'.n iih n coiintltiillOnnl party of iWondnry
Imporlaru ii with nn always een ehanre of uc-
l em)
f cfpiirin what wo hnro .nld, when iipiillrd
lo the mtiiiiiin,,, lmpll'K Hint Mr. MrA.loo and
l.l frlnil. nn. not tho on.'M to ioorii.nlri the
party utilemi Mr. MoA.loo unit III. friend, havn
llieiii.elven iimlotKonf n very thoroiiKh political
f itiitTAiu.i: mh. i,ocki:.
The irulKoiUlon of Vkti.r l.ockn Irom tlm
IfKl.lntiiro bieiiiino n i which ho wua In -terefilotl
met di.fent cvlnee. an IrrllnbleimM ol
.n.per and n lark of .ounil JudKnmnt.
Itepie.eiilnllvo Ijckii III., benn tlm Hubjeet of
. much favornbln publicity ulncn Im entered
I ho l.tKl.laliir.. that the publlo hnd a perfect
ilBht In enpeit a mote Imlanreil JtidKinent thnn
Im linn ovlncml In reMlRnlni; .Imply bemuse, till
IdeiiK eoiihl not prcinll.
Iniivllnbly nie reminded of tlm Irnto milt,
.erllier eniKellnir hi. .uli.'.cilptloii In tho fond
belief that tho paper will thereby bo forced to
Hii.penil. lievnr much Major l.otko may
have (traced the lower hou.o by hi. puleliratu.l
hinun charniH, nnd reBnrdle.i. of tho wllllnitneH.
of the public lo havo him reprecent a county
of tho Hovcrlcn htatH n. n worthy repremmta
llve, hh pie.enco I. no more vital to tlm per
petuity of free, nnd Independent Koverriment In
Oklahoma than that of nny other man.
What wo mean to .ay I. that Oklahoma w;ll
mirvlvn the .hock of hi. ra.h decl.lon, even It
Im make. hi. de.ertlon flnnl. And, wo perMnt
In bellovlnc, It will oelehrato tlm event whloh
raUKed that ra.h ilenl.lon. I'o, It I. about tlm
flr.t Intimation I ho publlo of tho ntutn hn. had
that n leKlutaturo can remain unmoved In the
face of n pernicious lohhy; Hin firm publlo
ilemonMrallon that them I. a political party
Hint refuse, absolutely to bow to chiF. repro
.entatlon. If n mere fnctlon of tho ntnte of Oklahoma
can force a lecl.lnturo to enact Igelslutlon re
K.irdleH. of Itn merltn .Imply l.ucitu.n Hint fnc
tlon pretend, to bo orKanired and claim, jtrent
voting .trenitth, then t Ii o sooner that fna In
known tho belter. If nny nuch faction, rofUHc.l
lt nb.uril dern.wiilH, hn. It within tH power to
liunl.h men who cournftonu.sly ..and for tho
correct conreplloiiH of Boverumcnt and the true
InteroHt. of tlm ulnte, then tho sooner that fact
I. demon. (rated tlm better.
Tho World In.l.tn that tho lower .hou.o In
rejecting the m.ldler hospital bill earned the
(trntltudo of tho rltlr.enshop of tho Mute.
tlm ennt dntermlno whether or not wo are
rliiht. And wo boldly eipre.. tlm hope tlml
(he lower hou.o will do precisely the name
tiling (o tho .Into wnrehotiRo bill.
Aiiotrr i'i,AYi(j fjoi.r.
We haven't a thlnR In tho world njrnln.t (tolf
or n Kolf player. While wo havo never mwuiir
n club or teed n bull, we nrsumn tho iramo 1. nil
Hint If. orncUed up to bo. Wo nro not hub
pluloun nnd wo nro not Hcared, but wo do whh
1,'nclo Warren would lay off itolf.
Not that wo want him to deny himself alto
Bcthcr; not n bit of il. Wo want tho ninu to
havo hi. llttlo film,' nnd tako .uch plea.ure hh
he inny nloiiK tho presidential way. for wn havo
u .u.plelon that tho ttolng- lH likely to beromo
rouKh nny moment. Hut w0 do find ourselves
a bit regretful Hint he should .irnde his lovo tor
thn (tame so freely.
A burnt child doe. dread tho fire. Why
sluldn'l ho? Answer (hat uuestloiif This
country has hnd nt least a coupln of nolf-plnylnc
presidents. A Kcntlemun'. disinclination to
mention unnies In connection with an uely sub
ject Rives us pause. Wo .Imply observe that
the country has had two coir-pluylnir prc.ldonts,
lenvlni; our reader, a sort of piunlo lo fliturc
out who It I. wo nro looking at.
I'ju.liiK I. uir enotiKh lo permit them to make
nn accurate cues., wo a.k. In't our prejudice
nitalnBt a Kolf-plnylriK president Justified? it
In, of course. We do not charcn that Mr. Hard
lim'. penchant for Kolf Is necessailly daiiKetou.
In itself. Wo are not fearful that It Is; wo are
ii.oi ely rarcf. il.
Therefore we urco iiKnln that ho nt 'least
divide his Inteirst between self nnd somo other
pood Knme tiildlewinkH or tennis or even that
Bond old iiinnly sport, poker.
Iteenu.io If tho worst comes to the worst the
country is definitely Bolnu off B.if.piainK
presldont. and may decide, lo prohibit tho Kiimo
"CopMlitlit. I ft -1 . by KtUar A Oue.t)
liierc1. no lllae huMi that's richer than tlm
one beside my door.
And the patch of sky above it U (he natch
I hiinKor for;
Oh. l'o .eon some uorseou. blossom, mid
I've caUKhl (heir fraitrnnco fine.
Hut or all the lllnc. Krowlnir. there in only
one that', mine.
There', an elm tree that I'm fond of. nnd
it Isn't much to see,
itut the humblest of Its branches seems to
mean a lot to me;
lt' (he one tree that I lone for. when I'm
culled upon to roam.
Though thn world Ih rich with elm tree.
thcie Is only ono at home.
The world U filled with children, but of till
It. ineiry crew
I humier for the laughter of a certain little
If. for (hem ih.it 1 nm livlnB, If. for (hem
I often pine.
I'or Un-re aro nn others better that ran take
the place of mine.
Uh.it hn. .hoiked tho bourbon, and their
( friend. Hi the proof that there in a polititnl or
(t-ii.imtion in the ulnte Hint will keep thn falih.
The rej.ublli nn. wero elerted to tlm leKlnlaturc
for the exire purpo.fi of cunrdlmt tho tren..
dry nitaln.t uriju.t rnl.l. and turning tlm llithl
on pa.t ciookedrie... Iloth off lee. they are per
forming with dllllKHice nnd .ll.pntr.li. It I. n
.liorklrur experience for the men who have been
mnkfriK nn Illicit tlvlriK off the tnjpayer., but
no man nrcd f,.r that irh ncrvlec 1. not np
predated iiil will not be nmply rnwanled It
I. Mm flrxt lep toward, n b(ii(c Bovernineni by
(he people, for the peopln and of the people'
KoiiK'thlriB Oklnhoiim hn. never had.
Tho Humble plpo-llno rompnnv of Texas
Ih a eh.wty concern. HtepplriB right out In the
open i,ml advancing tho prion of crude when
nil otlmr purchasers nrn reducing the price
.how h a nerve Hint Is commendable whatever
mny Im nald concerning Its Judgment.
Tlmio are runny thing, thnt tinmen iliuler
Hlnri.llng. Kor InMmiip, to hear n professed
aifmlror and student of Mnroln nnd hi. time,
even Intimate thnt the present Lend of tho gov
eminent flppronehcH tho Lincoln Ktnndartl. Hid
Ing hor.ow going n opposite direction. I. nn
easy tn.k rompnred lo that,
Jlut nfler n tate board of censor, hn. been
created lo bo payed for by tho taxpayer., who
It going lo censor tho censors? Do you think
any board that could be Relented would give
general satisfaction in (.electing husband, and
wive, for thn vnrlous contestant.?
Keport Is thnt Mr. Wood, hn or the stale
highway ilopartmorK, can expeut somedilng to
happen to him dining the week. And of course
It will bo cnused by "partisan character iissa..
After whnl happened to tho hospital bill the
pork barrel brigade Ii not feeling any too cocky
about II. other llttlo schemes.
Holenllsl.t report that tho mountain, of Can
ferula are slowly moving north. Can the bane
fill effect, of prohibition b longer doubted?
Kgg. nro dropping. Hoon they will be so
ohenp thnt nobody will want to eat them.
Oklahoma Outbursts
llr Oil. l.orlon.
( ontrlbutlon. to Public ll.irometer show.
Hint woiunn continued to bo the ruling lavorito
at thu rnto of about flvo to one.
Mr. loitn la considering Holdcnvllle as a
desirable location for n shoe store. Thnt'H nut
Hub two and two together.
Having given up men of mature year. a. n
hopeles. subject, a Muskogo woman's organi
zation Is now concerning Itself with what to do
with thu adolescent boy.
The girl on South Muln s.iy. If slin him no
belter luck today than she had on Valentine',
hint unnlversary, the ground hog rnn start fill
rillment of his prophesy right nwny so far a.
she I. concerned,
Thnt girl who expected a communication
from tho spiritualist who suicided Home day. ago
to test IiIh theory, report, wire trouble.
Speaking of men who make n succesM In
new line, of endeavor, there In lloraco IluKan
who mado n thentrlcnl hit In u role In "Nolhlng
hut the truth" a few night, ngo.
The reason why there I. no fool like nn old
fool, philosophize tho Dallas New., In becnuse
tho young fool InckH experience In foolishness.
"A monster off tho coast of liorlda" I. n
headline. And wo thought all the cabinet prob
nhllloilst. left Miami several day. ago.
The nenntor from Klmish ay If snub, and
disappointment, were ground, for registration
the iidmlnlxttntlon would havo hnd him out ol
tlm legislature a month ngo.
The MuskoRco fiiocnlx I. trying to butt In
on Tulsa theater problems, which remind, us
thnt wo saw a picture In n leading Muskogee
theater not long ago which no Tulsa manager
would permit Inside the corporate limits.
Barometer of Public Opinion
education for lllnrk nnd White.
VM.tor World: I nolo with upprovnl In this
morning'. "World" your editorial, "1.01 Juw
llco lie Done." It Is a splendid plea for a
worthy ciiiim" and 1 certainly hope that the
power, that be will tnko a hint and then tnke
Vim innv lie irulltv of pressing the wrong
button sohietimes. but you certainly pressed the
right button thl. tlmo and It something don't
hum. the fault is not yours, tho machinery Is
out of irder.
vi'.. ..ni..rtiii.d that your pica for financial
aid for 1-angnton milvcrlsty Is not because of
any m.eclal lovo mat you novo mr urn n .". ."ii
..,;.., i. ....nun of lustlce and rlghtoousne.s jou
believe that every Institution of learning should
at leat get thai wnicn il n noi.esuy eiuiueu i
ii urine to our mind this fact that not onU
Uing-tn university, but evei-j- Institution of
learning In tlilt !ate should receive fnr more
oonilderallon financially and otherwise than
thev are at present receiving. We should have
far mote liberal appropri.uionn rnr uie i.iain
i.mmen of our schoiilH (both white and black)
nn.l all ot our teacher, should be better paid
than they arc at pro.nt tnrougnoui inc enur.
4 .. . ..
We have te.ni.er. both black and white here
in litis city nod elsewhere In this state w how
wilary barely pay. meir room nun running ex
pense nnd yet they a. a rule work longer than
a nv other c'kiiM of people, after tolling all day
In Hie school tootn they are often busy far Into
he night preparing for the next dav's duties,
t.oog hour', work with barely living wage tends
only to one thing and thut I. discouragement.
nnd no person worKing unuer tne .ires.-, or urn
cotiragcment Is as efficient or capable as they
should bo.
And under the circumstances, If .. child Is
lot properly Instructed and does not progress In
Miiool oh they Hliould. the fault Is not In the
teacher. Today seven. eight, of the crime, com
mitted in our commonwealth I. committed In
cur young men and women les. than 30 year,
of ago and tomorrow It will bo the same thing
unlesM we overhaul and rebuild our educitlonal
system. The preacher, the minister of the
itospel can convert a properly trained mind with
lea. effort than he can the Ignorant nnd un
trained mind. In order to create u cltlzen.hli)
worth while, education and i Ighteousness must
go hand In hand, and anything ih.it hinders ihu
former handicaps the latter
Very truly yours,
i'ul.H.1. Keb c. I) 1." A I .MAN.
IC.iprrUM 1B2I!
The Promoter's Wife
Nell Has a .Month'. Vacation.
The nrmlHtlco had been signed.
r.oneri was delighted. Many
precious hours did ho anil his father
spend together, taking long walk.,
or sitting on the porch talking ot
what Ilobcrt should be when he
grew up. Onco I overheard his
rather tell him:
"Never think that money Is every
thing, my boy. It Is all right to
plan to bo a good business man, to
earn nnd havo your share of the
good things of life. Hut never do It
at tho expense of another. Selfish
ness, Indifference to others bring
sorrow In Its train always In some
way. 1 want my son to be respect
ed, honored, because he Is, honor
able." Tears filled my eyes ns I
heard, not so much because of the
word., as tho padncss of the tone.
"I want to bo like you father,"
had been the boy's answer.
"I pray you may never be like
me, I pray you mny be a far better
man thnn ever I have been. Some
day when you are older I shall tell
you n slory. When you arc old
enough to understand."
I crept quietly 'away. Was Nell
never to bo at peace? Was he al
ways to carry with him the knowl
edge that ho had nearly shared the
common rate of criminals because
he had done wrong?
Father and mother visited us dur
in Nell', vacation. They were de
lighted with our little home, and I
knew happier than when they
visited us In town. They knew very
little of what had happened, slmpiy
that Nell had lost most of hi. money,
and was starting over again. Nell
frankly told of his work with Fred
erick, of what ho hoped to do now
that the war was over.
"A simple life Is the best," father
said, us wu all sat in tho little liv
ing room nflur dinner. I am sure
you will he happier If you do not try
for loo (treat riches. They take
wings and fly nway as you have
seen. Love, a few friends, enough
to live comfortably, what more does
anyone need?"
It was so like dear father to talk
like that. He never proarhed. never
questioned. Hut when ho expressed
hlrmelf it was always In language
that disclosed I ho sweetness of his
nature. HI. simple theory of life.
We had made a few friends In our
new home. Nleo Intelligent peopu
about our own uge. We played
bridge with them occasionally and
once in a while one or the other
would give a little dinner. I culti
vated them more now than I had bo
fore. Nell would bo better for n
llttlo society, although he grumbl
ing!)' declared he wanted none of It.
Vet 1 noticed that when he and the
men talked men who wero tiylng
to make headway In business that
he brlghtoned up considerably, nnd
that he invariably talked io they
weru Interested.
"A few friends.'' father had said.
I knew ho was right. I must not al
low Neil to draw completely away
from human companfoslup.
Tomorrow Nell Pays thu last of
His Obligations.
Tho war wn over. How Noll and
other men who had worked as he
had lived through It I never shall
under.tunil. It was not only the sol
dier In tho treuche. who took his
.Ifo in hi. hand ready to give It
willingly If necessary. Hut men at
home, men who carried the finan
cial burden of the war. men who
supplied the wherewithal to fight,
and who could not for a moment
sleep at the pot.
Frederick Insisted that Nell take
a rest, but first Im called him Into
111. private office.
"How much have you saved,
I'V.rbes?" Nell told him. He was
dumbfounded. "How ever did you
do It?" he asked.
"IVe have lived very simply. Ilar
bnra ha. done all .Im could to help,
mr entire excuse, havo been cov
ered by 1100 a month thank, to
her ever slnco wo left Now York,
lite rest Is In a bank until t have
enough to clear up my Indebted
ness to Scott and others.
Frederick said nothing more Just
thenaneiit our finances, but In
sisted upon N'.il taking a month's
vacation. lie advised Maine or
Canada, somo entire change. Nell
said nothing, hut came m me witti
Us plan which wa. to simply May
it home nod "get acquainted with
his family."
"I of couive get full salary, so It
will mean saving If I remain here.
Then I am so tired I long Just for
you and the unlet ot home."
I agreed with him that It would
bo for the best. I was ns anxious
as he lo get our debts paid. More
perhaps as I hoped that were he
free hi. buoyant i-plrlts and happi
ness would return. He was old
far beyond h'. years, hi. boyishness
hn.l all disappeared. Ho had been
tried, had been burnt In tho tires,
md even though Im never again
would bo found wanting tho effect
li.td hi eo terrible upon him.
The Young Lady
Across the Way
Tvxas nirm I.ojm Ccriiinn (Incut.
Jilt KM UN, Feb. 12. Twenty-three
farmer boys from Texas and Kan
sas who cunie to Germany recently
on tho steamer West Arrow with a
con Jgnmetit of 74 2 milch cow. pre
sented to Germany by tho American
farmers, today wero given a recep
Hon by tho Bremen senate. They
will be guestH of the city until Fob
ruary It. when they are to Icavo for
a trip through Germany.
AtLu X.Ml nitn fi. vir..u i...
JL XlL 5M IAMI. Okhi. Feb. 13. Alleg-
lejKynil ..fllX m i"ib that while he was In army serv
ice UlUDMB mo
tt'prn Mnlnil Iw
The young lady acioss tho way , merchntit who
says her criticism of Mr. Gals-.Pie her but
worthy's novel. Is that they aro too Hudson of
I a.-Lt f ft' " w )
sexagenaran and why cant a young suit In the Ottawa county district
man and a girl bo Just good friends? I court for $50,000 against Markel.
Br Tti CtilrM Trlbuo I
Says Reduction in Liv
ing Cost Does Not
Warrant Cut
Special In Tlie World.
I'ONCA CITY, Fob. 15. With a
wnge reduction announced of 20 to
21 per rent by tho Mnrland Refin
ing company and tho Kmplre nefin
Iiib company nnd of 25 per cent' by
.1. C. Ibath, building contractor, who
Is putting up tho I'resbyterlan nnd
Methodist churches here, labor mat
ters nre rapidly coming to a head In
I'onca City. Ibach's reduction goes
Into effect Immediately nnd that ot
the two 'refineries on February IS.
Ibach anticipates no trouble getting
workmen. The announcement of the
refineries Includes carpenters, brick
layers and such like trades getting a
25 per rent cut. the same as Ibach'..
It is understood, too, Hint the lefln
ery reductions will eventually In
clude nil employes, clerical and me
chanical. The union trades organizations
havo announced through the local
press that they do not look favor
ably upon nny cut, particularly so
until such time ns there may be .1
sufficient nmount of work to guar
antee steady employment; they ninko
the additional claim that the nccessl
ties of life have not as yot fnllon
enough to substantiate a cut In labor
wnge.. Several weeks ago tho brick
layers announced that they would
accept no cut frotn their 1920 scale.
Common labor has been cut In
tli Ih locality to r.0 cent, an hour, nnd
farm labor all tho way rrom $30 to
$35 per month, board and room. Ths
101 ranch Is now paying $32.50 a
Orccim ICcgs Itedill Tor IftV.
nOSKHimO. Ore.. Feb. 13. Fresh
ranch eggs arc retailing nt 19 cents
n doen. the lowest price quoted In
this city ror many years. Whole
salers are receiving 1" cents a dozen.
.Mrs, .lay l FnriiMiortli Dies.
Hy AsiorUtM Prr Ktatt Wire.
Ml'KKOClHi:, Feb. 13 Mrs. Jay
P. Farnsworth, daughter of the late
Pleasant Porter, chief of tho Creek
Indians, died here today
Abe Martin
IIIIVCIIOIIS oi nts wile
.tnuvr. 'C II..-I..I n
conduct, n toro nt
Th' now room clerk ut th' O. K.
livery barn 1. heir apparent t a corn
klnC. A U'dmnn tin. n't nnvni. l.,I.u.
lives at Quapaw, W. J.
Ouaoaw ycstenlav fiir.ii
fled unless she's placln' confidence
in somrDutiay.
About Town and
in Hold Lobbies
Jennings I. paving tf
report brought to Ti. -1
-'"' arm k. t. Ilnmrj ( i
.MiiiK or jen. l t
Htreet I. tho lucky street . t M
This Is the first thoroughf, " ,s'.
city to bo paved and tl ,. "e
wero feeling rather '. hen, ';.""
when they sprend l!ie u i
among their friends her. '
The Horoscope
"Th Mar tnrllnii hut ilo nnl . ..
(Cpt. H21 br Mcctur. N.tX.Vy;
.iioiiiiar. lobninrv II. m-i
During the busy hou,s r i" , ,
threatening signs prca.i , "
and Neptune arc in "
rrom mornltiB until af.r. Minif,un
when Mercury 1. trong y
I It Is II limn ...I..- .lA -
-- ... ,,,.,, lIu. n.
Inn may bo sadly dlstorttj
dency being toward diprc
There is a menacing ru c
mntlers, strong InfhU"...
for tlm disintegration of
bodies, being npnarer.t.
I v.,.
f ' 1., '
New lender, in in,in0.. , .. .
will rise this year nnd one w,
natlonnl fame. n
Although this is (he da for l ,
ers. Venus nnd 1'rnnns arc
rising power nnd It Is wi-.- .0 .i",
meetings if romance Is to t cn
nged, 01J
Mercury, however, cl.e-. rt, k
to those who write lefer V,
mcswagc through the a. v
raphy of telepathy. ' '
Warning Is given tlu 0i .
not bo an auspicious year f - tu
Wages Mnre men will be ,,1..., ',,
Neptune encouraging romin, f,n,
nnd causing faults to be upr.
where they were olwcu.td Undt
previous rules of tho stars
Women nro to bo Kr,.
wooers, if the ccers nre t) , J
level, nnd will more nnd more Uu
thn Initiative In lovo nff.ilrs
Two eclipses or tho Sun 'nu (wo
of tho Moon, which will crmr
year nro Interpreted ns sin tpr f
April tho eellnso of tlm xr -.1.
1 will take plncc in the (.-. on ,
I cannte of Aries, is likely ' aL
I the tall of a king.
1 Farmers should expert the eorB
Hon or blighting of fruit ow.ng 1 ,
I planetary Influences that will be tt
, rertlvo In tho spring.
Persons whoo blrthdatc is Iur.f
tho augury of travel. An .n..
year will bring temptation lo wate
too much tlmo In pleasure.
Children born on this dav trt
llkoly to bo thoughtrul nnd tUM
ous. Theso fcubjects of Aquar,u
often nre fond of odd pursuits a j
may be Inclined toward psychic
vestlgatlons. They will bo su (ss.
ful in life.
Benny's Notebook
11c 1110 suppir yestiiiuj being
I stake under onions, nnd pop sed to
ma, O by tho way, mother let m?
, have n handle, I. vvunt to go down
..... , . . , ....
1110 roiicr.
C. pop, are you going to look for
bcrglers? I sed, and pop sod I nm
going to reed the gas meter one of
tho men clown nt tho office 1i.ul a
thing today to show how to reed
your own gas meter nnd herraftrr
Im going to attend to thnt myself
lusted of lowing it Intirely 10
strango gas men. and possibly after
this tho gas bills wont be to 11
Wy Wlllyum, you cant reed the
meter, how redlcklllss, sed ma ati
pop sed, I fnlc to mu your point
unless you meen to Imply that you
hitshlnil Is Inrerior in Inlcltctk to
u. ordnerry gns man.
Cerleny not. only I dont soo J
you should allood to gas men ai
ordnerry Im sure somo ot tho civ
men that como crround hecr seem
to bo very brlto, sed mu, and pop
sed, A gns man has as much clianct
or nt leest ns mutch rite, to be pre'
Idont as cnybody ells nnd I havo no
doubt they nro a fine body of men
and In fact I wouldent consider It
eny ixaggerntlon to refer to thorn
u. gas gentlemen.
And he went down the celler unh
the candle lit mid came bai k with
out, saying, Well thats a fine kettlr
of fish, that Is, according to that
meter our next bill will be 30 and
I wont pay It, Hints all, 1 wont pay
It, somethings rong with that meter
nnd I for ono wont abide by Its
Judgment, J30, $30, Its perpostcrouj.
1 im impossible, Wlllyum. 1' cam
.say eny sutch a thing, ned ma ana
pop sed. Hut you Jest herd my rc
J port lu the matter, do you still wish
to insist that the uverldge gas nun
tins more branes than I have and
I ma sed, Certeny not. coodnlss grjv
shlss, and pop svd, Then wy is 1
Impossible? and ma sed, Ilera.ise
tho gas man that brings to bill
was hcer today and the bill is ony
I. there eny law of man or 1 a -n
that pervented you frum tilling m
so betor I went down the , idler
sed pop. And ho started reed
tho paper mnd. nnd ma sta' "d
darn holes out of socks and 1 warteJ
to do my lesslns ngenst o "
.Movie Concern Will Pn-crvc I'rov
I out-Day Happening- for Future
1 ;'iicrniloiis.
1 Sprdil to The World
PKItltV. Feb. 13.- A lorn re ''ton
picture company Is film. tig . n"
clpal events and activities f "
rounding toitlins. The . I.a
commerce will use the films
Perry throughout the laod
ricuitiirul iirtivitlef. and
farm machinery In n t
municipal service plants w
a large part of the film '
activity and the si hool w
also be a part of the show n r
The company proposes '
c.ll ..I'pnlM nf Ihp entire 0
- of
i n
whether public or private 1 M
this manner more nearK' t- 1 ia
Important people and cvn ) n- '1
1 events for either put. 1
exhibitions. J. .1. Lane h.-. 1
company, predicts the da
lor gatherings will be rr"
u'lth mroliin ttlrtnrr.q of Il.lft) I
He events and personal tra" ' r'"''
historic neighborhood rj ' '
If- ....... I. ....II Un ,,r'
I'll". II" Min Ik ' - ,
testing to see oneself a. a
'action after reaching m.Uir''
.1.- ... ...,l n.ir
11. o i.ui.r.. Bi'i.i'iiiiiuiip . r .
of seeing their parents wn "
parent, were youngsters
Ii.-llin 11 ,unpr.... fn
Touring parties and deleg-i 3 '
conventions will club tog- '
films and hnve copies ror
lino after all convention"
they may recall such even J
I their own machines.

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