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VOL. XV, NO. 153.
f- " " eL
Disarmament Meeting Recommended
Holds 'Closed Door' Con
ferences on Topics
'Not, for Public'
Opposition to Hill Springs
t'p; Point Made It Cannot
He Passed This Session
Proposal Made That U.S. Tell
Tokio It Is Ready to Pro- 1
tect Pacific Interests - 1
VSlllX(iTOV, Mn rcli I. ly
unanimous Mite. 58 senators
answering roll cull, t In; .sennit; In
iiIkIiI attached at mi iiiiK'inliiH'iit
In llir til) x ii 1 appropriations Mil, a
sect Inn nilling upon the president.
In cull n eoiiferrnet' iif the Culled
States, .Iiipiin, mid (irrat llrlliiln,
to consider niivnl disarmament.
Tlic proposition originally prc
M'tilctl hy Soimlor Iloruli, roptibll
Kin, Idaho, mum iqt beforo llic
senate iimlrr unanimous consent
agreement, by Senator Ktlgc, re
publican. Now Jersey, nml tho
Mite mis taken upon his amend
mi'tit. The n(o was Inknn nflcr sown
hours of ilchato w 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 included
nil PtUCtlllVO M-'SIOII Hi Mlllt'll
ferrlcu affairs, particularly In
referenco in Japan, neni lb-
I'UMCtl. '
ll-'I Ii.. alnl Vrtar.
WASHINGTON. March 1. The
i' nai.- frankly discussed relations be
tr. n the rutted States nnil Japan
f"r two hours lato today liMihul
t Ir.sr d l,.,)rs. hut tho situation us
pres. nti'il hy ropuhllcan lenders
f.ui. i t.i shako opposition to th
na.il appropriation bill.
A'ti i tho doors wore opened, Scn
at"i I'.nr.ili, republican, Idaho, and
nth, r lcvMleri In tho fight against tho
bill ilnhred emphatically that tho
incisure in its present form .could
not lit. m .(! beforo vongrctis nd
lo'irnoil Tilday. Tho soniito then
uing Int.. a long night session with
ti imimlHi' hv Senator I'oltidexter
rc pulill. .m Washington. In charge
nf Hi" bill, th.it it would he hold In
cniitlnji.iis session until action had
been taken oho Way or another.
liodCe Presents New "JojK."
TIip mot ion for the $erret session
w.ik made 1 1 Senator Lodgo of Mas
w. lumen , the republican lender
bd ' h.iirnian of tho senato foreign
relations committee, -He suddenly
Inter, upied a long open debate on
i" bill hy expressing tho hopo tha,t
th measure would bo passed by thin
"tiKi'.-M, ami adding that thero worn
some "angles' of tho ntt.)stlon which
tmil.l not be discussed In public.
"inn the galleries had been
eiiii . .1. Senator Lodgo w.ih under
st'" '1 to have presented new infnr
iniuon regarding controversies bo
turr.n the fnitPd state and .lapan
.Hnr 111. i, 1 1 ... t .i...
.....v uu'i in.' i .iiiioriua
liiid law Dim of the rnatterH
' ' ' l('lP I,, nn .llnrtnDun.l ,inu .1...
il i nd of Van. mw wlit.'li
" h"'.N ii mandato. The fnlted
I i vlRornusly protested
bis mandate to tho emini-ll
1 of nutlQiiH and also
1 "" subject ui direct with
Koverninetit. Several
" 'K' reported to have ev
' 1 ' ' U.'w that the e.mlmvnrnv
, ' " -' 1,1 u the Island was rer-
' ' ' ,' " a serlQita and dull-
1 ' i""i'b "i In tho nea'r future.
. .,i",'.' "'' '",1Kf "as said to have
; ; " ';' snnat,. that in view of tho
"..v "iin .ujiiuii nn.i
. I'm. of tim United States In
, , lrs' tul" country should
it" navsl buMdliK? program.
1 1 1 1 ii. i , "" ,r,i ltl nav pin-
;,:;!'"' 'llr-bUlty of advising
ii u thu foiled States was
'"' til hnetld rvtlllin.... nf .1.1
' ' ' IM
tl'l. I.
ii, iiuii.iin
' "s interests in tlio I'a.-ific
"''' Kleet Harding nlso was
" " have been quoted as
in adequate may.
"tlllnms. democrat. Mis
1 " I'Aun TiiniTri:
poirr ot thi: plain pkopi.i:
fi'1R n m
u. iu y. in.
vVl'l'l h,V,'i,,lM,l.nv"M y"11 l' 'o "ml IK'T "America's Poet." You
is Hi. I... Kl".('.'.'' " npiM-iilh equally tn all classes of jicciplo. Ho
the .laniw Wlillcomh Itllry of unlay
i-vii.il i i)o Organ Iteiltiil by
regular program,
Everybody Invited--Admission FREE
-omo Knrlj Doors Open 7 1". M.
II JP Asuor KlPit l'rr MtalP W ,rf
OK.Mt I.OKl;. Manh 1. Oim
lloffniati, a tmvclliiK snlesmuti,
uiih shot and killed In a theater
at .Morris otnlclit by (lootKo Ward,
a well known Business man thire.
Moriinurr was sentfd in tle theiitrr
besldu Vard's wif' wJien Ward
entered. Wnlkllli; down the nlsle.
he took a stand directly in front
of Hoffman.
"You've ruined my home, but
you'll never break tip uuother
one," he said to Hoffman, necord
Iiir: to witnesses, and fired point
blank. The bullet wont tlirmiKh
llotfmnn'M heart and he died In
stantly. Ward then went out In search
of an officer and a tclcphopo mcs.
siibo was iscnt to Sheriff, I.on
Kultn nt' OkmulReo who Imme
diately went to Morris and placed
Ward under urrest.
To tho sheriff, ho mid:. "I'm
sorry J had to do It. but If I had
It to W over uk.iIn. I'd do tho
same tlWnK. I'm ready to pay tho
Tho shooting raused a panic in
tho theater and two women
fainted. According to tho officers
Ward hud warned his wife a few
minutes before not . be seen In
company with Hoffman. They de
clare that 1M Harlev, Mr Ward's
father, had told Ward that bin
daughter had been seen frequent
ly In .company with Hoffman.
:3 moreTabinet
places filled
Mellon, Hays and Fall
Officially Designated
for Portfolios
Labor Berth Alohe to Be Of
ficially Filled; llardinjr to
Give Statement Today
MAlllO.V, Ohio, March 1. Throe
more appointments to the cabinet
were definitely confirmed by President-elect
Harding tonight, leaving
only one cabinet selection still to be
formally given to tho public The
vacancy is in .the portfolio of labor,
and an announcement assigning that
Is expected tomorrow.
Tho three whose selections were
niadd known tonight nro Andrew AV.
Mellon, a Pittsburgh banker, to be
secretary of tho treasury; AVIll It.
Hays of Indiana, republican national
chairman, to bo postmaster general,
and Albert, It. Kail, United States'
senator from New Mexico, to bo sec
retary of tho intorlor.
No formal statement w.ih issued In
connection with the appointments,
but Mr. Harding Indicated that ho
might havo detailed observations to
mako when ho announced tomorrow
tho name of his secretary of labor.
Tho man tentatively selected for
tho labor position Is James .1. Uavis
of Pittsburgh, n former steel work
er, who In now.HUprenui dictator of
tho Loyal Order of Moose. There has
beon no evidence of a change, but
the activities of those who would
rather see James IJiiik an of Massa
chusetts, or T. V. O'Connor of New
York chosen, puts a last minute turn
tivor well within the range of possi
bility. Mr. Harding attended to many
matters of personal buslnetv), prep
aralory to his departure for Wash
ington, and completed Ills ln
auguial address, l.ato In tho flay
ho conferred with Major (leneral
Leonard Wood, who has bean se
lected foe governor-general of tlio
Philippines, and during tho evening
he accepted an invitation into mo
Knights Teniptar order at n cere-'
mony which brought to .Marlon i
many of the leading Masons of the
The meeting with (ieneral Wood
left the question of his accepting the1
island governorship more or ! ti in
doubt, although tho conriden. that
ha would do so was apparent anionic,
those close to Mr. Harding. An
acceptance would Involve nslirna-
.'i.NTINl'KIl lN I'Alli: TIltllTCKV
Miss Mnrlo fJardncr, prccoillng
. .
i Succeed in Kvnmnir Pnssn:
Which Had Them Sur
rounded in Woods
Machine HelonKing to Hristow
Jitney Driver Found Stuck
in Mud Toar Dcjiew
Cashier Sutton Hit on lleild
With Pistol by Thief as
Gang Left Hank
S.rlal tn The Wurlil. " I
Ml I. KAY, 6l0ii.. March 1. T'orthei
tn'cond time within a year the bank
of Mllfay whs held up and robbed 1
about noon Tuesday by threo till-
masked men who escaped In an auto )
with about fa0 In silver and cur-i
rency. Tho bank was held up last
summer by two men and a woman.
The car containing tho three men I
droio up In front of Hie jiank, two I
of tho bandits went Int. the bank, '
i and while one of them covered It.
Ci. Sutton, asslstnnt cashier, tho oth
jer iaked all the liionci In sight Into
la sacK which no nail. 1 As tlio roll
I bers started to leavo tile bank. Kilt
I ton lowered hN hnmls and one of tho
! robbers turned and knocked him to,
the floor with the butt of his kiiii. .
StaBKorlni: to his feet Sutton
walked to the phono and as the
ii.ni.ecTi njiutiiieii on lie iioiiiieu cell-
tral of tho robbery. The telephono
operator spread the news of the rob-
robbei-s spcoded off he notified cell
.cry over the country and In n
few minutes armed' posses wero
pursuit or the bandit car.
About S o'clock last night several
officers discovered a car stuck In
a mutlholc about u inllo north of He
new. As the officers approached
a man who was endeavoring to start
the car fled and although ho- vns
pursued he succeeded In escaping.
It was said that the car belonged to
a Jitney driver at Hristow. who was
known merely tis -.lack. ' ipo i
ouiceis wain mat car nnswereii tne ,
description of tho bandit car.
With Iho ,dlscovei y of tlio cur the
chase wan lenewed and about 9
o'clock two men were believed to bo
surrounded in n sinull uoo.Ih be.
tweell Deneiv nml llrnmric-lit Ttnl I
!,i1otl,,.?e,r".:!,,".V,r off1"'" ,,'";", ,"'he ii..ri biokei. Into her apartment.
ii r" T", "zjhr ."?" ."' "t con.'mueii i:
no iraco in mo pair count tic round.
Hut when they retilMicd to Ucnow
the officers discovered thiitwn men
had preceded them by half hour and
caught a west bound freight out of
town. It was said that tills tlair
caine Into town on a borrowed ride,
and tonight the man -who gavolhem
the rldo could not bo found. It Is
believed that if it was tlio bandits
who" boarded the train they will at
tempt to make their way out of tlio
state. Tho man whom officers ills
covered laboring with a car In a mud
hole and who fled at their approach
Is believed to be t lie other bandit. It
Is also believed that ho caught a
train after escaping from his f.rand.
I'd car.
Mllfay is In Creek county, about
IS miles west of Hristow on Iho
lYlsco ralroad. '
Condition Continues "Kvlrcniclj
'(.'raw," S.-MH lliillctlit of Ills !
nit iiiiiiuii u ifct-jn t-vriiwt live .imnipi
Clark, ileiiii.catlo leader of tho i
house, contiljues "extremely grave."
his physician. Dr. Jesse Hhnup, an
nounred toiilght. i
Mr. Clark had a slight rally late
n tin! afternoon and took some Mrf,. orthweln told the police that
liquid nourishment. Ur. Slump mild, her Jealousy at seeing .lejiler In tho
and iw consciniis. 1 he fmticr sieak-1 dressing room of a dan. or at tha
i rs pulse also was said to be rinrdeii cafe pre. Ipltated the quar
stronger tonight. rel th.it led to the shooting.
Te kram from all parts of the "Whuii lie saw that I saw him In
countiy were receved today Inqulr- f,re, " K.he said, "he canie-out. I
lug . to he denii.cr.,11,. leader's, waB ,.,., , ,,,, ,,,, Ulftt j he.
condition. Constant itnulrlcs were . n,..i v,..,i ,,. i. ...
tiiado throtlghout the day by col
leagues, republicans as well as demo
crats, and among thoin who called
was Iteprc sentallve Mann of Illinois,
inIhi. .is the republican leader of the.
house, opposed Mr. Clark for the
Tl l.HA. Msrfh I Maximum 7t: mini
mum 13. Miiitti uiml., clmr.
CKI.AII03.IA- Vwineslf prt rlbudr.
ci...u-r Ii. nnrlliwiMt portion, ThurscUy
pr'.bal'ly fslr. cuoltr.
AIIKASSAS: W'oilnmlsjr partly clnwly,
nniinuit rm. Tliurj.lay. unittlit,
..i.lr irnoith!t portion.
1(111 W I.IK A I, IIVIATS.
I ,t I' r Tula I. 1 I'
t n jj l.n'cn 'rv t urph um
j r r a k
l it v i:n Mi.i.-n.vo tonioht.
Il Ai.-.x'UU.I I'm K'l Wiro
. oki.a i n i.m a i-ity. mhi
aiivpH to,iy
lew ii 1 .mil
Ililin ss liansacteil In
b.nise of represent
)ii.ed mostlV of a lo.nl and
roiitinl. vjatiir-. Twenty-nix bills
were baiVd nil fliml roll tall.
No bills were Introduced.
A bill of Interest to ml
prodiu Iiik counties, is one passed
which 11 1 1 own counties of sub di
visions of counties to lease l.uid
f'r periunnent linpi ovements for
oil and Kits duvclopmcnt.
Aimmi! senate measures passed,
are bills proMdlnit that c)es of
cblldtcn shall be treated at lilitll
to ineveni blindness, that two ad
dlllonal district JuilRrt shall bo
allowed Tulsa county, and a Joint
resolution rrtttcnltiK to MeAlester,
)kla., title to iiiproxlmately 40
in res of In ml given to thu stale for
inllltary puriiosos.
The calendar of the house is
virtually lenr again of local bills,
Speaker Scbuulie announced to
night, and members now have be
fore them leglslitiou of state
wide Importance.
Tlie bill, creating two new
judgeships in Tulsa county car
ried mi emrgertry clause, which
makes It effective upon slgnaturo
b the goiernoi .
No repoit or the liouse inestl
giiting committee nor Hie coni
iniltee tiiiiolnted to preimro Itit
pcachnjont churgcH ngulust I.leu
lenant (lovernor M. II. Trapp, will
be filed before Monday, iiiemberii
of thu (.ompiittcn said tonlelit.
i n . , ... ,
ClllCagO Tll'O Mail SllOt to
r.w K A i i
ti?. n... i i
rllS oWeCineUru
Wine Glares Thrown Durinpr
Cafe Fight; Victim Gave
, Woman Gun She Used
rillt'AClO. March I. An inquest
Into the death of Herbert .Icgler,
automobile tire agenc.v manager, who
was Hhot .Jo dentil early today by
.Mrs. isauelie corn Orthwe in. after
dofliiitely Hftcr'a few witnesses had
neon lieiiril. Mrs. Orthweln timtlfled
that she shot III self defense after
Zlegler struck her, but admitted shu
was JealoiiH of lilm.
The Inquest brought out that Mrs.
Orthweln, foimcrly was tho wife of
Jack O'Connor, onco manuger of tho
St. Louis American league baseball
club, and that O'Connor untried
Orthweln, then part owm of tho
club, s corespondent when ho tll
vorcad her. Sho married Orthweln
and later they wore divorced,
Her Story llorim Oul.
The police .today said an Investi
gation of Mrs. Ortliweln's apartment
boio out her statements Unit .legler
had forced his vny in when sho re
fuse.it to sen lilm. ' The door was
splintered and bore shoo marks.
"Mr!. Orthweln tonight repeated
her story that she and Zleglcr quar
reled whim sho chanted him with
being untrue, and that when Hie
came, to iter npattmcnt she would
not let hhii In because he was In-
Zleglor is separated from hl wife, '
I..., ..., ....i.i . .. i i i .... I
turn to her nml hi.. 1fi.venr.olil
Kollowlng the Inquest pollre or-
. . . . ; ;
ll,'"t',t Ortliwctn booked on
barge of murder. She was taken to
a polli n detention houu, where she
spent the night.
Jealous of Dancer.
tliat ho was going around with other
women. Then he mvore at mo and
calli d me names.
" 'Herb, I said, 'you have made a
fool of mo. Now glvo me back in
Pin. I'm through with you."
My hwm wiw breaking when he
slowly linnded me back my pin a
single big pearl, set in a scarfpln and
given to mo by Mr. Orthweln before
my divorce, I thought I could boar
no mort."
Mrs. Orthweln said the pin cost
Wine manses Thrown,
"Wo got into an argument," she
continued. "Mr. .elgler finally
ilckeir up a wim glass ..ml threw
Its contents into my fa. e I picket
up Jin own g nN anil gave him a
i close of his own medicine Then he
got really mail and throw a bot'lo at i
CONTlNUi:i) OM PAUU TlllltThb.N' j
j Hasn't Raised h Dollar for,
Lobbyists, Chairman
bays in Message
ReftiHcs to Itcturn in Answer
to Subpoena; Glad to Tes
tify Later, He Says '
Who (lol, More Than $G00,000.
Set Aside for Capitol
Grounds? He Asknj
Hy ('. W. 11. IIINIiH
Werlil CapIIhI 0rri-inn.l'hl
The special InvcstigHtlnx; (ummittee
appointed 'by tho senato to usecr .
tain tf there had been mom y ihI.hiiI 1
for lobhvliig purpossn and wbii h
ruinois say was endeavotliig to . -i ,
riect Itioulillriin State Chalrm in
Jim Harris Willi hiuliiK sihiiiiiI i
inoney for loblnlng tiiirniiMi.M. Ini-.
lizard from tlio clmlrmati, who Is at
A subpoena bad hem Issued for
Mr. Harris and his name lias been
used in connection with securing
money for he purpose above-men
I woncii,
i The World correspondent ll.ln
'morning received a opv of a ti ie
'"'lam addressed to Senator ( liarles
j Mi i'herreii, cliiilrniau of the Inves
tlcntlnir cnmnilttee. together u.lli .
' .
j nu,hor ..' MlnJI... I
ti, it...-L ' ' i .V .I.. , 1
i .......
,r "HVIhb knoulilgo of MUih mom
being firocuied
It follows
"Clmrlm Mcl'herren. chairman
Senate committee on Investigation,
suite capltnl Oklahoma City, okla
"Am todtiv In receipt iff your sub
poena to nppr,ir before Senate com
mittee Krom press reports and
rumors 1 understand that 1- would
be asked to give teitlmntiy with ref
erence to purported fund for oil
lobby. I know of no such funds
having been raised or the raising
or UNO nt nnv fund tn Influenco b j
islatlon of any form or character.
Impossible for nie to comply wlt'li
your siibpnriin mailed here H"W
ever, on mv return to Oklahoma I
will be glad to appear beforo your
committee without subpoena.
Suggests Other Inquiries.
"I suggest Hint In the meantime
you subpoena each and every iiuuii
ber of tho house and rcnaic, both
democrat and republican, and tisk
them to slate upon their oath
whether or not they have been ap
proached directly or Indirectly by
Jim Harris concerning any oil leg
islation at this or any other session
of tho Oklahnmn legislature.
"If your committee Is really de
sirous of making Investigations that
will bo of benefit and interest to
the taxpayers of Oklahoma, I would
suggest that you follow tho lend of
the house committee on investiga
tion and determine and Hilvisi tire
tnspnyers of the state what has be
comn of the JB0O,O0 to ISflO.OOO
appropriated for the improvement
of the capltol grounds and who got
the nionev ; why It was that Creek
more was pardoned and Tom Mc
Oee paroled: what departments
have l.eTi silling stumps to private
Individuals wOileli worn bought with
thy taxpavnrs inom.v; further ss to
the manipulation of state banks and
charters and all other Illegal and
Irregular transactions' known to e.x-
lHl ? '" ani1 committep
"' JlAllltlfl.
Ohu(c Extension Hill
Is Panned hi House
Hp'Hnl l. I In- '... I.I
AVA.SIHNt.TON, March I The
house today passes! wiuinut uoimto j
unci ny unanimous voie uie nnwiiru-
Owen bill extending tlie iisnge trust
lii-rind from April 7. Hill to April
7. lOIG. Tho bill was culled up by
Clinli man Snyder und wenv.thrnuKh
in a few minutes. Chairman Sny
der moved that tho bill be sent In
conference and this was done. Tho
scuttle bill already passu! extends
the trust period to April 7, 1966,
but leaders have agreed to accept
the house bill as piutied. The bill
makes the Osage subject to the
Oklahoma :i pir cent gross produc
tion lux A number of Osngcs sat In
the gallery as the bill passed.
Ilnt),s Queen. Ills Daughter, Will
Attend tlio J'i nil.
ANTIIIKS, I'rance, Manh
King Nicholas of .Montenegio
Hero today.
The quien of Italy, daughter of
No Ileitis' bus been adMsed of ibe
death of her LiUier n.l .,i 1
King lrtor Cminaniiil arn ixpec" 1
to como hern tt ho fUnera. 'f
data of tho funeral, however, Iri o.
yet buen tlxed,
Wider Read Than Riley Was,
Tulsa Minister Says of Guest
lH-6 flP il!S
-l 1
niMiAtt a
.. In n rill - rl nnsr-n. rn in n
Responsibility of Wreck, America's Poet Has Busy
Is Assumed by Koad's Day Ahead i'n Program
General Manager in Tulsa Visit
FiiKineer Lonur and Fireman
Hloek to He DismisHed at
Once From Service
-i- i
CHICArjo, March 1 Henry
Kchenrur, general manager of the
Michigan Central lines tonight an
nounced thit tim road's Investiga
tion had pronnl that tlio engineer
and flroman of tho Michigan Con
trol train wero to blamo for tho
wieck at Porter, Irtll., Htinduy night,
in which 37 porson.vcro killed.
Ills statement follows:
"in thu matter fif thu linfortiinato
collision at cronslng of Hie ,Vew
York Central and Michigan Centiiil
railroads ut Porter, lud . Honday.
Kebruary 27. Nw York I'enttiil
train No. l'., und Michigan Central
tialti No. 20:
"After careful Investi-atiim of tb
I facts with all lati n sie.l ernpbiyes
and couferenies with officials Just
! colllplirled. it litis been llelerinlnvil
that Ungliiecr W. S. Long and Klre
liiiin Oeorge K. IHnck, on ICtiKlne
308. irsln No, 20, vlnlatoil rules and
relctllutlons in fnlliii. tn nbserv nnil
J properly obey slgmil Imllciitlons, and
will b fortjiwlth (lismlMsoil f.roln thu
"(Ienral Manager.''
Mr. Srheari;i' stnteinetit supple
menletl one lssiiedciirllei in the day
' st NllC'tf. Mluh,, by an attorney fur
the road, which declined that the
engineer, William H. lng, and
fj,nr,, mock
the fireman, were
liiMmi lrss
The statement declared the engine
i rew hud NlolaW'it rules and regula
tions In ftt'liiig to observe mid irop
erly obey signal Indications
Tho distil list ii malm d at 37 to
IV a r Law?' Repeal lo
President for Action
WAKHI1TIn, Man Ii 1. -Congressional
anion was . ompletsd to
night on the resolution trivrepoal
house voting to, concur InVonat
nmendments. Tun incisure now goes
to the president
i irnri munis i n mcii,
NlaV VHK. Manh 1. -Unrlco
Caruso, tenor, who wan succisijifiiUy
operuteil upon lurly tmlay to rsllevH
hlrn of .t puss .i' .-iiriiiilation in the
on r '. i 1 1 . . v is i -aui'ttd
.nii;' ' ' ' be u tug very won "
r w c . nrh an I i! nnr
ot i I. Ufil- rn l)n Inn
Tueitltrf, Tliumdii', Baturtiiyi. Advt.
HoyvSay.H He Writes "Kind
of Stuff u Guy Can Under
stand"; Poem .Dedicated
9.30 a. in. Central high
school ussumltly,
II a. m. Unlvorelty of Tulsa
12:ir. Ouest of honor at no
tary club luncheon, Hotel Tulsa.
Afternoon, rldo about tho otty.
H : J 5 p. m. Convention halt.
oi'it "in;i:nT."
In rverr life, mi.l home jc.ii rind '
Tin icrowlli ut ocmiuun to..i.
Anil malif, Ilka Atrun's id. I. uuili kind
llu.l, tlua.uiii Mini lriMfc' (rull.
Yuu irmip tlin llilncn with which nun
'lei um hr Riiwt you t.rlnr,
on sunny IUi the Udn II v
Anil Jul tliy ulnic!
n.r.iuih iinprataiitloui tuneful ireirda
Vuur nmatary la uch,
Tlia tiutnsn ln.rf, meat rnmriion ohorJ
Muk niuals st yuur touch.
You tins X aiiiipla innlhtr'a vrrar
Tha sji. In hrr rlilinc-a
Out Is lova-llt unlvra
On your. (lull-no, an rhniM,
You ls the iiralll. of a child,
a. pott. Ktleur UHt,
Ami Iha una yuu alnn of. itmtafllaJ,
la iht on I hut wa v btwt.
t.iu I..... ih aourca ef all Um untld
that Ulaaa Hi. child of man
Ami In. vur vera thruuKli ilaart liillea
No avaa a earvn.
- t'lars I'avna NtM,
HO Huutli Dtlroll.
Ldgur A. Ouest, "th jiBet that all
.wiicricB, rtati," an ivsii in Tulsa i
from Oklahoma City tmrly this
morning with his parly of four. Mn. i
Oupst, who with hr son Uuddy, '
Joined him last week, his daughter)
Marjnrle, his nieeo Miss Murlon Wil
bur and Untidy Krom the time of 1
his arrivul Mr. fluest's time bids fair j
to lio filled with "personal nppeur
aneer," beginning wt tli hlgli school '
this morning ami eilmaxed loniglit .
by his pi osculation by Tho World ai '
Convention hall, when ho will give t
the thousands of hut readers in and
aBout Tulsa a late supply of slorlus I
and readings from his mat year's '
poem crop.
Visits Schools in ,Mtii'uluK.
Central high school students will
have the privilege of seeing and
heating the famous vi sc. miiK: :
first. tliiest is .ilwujs a meal t.i
in ite uilh S' Oil. ni . . ., um' k
pcopio III tei.iri! i i,. i. . o p.,
paring tor hH uia Hi n iipj i.o.
by special ntn n' n d ir n hoi,
room periods div ted -. i f rl
C O.NTIM I U UN 1 AjI il N
Koch Ha- but to Say Word
for Troops to Plunge
Into Cermany
Gorman Proposals. Don't Kvcn
Provide Unsi for Discus
sion, Claim in Paris
J Satwfatlion Also Expressed
I at Stand of Lloyd Gcoruc
t on Gcrmany'H Protests
lly Th " A"f Mini l'raa,
LONDON, .Mnrch 1. When tlio
' (.crmail delegates fnccil llm nlllcn
Inilny fur n final settlement of thu
l.eruiiiu Indemnity, n gulf Mils re
I M iilcil c'icii Mlilcr I linn any prc
' illiilons hint fnrccnsl.
llcrmitnl's coiiutcs- proposals
fell so short of Jln allied progrnni
Hint the llrlllslt irimu inlitlstcr
dccl in il; ' ''l(, f;,. i ninn gocru
iiicnt apiicars to Iiiim- a (simpleio
iiilsiiiiilcrsliinillng ir thi' realities
ni iho position," nml tersely ml.
Journcil 1 1 in (iinfcrc urn after Dr.
Simons, Um (.criiinii foreign sccrc
Car', I lit 1 1 tried to ntlMicalii I ho
reasonableness of (ici'iiiuuj'M jiro
liosals, Tho belief picialls In Um allied
ramps tonight that tlio iicgotailiins
lime codcil noil Hint Iho allies uro
tin tin of iictlon. 'I'hclr roply
Is expected in bo mi ultimatum,
clear ami Imperii! I w.
1 f
PAItlH. Man h 1 - Kvei jlhlng M
In icadltiess along that part of tho
Ithlnn held by tlio Krench foi-;i Jump
forward tit a few hours, notice-should
tlio occasion arise, tlio Associated
Picih wiih Informed In official clr
clcii tonight. Plans have been going
on several days In anticipation ((f
any action which might mako a for
ward movement necessary, and In
llm winds of a high official of tho
war office, ".Marshall Koch has but
In say tho wordt I
The Oermait counter iiroposals
created nothing short of ain'uzeiiient
In Krench otfjclal, diplomatic and
parliamentary circles. Advance In
rnrmatlnu reirardin; tho iiropidtlons
to bo submitted by Dr. Hlmiiits, tho
Herman foiclgu fnjiilster ,as received
In Paris, was to the effect that tlie
luoiiosiils wero morn iciisonabln and
might forpi the basis of dUctisulon.
Tho coin eiisus tonight, however, w.ta
that no dlscus-cUin was piistlbli.
llcnrH Out iVencli Slaiiil.
Krencli officials, Jiowover. cannot
hldo tho feeling of Satisfaction that
tho tioWnan tittlttiito should "show
that tho Kronch viewpoint has beep
correct from tho first," that (iw
inatiy waM uiiwIIIIiib to face tho re
BPouslbllltlcH and also provotn Great
Ilrltulti and tho rost of tho allied
and neutral world that "tjermany
will imileVtakn nothlnu but tho ap
plication of force, uiiil that It In use
less to deal with Clutiany In a spirit
of Justlco and fairness."
Popular feeling Is creatly aroused,
and tho opinion Is expressed that
Kranco has waited long enough, and
that tho movement nf troops Into iho
Interior of (.lermany would meet
with smaller opposition fhim thu
opponents of tho government now
than atiny other lime, owing to tin.
fact that thu government has the
communist Hlluattnn well in hand
the leniliyn either havln boon uent
to Jail ortrllencotl.
fJolld Ilclilinl Hi laud,
A dirluty who voted against Pie
inlor ilrlKttd on the Pario conference
decision Informed the Aswncluted
ProsM today that stiould M. llrmiid
rotit.'n to Paris tomorrow and nslc
Din chamber to ratify tho prnalib j
Uucldud upon lis would recehe a
ViUh of iiinra than Coo. only the so
tilitlisu and ciimmunlstM voting
ngutnat him.
KHtlsfiicthiri in also expicHscd at
the British nrlllie mlnlsterV i.m.
(lude. which U m'cntloned lit off i. ml
uispatchea as 'sliowlng t(.(.p ,.
inent" toward the Oei rhans ... "
their uncoinpromisinv; count. . . .
puss Is. If forcible coercion be.
nwnmry offli.lalu here fii ih.u
will have tlio moral suppoit o' , I
the .illlrd countries, aa well .
I'lilted Htiiles. In the ubwe 'f
Prsmier Ilrland ami u n- .Mm r
liaiilinou. It la not ixpecte.i thu m
order tu go fmwird would com. : .
foie tomorrow nlr.'.l at the ea'iies.
as it is presumed the ici m.itis will
be ntven a fniil upportuntty to i t -1
1 de fr.uii the iiusltb.ii t.ikvi mhii.
i'tiXTiM'"H hv i AiK Tinii i i:rs'
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
Ml i I M
50.1 Paia- c 111 's
At. I. MS
Phono lut

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