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5111 ' TWWfetB G0-
XV, NO. 161.
Creek County Citizens in
Tele-gran Condemn
Passes Measure That Would
Allocate y Millions Among
Counties of the State
Health Proposal unci Appro
priation for Women's School
Gets His Signature
Nr A-wlateil Prcea Stat Wire,
Thirteen republicans of Crock coun
ty today Kent telegrams to tho lower
house of tho Okliilunn.'i legislature,
oii-approvlng of action asking Im
peachment of Lieutenant Governor
M. 12. Trnpp, n democrat. Tho men
sending thu telegrams were Charles
i Schralder, chairman of tho re
publican central conrmlttec of Creek
county. W. 12. Nleodomus, mayor of
Drumrlght. Okla.; W. A. Harmon,
11. C. Atclicrman, M. C. Clark. N. 13.
Warner, Kay Flood, 1). Holmes, j.
II. Army, Aaron Driimrlght, K. J.
Campbell, A. H. Pllott and .1. H.
Wright, former chairman of tho re
publican central committee of the
SchrRlder's telegram rends: "Tor
many years I have )een an n"tlvo
cltlr.on In tho public affairs of Creek
cuunty, and I am familiar with the
Issuance nnd alo of road hands to
M. K. Trapp. F.vcry detail of thin
transaction H familiar to me, nnd
there Is absolutely no foundation
for houfo charges. The county re
ceived every cent of the money,
amounting to par nnd Interest, to
the cntlro satisfaction nf Ih n tw.nnle
It is unfortunato that tho majority1
of the house should bo tricked Into
urti an embarrassing political posl-!
The tctegra
KU Admire,
mwas addressed to.
a republican house
OKUMIOMA C1TT. starch 9.
TAnruInt- ff.n.i In Anlnni. . i . i .
-w......n ..u,,. v u tiwn nut iiiurn-
Inif until 0 o'clock this evenlnp, the
Oklahoma seimto passed flvo hills
and perfected several others. The
irlnclpal measure passed by the sen
ate Is a bill by Charles K. McPher
fA n'ul otllt,r'' which nskg J3.000.
C00 to aid permanent road t;onstruc
llon In earh county of tho state.
,. "w0, hours' Uebato on this hill In
tne Mlllnp; of two amendments of
Lii y I,nrry O. Cllasser, ono of
Which proposed to spend the money
for roads, approved by tho Kovern
,on )'. and tho other to nrrnnge
niMrlbutlon of money by population,
rca nnd Uixablo wealth.
JVould issuu A. & ji. iionds.
a a V. ,nKrill"i'n of Sapulpa Intro
dueed tho only bill In tho afternoon
fetalon. It would nivo tho hoard
t'f regents of tho Oklnhoma A. M.
fOlleKo power to Ihiuo ,300,000 In
londn to erect dormitories.
3h hill nuthorl7.lnB tho hoard of
"Bents of tho ITnlvcrslty of Okla
"i -,ct nsi,, Portions of the
fainpus for construction of dormltor
n'' 'illoulnp; them to Issuo bonds
ho. I'1!!!1,1 ,,r 50.000 to construct
S r ,' 1 now boch to tho
in r r; A ,,ni nrovldlns for hold
fair, i 'rco townhlp and county
tr n? 30 B?eH to 1,10 Bovernor. aft-
passant, by tho scnato today.
"'fnitir SIbiih Pour affasiin-H.
Oav iT?. thu 'four lillH signed to
reaulr n?f'or"or "obertson. Is ono
ot qii i treatment of tho eyes
t Inrin.lnfttlJ5? ,at blrtn' to Provcnt
l"ir ren"; f ,"I(lrcn of parents hnv.
trcinVB 0U? HCruI'l08 itcalnst such
from i, ' h?wvcr. nro exempt
Ihi L h? "ctl" of tllls "iw- Tho
ll originated In tho scnato.
Knai i in ' nihneu were: A
"nI0 III 1 nnnrnr.eln.inn Ann
m.i: . nnncu were:
)er 2a'iro.r t ,e remainder of the
-t'nMo ec,nrlnB a omergency, a
nt in """"O" tounty to en
hen "rlv"t Practico of law
Dmiy Sheriffs (Tuard
"ich Armorcitc's Home
fcerlff. .. .. V
March 9. Deputy
lalatlai , , 1 wcro BuiiroiiiB tho
llonalre8w3f,0,f B" A- K""PHon,
raan as ,1 csal roccr mid oil
I y ,,p"ult "t threats received
hla liome, t " .30,,1 wnrn'nif him that
A w, X i solnjt to bo dynamited.
'' Plain., ; "'H'on homo was
Wtrht. a"",(1 l,y officers' last
rSned8i?'',?on',,, I1"'1 recently re
Holeaafo 'mnt0ly -"00.O00 fBr a
U 'nrea1eV'rl.W,,y hlu 1,omo Bhoula
Trin Jumi)8 the Track,
tossing Guard Killed
BS mnh?sl,,?A IH- Marcl' -cros.,n
02 years old, a
dath by , cL',man' Wils crushed to
' o'clock tnn?Vrturne1 box car t
& Alton LlZlsht wh0 a Chicago
"l for sfCnBrCr t.raln fron HPrinR-
'rack ami ;., I1"1, Jumped tho
Wl. ?lve m um frH,f"t tral "I V.
nr,mwS;.north' N("io of the
LH W(ra reported Injured.
tStl""''"'"',o'".2rL'i WAr .!' rtlnll'
ti'h ''wmopBiiun8- A,U . ou In
wero Ruardlni; tho
Ardmore, Under fye Surface,
Takes Sides in Hamon Trial
And Seeths With Expectancy
Wire Flashes
WASHINGTON, March -Tha n.tnea
or the .!ion tvlto evu.Ir.l 1 1,, ret.-iiivt
eertlce law U" made uh'i; In ilrsft
"trlcla n tanlilly an tia 11,14 fur lh
uittrlcla run ,S compiled, it was an
tiuunecil tojay at the voir department.
HKTIIOIT. March Tho worn nf Hie
business depression is over Henry 1'nril.
Ilia automobile manufactuier. unlit tinier.
Hr iliclirrd tuslnesa Improving
ataarUly in lietrolt in. that similar calna
nouM result In other parts of (ho coun
try soon.
WAHIII.VriTOS-, March 5 Altnrnry
ueneriil Dauelierty today announced aii
pilnlmenl of Jatuci A. Fonder nf Knot
Milt, Tenn., aa hla aprclal assistant.
WAHHINOTO.V, Mareh 9. Senator Car
der of .New York today aaked President
HardlnK to appoint Kdwln Morgan, a
former t.'.stmaMor. aa poeirnaetr at New
Vork cliy. nnd llrorri. W. Aldrl.lire. of
llochest.ir, N. V , aa collector of cuitoma
at New York.
HISMAltri;, Nl. March .- Plana for
a thlnl party In North liukota, with Its
memtierahlp attracted from both nonpartl
.in nnd Independent faction, am under
consideration by a number of tho "con
acrtsllvea In triflse two sro'ira." Hobcrt
A Olson, former atato treasurer, an
nounced today.
WASillNtlTO March Attorney
ipnprai narry n. nowman or rew ,Mrti i
today asked the supremo coutt to ad
vunco Its hearing of that Mate' appeU
from lower court ilecreea upholding the
contention of the Continental Oil com
pany that the tas. upon oil aalea. a ap
plied, la lllcRal. More than S3J0.OO0 m
tux collections la tied up, Mr. Hon man
WASIIt.VOTON. March I - Lieutenant
Colonel Theodore llonsetelt wa aworn In
aa assistant secretary of tho navy today
within a few houra after confirmation of
hla nomination by tho senate.
NI'.W YOHK, -March 9 The American
commute., for Hie China famine fund
waa notified today by Ita ailttsoty com
mmlttee In I'eklmr, that prceent funda
from .all aourcea nro euffi- lent -o eave
only MOO, 000 of tho 1.000,000 persona
facing starvation.
On Final Hpnvinn- Hnnrh
u" i, lua' riv-ill lllg VjOlUL
Grants Injunction
Against City
Tnxi Legislation Now, Court
Says Opens Way for Valid
Form of Regulation
Suggesting a redraft of tho city
ordinance for the rot-illation of taxi
cabs was tho ono certain way of
making valid this law. a decision
hold tho present ordinance N'o. 2121
Invalid was mado In district court
Inert night In the Injunction suit
brought against tho city by V. C.
Wade and others.
Judge Kedmond P. Cole, in mak
ing the decision, stated ho was not
in any way criticizing the city com
missioners nnd other officers re
sponsible for tho present void ordi
nance, slnco the mnttcr of legisla
tion for tho purpose of regulating
ntitomobilo traffic Is new and mis
taken nrc common, and will be until
tho law on this matter Is finally de
termined. Agree With llrcustrr.
Counsel for the taxi drivers, who
asked a permanent Injunction pre
venting tho city from enforcing the
ordinance as discriminatory, con
tended nt tho hearing last night
that since tho court Inst week hold
sections of the art rolntlng to tho
1.1, 000 Indemnity bond and the (30
a year llceneo fee wero probably ln
vnhd becauso excessive, then the
cntlr, ordinanco was void. The
city attorney denied this nnd cited
cases to show that higher courtu
had given every aid to cities at
tempting to regulate traffic, recog
nizing the fact that such legislation
Is new and that until tho law on this
subject becomes sottled, municipali
ties will lio nt a disadvantage Hi
framing such ordinances,
Tho court was in acrord with
J ml go a. C. Hrewster assignment
Judge who last week heard tlm ha
beas corpus action brought by C. II.
O'Donnell, In which this petitioner
was released nfter Judge Hrewster
held tho ordinanco probably Invalid
hecautro of excessive Indemnity bond
nnd becauso tho (30 a year license
feo appeared on Its face to bo a rev
enue measure, prohibited by the
stnto law ns a derivative from any
occupational tax.
Must Consider flrovilh of Cl
"We havo hero a growing city,"
Judge Colo said, "and some time or
other tho nommlsslonerH must faco
tho task of propurly regulating traf
fic. Other cities havo such laws
and much time has been spent and
many Invalid laws have been placed
upon the statute books In the effort
to perfect suuch regulations. Home
havo been sustained by the higher
courts and somo havo been held Il
legal. Until fiuch a tlmo us traffic
ordinances becomo a more general
part of the laws of the cities, wo
can expert to find many errors which
win invalidate sucn omittances.
"AH subjects dralt with in this
ordinance, including tho restriction
of traffic on congested streets', lic
ense fees for drivers of tnxlrabs and
baggage wngons, Indemnity bonds to
protect thoso injured in accidents
and such matters, are fit subjects
for kucIi legislation. Jt is only a
matter of getting these laws on the
bookri in proper form to withstand
tho tests or nigniT conns wiicn
that Is done, traffic of all kinds will
bo lawfully regulated '
Quality flrat, Call and Jurtie for your
nil. Dinner music Hd Woods' Cafa,
ill B. Uoulaer. Advt,
Most Excitinjj Time in Town's
Career Bearing Down in
a Crowded Week
Courtroom Polished Up nnd
Chamber of Commerce Will
Capitalize Publicity
Ily It. A. imiDOUWATKIl.
World Blaff Correspondent.
AHDMOUlO. March 9 - Ardmoro
tonight was keyed to a degreo of
expectancy and excitement. The dean
of the old timers' rnn't recall n
litno when the town was so wrought
up. Kvon tho days when the Henld
ton oil field was being dlscowreil
nnd Ardmore was changed from n
sleepy utile agricultural tenter to
bustling city, were lumu compared
to the present.
Illg Times I'or Ardmore.
And why not? Never havo the
people of Ardmore had so many
things to thlnl; iibout, look forward
to and take part In, as now. To be
gin with thcrn'n tho Southern Okla
homu l,o Htoik show nnd salo.
drawing stockmen nnd iltors from
many surrounding countlc nnd
somo from Texas, which opened a
four-day program toduy. Then
there's tho annual Ardmoro Auto
motive show, whose doors were
thrown open today, likewise to run
throughout Saturday. Next Monday
there v .11 lie a mlddlcv, eight rham
plonshli wrestling match, tin Tues
day the voters will go to the polls
to deride whether the town shall be
turned over to a city manager or
whether tho present coiincllmenle
form shall bo continued. And ro
mi'inber, the last sl'all be first -thn
trial of Clara Bmlth Hamon on a
chnrgo of murdering .lake I.. Hamon,
Is to be started In district court be
fore Judge Tom Champion at 9
o'clock tomorrow morning.
Tho report has gone out that Ard
moro people are not neatly so ex
riled over the llaliion case as are the
people in oilier parts of the slnte and
thoso of other states and It has made
somewhat of an Impression. Hut
the fnut Is that under the surface
Ardmoro Is terribly excited over tho
The Whole Town Tnl.cs Sides.
Jake I.. H.tmnn was the town's
nig man. r.earlv everybody knew
Mm nnd they liked him, or they
didn't like him. Nearly everybody
has read tho stories of Clara Kmlth,
her own nrrounts of her life and the
rxents lending up to Hnmnn's death.
They believed her nnd sympathized
with her, or they didn't put much
Mock In what she raid and have no
kind feelings for hen So there you
havo It. Most everybody is on ono
side or the other. And they're deep
ly Interested.
Tho autiB.inblte show, the llvo
stock show, and even the forthcom
ing city election nro overshadowed
! the Hamon case. On the oic of
the day set for the opening of the
esse thero appears no doubt hut
that the trial will start on scheduled
time. Counsel for both tho stnto
and the defense were snuarcd off
(.'ONTIVfl;!) ON l'AOI! THN)
JHspnlrli Sajs SoWrl lcadcrs Got
Out of I'rlrograil by Motor Cars;
Itowili nt J tilt mil.
LONDON. March 9. -A dispatch
to the Loudon Times from It lira,
dated Wednesday, fays that all tho
bolsliovlkl leaders in I'ctrogrud rs
caped by motor car following tho
capture y tho reveolullonarles this
morning of tho entire city, with tho
exception of thu Nlcolal nnd Fin
land railroad station. Tho soviet
troops suffered heavy losses nt Kras
nnyo Helo, IS miles southeast of
I'etrograd, and jil (Jutchlnn, 30
miles to tho southwest,
Tho Krnsnoya OorJio nnd Ornn
lenum fortresses have surrendered.
The red army hus retreated 20
It ATI "M, March I'. A holshcvlkl
uprising has broken out hero. Thou
sands of persons, In addition to the
allied mission nnd members nf the
(leorglan government, are leaving.
The bolshevik! hold tho lull way
from Kutals to Datum.
Arkansas House to Drop
Charges Against Judge
MTTf.H HOCK. Ark.. Mnrcl,
l'f forts to oust Judge J Wndo of
I.lttlo Hock becauso of alleged re
flections upon the character of
members of the legislature probably
will be dropped tomorrow morning
In time to permit iiiHnurnment of
the senate sine die nt noon, It was
Indicated tonight.
JM0 Chinese Drowned
When Steamer Goes Down
AMoy, .China. March n. Ono
thousand iersnns wero drowned
when the steamer Hong Moy was
wrecked off Hwntow, Mnrch .1, ac
cording to details received today.
The vessel strurk tho rocks nnd sank
Immediately. There wero few life
boats on hoard and no wlroloss. The
slenmer, which was a coolie carrier
and was bound from Singapore for
Amny. had I.IIOO souls aboard.
Woman Gold Miner Sulrliir.
Mrs Mar H Hart, f5 former
Alaskan gold miner author and
lecturer was found dead today In
a gas filled ruom. Tho pollco say
they iKllcved Mrs Hurt cnlcd her
life in dread cf an operation she
iiuil bccr told waa ncccMar',
- i s ssssssBseeeeF -
Strikes and Sabotage Pro
hibited in Invaders'
Would Surest Settlement on
Hasi.s of AMSumiiiK Debts
of Entente to U. S.
After a Passing Glance at Ar
my of Occupation, Natives
Resume Their Business
11 'I he As'nelated I'risa.
LONDON, Match 9.- The pen
alties imposed upon (lermnuy Mill
rinso only when a satisfactory so
lution of the questions of rep.mi
tlons, disarmament nnd war crim
inals has been accepted by tho
Tho supreme council so dc
cldeil at which time njsu M.
Hrlnnd declared that the Kreni h
government had no Intention of
permanently on upying territory
on thn left hank of the Ithlne.
lie said that the only olijei t whs
to secure execution of the treaty.
Ily The A4oelntet I'reaa
HCHSHLDOltl', .Man h 9 ticn
ernl l)i(!ouette's pioclnmatlon of a
stale of siege ordered the wirrender
of all nrms within 1- hours and pro
hibited strikes or sabotage. The
Herman authorities and tho police
are to ait under supervision of the
allies. Street truffle will not be
hindered jnilem disturbances nrlw.
linilLlN. March 8,- Tho llelglans
have occupied Hamborn, to the
north""bf Uulsbiirg, nnd the coaling
port of the Thysen works. Thn oc
cupation was without Incident.
Hy International Nevi Mettle
LONDON, March 9 llerr Unth
enau, head of tho Herman (Jencrnl
Hlectrlo company and other experts
advising the Herman Indemnity com
mission Havo made t lie suggestion
that the rnnaratlons lumr o he
straightened out on 'the basis that
C.eriiHiny nt-Humos nil of the allied
war debts to tho united States, no
cording to un exchange Telegraph
dispatch from Ilerlln today.
Ily The Asanelated I'reea.
LONDON. March 9 Thn allied
supreme council meet ut the Down
ing street residence of Premier
Lloyd George today to consider ap
plication of tho penallleH to Ger
many for non-fulfillment of hor
reparations obligations.
The members of the roiinll took
nolo of the fact that Inn German
touns nf Dusseldorf. Dulsb'urg and
Kuhrnrt had been occupied Tues
day without Incident, nnd compared
notei icgordlng tho action to be
lakon on (he second poiutltj, namely,
the Imposition by inch allied
country of suih a lax on German
importu as it may deem fitting,
Ily Inferna'lonal ,Sm Sertlie
Ql'AUTKItS. NHI'SS, Germany,
March 9. "Thoso fellows havo ex
cellent uniforms," remarked a Ger
man ex-soldlcr within Interest no he
gazed upon a patrol of Krcnch sol
dier swinging through tho streets of
the occupied city of Dusseldorff.
Tho Grrnmn's companion, who
also had seen m-rvlro In thn grout
war, eyed tho French critically and
replied: "Flno equipment, too; ready
for anything."
IliiMlnoKs as rsual."
Then tho two Germans apparent
ly forgot about tho French army of
occupation and went about their
own personnl affairs.
"Iluslness as usual" seemed to he
the note of all the Germans not
only across the Ithlne In Dusseldorf
but In the other two occupied cities
In tlir- Ituhr district Dulsberg and
"Thero nro no Americans among
them," remarked a German In Duh-
seldorf after viewing tho various
contingents of allied Moldlers. This
wan said In a matter-of fin t way
with no trace of hnMlllty against tho
allied troops nlriinly on the Hrcno.
I Hllilrrn Most Hacllrd.
The German children were par
ticularly interested In the newcom
ers. They crept up olos,. in the sol
diers, inspecting them and Ihelr
equipment with round-eyed Interest.
nur nicy wumperi'il away when the
soldiers) took notice of them. After
a tlmo glftw of chocolate began to
pass into small grimy hands and it
looked us though an entente cordial
was about to be established with Uio
younger generation.
During the evening Hie nirupntinn
of tht eo German elites had become
"old stuff" and tho townspeople paid
no attention to tho soldleis they en
countered In stores on chopping
HKULIN, Man h 9. C r o w d s
greeted Dr. Simons, head of the
Gorman delegation to the repara
tions conference, with nn ovation on
his arrival from Iondon tonight.
Tho crowds Hang "Deutsi hlnnd nber
Allies" and other patriotic airs.
tiiWwe7 the r
Tl't.SA, HUI.. Marfli )--.Mailnmm 51;
minimum 13, aotitli winds, Hear
OKLAHOMA: Thurxlay fair, warmer In
nortli portion. I'rMay fair, warmer In
AllKAS'SAS Tliurwlay and Krlday fair;
rltinc temperature
Ileal lists' eru;,k.e, Kennedy rtu
rant is o it -k
1,1-ina' cluh, Hotel Tulaa, 1J o'rlork,
Trlrlly Mens club, Trinity IJplseopal
cliur h 10 p in,
Urvanuallon mettlng for I', II, X opera
lore, home of Mrs. Hargarst Durtam, 111
South Jacksua, I p. u.
Clara SmithHamon Begins Her Fight Today;
Principals Who Figure Largely in the Case
' '
Cnrn Mtt.llli llm.w...
. iJi'imi i iiiiiiwii in nil
charged with the minder of .lake 1..
Hamon, multimillionaire "ICmpIro
Pulldei-" of the wtBt Prominent fig
tires in tlio trial besides the tie-:
fi.mlntit nr.. iru .tnl.'.i T. lint,,,,,, i
widow or tiic uiicgeii murdered man,
Justice Thomas Champion, who Is
tho trial Judge, Frank Ketch, busi
ness timlnrr of .fllkn I. Ilatnnn nn.l
administrator of Hamon's estate,
Spent Only $114, 7-12,915.50 ,
of 150 Millions Solons
Allowed Him 1
mer President Wilson spent hut
JlH.74r,315.r,0 nf tho $100,000,000
alloted to him by congres-i for war
purposes, according to the account
ing which hn rendered to congress
and which was made public today.
Tho accounting was prepared by
former Secretary of tho Treasury
The following "spcndlturr-e nrc
shown by tin, report:
Purchases of pioperty from the
North German Llody Dock company
and the J lamburg-American Line
Terminal and Navigation company,
16,202.1)31. 20.
Supplies for tho military rornmls-
hIoii In Hunala In February, 1917.
Purchase of Itusslau supplies In
1917, $6,000,000.
Voung Men's Christian nitioclntlon,
Intelligence department, $293, "29.
Kntnrtnlnmcnt of foreign mis
sion, $170,000.
Tho expenses of Bernard M.
Maruch technical adviser to the
American peace corninlietlon were
$150,090, according ,to Secretary
Houston's accounting.
Tho items were merely listed:
"Kxpenses of Ilernard M. ilaruch.
technical ndvlir to the American
commission to negotiate peace.
The president ndvanccd a lotnl of
$20,942,523 to Hussion sources, It
was whown. Of tbla amount, how-
over, $ 100,000. was returned to the
general fund through the war trade
Marion Man Considered
for High Currency Job
WASHINGTON. Manh 9, D. It.
Crlsslnger, a Million, Ohio, lawyer.
Is understood to be under oonsldeta
tlon for appointment as comptroller
of tho currency or as a member of
the federal rescue board. It was
said at the white houso today that
no definite selection hud been made,
although Mr. ( 'rlsslnger's name was
among thoso being considered for
some high government position. Mr.
Crlsslnger Is a lifelong friend of tho
president. Home ears ago he ts.is
demoiTattc nominee fur ongress In
the Marlon dlstrltt, but in tint same
tampalgn wus a supporter of tho ru
publlcan national ticket.
Tto Hours After I'lecrlng Sun n.
undo .Man of JtlU.ooo Pah- ('might.
TKXAKKANA, Texas, March 9 -Two
hours after I hey are alleged
by tholr victim, H. A. lllack, tutid .
to bo from Kan Antonio, lo have
flcecid him of $12,975 In rash In a
fake oil deal, two men giving their'
liamen as J. W Cru to t.f Sao An
lonlo. and .1 S Hlewart of Kt Ixmiih
wero enpturrd toduy r City Mar
sluil Kldd at Fulton, Ark accord
ing to Sheriff John Strnnge Tho
men had tho money in their pos. I
session when arrested, the sheriff I
suicL I
l..t A jm au, m M
Pilfers a Ship
at Kansas City
KANSAS CITV. March 9 Ono
Kansas Clly motor thief tinned
his attention from rats to air
planes today it ml tonight, as far
as tho polk it could tell, was head
ed southward In n $1,000 machine
belonging to C. M. Tilxhorn,
Tho owner's slnglo consolation
wan that because tho supply of
gasoline In thn tank was low thn
thief might hn compelled to land
before getting very fur. The nlr
pluno was taken from n flying
field while Tuxhorn was at din
ner. He arrived at the fluid, ho
said. In lime to see it dlsappeai lug
in the clouds.
.Voles of I'cllclliillon I'.tcliaiigci! by
Nru Chief Will) Foreign Lands
llcncw Friendly Itclutloiis.
WASHINGTON. March 9 -Mes-sages
of felicitation exchanged by
President Harding ami a number of
foreign rulers expressing hopes for
peace ami friendship throughout tho
world, were mado public today.
A nolo of economic ns well ns po
litical ro-operation wus soijmlrjl In
the exchnngo between Mr Harding
and President Mlllorand of Franco,
whlln most of tho messages that
passed with South and Central
American prcslileuls voiced a renew
ill of Pan-American solidarity. The
message as having been sent by KJng
Gnorgo of Great Ilrltaln and tho
presidents reply, wero omitted from
the list.
In ndldtlon lo President Mlllorand,
those whoso congratulatory expres
sions wore lilt lulled In the list were
King Albeit of Ilelglum, King Victor
Hminnnuel of Italy, King Gustiif of
Kwedeu, King lint It of llulgarla, Mill
tall Ahmed Gli.idJ.tr of Persia, Pres
ident 1'esMoa of Brazil, President
Meletldez of H.ilvndor. President Gon
dra of Paraguay, piiwldent A osta
of Costa Klca, President llustlllos
nf Venezuela, President Haurez of
Colombia, President Forms of Pana
ma. President Hi u in of I'luguay,
President Mciioch) of Cuba ami
President Hu.ivdra of Bolivia.
Italy Prepares lo Pay
Debt to United Slates
Ily The Asa"' iutt-,1 I'tiaa
WAHHINGTON, Man h - Italy Is
preparing, through I i-habllit.itlon of
her Internal flnaiK lal londitlon, set
ting In motion ngi.Ui the io.k hlnery
of lommerilal relations and lesum
lug the prodio Hon of staples of com
merce utilized In Iut foreign trade,
to discharge her debt lo tho Frilled
Hiatus, Holandu lllcel, the now Ital
ian ambassador, said today. Tho
debt, according to the last annual
report of former Secretary of the
Tieiisurv Houston, amounts to
$1,431. '100,000.
Standard of California
Increases Production
HAS' I'ltAMIHl'i March 9
J'rodu'il'O of oil by the Htandnrd
Oil Company of ( ullfornln In'riiised
'0 per cent in 19'0 rising frcrn an
iiteragn of li9 15K barrels dally In
Janumy to 105, 307 barrels In De
cember necordlng to the annutl re.
port of the company, mado public
hero toduy,
who holds tho nerrct uf tho reported
will, Chailes A Coakley, of tho law
firm of Mathers ami Coakley, who
will defend Clara Hmlth Hamon,
Sheriff Illicit Garrett, to whom the
defendant surrendered; District At
torney James Mathers, of Carter
county, excused from tho prrnciitlou
of thu case becauso ho was retained
r.s counsel for (ho defense prior to
tiihlng office on January 1.
Anneal to President to
Prevent Abrogation
of War Time Act
OMAHA, Neb,. March 9. -President
Harding was requested tonight
by representatives of packing house
employes to prevent proposed wage
reductions ami rradjustmenls uf
working hours In the packing Indus,
2(10,(1(10 Arn Itcpicscnlcil.
Delegates to n con fere nro called
by (ho Amalgamated Meat Cutters
and Ilutrher Workers of North
America voted unanimously to ap
peal lo tho president In an attempt
to foiestull abrogation of tho war
time !(gn rnirnl between thu park
ins anil their employes. Tho dele
gates lepresented workers In every
In i go packing center of tho country
and their action, ni cording to union
officials, affects 200,000 employes.
Tho appeal to tho president, In thn
form of a telegram asked him to re
quest tho packers to "hold In nbey
allot" thn wngn and hour changes
announced ns effective next Monday
until the secretary of labor can In
veitlgato charges contained In thn
message. The conference also adopt
ed a resolution irquostlng the pres
ident to "use his good offices to com
pel tho pnckeis to a compliance
with the agreement entered Into by
the government nnd that unless the
pnekers consent that ho exercise his
power to place all tho parking houso
industries under government eon
tiol and opciatloii and publicly
brand the pnsent owners and man
ngeis of I be Industry as a menace
to the government und society 111
Warn of a Strike,
A stilko miming appeared In tho
resolution uhbh Inntiiicted Hie
union off b ei s "lo taku such action
ns will result In a unanimous and
effective resistance to u return to
the ttm-hour work day, wage reduc
tions and olhet barbaric conditions
thai existed pi lor to 1917."
nolens Piesldcnt Harding scihIb as
surance of mi onlliig with tho con
feienco ieiiiesi, I In lesolutlon, ac
cording to iM'Ttiils Lano, soerotnry
trcosuier of the union, means nu
thoi l.atlon for a strike affecting all
pat king house employes of the
l'olli(i rhati s und Canada.
Former Oklahoma Commltlreiiuili
Has Mit Decided About Being
HajH First Postal Assistant.
WASHINGTON. .March 9.- Jam.es
J. McGlaw of Ponca City, former
republican national committeeman
from Okliihomn, has been tendered
the position of first nsoistant pout
master general. McGiaw has not
decided whether or not hi will ac
cept. Snerlal lo thn World
WASHINGTON, March 9. James
J, McGr.iw of Ponca City nould not
bu found today and the repurt that
he h.ld been offeied II phico us first
assistant pnsi master general could
nu; .i . oiifn rif d The Washington
i '"si nuuv tuiii uia tlio offei
b id
beni male t M tjruw The off
I j ii a fcnlaiy i t IjO'Jij a nr
tukn it would tequlre a fliiur
f.'lfrlflre on MrOriitt-f. ittirl n ,,l
Is noi known whi'h'r he would ui
cepi u,
Put Ardmore Manifests
Only Slight Interest in
Legal Clash
Hut lioth Sides Admit it Will
be Tried on Merits With
no Sensationalisms
Clara Smith, Frailer, But
Seemingly Carefree, Goes
About Town in Big Car
Ily Associated Piesa Ntats Wire.
AHD.MOItH, Okln..' March 9.
Klnto and defense attorneys tonight
announced rendlness for tho opon
Ing lumnrrow morning of tho trlnl of
Clara Hmlth Hamon, charged with
tho murder last November nf Jake L.
Hamon, oil man and republican na
tional committeeman from Okla
homa. The Carter county district
court docket today was cleared of
nine ciiNon and Judge Thomas W,
Chnmplon nnnnuneeil that tho Ham
on rase had thn right of way.
Stale's Gruntcst .Murder Case.
Thn case clauses, In point of Inter
nallonnl Interest, ns Oklahoma's
greatest murder case, necordlng to
H, P. Freollng, stnto attorney gonernl,
who Is In charge of thn prosecution.
It does not dlffor In Its essentials
from n score or moro murder enses
disposed of In Oklahoma, howover.
Mr. Freollng said, explaining Hint tho
prominence of Mr. Hnmon and tho
many weeks' search for Clara
Hmlth Hamnn nttracted tho unusual
attention. Mr. Freollng enmo Into
tho prosocullon of tho case upon di
rection nf Govornor J. U. A. Hob
erlson after James H. Mntlicrs. pres
ent county attorney, wus retained ns
a defenso attorney before hla as
sumption of office January 1.
Blate and defenso eatinnol tonight
were In ngreement in statements that
tho cnlia would ho fought out on Ita
merits ns n murder case, and that
nn effort nt tho sensational would hn
Initiated by either nlde. "Wo shall
mnkn no effort to play to the gal
leries," said Walter Rcott of Fort
Worth. Texas, of tho dofonso coun
sel. "We shall endenvor to hold tho
court proceedings to what occurred
Immediately before Mr. Hamon wan
shot, dying statements, If nny, and
Incidence! Immediately surrounding
Mr. Hnmnn's shooting nnd death,"
Will Not Dig Up Past,
lie said no effort would he mado
lo go bark Into tho past and that
tho chief Interest of the defense wns
In tho Detection of "12 honest men."
The statement from Attornoy Gen
eral Freollng coincided with that of
Mr, Hcott almost Identically,
Mrs, Jako K Hnmon. thn widow.
tonight said that shn would attend
the trial ns a witness and that she
would attend ns a spectator each
session of court until a verdict Is
General Frectlng tonight said that
ho would ask waiving of tho ruin
against witnesses appearing In thn
courtroom In throo Instances. Ho
said ho would request that Mrs.
Hamon, ns tho widow, tin permitted
lo attend tho court setislons; Frank
L. Ketch, administrator of the estate,
and Ham Blair, a newspaper twin,
Ho said Ketch would ho prccont be
causo of his Interest In thn estate,
nnd that Illalr tiad Journalistic duties
that should hn considered.
"No KtKwIrilgo" Not 1 Icq ul reel.
In selecting tho Jury, which, tt
was Indicated tonight, would bo be
gun Immediately nfter 9 o'clock to
morrow morning, General Frocllng
said no Insistence that a man ho un
familiar with thn rasn would ho
made. Ho said that, if tho man oth
erwise was nrceptnbla for Jury scrv-
lee, no would bo accented by the
state provided ho had not formed an
opinion evldonco could not t lmnge.
Including 3ri veniremen left over
from tho 400 summoned at tho open
ing of tljo present court session, IS"
men nro available for examination
for Jury service In tho Hnmon case.
There have been predictions that
tlio jury wjll bo selected from tho
an remaining, and that nono of tho
H7 men summoned In tho sneclal
venire would hn called nn. Of the
35 vnnlremon left over tho mnJorltv
are elderly men, marrlod and with
families. Fewer than half u dozen
nro young men.
"Itoirr" O'Brien Innctlvo.
Tonight It was indicated that
James l'. O'Brien, who gained noto
ns a prosecutor of murder esses
wbiie an aasistnnt states attorney
for Cook county, Illinois, would not
appear actively In tho cose. Mr
O'Hrlen, wearing a red neckties, ns
was his wont when he appeared In
trials with the Intention of asking
the death penalty, was prominent
about downtottn Ardmoro today.
Tnnlglit lie said that no arranm
incut had been made for his active
participation In the trial, nnd Gen-
New York Life
Insurance Co,
Farmer & Durair
203 Palace Hldg. Phono 131
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