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feat's TVicm o Husband
Best Known for Habit of
Traveling on
' Foot f
Heaped TInrvcst From Both
Parties for Influence at
Election Times
f: , . to Tha World.
TAIIMWAII. March 15. Intclll
f. i 1ms i cached hero of tlio death
(. , ial days ngo' of Nick l'ottlt, of
' ,in II has boon Mild, "ho could
, ,'unlk n horse." t'ettlt probably
i. lie more trips to Tahlequah and to
r" r flares on foot than any other
ii i i In this section. Ho probably
i . i r owned n horsn and really had
t ,, 1 1 ed of one. Although ho lived
;it i nt 12 miles south of Tnhlcnunh
! t'i hills, ho often enmo Into town
ii! In tho morning, remained for
n u rnl hours and then walked back
i i ( night, or sometimes shortly
lift) r nightfall.
I'rttit was very busy In campaign
y, jiii .Several weeks beforo the
ilr, of tho primary election ns well
si I" foro tho dato of tho regular
eli tion ho most persistently niado
known to tho eandldatos that ho
i,,Mi ! "swing I'ettlt pcclnct" In favor
of this or that person If only a com-p.i-ntively
small sum of money was
rutin omlng. Claiming to bo a "red
h,)i" democrat to tho democrats, and
a "Mac bellied" rcplibllvitn or some
tl 'iiu similar, to tho republicans,
p. nit let nono of them Ret away
fun him, and strnngo to say, path
,,.il in various and sundry dollars
(viil Ii user sums.
To yi ars oro n tree fell on him
'i'Ii he was onKaRed tn chopping
rmo firewood nnd a log was badly
ImUin Io finally recovered and
was petting In "Rood walking trim"
.snln when ho wns stricken down
v ii' piii umonla and died after a
fi-, days.
Special to 7h World
l'O.NCA ClTy, March 15. l,u
clto (loddard Is only U years old
lnjt she has been rapidly and per
sistently in tho limelight during
tho past few days, Including bo
Ing adjudged delinquent and or
dered placed In the girls' Indus
trial school at Oklahoma City,
then having tho commitment set
osldo for two days whllo sho was
given Into tho cure of her father;
during th. two days she went to
Terry with .1. Mtirl I'hllllps, aged
23, and was married; tho next
day I'hllllps was arrested on 11
liquor charge and tnkin to tho
county Jail: the girl was then re
covered by tho county court, nnds
yesterday sho was sent to thu
Oklahoma City school.
Will Deride 1111 In(in"rtliii
city or llrM flats
on tho UUIIi.
Special In Tha World.
OM.TO.V, March IB. -A proclama
tion Isued by (lovernnr Robertson
calls for an election to bo held In
Mils city on March 29, for tho pur
poso of changing tho. form of gov
ernment from an Incorporated, town
to a city of the first class,
There wll be. a primary hold to
morrow for the purpose of nominat
ing officers for tho Incorporated
town, an election held to nominate
officers for tho city of tho first class
if tho election carries for that pur
pose, nnd then there will bn the
election on the 29th for that nur-
pose, and If It rnrrlcs there will bn
another election the first Tuesday
In April to elect either the officers
for tho Incorporated town or the
city of tho first class, giving Ollton
four elections thin spring.
I, avium flcts 20 Years nnd Slick
riles Application.
; i ' ' ' in The World.
V BMl.'ClTO N March IB
Pi-inii.irnllAi" nt flin fnrrnnoif lr-lm-
sine, r has nnnounced tho receipt .for reelection
o' ippii' ntioti ror n cnarter for tho
Aii erlcan Natlnnnl bank of Slick,
Okl.i . with .1 proposed cnpltallza
ton of flB.OOO. Charles T. Okey,
of the Canipbell-Okcy Hardware
company, made tho application.
The corpornto existence of tho
Pity N'atlonal bank of Uawton, Okla.,
via-- extended to March 6, 1941.
Although Postmaster (leneral
Ttnjva was said to be working on
an order either modifying or abro
gating tho executive order for civil
Forvti'n on presidential offices, tho
poMoffiee department has asked tho
on II servlco commission to hold an
examination to fill a postmaster vn
renry nt McAlester. In vlow of this
request thorn was much speculation
ns to whnt the charge In presidential
postmaster would be.
Lieutenant Colonel Charles J.
Nelson, Infantry, now on duty nt
tionvor, wns ordered to Oklahoma
Pitv to bo Instructor-Inspector of tho
Oklahoma national guard.
Two to Klcct Hut Candidates Aro
Special to Tho Wuld
imUMUimiT, March IB. Pri
mary city elections nro being hold
In Drumrlght today. Six candidates
are In the race for mayor, and eight
tor cnicr or police.
Tho present Incumbent of the of
fice of mnyor Is W. K, Nlcodemus.
Ho has held the position for tho
third terms, Jack Ary ha been
chief of police for tho same period.
Uoth offices aro elective and both
N'lcadcmtis and Ary aro candidates
Negro Arrested for Moon-
shining Engages in
Prayer First
News of Muskogee
lircOOS, March If.. Kitty gallons
of "Choctaw beer," discovered In n
raid here by deputy sheriffs In the
homo of new Samuel Hpcor, colored
did not result In tho apprehension
of thu-guilty manufacturer until the
Ilcverend Hpcor nnd his wlfo had
knelt In player whllo the officers
tttoorf' by with bared heads and
watched Mm progress of tho sancti
monious trial.
According to the officers, the Ilev-
erend Sprer and his wife both de
nied Knowledge of manufacture of
tho "choc." After a remit consulta
tion, hdVevor. they decided to settle
nil! matter in tne eyes or tno law
through prayer. At the end of 15
minutes tho wlfo arose anil said tho
"1ord told her sho was guilty." Ills
conscience affected, tho husband
also nroso and, according to tho of
ficers, admitting his guilt, said:
"Oh. Lord! Rather than mako my
wlfo out mistaken, l'sc do guilty onof
Tho negro Is declared by officers
to be an evangelist who has con
ducted several revival hero for
colored people. Suspicion was first
attracted to his homo because, ho
converted most of his disciples
Prosecute) Ijiuycr for Conspiracy.
' Hpftlsl to Tho Woild
MLSivUtiKH, .March u - t;nargcu
with conspiracy to cM,irt money
from an Indian whllo In Jail, J. Hugh
Nolen, attorney nt Okemah. will be
nrrnlgticd with about 40 others be
foro Federal Judge Hobert I.. Wil
liams here Friday. The list of thocvi
to bo haled Into court also includes
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. U Nay of Musko
gee, chnrged with fraudulent tiso of
tho malls In swindling negroes out of
thousands of dollars.
Nolen was indicted last November
nt ChlckABliH, He liu not yet been
arraigned. Tho affair took placo at
Okemah nearly two yeais ago.
Ilennlo Simmons. Indian, wns ar
rested for desertion from tho army
two years ago. Whllo In Jail the
lease on his allotment was sold
a 111.1 n named Parish for ft, (lot), loit
er ho wns released from Jail, when
ho agreed to let Jones and Nolen
keep the J1.S0O.
Arrested again Inst summer, Sim
mons told the story Mint resulted In
tho Indictment of Nolen. Simmons
has since been cleared of the deser
tion charge
Most of the 40 eases up for ar
raignment Krlilay grew out of the
p 0 up, 1 th" sandbar where the
1 mly will le cremated tomorrow
Onllnaiy builal Is Impossible bo
1 causa of the di'tompiised condition
(if the body, wh.li h had been In the
waters of the Arkansas rlvcr for
Mil en months
Mrs Jones Identified her bov by
two missing front teeth, which were
lot In babyhood. Other Identifica
tion wns practically Impossible
ShoioDalc Cancelled
two weeks ago motif 1 pt 1 tr. niiy 1 j,'ly lulured when n motor mrucK farn iOt Willi IfOllll
1 t.-.t HII... l'll..l fl.it.., i.ll... 1 ... II,. All. 1.1 lii.nl,. 1,, t ,1 I
iicnrii. i in i ii nit . i , i i iiiki, ' i i" ii' niii-ni "Mil ..,
appointment probably will bo made huspilal and now says ho Is unnblo
flist lirrnUHW or Ills teinpornry na- t,i resumn worK. lie is a noiu arrier
turo of the Job given last winter to and In M yenrs of age. Tho suit was
Charted W. Miller. If I.ee lose, he , i einoved from the TuPu district
will fight nlsnry ami other Harris ( ,,urt. The accident I mhl In nnvn
llHioinimenin 10 wio iiinii, u in mini n,'rurreo 111 iinnii ui'Miri-n iii.-iii.uiiu
Truost streets.
Today Mrs. Jones woiked Willi the
farmers of the vb-inltv to build the
pyre of wood nnd tinder. Tho body
still sy on Mm sandbar of the Ar
kansas, where It was discovered by
The father of the dead man-Is ex
pected to arrive beforo the funeral
sorleen tomorrow. Tho ashes or the
dond boy will be burled on the lonely
bank of the Arkansas north of Mc-1-aln.
rights for I'ltlcriil Appointment.
According to word received here
from Washington today and being
reported In tepubllcan circles. Pi.tnk
I.ee of .Muskogee Is losing out In his
fight for the Mulled States attor
neys Job for the Kaslern dlsttlct of
Oklahoma. The. position probably
win go to Attorney (liMVen of Pryor,
occause oi me opposition of the re
piioucan orgnniftatinn to the man
wnom the into Judge Italph Camp
iicii 11,1,1 nsKeu Henator Il.irri'1,1 to
Trees In Capitol Square.
Spuflnl tn Th Worlt
TALliQl'AJl, March IB In view
of the fact that practically all tho
orlglnul f oi est trees In tho old Cher
okee capitol suuaro hero have dis
appeared, duo to decay, many now
tree arc being planted. Most of tho
joung trees arc mnples, though I
some elms havo been placed along
nno of tho walks. Within a few
years, tho s'lllarc, which was laid
out In the early forties of tho last
century, will bo well shaded.
Lngliie Went Dcnd Hut Occupants
.Ttinip to Safety.
Sj. 'ii in Th World.
Mtl MIlIOHT. March IB. A sev
en pnsenner nutomohllo driven by
M's r. . Duncan of Snpulpa nnd
nm.ilnlng six lady passengers.
s'nMr,) on Mm Frisco crossing two
m 'S from that town Tuesday late,
in wax .struck and demolish! hv
'be engine drawing n train of tank
C'"i gning at nhout 2B miles nn
ni'ir Seeing that the car was
il'ii rnnl. the ladles clambered has
" "'it and (.ought refuge. No one
wis hurt but Mrs. Duncan lost $30
t i in.inev whloh she left In tho car.
T',n pnglno struck tho car broad
' l' ar,d carried It 00 feet, when
iti- urerk hurst into flames and was
nun niv consumed. Tlvi train crew
",l I'Ped and did what they could to
it Besides Mrs. Duncan's
r 'e two coats woro destroyed In
t'le fire.
Harren Pork Ilrldgcd.
HprlI to Tho World.
TALHQUAH, Murch 15. The
completion of tho steel bridge across
tho Harren Fork rlvcr, the largest
tributary of tho Illinois, now makes
It possible to travelers to pursuo
their way without delay. Heretofore
or. occasions when tho streams wero
nt n high stngn ot water It wns im
possible, to get Ticross either tho
Fork or tho Illinois, but both now
hnvo expensive and substantial
bridges. '
Itr-sumo Highway Work.
Hpfclnl lo The Worlit.
uii.to.n. March 15. work on n,
number ot the public roads leading i
from this city will bo resumed In
n short time nnd the county ex
pects to mnko a fnw changes In tho
outing of mm or two or them.
Quito n bit of work will ho done
on tho Albert Plko Highway be
tween this point nnd Mannford be-
tween now and the first of April.
Allege Attack on Teacher.
Special to The World.
cause ltnlph Uraber, school teacher
In district No. 46, this county,
"whipped two boys nttendlng his
school for Infraction of rules. It Is
charged that ho was set upon later
by big brothers of tho two and as
saulted, some of his assailants using
their fists nnd others a harness tUR,
As n result Kdwnrd Illlnn, Olimn
Dunn, Wnynn Dunn, Forest Dunn
nnd William Dunn h.tvo been arrest
ed. They pleaded not guilty In
Mil county court and hnvo be'en re
Iwistu on J 100 bond each, pending
Ii lul.
January grand Jury term here. Most name to tho place. I.ee Is being ii
of Ihn honrlticf will lu Ht fnr t !i i Hf Iced to make Mtirn nf tin tuitnlni
Tulsn, McAlester or Hugo terms ln(',r 0 Disney to superintendent of
April, May or June, it Is mild. nn mo civillieil trlbis, say polltl
clans imre If l,re was named, tho
Cremate! Sou s llody on IUter llaiy.. I organisation could not put over an
With tears In her eyes. Mis Ml- t P,Vjrr, lnce man. It is feared
rnnda Jones of Tulsn. ninther nf the 1 VIHI r " llow "l Washington pro-
i..... i.'.i t ...i .....i tectlng his atinriliitiiiriit. uMl.i
lain ..mi difiit-nr niinw liuiiv n,in . . .- - ... .
.found on a sandlur near hero yes- """?""' to tne nation s capital In n
terdav. Is lmllillniMho linVn funeral 'n..riiu save jus jon. which
Hideous J'rccklcs
Instantly Removed
In ti.iiny Inalnmra atur all nlhrr melhinta
fall ITrcUlfj Milh I hf tr nliooloua lirimii
tiili.r Kite n yrllimuh can In rven a
ynulhtut rony cnniplrnlon (in rid of hm
or iirivint Ihelr apiionraucn hy ualiiK
Drrwllln n alinple tiuli-t preputallon hlrh
la KiiaranUnl Hlninlulrly harmltm It will
not stltnulnte n growth of hair a many
fri hie rfmiivrra dn Drrwllln not only
rem. i frerklea. hut Instantly tieaulltlra
Lviiur co!iiplrlon aa wrll. . Let the ro.ee
bltmm furtlt un your cheeke unhampered
hy linilihlly frecklen, and na ehnrt eleevea
aro at pieeent In voue IWwIllo applied
lo tha linlujn and emit will prove a de
IhJit In thnee whose skin rontalna hlem
Ishra dt any description, llrrwllln la sold
In thla elty at all toilet rountrr of up
to ilain liruir nr department etorea under
Ilia Kuarantee that If you don't like t
they nlve nu hnck your money (let It
today from Quaker, Puritan and Itetall
i stores, Advt. e
1 wmM- I
(Irccn Hugs lilt .Miisl.nge.
Tho liny nreen bug Mint Is devas-
tntlng grain fields nil over Oklahoma
. -nnl,...l fllal.,tfAA ...ill, tit' l.lll
not yet Is making any serious In- Hcputy Sheriff Makes r00 Pond for
loads on Mm growing crop, accord ninl ncioiv uisinct oun.
Ing to -County Agent John while t v. ti. itrown. il.-ptn y sherirr nt
and J. M. Dally, formerly rountv . Hed Fork, charged with assault with
iitent. lloth mwi sav Mutt the bug tni. .it to kill upon C. C. Dolnn or
has been found In only a few sec-1 : 1 1 t -1 1 City Mnrili 4, was held for
linns of tho county, mostly around trlsl by district court nt tho clown
Haskell. , nf his prelim nnry hearing Tuesday
before Juiitlro 11. .1. tlray and was
Albert Sehamerhorn of Tulsa filed ' n lc ised on bond nf $Mio.
suit for 1 60,1100 damages In Pulled1 The rharire grew out of n fight ho
States district court today ngaltiHt tween the officer and Dolnn, Mis
the Knly railroad In connection with Litter claiming llrown seized half a
.in accident a year iirh In Mm Tulsa I in I k and beat the rnmpldlnnnt over
yards. He claims that he, was pcrnm tli- l, ml wllh the weapon
On tho grounds that Adolph Holm
nnd Tho I.lttln Symphony orehestnt
did not como here as advertised last
night J. O. Itelchel, under wln.so
nlisplcos tho show una lo have been
given, canceled the dato after tho
company had nrrlved here.
"Neither (Icorgn ltnrrere, con
ductor, or Saschn Jncohlnoff, assist
ant conductor, were with tho com
pany." uld Itelchel. "Thero was also
u substltnto harpist, I featured
theso artists In my advnrllsemeiiH
nnd when they failed lo nrrlvo r
promptly canceled the date."
Itcsldcnco Is Hanackcl.
After gaining ontrauco through a
cellar door, thieves sometime Mon
day night ransacked Mm homo ot
.Mrs. K. F. Davis, 638 North Donver,
nnd stolo an IHOO sealskin coat. Tho
robbery was reported to tho Qollce
yesterday mornltUT.
Ulertrlo Wnslicr
Phone Omiro nr Color r7-
F. B.Deshon&Co.
r.or Sim lit Main St.
One of Three Men Alleged to nnve
iicen in linn Kvcnt,
' 10 Till. WnrlH
TMILiKOt'AU. Mnmh IK CMm i.
fs I'rickctt. arrested nt Porum a
ie;v davs ngo. Is tine of thothreomcn
"eg. 'I by Henry Starr to havo been
"is niuanlons In the attempt to rob
'"i hmk of Hnrrison, Ark., on the
6h,,'tS'' " f whlch Stlirr was fa,nll'
n n, kett, who lived at the base of
no Indian burial nmund." a fow
h Km southeast of this, placo until
!f 'i 1)1 brother of two of tho
"'I t nown nnd respected farmers
or ih'i seetlon, but has been In
" "' on a number of occasions
inms, if no a ft man nf ppciiar
"p" i-ineo, short of Btnture,
I"" i v logged" nnd usually wears n
iroa i Riimbrcro and hlg-top boots.
Coniproinlsed on"S000.
FP" ' .' to Tho Worl.l
I'i,scV CMTVi March 15. AllOT
'I nt salt water, unearthed by
'r- ' M' tlon nnd Kmplro oil com-PiiM-s
m drilling operations, rnn on
mi rurm nnd faused considerable
a im.ii.-r- to crgps and livestock, Mrs.
jji.iKirio itonch of northern Kay
row , mi0ll , two Pompnnfa lri
in, it , .t ri, nnnpf fni t9K nno a (....
- 4X JUL
"iiiicieu in tno
' in i. when tho
(ilte the Stonmrli n lUillonnl Jleet by
1'rnprr Aid, Nut h llari.li Htnrtnllnn
tethods, fee Muurt'e Piepepstt
A sour stomach may Indicate an add
condition that rails (or an alkaline effect
This you will ifct from one or two
The Awakening of .
Lovely Springtime Foretold in Displays
of .
ense, ready
attorneys nn-
a compromise had been
Mrs. Iloach dismissed tho
aMng accepted $600 n full
Stunning and distinctive as they can bo, and in perfect harmony with
the spirit of the coming'Spring are these beautiful new arrivals, shown
for the first time at Lyons.'
We know you will welcome a cordial invitation to visit our
store at any time and see the newest creations and the smart
est footwear for the new season among them we might mention:
The" Sabot strap, ns Il
lustrated. French heels
or baby French heels;
turn soles; Skinner's
best snide, black r.atln;
Brooklyn made. A per
fect fitting last.
Priced at . . $13.50
A black kid one-strap
slipper; strap, Insert
and collar of b I n c k
suede; covered Frem h
heels; floxlbto Wilson
I'rorrss soles. Medium
short vamp; workman
ship innl materials ot
tho highest quality.
Priced at ,.,
. . . $10
Ktuarta DjapcpHi Tablets after a meal
Sour rlltnffl, naeeineas, h heavy bloated
feeling and such distress due to Indigestion
or dyspepsia nre usually only lempornty
And yet they may lead to rerious dis
order. Tho regular use of Stuari s Ilys
prpala Tablets after meals relucts to a
hlh degree tha Intelllient selection of
preventaUve measures.
One cannot always select or inspect the
iQuallty of fooiT to be eaten nor lis method
or manner of preparation Hut It Is
possible to avoid the result. And it Is a
far better plan toeat without w.rry over
what may happen, than to slarve for fear
It will happen. Many physicuna recom
mend these tablets tor Momai.li distress
due lo Indlgeitlon or dyspepsia.
They aro sold by all druuiflsts every
where at to cents a bli - Advt.
What to Do for
Take a good dose of Carter's Little liver
Pills then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after.
A few doses restore your organs to their
proper functions and the Headache and the
causes of it pass away. In the same manner
Thty rrgulate the Boweh and prevent Conillpalhn.
J&XXC 5"-n rill SssaD De; JD frit.
Brogue Oxfords
brown calfskin
leathers; English
walking, military nnd
Cuban heels; welt soles.
ICxqtilslto plnklngs and
Priced $7, $8 and $10
fiport Oxfords of
Nlln cloth with
black and brown
kid 1 e a t h c r or
patent leather
trimmings; I n w
heels, fioodyear
welt soles. Hand
lasted lliat In
BUres perfect fit
and comfort.
Priced at $10 and $12.50
The Newest Things in Hosiery, Always
Chiffon stockings In all tho now shades at J.l.fiO
I'liiln silk stockings with Halo tops In grays and brow mi at SI. '.Ill, $2, $2,50, and $.1
llrown and black all-puro nllk hoso with laco sldn clockings nt $5
Illack glove silk laco stripe, full laco and fllct net In lovely adorable, designs nt :!.,". 0.J I
New Taffeta Dresses
Decidedly Fashion's Favorite
New Taffeta Frocks
Beautiful new frocks of crispy, crinkly taffeta In
blue, gray, brown taupo and black.
Uvory desirable spring style is represented in this
showing tunics, overskirts, ragged ruffles scal
loped edges, (piaint basques, and so many other
clever cfi'cctH auto almost defy description $24.75
to 95.
A smart black taffeta frock has row after row of
tiny ragged rufflcx .running around the skirt, while
two pointed aide panniers havo ruffled edges, aa
have also the short sleeved. Tho tight-fitting
basque has a vest of dainty lace; n roll collar of fine
lace completes this altogether charming frock $55.
Henna Georgette, peeping through fhe eyelet out
work of this blue taffeta dress with its wide, full
skirt is the "distinque" feature. Dutch collar of
fine lace and henna ribbon at tho waistline finishes
the frock. Most moderately priced $55.
Third Floor.
A Special Offering of "La Goon"
and "Indestructible"
Pearl Necklaces
This Is a most unusual opportunity for
such flno necklaces as these nrn seldom of
fered at mile prices. They'ro of excellent
iiuallty, high mid beautiful luster, and nro
grouped Into-two loin:
"lm Coon" noil Indestructible" 1'rnrl
In lengths of 20 to 3fi Inches; graduated
pearls, 10-kt. solid gold clasp; would regu
larly sell up to 110 very special, 1. 11.1.
"InilcMriictlble" IVarl Necklaces
satiio (inallty, only pearls aro not gradu
ated In size. 10-kt. solid gold clasp, l!0-ln.
length; regularly IB.fiO very special, Sil.l.t,
Children's Sturdy Footwear
New "Educator" and "Mary
Jane" I'umpa and Oxfords for
children. They aro made of fine
quality leather, in patent and dull
leathers and in white canvas one
Btrap pumps. Fine wearing oxfords
are of brown, black and smoked
The children's footwear Bold here
is nil scientifically made, assuring
tho proper kind of shoes for grow
ing feet and arc most reasonably
priced at $4 to ?(J. Sizes 5Yi to 2.
Soond Floor.
Iin.IiK'li Iliingnlow Crrlontuw.
making nltrnrtlvn coverings for Hum
mer furniture; regularly 25c special, -Do.
Awning Ktrlpcd Duck.
20 Inches wide; very dcslrabln for tiorvh
furniture; In green, bluo nnd tun stripes 50o
j a id,
Miiln Floor.
Drapery Specials!
l.-.liuli Fllct NcIm.
In white, small and all-over designs; spe
cial, $1.00 yard,
.Kl.Incli' MaripilM'ttc.
plain nnd bordered luaniulsiittu III oi.ru;
special, -loo jnrtl.
Second Floor,
In all
Fancy Voiles, 50c.
tho now and wanted
shades and
I.lncii-Oilorcil Tiiblo Ituuncrs.
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27-lricIi Dlmlllrs.
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Kcnllo)C(1 Sheets. '
of good quality domestic, hand-cut scal
lops; slzu 81x90; regularly $2,35 special.
Main Moor. '
Short Lengths of Mad
ras, Nets, Swiss and
Other Draperies
Revival Sorvicos
lUINIlilll" 1-w
I 1 ayU!
Head Itched and Burned
Badly, Cutlcura Healed.
"I wis troubUM with dandruff and
r.cicmn for four years. My hrail
itched and burned so badly that it
was all eruptions where I scratched
it, and I wu unable to sleep at night.
My hair started to fall out, and there
wu a bald spot on the ilf-nt side of
my head.
"I read an advertisement for Cutl
cura Soap and Ointment and sent
for a free sample. I bought more, and
after I had used one cake of Cutlcura
Soap and one box of Cutlcura Oint
ment I was complmely healed in
three weeks." (Signed) Fred Smith,
3111 MdUnry St., Dahlmore, Md,
Make Curktira Soap, Ointment and
Talcum your (WJty toilet preparations,'
UrnjU Ihi n r Hsu. JUirM nauni, UW
MMWM, Ufl 1. Sm vff7.
wk-r. tc. l..t rv-nt u smJKK. Tumi X4,
CtotKura aol sUmf as witbiwt aBC
Resources Over $1,000,000.00
Over 2,000 people, most of them living in Tulsa,
have made it possible for us to attain this size by
placing their savings with us and we in turn lepd
ing this money to Tulsa people to assist them in
building or buying homes. Every dollar you deposit
here helps you to.save and the other fellow to get
a home.
6 to' 9lA
Paid on Savings
No Taxes and Under State Supervision
Let us explain our easy method of saving to you.
,Tulsa Building, & Loan
Tiil-iii 1,'nhm l.onn & Sin lugs .tA-nclnUon
8 East Fifth Street Phortc Osage 52S4

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