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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 16, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 6

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ThoiiKh Kniiiu winU lie Ktvon
lly lips t f i.t r tart fir ramial thought
may guide,
They .nnn.'t xivr my moiiI'h Infirmity
,i nvi ti i.f f in nun to move ll
i;rlut aside.
Uut von 11 Ions sllemn aharwl with
ISnrlches inn with strength and
f nlth to rise
Rafrmhad unil unafnlil, with will In
When nin friend understands,
I.lfo sallsflea.
--Cithnrlnn Cranmer.
'IVhIii 3 ' I;m'IIh,
Mesdatne Oinur Fraud Hlnka
iuiiI Karl Sneed ntf rlnln ut lea In
HltiKH liomo honoring Meadnniea
I'rnhk (1. Wood unit llnwiinl luy.
Mr. ltclnald Wnrrenrath, baritone,
will aim: In Convention hull.
Mrn. Jtobert l.en Diinlcl will give
firm of series of bridge luncheon
In tier home.
Mm. Hubert W. Whltnny will be
hoateag to A. O. Bridge chili mem
bers. Ils piirHiiir club rvill obi-f-guest
night nt American Legion
History and Literature flub will
meet with Mr a, C. I?. King.
Kcumonla club wilt meet.
Work tif Federation
Officials of tho State. Federation
nrn rerognltlng tho good of publltlly.
not only to call to arum women
of-Did state., but to relate tho deads
of Uh women. Tim followltiK Is n, bit
of both. Mrn. It. IC. Wooten, club
extension secretary, writes;
In ,tho absence of our president,
MrH. Pearson, I lutvn been naked to
nond you a meeaage. My work, ns
you ttnow, fa among tho near flubs
of tho stato, and to thfm morn espe.
dally tliln message Ih directed. Wo
luivo ninny new rluba In tho stato
Hint nrn not federated itml I urge
each nnd every onn to Join tho alatn
federation. Itemember, In . unity
there In atrrngth. I uni Rl.id to not"
ao many iiddltlruiH to thn federated
list, but wo need overy onn or Vou.
I am nnxlotiA to hcii every Delphian
rlub In tho Atatn u member of tho
federation. If you aro a now oluti
or ono of longer standing, enmo and
Join ha In making thn Oklahoma
Fodoratlon of Wotntin'H Clubs a
power for good In our state.
Mrn. J. C. Pearson, Htuto prCKlJont,
Xo (oncer may thn vice prealdeuta
of tlio Ocnernl federation rest Idly
on thulr honors. To sen that tho
2,900 iiKTlcilltliral counties of the
3,500 counties In tho United States,
(inch linA n woman homo domnnatra
tlon agent, nnd n atatn dairy and
(loultry woman Apiirlallnt: that each
(Muto legtslattuo mnkea NUfflclcnt up
prnprlatlon to inert thn fedornl np
proprlatlou under tho Lever net, nnd
that CO per emit of such fund in each
state, bo dnvoted to the development
of thn homo demgnatrutton work for
women In that Htate, In tho taak of
Mra. W. H. Jennings, f lrit vlro prca
Idcnt of tho fleneral federation anil
director of tho special department
on homo demoiiAtrntlnn work,
nin IS southern states Including
nklahomn. nlready havo 1,000 liotnn
demonstration agents, whllo the as
northern HtateH InB behind with only
240 agcnla. MrH. It. P. Whlto. atatn
chairman of honin iio,oiioinlc, will
Hervn uh director for thn Oklahoma
Htato federation, (loth MIhh Crnneln
llrowno, who Iiiih latoly iiNnumed
chnrRo of the homo demoiiHtratlnn
HRentH under thn exteiiHlon dlvlalnn
nf. tho A. and M, collepn, nnd Mrs.
Wilto will work cnthutilaAtlenlly for
cn-oneratlon of urban and rural oIiiIih.
AVhllo It la truo that tho city club
hna a Hpcclal problem, tho amnll
town club another, and thn rural
another, It Ih aim) truo that nil oluba
whether located In n city, it hiiiiiU
1o,wn. or tho country, havo many ln
teresta In common. Tho Federation
ofWomen'H oluba offers thn beat
medium for women of every plncn,
overy rreed, nnd overy occiipntlon to
counaut tOBether. Wo Invito tho rural
clubn to fedrrato with ua.
Thin Ih tho tlmo of jrar to awat
the fly anil InaiiBiirato clean up daya.
Hoth In tho Intercut of public health
nnd for economln reaaniiH no ahoubl
increune our efforta to exterminate
f Hps. Io you remember that Inst
fall f Hen killed rattle and made It
impoaslblu for farmora to ua horaca
nnd tnulea In their rlelda?
Tho llolp Ono Another club of
TiiIaIa wna omitted from tho venr
book. Mra. Frank Weldmnn la prra
Idont. Thn followliiK aro new oluba'
Heaver Mothera rlub, Mrs. Mae
Kicked, prealdcnt ; Clib-knalm Deliat
InK club, Mlaa Merle Klder, prcaldent:
JonnlnRH Youiir Matron'H club Mra
Marlon McFarland UelRnl, president
When thlH letter la publlahed vmir
prealdcnt ho)ta to be at her Rlrlhond
homo, Hloux City. lna, partly for
iv much needed vacation, but mostly
to help donor tho fiftieth auulver.
aary of tho niiifrltiKc of her father
Hnd mother. I expcit ti return
Mnroh 10. Mrunwhlle our vlenpreH
Idnnt, Mra. It. K". Woolen, la In
chargo of onr work.
to take urt in an ihiht k f "llvlriK
(iltlurea," to be Klveh April 'i'i. por
traying famutia hhitnrliil ihaiuctera.
The actora for ttiit IWIhr picttltea"
nre rboaen by the viiiIkiia atalo hlH
toilana of the D. A. It- Mr. M. II.
Uowria of KnpulpH, Ukiaboma'a atati)
hlatorlan, hna Juaf iiitmed Mlaa lloli
Iiihoii for thin pli lifting honor. MIm
Itolilnauii la the KramldauKlltAr "I
Mra. (. MrCoy of Till"", a formor
rrirent of the local chapttir. Her
father, .1. II. Koblnaon or Tiilan. wilt
attend tho perfoi maner of "llvlnit
plotting'' In which bla ilaiiRbter
taken prut.
Informal I'aiti.
Mrs. Kredeilck l Walter onter
Uilned h Hmall Rroiip of Kimaia In
Iht lioine on Houth 'licyeuiiB live
nun yeaturdiiy uftornoon, coinpii-
innntary t ,Mra John ltotra a re
rent brble, botiora nlao belnir ex
temlfxl to Mlaa 10 V ln Ktcaeo of
MldlothlBti, Texaa, tlm KUCft of lii
alator, Mra. Karl ('. Harwell.
Illrtbday raitt
Mia. ('. ,1. ('allnbnn will fiilirl.tln
A rompAiiy tf i lilldi n, Him WidiKH
day iifterniioii, Iihikiiiiik thn fmiith
birthday annlvciaarv her nirmll
dallKhter, Mary Hllxiibmli. Juat thi
Ititlinnto frlemlH of thin youn lad
will bo included In the party,
.Itinlor HadiiNMili DaiK'r.
Olio of tho pleiiHUi eublii events of
tllla eVcnliiK will be thn Informal
dunce Klven by thn .Junior H.'uliiHa.ih
aoclety In thn anclal rooma a'
Templo larael. A iIoIIkIiWiiI pro
Brum will bo iiaaorluted with thla,
the Initial affair itlven by the yotitiK
tti HitdaeMih hoi'lety.
Kororlly .Mcetlnc
Ivnppit Kappa (lumiiiii aororlty will
meet Haturday Afternoon with MIhh
Mary Ilurtnn, 1137 Houth i;iln nv
cntle, nt 3 o'clocft.
Honor riiicNla N'aincit,
' Mra, J, II. I'. Hopklna will have
her RiieatA thla woek her alatera,
Mra. H. 10. Hnrrla nnd Mrn, .1 I)
Adr rill, both of Columbus. Ivan
Theao ladlon will ahnro hontyH wlMi
MitK l.hih'r (! in I if HI. Ix)Ula At
tin- brlilK' IuikIii'iii wbl I) Mia
Hopklna and Mra. A (I linker will
Klvi) I'rblay In tho Hopklna home.
lloiKirlim Thi i .Mnlron'i.
Mra. Varlcy ll. Houaton ba
iinintd I'Tltlny, Murch IS, aa n time
In which aim will honor Mra. W. IC.
Ilnri.iird of OkmulBiie, her KUt-at and
Mra. W, '.. Mlllor u newcomer to
tho city, at a hrldico luncheon In her
home, on Muonn Vlata uvrniia.
V, T. V.
fteKiilnr meatlnK of thn Nortbnliln
W. C. T. V. will bo hold Wedneaday
nfturtioon at 2..10 o'ebxk with Mta.
I,. A. Hunt, 21 North Hlwood
h'lnia l'r'iiii WnahlnKlon Mra. lton
aoiti will ri) to Hxeter. Maaa to vlalt
her aon, Mr. Mortimer Wnnaom. uho
la attendlnR l'hlllp ISxoler aidemy.
Mra. Itanaom will return to Tulan,
via New York Hlty nnd Toledo, Ohio,
VraoinZ Mention
Mr H. W. fllnclalr loft reeoutlv
for tho t'liHt where alio roi a to allt nil
the chrlatnliiK of ono of Km flln
clnlr nblpa at an oaatern port, when
her (InflKlitar, Mlaa KathNen Mlncl.llr,
will officiate m thla Important cur
otnony. Mlaa Hlnclalr la a atudent
at a ulrla' athool In WifahlnBtorr:
Mlaa Omen Hteward baa returned
to thla lly after apendliiR tho put
three innntliH In 151 I'uho, Tnxna. Kn
route home Mlaa Hteward atopped
over for n vlalt to tho famllv of Mr.
and Mra. Carl C. MnRei' of Albu-fiieriUfi,
Mra. H. T. Wnbb of Webb Pity.
Mra. OeorKe M Hni.aom left Uat i ' vlalt InB In r mother, Mra. J.
m..im,.Iiiv for Indlniinnolla. Inil . i I t 'nrpetiy In the home of Mr. and
mi fine to Wai-hli,toii. 1). V . where , Mra. J Wiirrwn Handera,
ah' will iitlerd the nutituial mietlliK
Mra, Hint Mooro hna returned
from Chit hbo where aim haa been
of th iKMi.iiifU.n. Cullecmto Aturn-
iiiu nt n repit ki ntiitue frim Oklu-
Klrctrlo Wnabcr
l'lioun Oku bo ur t'lilar TtVi
F. B. Deshon & Co.
A05 Koiltll Main St.
Walk Upstairs and Save a Dollar
Children's Pumps and Oxfords
In vitriuiiH ilrjMiKiiH. Just
the stylos they witnt.
Coino up nnd let ua
Hhow thcin to you.
IJltick or brown kid or
patent M a r y J u n o
Pumps, h i z o s 5 to
,V'.l?':?.0.; $2.15
Patent Instop Hlrap or Mary Jnnc C0 HTL
Punipn, aizuH 81. to 1 1, at $2.25 to D- I O
Sizes 11 Jj to 2 (30
at $2.50 to pO.OtJ
Patent or Gun Metal, plain or'
buckle PumpH, nW.cs 12 to 2. ...........
JSarcfont Sandal.s, ai.cs 5 to 2,
$1.25 to
Play Oxfords, aizea 5 to 2,
$1.45 to
Growing Girls' Oxfords or Pumps
Patent Pumps, .sizes 2'i! to
3:50 $4.50
Black Kid rtQ or
Oxfords tPOOt)
Brown Kid or Calf Oxfords,
$4.50 to
Hlack Kid, one-strap fl
Pump tpfl:
Thean atyloii have real low IiooIb and nro rapeclally suited for
tho htowIiik Klrla. nro atyllah and aervlceablo and prlocd to navo
you 75 tentn to 2 n pair. Thoy nro real value.
Now located upstairs, New Alexander Bldg.
20912 S. Main St., between Second nnd Third Sts.
Lot you forget, Grand Opera March 21 and 22.
This Ten-Day test
costs you nothing.
Simply mall the
coupon. Then watch
the delightful effects.
Do This
Then see if your friends notice
prettier teeth
Many UcIcotIcn ('nuiliiu,
Mlaa laabel Fonda, chairman of
tho conuillttco making rem-rviiltons
for delefcMtva to tho Mate confernnce.
nnuirhtera of tho American Revolu
tion, which convenea here Friday.
Jtarcll 1$, In tho public library, uu
nounaca that tho attcndaiHe win he
u larRO oni many deirRatea mi
liounciiiB their Intention 1,. be here.
These doloeatfB will ar.lvo Thurs
day ao na to attend the "ponlng func
tion which will bo u InilUant rocep
tlon hold Thuradny evening at tho
honid of Mr. and Mrn. John II.
Meuno lit Mnplo ltldBe.
JIonorH for Tulha (Url.
Olio ot tho prcttlcat courtealen of
tho Continental conBri-Bs of tho
Pauehtorti of tho American Itcvolu
Hon, to be held In Wnahlnnton In
April, will bo accorded to u young
Tulaa Slrl, MUa JUno ltoulimon
Mlaa Itoblnaon, who la aitendlnu
Mount Vornon aomlnary, hua boon
choata ua OKlahoma's rtprescntntlvo
Make th! pleaiant tn-dy test.
See whit It does (or your teeth.
Then judge for younelf by the
clear results how much this
method nuini.
Millions of people have thui
found way to whiter, cleaner,
aafer teeth. And you will alio find
It. "
It fights film
This method combats the film
on teeth that viscous coat you
feel Film is the teeth's great
enemy. It clings to teeth, gets be.
tween the teeth and stays.
Brushing In the old ways does
not end this film. And most tooth
troubles are caused by what is left
Film absorbs stains, making the
teeth look dingy, It Is the basis of
tartar. It holds food substance
which ferments and forms acid. It
holds the acid In contact with the
teeth to cause decay.
Millions of germs breed In It.
They, with tartar, are the chief
cause of pyorrhea, Very few peo
ple have escaped these troubles
caused by film.
Two new methods
Dental science has now found
two methods to fight film. Many
careful tests have proved their
efficiency. Leading dentists every
where now advise their dally ue.
' The methods are embodied In a
dentifrice called Pepsodent. Other
factors, now considered essential,
are Included with It
Pepsodent combats the film with
every application. It keeps teeth
highly polished, to film lest easily
It also stimulates the salivary
flow. That Is Nature! great tooth
protecting agent. It multiplies the
starch digestant in the aativa, to
digest starch deposits which so
often cling and form acid. It mul.
tiplies the alkalinity of the saliva,
to neutralise the adds which cause
tooth decay.
ThAis every use brings five de
sired effects which old methods
failed to bring,
The modern Way
Pepsodent Is based on modern
research. It does what authorities
now regard as essential. Half the
world over it Is displacing old
methods, largely by dental advice.
Send the coupon for a 10-Day
Tube. Note how clean the teeth
feel after using, Mark the absence
of the viscous film. See how teeth
whiten as the film-coats disappear.
Watch all the good effects. The
book we send will tell the reason
for them. Then decide If this
method, in your family, should
supersede the old. Cut out the
coupon now.
The New-Day Dentifrice
The scientific film combatant, approved by modem authorities'
and now advised by leading dentists everywhere to bring five
desired effects. All druggists supply the large tubes.
10-Day Tube Free
Dfpl.ll, 1104 S.Wb.h Ay.,Chlto,ni.
Mail 10-Day Tube of Pepsodent to
Ontf oat tab It fimllr
v a tlriir homefuik and friends for
etvrrul weeks.
Mra. A. J. II. CarncKlo oinceta to
have tho lattnr part of tho week
for Kansaa City to visit her par
ent, i;r. and Mrs. J. M. Court-right.
Mra. James A. Chapman left last.
nvcnlnir for Waxahatchlo, Texim, to
vlalt Mr, Uhnpmnna parents, Mr.
and Mra. 1. A. Chapman.
Mra. Clifton It. Downy spent tho
paat week-end with rclatlvea In Jop
lln, Mo.
Mr, and Mra. William Copp, Who
have been ape;idlnR tho winter In
Florida, have returned and aro at
Hotel Kctchum.
Mra, If. W McCoy left a, few dayi
ago for a visit to aouthern California.
4. J If 1 1 ,.M I
uiucriiHiiifj in vii mm vui
VI J f (flit; o j .Miivu
Advertisers and prlntem can both
benefit by co-opcratlon Ouy C. Me-
Wllllama, accreUry of tho Tulaa;
Typothe.tao, told membera of the Ad 1
club ut tho wockly luncheon at Hotel
Tulaa Tuesday noon. McWIlllama'
talk dealt mostly with tho relation ,
of tho printer to direct mall adver-1
tlHlnir. Tho printer should be con
aulted whenever tho advcrtlacr la In
doubt, be durliired. as thla co-opora- !
tlon freriuontly leads to auBKeatlona
that Incrcaao t,hu advertiser's busl-neaa,
Itohert A. Mclllmey
Funeral Director, 021 H. Main.
J'hnnes O'liKn 191-tBfi. Advt.
lltrakfl l'K by Jump.
As ho Jumped from a Jitney on
North Lewla, near the HprlnKdale
acheol about noon yesterday, W. C.
Wadu, 30 yoara old, rraldlnir at 1203
Kant HodKe. lost hta footing, mum
bled, fell and broke Ilia leg. Ho waa
taken to thn Oklahoma hospital,
where laat night ho was aatd to be
To Those Women
who think the proper care of tho comploxlon, tho hair and th
hands as Important as proper grooming and what woman does
not the Delccta lleauty Salon makes an announcement of vital
We. apeclallze In facial contoura, scalp treatments, acne, pimples
and blackheads. Tho Dolecta way of treating the skin is by tno
latest Improved and moat scientific method.
Wo olao do Hair Dyeing tho aatlsfactory way, soft water shampoo
ing, marcel waving and water waving.
For Appointment Call Cedar 2531
Delecta Beauty Salon
32012 South Main
Over Woolworth's
Hunts Daily Store News
VOL. Ill
NO. 16
Great Progress Continues With-
Fabrics of splendid quality, in a wide range of colors and patterns, admirable
for the new clothes you are planning for immediate wear and early spring wear.
Prices are so drastically reduced that they give no idea of the values.
Scheduled for Today Another
Sale of
House Dresses
Choice of
Four Styles
200 Dresses in this lot, all splendid-wearing, service
giving Gingham Dresses, sizes 36 to 46.
Straight-line, models with fancy collars, fitted waist styles with
belts'; lovely pockets of the namo material add adornment
nnd UHefulneas. Others with pretty embroidery stitched col
lars and trim belts and- ho on. Ah to materials, stripes, wide
and narrow; plaids, large and small nro represented in u great
variety of eolor combinations. Thero Is also a UrRe assort
ment of plain chambruy gingham aprons In this sale.
Our buyer was particularly fortunate when In the market last
week In eecurlne such uiiuhuiiH vulurs every Rarment belne
mudo to sell at considerably moio than our
Special Sale Price $1.95
Hunt's on Mnln lJrtern Tlilnl nnd Tourt Streets,
40 In. Channelise In quite a
number of deslrablo aprlnR
shades; 4 quality. Special
price, yard,
3$ In. Foulard tiilka In splendid
collection of new sprint? chadea
and designs. The 2,.S0 quality
In this sale for, yard
A 10 Discount
A uniform discount ot 10
per cent will be Riven on
all silks In our entire stock
nbt especially ' mentioned
In this list during this
Pre-Kaster silk event.
36 In. Wash Satins, white, pink,
flesh and light bluo; excellent
quality for drops and lingerie.
8pecl.il price, yard,
It In, Silk 1'opllnn; shades navy
blue, light gray, golden brown.
Tekln blue and dark brown,
$1.50 quality. Special,
One. lot of solid color Georgette
Crtpos In ii number of good
shades; to close out the lot,
One lot of plain and fancy Pon
era Kllks and Silk Popllna; val
ues up to IS. 25; to close out the
lot, special prlco,
30 In, Kimono and Llnlnff Silks in floral designs In
aasortod shades. Special price, per yard,
36 In. Silk Topllns In golden brown, copen hlue, light
gray, marina blue and dark brown; (1.50 quality.
Special price, per yard,
36 In. Jacquard Tussah Silks In assorted designs In
pink, tan, old rose, Pekln blue, white and others;
J 1,60 quality. Salo price, per yard,
Cheney's Kimono Silks and Satlni in attractive,
showing of Japanese, floral and butterfly designs;
colors;. $3 qualities. Special, this sale,
Cheney's Foulards In beautiful collection of new de
signs In moat popular spring shades; 40 Inches wide.
Special price, this sale,
Satin Imperials and Francnlae, a very lustrous, hand
some allk fabric; 36 Inches wide; In all tho wanted
shades. Special price for this sale, per yard,
40 In. Satin Charmeuse and Crepe Satins In good
ranffs of new and desirable spring shades: $4.60
and S qualities. Special price, per yard,
nose Blow, Calcium and Paulette Satins; fabrics ot
wondorful finish and luster. In light gray, castor.
Henna, brown, navy blue, turquoise, coral and black;
the $6.50 quality. Special, per yard,
40 In. Paulette Crepe Chiffon Cloths In all popular
new shades for spring; the regular 12.50 quality.
Special price, this sale,
Corcan and Shlkll Wash Crepes In the desirable
shades for lingerie. Special price,
Flo-Ho Wash Crepes in white, llsht blue and maize.
Special price, per yard,
36 In.- Silk Trleolette and nenlsotte In navy blue,
teal brown and black. Special price,
One lot of 3 In. Chiffon Taffeta Silks In quite a
number of light and dark shades; values up to $3.
To close the lot, price, per yard,
36 In, Messallna Patina In complete rolor assort
ment; splondld quality. Priced special for this sale.
Kxtra heavy Satin for spring coats In gray, dark
blue and black; a very handsome fabric; $7.50
quality. Special price,
40 in. Kdvelty Georgette Crcpo and Crcpo de Chine
Walstlnca in very attractive new designs and color
ings. Tho $3,98 quality. Special price, ,
The $4.50 quality, special price, m
32 In. Crepn de Chine and Broadcloth Shirting Silks
In pretty stripe patterns. An extra special price,
40 In. Pussy Willow Taffeta In light and dark shades.
Special price, yurd,
40 In. Brocade Crepe and nudlum Silks; light blue,
pink, rose pink, French bluo and whlto. Special
price, yard
36 In. fancy plaids, checks and stripe Chiffon Tul
feta Silks in combination colors; light and darkk
grounds. The $3.50 quality, special,
$4 quality, Bpeclal. '. $3,14
Figured Bilk Poplins In very nsat small designs in
assorted dark shadra. The material, as well as tho
shades, will make a wonderfully servlreabln dress;
36 Inches wide; the $1.76 quality. Special, this sale,
per yard,
Ceorgette Crepe In Plrette and peek-a-boo; everlast
ing cepe, measuilng 40 Inches, with solid colors;
almost every desired shade In qualities that Are suro
to please.
Tho $2.25 Crepa reduced to $1.98
The $2.C0 Crepo reduced to , $2.10
Main Street, Ilctwccn Third and Fourth

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