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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 17, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 9

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,D, THURSDAY, AIAKCH 17, 1021 9
1. t
f !.. M-th lm
orKilliirr ( K il
New Friends for Ireland,
Sought in Memory
of St. Patrick ,
Joln lv' owned
trus a i f l. . i,
I'm- flu! w
etmrrh will bo
noma Chumi i i'll"Bi- nf .Iih t
fruity of Tulsa no ni to On the full
work of an A-Ktuite co-eiliuatlcitiii'
college and t'i mho esre of im spw
... 1 fnnirr 111 llMlton 0 denominational Interr.ls. All
Hi'Milo Created in Uiuuca- n.KUni ,.,.,, Wlirk ,. ,,,.
- . 1 I? 1 f ..... . .... . . I . . I... I ..... . ....
IlOll.W V 1 1 L I vn vLi ,,U. that Is profusions! sod set,
AnnOlinCCmenl mcnl dtin m n-n ami nil otu.Iv l
- I yoml th ftcshmnn, N.iphtinri, .bin- ; . . ", ... .
I l.ir niu senior rlsi". will he ilmic The Kmcrnld Isle will ! n .. m
MMln TO nlUUT ennW 1,1 't.nimt.n. under Urn name of t he , 'reu neiivpiy icuiay i- iiic.ni.. . s m
SYNUU U Vlttl OUUIN t'niverMty of Tulsa, the Tulsa elmpter of the Aim , , at.
. Assoc int on for t in Iteriiirnlttnti of
tho Irish Itefitihlte lv i vlttormm
wide cnnmslffti for n tnll'lmi mem-
Acclilciii In Willed I'liinu Tuner Wax , hers heln pushed In rclehnit',11 nf
Killed I'luixolduhle, I :" It. , HI. I'ntihk's tiny. Til." Tuls.i trip
iiit'!i Sny. I tor linn 300 members, A. I-' Hnni'V
Tho doily of W. A. Jlcti.1ers.in. C. president, ftnti'.l last tilrht. nnd
..i..H.. I......K .!. .i. tlio objective of tli campaign Is
in. ml In.fmiMv kill,, I Tuc.ilnv nlulit
on id" ir ml Kih'Iiiks ronil when a
. 1 .I.l. 1... II f.n. .1. ......
,1 n, ll-l hlllllll llf Ihlt I'OU- I lie .4a.i1.... U4...1 Unrli,a
" " m t .. . 1 '".' . "" """." . "l,,l," M..... I ......... 11. .l. M 11
lUMgr.iiiii) ii inu rronii- ; crashed into i bleyeln which lio whs ".'"' '. ;.' ,,',,;, " V.
Southern .Mcinimmi r , WnK limt n lit it In kn to .Ion. I """ "' '
lln, Mil, tlip tniin'H lintno for Inter
mriit. 1 Ii'IiiIoik in for tlio laft two
yonr li.m llvi-rt In Tuliw lint n Wlfi"
nn1 two rhllitreri, who live lit ,l0illtl,
survive dim
DurliiK IiIh oJoiirn li-rp, tdo mim
IibiI llvptl ii flrvrrnl liotrlH mnl room
Inn hiiimi-H ntul novel nl of IiIh ne
h, hoolH to nvolil all unrte ( iiumIihiiii, i n lit lh.it lie alu . vi mi-
ami unliti'nwnry uuimcii- . tii-nreu HKntiv mentniiv iinii.tlaio en
i,i Irlnh IteplllillC dv i vlti.r
CampaiBns Will I'robab- ( DRIVER IS CLEARED JTpM, TTrtTC pm.
i;Miilt; New Chartor Hc
if.' Whipped Into Shape
in iimllnK of u Htonu In "i
, iuncH " ever-wldPlilliK rlr-
Miiiie. no annoimeiiiient of
.mil Soilthe
In llif fnlvprmty of Tuma
' ,y mit-eml beyonil the
of Tulwl over un M-r-g
...in, in I ho form of upoken
i r .mil t elegm til", were xcem
s miii' leaelloti, mill that fi
I'niiii the nUUlilpullit of
riif Htntn l worklnit for
IS.ono inrmlierti.
.llemlpil dv 13. P. N'ontmn, ltn plmlr-
innn. n eornntlltpo mmln no or r. n
is I
atu '
J. V
of .
i.nililliiKH mill ilepiirtinent
i,i, ii.ni mnl to form one ki-o.u
hi wnH iionoiinp il I
whlli from tliu iel.liiu
M Hie co-opi'i'iiuon in ii'imii
, in ti eilileatloii wuh iiaineil
,,i thy.
I'wo CaiiipiilKiii to Start.
Into effect of the first
, the co-oporatlve Jiliili, thnt
nt campaign In thin city for
ivimity of Tulsa, will follow
i a of the plan by tho Synotl.
l'leshy terllili doily of thy
o he c.illoil into special sen
,arly us pusslhle. JuiUo V.
i.iin". ntithor of the iloeument
animation with tlio nehool uu-
will explain the aoeuuient
S)noil, whoso rut Mention 1
Ih eertuln. inner one
the 1'rpnbylerlan iiiM
ii hut Institutions will wnce a
.1.1.11 for 2i nrnn of Ktounil for
uviisitty of Tulsa, anil fumU
.me Reneral nilliiiiilstrutli'ii
: to be known n Tulmi linll
Hi lare of the business of doth
,. - .mil for other equipment to
, J in common.
i.unp.Ugn will probably bo
the Joint direction of K. A.
mi, leprehcntatlvo of the Ken
,u(l of cduiatioii of the Pros,
.in church, who has been ile-
i ." promotional work tor me (
1 1 -illation, anil of a represent,
uf iho M. K. church. Other
: lie ilone In common will be
am- (I nt? or tne present dinner oi
the- i oivcislty of Tulsa Into a new
ch ir r anil may bo sencllni; of n
rcpitsu ntativo to study tho co
opi'ami; operation of the denom
na; ml institution which mako up
Ti r o collego In Canada, Htid n
,.- pi rsonal iircsentatlon of the
c im- of tho university by Dr. J.
M. i, i ilon, president, and Ulshop
K 1' M'iuzoii to Uoekefoller anil
i'. 'i k-i, fo&ndalluii heads in the
( hartpr Helns nnl Up.
Tie charter of Henry Kendall col
loco Is to bo rci'Inntatcd as tho In
it.iution will retain ltli historic
nan., and will fune.luir as Henry.
Ken, la. I college of the I'nlversuy of
Tu.i-j Tho charter for Oklahoma
I'eis' r collego is now being formu
laic 1 and will bo applied for upon
app val. Under a third charter
the a institutions will co-openue
In t , fnlverslty of TiiUa. to be
I Ow,
be ,
tit 'I
In ,
n, i
Mrs. Leonora Wanner will rM all
places where parties In i ed tir-itdm
of Ht. Pitrlck's dav are drlni: tlvetl,
and will seek to enUM tde pirt, l
pmits In th emise thev rppreser.t dv
sriirlm? them ss tnemln r of tdo
Tulsn dratieli of the tiatlonnl hi I
ntlon. The nirmbershlti odjertlves. ellv,
state nnil nntlnnrn. nre to ! nride
Severn! i'v. w ltnem.es to I iPiidi'itoti's 1 ' ','. "wei'iiey Maieu. ny Jinr.-n a.
dentil s.il.l that the a. Id. nt was iin-lw'1,f'' llmn '" nntln iM . o,n , ton
avoldiliie " tno """"emtlon will ln li,l,l In
' ICIilenRo. A speelnl l'liltinan cirrv-
liiK Oklnliom.i delenati'S will d iVP
etiflit Tulsn pnseiiRerH. nmotu: tlw m
Mr. mid Mrs- Sweeney. Other dele
Kates have not ns yet been cd i Ided
upon Mr. ItvlntidH, imtlminl nri'in
Izor. was In Tulsn yestenUy innklnt;
nrrnnRenienls for the transpnrtatlon
of Tulsn and Oklnhomn deb-Kates.
Tim usual display of Minmrneks
and tho green emblem of nuld Ilrln
predicts the eustomary colorful ert
servanen of fit. Patrick's day today.
Tho shamroek, however. In these
days of perversion of naturo to ef
fects wonderful to behold, shares
donors with tlio green carnation.
Stanford Men Will
Welcome Geologists
At n luncheon yotoMlny nt tho
Kennedy restaurant, alumni of l.o
kind Stanford university formulated
plans for the welcoming of Stanford
giaduates coming to attend the geol
ogists' convent Inn here this week.
It was decided thnt should time per
mit, n lunch will be given for tho
visiting Kiniiford men next Saturday.
Tho luncheon w-ns exceptionally well
attended anil developed the fact that
there ate n considerable number
of men in Tulsa and tho vicinity from
the western university. The meet
ing was attended by several out of
town graduates as well as the local
Slanfoid men.
ltegular luiirhcotwt are now being
held at tho Kennedy retnuratit on
the first and third Wednesdays of
each month.
rre-Iii"ler Knugclltl
.Vt I'lrty .MeinlH'is for Innvli. i
I're-Kaster evangelistic services at
tho Second Presbyterian church i
have resulted so far In tlio presen
tation of 56 people tin fore the se.
slon for church membership, sev
eral In addition to this number com
ing forward last night.
Speaking on "The Clroot Decision,"
llev. W. H. Murphy, .Ir., mid
Wednesdny evening: "A man must
choose to serve Clod or the devil. A
man can't cliooso doth. Thero nro a
lot of confessing Christians who try
to servo Ood and tho devil, and as a
Christians outside tho church who
result make a poor Job out of Serv
ing doth. There may bo a fow
nro out because of Ignorance, but
there aro not going to bo more poo
nlo In heaven than tho sum total
of all our church members. In fact, J
thero will ho lees pcoplo In heaven
than tho sum total of our church
members, ecauso tho few people
outsldo the church who go to h liv
en won't mako up for tho peotilo Ir
sido tho church who are going to
Anna WciimI Will Speak
AnoriiiMiii at ('itiiilcl.
Mrs. Anna Wood, wife of Colonel
cleorge W'nul. of the southwestern
chief division of tho Salvation Army,
will explain the work of the Hume
tc'aguo of the Army to women at
the loral citadel in 2 o'cloc k Thurs
day afternoon with n view of organ
izing here, Mrs. Wood Is dii'rlct
head of the Home I.enguil W'.rk.
wbli h combines sociaMe anil service
activities for women, both mctndcrn
l"i"ii'U's .f nnd outride the Army.
Dort Pass
The Hat
"Get a policy, and
then hold on to it. It
means self -respect;
it means that nobody
will have to put some
thing in the hat for
you or your depend
ent ones if you should
be snatched ;i w a y
from them."
Grover Cleveland
Oct tlio policy from me. I'lione
Onu;c 117 or 1128
The surest way to reduce the
cost of hauling is to keep your
equipment in constant operation.
Overspeeding and overloading
are false economy.
White Trucks' ability to stay '
in active service, day after day,
month after month, year after
year, is one reason why they do
the most work for the least .
TULSA: First nnd Denver Streets
Crepe tic Chine
Exccptionnlly good vnl
lies in t'lcsh only lncc
nnd ribbon tiiniminR.
Jlff House Dresaes
213-215 S MMN STREET
BolU'd, I o n it sleeve
models 1 fine q u n I i t y
$1.50 nnd $5 values
P re-Easter
25 Beautiful New
New taffetas, crepe do chines and Keoi'Kotte models, one of
a kind. Sizes 1G to -10.
Don't miss aeeinir these for here ia an opportunity to pur
chase a dress at tar
Very special today
chase a dress at far better than their real value. (100 ft A
lay at $Uu,03
New Spring Suits
at Prc-Enster Sale Prices
Ah JQt I
$35 lo $40 Values
Fifty attractive new suits, includinp; both
slock and specially purchased models that
will surely sell and please every woman who
sees thorn.
Tricotlnes and Sitrcs in a alaxy of dis
tinctive stylos. Sizes 1(5 to -12. During this
sale only at ?i!n.fiO.
Keconil Ploor
Sei'onil l'loor
Silk and Cotton Kimonos
One Lot of Satin J
About 25 in the lot all
brisht, pretty, flowered pat
terns. All new and different in
every respect, and just the
garment for you riht now.
Very special during this
sale only $9.90.
Cotton Crepe
Kimonos at
$4 nnd $5 Values
Neat figured designs of good
quality crepe; largo assort
ment in all sizes.
Reootul l1oor
100 Little Gingham
Play Suits
for Boys nnd Girls 2 to
6 Ycnra Special,
Made of good quality ging
ham, in all colors.
A regular $1.50 seller and
one of the very best kinds of
suits for the kiddies. Short
sleeve and round neck styles.
Four Dozen
Silk Camisoles
$ 1 .49
Thoso pretty now camlsolcn have just arriVed
nnd to see them will moan a now cnminole for
you for they aro priced remarkably low. They
are of wash satin and crepe de chine.
Second floor
Department Has B
Hosiery Reduced
een Include!
I in Our Pre-E
Silk Hose, $1.49
Onvi mnl ch.iiiii.ati linn sib. he
nnd ttrny lisle lop. Hpci Ml, fji A Q
I're-Kasier halo rDX.lt
$5 Embroidered Silk Hose, $3.45
A new number In einltroldered hose, very
fine silk, black with lnk and Kieen
. $4.75 Silk Hose, $2.95
This number Includes Kayser, Wnyno
Knit nnd Onyx (wuh the polnlex heel)
biands. black only, tlio finest silk; reitu
latly J1.76. l'ro-Kasttr K.ilo (JJO AC
prlco Di,JO
$3 Embroidered Hose, $1.98
Orny. brown, and black, silk llslo top,
embroidered in saiue and different cobirs,
icrulnrly J3. I'r.-Kasler fljl QQ
sale price DJL.t0
$6.50 Kayser Lace Hose, $4.50
Tho finest lace hose. ;ti,vo silk. Kayser
iniike, seal brown. Mac k and white, ice
ular $C lil. I'le-Kasier C A
sale prlco tDI'.tJU
Our Leather Goods Section Is
Alive Willi Specials
Tooled Leather Bacs, $2.45
llrown tooled leatler buns, good shapes;
reKUlar J3.50. 1'ru-lJaWt r (PO A
aalo prlco ibZiL0
Children's Leather Purses, 59c
Small leather purses with chains for
children, colors; reKUlar 70c CQp
rro-l-ustcr wale, prbu
Leather Belts, 35c
Many Rtyles In novelty and plain lest her
belts, bla k, brown, tan, ted und m.iy;
00c values. I'ro-Kostor Q
salo pru e Otv-
ester Sale
Pre-Easter Sale-Silks Wash Goods
New Silk Shirtinff, 98c
A good wearing silk shirting, in
different attractive styles; QQ
regularly $2; special.. ..JOt
35-Inch Messalino, $1.59
Yard-wide silk messalino, a good
quality in black and colors; spe
cial for iJro-hasler
Wash Sntins, $1.59
A genuine, good wash satin; pink
and white, :8 inches (t- fTQ
wide; Pre-ICaster Sale pJLOi
, Pongee, 79c
Natural pongee, a splendid wear
ing quality; regularly $1; f7A
Pre-Easter Sale ,1 tt
Silk Cnnton Crepes, $3.95
The new and beautiful silk Can
ton crepes in the wanted colors
brown, blue, black, gray a n d
henna, 40 inches wide; (0 QfT
I're-Iiaster Salo price. . j)0tc5
Silk Crepe Faille
A very practical silk for baby
in brown,
1 colors;
coats, skirls and dresses.
rose, blue, gray and a
regit'arly $2.25; Pre
Master Sale
Plaid Taffetn, $1.25
Many pretty spring plaid taffetas,
.50 inches witle; a splendid silk for
children's dresses; regularly $2.50;
Pre-Haster I-I OP
Salo (ipl.JfJ
This lot of silks consists of many kinds of silk, suitable for dresses,
linings and waists, in every imaginable color. It will pay you to see
these. Tno former selling price as high as $2.50; QQ
Pre-liasler Salo OVL
Newest Bags, $3.95
The most attractive b liaui rc
, (, ifil, hniK handlis. 'ni-d with mn
ror in irrn brown aid tan UKuUily
(C 00, I'ro-IJ.iBtci' saio
Spring Union Suits, $1.19
rink und wluto kn.i u. i ,n suits reg
ular and boduo top r. rulir l
I're Kastcr salo 1Q
prico ... D X.Xt
Stamped Gowns, 98c
,V new shipment if " imped li- ivn
flno nainsook, afs 1 uesiisni b
ular I u0. 1'io-l.u c, (il'
(.re e .
4 Big
HOE 4 Big
ALE Specials
Silk Striped Tissue Ginghams, I
Yard, 75c
A mot bentitlful and c ,. plcto nr c "
ment of ussuo kIiikIkhi Hyi
Pre Kahter s.ilo pn, e . . I (JL,
Grey suede one-strap pump,
Krone h and baby Louis heels;
regular $10 value; .special dur-
z;":: $10.95
Brown and black kid low strap
pumps, medium Kronen heels;
regular $12.96 value; special for
this sale, tin
only tp 4 .tU
VI ioc licpiirliiirnt
Brown kid and calf pumps in me
dium Cuban heel. low straps; a
regular $8.50 value; (Tf? Qp j
special during sale . ,v)OmZJ h
Black kid and brown kid oxfords,
specially priced dur- (IQ Qff
ing this salo at &0JD
on llatcniy.
40-inch Organdy, 69c
Hlieer orKnndy for chlldrnn'H dresses;
40 Indies wldo; white, pltilc, llelit blue
and IlKht green, tl vnluo. I'ro- J(J.,
KiiHtor salo prlco UtC
Beautiful Voiles, 75c
A wonderful and complete lino of voiles
lti IlKht and dark floral patterns; 40
llfrhim wldo. l'ic-Kaster HKf
sale prlco JUL
Figured Sateens, 79c
These splendid IIiiIiiks In pretty flowered
deslitiis; :iii Inches wide. I'ro- 7CW
l'aster salo price I tC
Kimono Sateens, $1.19
The finest iiiallty sateen, In tho most
KoriceouM patterns. 30 Incheu wltlu, I'ro
Kaslc r situ Q-t f
pipe DX.Xt
Staple Dry Goods
Lower Still
36-Inch Percale, 15c
A R I Kradu of pervulo lti stripes and
Ginghams, 15c
Attrnetlve plaid dross ttlnulm tis; Hook,
fold, l're-liaslor sulci - p
prlio. yard XOC
U-l ropporoll slieetlnic
Pillow Cases
Mohawk, f)fi
4 2x30 OVC
t.'omut, nn..
4x:i0 AoC
l'lillmRii, Ott
42XS0 ,j5C
Comforts, $2.75
A largo lot nf sllkotlne-envered enmfoits;
Kcioil Hlo. I're-Iliuiter sala rj
prleo tDJ. fJ
Other Items Reduced
Red Beads, G9c
New lid hi lulu. Dim lunst pnpulu of
Silleis, rKUIly II l'le- iO
Kastcr silo pi Ice v)yL
Ladius' Lace Collars, G9c
These inn entiri new nc mbern I i !co
CClll.llS, Hi VII I IllRUl.fUl d, si." ,. I'cKU-
linly tl. l're-Kiikicr sulo Cflfl
Bag Tops, 59c
Metal I, in ti ps In many pretty deelOTS
... 47c
pi ll o
.'in-l fli.tiM h, r trul'irly
f 'i t ' i t ( r hiIm rii lt r .
Stamped Gingham Dresses, VJc
ci i. in i m Hiinini Blnuliiiin dresses
l in i l i in i Kiil vrly TTie. Pre- 0t
I le I'l ll c

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