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si Louis Park Expert
1 Tolls City Club of
Their Impqrtance
iWihr Kays That Tulsa Is
Mot American City She
Hn.s Seen
i, ' uould attempt to sup
! , , t" -..earn (lint cscapiH from a
,i . then why try tn rup-
M. iirnt-Up energy 111 reel
t ,,..! t merlrnn boys Instiud of
n.vrti'K i place for thla 'strain' to
I,,. , initaliy" asked Miss Sarah
W, if. -iipi-rvlsor of parlsannd roi
,,,,'iu. n HI. I.lllllH, who KpoktS be
.. t ' ,t city club ut its weekly
n lit''
i , i. n
. ,-.
, mi" '
..pii ii
lit Hotel Tulsa Saturday
,ii. In (Mi hiis .ittc nih il by
( Ity club members iind by
of business, unit profes
m n Interested In mli wil
mil girls are provided v.llh
' jgrojnds and allowed ti
ii i r utieiui nupct viMimi, iiip
JU. i. 1 1 urt -4 of tbli countrs will
, , t Ji biiFlii("i, Miss Wolfe
,1, , lire 1 Street gangs would nor lie
, ivtl ' I t'rrorlzo police depart
,,i'H nil neighborhoods If thiso
.j. i- ild be formed mi a play
v ,.j.iil . iiil net on n stroi t corner
physical development
. iiil.'
, I .in. .)
I K 1
i l'- i"
ixirclse. tlu speaker rx
, nl places where boyn nnd
ti may find recreation and
t will develop fining
.in! In 'turn healthy minds,
, ,1- Ii
Ilrccrcntlnti Cheats Vice.
1 1 eiiiks nnd women gangs need
. , rc ut It n. nnd unless It In provided
,c ni 'U.illy drift toward lee and
l.eimr.e frequenters of ptibllr dance
nils ci 1..W cafes. If men gangs go
,i.!ift. il n comnivinlty must suf-
w i .micqucncc.
T.il.t care of the leisure hours
id tii. working hours will take enre
,f lit. nibilNcs.
and explained that tho crcnt por
c'SK' ' f cptnes nro committed Le
vie. a tl-c hours of C o'clock tind 11
, lotk p. in.
TIV present recreational change
St l)uls was started through a
jMlre provldo playgrounds for
..tidrc f-ho wild, and one of the
women's dubs played nn Important
jart in tho undertaking. St. lottla
has a conimlhsloner of parks
ml rc nation, anil under his
-jprrv.i"il nre provided play
rounds for baseball, tennis, con
er' anJ other attractions.
St Iouls wns formerly In tho
hands of "a. big cinch," according to
Miss Wolfe. It was under control
of a few money led men. The
awakening camo In 191D, when city
affairs jmsse( Into tho hands of
younKcr men. Thero nro now 27
playcrounda nnd flvo tnoro will bo
added this summer. They aro lo
iited In rarlous parts of the city.
All races participate In nthlctlc
events and in the enjoyment of
parks and playgrounds.
Xothing Is moro conductive to
Americanization than gatherings In
these parka, attended by Italians.
Greeks and others who either parti
cipate In or aro Interested specta
tor to American games, and who
inverse with playground super
vnorj who nre Interested In their
welfare and who advise them If
advice U necessary. Thero is a
municipal athletic association ror
win and girls of 14 to lfi years of
ase an association that covers the
entire c.ii Teams and aggrega
'lons fr' m one Section may compete
for honors with teams from other
fectlons and thin tho spirit of
'-tendly rivalry is kept nt a high
Wli and Interest on the part of tho
'uncstcis never wanes.
M. I)iiI.h Industries Help.
Industrie, and big stores in St.
'.oats h.lp In amateur athletics by
"anln;? 1 r donating athletic suits.
The mun.tip.il theater hns put St.
')ui "on the map" nationally, Miss
Wolfe stated. During tho summer
IKhtopfa Is provided and the largo
"mphltlie.iter la used each ycur by
boms wholesalers to stage their
tjle show for the benefit of buyers
from various sections of tho county-
A small ndmlsslon Is chnrged
'o all attractions, but from 400 to
1 00 seats nro set aside each night
r day for those who aro unable to
'ay lo attend. The seating capacity
Is 10,000
"The more playgroundH and recre
'tional rentors you have, tho moro
'letter iiov and girls you'll have."
mIm Wolfe declared. There are
rtenly . f laws and ordinances to
punlnh t-nsn who fall into tho tolls
"J the law but thero aro not many
Pln to pi event conditions to w hich
'hm rrculations apply," she said.
MUs Wolfe declared at tho be
sl'inlng ..f her talk that Tulsa Is tho
(i"'ost Ani.-ricnn city she has neon,
v"tt 1I1..1 every man nnd every
'"man that Uvea hero la to be en-
She apt-nt Sunday making a
-rey r itill parks and play
founds and will later make n
Port to tm. park committpo of tlio
''ty club.
At 8 o ilo. k Monday niglit in the
ih si'nr.r.1 auditorium she will pre
"nt an illustrated talk on tho St.
tostenis of recroatlnnul super
''ln, ''ng both moving pictures
ivL Tho general public Is
invite,! to attend.
Her address before tho City club
'Jiar-acterlzcd by 1'rcHldent
h.m , VciUMJy nB 0n of tho m0Ht
"'ightenlngand comprehcnslvo talks
nfr hard In Tulsa.
ft'3 I,atterson of Taylor. Okla..
run,. . bum h (,f "lvo Intoxicated
hlrkrl"' waa cut n tho head
HlMa ,a fiKht ,00k llo Saturday
wai l lwpen ll,m arid four of thu
'"n In front of the Purity lco cream
iTr. V West First street. Pattcr
' Tuii .takeD t0 uo Oklahoma hos
wbh'.'"'1'0 ,,H InJurlea were pro
Win . "ot '"""I""- The four men
yr, alleged to hnvo aasaulted
Ut ,wc.re taken t0 thB P,,!lco
belrz Ha,ml, l,00c,l on n ch of
Kith a,L aml two wc" charged
"..urning tno peace.
Cuticura Soap
Uearsthe Skin
2?eeps it Clear
'VSJJtea'. .rerfk.ra. Ban-rt.
Speaker to City
Been World -
.Major .linn I
Ati..l. , lu .... ,.,.1 ,. milt, .1.. I,, t. . .,
t0 -MiOor Zlnovi I'echkoff who I.i U
speak heforo Uio Olty dub of Tulsa
April 23. He inadi bin flrsi nc
'liuiiiitiUIVi; mill lj II V .lllix.ta a-it.aa.ti)
: ":'.. ;v
whe la. was Hi years old, was In
Wio midst of a two years tour of tin
world, studying the economic sit-1
nation In all countrba and finding j
out how other folks lived and what
they thought about a lot of Inter
esting things. He landed In New
York and for several days walked
tho streets. Jlo concluded that New
York state was too big to bo
summed up casually. So hestarled
off afoot.
Ho found ho liked Americans nnd
they liked him. So he kept on
afoot up tin. Hudson valley to Al
bany and then, striking west with
tho confidence! nnd tho muscles of
youth, crossed tho whole state nnd
finally landed in Buffalo. I'ech
koff hnH been a lover of America
ever since.
Then ho was over hero In 1917
speaking for tho American ambu
lance. Now he comes nt the Invita
tion of tho American committee for
devastated Krnnco nnd by the cour
tesy of tho Kronen foreign office.
Since his first sight, of America
Fried to Talk to an
Intoxicated "ilirfc"
Claude Ilrlce, night desk sergeant
at tho police station was given the
laugh when ho launched a conver
sation wtlh a deaf and dumb drunk
prisoner Saturday night when tho
man was brought to tho station to
be booked.
Tho sergeant kept telling tho
"mtito" lo write his name and
finally realized that the Joko was
on him when tho prisoner only
The man was drunk and was
disturbing tho peaco on u West
Tulsa street car In West Tulsa,
when arrested and brought to the
Tulsa city Jail. Ho could not un
derstand what was taking place
and would not roiiiii with the of
ficers until after they bad used
physical force.
Hnnllng IjiuiIs Plan to Hold Ant!
llmllcnl (iathcrlngs May 1,
NEW YOUK, April 17. Coht
niendatinn of tho work of tho Ameri
can Dofcnso society In holding pa
triotic demonstrations throughout
tho United States on May 1, to offset
what tho society describes as "any
disloyal meetings that may bo hold
by tho Bolshevist clement" was con
tained In a letter from President
Harding, made public hero today.
"I feel," President Hording wrote,
"that your plans of holding public i
gatherings, at which can ba voiced
tho loyal nnd patriotic sentiment of i
the great mass of tho people, who
too frequently are somewhat inartlr
ulate In these matters Is excellent
and useful. Wo havo need to onllst
all the Influence that can be counted
upon to stand squarely for law or
der and our established institutions
of representative government "
Try This If You
Have Dandruff
Thero Is one sure way that never
fails to remove dandruff cmpletdy
and that Is to dissolve it. This de
stroys it entirely. To (lo this. Just
get about four ounces of plain, or
dinary liquid arvon; apply it at night
when retiring, use enough to mois
ten tho scalp and rub It in gently
with the finger tips.
By morning, m't If not all, of
your dandruff will be gone, nnd ,
three or four more applications will I
completely dissolve and entirely de
atroy every Hlnglo sign and traro of
it no matter how much dandruff
you may have,
You will find, too, that all itching,
arid digging of the scalp will stop
Ihstantly. and your hair will bo'
fluffy, lustrous, glossy, silky and .
soft and look and feel a hundred
times better
You can get liquid arvon at any
drug store It l Inexpensive, and
'four ounces Is all vj wul need
(This simple remedy h s nver been
known to fail Advt.
Club Has
Wide Traveler
1., I,. u, H .....I .1...... ,.,.vlnir.
thltiH Aiiioiik them he has fotirht
on both the enstern and westi rn .
frontu, has seen hu c illapao of the
I aUKllia. ill lllll .1 tlMII r,ni I II lli ill. ,
high rommlsMoner in many coun
tries and since the armistice has
been In every Huropean nnd Aslat
le country again. Kow men nllvo
today havo his grasp of first-hand
knowledge ti uchlng world affairs,
for they have been dally evenls to
him for the last six years.
Ho should bo abln to describe tho
work of "Putting Uuropu Together
Again" clearly, accurately, nnd sym
pathetically, lie speaks perfect
Kngllsh. Mnjor Pechkoff lias been
decorated by muny governments,
Hn is 37-ycars old, .fought In the
trenches with the French foreign
legion until ho lost his right arm,
and slncu that time hns been trust
ed with many missions to all parts
of the world by -his government.
He has many friends in America
and during this tour he has been
renewing many old acquaintances.
He has been widely entertained. It
Is partly to express the thanks of
I'Vance lo Americans that he Is
making this prettent Journey.
72 Sentenced to Die
By Soviet Court for
Plot Against the Reds
STOCKHOLM, April 17 A rev
olutionary court In Smolensk, aft
er u hearing lasting a fortnight,
hns prqnounoed sentenced on 320
peasants accused of having par
ticipated in nn uprising, accord
ing to advices received hero totluy.
Sovchly-two. of tho peasants wore
sentenced to death and 200 others
to long terms of Imprisonment ut
hard labor.
lleports from Petrograd say tho
workmen's congress still is sitting
thero and .that there havo been
fierce debates, with grave accusa
tions math; against tho communist
Dr. J. E. Wallace
Will return to his office, 300-302
Itohinson Arcade Building, April
18, to resumo his practice.
Bathing ALWai'
" a no
S. Boulder
(icrnian gas Is more cffivtho
In M'act time than In war, but
(Tllisiin does tho Im-si (icituing,
O.Mige MOO.
Meyer BrolhrTa
Drug Gimpany i
St. tmU
Kills bud
flies instantly
" r'ltne atican inuay.
served as assistant to the lTeneh Hn Im...,rnl. it)lmi)(t(. are us-
May Queen Selects Her
Subjects for May Day
S j I h W Mil.
NOIIMAN. April 17. 1V '
irtu i'ei Okl.ihoinn Oily, veteran
Hoi I i r
somr aililile, xm taku tile role or,
It inn Hood In annual .May day festi
vities at tin I'nlversHy of Oklahoma,
. Ma'.
niorii.iiK 111 an appoiminrni
. ,, . . .
in.'iiu 11H anil ny uurouiy ariioui.ichri.ira.
I'or Won h
T'evns, May ipieen.
Hun ik ill ,1 Junior In the unler-
Kill ni bus rarneil tlitee letter
OUiili'init football. A complete Mm
of atti ill 11 tt t m. I'liUNlrrtiliiB; of 13 mi
1 11. r:i nnd in men of the university
wer nnnotinevd by the uueen to lake
part 11 tlie .May slunlM. They are
Marrcll Lively, lJiiriint, Wlltni ln
'liur Klild. lAli y Ulrlley. llnrtleH-
vHU I,it. Ille Westfull, I'lilckaxliu ;
1.. 1 .lt.,11. (.. ...,...... I ....n ..11,1
Doi nthy Whltefore, (')kl.ihomn Olty; '
1. lain. Harris. rnwuuaKii, iiiaitys; - -
HiiBtii fherokue. Ilar.el Tlpplt.i, WoMliKllbANIv J1'' "I"11."
MnV.1.,11,. u..i..r. ii...... ciii,.i...... 1 featnrlag I'ranrrlla lliuiniilon. la.
Mnrlettii Helen lleiB. Oklalioma . r,wl r,,,,,.,!,,; Kallt.itiii 1 K.w.ia "
t I'M llTi I.r.nlainali, lleavener: lllll ll ! mu.lm: rnniaily r..nniiir, fratiulns llrnnla
Hplirloik llallltnond: nnd (.illldys i
t'o MiAIVHter
Mrr Will Will participate In the,
May 1 rri monies nre .lames Arnold,
I'ort Wor'h Texas, brother of Iho 1
M,. 1 .... K...I.. ui..... i..
,1!,ii..h, Knld I'lojil (Iray, (Iklalnuna
fit Ham (lolilliorir, llurtnluii ne;
Mlllam Potter Ariliiinie llnlini.a
heel. r. Mnt-lml ll.ii-r Atiirets Vnr. l
man I tin HIkk. Clnreinore; Nwil
HuUI in Newk rk; li.irwin Klrk.l
Nnrmiin. IhiKeno fntlelt, Weleetka;
Thonia I'.iwv, ltomton, Kilfieni"
C'linH'.iln I-11 wton, nml U0I111 1 llutcli. I
... .....
iiimim, . ueroiaii. ' ..... .. .. .
The festival wilt cousin of May 'Doctor llurnett KskrldKe has been
hZJIITT'KIV"'!" "r ,l, ,I,"H immrd president of the Oklahoma
upon which the May queen nnd her: .... .. . , . ,,.
court will Hit This will l.e on thu A- M' '"(illeite, to siircecil J V
Krneti, back of scletliu hall. '('antwell, whoso reslKtintlon was nn
I " ; ' nounceil two weeks iiko. neeordlnit to
Confirm NCW LarailialH unnouniement her. Inle today by
at Cotmiiitoru in . Juneih" B",,' ,",nnl "f fnri tiimra- tho
iriiveriilnu- body of the colleire
1 " I
ItO.M II, April 17 -New Aineiii-.ni I
cardinals will bo created nt the June I
,.i,SKtory This was confirmed at I
Ihrt 'fltlp!
ing their best efforts with tho Holv
See for representation of their coun-
tries In tho sacred college. When !
Pope J'lns X In 1 105 created the
archbishop of Itlo Janelio, Joachim
Ascoverdo do Albuquerque Caval-
eanla, the first South American car- jtenehlng In Oklahoma, Doctor 12s
dlnal. It was understood that other i bridge wns president of tho Okla
Kotith Amerlrati countilvs would hnma college for women
have tho honor nf a cardlnalnt In I -.rauaaaaan
rotation. It was expected that after ,
Ilrazil, Argentina would be the next I
In line, then Chile, then Peru ami,
Cleiiiion to KncciYil Olhhons.
ItOMU. April 17 According to
reports In circulation nt lite Vatican,
the Most Hevercnd Joseph nlenuon,
archbishop of St. Louis la the pie
lato who Is most likely to succeed
tho lato Cardinal Gibbons ns Arch
bishop of Baltimore. In addition to
Archbishop (llennon, the Ut Itov
William T. lttissol, bishop nf
Charleston, S. C, Is being talked of
ns tho possible successor of Cardinal
A Krenrh scientist has demon
strated that mibstunccs us Inflnm.
mable ns oily waste ana cotton can
he Ignited by sparks from radio toleg- j
Rubber AL:.Wa,t
Aprons s. Bouwcr
Hope Nearly Gone, but Lydia E.
Pinkham't Vegetable Compound
Saved Her
Star, N. C "My monthly npolln
gave tho so much trouble, sometimes i
two weeks." I was I
treated by two t
doctors without 1
relief nr.d they ,
twin sain l wouiu i
have to havo an i
operation. I had
my trouble four
ycara and waa
unfit to do anx
thing and had
given up all hopo
of ever ccttine '
anjr better. I read nboutyour medicine
in the 'Primitive Baptist' paper and
decided to try it. I havo used Lydia
K. I'inkham'B VeKetablc Compound
nnd Lydia E. I'inkham's Liver Pills
for about seven months nnd now I
am able to do my work. I shall never
forcet your medicine and you may
publish this if you want to as it fi
true, 'Mrs. J . F. H UftHEY, Star, N.C.
Hero is another woman who adds
her testimony to the many whoso let
ters we havo already published, prov
ing that Lydia K. I'inkham's Veec
table Compound of ten restores health
to sulfcrinK women even after they
have gone so far that an operation fs
deemed advisable. Therefore it will
surely pay any woman who suffers
from Buch nilrnenU to try It.
I' lfl
The Queen Insurance Company
will pay
1100 reward for the return of P.v kari Tw in Six Five Passenger
Phaeton, engine number 16704O i lor maroon and "0fi for con
viction of thief This car stolen from Tenth and Detroi', Friday,
April ISO), at I p. nw-
Queen Insurance Company
21! South Bout'," Ammo
Tuli'i oi.ia
MUfSl't' llr I h I
U k II I Ami. a A ..'
I r .11 Si ,i a m,,l W illrr
I.U) l. W I uin lillrli.
li, I lion . W 1l
A I. U IM' v
II . I, til. Ill III"
Mnjrmi, m
Mii.I.i 1.1 I In
ml iiiiitm or iriH iu
Majrailc orttiraira anil nrian
t IIMMI Ml' l i,.hl,.nH, M.... n.t Tallica
, f Ih lla, I, Id.- Vallilrvlll "il'ial
Mill I'l.i ra " xlth .tat I'nlioii unit I
l..iftti Muhi hii.i toiupanv ( irti .
uin mtiriial ru. hiuiii TnnipMna )
MoMniM formrMr toiniat in Souaa'a band:
Uiiiiin. ami aiaon, in mi inn. win;
i.nne, Kmlnn nml Carroll In "Mirhia
' mimalhinit . Vorli'a lu. ll raHlna
liunlli In ' Kii nna t'Miiny Anllr, '
I animal ' Tha Mrltana In a cii.mailr
itiuiifiv ti..viiiv wiirpaii i..irl.i.. aaalalrit
IJ1MII tana "No What '
7 .V.r- h'" " ,
mlui r. Musl.i I'r orpniwm
- - i
Ciianiaiicr' liinnri' In "Tru
it.,,,. . - iAa.iir.ii t
v. 7 - ...T"..:
IIIAI.T11 ' Tlia I nvibiil Ar." v.lth Al
!!. uml.rn ilrnma. arortueajl I'r !
iI'mi... . a ..b h u .rl,i Im I K. rlral 111.'
Vaalarl .'nmliaiiv
Inn. urmtnrml in Tula le ho hn In
, ivrai ihaaiar Miialo nv iiiauu nuiMim
WTIUVII "Tha lluad llrmnn
Tom Mil, lii a llelln ramaitf
IKIYAl. ' UnU a ('tiali-'," wllh Muhlnn
Hamilton anil l.llUn lllrh I'harlaa lluloli
In.on In "lionlilv Ailvanmra," crUI, nl
a nw .oinrd)
HIUiADW W "I'rlnraaa ,lnr,' fanlur
ln Allie ('alliimn, I'altia N ami alan
"."m ".'"ISlSy .'
"u inirr uarurn navna.
1 uinian
' llaan. ' Klrklaml. Mark-far l Oilirillali.
I""""" I'"' 1Hrrr
i.viili- Wlllam H llaH In 11 Aiall
let Vnanr," k t'arnmmiet Arti-ralt fa-
""fr 'i11:.' ,',f'"" Mn" "",l" """r
nallanal Nra,
A- .M Mltrhrll
nralrrn apaiUI
in rooi'1
lirw ..oril
alau 1
EslitrulffC Is Made Uc(l(l ,
f 1 1 t o t I
01. b'lalC AfJfflC bCllOOl
.-l.-l lllllltl (MTV ..r,l 1? I
.......... .........1.1.... I I
dent of thu Hotilhwestet n stall nor-
nml school at Weathcrford for the
tmst six years, lie Is expected to
take charge oi too conege in uio
lend of the school year this June
Doctor Hskrldge begun teaching
as a master of arts and doctor of
philosophy fioni the I nlverslty or
rhlcago, and taught In Tennesm-e
and Texii'i before he (iitno to Okla
homa. In his first two years of
rou sai.i;. (Willi i s
Phone 0ngo 2.17. U'c 1'ny the
Iti-M Prices
sii i:ast tiiiiiti2i:ntii
Ccilnr 2.172
"Say It With Flowers"
Bass Brothers
Clenucrs, Tailors, ll)crs, nml
Our .Mollo: "QtinlKj nnd
, We Want Your lliislnevi
One Day Service
Phone Omiiic ."ill 13
Wo Call I'or and Dellxer
.1IH I "list I'mirth, TiiImii, Okla.
Not Icoiineiieil with any other
lliuvi Cleaner
.Cnilth Rn!tVin tfnnf
ooulu OOfHOIl OrTCei
Everything new; all outsidf
rooms with bath, steam heatl
UUphouo in each room.
Klectrlc nslier
1'bone Owigu or I'txlur H7a
F. B.Deshon&Co.
r.U.'i Smith Main Kt
Elaborate Plans Laid to
Keep Wedding Secret
Fail to Hold
NHff VOUK. April IT
-.ShiiiiicI i
Oornpers Is married akaln
Hoaplte eblmrsu insna lij keep
n second matrimonial venture of 1
Iho MKed
lnlior lender- he Is 71
;rurs oiil rttiin punlle nnllee. inevj, hiiwikI
i..'eain Known in inp issi iiiinine
...1 ... ..... .....1...
,1 in. iiifiwi iii.ii'ii'i 111 1 1 1 1 iii.."
f the Motel W,..l r.l veslei.l,l
wtien Jiide Itoheit U miner, lutin
limn friend, performed the icie
tiiony mnklnii Mis Ueitnnli- lil.'AM'i'
Nelisehler of New Vork the wife of'
(he prealiimt of the Ann'ilenn .-ed
erntlnll of lilior. The litide it ;IK
years old and Is a dnuihlei of
iiuimas ,1. (Heaves of Ziiih'mx Ille
Imineillalely after the weddliiR
the couple piepnreil I,, Icovc for 1
T01 onto, on their limit inn.. n
Mr. iliunpeis' first wife, who was
Miss Mopbla .1 11 1 lit it and uli". like
Iho labor ehlefi.iln lilms. r w ih a
nntlMi i.f l.ii. I, .ii I'.iikI mil died
last Mm iinw had bei 11 niariled
Kent o Cnr nnd Drive It
Tulim Rcjtt-n-Cnr Co.
Hear Sin Smith Cliieluiinll
I'limie t'eilar -'.Mil
VOt M l II A 'ill "ITKItriiV
llltM llltOOM"
. The) m lletler llrooins
Iliili'M denning Time Is Here
I'l n Oiagc IIIIHS
Our Branch Store
is now open sit
-116 South Boulder
MILK rich and fresh
on instant notice
Whether you live in the
hnven't you often wisllcd you could hnve
nil the rich, pure, fresh milk you want
on instant notice? You can, if you use
Klim Powdered Milk.
Klim IS Milk with the water removed.'
Nothing is added nothing taken out
but the wnter.
When you want liquid milk you re
place the water.
Spell it backwards
It mcons milk that is ready for unex
pected demands mtllc always on hand
for daily use milk that is ro1 for
every member of the family from the
baby up.
From the moment you usf Klim you will
know thesatisfactionof havingall the (jood
fresh milk you want when you want it.
Klim comes in two forms: Klim Pow
In 1 -2Vj 5 lb. cunt. Yellow LabU for Whole Milk Blue Label for Skimmed
Tulsa, Okla. Wholesale Distributors
' I (, nil, hi ii
l- W l l Nil. , I
1,, a i d
Ii. hih
I .' 1 hui I ' 111, Ii 1 n
(miii'i hi 1 i-.i Ills n. . .ihl wife onie
' US ,11:11 i' Tli lit. 11, N .1 f 1 . 1 he
llU'l dilHinil a le. Inn Till V le
1.. Wed till 11 ill millllililllei shortl
ariec liU wife's ilenih.
The new Mrs I lumpers wns ill'
Milled from her hiishnml only last
VVeilnei.liM, Ihoimh they hnd lived
,'minte tor some time.
lltitlllier nlen-l In S111111I1
I'lirimioiiln t'uxik.'
I'mc of
Clllt'AIIO. April 17 .Hunt the fly
in Hie nose of the man
w h" i aiiKhM m sour fin e Is the ordei '
Mr. Jnlui H I It.ihril-m health Dill
Why Dad's Up
His Coffee ia better than hia "40 morning
winks." Tho rich, aromatic Inteu-Statu,
sending forth stich delictus fragrance is
more than he can resist. Ready, to servo
in tho richness of its strength, it is a vital
aid in starting the day right
Full of Pep and Energy.
Ordcrfromyour grocer today.
Roumiod and Packed by
The Intcr-Slalc Grocer
Joplln, Mlnnonrt
Think what this amnzinj; discovery of
modern science means to you I It means
that wherever you arc, nt any moment
you want it, you can have nn abundance
of the freshest and best milk. It means
that you have milk that never sours
that needs no ice to keep it that docs
not freeze in winter- that can lie opened
hundreds of times und always be as fresh
as the day it was powdered.
dered Whole
naby, lor drmlcinc, for cere
als and coffee; and Klim
Powdered Skimmed Milk,
for all cooking purposes.
Order your supply today
and learn for yourself the
value of Klim Powdered
ii' ion. rtlr h 1 p is lay
n fviiri lion Willi lln l KHitiliiK '
iln of h.Mlth pi I110I1011 week
"('"iiKlilnit ami i xpeiloratiiiR Hi.
ltlilierli'i'll . I 111 .lie IIUIOIIK til'- 1 )m
monest sprritdeis nf illsean'i (,'eiliM.
A man Is mtinleiiMl nnd the town .
Ill an uptoar. Ten people aie burleil
after suffering from pneumonia 1111, 1
nnlinils.'' presses linllKtiittlon.
"If 11 man till yon. you would If
Intel In defenrs. Now If a man
eoilRh In your fare or mieczM ut you
lilt film a smash In tho nose.
"Von will probably not iirresied
Tell the Jinle you were defendlni.
yoimidf naTsiiMit tho pnetitutiiiu
rrook, the Bertn. If he fines you I I
pny 11
Tulsa I'mb rl.il.liiK Co win save
V'll one half liiono OS). Allvt
fuutifi mr
Milk (full cream), for the

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