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PASSED, 78 TO 1;
Jim Rood Is Only Senator,
to Vole Against I in-
migration Art
U. S. Fishermen's Cup Defender
Soiiatu Mciifltin' Poo Not P'T
m!t Unriwlrirtod ICntnuuc
of Kullpioua llcfuk'i'i'h
WAJU.VOTOV. My S -The im
migration rtntricUf.il hf'l. hmt I nr
tho tiumbvr nf incoming ali-oa t
.1 pT rant of tha forfln born
population already in tM "iintn.
lWHd th senate l.in- ted iy by thu
vcrwhtlmtn majority of : n 1.
Senator Jamea A. Itvil, denim i at
of lllwwtirl, who had spoken inom
of lb nftirnuon (Mint the. bin,
i nt tlia lona vote against It
Thn hill flMKr by ill aenale dlf
fern from lh.l paaaed hy th hoiiac
milt days In thai K dea not
permit the iniraatrlciacl eninuiia if
' icllcloua refuea,'' The hriuao bli'
provided thai immigrant or this
. Ihm would be tlmlll(Ml without r
elrlctloM. Th 1)111 wl'l now o In nnfeierica
wrier the rilffortnraa will ha Ironed
out. Th ill It will b nt In tlia
l. resident for hla IkUiiim Hana
tors Colt, republican , of Ultoilo
Inland. Dlllliiktham. republican of
Vermont. hiiiI KliiK. ilcmm rat ot
t tah, were appointed conferees to
i onfar with hoimr member
J . V JaWW: L M
: l lii' Mnjflnitrr, MmpM-l on Hh tilnl trip,
I 1 In the fi ii ft' ,; v l( ll nl tlK llnhf.ix II- II 'I 'ifli
won bv iin ,i.if,i i'i. iim I ( ' I' mutl df the f hatnplnnahlp
thu AtlanM. filiinif fir in 'l M.ofinw r nn liiim In il recently incl
ihnwed Hin.i nu i. ihmii i him in li- r first trla.
Union Men Say Instruc
tions Wore to "Keep
Hand Clean"
I CIIK.A'IO, May 8 -Th 1fenaa
, In the trial nf II union leadera for
allKi fonaph-Mi-y to cxiimll acta
ot vlolrncit tlurln the uiholatra'
atrlko laat )iar. opemil today .
I'mvloua Hltnoaaaa hnl told of
laltiMffer bcinir fmploirol by the
'inlon, hriula uf nonunion worhera
IipIii bean-n and prlpplail it ml f
' t.iilbltn.f a beln bnrnbail in k ram
palKii of lii !' vlolvnoa InatlKntnl
It waa ilci'iureil, by tilt iiipii now
"It trial.
Mi nf Uiir ilenleil by Ihe r -
frifi iKilay. lnr mmber nf Hi'
union i xecutlva rommlttae quoted
IMwiii V. (iravea, lntrnMilonn'
ni- pirniilr-nt, oim of tho defend
up' ii' aaylna;
HnM gri into I hla with i-lr-im
I m!k an ih.it you can enmu out with
! -mi lianda."
(ii hri member of tlia union i tv
r.ji. i- rommlttae danli'il ndvocailnK
fun. or vloleme of any Hurt
1 Queen Preliminary
Ih Scl for Man 2
l.'trry Pupil In .leffrixm N-ImkiI III
'llila (1ty lliw mi Aiiinml Willi
.liltnillo 'I'lirlfl lliiuk.
JeffiTHon Krailo a luml of Tulai
rnjoya tho dlMtlni'tlnn of l.olnif thu
flmt ntid only arhool of tho rlty. mid
UN fur ha can Im lourned la thu flrnt
ot tho Htntn to hi'i-onio 1 00 Pr cent
thrifty. Kvciy child In thu m-hool
liiia 11 rtavliiKU aocoiimI. The atutlrntM
havo turned In an nvonmo f l-UO
Por month In aavlnita to th" 'I'uUii
Juvanllo Thrift bunk, which oper
ates In much the aumo way an u
larRO b.ink. wave front the illroctorM
down It la run by rtudciitn In tho
Tuba city achoolf. ... ,
J. T. Horner, tii.iniiRer of Hie lianlt.
la cnpoctally cnthiiHluallc rcKardiiiK
the thrift campalKii now bi'lnir
wuked In tho Tulaii city aulioola nnd
'xpcotn many other ward achoola In
tho oily to nmtilutc JeffcrMona ac
loniplliihmunt. New Orleans, alter five yeara of
hard curnpalBnliiK. haa flvo olty
Hchoola' that nro 100 per cent In
mvlnsa uocounta. "VVhllo lulita.
nftor Jena than u year, Iiiih onu 100
per cent achoola and woveral rooma
that liava ahowu lhcmclvrii inpo
dally thrifty. . .
ThoHO rooma In tho Tuliia ward
arhoola that aro 100 por cent are
lllvervlcw. S; Meqiioyalt, Hprlnc
dale. 1; AVhltUer, 1.
Not only am the Ttltxa nohools
affoctnd by tho thrift canipalKii hut
tho aavlnija of many oiilaldn of tho
olty limit aro controlled by tho
TuUu Juvonllo Thrift bunk. Urcun
wood Chapel, ivaat of Hporry. and
tho city achool at Turley. nro en
thuslnatlo tiMt-ra of tho thrift cou
pons of thin email but growing
Tulia bank. ....
"I firmly believe that tho next ten
vearn will aeo a revolution In thn
Slnea of aavlntr." wild Sir. ilornor.
"When," ho continued, "thn leudtir
of our country taken orcaalon to
mention thrift two or three times
In hi InaiiKiirnl addteaa. It Hhowa
that the blc men, tho llilnklnB men
nro walilnc up to the realUatlon that
tho leiiehlnn of thrift la a valuable
Wii i a I I I I I"
To et doatdr- r ;mt '
jonr rimiHT-T"
m To et
W jour do
E clcunliK
fantor In tbu AiutI. nil ei-oiiomii nl
A meeting of tin- banker of thn
elty will tukH pl.icn Krlilay uftarnnmi
at the ,leffiann ai-hool. wIkmi' a
dlaeuaalon of Mm fuliire of thrift will
bo aliloiiK ol her IIiHiKh ilaeuai.i'i
TiiImi Ad Hull AureeM In I m Mokiiii
on All I'nlillclly .Mutlcr.
.Momlmia of tha AdvertlalnR club
of Tulaa yealerdiiy took the Initia
tive towaid "tyliiK" up their ucwa
papnr dlnplay ropy wlih the Tulaa
I.lvoatocU and Inihintrlol Kxpoaltlnn.
by axrceliiR to carry thn expoaltlon
aloKatt In all of their advortlHeituiuta,
beKlnnlmr Immediately.
Tho nlopnn la: "A urerttnr TUIm
--Hooner The KxpOHlllon Will
Hrlni? It."
Uvery merchant in the it will
bo naked t follow mill, ii" online
to I'Vcd Hhaw. prealilciit of tilt1 cx
poNltlon company
Knllowlntr a talk bv Mr M,nw nt
the weekly luncheon, Ad clubbera
nlao pledxad their efforta tow.ird aa
' Matin lint real eftiite exchantfe In
I rilxpoalnK of tho rumalnlni? lota In
l Uikooii park, Huminlt llelithta, the
i proceeds from which will ko to tho
I oxpoattlon.
1 John T. ICrainer, former preahlont
tit tha expoaltlon company, will pro -
' vide mm of th fat ateera from Ina
atnek farm for the IiIk tNtrbocuo to
be held on the exponltlon alto next
Mnturday aflernnon, It la uunounceil.
I llnxllienr (JeorKe llolcombe, In
rhatge of conMlriirtlon. reporta proic-
ioaa on til" raon cotlrae aheiid of
i achedule. All of hla crew an- ex-
aorvlca man, tho driver of onu of the
caterpillar traelora helm? a former
army lieutenant In tho onulucur
col pa.
Ilnltluinrp linker ICal-iil.
I'M ,TI MOIl K, Md. Mav 2 A
tliixatened trlke of akllitil bakrra
waa aveited Into Indav "Nhen 20
larne employing bakrra uliinitcil an
Im n im In wiiKiM i.f 3 I" r wick O
their emplovea
OUniiilxi-., tiling Strlko ICnded.
'iKMI ,(li:i;, Okla.. Mav 3 -Tic
irUe of tha Klaaaworkuri at tlif
(ikmillKee plant of tho lnlrrMnU
(llaaa i-ompanv waa aettled this af
li-rnoon liv otnU-able imr-rmi m m,
waaea. and the -plant will icmimr
operaibm Wcdnoeday Unip'oM- f
the blowinK department had heei
on atrlko two weeka and the bu'
down or the plant which followed
the walkout Involved 400 men
.Vow WonianV flub at Arilnniro.
AttDMtilti:. Okla. May 3 -Mr
lecllnie aa their name "Hyon!".-1 the
taut nIUblea from tha namra lto
tarv, I. Ion and Klwania. and thi-ir
motto "We lli:p." a aiiiatl croup of
Ardmnrn uiini -n lauiuhed mi Inter
national womon'a club in thla t ity
yeatenlay. orfanlalnB with Mra
John Whllnman, preahlont and Mm
.lohn i:aaloy, aecretary.
MMjAN. May 2. Nino of the .0
pemona arroated fnr tho iccenl boinki
louiraKc in tiu Diuna theater In
which main- persona were killed and
wounded .ii. impllciteii in other
f rlnies, the pole e announced today
Seven other i who nro mild to b
niuiri libra n.r m , n larse, but ar-'
b I tut aniRlii ic rr u .iy
Atr. Sly Hot red In tha fee when Mtrjr Jtno rpokn to him
Mary Jane and the Little Red Fox
Electric Company
Makes a Specialty of
Power Installation
Call Cedar 1 M0
Wiring Dept.
119-121 E. Second St.
ONE day Mary Jane was going to
school, nnd she met Mr. Sly,
the red fox.
Mary Jane said, "Good morning.
"You ought to be ashamed of yourself
for stealing old Mrs. Gamp's chicken
lastVight. Don't you know she was
saving that chicken for when the
jninistcr wa3 coming5"
Mr. Sly got red in the face. And
then he said he was going along
peaceably, minding his own business,
and then her old hen ran right out
and bit him. So what could he do?
He had to protect himself, didn't he?
When Mary Jane heard this, of
course, she was very sorry she had
blamed Mr. Sly. Mary Jane did not
know he was not telling the truth.
And so she sat down on a big log by
the side of the road and opened up
her lunch basket, and she and the
little red fox had a party.
But the best of all were the two
big slices of bread spread with Mary
Jane Syrup and put together. Mary
Jane ate one and Mr. Sly ate the
other. And Mr. Sly said that noth
ing was so good as Mary Jane Syrup.
And never again would he cat chicken.
And he didn't.
LOOK POR the next Afary Jann story about
"Mary Jane and nillyStinger."
T'D"' For all children. The complete ct of 20 Mary Jane Fairy Tale, benutl.
fujjy Illustrated. Sent free upon receipt of one Mary Jane Label token
from uui of Mary Jane Syrup, Write Cora I'roducti Refuting Company, Argo, Illinoii.
Use Cuticura Talcum
To Powder and Perfume
An ideal (acc.skin, baby andiluttins
powder. Convenient and economi
cal, it takes the place of other per
fumes. A few grains sufficient
uatU lul Tim fcr UOl. A Mm,: "Oitnil
UMi,Ufl,l.t,rl lir,UUl.,IUu." 844tMT.
That Sorghum Flavor
Mary Jane Syrup is as sweet
and wholesome as its name.
)No matter how particular you
are about "flavor" Mary Jane
vill please every member in
your family. And it costs you
less than most syrups.
Get a can today at your
WAidiAer.M'VAV nuoiu:n.(.i: to.
Iam'iiI Salca llcprchcntalUes
OLIakouui ( It), OUla.
Th' preliminary hearing; of W. Ii .
fju-en, i harnecl with Krand lar-on
i i fnr heartm; brforo Juatn i- II. J I
Ir.iy Tunaday, waa continued tn
My 2t at the rro;ueat of lounael foi
tin- di-fenae. Th" charge waa pre-i
frrred aalnal Queen at the Initia
tion of W. l. Clark of Hand HyrinKi.
who i lalm that Queen atu.e JllVOi
wntih of rlothlnic from him. I. N. '
Hhepurd, alao of Wand HprlnKa, waa 1
otlRlnally cbarKed with tho crime.!
but at hla preliminary hearltiK April!
Z he wan db-eharifeil and tho charKol
plnced aciUrnt Queen
Revival Service in
West Tulsa Church
Old'f.iahintied revival aervn ea In,
n tent wi ri- hoxifn Monday In Weal'
Tnlaa bi the Itev Thomaa Unyea'
if Davenport, under the auapbea of
tie Nuxarciie clmn h ol Weat Tulnt.
H, i vlcea will be h ld ouch mornlnn
and evenini! for tha tif.xl threu
weeka. The Itev. .Mr. llayea con
dii'ted a revival In Weat Til lea luat
njniincr, at which lima many pei
mris madr a profeaalon of religion.
The niecilnic la open to the public.
Dry Lands Development
by Ex-Soldiers Urged
Before Congress
- - urn. nnlv a tnw HaIIIm I
uio car aim urcen iiaima ttia
whb iiukcu up on ino roaJ
stranKflr who had left hint
car while lie mado a bunin.. 1
In town.
WAHIIINOTO.V, May 3. -ttecla-matlon
nf 20,000.000 acres of arid
In ml h will ho made poaslble by the
paa.ijro hy tonureas of the ponding
bill to eneouraRO development of
hoiucali.ada by American ox-aervlec
men of the wot id war, )'.. K. lllalo. .
Seattle, chairman of thn Woatern
Htatea Iteclam.itlon tiaaoclatlon. lea
ttfled today before tho aenate Irrl
KUtlon and reclamation committee.
ftenalor Mr Nary, republican of
Oreson, la author of the bill and
chairman of thn committee. He
enllated tic pupport of tho project
by other aenatora from western and
southwestern atatea.
Illalne eMImated llio 20,000.000
acrea' could bo rrclalmed and divided
Into -tOO. 000 farma of SO acrea each,
at a coit of $100 an acre. Ilr
proposed one-bnlf of the farms be
turned over to r..x-crvlco men.
(recti round (iulttv of Stealing mi
t.'nltlcntiricd AiitDiiHilillc.
A charjeo of auto niralinic npalnst
Hill tirccn waa dlmnled at lila pre
liminary hoarliitf Tutaday before
luntice If. J. oray on recommenda
tion of the countv attorney, llrvvn
waa aneated by I. N. llurna, prlv.ito
detective, eoveral wtrcka Bo whllu
alttltiK lu u lludaoii totfrliiK cur
which the detective claltna waa
atolen from Wichita. Kan.
Oreen waa evidently a victim of
clrcumatancca, aecordlnn to Hurtia.
Tho detective a that tho car lud
tieon atnhiii at least threu Union
im tho Identlfli atlou numbcra have
bctiii chaiiKed that often. However,
tho orlKlunt owner haa neer been
located althoUKh Hums haa learned
that the ear waa laat aold In Tcxaa.
JMrna i'iIiiih that tha car camo
Into Tulaa with a load of whlaky on
Ita way to Wb'hltn. Ilo hollevca
that the cjir v.ja utolen the lad
time in Wichita and that tho thief
went lo Mexico with a load of
A'cfirro Y. HI. Sccrclaru
Will Speak in Tuha
Dr. J. i:. Moreland of N.
International tiecrctary of ii
C. A. for colored work in tt
Ktaten, will bo in Tula.i
and -will (IIscukm tho proi-i
education and corial welfar
! tho colored people nt a tm
i tho hoya' department nf ti.
I A. at 1 1 o'clock Wfiltif l
' Inir. The paators of tie
I altend the meeting, whu
' to tho publu .
Swiss Bell Ringers
High School Auditorium
Friday, May 6th
dellehlful iiiiihIcuI procrunt, fralurlnf; M'ln.tlinin on Kwlvt
Hand Itella, .Marlmbapliniic. Harp, Ocnrlno, Saxophone, Aluiul
mini Tuho, nnd other nocl Instrumeiita.
'I Ills Ii the original .SwKh Itcll lUngcm firfiimlatloii which up
IM'iirril for jenra aa a fcaluri' of cluiutatiqua and ljcciiiii,courMn.
Mntincc 4 p. m.
Night, 8 p. m.
General Admission, $1
Auspices American Legion.
P 1111 II 1 1 1 1 It II II 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 It 1 1 1 tf 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1 Plan NOW to Come to I
The Summer Playground of a Nation'
Wrilc us for informalion as lo bonl, roil and
aulo routes into and In Michigan and for
rales and details as lo holel, boarding-house,
collage and camping accommodations.
No Charge For Our Service
Ask for our book "Michigan," and for
our official road-map book showing stale
markings, locations of camping sites and
distances between points. No charge.
For specific information on Northern Peninsula
points address our branch office at Marquette.
Main Office, CRAND RAPIDS Branch Office, MARQUETTE
maaaaam I
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Jkv '
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pay no rent and are in a position to
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Wednesday being
Dollar Day, we have
prepared a real value
giving Dollar Day; while
below we mention a few dol
lar items only, but there are hun
dreds more at this store. Come
to Kahn's, and save your money.
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wliiu cotton. WciltKuday at Kahn a
ca II
Huiitcr Itrown 60c quality hoae, for bo) 3 or Klrlr,
. 851
Cfl. .49B AaaW aaa
0-1 unbleathed I'rppcrctl ahectlnjr, Wcdncs
IMi yarda for
in while, black or brown, at Kahn's
Wcilncmlay, 3 pairs for
il j0 laillca' bunBiilow upronM. In all colors,(l-J
nt Kahn'rt, Wedneaday, each i .-tDI
38 Inch canibrle, flno and soft, for underwear, etc
f5c quality, Wednesday ut Kahn's, 7 yards for
S6 inch full count percalos, In all color, Wednesday,
7 ard for k
Men'M nood (ti.tllty ao.v In colora. also white and black,
Wcdneuday at Kahn'a, 7 palrn .for
Uiilles' whllo sklrte, about IS In thla lot Mhjhtly aoll'ed,
from window display, at Kahn'H Wednesday, each 1
ufi Inch oxtra Rood ciuallty unbleached Sea Inland, for fr-t
Wrdnrsilay only. 7 yards for , f tDX
l j0 quality ladlea' Halo aummor union nulla. In all myloH (g-J
and lIe. Wednesday at Kahn'a. suit u)X
IjwIIcb J 1.00 allk bono In all colors, WcdncHday nt
K.ihn'a, each xDl
lAlia apcclal, AVedncsday suit canes In Rood quality fiber, fl-j
our cholco, each 0J-
il $1 0 nnd 1 76 baby caps'. Wednesday nt
Kahn , each 0J-
30 inch standard canvawlng or cheesn cloth, Wednesday,
15 yardii for
Uuck towe's, Kood nuallty Wednesday, (I-J
six for . . tDJ.
da at Wnhn'i',
Ladica' muslin rowhh, a special assortment for
thli Dollar Day, at Kahn'a (two to ono (J-J
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Kiddy Cloth, for chlldrcn'H drc'nucs, play nults,
bos walsta, or hotifcdrcsscs, at Kahn'a (J-
Wednesday, four yards for OJL
I'llluw slips, 36x15, mndc of EOOd nuallty tublntr, Wcdncs- (pi
day four allps for tDX
:lS'lncli voiles, In fancy patterns for drewca, clc.
Wcduexday, 3 yards for .' 3)1
Men's felt hats, Wednesday, (J-
each .' (DJL
Men'a ilrcus nhlrts, noBllBcn, percales In pretty stripes, (J-
well mado Wednesday, two for ....tDX
f 1.50 mercerized tablo damaak, AVcdnosday, rr-
ono yard for ...u)JL
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Towollni; crash, Wednesday,
7 yards for J)X
(Jood nuallty window ahados, Wednesday, fit-i
each tbJL
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lontr or short sleeves, Unco or ankle lengths, at Kahn's (JJ-I
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Ladles' plncham petticoats, In stripes, mado ot good quality
gingnama, nice ana tun, an longius, extra specials,
Wednesday, two for
About 300 ladles' nnd misses' straw shapes In ths
season's nowest otylcs, Wednesday, Q-
each tdX
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aaa 1
hrr. aMp IM, (JISUftMl 10 toQ tot, TUIUI W4.
.uiicora sop ana witnvai nif.

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