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Evidence Against Alleged
Sperry Bandit Begins
Wednesday Noon
i ii T
Court Holds Conviction of
Defendants Pals Will
Not Prejudice Jury
I i i l.rlntman, tho third ino.nir.rr
pf ! HlloKfd aporry Imnk robbery
went to trial Into Tuesday
afi. innon boforo Judfto lledmond b.
rnii- offer a motion for a chanuo of
- bv till counsel liad been over
, ii A lr aily two iiietnherM of the
mw n.bbery. band, including tlio
aIIck.mI kador. Vtank Htnnlcy have
l,rn b, nt to thn penitentiary for 15
yi ir m. h. Tho other waa Kddlo
jjhr iquette. ,
rciniH for Chrlstmnn anked for a
chiingf f venuo on tho ftroundu tlmt
" the other two trials and thn
rrt t at moat of tho testimony hud
hten nuhlUhed In tho newspapers
Hi puMie of Tulsa county had be
owc prejudiced ueafnst Chrlstmnn.
T-i . er overruling tho motion Judrjo
rnl explained that prior to tho
oihrr two trials thcro had been a
nav ef publicity nnd It seemlnKly
had hid no effoct on prospective
Jurors, lie said that ho did not bo
llcvo any effect would bo noticed at
thn imel of Jurors Bummoned . at
thl tr'al.
Immediately following tho ovor
n'lw; ct the motion for u chnngo of
vnuo tho Jury box was filled and
attorney for the stato becan ex
mtnlr for cause. By 4:30 o'clock
the trtato had passed for causo nnd
Hprmgor began his examination.
Court adjourned nhortly after r:00
o'clock with tho defense about liuif
way through Its examination. It Is
bollovcd that a Jury will bo lm
paneled by noon today.
So far in tho trial nn ono from the
attorney KcncrorB ifflco haH taken
any part tn tho prosecution. H. J.
Kreellnir, attorney conornl who took
the laid In tho prosecution of tho
other two caeca waa uuublo to come
here for tho Chrlwtman enso duo to
the Ited rlvor boundry enso which
li holdlnK him in Washington. None
of his assistant liavo nn yet taken
any part In tho trial, althnuKh Mrs.
Kathryn van Lcuven who Is In Tulsa
concluding tho Investigation of al
leged ciime conditions hero an
nounced that sho might "fit" in.
However, nho ha yet failed to tako
her pl.irc at tho counsel table. If
alio docs, it will bo tho first tlmo in
the history of Tulsa county that a
woman lawyer hau figured In tho
courtroom. Tho prosocutlon is lo
1ns conducted now by John Qolds-
borry, assistant county attorney and
I;. J. windy as counsel lor tho bank
cr. ,
While nothing has been dlwclosod
as yet that would throw any light on
tho tactics to bo pursued by clthor
tho stato or tho defenso it is bo
Ilcvcd that tho stato will endeavor
to prove that it waa Chrlstman who
acted as riiaurrour for tho bandits,
Ills Identification will bo posltlvo it
Is believed. J. M. SaunderB, detec
tive for the Oklahoma Bankers awo
clstlon who Joined forces with tho
ran? and participated In tho Sporry
robbory will bo tho stato's star wit
ness at the Christman trial. 11a
filled a tilmllar rolo at tho other
Practically tho eamo list of wit
nesses for tho state havo been sum
moned that testified at tho other
two trials.
.rrsnciJ continxjks
The preliminary trials of Sandy
Mciinian, aliened roajJ houso pro
prlttor. charged with complicity In
tho Bpcrry bank robbery and G. W.
Shipley, charged with perjury on
tho witness stand ut tho trial of lid
dlo Bhouquetto, ono of tho alleged
Sperry robbors, who has boon con
victed, havo onco moro been con
tinued. Both trials havo been set
over by JusUco II. G. Gray until
Thursday, May 6.
Emma McKcnzic, charged Jointly
with McMillan who waB nlso scho
dulcd to appear for her preliminary
trial Tuesday beforo Justice II. J.
Oray has waived and will go to trial
in district court nometlmo in tho
next month. Tho McKonzio woman
nd McMillan aro allcced tn hnvn
conspired and assisted by various
'nrans in mo robbery of tho Sperry
bank last December for which orlmo
two men havo already been sen
tenced to 15 years each in tho stato
Penitentiary and tho third alleged
member is now on trial.
Shipley was charged with perjury
no headed tho prosocutlon of
wwqueiiej and Frank Stanley nl-
w.Jefr. ot th0 band- deling
wi!tl!a,t,sh,P,0y'B testimony waa tho
eicsest Uo ho over heard told from
the witness Eland.
nrtliATllKAKS HA VI 3 HANQUirr
Enjoyable, Social Hour Completed an
Lvculns of KntertniniiiiMit
VI?" br8f f th0 PhUathoa nnd tho
iBMtnn b nday tJcnol cIluC3 of tho
vT.,Jn.1 Avenuo Methodist church
u h ,V.lr r'B11Iar tnnnthly banquet
T th church at 0:15 Tuesday night.
buinnJllllatIu,a 0,31,8 " tho young
Mta Z?,0yi' claw ot tho church,
"d lV Vr 18 U' President
Tns lil:. L Dawcs the twichor.
BiJKi1" a iuombr8hlp ot 00.
Weslev r?,,"w is president of tho
S S1"' I31mor Vlck ls '"
Wp ot 60 3 has a ,ncmbcr-
Sees Twelve Pupils do
Through From Primary
School lo Diplomas
SpcrUI to Th World.
l'O.VCA CITV. Slav 3.-Mim
Tsnna Meade, chief of tho prima
ry departments in 1'onea city
sehools, has tho unlqUn experlen. o
ot seeing 12 high school students
graduato this spring who started
in school In her primary depart
ment a number ot years ago. She
has been an Instructor in the loinl
schools for a Inng term of years
and has been reelected for ths
ensuing year in addition to
' teaching, sho Is prominent also
tn m omen's club woik.
Oil Hun l'rte-itfl mid Donation iif
'IUin to Trinity .ninmiiccil.
Tho Trinity church campaign
rolled through its second day of sui
oes.i yesterday when, as the day of
foljcltntlon closed, a total of over
J5O,00 In contributions was an
nounced. In addition to fixed donations, an
oil mon, mombor of tho Trinity con
gregatlon, agreed to contribute, it
was announced, ono batf of tho pro
reeds of hhi run of oil for two
mouths, and a group of I'cnnsyt
vanla oil men In Tulsii agreed to
turnlsh tho chimed for tho projected
new imIIOcc.
Willn it was impoMdhlo to fix the
total contrilmtlou involved in theso
Rlftu, tlio ohlinoH, It wart cstimatrtl.
will run in vuluo from 7,500 to
Today, tho third day of tho drive
will bo mark 3d by tho presence In
Tulsa of Kt. Itov. Theodore 1'aync
Thurston, IJidscopal bishop of Okla
homn. nishop Thuruton wir. ad
dress today's noon mooting of work
em and will later tako nctlvo part in
tho day's cimpalgnlng.
News of Sapulpa
Case Against Janaway to
Come Before Superior
Court This Month
Hriul to lh Wenit.
HAITM'A. Mbj- . - S. Jana
way, nn Ollton tiatMfer man, Is to
be tried hero in suporlor court next
month fur tho shooting of J. W.
Culcarlcr at Ollton Apill I J. It Is
UiidvrMnnd that h will plesd the
iiiiu rutin law and will endeavor to
prow that tlio dead man hud been
Intlmnlu with hi wife. It Is also
understood that his wife to pro-
nanil tn tfflfu in tinlxilf
ra.ler Irxiird a statement Ik for,- In
dl'd thai )w hml not ben liitlmntc ,
with i(m woman nnd that It whs a i
fraiiK ni) lo get Jl ioo from him. 1
Nfgni Will ;-t New Trial. j
"Clunk" UnUooxi', a ii gro, who!
hat Iwrii senteni'i d to vens In
lv p,-h l ' ' n'uli ft Sfl'.iK 'if' '
hout', tun bei 'i giaiited a iu w iii.t
by the state supicnii' "ut. II' li.f
heen in Ilia penltc titlai wvi a
Want Hiijn In Siiuiliiy Sliool.
i A drive lo get erv bov In Kn
P'llpa to nllend Siindny school Is In
bo started by the ltnljiy club with
svery niembur enlltiled a com
mittee. The cluh cxitcoi to help
much In gelling the boja to ntlenil
a school ea h Hunday niornlmr.
Ilotti Women Wii.nl (Aitltl.
I A suit that Is nltnii'llng much nt
Itenllon Is ono In which Iwn women.
1 Mia Tiiiinltii Mil,' llarnrr and .Mrs.
I'ntnk Mrfert. aro eeekln n
smiIoii of llttlo Oeorgln Mae ller
ner. Mrs. Oorner Is eeeklng to et
her thrdugh a writ ot lmbem corpus
nnd suites that she look Hie I'hlld
when sho wns only three weeko old.
nnd when she wont on a visit left the
child with the other woman, and
when she returned Mrs. t:rfert hud
nineil. The child ws given lo Mrs.
(ierner lo keep tint il the caso coul I
bo llet lileil In JtlNenlte court "
Coiiiiik'IhviiicuI I'liiginnt.
Si boot is to close Mnv 2. and
plan- are near oniplet 'on for the
KMduii'lnn of llie 43 'iembmn of
tho rinior ilass. ll.ii ralutire.i'e
eeri lues nre to be held hundii
niiit-m i, i; Mav 'ii and It I' ( ran
nfrpV,n?ire0!:. ?" H. Main .
- Pon Is the Quality
MiiirrinTniiiwii7 BTTiTirrB
No One Need Buy
fetFree Samples
Save $12.50
rliono Osage or Cedar
J'or DclalN. Tlilx Offer Closes
"Things Elcctricnl"
.-or. soirru main
Oklahoma Laundry, & Linen
Supply Co.
Phone Cedar 1!U37 Tt USA, oMiA. riionc Cedar "J0.17
Pro-uur prlcos on laundry uiwl dry droning. Head thLi list
inor carefully
Shirts with cuffs attached. 15 Cents
Soft and Work Shirts .'.......,. .12 Cento
AH Collars .. 4 Cents
AH Socks and Hose 5 Cts. Pr.
This lt an np-lo-diiK; laundry ami under niiiuiigeuii'iil of a imi'
llcal laundry man of jtiim t'lpcrlrntv. Wo Kiuirantisi iM-rfcx-t
HiirU or no charges.
Wo do roughdry nt 7 kmiIh iht iwniud.
WV linntl uuili all t-WUh. Silk hlilrlH nt coiIh cncli.
Sheets .,...5 Cents
Pillow Slips .. .2 Cents
Two-Piece Suits Cleaned and Pressed. ..$1.00
Three-Piece Suit Cleaned and Pressed. ..$1.25
Ladies' Suits Cleaned and Pressed $1.25
I'hono I'm A'our Call noil Wo U'lll Khow You That Our
Ncrloo Is O. K.
om; day si;uici: iv you sav so
Wc furnish loliitirtinl and hold linens, (ii t our prlree,
It Will JKIV.
I'UOXi: CKDAIt 20:7 IMIOM-: Ci-niAll 'J0.17
I i ,i i of I1" ! M' Hi .li-i
i i" h win pr. , ti tn. ,eiiui'ii mm. I
m .'i. appi optiHtr to the i mlon
wi be given Mnfulrtt IilKht a mils
l it prngrHin undi r lhP dtrei-tlnii of
Mfs Kola Smith will be given. Tui
U imirnltiK. hi the aesemblv hour,
members of the soiilor clAsn will
have churn of the program I.tler
I" the ily k plinlc will he held,
Tuesday e.-nlne Iho tlgimt Ueltu
and lclphln sodtles will hold thejr
eonlest. Thn Jinilor-senlnr bamiuel
will bn held Wndnesilny metilng and
Urn Imei nlntireHln sermon will be
preached ThurMtny rvenlutf. The
"enlotn will wear caps and gown in
did Iho dues of lnl ear.
To ('(lulent at Slalo .Moot.
Kapulpa liinh school la to Ie well
represent l t the statu meet to be
held at Norman Thursday, Krldiiy
nnd suturdnv. over SO sludcnls will
attend soil enter Into the contest.
Aiiiiinn ilirai. an Mlm Cruneee Hull
and Porothy Onxley In Voice. A
preliminary mutest will lie held
hen- tn ircide whether Misses
Mi.m n. m.iici liorothy tlreen or
i..nili iiitt.M- will nn in thr
ilinii an ii ulmg i otiieM )''.!...
Iieiiiilv Ivi'Si'iienhrigft' and ini
.l.iiin- "i CiarVs Mub ' lit"' V i '
onsin ii I Hi.hert S.iit'r In . in
i ! i.iv "i.i 1 i i ' I' j
, II i! I. .. n. . ,ieirv , Mil I in,
' Tn v N"iir-e ,iid Jiii' 'i 1 1 v
liohlr. i'1'inpnMtl'in. Juamla lie
iiold.i, am lent, tiliti.rv, .1 H ut.
modern hlsliuy. Hell WllkunsoTi ,
mechanical drawing. Itoec IUo, and
Llaiuee AVIniWt The c 1 1 rt itUe
ring uiimberlnic 20 membern, will
n I mi bi entered under the direction
of tlin muMc wiprrvltoi, MIm KiiIh
M.ijrr "eld In Ada tall t lnlms Ho
Slew In Self Defence.
eprrt.l l, Th VV'nrlil
AHA, OkiH, May S. f(core Mar
tin ot Huff who ivliot nnd niortall)
wounded laet nlht at Koff by I'rmiK
Mi.C'llntiirk, nleo of Itoft.
Mnrlln wait rushed tn an Aif.i ho-,
pit nl nfler being ehiil four tlmca :v
.McCllutoi'k but only lived about flu
lloui'H. M.l'tlntoik Wile nineled ami
in llclll III Id III 111'' I Ml it l Jul I 1" I"
N ran i'' 'h'' xll" iti'ic cini'd 1
t l.'litni d I ut M ' 'in,. Ii i-tiili'd
I tn.lns thl h It. I i' " hi if defi n.'
(arlildgi l,i li'D Ml.i-t ImIN I.
1. M.i l.l.nN , M iv 3 I'll"
w.i kill, d and futii Inluri.l I"
exiil"Hion in n r.-t inr'rldg.- fn
You Sing: America,
r Wlty Not SEE IT?
I !
I 'I
l I'lri ti nl, ". n
:i 1 1
llliil , ,y , t ,
li h .iMi"
i mriw
Al tills, tlttrv mt In tanioniin il jvttKf loth huoiric rvi KftlK Tvln ;
i Aiiicricj'i NalmfuJ Parts md MimtrrmU, Mauiv ffnu tn of towtrmr
VimxI, nuwainwl iwjmitAin ,mW. Go,-nvnVf p.U with mink; uto r xA-
IwMlitnl ruiwim. KUfur. cUcn, rIck muwii, wife! Ikiwrn, fMnt ttet, tr.'ut
lrrmv lit,lii laVn, rrywiv pfeli'"i' wnrult. run" o Cliff DllT nd Atiro.
A ilrKiitlmi wuukl kiiituvr IlK DitUkh Unriiit' TS htinwn ry only 'n irprwljfe
llifm tlify mum be u-cxx lo l tiirmeil A Mltunil l'i ka id Mmuiiwfiti iht
Urwtnl Sutri n pirvrvtnK ttxir ruturftJ rW m h IrcfiUnt fcr All generation I) wrt
mj iw lo itiI, mreition, v4Iki nd plfwwir R xkv McMintMn, ihe mm! ftui r
Nitmrwt ImW. Jml MeM Vrnlr. C lifT DwrOtr luintcl An inl Amrticg, mc in ( oluraJc
tViiwf h '3 liolU, or tOO nouuum ieotU nd nvmy dhoft I til, iulound Irolley trip.
Has n Now
For MotorUU
V AC IT vntt
The Original
ail Sulitlllutei.
for rnftn,tn1liln10rowlnChlllio I RIhMIU.MIUi10ilnEttftlnl'ewlr
TbeOilf;lnll'ood.UrlnWlfor AllAgeo No U)oUiitj-rouriihtii DIliblo
AiU r ttlrrntfi R
fiitnih fluraMur
Ctiic0. KintM City
SI. 1-CIHl,
CotcraiJo Fpitnct.
PUn lo Rocky Mountain Ntlmnal PaikJ 'cnvrr't
McnnMin lvnlm, Mcu Vrd. tint uVt llm I ll Rrtrr
Cud nip; two djiym. J16 milrt, crouinf Corlinenul
Piviil lout l he Pfik.to Pfik trip. Long .. t' jW to
I'lkr 1'iaW iy) milfi on Hm ol Colorado Knckirt.
that lRi wlittt 10 gn, whit lo w
ami how to enjoy cump.nr:, ImIi
ing motormc gnllanilxeiiK
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, Alt'
Does your suit fit
when you sit down?
YOU notice the good fit of a
Society Brand Suit even in
a lounging position Designing
skill and hand-tailoring of quality
fabrics are the combination that
.makes the collar fit snugly and the
trousers hang light and gives these
clothes a graceful fold no matter
what posture you assume
The spring styles express a new
note in style designing, and the
new patterns are most attractive
AirRF-D DECKER ft. COIIW, M.V.n, Cfcieaio. H To. I
On Mjoin at Fourth
I --""" "t- x. itMii;,,;

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