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VOL. XV. NO. 213.
il l I LATION. MAY 0)
Daily 31,137 (
rmma' m. m hv. -vv; o-v. . aiar a aiar mam m i aawaaaaw i bh i i aam i aam a
SoMiers Disperse Whites!
a Armory When They
(Jo for Equipment'
- . -
(',-panics at Capital, Wagon-re-
and Muskogee to Move
Moment's Notice
t ruds Applaud as Khaki
( lad Roys Appear on Scene
in Motor Trucks
1 ial.l l'r. as .Sine Wire
' ' '.HO.JA CITY. .May 31
T urn of Oklahoma national
k , . J vrrc called out by Adjutant
i i ha "lea K. Harctt Lite to-
, to assist police offlcera of
T -.1 :n handling the situation arls
re of armed conflirt between
.!' and ncgrofs, which Is bo
I 3 t i h.n.j arisen out of the ar
' i a negro, charged with an at
a , i r a white girl, ilovrrnor J.
l; A Hobertson said tonight that
f .rw.e.g a .all from thi Tuli-a chief
I i i' e. he had given Adjutant
(ineral narrott full authority to
fr irred at his own discretion.
Company H, ono Bervlcc company,
and a sanllar) detachment of thu
i.i'li'iil suard at Tula were called
i p n reaching the armory, the
inardsmen reported thy flrft had to
i-.ppre a mob of white persons,
'hey said, erc attempting to
ire.ik mto the htoreroom for arms
and ,.nieuunltlon.
N ' i rial Riiard officers nt Okla
'' ' i '!!, .Miifkosce and Wnponer.
'u' r been asked to hold their unite
ir 'eailnew In caso they nhould lie
re , i r- d Adjutant Oener.il llarrctt
' I'tiel i. J. I", Itooney, com
m l.-R the first battalion, third
. f.i. r regiment wa plarfl In
' i vnd by tho adjutant general by
' ei i ' i. from Oklahoma City and
a ' nlered out the service com
1 .! I i mpany li.
I'i:ebfr of these unltn, under
i '.ipeitlvc unit rommanderh
n rr pia. ed In the dovn-to n por-
ii e '.on i. ftho city, and with
nets fixed, patrolcd the banks
' 'her buildinps throuhout the
, s, .
tv t the khakl-elald boys ap-
f -i nn the street they were met
n . 1 rers from crowd that lined
' t'.kH and turRed Into tho
i 1
lie Taker. Platv of lloitlcn Who Ucn
Hack 011 lU panitlon.-..
I ..icllei I'tfh
PALIS. May 31 James A. Logan
v ' ' as unofficial observer for
'K ! 'ed States In the meetings of
'' 1: .arantees commlttt'o of the
'.rai:i ns rommlfiilon, as the rep
"''i.'d'ive rf Itnland W. Hoyden.
1. .is resumed his seat on the
.i'un commlf'Klon, in on
' with orders trom Washing-
instructions concerning Mr.
- attendance on the meetings
guarantees committee are ex-f-oni
Washington and they
icved hero to be unnecessary
i of the fact that the com
.subordinate to and part of
, .nations t omniifcHlon, the In-
x to Mr. Hoyden to partlcl
he . oniml.tslon being Consul
"i. lent for him to delegate
(,." who Is his iMdstant.
'ng of the guarantees com
probably will be held this
Paris, after which it may
i-.erever its duties require,
v. lty II Matin-um.
" aou'h wn.1 rl.Af.
91, ininl-
.tAS Wrdn.t'lav and Thuwdty
.uUy. probably .ait.rd thvjatr
Teday'a Im-hI
lu 110IH Tula, t: 10 o'rlack 1
rnyi:n MrrrtNo tomoht.
r,"n't be without the news
from home while on your
vacation. The .World will
te mailed to you every
fi for 20c per week. Call
O.agc 6000, Circulation
Local Guard Units Ou0mMmmM3m
lasPer County
r.5l.,. "5
Manning nrV.. ";: .. The
i 111 IMI.Tnv ft, il r .... i
Inlltl U I t. .1 . .. ... - .. , . .. 1 1 . .
.Iii'lier rouiUj. was fiiuml guiitv of
iniutdcr ty u jury late todav m mn-
! ne. 'turn Willi tho death of Lindsey
rrtot,nn, one of thr 11 negroes .il-
I legod tn have be ..mi held ill peonage
mo I (Inn l 1 1 1 o t on thr farm a few
months H(j i. Tho fury is out 35
1 minutes Manning w:u. srntonr. d to
I life imprisonment.
'adventuress; is
CHARGE OF JOYCE 0RDER effective july ist
Succession of Lovers Gave 101 Difffrent Railroad Sys
Pegfjy Her Living, Says terns Affected by Ruling of
Millionaire Husband Railway Labor Hoard
From Telephone Girl to Wo
man Reveling in Jewels
and Riches Is Tale Told
C111CAOO, May 31. 'TcRRy"
L'pton Archibald Hopkins Joyce
was stripped of tho glamor of Jew
elM, millions and romance and hold
up .ih n tordld adventures! by her
multimillionaire husband, James
Stanley Joyce, In an answor filed
today to "PesBy's" petition for
$10,000 a month temporary alimony.
Startling exposure or 'TcgRy's" al
leged past wero mndo by Joyce In
(ho most voluminous answer ever
prepared tn a dlv.rco case.
The most startling charge made
by Joyce w.jh the revelation of a
hitherto sealed chapter In "PegRy's"
life the taking of his own life by
an enamoured army officer In New
York after an affaire de coutr with
"Peggy. '
Hit imoroo Iotlrr a "HaUe."
Joyce charged In Ills hill that this
army officer, driven Into debt by
his deMro to earn "Peggy's" favor
1 satisfying her Inordinate crav
ing for Jewels, committed suicide.
Of almost equal Interest In the
charge that "PegRy's" "alibi letter."
produced by her to prove her al
leged divorce from her first hus
band, Kverott Archibald, took place
before her marriage to Phllbrlek
Hopkins, is a false Instrument. This
letter was produced by "Peggy" dur
ing an Interview granted lost week
to a representative of the Chicago
Hvenlng American.
Joyce charges that this letter
which "Peggy" asserted proved she
hatl been divorced In Denver In May
1n n cl.an. 11a ,1 onl a rnl Ollll
thc"judRe Who.' "PeRgy" cl.ilmed,
signed the decree that freetl her
from Archibald died si months be
fore the signing given in the letter.
TtOMi 1-rnm "Hello Girl."
The story of "Peggy's" career as ,
reveaieu n joyt-e in a iiiu.si r.'iotirr.
ihl. nnnl of Tim r s of u te e- I
phone operator to fame as a treas- !'. although . onsldera'.le testl
lurn spending adventuress. . ' mony offered by the roads, partle-
It reveals the exlsten. e of an ularly in the south, showed common
Inhliglng aunt who, Jovce charges. ' labor wages as low as JI.jO for t
i found one man after another to feed ,
her exorbitant desires for money,
clothes and Jewels, only to be cast
aside ultimately In her pursuit for
bigger game.
Salary Not for Acting.
A chapter wherein "Peggy1 Is set
forth as a manicurist In a hotel In
nichmond. Va , Is recited. Jovce
shatters "Peggy's" claims to his
tronlc merit bv declaring that the
J700 a week salary sho received as
an actress was paid. not for
"Peggy's'' talent and serviet . but
for her personal favor by the the
atrlral magnate who was Instru
mental In obtaining her employment.
This magnite, Joyte derlares alio
presented her with the JlO.ono sthle
ftory of her mccess In acquiring the
treasure by listing in coin ugures
tho fabulous sums In money, Jewels
and gifts bestowed by him upon her
Ia. trlfllnp ,,ft.ptfnnB. Fourteen htin
L,rrfj thousand dollars Is the total
Jovce savs he showered on "Peggy"
within the few months that Inter-
vt.neil between
tnrtr marriage aou
I thn shattering
of their brief ro-
I I.lMs Ills KiprndltUP.
I Mafctfr -'f rnillionH thnijKh ho nan,
ijnyro sot forth ihr dran upon hi
rfjtourmH redufed his lntom from
a not hurj'.UH In 1910 of mnro than
iJ15f'.000 to ih sussrerlne deficit In
1 1920 of $738,000.
Joce'n ironof '.arii attark upon
thp lifp and hAra'inr of hiH wito U
conUlni'd in a dt.rununt n.ad'- up of
S4 rlni-elv prln'd pac It wuh niu
, r. - rhifL-M of drunk. I
..... . , ... i c.p; -" -
rn,Ms and rruf t ftld I'f ggy a
attoinpa tw- upiKh aeo
Joyce wfnt mis d-tai.n rfBard)nf;
hU Allefra,iton of immorality on 'he
party c' I'ppm- -"harffd bhe
;'100 Millions Ordered Cuti
t -v r , 1
i,1'om payrolls oi me
Nation's Lines
Apprentice Hoys Cut $10 Per
Month, Skilled Workers
Up to ?2G Per Month
lly th AfsncUtM Pr.fi
ClUC.UiO, Mav 31 -Pour hun
dred minion dollars a year will 1
Mashed from the nation's rallpav I
niu wnen an order to be untitle. j
down tomorrow by the United States
railroad labo) board takes full ef
fect. Tho decree is effective July 1.
on 104 lines.
Avcinge Cut 12 IVr C-m.
(Irantlng the petitions of the com
panies, thn board will direct an
avoraKo cut of 12 per ci-nt. whli li
eventually will apply to all tho rail
road employes of the country. Mem
ber of 31 unions are affected Im
mediately. Tho cuts range from fi to 13 cents
a hour, or from $10.20 a month for
apprentice boy to $2i.r,I for tin
better paid skilled labor, figuring on
an eight -hour day basl.
Our ltnlM Wli-'d Out
The decision granted reductions
.trying from 5 to IS per cent, and
In tile rn"c of sei tion laboii-rs. .'orn
pleteiy w,ped out the InTi.me grant
ed that clafs of employr by the
1600,000,000 wage award of Julv 20.
1920. Sertlon men who had been
receiving 13 70 for nn eight-hour
day were cut to the samn figure In
effect under federal control. The
reduction was approximately ID per
Switchmen and shop craftn wcr
given a 3 per cent reduction, whll
the train service men were cut ap
proximately 7 per cent. Car repair
ers were cut about 10 per cent.
May Include .Mod' Uouils.
While the decrease Is specifically , principally the Standard Oil corn
applied for the present only to the piny) in the Iijambl fields of Hurn
104 roads whoso tanea have been'a'ra. This dls rlmlnatinn against
heard by the board, tho decision , American taplul lead to an ener
says it may later be applied to any,,,l,' protest from Secretary of Sluto
other road asking a hearing m ac-1
cot-dance with the provisions of the
ICsch-Cummlns transportation act.
The decision Is based on the pres
ent rates of pay n i-Ubllslied by
thn $600,000,000 wago award of
July 20, 1320. Common laborer
pay, over which the railroads made
their hardest fight, is to bo reduced
S to S 1-2 orntH an hour, tutting
freight truckers average monthly
to $77 11. This new schedule still
gives section men an average dally
wage oi o u. itir ,to i-iHiii-iiwui
lu-nour tia
Office llovs Off Light.
Shop erafts employes, and train
uNTist Kit tiv Iv.OB Twn
Wire Flashes
V N'T i a n; mv ;j
uae t IHi roil fif liv.riff
Wr.rrlfiJ ho
' I r ' f'-r hf
irrairi M' Mil) H A'
T'r hr tUFtil''1 r iinlhlBf
ltl. kTnifn" n-l l fir tu hri If
MIAMI, f'W.u Mk M Uhii 'alkinc
lth m trlr I I. vi rpn'kn 7"' -&rf oi1
rlroppf 1 de J nr hi lnin At Card in
yr)4r-l4y Apopl iy iniu1 by hit antJ
lone walk ttit) cus of a4th.
HIO. .Miy II A mdln dfpaifh from
Mp'iw today U th ttl of IVtroirrad
had bn fnnM and that th flrtt ahlp.
a I.cttlah eacl, iatld from that pert.
TKXWlKAS'A, Ark My St - -a1u4
A. lunnlncan, 19 efi old. a lam4n
lint niRht w ihot and kitlrd ty a H
yttr .id git. a-''-.r-1inr to purn
aid ihA flrrd lunnirn whtn tin P
(xrarrd at her lt-4rnnm vtndow.
ItAl.TIMf'Ri:. Md . May 3t - Th nw
ahlpplnir Mr! tf imih'p Hurkyt HU(
wa alichtl) dmii,d (cdy by fir t hr
ptr hfrf. Orflrul if ih' M(jMn lln
hirh ofarat! fh vmI aid ah would
-ii Irr Hn Krntfro nit Saturday aa
OIJUrKPTKIt. ypa May SI -P.uaMl)
Prnith ah nffinal f the O'irtftn-Paw KUh
rr9 eofrip ny ni nrra of th arhoonr
Yfrif r-ptrtrd fr.indrd in IS'o a
r-f Man wtff aaid lud thf h l-
"T1 1 Wn i om nftir.jn, ana nia cr
or ri Mif
'aki.an( ' ai M i--r
ij h0 Ki i rr."f. ,
i.Rdft- n a) a - r !l(tfll;
fro n hr- ,i cH v
Wn a0.
Arrest of Young Negro on
Statutory Charge Caused
Battle Between the RUCCS
Tin- race rpitiu: that broke
out lure ,ate Tii-Hday night giew
out of tin arre.si Tuixdi.o after
noon . luck Rowland, a mgio
bo,.tti, mi a I'harRu of iuumiiH
Ing a uhitt eleMitor girl In tho
Drexel building on Monday.
Thiii was ii movement afoot,
It was reported, among white peo
ple In go to the county courthouse
TueMlay night and lynch the boot
hl.uk. This report spread over
"Little Africa" and early In the
evening crowds of negroes began
foi llllllg.
L land was taken from the
I ' v lo the ' "unty Jail Turtuluv
afternoon and his preliminary
Mini set for June 7 in municipal
Itowland was arrested on South
Deals With Oil Controver
sy in the Sumatra
Kegion, Report
American Protests Reiterated
in New Message by Hughes
to the Netherlands
WAHIflNOTO.V. May 31. Tho
t'nllcd States has dlupatched another
note tn the Dutch government deal
ing with thu oil controversy In the
Sumatra trglnn It was learned of
ficially here today.
Toil Kojit Secret.
While tho state department de
cllnnd to make nubile, the text of tho
note, it x understood, It takes strong
issue with some of tho arguments
advanced recently by tho Nithcr
lantlH government In its communi
cation to this government. Tho con
troversy between Washington and
The Hague arose over tho dlsrrlml
nation practiced by the Dutch gov
ernment against American InteiesU
yi;r uku
II ugh' Itebiikeri M.inil.
The Dutch government replied to
this protest with a general denial of
tho statu department's contention,
staling that contractu for the de
velopment of the DJambl field hud
txon entered Into by tho government
with the ILvavla of tho Iloval Dutch
Shell group before the application
from the Amerban Interrsta hud
, "
received, other points raised
Secretary of Slate Hughes wrro
also denied by the Dutch govern
mi nt.
In the dispati bed note dlst used
today. It N understood Secretary
Hughes taken up the Dutch govern
ment arguments In detail and '
iterates almost In thtlr entirely the
protests made In the flrrt Amrivan
The Dutch (onleotlon that the ap
plication of the American Interests
for rights in part i -ipatlon was re
'He. I afti the t L.King of the Ila
'avia . ontru. ts, is flatly denied! it 1"
und rstood.
. , .. i
be lengthy
The nolo was i-aid t
and reviewed thr world oil tllu- I
High Railroad Rale
DisanlroiiH lo Fruit
rail rates are now causing the de
struction of thousands of dollars
worth of frilt und vegetables tn
California, It was declared today by
J 11 MHIIny vice pr
Ident of the
United Jlrotherhood of Maintenance
of "Way Umployca and Shop La
"The rail labor board han an
nounjed that the wages of son. 000
unskilled workers will be reduced
June 1. but tm yet the railroads bavn
made no sign of reducing rates,"
See Into Office 'lol.
MIJSKOflKK. OK1.1 , May 31.--Frank
Leo, Muskogee republLati,
will b sworn Into off Ire totnoirow'
as t'ntted Ktatew attorney for the
eastern district of Oklahoma. Ho
sun eeds John Harley, democrat,
who was temporarily named to the
of fite some, weeks ago when Charles
Miller resigned following Miller's
temporal y appointment by Judge
K'.l.i i' I. Williams, Ju'lg, of inn
'. -al "Oui of the eas'etn llslrlt t
I.ee d. 1 0 ..daj ann- unie
I. i a h-'at ji He a'tted
ta' ) would not be made pubui
.jt a li-H
(li it nw on,i ii' fin,,, i.'nh Tii'm1
looi,,in' .v iiffnfrs ll.riM Car
ml. Iiai . ao, II C. Ph. Ii II, wn-.
Iddittfled bv the girl nft r his
capture. The boy did not drill
Hit. ultiuk ami M.iltl he stepped on
her foot but did not m. ralrh bei
In any mh
The gltl alleged that the negro
ontetetl the eleatoi amt without
any provocation altinkul Imr. She
K'tenmed tor help and a r'eih :u
tho Iteuberi: store ran to her as
slhtance. 1'pon his appioach the
negro fled anil hail been III hiding
until enptutid by the polite of
ficers yisitenlay morning
Thi' girl Is an orphan and 1
attending a local hinducx -oleK
and running an i levator on off
The Dcnd
t tho .Mouhrny Ciiili-fSnklou',
(tilllimil) vviin an 111111101111''
vvhllo Minn, whoso ago mlg)
plaiTil I-ihi. ii an nutl 3U
ami wlios.. dentil vvoiiud
bullet vtlllcli i'llli'rel the I
the head. lie illitl at n 4
'I here viare tin rliii of lib'
lion vtlilch isiiild Ik- folton
night anil lie wan oolilt oll
to 3 iiiIikI thin inorulii:
At Staiiler-.MrCtino Cotl
(vniany Is nil iinldeiitlfltt
fiiau nlsMit lt. .vcaris of agJ
vviih iiImi line to a bullet vvil
terlug the iM'ntl.
riiers- vvere no demd nt tl
Oklahoma Hospital
1'Hliilly liijuml.
A. It. STICK, city elerk Sapulpa,
death rxpietetl inomentarlly
d. T PItC.MvAHD. contliiclnr on
Prlsco. Saptiliia, shot In left khoul
der, chin, forehead
f.HK KISHKIl. 33H4 Last Plrst
stret, shot m left I. g
I T. SLINKAItD. West Tulsa, leg
KOllKUT PALM Kit, West Tulsa,
shot In left shoulder.
WD AUSTIN, tin South Detroit,
shot in left foot.
L. T IIKItSHMi:it, 'H37 LaM
Hodge, xhot In left hand and left leg
FrisHcll Hospital
Clarento Hill lay at thn Kriswill
Memorial hospital, 314 lCust llnitl),
near death, according to nurses,
tlue to being shot throuyh the lunx
Tho fear that he might not live un
til morning was rxprici by at
tendants. Other than his name, nc
Information was given out.
Tuha Hoxpilal
Three wounded men were taken to
the Tulsa hospital, but none whs
seriously hurl. 10 ..riling to meager
reports Hospital attendants M fused
to give any Information II. It
I'urry. .lames I'olllns and ono otlii r
were at this hospital
P. & S. Honpital
One fatally wounded man was
,i, ,,. ,v,. 1. 1. u i,, vi
H,,, ,,,,, ,,.,. .',,
land was reinond lo a morgue.
Other H or pit ah
,Vo u '.undid were taken to tin
Sand Springs or the Mornlngsnle
hospitals, tb.y rcportud. NVnber
I u-,. lht.i. nr.'. t,,liir.,l I
tht negt o '
RalariaiiH Will Tall:
on Gun After Lunch,
fias In all Us natural and un
natural states will be discussed A
the weekly meeting of tho llolar
club at Hotel Tulaa Wednesday
noon. "Inflated gas" Is the subjet-t
assigned to "Hill" llagley. and
"Dick'' Jonea In to talk about
"Prewed (jua." C. H. Avery Is to bo
Mlilro Ki
Ht.M.I o The W
H'nk Prlday.
r .1.
.1 l ir'n, .'-.i :
r irr Wr.i.il ,r
l.Slfl. M.n .1
' ga! ' otji.si for r
e'n .Hnn uv f u ' t
reas in Lr d ncx'
toer! a
f-rida, a
I log
l en-
c i it a""- 'tn'-nt
1 Dy that ore filiation.
Ncgroc Finally Driven
Where 1,000 Armed Blacks Are Reported at
Bay With More Than 500 Armed Whites
Facing Them Opposite Frisco Tracks; Move
to Lynch Bootblack Starts Trouble.
There rc two tlond necrnos nt tlio l;rico depot.
Aflrr nix hours of ran rioti njr. extendine; over the entire
dty, two white men arc known to be dead and about a ttcore
arc known to be injured. -
There are no known iieRro fatalltirH, thotiKh rcporln are
thai Hoveral were killed. One injured nt'Kro in nt the police
Htation nnd is exported momentarily to die.
ThoumindH of shots wore fired during the rioting, crowdtt
swarmed up and down the atreeta brandishing weapoiiH and
the greatest excitement prevailed.
Moth of the white men known to have been killed were
shot through the head.
Tht! city, patrolrd by ,f automobilca filled with armed
men, while fi00 armed mon with their renter n the Frisco
railway station within a stone'a throw of an armed mob of
1,000 negroes, form the nucleus of the gathering white
There was a furious outburst of firing In the vicinity of
the I-risen tracks and Cincinnati about U :110 this morning,
but whether there were any casualties could not be ascertained.
Some negro shacks on the
I at Boston were fired by white
1 i i .....I ?i
will, spectacular aim it. was
Africa h business district was burning. I-iromen who rc
spondud to the alarm were at first kept away, but later
tinguished the bliiy.e.
Firing which for two hours was general over the city
and centered in the north part
ing the first outbreak at the courthouse about 10:15 o clock
lafit night declined at 1 o'clock after a crowtl of .'10 negroes
were driven from Second street and Cincinnati avenue.
In response to a rail from Muskogee, Indicating several
hundred negroes were, on their way to the city to assist Tulsa
negroes should the fighting continue, a machine gun squad
loadetl on a truck, went east of the city with orders to stop at
all hazards these armed men.
For three hours city officials, under direction of J. F.
Adkison, police commissioner, and Charles Daley, inspector
of police, with tho assistance of part of the home guard com
pany, formed armed white men into companies and 'these
companies were marched to advantageous positions. Hun
dreds of cars were volunteered for use by the armed patrol
of the city, and these were speedily detailed to prevent
armed negroes from taking action except in the negro dis
trict of the city.
About 1 2:110 a. m., when an armed party of whiles,
scouring the vinicity of the Frisco station after an attack by
blacks, at the corner of second and Cincinnati, mistook a
lone white man for a negro, and fired a round of at least
2fi shots at the white pedestrian. Death was instantaneous
and he was hit so many times his hotly was mangled almost
past identification.
The last car containing white men through the negro
district, which made the trip shortly after midnight, re-
ported that at least 1,000 armed negroes were gathered north
of the Frisco depot. One white man was badly beaten by
negroes when he attempted to pass through the district.
Two companies of regular troops from Ft. Sill were
ordered out by Governor Robertson, and home guard com
panies from surrounding towns ordered to mobilize and take
immediate transportation to Tulsa.
Thousands of persons, both the inquisitive including
several hundred women, and men, armed with every avail-
nlilo uorirwin in llio oitv t.'ilfnti frrvm nuiire urivu'rit nutl
" v ---j
sporimg goons siore, swarmeo
to Boston avenue watching the
offering their services to the peace officers.
Intermittantly, throughout the two hours following mid
night, shots were fired into thr air by the white forces, but
except for a few stray shots fired by whites at the FriBco
depot and returned by the negroes, the city remafned in
ouiet. The armed cars containing negroes were driven from
the streets before 1 o'clock,
;,. ln ...i., Hrr(wt intr rwM'roCH
ia . Twelve were captured
! o'clock. No attempt was made however to disperse tho
! negro mob north of tho Frisco depot.
Armed with weapons ranging from shotguns to .22 cali
ber target rifles, men filtered into the police station singly
or in auto loads. Ammunition was scarce and the entire
supply of virtually every store in town carrying such goods
was confiscated before midnight.
'lliouaildl IJne Streets.
Crowds of thousands hnd Meond
feet east of Main, the guild Un
.staMlshid by the homeguards, and
braved the occasional flrn from re
volvers and rifles in the hands of
negroes, watching the formation of
lilt, V lit .inler I'Olflllii nle. l
'.00 p rsonc, among th m loo
i n watimd th' l.aitle 'r wlii
i . w t ' f uegl tn n , i ees. I ill.' ' M
t rj ' ' "' 'It' 'I
''I 1 II '1 I I . I
A' I' (i ,.fiui. , I
ng (.ir, u (
o inapcn, with co. kou balslns
Into "Little Africa"
north side of the Krisco tracks
men at 2 o'clock. The blav.e
a r: i. i .i i i. i in nil..
at iiihl reported mat. untie
of the business district follow
.. , ,
on Meronti sireei irom noiiKieri
gathering volunteer army
and the patrols continued scour-
aild ol.'tcillg them III the city
by the auto patrols lietore I
with arnm'iniii'.n,
iitllret in i lotliln(r
iari'lng from overalls in palm beach
Ults, gathered for three hours. Lit
tle uonvrrtatlun was Indulged in but
all woie an ixpresalon of d'teimi
1 nation to put tlown the upnslng nf
tip negroes, old men larrvlngshot
Igunu walkid or marched aide bv aids
w"'i yoiinis In wtnie flannels, tarrv
OS (Kg r riiie ur r.tit.in note snot
g II.-
Well III ilanil Mi)s slierlff.
V e .e ' . mi , . ' ' i. ei la' i "
wn , ' a-. J w ' o r f r ' o- retp
fr in ne o r.i j'ila r t-.'ato
.miliwa. Sheriff McCullouch toid a
U Id .porlrr nbnut four hourj
utter the riot had broken out nt
ivhlrh limn he signed u lelegrnni
asking (lovernnr Uobrrtson fnr out
side help In copti with thn sltuellnn.
The telegram vim already signed by
t'hlef of 1'iillci) (lustufHou and Mayor
T. D, ICvuns. "While I do not feel
the situation warranH help from
the outsldn yet It Is rtlwayx best to
plav safely first," MCPllllough said
The sheriff watt well entrenched
In tho Jail and thn elevator wan put
out of inmiiilssliui early In the ove
nlltg Tho only cptrntKM tn tho Jail
was up h winding stairway vvhb h
terminated In great steel bars. It
wiih behind these that tho county
sheriff nnd mom than eight dcputlCH
wire firmly entrenched. (Ireat dlffl
rutty was experienced In getting thn
telegram In thn sheilff fnr his nig
.mime and tho bearer wan a strang
er. It wiih nt this (linn that n World
leporter wild wiih well nsriiulnlt'il
irllh Mi ('iilloliKh succeeded In get
'Ing thu telegram to him for hla sig
Hnon niter thn first few shots vvern
Irrd itiMind thn unurthuuso in which
ono negro was wiiiiudeil nnd ono
whltii killed thn great, crowd which
hail collected tn front of tho county
nulldllig dlapei sett, Tho negtocH
running toward "Llltlo Africa" nnd
tho whites scattering In all dlret
Hons, A few knoln of armed whites
formed on alt sltlen of thn courthouso
mini uflurvvnril and plaunud a re
prlsal on the. negroes. These, formed
tho most threatening crowd that
colluded at thn county building.
Hardware htorot r.iuptlcil.
At 10 31) o'clock iv report was re
celvetl at thn pollen tdnllon that til"
hundreds of untied black wero
gathering nt I'lrst and Cincinnati for
knottier Invasion of tho buslliewi ills
Tho demand for arms beenmo
ilaioroiis. Wlillo the pollco wero en-
deiivorlng tn securo tho opening nf
tin hardware stiiren by legal means
rrowd.1 began tn batter III tho doom
of the Mageo sporting goods store,
almost across thn street from thn sta
tion. The first guns began to ar
rl vii front tho Il.irdon store on Mouth
Main. Armed men seemed tn
spring from everywhere. Within
half an hniir an army of about COil
hull wan bring drilled fnr duty ami
coached for emeigency. Practically
nil hardware stores vvern emptied of
guns nnd ammunition. Homo opened
their doors voluntarily.
Thn arrival of Major Itnoney anil
a bunch of national guard men on
an army truck was a signal for
( beers,
"Now let thn niggers enmo If they
dare,'' tho rrnwds shouted.
Armed guatds wero placed In
tars und sent out on patrol dtltv
.'ompanlen nf about CO men each
were organised und marched through
tho business streets. Much promh
:uous shooting resulted with a very
.'nrtunato result that no ono was
Pullceiiinti's Lift' N Kiitril,
Wlillo the negroes wero congregat
nc at Kecond and Cincinnati about
10 o'clock, J. L. Wllnon, a day
pntrolman, came Into town in iv
lltmy not knowing what tho Iron
Mn uaii about.
i ho iiegroei saw mm and In an
instant hn found himself in tho
namlH of the mob.
"Thai's one of thorn. Il s lynt li
llrn." they shoutuil.
Hut a negro preat her who has
occn shining hhoos In a (Unlit! near
lie pullcn station throw ha arms
oiotind Wilson and pleaded so earn
I'stly for hla lire that the blacks It l
till i go
Wilson kept mlmorl.ihing the
.T. Ail during tho evening to It I
tin Ir i oost lencn be their guide '
llnikiiuaii Shot Twice
A brakeman on nu east bound
r','rixht train was shot tiw by
negro at Madison and ,'rlst o Ira. Kit
lift iir.llng to reports The brakt
niiiri was shot twP e, otitn in the. fn
nnd out e In the i best
It Is reported that a negro sharp
shooter who wss stationed on Madi
son street nlrneil at u hoy about 1 4
years old who vtri bumming bis w.iv
on the train when the brakeman
was hoi. lie Hal taken tu a ho.i
IJltul. The li lting followed u movement
tit lly in the night of a crowd of 1 ,0
whito men to take DP k Jlowlanu.
negro bootblack charged with a. -sault
i .mn a whits girl Monday .if
1 1 noon from 'he ounty Jail Hhernf
William MiCullough htatiom t
armed guar. Is lo the Jail and '"
eedd In ' owlnc tho mob n nip -ari!
More than 300 n'grin. mom . f
tbern aimed with rifles, nvolvei,
ml shotguns gathsrnd at the rnuri
house at 9 o'clock with the n vowel
Intenilon of prevsntlng tht irri.ii
ened lyn hlnif Uoth white ao I
negro offn rrai argued wiih '.he tw .
inoi. which IntsrmlnKlrd at "e
south and west eutrainea to ti
f ounty iourlhoue. The negi., ,
wrtii fiutiily tilapursed but to-i' in.
to rule about the city tn aju -or .
bi'es The trowtl at the iourth . r
lumttr.ng about 20" whites ,t -i
' s re' ,v(. i,, (Psoer-e in If
tnjrtl ' Stl' r ff M 1 ciph ar1
r hatf no t ur wa ed p. . ,f - - i
nrr o r t I, s , " i e 'Ji X r,i

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