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, Sunday
n i i or? 1 1
35.21)2 yjj
There was an unconfirmed report at 6 o'clock that
Jirce more white men had been killed in the latest clash
with the blacks, but it could not be verified. 1
With the coming of dawn this morning, following a
night of race rioting and death, hundreds of armed
white men in motor cars formed a circle of steel about
"Little Africa," and a continuous raltlle of rifle and re
volver fire could be heard.
a Sixty or seventy automobiles filled with armed men I
'were in the line drawn about the black belt and there)
were many reports to the effect that they planned to, i
range through the negro settlement and "clean it out." I
At 5:30 the death list was estimated as high as fif- 1
teen. Though no whiles were known to be killed save
two unidentified men listed in The World, reports to I
police headquarters from members of the white bands I
who had been at "the front" between the line of armed !
whites and "Little Africa" said they had counted the I
bodies of more than a dozen
While the bands of armed white men in motor cars
were surrounding the negro district six airplanes were
circling over the section. Scattered along the Frisco
tracks and in streets immediately south were between
500 and 1,000 more armed white men. Talk of driving
into "Little Africa" could be heard on all sides.
At 5:45 the white forces were pushing into "Little
Africa" from the south, bands of white riflemen being
reported atElgin and Archer. They were reported to
be shooting iritoMiouies "and at all negroes in sight.
There was no report of the extent of casualties. Thtf
negroes were not returning the fire very spiritedly, ilj
was reported, but negro snipers were shooting from'
housetops and windows.
Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning, the row of frame
buildings on the east side of Boston avenue north of ttd
Frisco tracks was fired, but because there was no wind, the
flames burned themselves out and did not spread to the Cin
cinnati avenue block which sheltered several hundred
At 3 o'clock the fire had gained sufficient headway to de
stroy all the buildings except, the residence on the north end
of the block. When this building was burned, six negroes
who had been firing from the house at the whites were
driven from cover and five of the six who ran from the house
were killed. White men who took up their station at Arctr
and Boston before 3 o'clock, succeeded in pushing their line
almost to Cincinnati avenue in the face of fire from the
negroes. The negroes, however, made no dashes from their
places of hiding and 'except for the firing of a few shots at
intervals, did not attempt to dtslodgu whites in the negn
section of the city.
Members of the crowd of 500 whites around the Frisco
depot about 5 o'clock this morning engaged in a spirited bat
tic with several negroes perched on housetops. However, the
aim of the blacks was bad and no whites were injured, but
three negroes were killed within a short space of time.
One of the blacks was perched on a two-story brick build
ing on Archer. He raised up to fire but one of the whites
with an army rifle beat him to it and the black toppled, ap
parently dead. The other two blacks were hiding on Archer
and were dropped by the white.sharpshooters.
Three other black bodies were lying near the depot at day
light this morning. Two bodies had been removed.
T.i'c Brady, proprietor of the Brady hotel, who was a mem
t'fr f white men on guard duty along North Main street all
Mgrt, said he counted the bodies of fiVe negroes.
1 i'p negro was dragged behind an automobile, with a rope
ft " it his neck, through the business district.
l; P"rts that three Frisco switchmen and a fireman, mem
''f t "f a switching crew, had been shot to death by negroes
i"' i m they refused to haul the blacks out of town, could
' ! I-- verified.
r.p,,rt from the Oklahoma hospital at o:-'i0 said three
" win nded white men had been brought there, but that
' ' were seriously injured. The names were not secured.
V "kIo a negro house at ElKgin and Archer was reported
' ' ng.
-B through the tcp r lieti
e I' luvli and Ila '1 M'
' i.pted to fa. ape fi.m the
' i about 2 ouloik i dnenlay
' The were tlita-nt ered by
-" ' j.ilnr K. L. Crawford and i.ffl
I' M'ichem Jurtt aa thev wer
J ' "ir thi-ouith tho outkido bars of
'H pruion
"t and Davis were ejeh berv
t. F'nH te canyme coixcealed
-n- od hiuru: visranw. Th-"
negroes stretched in tho
were arrehted U.n weeK n i:i.."idi
dine and wire mninj
The tni n Mere dls'.'.verrd aft. r
the awed the two ham firm tne
lop of itH'lr tell and i linitinl on: on
lop. Thev then uu the lo.-k in the
Mti'hen door and were t.ainy
through thn last of the b.ira between
them and freedom when Crawford
-a uw..hj tatnc an.
The Dead
At tin' Mimliru) I ndc rtnklut;
l'lilllutll won nil linllli'lillflfil
. tit.' man, hIiiw ih:i- might l-phii-cil
iMtmt'ii UN mill 111! )i',irj,
anil wIiiim' ilralli wound was it
Imllrt which cntiri-d 1 1 ir- lui'l. of
the Ill-nil Mi' dlitl ill a liMltiil.
'llirn- Miirp mi fl lit . nT IdenllfliM
llnii which iiiulil lx fnllimcil I .in I
nlitlit mill In' m ii- iiiililrnlirlrtl up
lit :i o'clock tlih mnrnliiK.
l stntili'j-Mi'Ciitin t iiili'i-tjiklni;
cimipan) Is mi iiiililchtlfliil ulilli'
nail iilsnit :!." )t'.irh ul imc. Ilralli
was ul-o tint- In n Imllrt wound fil
tering I lie licitl,
'llirif were tin ilrntl it t 1 1 if other
Oklahoma Hospital
fatally liijinril.
A. It. STICK, city cli-rk. Sapulpa,
death i .iiii. tvil momcnlarll) .
(i T J'lU'NKAUD, conductor on
Krln... Sapulpa. tinut In Iff t shoul
di r. i-hlti, tni i In .ul.
I.KH lTSHKU. .triiiVj U.n.t l-'lrnt
street, h!"1 In left leg.
I.. T BUNKAHD, Went Tuli,a, k(.
ItMIKIlT I'AI.M Bit, West T11I1..1
shot in lift shoulder.
hi) ACST1N, 1 1 S South Detroit,
shut In left font.
i:. ' HKIlSHMHJt, H3T II.iM
HodRc, shut In li'tt li.iml and hit Ier
Frisscll Hospital
C'larenro Illil lay at thn Krh-sell
Memorial hcnipltul, .111 Kant llrnflj,
near ilrath, ncorillnR In mimes,
ilue tn heltiK Khot through tho lime
Thn fear that hn might not live un
til mornlllf; saa expn-rseil liy ut
tendantB. Other than hl.s name, 11c
Information w.m KUen out.
Tulsa Hospital
Three wounded men were taken to
the Tiihu liowpltnl, hut none wan
serlotmly hurt, nrordlnc tn meaor
reports. HOHpltal atlendantu refused
to Rive un Information. II. I
'tirr. .lames (VIIiiih and one other
were at thin hospital.
. & S. Hospital
One fat alls wounded man w,iu
taken to the P V K. hiwttlt.) I. He
died rthorlly after reachlnn thrro
and .is rumoved tn a morgue.
Other Hospitals
N'o wounded were taken t.. the
Sand SprlnRH or the MornliiKHlde
hoMpltalu, tiiey reported. Neither
wan there any Injured ut tho neero
PHICAf.n, May 31 "PeiTcy"
I'plon Archibald lloiiklntt Joyro
was stripped of the clamor of Jew
el, millions and romanrn and held
up an a horrtld adventureci by her
multimillionaire huhand Jatmn
Stanley Joyee, In an answer filed
todny to "I'efssy'H" petition for
Jin.non a month temporary alimony,
fitaitllnu exposure ff "I'tBBy's" 1
lecrd pist wern made by Jeyi.e. In
the i. mst voluminous answer ever
prepared In a divorce i.v.e.
The mom HtartllnE rhaice made
by Joyro waM the revelation of n
hitherto realed ehapter In "Pecnv's"
life the taltlrs nPlils vwn llfn by
an enamoured army offl-er In New
Vork after an affalru tie itnier with
A ihapter wherein "PefKv" Ih net
forth nH a manliurlvt In n hotel In
Iilehmond. Va . H reelteil. Jovre
iiliittiis "PfSKy'i" el.ilniH tn hls
tr.tnle merit l.v derinrlne thit thn
$700 a week salary Bhe ree.-lved a"i
an aetreR- was paid. not for
J'eKBVfc talent anil si rvleen. but
for her personal favor bv the the
atrleal maun.ite who was Instru
mental In I't.tamlnu her employment.
This magnate, Joyee deelares. also
pruented her lth the Jin nno t,.ihln
"tor of hi r Hueeess In a.'iuirinK 'he
treasure tty llstlni; In eold flirnrrs
tlm faltulous sums In mone. lenels
i nil Blft" bent nw nil li him up m her
for trlf.lntr affei tlon. I'ourieen hun
dred thousand dollar l the tnt il
Joce K,iys he showered on I'ei'jrv"
within the few months that Irmr
vened between their marring and
the nhatterlng of thdr brief ro-
man' e.
I Jm , ( s ii onoelaeti atla'k upon
the life and i haraiter of hln u fe l
. onlalnel tn a d..eunn nt made up of
54 ilostlv printed paKii li is his
I answer to I'i'KK' th.nrsi .if dnink
'enn.'Ss and iruelty flb-d by I'eiciry'ii
atlorney.1 two weeks mo
i ni-Hb lininoriil ( liarur.
Joyee went In'o details lecardjni?
his atleKatlnns 5f immorality n 'hn
ttrtv of I'eRtry He . ha reed tho
(VriVUktl OV i'AU" lUVMtm
Arrest of Young Negro on
Statutory Charge Caused
Battle Between the Races
Tin- rail' rmtliitr that br.'ko
out hi.fr lair Tin id.iv niKiit stew
"lit of the arrest T11c-d.11 aft' r
iinoii of Dick HnwUnil. a Hum
linntlil.il k. nil li lliiHiti nf iiw.nill
I11K c whltr cliiiitnr Ctrl In till
lJirxol bullillnu on Momlay.
Tlit-re at a iniivi-inrnt jfnnt,
It ttim rninirti'd. untnnK hlti ifn
plr tn tn thi- inunl rnlirllL.tiBi'
'I'uihrlm nlKht mill lyneli I1u.1t
lilai k Thin ripnrt Hiri'.ul m-n
' l.lttli- Atrn-ii" ami rarlv In thn
t'vi'nliiif crowdH uf nrgrocH liCKtl
It..wlnnil .im lak'-n from th"
. I' t.. thr . unty J.ill Tiiim.Ii
.iftrrn urn ami hlM pri,llinln.ir
tr ai ,nt for J 11 tin 7 In munlilp.il
turn t.
ti-i'laml wan arrnntril on Smith
Sold iers Disperse Whites
at Armory When They
Go for Equipment j
Companies at Capital, Wagon
re and Muskogee to Move
on Moment's Notice
Crowds Applaud as Khaki
Clad Boys Appear on Scene
in Motor Trucks
'I'lio fpci-.lal truop train cnrrylni;
.lljlltiiil (ii'iirral ( hnrll-n I". lt.ir-n-t
( mill it mni'liliK' kiiii ininuiiiy
nf Oklahoma national guard lefl
Item shortly after ,' nVlnoli this
liinniliu,- for TtilMi. hIwit thoj
Mill mrtli-luilo In Uki i-n-linl
of hi riot situation, lux-onllnc
to I ho aitjiitiiut Ki-nernl.
tly r."latv.l l'res lil Wirt.
"Kuikima rrry, .May ai
Three units of fiklahorna national
tiard wen- willed out by Adjutant
'lenetal t'harlea 1''. narrett l.ito to
nlKht, to ssstat pollee officers of
TuNa In handllni; the situation arls
iiik out of armed (onfllrt lietviee.n
whli en and neffroea, which la bo
lleed to have arlnen out of tho ar
rest of a neitro. iharsed with an at
'aek on a white filrl (iovernor J.
H A Itobertson eaul tonlsht that
following a call from the Tulsa, chief
of pollee, he hail (tlven Adjutant
neiiei.il Darrett full authority to
.roi eed at his own discretion
f'ompanv 11, nno service company,
and a sanitary detn.-hment of the
national gun I'd at Tulsa were called
rpon reaching the armory, the
Kuardsmen reported they first had to
ilKpfrrc a mob of white perilous,
who. tiny mid. ere attempting to
break Into the storeroom for arms
and (initnunltlnn.
Ni, tonal Kuard officers at flkla
hom.i rlty, Muskoiiee anil Waconer.
hnVM been askeil to hold thel: units
In re.iillnem In t ate they ehould lie
reiiulrid. Adjutant tieneral Itarretl
Colonel I, ,1. I". Itooney, oin
mundtrs the fbsl battalion, third
Infantry n itlmi in was pliued In
l ommnnd by the adjutant ijeneral by
teleihoi, from Oklshoma City and
it uii. e ordered out the service lorn
paiiy "lid otnpany K.
.Meniebers ol thcs unit", under
their respective unit commander
were pla. id In the down-town por
tion section o fthe rlty, and with
bayonets fixed, patroled the hanks
and other bulldlnKs throuhout the
When the khakl-clald boys ap
peared on the stient they wen met
with ch'ers from crowds that lined
the walkti and su'fi'd Into the
Jasper County
Peons' Slayer
Is Given Life
I'OVl.MJTfiN rja May JI - -yrte
Mi Mr if, ni'Rro farm ttoss on the
J. h'. H. Will, .mis plantation rn
Jafer county, wuh found nnlHy of
murder ty n jury late today in "in
ni.tinn with the death of l.ir.daey
1'ite-si.n. one of the II nut'"''" al
ien. I in have licnn held in peonage
and then k l"d on the farni a few
nv.n'l.s alt" The , jrj . J5
mingiei .Manning tt aenHnctd to
11m mjacJjuiim&Jii
Hrri'tiw mill atrrnir r.irlv TufMlav
moitiiin by Offn rm Henry Car
mil li.ii-1 at.it II (" l. h Ho
litrniiflr.l t. th. Rlrl aflrr hln I
rnitiirr. Tim li."- ilnl lint ilrny
thr alt 1. k .hi. I m.iiiJ hr Nlrppr.t on
ln'i fn.it hut illil not writtih hor
111 mis uav
Tin- (;lrl allii.nl that thr ni-ri
inti'i..) llir t . 1 1 1 1- iiml Willi. .lit
an n i. 1.1 atl.ui altarki'tl h. r Stir
Krrraniril fin hrlp unit 11 i ;" n
tlm 1 1 fti tier r- store ran to h r ac
Klstaute rpon hU Mtpritarh tlm
nrgt.i fieri .nut Int. I lici'ti In IiIiIiiik
until a it mi it In the 11 tiler of-fl.-ei.-
ifHtri.la fiinrnliii;
Thr Hirl is an nrtlmn lint! 11
altri.ilins a '."tat husnmH'. eiillri:e
ami 1 intuit an ileat.ir 1111 otf
'100 Millions Ordered Cut1
From Payrolls of the I
Nation s Lines
Apprentice Hoys Cut $10 Per
Month. Skilled Workers
Up to $20 Per Month
104 Different Railroad Sys
tems Affected by Ruling of
Railway Labor Board
Uy the Anclitrt Prfis.
(.'MICAliO, May 31. Kotir hun
dred million dollars u year will be
Mashed from the nation's railway
bill when nn order tn be handed
down tomorrow by the t'nlti.l Stales
railroad labor board taken full ef.
frt. The dnirfi Is effectlie July 1,
on 1 04 lines.
Acrairn Cut t'i I'rr Cent,
(irantlni; the prlltlons of the com
panies, the board will direct an
averaite cut of 15 per tent, whl'h
eventually will apply to all the rail
road employe of the muntr. Mein-
h'-rs of 31 unions are affeitni I in
The cuts ranRe from .'. to 13 rent
a hour, or from 1 10.20 ft month foi
npprentld, hoys to 3fl 62 for the
better paid skilled labor, flcurlnK on
an elt;ht-hour day basis.
One Kniw WIM-1 Out,
The decision nrantr.1 reduction!
varying from 5 to 18 per cent, and
In tho ease of section laborers, com
pletely wiped out the Increase Bisnt
"d that class of employea l.y the
ICOO, 000.00ft waite awanl of July 20
l'.'iQ Hei tlon men who hud been
reeelvlnc 13 70 for nn elKht-liour
day vsere cut to the same flKUre In
effect under federal control. The
reduction was approximately 19 per
Switchmen and shop crafts wer.
Klven a 9 per cut reduction, whlli
thi train servlie men were rut ap
proximately 1 per icril. Car repair-
em wire Mil admit to per cent.
Mil) Include .Mure Honda.
While the- dei rease Is specifically
applied for the present nnly to the
ItH roads whose rants have been
hi aril by the hoard, the decision
sas It may later be applied to any
other road iisl.lnc a hearlns in ac
cordance with the provisions of thi
Usi-h-Cummlns transportation ,ut.
Tho decision I based on the pres
ent rales of pay an etabllsheil by
thi Jf.00,000,000 waite award of
July 2ft, l'J20 Common laborer
pay, over which the railroad made
their hardest flKht, Is to be reduced
I In 1-2 cents an hour, iiit'lnK
frelBht truckers average monthly
waB'-s to 197 10 anil tr.uk lain. rets
to 77 11. This new schedule still
Klves section men an average dally
waBO of 13 02 for sn elKht-hour
das, althoiiBh considerable testi
mony offered b the roads, paitli
ulsrly In the south, showed mnwnnn
labor wages 0vv aH jj t,l) fur a
10-hour day
orrift- ivojk oft mbIii.
hh'-p crafts rmployrs and train
. ..vnsi i.n ii. f ri i . 'i w .
IlotariaiiH Will alk
on Gas After Lunch
ias in all its nstural and un
natural statts will be rllsi useil a,
the weekly meetlnir of the Itolar
club at Hull I Tulsa Wednesda .
noon. "Inflatid bus" Is the s, it. Jen
uss.K'.rd to 'Hill" H.iKlc. and
It.- k ' Jont-i Is to talk abou'
"I'resheii Gaa'p C 8- Avery to be
' HoUrVan,
Aurf waaat."v ivj
Ncffrocs Finally Driven Into "Little Africa"
Where 1,000 Armed Blacks Are Reported at
Bay With More Than 500 Armed Whites
Facing Them Opposite Frisco Tracks; Move
to Lynch Bootblack Starts Trouble.
There are two dead negroes al the Frisco depot.
After six hours of race rioting. oxtcndliiK over (he entire
city, two white men nre known to lie dead and about a score
are known to be injured.
There are no known neKro fatalities, lhourh reports are
that several were killed. One injured neKro is at the police
station and is expected momentarily to die.
Thousands of shots were fired duriiiK the rioting, crowds
swarmed up anil down the streels brandishing weapons and
the greatest excitement prevailed.
Roth of the white men known to have been killed were
shot through the head.
The city, patroled by 4T automobiles filled with armed
men, while r00 armed men with their center on the Frisco
railway station within a stone's
1,000 negroes, form the nucleus of the gathering white
There was a furious outburst of firing in the vicinity of
the Frisco tracks and Cincinnati about 2:150 this morning,
but whether there were any casuultics could not bo ascer
Some negro shacks on the.
at Boston were fired by white
was spectacular and it was
Africa's" business district was
sponded to the alarm were at
tinguished the blu.e
Firing which for two hours was general over tho city
and centered in the north part of the business district follow
ing the first outbreak at the courthouse about J 0 : 1 5 o'clock
last night declined at 1 o'clock after a crowd of !I0 negroes
were driven from Second street and Cincinnati avenue.
In response to a call from Muskogee, indicating several
hundred negroes were on their way to tho city to assist Tulsa
negroes should the fighting continue, a machine gun squad
loaded on a truck, went cast of the city with orders to stop at
ail hazards these armed men.
For three hours city officials, under direction of J. F.
Adkison, police commissioner, and Charles Daley, inspector
of police, with the assistance of part of the home guard com
pany, formed armed white men into companies and these
companies were inarched to advantageous positions. Hun
dreds of t ars were volunteered for line by the armed patrol
of tin; city, and these were speedily detailed to prevent
armed negroes from taking action except in the negro dis
trict of the city.
About 12:.'J0 a. m., when an armed party of whites,
scouring the vinicity of the Frisco station after an attack by
blacks, at the corner of second and Cincinnati, mistook a
lone while man for a negro, and fired a round of at least
25 shots at the white pedestrian. Death was instantaneous
and he was hit so many times his body was mangled almost
past identification.
The last car containing whito men through the negro
district, which made the trip shortly after midnight, re
ported that at least 1,000 armed negroes were gathered north
of the Frisco depot. One white mail was badly beaten by
negroes when he attempted to
i wo companies ol regular troops irom l't. hill were
ordered out by Governor Itobertson, and home guard com
panies from surrounding towns ordered to mobilize and take
immediate transportation to I
Thousands of persons,
several hundred women, and
able weapon in the city taken from every hardware and
sporting goods store, swarmed on Second street from Boulder
to Boston avenue watching the gathering volunteer army or
offering their services to the peace officers.
Intermittantly throughout the two hours following mid
night, shots were fired into the air by the whito forces, but
except for a few stray shots firod by whites at the Frisco
depot and returned by the negroes, the city remained in
quiet. The aimed cars containing negroes were driven from
the streets before 1 o'clock, and the patrols continued scour
ing the city, arresting negroes and placing them In the city
'jail. Twelve were captured
o clock. No attempt was macs however to disperse the
negro mob north of the Frisco depot.
Armed with weapons ranging from shotguns to .22 cali
ber target rifles, men filtered into the police station singly
or in auto loads. Ammunition was scarce and the entire
supply of virtually every store in town carrying such goods
was confiscated before midnight.
'I lnusaiil IjJiu- sint-lo, , ...
i. . .... .-a- i.n,, i u... t w"h ammunition, attired In clothinjr
( rowdi of thousands lined Second riln(.,. , vl.rilB , ,,,, ,...,
street east of Main, tho Kuard Hue suits, anthered lor three hours. Ml
established hy rtie homecuards, "'id U'' converratlnn was indulged In. hut
LrnvoH nr,..l,,nl flr trtn Mil Wore fen OX prt-SSloft Of detlTml-
volvirs and tlflts In th binds f
orirroc wniehlnir the formation ,,f
th wiluiitrtii companies At least
fi00 persons, smonif them 100 wom
en wall bed lllo battle in wlild a
. row d of ii eif rm s n.i mi' I iik 'It- '- i"i
'nine district of the iit, w 11 driven
from t-e.onil and in Ii.iij'i i.-im.
About the n'.Oci stat'-.p nuedrf-d
''1 mi o .arivioR eve.y des' riplton
of. weapon, with poiUet bulelnK
throw of an armed mob of
north side of the Frisco tracks
men at 2 o'clock. The blaxc
at first reported that "Little
burning. Firemen who rc
first kept away, but later ex
pass through the district,
both the inquisitive including
men, armed with every avail
by the auto patrols before J
jrmtlnn to put down the uprising- of
the neroos Old men. i-arrylriK ..hot
k'uns walked 01 marrhed side by ulilu
with youths In whlj. flaninls. .arry
Inc larcit rifle or umall bore thot
Kunit Wi ll In Hand k,i)s Sheriff.
We t.eiuvt we hae tin eituutlon
wen In hand 'th"ur further help
from the n.i lona guards or rUte
militu, Sheriff McCullough tola a
Wtrll reporter about four hours
11 fie i- the rltit had broken out, t
whhli limn ho slKtied u telegram,
aakintr Uovornor Robertson for nut
sblo help tn ropn with the situation.
lite telrKrant was already slKtird by
Chief nf police tluitnfMin rind Mayor
i. ii i'..iiih. "wniin I do not feel
the situation warrants help from
the otilslilo yet It Is always best to
play safely Mist," Mifiillouch said.
I lio slierllf wan we II entrenched
In I lie Jail and tho elevator wan put
out of i oinmlsslnn cm ly In tho ove
nhiK Thn only etittanco to thn lull
hum up u wlndlitK stairway which
terminated In treat steel liars, II
was behind thcuo that tho comitt
sheriff and morn than eluht deputlei
wern firmly entrenched. (Ireat diffi
culty wnn ejperlenrcd In Rnttlne Ihs
telecraiii In tho sheriff for hln sIr.
.1 1 t urn and thn hearer was a slranB-
rr It h-.-ih ut this limn that a World
reporter who was well iisijuulnted
nun Mi.'1-iiiioucii Ktiri-noded In Kct-
Inn tho telegram to him for his sis-
Hoon uftcr thn first few shots wero
Ired around the cotirtlmusn In which
nno neitro was wounded nnd otm
wlilln killed tho ureal crowd which
li.nl colli'i'led in front of tho county
iitiinniiK nisperseii. Tho iiecrnos
runnlnrc Inward "Mltlo Africa" nnd
llio whites scatterlntr In nil direc
tions, A few knots nf armed whiten
formed on nil sldcH of tho courthouso
soon nftnrwitnl nnd jilnnned a re
tirlsul on tho ni-Kroen. Thesn formed
tho most thrratenltiK crowd that
i tillei'teil itl the county bulldlnc.
lliirilvfiim htoi-ca lOmpllcil.
At 10 30 o'clock ii report watt re-
celvnd ut tho pollen station that tho
hundreds of armed ttlnck wero
K.itherlni; nt Klrat mid Cincinnati for
another Invasion nf tho bunltues Uls
rlct. Tho demand for arms became
tlarorotis. Whllo thn pollen wero fit
Oeavorlm; in sociirn tho opening of
Iiho hardware store by leiral means
crowds ht'Kan to butter In tho doora
or inn jviaKor sporunRT kooiis tuoro,
almost across tho street from the sta
tion, Thn first irons hi-can to at
rlvo from llin llardoti storo nn h'outh
Main. Armed men scorned tn
sprlnc from everywhere, Within
half an hour an army of about GOO
men wan heltiB drilled for duly and
coached for emercency. Practically
all hardware stores wero emptied nf
Kilns nnd ammunition. Home opened
their ilnors voluntarily.
Tho arrival or .Major Hootmy anil
a hunch of national Kuard men on
an army truck wan u slcnal for
i heers.
Now let the rilRBcm eomo If thy
dare," the crowds shouted.
Armed cuards wero pl.ic4 hi
rars and sent out on patrol duty.
ompanles or iihout so men oach
were nrcanlzed and marched through
tho business streels. Much promis
cuous HtioottnB reuuilcd with a very
,'ortunato result that no one wan
I'ollccm.in's I.lfn In Sincd.
While thn tireroes were conwrfirat
n nt Hecond und Cincinnati about
10 o'clock, J. Ii, Wilson, a day
patrolman, came Into town In a
lltnoy not knowing what tho trou
ble was about,
Thn ncitroen saw him and In an
Instant he found himself In tho
nands nf tho mob.
"That's onu of them. Let's lynch
iiiii," they ahnuted.
Hut a netjro preacher who has
ficen shlnlnK shoes In a stand near
ho pollen station threw his arms
Mound Wilson and pleaded so earn
estly for his llfo that the blacks let
him ko.
Wilson kept ndmoi'l.ihlnc tho
en wd durlnsT the evenltiB to "let
their i-onscleiico hn their guide."
llraUi-iiian Shot Twice.
A lirnlieman on an ast bound
trelHht train was shot twlrn by a
ni-Kro at Madison and l'rlsco tracks
accordion to reports. The brake
man was shot twice, once In tho fain
ami hi" e in thn cti. m.
It Is leported that a nettrn sharp
shooter who was stationed on Madi
son street alined nt a boy nbotit 1H
years old who was bumminB his way
on llio train when tho btukeman
'i as shot, lie was taken to a hos
pital. The riotlnc followed a movement
-,ir!y In the night of a crowd of 15D
white men to take I'lck Itnwlaml.
ni-urn bootblack charccd with as.
sail It upon a white girl Monday aft
ernoon, from the lounty jail. Sheriff
William McI'uIIoukIi stationed
armed ciurils In tho Jail and sue.
ceeiUd In (.owlnB tho mob tempor
arily. More than 300 neitroes, most of
them armed with rifles, rovolver.i
and sholKuns Ksthered at the court
house at ') o'clock with the avowed
Intention of prev cntliijj thn threat
enil lymhliiK lloih whltt and
neuro off leer armuod with tho two
mobs which Intermingled ut thn
south ami west entranced to th-i
county i ourth'iuse. Tho nesroe
weie finally dipi i".'l but uutiuut-ii
to rid" abnut tho city In automo
biles. Tho crowd at the courthouse
numbertni; about 200 whites, at 10
..'clock ri fused to ifUfperro on de
mand of Sheriff MuftlllQUKh. and
for half an hour waited at the nnuth
Untratico nf the courlhoiiiic heckllns
' -If
, II
1 1 '

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