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Daily 34,137 (
((Sunday 3o,292 jjj
Vi'L. XV. NO. 213.
TULSA, OKLAHOMA, WKlhKM)AY, .Il'M? 1, 15)121
The Dead
t 1 1 in Mimlirn)' I tulrrtjiKlns;
roiniNin) mim mi iiiiidc linnctl
white in. in, uIiim- iiki' iiiIkIh Ih'
phirctl Im-Iwivii iiiiiI :t'J jc.irh,
mill wine, ili'iilli wound u
bullet t til el i riili'idl (In- Uirk nf
tin licul. lie illiil in a liptnl
Then Mure in ilucs of lilcniHIcii-.
llnn which could l followed l.iM
nlUht mill lie was 1 1 1 1 1 1 -i 1 1 1 T I I up
lo .1 o'clock this iiioiuliiK.
t .Miinlt')-Mc'iiiii I iiilcrtJiMii:;
,, ,i ,i . r I .i . r ii i 1 comp.ni, I, an mil i leu 1 1 l't I white
With the coming ot dawn this morning, following ai n.,n uismt sa ..ar r uj-o. Death
. , . r i i -i i i r "u nil, f lt Hi a build wound en-
niglll UI iiii-c nuiiiiy uuu iKJciiii, iiuiiuiuus ui urmcu
white men in motor cars formed a circle of steel about1
lorltu; (Iii Ih'iiiI.
Theiv uciv no ilcnil nl 1 1 nllirr
Oklahoma Hospital
"Little Africa," and a continuous rattllc of rifle and re
volver fire could be heard.
Sixty or seventy automobiles filled with armed men
were in the line drawn about the black belt and there) ' .V",.all l","n,,
ere many reports to the effect that they planned to, death ixpiui'trmnmcntariiy.
Grange through the negro settlement and "clean it out." n r riiiNKAi'ti',' conductor on
At 5:30 the death list was estimated as high as fif- del , chin, fin i head
-r, I t . I , 1 i 'it j I I. UK 1'lSIIKIt. 3lS'-j. Udat Tlrst
teen. Though no whites were known to be killed save I sir. ,. t, win m i rt ue.
two unidentified men listed in The World, reports to fructuVcd.UNKA'a'' vs,tTul',a ,ci;
police headquarters from members of the white bands J,1,' Vrl'iifT louirtV;"' Wr"1 Tul",
who had been at "the front" between the line of armed i Bh;ntt Tim m a"1" Ut,roU
whites and "Little Africa" said they had counted the; nc.'SJj lnl'
bodies of more than a dozen negroes stretched in thoj
While the bands of armed white men in motor cars
Frisscll Hospital
Clurcrifi Hill lay Ht tlir Frisson
Memorial hospital. 314 I'Jt Itrsul.
near death. uccordinK '' nurses,
dui' lo bclnt? ulioi throuRh tin- Inns
The fear that ho mlvht not llvr im
til niornlriB won expressed by at
tendants. Oihcr thun his name, ik
Information was Klvcn out
Tulsa Hospital
Three wounded men wcri taken to
the Tuls.i hiiHpit.il, but mini an
seriously hurt, ncortlinir to mrajT
reports Hn8pit.il attendants refused
to give any Information M. !..
f'urrv. James Collins and one other
were at this linsplt.il
P. & S. Hospital
One fntall.v voum"l man was
taken to the P. & ,s. hor.pll.il. Il
died ahortly after Tea" ) 1 1 1 ; s lh ru
.mil wnf removed to a morpir
Other Hospitals
wr re tak-n i. in
or thf Mnrnl'iKsidi
were surrounding the negro district six airplanes were
circling over the section. Scattered along the Frisco
tracks and in streets immediately south were between
500 and 1,000 more armed white men. Talk of driving
into "Little Africa" could be heard on all sides.
At 5:45 the white forces were pushing into "Little
Africa" from the south, bands of white riflemen being
reported at Elgin and Archer. They were reported to
be shooting into houses and at all negroes in sight.!
There was no report of the extent of casualties. The
negroes were not returning the fire very spiritedly, itj
was reported, but negro snipers were shooting from
housetops and windows.
Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning, the row of frame
buildings on the east side of Boston avenue north of the
Frisco tracks was fired, but because there was no wind, the
flames burned themselves out and did not spread to the Cin
cinnati avenue block which sheltered several hundred
At 3 o'clock the fire had gained sufficient headway to de
stroy all the buildings except the residence on the north end
of the block. When this building was burned, sis negroes
who had been firing from the hou-e at the whites were , v' wounded
J.: t ' , r- .i i r il. t ' Sand Spring
"nvcii i ruin cover ana live 01 inc six wnu ran iruiu mc uuuau- ..,,, .i...lu n.v mi. .mi! J.iiinr
were killed. White men who took up their station at Archer una there any lnjund at the negro
and Boston before 3 o'clock, succeeded in pushing their line ' !,us'"ul-
almost to Cincinnati avenue in the face of fire from the
negroes. The negroes, however, made no dashes from their
places of hiding and except for the firing of a few shots at
intervals, did not attempt to dislodgo whites in the negre
section of the city.
Members of the crowd of 500 whites around the Frisco i
depot about 5 o'clock this morning engaged in a spirited bat-1 riiif Ai", Mnv 31 TeKKy"
tie with several negroes perched on housetops. However, the j fpton Archibald Hopkins jov.e
aim of the blacks was bad and no whites were injured, but; was stripped of the Ri.imi .f y
three negroes were killed within a short space of time. (eln. million, and romance and h id
One of the blacks was perched on a two-story brick build-1 up a- " Kirdid .id.'nturr t.v h.r
ng on Archer. He raised up to fire but one of the whites ! multimillionaire husband Jam. H
ith an avm., wlfl,. k, !.: . : I !, Klolr nnn. . . Stanley .loyre. In an amnvcr fll.-d
Utltl IIIIII fcV I. (IIIU ..w h..a ,J,--l ! .
n-ver.ll., .1 i ti. i . tut-i: ai today to Pe;
r"''" uuuu, I lie OlllCr IWD DIUCKa WLTC mUlIlK Ull nil.lli:i
and wort dropped by the white sharpshooters.
Three other black bodies were lying near the depot at day
''Sht this morning. TWo bodies had been removed.
TV' nrruly, proprietor of the Brady hotel, who was a moni
,rr "f white men on guard duty along North Main street all
r'gtT. .-'ml he counted the bodies of five negroes.
"n. M rn was dragged behind an automobile, with a rope
i- nock, through the business district.
Kip. that three Frisco switchmen and a fireman, mem
tjer' 1 ' a switching crew, had been shot to death by negroes
icau ti.-v refused to haul the blacks out of town, could
n"' he MT.fied.
A ri!,.,rt frorn the Oklahoma hospital at 5:.W said three
Hew vv. iMlf.l u'Vnto ,n,.,i l,.i,l lmnn liinm'ht thnrr hilt that
The battle that broke out just after when hun-j
drods of armed men started into "Little Afri
ca" has resulted in scores of casualties among
the whites in addition lo probably scores killed'
ports from hospitals. j
A report from the Tulsa hospital at 7:15 said that!
within the last 20 to 25 minutes badly wounded white
men had been brought in by mabulanccs an dthat more
were arriving. One of the wounded men died on the
way to the hospital attendants said. He was not identi
fied at that time, and attendants had no time to geti
names of wounded.
At the Oklahoma hospital about eight or ten new vic
times had been received since the morning battle opened
one of the wounded dieing in an ambulance just before
reaching the hospital.
These men were all believed to have been shot by'
snipers firing from houses in the "black belt" during
the invasion of the negro district.
One man died and another badly injured had just
been received at the P. and S. hospital in t chlast hour,
attendants reported.
Jasper County
Peons' Slayer ,
Is Given Ltfe
'OVJNliTON. f;a . Ma 31 Clydr
M.tnnlnrr, nnpro farm hnHH mi t h-
John . U'llIiHfiia pIh ntt ion rn
JriHprr rount), Wat fouml guilty of
inurdrr by it Jury 1nl today in rmi
nociinn with thi" rjfrfth of l.lmlm-y
PftfTsmi, oiip nf tbr M iifKi'm'-.
lrK'd to h..v b-"n wt in poonan
and fhon killrd nn thr farm a ffv
monthH nfT Thn lury out i
mifujfir. M finning w a t . ntrnroil (o
hf" imrr isrtiinii-T.'
Wire Flashes
POM IAC til My 31 WorrlfM
rmf the (ftst of I) virtu UUM to hufp
pmtm thf tlmp in thr tri fr hff
Rfftin. Mm. Mry H Allen. wldnw, f
ti lll rnr ln-rr itii4ft hrr rlulhlnic
wllh kt'iwn nJ t flf to fifft
MIAMI, ukU , Mu St. WhlU Ulkfnft
with frUn'l J,vt hpafl.ii. 70 cirn nM
rtr -.iip-rtl tit ml nci r lti linmr Ht rt n
r4trdy. inrtiicrtl by hl n
k I'ini; wmIK wjih tUn rmu- nf i1atli
IltriA, May ii A rt.ltn ikpHlrh frrm
M'i( nw tort-iy pa iti tlir port nf lir tr'i
tt1 l en i-n. '1 r thnt tin f imi Nhip
a (.ttiMii irwil MHltrl front ttiji port
1 I V Mih AN rV M,iv TI M I ij r
A lunnirKn in ti,ti mi u iMliitn
Ul PlK'il Wti HlOt fernt h "t , M I 4
Vi -ilit R il in rf . r(1 rite iMiUff
' 1 thn flrf'1 ht t'UliniKni lirn h .'
Ik.T 2T1J I
'adventuress; is
charge of joyce
-ermusly injured. The names were not secured.
!-' a negro house at KlEgin and Archer was reported
IS i
kh .. ! i ' ' I, i
-'! i id li..' .i : i .
' ' i 11 1 ap. fi'.m llu
J 'I i I.m'K llll hil.l
' O! din. nvci cil iy j
I. CrawforJ anil offl-1
' "n )'i.t an Ihux Unrr
Hi. i lit ouisldi b-ifb nf
n Id
tUvis ncre ach neiv-
i"yln(; ono'.ilofl
vagramj. They
.trr ,'irri'titcri t;i i wri'k
'It iv .mil wrrc airrifd
Thf nion ncrr illivrrid .ifur
tll'5 pawi'd thp Iwn barM from Ihr
top of their crll and dunlin! mi! nn
inp Th ill" itii thp lurk m tin
Mtohrn door und wrri h4iic
itirrtiti'l. thn 1;irI nf ttii h.rs bctwpen
tlim and freedom when Crawford I ''''j'.""
nu Mcachcm mine up.
winy ti "Pesv'H" prtltlnn 1"t
SlO.nnn a moiitli temporary iiUitkihn
Startllnc expoHuri or "PeKKy'n" al
IpRed pTht Wfri' made iy Jnyre in
the mi'it volmnlnot answer imt
prepared in ;t rllorrr ease.
The ini'Ht taitllnK diarRn mad"
by Joco w.ih the revelatl"" "f i
hitherto sealed chapter In "lVv
llfi the tnklnc of-ln .iwn life tv
an enamoured army nffl-er In New
York after an affalru do i oner iwh
A ihapter wherein "I'pbbi" Is net
forth as a manicurist In :. h.f I tn
nidimond. V.i In rented. .I.ivee
Khattern "PeKavH" i lalins to hli
tronle merit lv ileei.irinK thtt the
1710 n ueek salary nhe ipfelved a"
in nrtrite was paid, not for
"1'pkb.v'h'' t tlent and perslie hut
for tier peronal favor hy the the-itrW-al
matjniite who w lnlru
mental In KhtalnlnK her employment.
Thin in.ieti.ilp. Joyee derlnrcs. alfo
presented her with the J10 000 wilitn
filnrv nf her U''e.K In ai''llrliiK the
treimure hv ll-tlnrr In cold fllf'ireH
the frfliiilnui. miniH in moiiiv. Jewl
ind Kltti I.MMtoweil liy him upnn her
for trlfllnc .iffeetloni Kmirteen hun
drid thuiin.ind dollar. Is the total
Joye naH he Mhowered on "VcKKy"
within the few month, th.il Inter
vi ned between their marrtane and
the Khutt' ring of thflr brief to-
, 1, I in, i nee
From City; List
Of Dead Mounts
With hundreds of armed wh'tc men pirhinR into the
' "black belt," f-etting fire to -.cores of houses and hootinR
down negro after necro in houses where snipers are observed,
reports reaching p"licc headquarters at G:15 indicate that
the nenro death list will mount far hifiher thn ay estimates.
1 Two thousand or more negroes are reported walking out
of town to the north, where no urmed whites were barring
the way.
J Every negro seen on the "-treets this morning was promptly
put under guard. The c'ty jail was quickly filled and the
I police then began takig thorn t" Convention hall, where more
than three hundred are now confined. BlJcks picked up in
various part- of the city offered no opposition, but most of
them teemed glad to get the protection of the law.
: Hundreds of automobiles early this morning were dashing
lhr"iif;li the streets, practically every one with one or more
rifles stick'ng out the sides.
Six badly wounded negroes were among those brought to
the police station.
Arrest of Young Negro on
Statutory Charge Caused
Battle Between the Races
J..W,. x leonoi lan'1' altar k upon
the life arid I'h.n.n tr f hl wire ts
'ciiiMlm d in a document niadf up of
S ( i h'Fcly printed p.iReH It a bin
miMver to 1'pbk di.irRo. nf drunk
ftin'o ' d irurll) fll d by 1'eHKy'n
altomiwt tvi vieHk'- p
Itl'IICMh lniiiior.il ( llUI'lCCh
Joyce went (p.o detai iitsardl?
r tmo a f n oe
nam of reiccy I'e nartrpu rne
J CUNTI.NUbU OM J'AUU ill.ll.--
The ran noting that broke
out here late TuedH rilsht piew
out of the armm Tuexdiy after
noon of Dick Kowlnnd. n nrnro
brmttilatk. on a chaiRP of awult
Inp n white elnviitor Kirl In Ihc
Dronel bulldioB on Monday.
There wan n movement afoot.
II wn reported, amonu whltf pm
plo to go to thP county cnurthouiie
Tu mUv nlBht and lynch the boot
bl.ii k. Thin report spread o.or
"Little Africa" and early In the
pvenmK 1 rowdB of negruiu bi-sun
I. ,w it d A i t'iken fr m the
iji i h. " inty Jal' T h t ii
.ifi.in- nd hiB prei'i.-ary
"a " ' f,'r J inn 7 in mum tpal
luiutnd uaa arretted on South
(ireinuiM I ui .11111 arl Tienda
tii'.iiuni' by if fii.ru Henry Car
ml" line! and II . I'a'h, He wax
Identified hv the girl after Im
Cipturr. The boy did not Jen)
the ly.lutk and nald he tepped on
her foot but did not w raich hei
in an) uitv.
The Kb I alleged that the negro
entered the elevator and without
any provocation attacked hnr Hhe
"reamed for help and a c! r -n
the llenberK ore ran to her n
NlHtnii'P. I'pim M appromh llu
Hi l' ' i f'd ind i'1'l be. n to hldintf
t, nt .1 . i lit .ir i I U t i. ,. i ,1
1 1 . ' . ' d.i 111'" i
'I i e R n j' ..rf in ,ind .H
at ill k ,i ea ti i 'X o' ie
a l riino.ns an Civ-a' r on of
I hoiiis.
Negroes Finally Driven Into "Little Africa"
Where 1,000 Armed Bladen Are Reported at
Bay With More Than 500 Armed Whites
Facing Them Opposite Frisco Tracks; Move
to Lynch Bootblack Starts Trouble.
There arc two dead negroes nt the Frisco depot.
After six hours of race riotinir, extending over the entire
city, two white men are, known to he tlcad and about a score
are known to he injured.
There are no known nej-'ro fatalities, though reports ire
that several were killed. One injured nojrro is at the police
station and is expected momentarily to die.
Thousands of shots were fired dunni the riotinir, crowds
swarmed up and down the streets hrandiHliint,' weapons and
the greatest excitement prevailed.
Hoth of the whitu men known to have been killed were
sliot through the head.
The city, patroled hy !! automobiles filled with armed
men, while fiOO armed men with their center on the Frisco
railway station within a stone's throw of an armed mob of
1,000 negroes, form the nucleus of the gathering white
There was a furious outburst of firing in the vicinity of
the Frisco tracks and Cincinnati about li:I50 this morning,
but whether there were any casualties could not be ascer
Some negro shacks on the north side of the Frisco tracks
at ltoston were fired hy white men at 2 o clock. The blaze
was spectacular and it was at first reported that "Little
Africa's" business district was burning:. Firemen who re
sponded to the alarm were at first kept away, but later ex
tinguished the blaze.
Firing which for two hours was general over the city
and centered in the north part of the business district follow
ing the first outbreak at the courthouse about 10:15 o'clock!
last night declined at 1 o'clock after a crowd of .'10 negroes
.were driven from Second street and Cincinnati avenue.
in response lo a call from Muskogee, indicating several'
hundred negroes were, on their way to the city to assist Tulsa
negroes should the fighting continue, a machine gun squad
loatled on a truck, went east of the city with orders to stop at
all hazards these armed men.
For three hours city officials, under direction of ,1. F.
Adkison, police commissioner, and Charles Daley, inspector
of police, with the assistance of part of the home guard com
pany, formed armed while men into companies and these
compan: were marched to advantageous positions. Hun
dreds of cars were volunteered for use hy the armed patrol
of the city, and these were speedily detailed to prevent
armed negroes from taking action except in the negro dis
trict of the city.
About 12:150 a. rn., when an armed party of whites,
scouring the vinicity of the Frisco station after an attack hy
blacks, at the corner of second and Cincinnati, mistook a
lone white man for a negro, and fired a round of at least
25 shots at the white pedestrian. Death was instantaneous
and he was hit so many times his body was mangled almost
past identification.
The last car containing white men through the negro
district, which made the trip shortly after midnight, re
ported that at least 1.000 armed negroes were gathered north
of the Frisco depot. One white man was badly beaten by
negroes when he attempted to pass through the district.
Two companies of regular troops from Ft. Sill were
ordered out by Covernor Kobcrtson. and home guard com
panies from surrounding towns ordered to mobilize and take
immediate transportation to Tulsa.
Thousands of persons, both the inquisitive including
several hundred women, and men, armed with every avail
able weapon in the city taken from every hardware and
sporting goods .store, .swarmed on Second street from Moulder
to Most on avenue watching the gathering volunteer army or
offering their services to tfie peace officers.
Intermittantly throughout the two hours following mid
night, shots were fired into the air by the white forces, but
except for a few stray shots fired by whites at the Frisco
depot and returned by the negroes, the city remained in
quiet. The armed cars containing negroes were driven from
the streets before I o'clock, and the patrols continued scour
ing the city, arresting negroes and placing them In the city
jail. Twelve were captured by the auto patrols before 1
o'clock. No attempt was made however to disperse the
negro mob north of the Frisco tiepot.
Armed with weapons ranging from shotguns lo .22 cali
ber target rifles, men filtered into the police station singly
or in auto loads. Ammunition was scarce and the entire
supply of virtually every store in town carrying such goods
was confiscated before midnight.
'I linicwiridx I,liie Slivi lx.
I'lowil- of thoiiK.indH lined S' onij
itteit e.mt of Main, the Kuard line
('Ht.i I'liNhed hy the hnmemjant., unfl
I rav.-d the occasional fire from re
with ammunition, attired In i-huhlng
ihi'KHik lii'tn overall lo palm beach
nulla, Kalhcred fr three hour.. Lit
tle lonierxation w.ih indulged In. hut
ull won an exprfXHlun of dclirrnt-
lii'i, and rifle In the hamlx f i naucn to put down tne uiirmin" of
nrii.. wateblnK the formation r "H nKrn,- i lid men. .irrvint xiiot
the volunteer companies t If axt I K"n walked or marched xlde by Mill
VtiO perKi.ne. anion Hum 100 vnm- wl'l '.nut hi. In whin flann. I- carry -en
it. hid the bulb' In whic, .1 "ntt l.i'K'( rlttiH or Min ill bore xhot-
I "W 'I of i Kt" e MT I I' I'll ' II' I n I B"1"'
v (i.ri I nf 'he u' . I' ver, Well In Hand Siib Slicrlll.
'r..n, M d und i. lno.tti .i.'fMii AS i ir 11 ve w- hat 1 u eUU.ition
Ah. .ot 'In I "Title, urate. n hundrcda wo1! in hand w tin ut further help f0r iinlf an le ur waned ar nnttth
f men arrwnj uvery ilcticriptinn from the national uuardu or mato lntrfin e nf -p eoufboimt 'eHllns
lot weapon, with pockotn bulging mllltu, Hherllt McCulloush told a cm I'Mli hjTU-
.rid reporter about fnur hour
alter In riot had broken out, at
which time he nlKned a trlecram
iiMklnir (Jovernnr ltoberlmin for nut
ilile help to cope, with thn Mtuiitlon.
The tcliK mil waa already (duned by
nn i or i-oncit tniMi.iiHon and .Mayor
T. p. l:ntix, 'Wliile, I do not feel
the, hltuatlon warrant, help front
the otitHldn yet It la nlwnyx beat lo
piny tt.ifcty find," MoTullotich nald.
The bhi-rllf was we.ll entrenched
In the Jail und tin; elevator waa put
out of cummlHHlnii early !n the eve
nlnir. Thn only entrance to the Jail
wiih tip a wlndliiK Htnlrwny which
'ermlri.iled In itrcat tuel ham. It
wn behind then, thut tile county
iheiirf mid mom than elht deputies
were fit inly entrenched, flreat diffi
culty wiih experienced In Knttlntf the
teleurimi lo tho Hhertff for IiIh bIb
lature und thn bearer won n stratiB
er. It wan lit this tlmo that a World
reporter w hn wart well iiH.italnteil
tilth .Mct'iilloiiKh iiuccncded In get
luif tin telenram to him for bin six
natute. Soon nftor the fliNt few Mint were
'Ired uiound the courthouse In which
one ileum waa wounded and onu
whllii killed tho Kriat crowd which
had collected In front of thn rotinly
nti I lil 1 11 K illKpnrned. The neuropil
ruuiiini; toward "l.lttlu Africa" und
thn wlillcx HcatlerltiR In nil direr.
Hon;!, A few knotn of nrmcd wltltci
foi tiled on all nldcn of the cnurthotinit
mon ufterward and planned a re
lr!nul nn the, ncRroe", Thene formed
the merit threiitenlnK crowd thai
collected nt the county hiilldlm;,
lliirilvtnrn Slorcw Kiuptlnl.
At 10 30 o'clock a report was re
ceived nt the pollen Hlatlon that tht
hundrcda nf armed black iern
K-nlherliiK nt c'lriit and Cincinnati for
another Invasion of tho bunlnesn run.
The demand for nrmn becanu
bum-nun. Wlillo tho police were en
deavnrliie (n aiicuro the tipenluir o
he hardwarn stnrert by lcir.il mean
rrnwd.! bean to hatter In tho tlnorj
of the MnKce HportlnK Rood Htnro,
almoNl ncroH (hp Htrcct from the "ta
Hon. Tie flmt kuhb lnKan to ar
rive from tho Ilardnn ntorn on South
.Main. Armed men necrned to
prlnc from everywhere. Within
half an hour nn army of about GOO
men waH belnjf drilled for duty nnd
coached for emeruency. I'mctlrnlly
all hardware dtorea wern emptied nf
Kim, and ammunltluii Homo opened
their dorira voluntarily.
The arrival of .Major Itooney nnd
a bunch of national nuard men on
an army truck waa a tilcnal for
' Now let the nlKKPrr. come If they
d.irc," Urn I'rowda Fhouted.
Armed Kiirtrli wern placed In
rara and neiit nut on patrol duty,
'ompanlca of about 60 men e.ich
erc orttunlred rind marched throiiKh
the IiiiMiipkh utreeta. Much promla
uniia ithnotlnir resulted with a very
'ortiinatn result that nn one wau
INilliTitiaiiV l.lfr 1 Saint.
While the negroeH wern connrecat
ntc at Kecond and Cincinnati about
10 o'clock. .1. I,. Wlnon, a day
patrolman, came Into tnwn In a
llluey not UnowltiK what tho trou
Me waa iihnul.
The ni'KrocH haw hlrn and In an
instant In found himself In tho
nunds of Hid mob.
"That'll onu of them. Let's lynch
tun." they shouted
Hut a neuro pre.ieher who has
oecn HhlnliiK sliocH In a stand near
be pollen station threw his arms
Mound Wlluoti und plcntlcd so earn-i-ntly
tor hli llfu that tho blacks bt
lilin i;o
1 1 ho ii kept ndrnonlKhlnB thn
in ml dtirlnff the ciciiltin tn 'lot
Ihi'li cotiHclencii lie their KUlde."
Ill iil.clliiin Shot Tube.
A lirakernan on an eaut hound
frelKbt train was idiot twlcn hy a
im'Kmi at Madison and 1'rlmo tracka
aiiordlnc to reports. Thn brake
man was .ihot twb e. once In tho face,
and on. c In the chest
It Is reported that a ncRru sharp
shooter who wan stationed on Madi
son stieet aimed at a liny about 11
years old who was buininlnR Ills way
on the tialn when the brakeman
whs shot, lie was taken tu a lios
pltul. The rlotinu followed a movement,
arlv in the nlfih! of a crowd of 150
white men to take HI. k Rowland,
in urn bootblack rli, treed with as
sault upon a white uirl Mondav aft
ernoon, fmm the county J.ill. Sheriff
Willliirn Met'ulliiuRli statlnntil
armed KUirds In tlm Jail and suc
ceeded in rowtnK the mob tempor
arily. More than 300 negroes, moit of
them armed with rifles, revolver,
and ahotKiiiiH Balhcred at the cnurt
Iiousn at 'j o'ciock with the avowed
Intention of preventing tho thrcat
i ned l tic liiiiK. Until white and
ik'Kih offl' rs arRiied with the two
mobs which intermingled nt tho
south and west entrances to tho
countv courthouse The nei;rocs
won finally dispersed but continued
I to ride about the city in automo
biles The crowd at the courthouse
I nu ml'Ci :nu about ;00 whites it 10
., et. I, re f ned to disperse .n (!
marul of Shirirr M" uUouKh. a1'!

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