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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 01, 1921, THIRD EXTRA, Image 1

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p.ul.v :m,i;J7
( buwlay 3t),29a
- vex .a. ,d .aa
0l, XV. NO. 'J U5.
THi'V Okl,AlI()M, M)NKsn.V, U N K
arrett Heads Machine Gun-Armed Guards;
Negroes Driven From Burning 'Black Belt'
I " I Jl the I p "'
1 mi in a'il II in. Ill M ir
l 1 1 IS' ap' from t lie
.t 2 ! k W ill)' m!ii
., They were ilis'-nvercd by
, ' I j. Crawford and offl-(
i. M. , hi m Just UN Itiry weie
igh ihc outside bars of
, . "II I
- i'il Daln rri' each scrv
n. ! "i carrying onnceiled
i . 1 being vagrunto. They
. - il last week on Riverside
'l rrr armed. '
1 1 were dlsonvcred after
'h' l" I Hip two bars from thr
t ' 'ii- cell and climbed tint on
1 Tfc, i,m cut the lurk no the 1
K '1 11 il and vicre sawing
ir 1 1st f if 'hi' barn between
he nr f rdnm when Crawford
nri Mia k in came up.
Deals With Oil Controver-
sy in the Sumatra I
Region, Report
American Protests Reiterated
in New Message by Hughes j
t'. the Netherlands
The Dead
'Race War Start A
Came in Arrest
l the Mimhrny I nilci-tuklng
t'llltVlll H,H KM Illlllll'lllirilll
white mini, hIiom- ago might Ik'
placed hcivvccn i!S and ill! )i'.irs,
and ivlm-i' dcnlli wound 111s 11
linlli'l iilili'h ciucicd (lie hick or
hi' llr.Kl. Ilr died 111 u liiiipltnt.
There ware 1111 oilier of iilcnlllli-a-lion
ultiili iDiilil ho followed t.iMt
nl&lil nml vns iinldi'iillfiil up
( .! o'clock ttiLi morning.
t Miinli'j -MrCuiii' 1 nilcrtnkiiig
company L- 1111 unldf imflcd wlihc
in, in alMiut :'" ran. of ace Kc-illi
vas iiImi dui' In a linllct uoiind I'll.
Irrlni; tlio lii'ad.
'Ilirri' hcit no ilrail al Ihc mhrr
Oklahoma Hospital
l'nlnlly liijnml.
A. It. STICK, city clerk, Kapulpa,
death expected momentarily.
1 11)11 it'll.
(1. T. PrtlWKAItl), conductor on
Krlsco. Sapulpa. shot In left Hhoul
di r. chin, fori'head.
I.KH KISHKIt. H3S'5 K.ist I'irat
fctrnt, nhot In left leg.
I.. T. SI.INKAKU, Went Tulsa, leg
frai turid.
ItOHKltT PAl.MKI?. V(bt Tuloa,
.shut In loft shoulder.
KD AI'STIN. 4 1 S t-oillh Det'Oll
h"t In b ft f'Mit .
1:. i' ni:itsil.Mi;n. 143: h.im
lli'iU'e, .-'Hot In bit hand and left Its
Frissell Hospital
11 u..
d .
'4 "
n -
t 1.1
'he .
'ITiiN M.-iv Jl. The
I at diH'Hti hrd anolher
rm''h Roernnient d'"al
') nil "ii' ro erey In Hie
run r wat; learned of-
Text Kept Secn-t.
')' s ate department dc
1 iKr public the tr.xt of the
.ndersttiod, It takea i-troiiK
1 siime of the. arKumentH
i"ently by the Nether
'.'iment In Hp communl
' hi KovcrniDent. The con.
"tw-cen WashliiKtou and
iiiise oer (he dlsrrlml
1 u.'fd by the Dutch kov
i i i-1-.t American Interests
:h Standard Oil com
i" 1'jambi fields of Sum-
- disi ri.nina;!on HR.ilnst
I'Uul lead to an enor
t tioni Sec-etary of Htate
)vt'eks a(;o.
Itcbiikod Mimil,
11 Ri'vernnient replied to
' .ih ,1 Renr ial ilenlal of
dt pirt nit'nt'fc contention,
"' '"ntractH for thr de
' f Hie DJiimhl field had
I'd mo by the ko emmenr
' 1 m "f the lto il Dutch
' ' befnn the application
v 11 1 lean lnlerrhtH had
w d ' 11 her points ralKud
"f Si. ito lliiRhcH were
1 1 the inilth BOrrn-
1 "P itt bed note. dlM U.-.sed
understand Recretnry
" up the Dutch Rovtrn.
1 nis tn detail and i-f-
"-1 in thflr entirely tin
i l' in Ihe first Amei i an
' li contention that the ap
i ne Amciirrfii inttrthts
"1 l'.-ii'M''lp.itlon wiih re
1 he Insliiq of the Ha
r ' ' L l flatly denied, it Is
w n said to be lenitthy
' I t hi irnrld nil siiu-
' ideiable b-nsth.
Marians WilPralk
on (7ns After Lunch
: Clarence Hill lay at the Krlssell
I .Memorial hospital, 314 Kast Hrad,
1 near death, according to nurse.s.
duo to bi'Ins; shot throitfrh tho lime
Ifl... - ...n. ...l.t.4 ..... II...
tile ii', ti null, lit' iiimni 1111. lite lilt
til morning was expressed by at
tendants. Other than his name, ik
Informatlon was Blvin out.
The rae reding thn br..ke
out here late Tuesday nmht t'rni'
out of thi aires) T11es1l.1v nfter
noon of Hid. Itnw Intnl. 1 ncgro-bi-ifitbla.
k. mi a rharKo of assault
ing a white elcwitnr Blrl In the
Lirexel building on .Monday.
There was a movement afoot.
It was reported, among white pen
pie to go to the county courthouse
Tuetday night and lynch the boot
black. This report spread over
"Utile Africa" and curly In the
evening crowds of ncgrons began
Itowluntl was taktn from the
city to Ihe county jail Tuesd.iv
atternoon and his preliminary
trial set for June 7 in municipal
Ituwlattd was arrested on South
(ireenwond j'enie tarK Turr-dn
morning bv officer Henry Cur
nib hdi 1 and II . I'.i. h lit un
identified bv lln girl aflir lu
capture. The lm did not ten
the attaik and said he steppi d on
her fiinl but did not s. rati h hi 1
In any way.
The girl alleged that the nctri
entered the elevator nnd ultimo'
any provocation attacked hr. Mn
screameil for help and a clerk :n
the ltenbeig store ran to her .u
slstance rpttn his approach Uie
negro fled and had been 111 hiding
iin'll taplured bv Ihe pnlleo of.
fners yesterday morning.
Tho girl Is an orphan and Is
a'teiuling .1 local business college
nil running an elevator on off
lion rs.
I At 9:45 armed citizens and one guard cor
jporal inarched the prisoners which had been
held in Convention hall south through town. It
was reported the negroes were to be corralled
at the Western league park.
A detachment of state troops from Okla-
' - noma City arrived here at 9:30 this morning,
With the coming of dawn this morning, following a two companies of infantry and one machine
night of race rioting and death, hundreds of armed gun company.
white men in motor cars formed a circle of 8tcel about1 More troops arc on the way and officials
'Little Africa," and a continuous rattlle of rifle and re believe that by noon the situation will be com
volver fire could be heard. pletely in hand.
Sixty or seventy automobiles filled with armed men Adjutant General Charles F. Barrett of
were in the line drawn about the black belt and there) Oklahoma is in direct charge of all troops on
were many reports to the effect that they planned to, the ground.
range through the negro settlement and clean it out.
At 5:30 the death list was estimated as high as fif
teen. Though no whites were known to be killed save
two unidentified men listed in The World, reports to
police headquarters from members of the white bands
who had been at "tho front" between the line of armed
whites and "Little Africa" said they had counted the
The battle that broke out just after when hun- bdi;s f morc thun a dozen ncsrocs slrctchcd in
While the bands of armed white men in motor cars
were surrounding the negro district six airplanes were
circling over the section. Scattered along the Frisco
tracks and in streets immediately south were between
Tulsa Hospital
Three wounded men were taken to
the Tulsa hospital, but nun" was
seriously hurt, acordlng tn meager
reports. Hospital attendant:, refused
to gnu any Information. 11 1
Curiy. .Inmes Collins and one u'her
were al this hospital.
I & S. Hospital
dreds of arfned men stalled into "Little Afri
ca" has resulted in scores of casualties among
the whites in addition to probably scores killed
ports from hospitals.
within the last 20 to 25 minutes badly wounded white 3 and. 1,000 more nrmed wh,tc n,cn' Ta,k of dr'v'B
men had been brought in by mabulances an dthat more'nto "Little Africa" could be heard on all sides.
At 5:45 the white forces were pushing into Little
Africa" from the south, bands of white riflemen being
reported at Elgin and Archer. They were reported to
be shooting into houses and at all negroes in sightj
l here was no report ot inc extent oi casualties, i ho
One fatall; wounded man was
taken to the P iS S Int.- im .t I lit)
died nhotily after icului) I h ro
and was removed tn a moign
Other Hospitals
were arriving. Une ot the wounded men died on the
way to the hospital attendants said. He was not identi
fied at that time, and attendants had no time to get;
names of wounded.
At the Oklahoma hospital about eight or ten new vic-
times had been received since the morning battle opened
one of the wounded dicing in an ambulance just before
reaching the hospital.
These men were all believed to have been shot by
snipers firing from houses in the "black belt" during
the invasion of the negro district.
Martial law will not be declared unless ab
solutely necessary, according to the adjutant
The adjutant general, the troops from Okla
homa City and local guard units placed on duty
early this morning are working hand in hand.
The first move by the troops, according to
General Barrett, will be to disarm most of the
disorganized bands of whites who are riding
about the city armed to the teeth.
With the appearance of the machine gun
company, with guns mounted and bandoliers in
position to begin firing on an instant's notice,
the tenor of mob violence which has prevailed
for the past 12 hours took on a decided note of
calm and armed bodies of volunteers and ex
pectant citizens quickly gave way to the com
mand of the troops.
At the time the troops arrived it was re-
,wilx 4 ported that the "black belt" was beyond the
icuiy, ii rui . r ri
N'o wounded were lak m i ' ih.
Sand Springs "i (he .Mnr' inRsid"
hnspil.i N th- ri'imried '.'til her
wil.t 'In i' ,iii) injiind at t h. n-firi
From City; List
power of all human agency to save from flames
which bid fair to raze the entire section.
At the same time the negro section was re
ported destitute of an inhabitant other than a
scattered few in hiding which were being
routed out in a house-to-house drive by armed
white forces.
Convention hall, converted into a prison,
is jammed with hundreds cf negroes taken
city and
' I'm natural and un
' '" - w ill he dim usred at
' meeting nf the Itotari
11 ' I Tu'sa Wcdnesda
't'cil r.i' is in. jbj''t
"nr llngle, and
' "M ik to talk ahou'
r'a: C. 6, Avery is to bo
i ' 11 1 C A 1 1 i ) . Mii) 31 Pccgv"
1'pton An hlbald Hopkins J..vte
was (dripped of the glamor of ji w
els, millions and romance, and held
up as ii sordid adventiirCBJ by her
multimillionaire! husband. James
.Stanley Joyce, In an answer filed
today to 'Teggy's" petition for
J 10.000 a mouth temporary alimony
Staitllng exposure nf "I'eggv'a" al
leged past were made by .lovec in
the most voluminous answer er
pi i pared in i dl im ' a" '
' ItrncHs Iinnitr.il I lurgc'-
I Jovre went into details regaroiop
his allegations of immorality on 'hn
party ot l'eesv Ho charted (-he,
OfDead Mounts
With hundreds of armed wh'tc men pushing into the
"black belt," -etting fire to score of houses and shooting
doxvn negro nftcr negro in houses where snipers are observed,
reports reaching p"lice headquarters at 6:45 indicate that
the negro death list will mount far higher thn n"y estimates.
Two thousand or more negroes are reported walking out
of town to the north, where no armed xvhitcs xvere barring
the way.
Every negro seen on the -trccta this morning was promptly
put under guard. The c'ty jail was quickly fillet and the
police then began taking them t" Convention hall, where more
than thPec hundred are now confined. Iil''cks picked up in
various part" of the city offered no opposition, but most of
them seemed glad to get the protection of the law.
negroes were not returning the fire very spiri
was reported, but negro snipers were shooting from
housetops and windows.
Shortly after 2 o'clock this morning, the row of frame
buildings on the cast side of Boston avenue north of the
Frisco tracks was fired, but because there was no wind, the
flames burned themselves out and did not spread to the Cin
cinnati avenue block which sheltered several hundred
At 3 o'clock the fire had gained sufficient headway to de
stroy all the buildings exci-pt the resilience on the north end
of the block. When this building was burned, six negroes
wlin It n rl kfnit flflrtcr f .niti I V , Itrin .n -. I 1 1 . i.rli it..- ,.....-.
driven from cover and five of the six who ran from the house captive by yolunleer whites. Both
were killed. White mon who took up their station at Archer county jails are full of prisoners,
and uoston before 3 o clock, succeeded in pushing their line J J
. . . . .. ..it- , , .1 Tht i ,,'i'ic f 'IIiiaiiI i in" finriil
almost to uincinnnti avenue in tnc lace 01 tire irom tnc rillU in lh, ,, ,.t,. ,
negroes. The negroes, however, made no dashes from their "irii me t i
, places of hiding and except for the firing of a few shots at
intervals, did not attempt to dislodge; whites in the nugnw
section of the citv.
... ... . ...... -uriied g
IVlembcrs ol the crowd ot IjUU whites at-ounu the rrisce ccit'd in
depot about 5 o'clock this morning engaged in a spirited hat- "''''
tie with several negroes perchud on housetops. However, the
aim of the blacks was bad and no whites were injured, but
three negroes were killed within a short space of time.
One of the blacks was perched on a two-story brick build-
' ing on Archer. Me raised up to fire but one of the whites
with an army rifle beat him to it and the black toppled, ap-
I parcntly dead. The other two blacks were hiding em Archer
I and were tlropped by the white sharpshooters.
Three other black bodies v;re lying near the depot at day
light this morning. Two bodies had been removed.
Tate Hrad, proprietor of the Br.idy hotel, who was a mem
ber of white men on guard dutj along North Main street all
night, said he Lountcd the bodies of five negroes.
Jasper Countu
in tipi'M .1 tthl'i ill! l"iid i;. iff f
w ii liu'm "i! ''.iii'uigii' "i.iaii"ii.'.i i cc?o o laije)
uriid g'i ird-i In Hie Jll md 11
Is Given Life
iw lug Ihe ni'ib It mpoi
M"te than .".00 negroes, run-1 t.f
them armed with rifles, revolver.-,
mtl HhiitgutiH gathered at the tmiri
hiuibo at a o'clock with the avowed
intention of preventing the thrcat
t ned lynihlnK Ho'h white and
negro offleern arfiued with the two
tim'is wlili h Intermingled ui the
south and west entrant e m tho
"linn i i oi -t house The negroes
cif finally dispi ruril but i inilliiiieil
1 , t d I I' ' it 'li" ' ' .'I I ,11 i"lii
lli t ' ! .' I . .in i,i,i
iilVIM.TMN i;.i..Mtv:t -Clydn
Manning, tn cm fat in boss on tho
Jnli'i S. Williams plant. itnm m
Jasper counts, was found guilty of
murder by a jury late today in con
nection with the death ot landsey
, Peterson, one of the 11 ncgrnc al
I leged to have been held in peonage
and then killed on the farm a few
nittnlh" ago The urv -'S on' 3,1
it., 'i - VI ti '1111 w.i- ti ' 1 1 - d o
1 1 ' .11 1 1 1' 11 1 n-
l'-l" e . 1
M J l"JU"
f r i,a r ,,n 0 nr wa' d a in. e
nira'" 1 ' r iim ' 1
tONTlNLKl) ijN r,uE TUntl.
it 11
O Lif'l ti a
ui . ,H b.
I in h-eti
rs tor hfp
wiilnw u(
1 1 ' 'lot mm
a tmiult,

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