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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 02, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 1

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I1m.1v 34,137
Sui'lay 30,1
XV, NO. 244.
11 rA(?liS
i I iSI
$2,000 TO START , The Known Dead NEGROES GLADLY I in the Wake of Tulsa's Race War
The V, (U-ld to Accept Con-
tr uions to ueneve
Negro Sufferers
The following n. i e t re
'"'(1 of ih known i. i.l f ' ' n li !
l"Mnc Tucmlav i uln ..ml We lues. '
I Tho Mnhmi Mon.iu.
MJTHl It JAMKS. i ,i ..f
'hkp nin.i. Okl.i This ua-, one
of tile bodies which had hci n un
irfrntlf ft up nlllll l.ltc Wi il nc-ila'
afternoon 1 1 Im brother .1 a in e -J.lnmrH
of Wynnnn Ii.ih beci notified
'of the death mill will arrive some
(linn this morning t" lulni the
I lod .
Remove Black Riot
Blood and Fire
tr'. ' to Be Taken Up at
Mri'inp Probably Today
World's Itellof I'unil.
World $1,000
'. 1003 North Ucnvcr fiOO
I. St.mdeyen r0u
1 I
. I l'!,i;o SIH'MATIS. 24 vrrtr of ago
i shot c.irl Tuesday evening dud ul.
Qi Generosity can luisai "Mont niesiiny night m tne j,inv
jof Mr William lngcrsoll of Neo
I dosha. Kan.
caul n. m.)Stim:icm nr..
- ''all. k'ans , shot through the hieHst.i
..I'M(,'I Wednesday morning at thej
BUS'NESS MEN TO MEET okui.nm.i hospital.
u 'I V. M ISA K Kit. 10. H.ivUand. Kiln.
Idled lit the Oklahoma hospital Wed-
m of Rebuilding Dis- '' f.
HO.MKIt (LINK. Id. 11" South
Norfolk avenue, single, son of A. It
Cllno. lie wnt, shot twice through
iIip stomach In the fighting Tuesday
night., runeral iirvirrn win b, IipIiI
i ihe Worlds Itrller i unil. from thP Hostnn Avenue Methodist
. World $ 1,000 '"'lurch at 4 ,0 o'clmk Thursday
niu i iinifii. i.e.. it, ... million ii
have clintcr of the sen lees. Hiirlal
will he iniiilr in Ho.ip Mill iPtniiVrv
S. .1. WITH UOW. 10. Jlcgul liolel,
IS 000 I MO" Wllhrow. Bhnt th'oiiKh
,,, , ' V V ' "' the neck and Jugular vpIii sewred
'1 Mack blot of fhune w.m a8 j ,jori , , f ,., ,)V hlK KrHmi.
i blood and fire on the father who owiih thp KcriiI IioIpI.
ion nf Tuhu yesterday. AN I 1HKNTI I'T KJi WII1TK
f ncgroeii wore hump-1 ' " ' ' r'''
iukIu and hundr.d m 1 will w clKh iirotind 1 6S iioiiikIb Hp
t hungry rtopltp thnwa hot nlnp tlniPR in ihi-IlKhiini;
I nntlrlnc cffortH of tho i " North Denver. Uiatb was ln-
I itantani'OiiB.
Homeless Taken to Hall
Park Offer No Objec
tions to Plan
ItcfiiKCCK Luffed Their
BclonKinKs With Them
ThroiiRh Broilinp He-it
Great Boxes of Food Carried
to McNulty Park by Bed
Cross and Others
ll Ir.nni'il l.'l nlslil that
Iciilln.. buslni'Fvs anil )ruroloiial
nun i lln' city ure lilaniilnc to
li'.lil a inrrtliis at which pl.illi
Mill I" lll-OII'vM'd an to tllo I1s
of fund with whli'li to robiillil
"l.ltilp frlfn." which was inic
llralh racil by flro ilurlns 11 ml
atliT 'ho I'lotlns 'I'lioday nl;;ht
ami WcdncMhiy.
I .Simile -Mct'iiiio (lrsn(.
U'Al.TKIt DAOnS-. iiRPd 3:. 7.14
South 1'onvpr hvpiiup. bIii1p. local
managpr of the Pleri oil lorpor
jation. DaRRH with two iiinipaiiloiH
I left rooms about 10 oYIopk
Tuff day nlpht. Thoy wern on
I Itolllder mil Six'h Mrppt when
barnlnc of the riot. Companion"
I ay Dukeh rpniarkpd. "lt'B ro
' bp".i", when nil turned and ran In
lt IWITII liniaoNYMl H
"l.pt Imrkv plea.ip. Ret b.i' k '
And thp order wn ( tnpli.iBlpd
with drawn pIMnla and haviirets
rXho hpp.ikcrn were iinlforinpil Kii.ii d'-
nn'li oiiihIiIp of .MpNllll park yc-.li r.
dny noon when .swarinBof thp rminun
prPBK'il up imalnrt the Knlm and
tiKiile tt HlinoBt liiipoBBlble for the
tH'Kioi-H beliiR conBtaiUK tuliiliil
out In tin' RtrcPl to R"t Dimmit
ThoiiBiuidH nf ncRrneB fioni all over
the eil were belne i airt-d in '.'ir
and triH'liH. pioli-elei! In in n d ii.pii
to the park and I" Coiucitiun hall
for Kifeiy.
To n croup of white men Mnudii'R
to one Bide .1 Rii.led iiprio. Iieni
with eaRpr Mipplleation. came riin
nliiK. lie held out bin hands bmad!
lloiiclinbl Coods (iocs AIoiir.
"Well. If hpah alnl Mr llohlnsnn'
If heah aint Mr. HobinRMi '' he kej t
Faylnc otei and mrr. TIip man ad
diPBB'd took the neRro with him in
th g '!'
. 1
fii"r -.'; on thu par of the ulwayw
i"'.'i prople of Tulsu. can this
l. U' mi ho wiped out.
I ho World will Klvo $ 1,000 toward
I'-l'M'S i he MiffeiltlB and (llftrcss I faithful eniploie of the ban
' ' unatp and In mint cane I more than 10 ear
it' ' iiMorent victims of tho mob.
! .iiff..-.,... ji.Miim. it,....u n, wilt tnc paru wurrr no one wan .11
... .. I j' ii.,H. i i!'.',..,it, n7. 'lowed exi-ppt blacks, huldler-i and
ul ui hitmen ion.-.. tini -- ........ ..... ... ,
i I- .". . .....i.t was Btruck in Urn back of the head
had in the world was con- L ,t nm) , mlmll( ,.,,,
he blaze that dcvasHatoi al the Tulwi hospital. A brother
.' a" in the rclRn of death, wind from I.eroy. New York, Wed-
' nesday afternoon that be would ar-
; rlvi I'rlrl.iy afternoon to take iharR.
..n unprecedented burnt of jof h,s ,,rmh;r..
.KilIN WHI. KI. Kit, neRro. pnrtpr
Klrst National bink. Killpii while
on his wuv-tow-ard work Wednesday
mornlnR. He was not one of the
resurrectionists and had been a
UK. A C. .JACKSON. neRro killed
m hlln .i.nnln mil ..f llu Ho.tu
U lp. 1003 North Denver r-I .. ki..h i- in,.,nc n ..... ti. .
oral foremost colored BtirReon in the
"outhwist and was kHVd at a t inn
when his servlees were needed the
nioft lie was killed Insitantante
ouily. - -
i noon phoned thu
i.'iild Rive $."00.
II t. Stflndrven was the
li. Ited subscriber to The
i.l. phoning In a contrlhu-.
I ll
The World calls upon you
nop of humanity to loosen
st I'inRM and help stiicor
...( a time for the work of
he left to orRanlzatlons,
RHlne to b letl to the
Thrro must be rpsponno
and Pity-wide, from ALL
rich and poor alike, to
world Tulsa can nnd will
' sufferers.
(, tho rpsponse by oppn-inlee-lovlnR
Tulsans will
I .in.l so R(nerous that The
i lief fund can bo made
-'"i.ition fund. The World
In. pi s so. And It believes
i.i i he ense.
i w.iir check, your money
wuir i ash to "The Tulsa
lief IMitor." A careful rec
I" k"pt of all contrlbtitlonB.
ill. i ipiimi will be acknow-
White Injured
I- i dollar and every cent w 111
" i!.e leltef of the needy. Tho
wer'd t- iaruntees thu money will bo
t" I" i li iltsiiensed.
Is your answer T
v' ' i 1 1 1 In the Kenerr.sity of
The wounded now In the hos
pitals does not represent nil the
wounded, aceoldlng to hospital
attendants at Tulsa and Okla
homa hospitals where most nf tho
wounded whlto men were taken.
Hi'tween 3D and 4u people had
wounds dressed at the Tulsa hos
pital and then left the superin
tendent said, and tit th" Oklahoma
hospital the niiinber was fixed at
about l,",. I'atjents weie also
dismissed after a short lime in the
establishments. At the MornliiR
sldc hospital It was staled that
mx white people and SI ncRmes
had been taken enre of nnd that
22 motor operations had been per
formed. l'rom rtruK stored and
reports, it is Indicated that a num
ber suffering minor inJurUs tn
the rioting prepared their own
"home remedies, ' Svent to tholr
family doctor or pun hased an
tiseptics and other preparations
from drug Mores.
TIlP followliiR Is ibe latest list of
Injured white people taken to hos
pitals, and I heir condition
t .111V
'Iff to
1 lhtklliih Mini Knr 111. Ilo.nlllll.
kind to aftord tern- ,,' ,. iiANKSON. .lenks. shot in
the destitute ncRi-o
re issued by Humane
Welch Wednesday eve-
"'f the negroes nro very
dresied and very few haic
r Iothes In the world than
their hacks. Mr. Web h
'I'iintf that clothes are
needed for tho babies
i-cn. Thero U Rreat need
' for tho destitute ones at
o.mds. as even tho with-
f many paroled by their
- will leavo hundreds to
' f"r. And then, for the
' rehabilitation of homes
'here in a Rre.t need of
i turmahtnes, Mr. WelciH
1 I' h him born nppolnted to
' f'lod for tho refURees nt
cumnds, fig representative
'"aril of county rommln
II" dispatched cooked food
"inds Wi'dneildiiy evenlnff
ii "d out cooklnR equipment
A military roraininary
-'ahhshed at tho camp, but
' will purchao all sup.
'il by the county commis-
'.ane society and other
pi. organizations of tho
' w.irklnR orRanlzatlon In
" with surprlslnR rapidity
x H 1 1 I'Adt; SKVUN.
" 5J MUccntlDtnt rnk.
stomaih and throuRh wrists Mry
jerlniiH rnndltlun, may not live.
MltS. C. A. SKLItV. 1243 South
Hoston, in nervous panic ran Into
car at Klshth and Main Wednesday
mornliiK, with Injuries about the
head; still unconscious, and In n
serious nnil It Ion
MoriilnRsldc tlospltnl.
MRS. 8. A (iIL.MOIIK, 225 Hast
j Kink. Hhot throuRh arm and he.st
five times: may not live
A. I'KItKV. 923 North Klwood,
bullet bhot throuRli lift wrist, doing
A. K. MASKL. 2T.3t Hast Kotirtli.
Rlanclng bullet wound in light
thtKh; eondiilon sailRfaetorv
H. D. (lILLAHli. 31S South Nor
folk, bullet wound In arm; released
from hospital Wednesday ufternonn.
M' DONALD, 1706 Katt riftccntll.
bullet shots in hip and arm, recov
crlns. i
TiiUa llospltnl.
JIJHS COLLINS, r.22 North Hos
ton. buckthot In ba k. skull and
arm; condition rather serious.
It. N. Hl'LTZKH, '.2H South l lha.
hullet in leR removed h operation
Wednesday nlternooii' condition out
neccsbarily claiiKCious, but mi-slit
develop disastrously
II. L. CL'ltltV. Illinois hotel, shot
through miiselo and skin of back of
neck; condition not dangerous
K. O. LOfJSnnN. 30S South I .n
mercy workers, outside tnc wnue
sun bent blankly down upon thi
unloailliiR refiiRcps, liiRRlns their
meaijer poBsesslons with them Into ,
the park, upon trin ks fi.l' .1 with He
hiiRe boxes of food. I.ibnfiil pt cof
fee, upon rickety wacon:i filled wi'h
huse bundles bursting open with
their i ontcnts of clotbi'iR and wi'h
household Bonds, from trurks
phnnoRraphs that the refiiR-is had
plckPd up in HiPlr flight iiod tlia' '
wprp drawn, some of l hem In skinny,
mules that brined loud j.i ie it as
they Hood parked In lb. I . i sue
One nf these wagons wn- il.awi. ue
In the. shade; lieieheil on i. p i f Ibe
I trunk It held was a neRro M i It as
(he ai e of spades. lb n .n. hanil
chewed a sliaw.
"HI. .Mm nlggilb " hailed n fell
sufferer fioni the top of tin grand
stand. The straw ehewer looked op
lo behold a bl,n k ynitlh in the ,o t -
transferting a swaili of i'H
eliee'se lo ills recipient mouth II)
you nlggah. that trunk younh s"""
"It inns' suhtnlnly nni n-ibodV
else's whatevah!" the tra(ei re
turned with dignity and iranhferrcd
his attention again to his straw.
Aicopl Their rate. '
Inside the park) was color and
hent stifling, odorous heat the
crying of babies, tho sound of inanyi
vobes and the mooing of women
and npgrops- thousands of npgiops. !
huddled together as fur as the i e
could see from one end of th. giand- i
stand lo the other. The maturity of
them ariepted the Inevitable In good
part, crowded mini b"t nnd "ii 1 as
it was, thorn w'as good heer eseiy
Seated on the floor, an old woman i
with a gray handken lib f .loselyi
knotted about re wilnkled fn o that
might have been iared from dark
oak, rocked gently hack and forth '
moaning softly. In her hand she
held the quart measure of hot veg
etable l-oup that was being doled out I
by the hundreds by Ited Cross
workers. Someone bent ocr ,.md
touched her on the shoulder
"Sister," she asked "W in doni
you e.ii your soup' '
Tears stole out fori under th'
hnlf (iOH-d lids.
"Oil, I1W(1," she moaned "ti
an ole woman wint nan umli'il so
hard all huh life, an' now ev. 'hm,
Rone! Mull house burnrd in.
chalhs burned. m.ih che k
burned. Nuthln' hve l got but the
clothes on null back' o. l,ii
that I should live to see sui'h iroubl
come to me!" and site r... ked luitk
and forth in her misery.
llliick but Human.
A comely young negro woman
standing near her wept. She, too
she said, bad lost everything mat
Ehn had. She and her liulbund ' .ul
owned Iheir own and ne . the
home, whbli thev u nted. ,t I hi Mi
with everything thiv uunid ' .
'world but the i lollies thai th'v .
when tln made lin n s. ape a'
dawn this morning, had t.'e .
burned. Just then her husband ,nnn
up to her with a half loaf of .r. ,nj
Cn.STIM Kii UN r'iK 8KM:v
Mut , i .
Thurktlay a'.'l
Tliur- y
I -M til
IWcih i
muifi 1 -tuth
rerc-i-niiv fir
generally fulr
!.ir.riN lull "I 1
TulVB t 2 0 '
Junior t Uhtnti
Tu!fc. S3 o'rlmk
frTAM.K X M C I Sr..
F"unr rtlrf-tor "0 W nan dff rn-,n
O, Ii::-H00 Afntuunco trvUt.-AJU
tvi t-.J
ilu'bcht ncgrn if lilcni c (Il-liiii mi drn'miiHul ateii in after the I In
I'ooil being iiiclccl out to (In hoiinies., at Mi Mill) pari, by relief wiiil.i rH
J'iiiLXiiolil Ls.ioni,in,-i of u in cm lanul). duiujicU lulu tbi jlitvi.
Troops Patrolling Streets nnd General Barrett
Declares Situation Is Well Under Control;
Every Precaution Taken to Prevent Recur
rence of Trouble; Many Negroes Ask to Be
Taken to Places of Safety; "Little Africa"
Smoking Ruins.
ith martial law in force, forbidding the indiscriminate
use of the streets lo vehicles and pedestrians until 8 o'clock
Thurstley morniiiK; with fi.OOO negro refugees confined in
tlm building! at the county fair grounds east of the city;
with "Little Africa" In ashes, and with Adjt. Gen. Charles
F. Barrett here in command of seven companies of national
guardhtnen, Tulsa is comparatively c-uioL after a night antl
part of a day of race rioting.
Official figures on the niimbeP of dead arc not obtainable
because of the chaos antl disorder that have accompanied
the riots antl the lack of time by relief workers lo keep an
accurate count of casualties. They are unofficially placed
at 100 -00 negroes and 10 whites.
"We have the situation well under control," Adjutant Gen
eral I tarred statetl at 8:.'?0 o'clock. "Wo do not anticipate
any further rioting, although nothing has been overlooked
as a precaution against its recurrence. With Tulsa under
martial law, which is now in force, we expect to sec rapid
readjustment ol conditions.
viviu uuim I inui
City Quiet as a Tomb as
Soldiers Control Un
der Martial Law
Tulsa with u race riot In progiesfl
and Tule. i under martial law
prisenls two almost Inconceivably
different cities. Tho Tulsa of 'I'ues-
ilav night wan 11 veritable kaleldl
si op( with constantly shlftliii?
crowds, and swift -moving vehicles
ih.it filled the sidewalks and streets
l erflow Iiik ; wllh the count. wit
shrieking of ntltnuiohlln Horns nnd
On r.ii a tnt-tat of opened milff
li r anil the fieiiient discharge of
fir, uriii' at limes niacin one think of
the i e-'i nt war.
In mid contract Is the Tulsa wllh
a fa- r i ,-t to the Tulsa under mar
tial law which prevailed for tin
first lime In this
V, eincMhty night
Difficult lo Chech Nprtopsi.
M'he difficulty of determining the
number of dcd negroes la ca.ut.rd
by Uie fact that tho bndlctt wero up
parenlly not handled In a systeniallo
manner. Hymn Klrkpatrlck, aide to
Adlutant (trneral lbirrett, ruld last
i IK I it that noun nf tho bodies had
been hanillnd by guardsmen, but
thai it was reported a number of
liodleH were ifminved In motor trucks,
opurated by rltlzens. Klrkp.itrlck
said ho dorjt pot know wherti they
were taken --whether they I were
placed at initin specific point for
later attrnllon. If they wero dumped
Into a large hole, or thrown Into thn
Arkansaii river.
fifteen bodies nf blacks ore In a.
loral iindertakinir establishment. Re
ports heard over tho city Indlcuten
that five tn eight tlmrs that num
ber nf negroes wero killed during
the rlnls. A careful check of tho
ileail la to bo Inki'ii by tho adjutant
general Thursday, according to
Klrkpntrlrk, to dntormltm tho exact
number of lives lost. It Is poredbln
that some negroeswho weio mortally
wounded wero taken from the city
bv tlioso who fled to other towna
enrlv Wednesday morning.
There were jr Injured whlto pen-
city's history i p still in hospitals last night. Of
No maddened this number slit nro believed by hos
pital uttendantH to bo In a critical
Tho number of Injured negroes
will probably reach Into the hun
dreds. Hlxty-elght were treated at
one hospital. Klrst Kid treatment
was given at tho national guard
armory and nt virtually all churched,
which wero quickly converted Into
first old stations.
In their search to determine the
number of lives lost, guardsmen to
day will Inspert closely thn debris In
Llttlo Africa to find how many ne
groes wero burned to death. Major
rowds occupied the sidewalks, tin
nnley automobiles raced up and
down Main street; not the sound of
a gun was heard. No cross-roads
village, whern citizens, retire ut H
o'clock c ould tin morn quiet. 1 Oc
casionally u car passed along n
thoroughfare, but It went nt a mod
erate speed and mado as lllln noise,
as possible.
At every street corner In the htlsl
ne,i district wits an nrineil guards
iflan. challenging pedestrians and
ie fi w motorists who ventured out
for an evening spin. Unless they
.ould produce passes properly slgneir Klrkp.itrlck paid last night.
l. the adjutant general Hiey were I IVnr Another Uprising,
told in definite and unmltakiiblci i 'lim most disturbing element, e
language lo get off the streets with- eept the gennrnl regret over tho de
mit undue delay, and If they showed i plnrablc conditions that havn pre
signs of stiibbornnesii they were I vailed. Is tho frequent roports and
placed under arrest and removed to rumors that tiegroen aro preparing
Me police station. for revengn and that thoy have
Kxeept for drug stores nnd nn or-gathered ut Ited Ulrd, a negro set
raHlonal cafe, ail business housed , tleinent, and ntliPr towns, prepara
dohed at 7 "o'clock, conforming to tory to m iking a concerted nttack
(Ik orders of the adjutant general. upon the city of Tulsa to destroy
Hi ci mr service and InlerurbsiiH the business section and the public
imj.i rpemUnx for the night ni 9 utilities,
i . k Kverv precaution has been taken
' ,ei in Us history tins bustling lo guard .mil nut any possibility of n
T . .i been so qulii as li whs new ontlnoHk on liehnlf of those
ca.'IiimIhv lileht. nor will n bn i. ported lo bo rongretatlng at va-
inlesM martial li n lontlniies i m.iim points on tho outskirts of
r..r e lituens nn a whole i linlt Tulsa.
i.i the Invoking of innrtl.,1 l,n
i'w iibout a serious stale of af
',iii In fint It iippinis (list most
'lulu ie. did not reilh'.' I hi nieanln
t.'otcrnor Tiikcs tho l,eacl.
M.uli.il law was proclaimed j
;ov. .1 It A. Ilobertson about 11:30
o doc k Wednesday morning, nntlce
.... ,.-,n i, ..... ln.,.L..I o cioi H WPUUt'suay inuruiiiK, noiic-n
i.uttal law until It was Invoked rnculvcid In the form
I11'' of a, tebKram from tho governor at
. .,-" , ' ,,rornorr, I Mint time by Adjutant General flar-
LAND SUIT IS REVERSED 'ret. who, upon his arrival with three
. . j i onipanles of guardsmsn front Okla-.
v.... thij ( .unie.1 In Null of !nv. 1 h'ema City at 3 o'clock Whdnesdiiy
n . ic iit WKli i. Iiiiliiin ' 1 '""rning. e,uibllhe.l headquarters In
' "" inclmmn, 1 "'",' of ,ollco Commissioner
v. u .o Th- ic.rij M Adk.son.
WASIIIN'.TON. June 1. The mi- ' Kc fno.., as well as n few of thn
. . .. .. . ...in...... .. nnr-.n,.u u.hn n rn HnllnvnI
rum' .i nn tons' reversed snu i '- 1 ' iu' - ...... ...... ..
i , ii. dd ih esse of (ho I npeii oy
',ii. nit If r In 'rror. a'iinsi i
t i
, 1 1
i; ItiiwliM. Krsnie Me
and the Miami Investment
ofllcl't.ls to hnve been Instru
CliM ISt'tSri ON I'Alll! TWO
Kvtn-yhnrly Hmnn to lh flT rirs to
l.lSht I J Ailvl
. . 'i pit n '.
The in vernment originally sued
ibe de'endsnia In the ssstern dlMrlet i
of i.ki.homa for recovery of pos
(ss . n i.r I 93 acres of land allotad
i w th cm Wee, a dei'SiKietl Peorl In
ej j. .,.) the Quapw reitorvBtlon.
T 11 i 1 miner.il land.
New Iti i nnl fur Mile Set.
si. oHK. June I - An Anifr
-,ii ir, ) urn rn.ing re. of d
t o. , 'ii li ,le IFi!, seronds was set
' i h .ii.'i. .ous. in winning the
M j. .1., l.indiiaii at tin Iliiunmt
r.c traek The previous record, a
fifih of a c-t.oiul s.iwir, was tn Ul
b Man 'I' War and was made oyer
Don't bo without the news
from home while on your
vacation. The World will
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day t ii -0e per week. Call
O.t.igc 6000, Circulation
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