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VOL. XV, INU. Z-lu.
, Mi-, or Tells Civic Club!
T'.i.a Still Lacks the j
Proper Protection !
M t Admits Officials Knew!
of Agitation AtnptiK Blacks
"i- Uprising Here
Peine Head Placing Men Over
City as Guards and Streets
, Will Re Patrolcd
Nog iH not over by any
.f vi ilon t protect Tulsa,
watch and seo what li.ip
! tared ltev. Harold f!
I lie weekly meeting of dl
f H e chumber of commerce
1 Tulsa Friday noon N'e-
t In the detention camps
'i turned loose indlsorlml-
T'n le Is a general feeling In
thit Tulsa 1m m safer u.
in It wan Tuesday night.
Iirnper police protection,
. ncgrooM resentful over the
'heir property, there Is an
ugl apprehensive feeling
.thing else Is going to hap.
ixplalned that he wa.i noi
a , -i but that facts must be
f ' lb said J. n. Stratford. A.
1 S' 1 ' -nan and others who are
-r 1 have been leaders In tin
were arrested and Inter n -If
H 'wever. It later develop-d
dunns "e meeting that ftra.iord
' ' 1h ' n ariested, but Is soril -Kansas
City and that
S "i''inm Is confined in the coun
i' without bond, awaiting the
ac tt f the grand Jury.
hvrrv white man knows we are
rf . li.amc for (his thing," Cooto
tared "The press should come
u hout reserv.illon and jtate
r ,' rr white people are not ejual-
i Mime with the netf-i's. Ite-.e-'
me been spread that the
i" p-ilatlon Is ti bl.im . but
- r. (, .it are without fuunda-
.1 Martin, chairman if the
ci.mmr.'ie of in,, board
' ask',! i'l per-mm In ic-
in cltlc xr .if n"l 'la!' or
' .itl the -rrn 1 Jury has di -'
1 oeere the b'tiM s'lO'iltl bf
' If it di'vrH is that any
if Ml shcubl b rt'.-.ived.
" ' t.vk his ni'ivnitn: 'o the
(.illltv Shntilil lie PuiiMloit.
' ' officers knew that there was
- 'i In the negro section, hut
r I no' call unon tin to heln
The ti.il negroes and the!
i hmihl be punished, but
5 . 'H the right thing by the i
: .-r ues The blame for this
i equall on both races."
Mi' i paid annrtlnn will not be
t the conducting of relief,
. .-'in in other iltles. but that If
' '.sires to give assistance he
r I hi , heck to the Red Cros i
" the executive committee
1 " biislne-iH men to come to
k i'1'i'i.irters In the municipal
1 - a.i.l Hlgn statements to the
' ' '' " thev "will back the com
" ' 1 .isslst it."
1 r. i-,cd hlrt belief that as a
1" ' his riot. Tulsa will he one
'..si g.ivirned cities in Ihc
' 1 - 1 1 es
i 'ai In a variance of opln
' g menibers of the execu-1
- ntee as to whit measures
" ' ffi.-ient, Martin explained,
'I '"I that If such differences
'i m tubers of the mm-'
broad enough lo "give and
. ttle all rtif Htlony amonj
bii. u of rgro Agllnllon.
" i "ruin extent, everyone In
' 1 of the agltatlim among
1 people, Maor T. II
' i ed He said he has made
' pee( hes to negro eitlzeni
' he has always admonished
i resirve law and order. J
l . prejudice Ut an old subject, " i
S " "iav.ir It may smoulder
r ' - but when Jt ilnn break.
1 ' " - in all Its fury. We are in I
' ' r -it- no more rHponsible for
" ".'aK than we would be ir a
r' hid visited the city I pro-
: '"' ' I'n.am fin the Job Just a-
1 1 i' is neceiwary and help with
I jrse and my personal et-
-i an. anarrhlsbs were
thii for the uprising.
' ' "i tell you something."
Mva J Nlles, president of
t.i r of commerce, "not more
l ' li UN I'.XviK KI.KVKN
hl"'M business men arc pick
e splendid bargains every
' watching the oil and gas
' ' ' Is in the classified eec-
' he Thn World Make it
c to uro World want
f'hone Osage 6000 Ask
J"' Ad Taker x
Work or go ti Jail,
That U the suhMance of an
oriHr issued Friday liy Mas or T
t). V.vAnzt It came after reports
had reehed hltn that a number
of men, both negroes and whiles
but mtmllv m-grots, are showing
no disposition to work In the
' leaning tip of the devastated
una even though retuunerailuii is
Jobs arc to be furnished on ap
plication to C F. Hopkins, who
has been stationed at the Honker
T Wellington school on Frank
fort avenue. Police have been
given strlck orders to arrest anil
dilaln Ihofe who do not hffd th
The order slates'
"Notice Is heriiliy given that all
men aro ordered to dther get a
Job and so to work, or. If you
have no Job work will be fur
nished you by applvlng to Major
0. F. Hopkins at the bonrd of wel
fare, office at the Hooker T. Wash
ington public school on Frankfort
avenue All men who have no
Jobs and who refine to work will
be arrested as vagrants Compen
sation will be paid for work. '
oil iecannot
force shutdown
Open Agreement Would
Be Violation of Sherman
Anti-Trust Laws
Federal Trade Commission
Warns Operators About
Making Agreement
SYerljl to The World.
WASHINGTON. June J. Noipen
agreement among oil operators of
Oklahoma to curtail production can
be made without violating the Hhrr
man Anti-Trust laws, the federal
trade commission has told operators
who have laid facts before the com
mission as to oil.
The move came about when cer
tain npcritors asked to ccise drill
ing on government lands until the
condition of over production wfl
adjusted. Then the operators who
were told that aa long as the Sher
man ait stood there could be no gov
ernmental recognition of an agruo
mcnt. These operator!" In emphasizing
the necessity of something being
done, pointed out that In April pre
llmlnary stocks of gasoline on hand
was 755. (ini, "3t. gallons as against
713,0(3. ISO In March, an increase of
4X,274,t$4 gallons for the month
lu Texas and Louisiana the in
crease was IS.K5.S10 for April and
for Oklahoma anil Kansas 5 S02.Tt3.
The operators told the commission
they were conscious of the argument
that would be made against nny
agreement to curtail production and
that the people would protest any
curtailment until the price of popu
lar products of crude oil are greatly
World's Fund
At the request of the citlretvH'
board of public welfare, which Is In
charge of relief work. The World
herewith i loses Its fund started lot
the relief of negro suffering, and
reiiieHts its read, rs to send in sub
v: Iptlfitn. to tne committees relb I
and restitution fund, addressed to
C "J rus S Averj". treasurer, p. o box
li.W. or dellvi red in hi., n.ri. es.
.1.1.1 and 3:4 Ma.'o building. Tulsa
The World fund at Its ilnsr. alter
Just two days of subscriptions, had
reached the substantial total at 5
o'rln-k last evening of f, 612 50.
Among tht contributions iva Mie
of ;'50 from the Kant-. is City WaTllc
houses, anompanlcd by the tuan
.igennnt's explanation that "we
would have given more, bul vie are
raring for our ruin colored rmpli've,
about 3n In number, whose nerjf
ivi are familiar with. '
Tutk Brothers Shoe store will give
J 100 In shoes upon order from the
Ited Cruw.
The, fund:
V. rreifiilr nejiorlerl, , 417.00
c. II Overton
lioit oi
.toe Minefl, sror
rrnrkfit, ivnjfhinn V rrriwffird
Nll'iml l.lft A Arrlflfnl lr Co.
A Miller Uummett
Kmlly Ackrtnc.ri
Florence Aekerllisnn
O. Kilt.JtKky
('. VV. Xteiip
11rv H.leitn.nn
tl VV Mntlltt
r. vv Mrtlillre
W'telirn fnlen Tlf. CO.
J K flonlnter ....
r ' Tnfiniey
W J. Htert
C. II. Ontrhelt
Further Contribution frrm I,erl
Pepl , SIneUIr nil ,!i (in Co
.VUll.le l Iteliert"
Klorenee I -re Nlrholl
K ' V-'Hltle llolieei
H. Vj.iner
fleorae r ltrlithm ... .
Irt Keent Aieney
rrarret Itnherlion
Kh.i'U Allen
t'dh dunatlon
in no
:m of
ion ro
;( on
t 0
1 oil
10 oo
4 HO
1 rn
ico oo
t OH
t 00
:i oo
: oo
13 CO
in On
M vfi
i ro
100 00
It oo
I 00
1 no
ion no
i m ,
ll. ti: lit
Kne.l rhirken epnner l m P H
Cuno Oit(ltn. Midconiinent ptk, -Advt.
I Departmental Appropria
I tion Bill Passed at Spe
' cial Session Signed
Says Lopping Off ?'2,!,000 to
Virtually Kuin Efficiency of
Auditing Department
Robertson Writes He Knows
Provisions Arc Largely
(1 AeftortAted Preen Stele Wire.
departmental appropriation bill,
passed by the special Kissmn of the
legislature, was s-nTd late today b j
Governor rtobertsnn.
The governor cut J2.1 uoo from the I
measure as it pin-red the liKli-l.it it e
120. C25 of this slash hi lug out "f tne
appropriation for the state audit'.i s
I-rank t arter, state audit..! Mid
when he heard of the cut In his de
parlment, ' ho has ruined tin dcpait
men!,'' The governor and the state auditor
have-, been at political mils since
Governor Itoberlson took offlie. The
trouble Is alleged to have ocurred
over the refusal of the state auditor
to honor certain vouchcis for ex
penses of statu offhlals on varmus
trips over the slate and to points
outside of the stale. ,
The latest clash of Important c,
however, was over the levying of a
state advalorem tax, which grew to
be quite an Issue over the entiro
Pinned to the bottom of the lull
was notation by the governor, read
ing "I have signed thli bill, knowing
that it Is unsatisfactory In nearly all
its provisions. Many departments
will be seriously handicapped be
cause of Insufficient funds, while a
(few are given more than they de
serve, but because of the final dis
tribution. I am unable to veto latge
sums which the ilepartmenls do not
need. I disapprove of several Hems
because they are not needed and be
cause the legislature failed to follow
the recommendation!) of the budget.
Ilnu the Hill SUiuds.
A briaf nulllm of the depart
mental appropriation bill as It be
came a law Is as follows:
The governor's (."lee gels $2!), 000
for Ihc first year and J34.00A for
the second. The secretary of state
gels J17.000 for both jeais The
stale auditor's office loses a stenog
rapher. The slate auditor's office loses a
stenographer, drawing f l.5nn, and
assistant i hief ncinuntanl drawing
iJI.ROfi a properly accountant draw
ing $1,200, a clerk to audit claims
getting Jl Snn, a warrant clerk
drawing J 1.500. a bond clerk draw
trie $l.2nn a revolving fund clerk
getting J1.S0O. nn outlay for the ac
counting department of J.1.25U, an
assistant lo the chief production lax
clerk drawing $1,500. an assistant
Inrome tax clerk drawing $ 1,500 and
an assistant railway ami public serv
ice corpyoratlon clerk drawing
$l.5nn Carters offlie will get ap
proximately $4:i,i35 for each year
Insirad of the $70,450 originally
provided In the bill
The state bmking department
gels the $57,500 for eat h ear, pro
vidid In, the bill The supreme
i.'iirt gets Jkf finn for 'n first vear
mil $81,500 for the s.cnnd. ns pro
vided by th" bill The criminal
(ourl of appeals gets $24 300 for
(ai h vear us provided In the bill.
The . lerk of the supreme i tmrl
gets $ 1 4 775 for eai h vear The
stale reporter gets $7.SS0 for cirh
year. The state library receives
111, 145 for the first yMr and $11.
SSO 10 foe the second. District judges
get $255,500 for each vear. The
state nrt of affairs gets $I34.O?0
for the first vear and $120 50 foi
the second. The corporation com
mission, untoui lied, gels $107. 50
for each year The state health de
parlment gets $ir, 35n for the first
vear and $35,350 for Hie second. The
Insurance board gets $S,700 for em h
vear The Insurance cornitilsslon
gets $20,450 for each year. The state
election board gets $27,000 for the
I first year and $20,000 for the second.
The strife department of public in
struction gets JZ'i.biO tor eaen year
The slate board of eduextlon gei
$5,300 for each year The dcprtrl
ment of vocational education gets
110.500 for each year
What I)eWirtmcnt.s lift.
Other department follow
t leer iml T'f
till 010 110' nvr)
r. oo inn
IHV3IV IV" i '.
4J un isiji
13 JJl) 19 VI"
110 JV0 11S3V0
1 in ifio i in on
I v.nfli) 1 1 i
t III v H .
0 , dvn :: n'.u
'. ioo v ion
ItV If.
31 1M 'T I
li ". Ji
lt n mi oxv
1 'i i ii i , n't i
I unfi nn"
II .in li
S .'I ' I
- 1 1 n 7
. on! irk
- Atl'U
VI'llU-T Prcilm-m
rritel Ttiecrfun
FUt- IviM r-.lli-
llr.neLmeill of Iflhet
IiHi.irul meimlMicn
lllrreir n-OVtmetl!
rnirvtvlttn-f l-fl of.'lre
rhi-f mlee tn.e-etv
kttlc tnirUPK bot'tl
Uln-nr? (enerll
.Ule Uie rtlkedefi
IHftMfil ri'r
I INrvr efxepilielee,
liIt .li-iie knj ee-ertiora
loef.1e.ile I (iml
Ce -tiri n .e
I ime . e. 'or iilt I -ill
a tie ir. rtiioha,
Gimt ind fuh vtril-o
Mte b.f mmmi n
a. t
n if hi
Nearo Wears Wife's Clothes
And Escapes From WhiteMob
Minnies With Negro Women nt Church After Rescue nnd Is
Not Found by Wife nnd Friends Until Three Sonrcliet
Arc Mnde of the Temporary Relief Quarters.
Tb i .
Morn s
is another one of the "llltb
from real life" that hav
been Invoked
b the events of the
last few da).
Wednesday morning W M Maker
if e-presldi nt of the I'lrat National i
bank, and his wife located their eat Hhe sal theie rocking gentlv
ook, an old negro woman who hadlb.uk and forth with her Ilea I
in . n with them for vviirn, al one of bowed steadfastly refusing all food
the i hurch relief stations, That , and tefnlng likewise to lalk l'p lo
nlKht they found hri hllil
found he i It 1 1 tl but
-.'Hill failed to find Ihc husbuud
Thurhddv, about noon, someone
telephonrd the finusc th.it the
worn. ins husband was In the hnse
mint of the I'lrst I'rcsbvterl.in
church llaker went directly there.
hut the man wiih not to be found.
I'oslhlv an hour later, another tele
phoni tall came, saying again I hat
the lost man was nt the church
llaker. feeling sure that all of the'
men had been taken to the i intriil
cump, was certain there was some
mistake, but again Journcvrd to the
hutch and went all through the
rooms, looking evervwhere No tins
band. I-vler In the afternon a third
all came linker, for the last time
A Lives Lost, -1 Millions
Property Damage, Esti
mated From Flood
Soldiers on Duty Alont? Hanks
of Swollen Streams; Tor
rential Rains the Cause s
HHNVIJIt. June l.-l'urblo Is
under water today ai cording to a
special dlspatih to the lloc-ky
Mountain News. The damage, ac
cording to tne ttispati n, win reacn
$4,000,000. Hon tH were tiaed to
rescue marooned persons from the
federal building.
li:.'Vi:n. Juno 3. Knur person
dead, two missing anil thousands of
dollais damage to farm property
tnd crops were tlr known result
tonight of cloudbursts last night ajrl
tnd'v In Colorado and Wyoming A
flood warning was Issued at Pueblo
rt'Kni.o, Col., June 3 National
guardsmen have been called for
duty along the banks of the Arkan
sas nnd Fountain rivers here, ns a
result of floods. The electric light
plant went nut of commleslon at
x-35 p. m , ami the city was In dark
ness Torrential rains, draining Inln the
Fountain river, whb h runs through
the fit) toward the east, wrrc de
sccndlng. Riot lo He Subject of
Sermons in Churches
The racial dial ur banc r which cast
Its shadow over Tulsa life this week
will be dlkfusricd in two Tulsa pylpll
Sunday, ltcv. 1.. fl llartnn of the
Huston Avenue M. K church, hfiulh.
will speak fin "The Cause of Tulsa's
Hint.' at the morning service,
while Hlslmp K. I) Mniiztin will
preach on "I'ulsa'n Terror and the
Teaching ol Jcmix, ' at t'entennarv
MfthodlM . hiir h Sunday morning
and at Huston Avrnm M K church
Suntl.i) evening
Tulsa Must Restore
All fillzens of Tulsa lire
earnestly urged by the Hoard ni
I'ubln Welfare to make Immedi
ate and generous i nntrlbtitlrina lo
the Iteln I ami Itrslltullnn Fund
unil th it those monies or rhf'kk
be Kent to Cyrus B. AverV. Treas
urer. ! fi Mm 1851. or delivered
to his offlirs. Itonms 323 and 32 4
Mnvo Illdg . Tulsa.
iioAiin of im'hi.ic wr;i,F.iiK
I, J MAItTIN I'halimin.
(ill A NT II MCI I.I.Ol'C.H
S ' i KKNNIMiy
, Kxei utlve Commltlee.
For the lonvenlenie of our
rmders. we ask that this coupon
be filled out and attar hel tn
check, money order or money so
Cyrus 8 Avery, Treasurer,
I' O. Hnx H51. or,
321-4 Mayo Illdg., Tulsa. Okla.
Pleas" find enclosed $
to applv to the Tulna Itellef and
trstttuiinn Fund.
and al the miukiI plei of Hie frs'i
II. lotik. drove again I., the i bur, ti
taking her with him In order to sat
isfy her.
Huddled up in one eoi m r of the
basement rooms wsn an old woman
who for two davs had n fused to
this lime woikers In chaige hal
been so overwhelmed with work
that Ihry had had n lime to in
vrMlgute. now lliey found Unit the
supposed did woman' was the long
lost husband.
l'rlglileni'd lo death and laklnK
no time to dress Tuesdaj nlijeii. he
had grabbed up the first thing at
hand, which happenid to In his
wlfes Minima, a skirt ami her hat.
fled. At the i hurch he saw
llaker passing at i'ii. Ii visit, and
pulled his hat low and bf lit his hi-ud
to prevent reiognlllon b.-iause he
was afraid he'd be taken out to
.amp, something thai In his ig
'noiame struck tjjtor to his heirt
'after the fright orthe last feiv diivs
Youth, 11 Years Old, Fac
ing Murder Charge to
He Tried Again
Indiana Family Hates lo Go
Home Following Dismis
sal of Jurymen
KNOX, Ind.. June 3 The Jury
which heard Ihc evidence In the
case of (.'ei Hurkett, . rvharged
with the murder of Ilennle Slavln.
his plavrnntc. fulled to agree upon
a verdict today and was dismissed
by Judge I'entrost.
The Jur) had been out 20 hour
without coming In an agreement on
the faie of the youthful defendant
Cecil, the nccusi'd slayer, sit con
tentedly within his mother's nrms
He watched the Jury file Itl without
changing xpr.-t-xliin.
rroieeiitor .lnii.es A Oiltr.. Inlet
announced thai Die boy would he re
tried automatically at the next linn
of criminal coutt in ti.iober.
Argno During SUirin.
Throughout the night the jury re
mained In the Jury room ami fitful
bursts of argument were plalnlv
tlfutd by wntfhers al the iiiuit
house. The scene had the highly
dramatic accompaniment of it wind
storm which whittled through the
straggling branched of the trees In
the courthouse grounds. Lightning
flashed outside and thunder shool
the building.
Thosfi lu Ihn courtroom could
plalnlv hear the argument and II
seemed that most of the lime all ths
Jurors were talking at onie "W
have not all agrenj yet. that this II
year-old boy Is guilty," sunuon"
hollowed. Shortly after the angr1
tones of one man arose In a speffl
will, h other Jurois applauded
While the Jury argued the light'
rif the town went out and througl.
plti h darkness, there still latne the.
rumble of the arguing Jurors
10 porta said the Jury had cast
atlib anv vi nib t except manslaugh
ler and was limiting Its debate to
the imiii or inniMinen of the Htjrk
en lad of that charge.
I'atnll) llutes to lio Home,
The Hurkett family remained at
the lourthoiise until marly mid
night whfii they boarded their bat
tered automobile and returned lo
(heir home al Ora. They were to
appear again In court Ihls morning
"I wish we didn't have to go Irn k
to dra.'' Mrs Hurkett said, as sh'
herded her small brood Into the
mat bine. ' I'm Just at the end of
mv siring They rail us -" her
vol( e suddenl. broke, but Kdna. he
1 3-yi ar-old daughter, took up the
"I'hey tall us murderers In Ora."
sobbed Kdna. "and every time we
show our faces out of doors someone
(alia us murderers. Were Just
hooted and all fnr nothing dell
never killed Hennla, but people be
llev.. he did and It's nwful for us "
"Aw corpe on. let s go home,
broke In I'ei II "frn sleepv "
I, like Mflitil.f la llffld
CINCINNATI. June 1- James S
Hasllngs, (l.uke Mi leiikei, widely
known mi a newspaper mall and
hu.Tiorlsi. died at midnight at a Cin
cinnati hospital. He u.'ih 53 c,irs
old Mr 1 laatlngs was nperali f upon
last Saturday for appendicitis lie
hud h'cn mi the staff of tho Cm
ilnn.iH i:tuUlrer for 20 years. lit
Is survived by a widow and foui
P.iIiiht Will Dver Voiiiib I'll.
Kl. PASO. T. xas, June 3 Kid
Pal mer of T'l. ' ' Ar p i .niglii w..o
i rpfnifj tic ,-ino ..v. Yoii'.K '
Mtiummons of fiklatu tna cm at 'hi
end of a 15 round bom tonight i
Thev me' at IfiS pounds I'a'irer i
Ar"" 'be fighi o hm man n
y every round.
!RFf)RfiflNI7F FflR
V M W I 1 Va I IIII mm mm Wll
Uleneral Headquarters Is
Moved to Hooker Wash
ington School
Red Cms Divisional Mana
Kcr Out rulizcs Depart
ments; Simplifies Work
Refut'ces' Fair Grounds Camp
Will Properly Care for All
Now Without Homes
Kill CriH,s llellcf llullftln.
Oftiernt honibUiirtetri of Ihn
Ited Crni'i all depaitmenls, mov
ed to Hooker Washington school.
All teller supplies will be Issued
f i om geneial he,iibiiarlcrs.
Itelntlxis of Tulsa negroe,
oilier negroes from out of town,
miiMt rtay away until after emerg
en, )
Volunteer workers and cars re.
port lo general headquarters
Itecelvlng depot for bedding at
the First H.tpllst church
Itecelvlng depot for clothing at
the V M I" .A.
With the arrival of Mmrls Wil
low from southwcKt illvlklon.il head
quarters of Ihe Ited Crow lu HI
I.onla Friday moinlng. final organ
liatlon of Ihe local Ited Crotei for re
lief work wan completed, depart
ments centralized ami by last night
everything was In running -irder
MIsh Kos.illnd McKay, supervisor of
public health nursing In the ntnln
and head of the emergency nursing
department, arrived In Tulsa Friday
evening from Oklahoma City and six
or eight nuises are on their way to
aid and relieve Tulsa mercy workers
in their tank here. Mis McKay goes
on duty Saturday morning and her
Mtaff of uurscH will be iisiilgncd to
duty Immedlalrly upon Ihelr arrival
lieneral headquarters has been
movfd from Fourth and Cincinnati
In the Hooker Washington school,
which can he. reached by driving
north on Clncinn.i4i and then east
on Kswon for two blocks The iden
tification bureau, maintained yesler
day at the V. ,M C. A., ban been mov
ed lo Ihe new geniral headquarters,
the onlv iwo departrneiilH left down
town arc the receiving station! for
bedding and clothing, these will be
maintained at First ilaptlsl chun li
and Ihn Y. M. C. A. as before The
Y M C. A and not the Y. W. will
he the clothing depnl, but the ills
l running renters for lheo articles'
will ho I ho Hooker Wiinhliigton
school, Tulsa people are requested
not in aend clothing or second-hand
furniture that they may huvn lo
give, hut lo make written lists of
I her n things and bring or mall them
to lied Cross gem rai headquarters
AtraiigemonlH will ho mudn with thn
telephone company that Is making
vc,ry effort lo Install telephone serv
ice In thf new headquarters Imrnedl-
,'ilely, so that request for "Ited Cross
Itelli f lle.iilflliarlers will IllHlltn eon
necilon with llotiki r W.mhlnglnn of
flccit Will Vaciinalfi Sntiiiilnv.
In order lo prixent ills' ase and
contagion of any kind In the . entral
Ited Cross Camp nl the old fair
rounds the heallh authorltliei of Ihe
illy, working in i uiijum turn with tlmj
niedl'.il fraternity, uf inhl!ngj
nil serurna and toxins In the i Ity,
have wired to Oklahoma 'li for
more and will vaccinate Inmates Of
the camp Saturday morning.
Sanitary eonditlona al the (amp
are In InK Improved Just as fast lis
workoien i.in make lb. i iieiarv
provliilomi Hy last night there was
a tremendous Improvement over
londltlons exlHtlng tb' day bifon
one of the things that has been .lone
la Ihe installation of a shower bath
Among the oulotandlng aifoin
pIlMhinenm of Friday wan Hie "P'li
lug and iiiilpplng of Ihe honpllal on
Noiih Main. Ihe opening of the idni
llfliaib.n bureau a' 'hi V M c A
Here si ortH of nenroea wrre put in
loufh with lost relatives, telegrams
from all ov r the touniry were re
.elved .i ml handled, and other ne
Bt oes seek inn foi lost Ir, ends or r la
tivis reginter'd The ernploymi nl
agent y w III i onllnii' " maintain
ed at Ihe Y M ' A ai heretofore
Htm: I'nrt liaslng lrrtiwiit.
Another HcrninpllHhment ytkter
day was the establishment of
fh.ietlng department
of the Ited
Cross wlih
( i.
V Hordsn In charge.
All Invoh.tii of materials previously
oiirchascd for the ltd OrosH and
rhnrged to that organisation tnust
be prisented to this ii-paruni in
llordf U silted yeiriruiiv. ill-lore mn o
bills are paid No oruers are 10 u
honored without his slgnalurc.
All hoy s oiitii are requeued
I ,,i l.o on' lo .nl.tuai" fs it '
u i .,i K .-.aitmla u.orniiig f' i It' d
i n dti'v ' oil 'n;i'" 1,'iol'ey ac
noun. ei yet rd.n af rno.m
1 1.
Ke. V i itli'l
a-nni imxuriiu -Atlvt.
i ,
Luxury inspect
T.iirorl nkiilnoo
Naymes Away
Ale ii. I Prene Mlr
vv I
IMlMl A II F Inn. I, ,i i ,
bv pn.llllsfH of lives of Iiixum ,l( A
ase lo a "new stale' in AM. a
tho negroes qiiol. d in ihe slat,
tneiil !mui d yslinliv in S. w
1 ol k In lh National Assm 1st loll
for Ihe Ativan if the Colon. I
I'ei.pi,, efi ()kmulc aa "colon
Ists" mi their way loMhc laml of
their ant eslt.rs and unl beinuse
tliny were liuml lo flue an Ihe ic
suit "f nolfits posted on the doors
of Huh homes ami published in
neivsp.ipeis by whiles warning
Ihem In leave Oklahoma "in the
grealetil mob In history was on Us
wkv." .u'i oi tllnir lo a statement
made today by a negro ileputv
sheriff who ileclaii'd he knevv the
The promises which Induced Ihe
ncgrom to leave Ihelr hoinrn here
Hid start for New York on their
way lu Afilca was mnde lo Ihem
by an alleged native of xfrlca.
who leprcsented himself as an
A fi ll an "polenlale" In disguise,
but who lu riallty came lo Ok
mulgee fioln Seminole i utility,
having never seen Aftlca, aicnrd
lug lo Ihe deputy sheriff.
Tint house, occupied by Fulelle
Harris until she left Okmulgee
foi Afilca wllh the other "colon
ists ' never was burned by whiles
and Is slill alandlng, the officer
Attorney (lencral Dangh
crty to Find Out If U.
S. Laws Violated
Governor Sends Letter to
FrcelfiiK Dircctint,' an
ftrii4l to The H'oriil.
WASHINGTON, .lime ,t. II was
wild nl III" while Iioiim- ifsln thai
no liitoslltailoii of Iho 'Fii I -ji rnif
rioln (lad laer Ik-iui ronslilenul. It
vas salit that iho niiflf-rslnndlng
mis that iho siliinllon linil entirely
elm rod 1 1. lei iindcrMfMsl Ihn
mailer was caltnl illnitly to tho
nlii-nllon of ihc prfT-lilool and dial
this wiih Ills view. I
WAHHINOTdN. Juno 3 A gen
eral Inquiry into the. rnre rinta al
Tulsa. Okla . haa been ordered bv
Attorney (ieneral Daiiglieity. It was
atinouiifed tod.iv at the department
of JllHliCO.
Tho purptwo of Ihn Invrsllgatlnn,
thn officials said, Is lo determine
whelher Ihe dlaordera vvero In viola
tion of federal laws. Preliminary
rnports, It wa uddnd. show that the
situation Is purely local.
The Infinity ordered is Informal
and will bn made, by thn depart
ment's ageplH In Ihe field.
11 Aaaoilate.l Prerie SKI' Wire.
MI'HIMUUIC, Juno 3. - lYank
lee. district Fulled Ktates atlorney
for eastern Oklahoma and other
federal officials here, say they havi
nnl been ndvlscd of anv rontem
nlaled federal Invrnllgatlon Into the
Tulsa ra( e t lots
Mr I,ee slated that no violations
of federal laws had been reported to
him lie states thai If tin move
ment of the mails had been Inter
fered wllh or If pf raons had been
deprived of Ihelr i Ivil rights In viola
tion of th" federal conslliuilnn, Ihc
government could prefer i hargei
fly AimrKlerl PreM flute Wire
DKI.Allo.MA CITY. June 3 A
thorough nmj complete Investiga
tion of the recent Tulsa rate con
flict by H. P. Freellng. attorney gen
eral was ordered bv Oovernor J II
A Itoberlson In a formal letter dl
ret l.-d lo the aliormy giuieiaJ today.
I However, .Maskncliuell iliiilnliirn
' KirSajH Hist In Hn) Coal Now.
I HllKTiiN. June .1 Thsn appears
lo b no in mediate i ause for con
I ern oer the supply "f domestic
(fuel next wlntei, Fugene c Unit
I man, state foil administrator nii
nouiif ed today
I In a publp Idler be snul it had
been suKftcHtci! that be wotild advise
i the pubhi to lui truir hard foal
'now ills advlie w'as that houri'
I holders should obtain during the
warm tv'ather at leuet a part of their
Jwlnlur'i requirements to prevent tho
seasonal tightening of the market in
the fall He added I nless stnne
, thing unforseen oi urs. ttn-re prob
ably will be no material reduction
I ,n )rl, ftH before tin late winter or
I .,.,,. ..
run what her
perl il'ili.1
el' ralii were Hu
K A V -e
I ' le - - J4 i '
r-etijrtl-y end Huretar
nt eoerea
... Iv
..tin .
Ttwlsi N.fal l.eenle
.g mn njn llmci fuii
t. .
I 0 Uotk,
Hut Ex-Soldiers Will Be
on Duty Probably for
UO Days Longer
Chier Gustafson Calls for f0
Volunteers for Special Duly
lo Report. Today
No One Allowed to Visit 'Lit
tle Africa' Hxcopt With a
Pass From Chief
Chief of Poller. (.'usinfMin Inst
night ixfiucstiil Tin.. World In
print a mil for nt leg it fifty mom
American la'gloii iiiciiilicr lo vol
uiiliwr nt isillcf licailquiincrN this
niiiriilng for ss(-lal giiaril dut).
Marllal Inw In Tulsa was lifted
about 5 o'clock Friday afternoon on
nrders from Oovernor J. H. A. Itob
erlson, executed by Adjutant lieneral
Charles F. llarrelt l.ncal units of
Ihn Oklahoma national guard will
remain (u Tulsa until 9 o'clock Sat
urday morning, when they ire to
prm red In Hill, Okla., to attend
the annual encampment. Other
units from Wagoner. inlla. Muskii
gee and Hartlinvlltn h.iv returned
to their respecllvi! cities, but .tie
ready for call to Tulsa If the occa
sion arises to demand their present u
SKilnl Offlcfrs Ordered Or
Although Ihe reins of clly unf
county government have beep re
llirned to civil nulhnrllles, Ihe rIM
Is o remain In a seml-mllllary state
until nil probabilities of a rreiirr
icncj' of Iho rnce riot are eliminated
arcordlng in an nrder limued l.ile
Friday iiftertinnn by .Mayor T. I)
Kvans. Approximately 100 extra nf
flrcrii, picked from the Amerlcar
leglnn and thn Veleran of ForelBf
wars, are already on duty and wli'
remain nn the force until their serv
lies are no lunger needed. It is said
by city officials that this will prob
ably be 30 day.
P J. Hurley wan named by the
executive committee of thn board o
control Friday to assist Sheriff Wm
McCiillnugh in Ihc selection nt a.
least CO deputy sheriffs, and to an
slst Ihe sheriff In the elimination ''
several deputies who It la alleged aro
not competent to hold the posltlnpn
I hey occupy. Hurley Was III confer
eritn wllh thn sheilff shortly aflci
tho request was Issued.
"lattle Africa" Ouurdcil.
Tho entire clly Is unusually niilet
Until 5 o'clock Filday icfternoop
military officers were kept busy Is
suing pase lo persons to go through
thn military linen tn the burned ills
trlct. After fi o'clock this duty fel'
upon Police Commissioner J. M. Ad
kison, No peison is allowed to vlsll
tho devastated district without au
thorlty from proper officials. Tin
guards around Little Africa are tc
he kept Intact by Commlmloner Ait
Street Commissioner O A. filelnei
had a large forco of workmen and
learns working on the streets of Hit
burned district Friday afternoon
Thry were also Inutrin ted to clca
th" debris left by Ihe fire and !
wreck tho walls of brick building.,
along Oreenwooil avenue Tni
Jones, of the Hraden-Jones rontra. '
I rise firm, haa donated the use of ai
Irurks nnd six drivers wlthou'
charge to be used In the work of
t lrning away debris.
Work or .(.ill.
Herause of the unusual amount rt
work connected wllh this a'tivitv
and to prevent Idleness and lu a.-
nrnpanvlng posrilblllty of crime,
Mavor Fvans yesterday Issued .e.
"work or go lo Jail" order, requir
ing all men lo either find Jobs oi
submit In at rest,
Th" nalster of deeds of Tuls.t
was notified by Adjutant tienera'
Harretl yesterday to refuse to reg
ister soy Instrument bearing upon
the devastated section It ban
era. bed Dm lam of those In con
trol of aff.ilra that veral whii
men have made offers to negro prop
itiv owners, believing thev will ac
t ept almost any price for their prop
erly In l.lltle Africa, not only be
cause thev are hind pressed foi
cuNTINt Kt r.s PA'.K TKM.
r.rlll.l',1 A M't'llNR,
run-rsl dlrertore. ill H. boulder. PhonM
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