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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 04, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 15

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p.uinp: of Contract Cited
Kvidcnco of Faith
in Uncle Sam
i , r. lunation
Fuel Supply
p tn He Made by New
Y'rk Shipbuilders
. r
-i nival rnntrafl pli.id
. ars by tho Imprrl il .1 ip.i
. n 1 1 n' w II tt h n Amu re .in
I i a-- luff) signed In ih" of.
Si w York Shipbuilding
,i i i r 1 InR to nn nn
nt by On lit. M. Vokuia.
' urman of tho Impcnal
n il mmmlsslon visiting
I Si.iti s, on behalf of ("apt.
hiff of the lmiicrl.il .lapa-
, i ! inspi i nir' office.
.iT.ut was wgned by I'.-ip-..
ii i nnil Captain Onto, rep
i Imperial .lip iiifo
, t w.n accepter tiy M.uMn
int. president of the New
-h pi. milling corpora' Ion It
nil construction of a unique
n ...el, a inmblnatUin of ma I
.ippn ship of 'n.nnn t
l n the various unit.i of th.
I I H .
i V'ktiri. who with ('.iptim
j . scn'ed the Japanese cm
" in placing f Ills' ' i iiti.n t,
liiT it was an evlihmc of the
): riK wtiii h .tnp.in has fur
. I Stat, s fiiptain . nkura
"iint1 ii out til. u in" i"i
t',,s contract was
il .-lie to h Hi' only
. nmmt ri lal relations
nation of North Amen
i incr half a ri'titury nan
p in m trno frlonil anil ally
1 that bin roiint rynii-n have
Ii r. latlonn with tin- Nw
i.tuiililms corporation fur a
' yr.im ami that thi" Iiivin
I. I lpa'ni"! n-iial i niiiint
i In : i'f.iri crv wi'll pli'.ipfii
n-ui! Ivm of the itklll nil
i of American rhlp-
i reptinB th i ontrart for
aii.iri. .Mr Neelaml iHSiie'l
I'uis' htati menl :
,i n.atti i of profound atl--,1
prnle to the entire or-
of Now York Slilpbiilld
i.r.iti.m that Hk plant linn
r u
1 ,if the tneillum for glv-
inKihl.- a pronf of the mutual
, i between the two rountrlrH.
e orivlnrlnK proof Is needed
nr.ilb relationH between the
jptrim than the fact that the
i ent of Japan ba entrtmled
.riittion of an miportatit
N n
i to Amerlian i.hlpbuililers
i lie l.lei'trli'iilly Drlien.
J I'.aldwin, chairman of
a') of ilircrtoM of the New
.shipbuilditiB corporation.
I' ,- Ihe
titer ra'ton
irnbitlnn of every marl-,
! be In a position to
' i ii ! i own .dilns. and the prog
r-i ,.f lapan tnw.iid this point of
If r nden. e baa been one of the
r iv -i markahle di velopments in
lua'-ial hiftory of the past few
fie. ad. i At th" Kinie time, like
i hi" iiijivrles. Japan finds It ex-i.ritr-it
t.i .iHlornllv to place enn-
j !.-. with friendly nations over-
f .is In ihe past Knglanu aiono,(
lii hern fiitiiiBted wltn fctlcn lon -
r i
The Impetus given to
ti'i'nsin the 1'nlted t"!';" !
mil has developed our old- ,
shrards to a position
Will' n '
llv annreclnted In I Ins
I is an lndbation of th''
d inilustrnl conditlonn of the
ili.u Japan has come to thts
-v the i onstrui Hon of tin
, . ., I " !
I. -ign of the vessel, uhl'h,
e., worked out in acordam e
h. i j 1 1 iiio.l reiiulronicnw l.i'd
Iv ihe imperial Jap.i'i-s''
. .n'T.n.ifin. emails for a bng'hj
,i.ii. rime of 460 fei t. w .' n
orb, feet in'1 ,, ,
...in ....I.-... .i.e. ...
wh won a im.ii .i i "'i
ipuW IT, whti ll
Will glM'
,p loaded, a speed ot I
l PSSI'l
cnnntrii ted
1 bunkeis,
new craft
i.f an anll-
Ii ml and co.
'catiiie of the
he lust -illation
I. ...i' batter
aiHIYirtUi-U UHoCDHUL u"mu,ln
Hun initik at Itill I'ark anil,...,. , ,.1i,lin tin, confederal.-
SlM'l'KltiirH rll'O.
P.i'STn.s June Klve thousand
'-i ,l f.ihs w-, re in a fair way i
' tung' while watching a Stlti
1 f. tn- mi U." Metropolitan reser
a' ind fi urn all reports "It worf
' "' i' 1 n.. bag '
' id that kind of a sting
" "ril.ng to several vb'llms who
W , . Ml I. ' If
' . the progress of the game
.-'it -Wdim of berti descended
I hi i niwd and before Michael
w ,ri,M ihe well-known bee
' , mid reach tho sceno nnd
!'"'i. p. -e with the buxxlog.
uiunviti d gueatd tho crowd
" i ' wn lti'n a panic nnd several
i and hlldren had nairow es-
. iiMlt.iIng automobiles while I atnr Pat HarMsnn
s 'h the throng. Other ixi n lsci nf
'. t.r.i.K ,rHv:il nt the Itee kinc'tnm iiere s t for t
'i ih. day Professor Harret 1 1
" -'ni about a half hour audi
i i- . to p-ithi r In ihe stingers "
XSRNS CITY. Kan. June I 1
'' 1 h.-ue had tho rheumatism
.en r,irs md I h ive hi en tak
i cm i made cure fur It," was
i givin by Mrs. Ho.-j Ix-ster. j
i'" West in police court, charged
"latum nf the Vol.-itcad act
i. loier's cellar revealed a
' I of wine anil il barrel of raisin
wh"ti City Detective Henry
i made a raid,
Dunbar Held for Trial,
i n Dunbar wo held to dl.'.ri
" under $1,000 bond at his pre
"ry hearing Friday before Jus
C Maxey on a i harge of
rd lar eny. The charge wan pre--el
against Dunbar for tin- theft
' uv of rigarcts from th.- wh"l-
1 uie of ,1 - Waldrep on 'ho
' Mav IS Dunbar idn,.'- -I
'he IgaretH in htfl P 'Hai'.i-
h'l If "hi. Itrarelu in !,, n
naid he piirehas.-d 'hrm.of
'rm n, man whoio name ho did nut
Unusual Photo of Naval Review
Shows Accurate Shooting of Gobs
N;- - '.-' -it"- ' ' "V -' '
II- W ' I " ' i '
fe-f ' r ilk. i -. : 'Wik:' M
I'ImiIii InUi ii from tlir I ,s, S.
Tin-- pbot'igi.iph m.i ' i,
tiry i"nl i"pi i-iImh t'
ni il 'i-h H.iIm t.i m, n hi
a 1 1 ,i ' I -1 1 1 1 . ii.i i ,,i , i
Detiliv v i I hi- p ' i '
n I ii ti
ir,hK IiI'm
i k t
Foreign Reports Reflect 1
Fairly Demand for
Our Products
1 X H Huff r.rrpH...n,lnt
WASHINGTON, June 3. Iloey
predletlotm of early recovery of
American Industry and iiKrlctilttiro
,have iiB their baBlH. It develnpeil to
day, highly optlmlKtlc teportu from
abroad, reflecting moie favorable
world factor In finance and trade
j of a permanent character. TIicmi
new factors, which give renewed
hope for resumption In the near fu-
ture of forelgtr tiade upon a more
normal scale are significant offlil.ils
Hack of the extraordinary meas
ures adopted bv President Harding,
Pocretnty of the Tieasury Mellon
and (ioiernor Harding of the federal
reserve board to loosen up the swol
len bank reKirvoIrs for the, benefit
of the oppressed and debt-ridden
farmer Is the certain knowledge of
high official that the world ilematii
for Amerlian products must snnn 1
Accurate reports from nil parts of
the world today revealed to officials
federal reserve tioard that
Vioa tiAan ,i frr.nliinl fletitetfiiM
f accumulated stoekH of American
merihaiuiise abroad. The board
k .,,. vpv tliat the establishment
e ,,.,.,11. f ., illtlns wilt rn.fitil.tl
lunnels now
i-Insed for Amer-
UlCl AlanSlOll 01 J CI lerSOn
Vi..., t, A ruU
iiav ivvwijunvti i iivii
Rig Celebration
MoNTOO.Ml'.ItY. Ala. June 3
I The south of the sixties and Its chll- i
dren (Jeiltt ated here today one of Its
most precious shrines tlie rust
white liniihe i.f the confederal v
ll-prcsenlatlves of the states that
g, wl,h,lrew from the union
states of America participated In
the reopening and ileclatlon i f the
old mansion In which Jeferson Dall
as the presdf-nl nf the confederal i
flisl took up his residence. Prom
inent among those present were men
who were wearing the gray.
D... einlants of Jeffrrs.-.n Pain
and fleneral U-e. mnnv of whom
now live In northern states, hid
been invited to attend the dedbntory
exen lses as guests of honor, (lov
ertiors of all southern statm also
had been Invited. The cerr monies
attendant upon the dedication mn-sirti-d
of a parade of ilib- nrxanlza
Hons to the suite capitol, where
fiavis took the oath of otflce. Thli
was tollnwi-d bv an address nv Sen
nf Mississippi i
historical na-
night at a hotel ,
incited on tin- spot whire Davis
he'd hi- firt itunet meeting and
u here decision wa ruched to frre
on ,'r.ft Sumifi.
Tnis'kii Charges Simla To l lining ,
This tn i:ilipIo Others.
TOPI'KA. Knn.. Jane 13 barges
that union tin n
an 1.. ii.g laid off
In an ef
fort to replau- them wi'h nonunion
u-nrkers wire made In a telegram
sent today to Samuel domp'rs. presi
dent of the American fedciatlon of
labor, bv W U Kr. einan. president
of the Kansas federation.
tin Tutu liilsir Surxer.
t1 nFNVKH, Colo, June A gsn-
oral inventor- of tie nii-.u..
labor mov.nifnt will he tiKon
w hen the Am-rl. an Kede-ntlon of
, .i.... i,,.i,ia Its annual . nnvention
hi n th,
.r gram
r-uMi i
rding to on
out I in,
,f Ih
lav t.
f the tentative
nvfnlion mado
1 xndirsor si.
r. I , i ' ' ' " "'' KfdOratlMJI
n4ersor., mm
I'.f-.-.ideni Jamri r Huigor, is in
klvitco ui wranseraeut-H.
Srinilii, IiumImk ii n Iio from tlio llftli
g i o. ( i n t M.I I I' , w i - tl A' nut lr
It i I. ik ,i iiilvo fi ... t hi h'lfth divii...
.viutiti tin Minph tc Htiaililliw at
phi.tn a t.iU i f i '
I In
Corbett Cites Carpentier's
Long Fistic Career
in Comparison
Ity JAM I'.S J. f "UiiKFT
rormrr lUawi-iKlii I'tinntiiinn of the
Win I.l
(Wrltti'ii llxprenily tor tniern4ttonal
Nrws 8lrvU-f. I
CM'JVcJI.ANII, Ohio. June 3. hi
stt Iking contrast to Ceorges Caipdti
tler's long climb up the fistic ladder
through the urtnua divisions from
balitamwelght to In .v weight Is
the mteorlc rise of Chinnploti Jack
Lean than six yi-ars ago the prc
cnt tltleholder mroke into tho rec
ords! for the first time. He then win
110 yiaiH old. Ills flsllc career In
profession!! 1 boxing 1 'J 1 fi wait fill
id wllh disappointments, for though
he won a number of bouts with
knockouts, lie whs unable to earn a
fair living anil often had to "ride
the rodn" In Jumping about Ihe
country. The following year found
him little. If any. better off and to
svarll the latter part of I SIB he he
lam discouraged and decided to
give up the name when hn wax
beaten In four rounds by Jni k
Dnwnnv, a .crv ovdinarv fighter
Had It not been for Jack ICenrns.
Ilenipsev might have passed out of
sight puclllslii'iillv Hut fate de
creed Dempiey and Kcarns should
meet with the lesult that within
three short yoam Kcarns piloted Ills
protege to the world's champion
ship. The l.it time Dempsey tanlod de
feit was In rehrnary 1917, when
rireman Jim I'lynn knocked him
out In the first round of a bout nt
Snlt U-iki' The same vear Ilempsey
boxed hia two nitich-dlscused bat
ties with Willie Meehan, who proved
a puzzle to tho Salt Lake lad. Hut
Hempsev was learning constantly.
Kearns campaigned him tu the, four
round gaum on the Pacific Coast and
he won iter Islinin over ( hnrlev Mil
Jer, flunboat Snillh, Carl Morris and
several others,
Ilenipsev mav not be a w Irani at
hclentifle boxing He Is the rushing,
punishing type nf fighter whoso of
fense Is In many ways the he.st do
fense. yet the fart that ho bears no
mai ks of severe damage lndliatea
that he Is well ablo to take care of
Two other things about the
cbamnlnn Man dout boldly. Ilo Is a
two-flMcd fighter ..idmuabH- pro-
portioned nnd Mmng as a soung bull '
He likes to fight, too. though he Is
not temperami iitallv Mclous as ills
rushing style Hiicgi sts.
I, Inn A. i: (..-ilo. Illlcriiallnllall)
Known romiuiiiiisi i;li;iior
S'ckliie I'lfiiloin.
SAN A NTONlr i. Texas Juno a.
That he was opposed to the I'nltcd
.States entering ihe war and that ho
also did not want to go Into tho
army was the admission today on
Hie witni ws stand of IJnn A I. Oalc,
internationally Known lommuniM i
igltntor in his suit for a writ uf
habeas i orpus to be released from
military auihorltlfs.
Minus the straggly beard which i
ihe wore during his alleged,bolhevik ,
rt tlvitien anil with his 1 All neatly,
cropped. Oalo give the imprcsHion
of being a youth yet In bin teens.
The ilnef line of defenso In the
suit which may keep him from he- .
Ing tried by military authorltlrw on 1
""' "nnl' ,L' ''barge of desertion was
service and that he never pec-md
the notice of Induction Into the scrv
p e ,-iftei he hid legwti-itd fui the
draft and bet n clnudfied
Among thu exhibits offered by
government attorneys were several
copied of tho magazine published in
Mexico by (Jnle. One artldo appear
ing under his name and entitled
'soliloquies If a Klackor" was read us
evldi nee.
Among other things whllo on the
witttf.Hi stand. O.ilf) told that he left
New York bncaunn he was ihe victim
of allegi'd persi "-utlon by formor
(Invernor Whitman of that state and
that he was assaulted on two oi fa
Blons bv members of ijo.nrnor Wlllt-
man's bodyguard
Orgniil7' Cnltini licit Mlghw-ni.
OK.Mt June ,1 - The nkla-
horn. i divtmi.n f " f'u'i n ! '
Highway ucfOi ,n r was ,rgri ut i
here tudaj and nkn uigie was si
lectod as hc-idquaiters fur tho or
ir v
illil-lon all i''fl-t ilim lillr
fl.'. i . , i in .
n Hi. I 1 ,i . 1 1.
' i i it 1 1 if v hi. It
ah.. iri w In. h
. . ir
i..i i.l l
i I a i y
City Churches Cleared of
Riot Victims and Jobs
Found for Many
"Vout inii-linus an more needed
now than exit," was the suhsian
ofa wire which the ministerial al
liance authorlEed Its secretary Fit
day to send to Hilly Wunday In reply
to a telegraphic query from Siindav
as to what effect the present situa
tion would have on the plans for his
full tevival inmpalgn here.
t'lolbod nnd fed, tlm last of the
negro ilnl sufferer left Tulsii
churches Friday afternoon, bound
for the homes of their employers,
the fair grounds, the Hid Cross bos
pltal for negroes or a camp for tin
tiihereukir established .v the Tulsa
public health association. About 100
negroes were housed In the baoe
ment of the Holy Tamlle Catholb
church Thursday night and servrd
breakfast IMotay niornlnF. They
were outfitted bv the nuns and
workers of the St Vincent de Paul
sorlclv. wllh lollies provided hv
Ihl? sni'lety and members of the
church, before their disposal during
tho morning and the dlnnei pre
pared was convi ve, to the icfugefi
at the Houkir T Washington si boot
Two Men Wounded in
Baltic at Okmulgee
nKMI'I.fii;i:, (ikla. June 3 In
a hat lie with bandits who, It Is be
lieved, .planned to hold up a gnnige
111 the soulll side lesldenie dlstlli't
tonight, plllhe nrresteil !' 1) Piillen,
ii It lass worker, while llersihel Cnid
dard who Is out of Jail on bonds to
answer charges of highway inbbery,
Is believed to be seriously wounded
as a result of the officers gun fire
floddnril made his es, ape In tho
darkiif ss.
A young bov named Hell Is In
tlm hospital with a bullet wound In
the head, lie was sitting In nn
automobile f,n yards away during the
Kiin imitie and was sliui k by a stray
Argument" in He Sim iiil This .Morn-
lug III Murder Trial.
KANKAK CITV. I ii II -Testl-
mony in tlie itiai or in nsei i.iiuster
haik'cil with Ihe inunlei of Miss
I-'lorenie Itarl'in, was completed llto
today and Judge It S Latshaw be
gan nailing his iiisiriicilnns to the
Jury. I'nder the Instructions tho
jury may acquit the defendant or
It mav leturn a lerdlct of first or
m'i nnil degree murder. Plight nnd
attempted escape raise a presump-
i Hon of guilt, the Judge said In bis
Instrui Hons
Arguments will begin tomorrow
The i losing testimony was marked
bv a sensational turn wlun William
a cousin of the dead girl
ti-tlfled thai I'Yed Itobirts, also
charged wllh murder In i-nnni-i Hon
with the 1 tiling '"Id In Knew who
had killed Mies Hat Inn but would
tell bun later Holifit t-.ild also.
I'.-irtoii ti-.tifl.il th.it hi- was not
with the n, in ,,l,o dl, I Hi, shooting.
New Armed Force of
Deputfi Sheriff Ih
(lathered Ifurlcj
Major P .1 Hurley, overseas
veteran and prominent local bus.
num man. announced law! night tha
formation of a special deputy her
Iffa force, of which ho Is In charge
and which Is ready to function at
ii minute's notke. Horace nar
nard, another prominent buslne.
man, In hlu first ainlstunt. Il.ir
nurd was tormerly a i uwnian and
a nnte, pcaeo officer.
Many of the special deputies
ha" seen active service In France
and, according to Hurley, were se
lected for their fearlessneim and
I hi-li ability to handle a gun
I nit rip tloni have bi-cn clven by
Mai"- Ilur!' v t. 'i i ni n to ns-
ti ,
,ri h
.) V ' ' ...I '
',. i in.
ol e .,j..igi ,..
aiy Mi ua '
to thi. coumy.
n. h '
uyinjl for Time of Mis
sionary Now on tin;
Huving some one else's time Is a ,
common prailbe in the marts of!
trade nnd obtains In the tvpe of
llnnnel.il support rendered i hut. Ii
missionary on the basis of If oii
ran t go, send ' 1
This uslotn of proiidmK to,
one i lsi with the means to I 1
Winks fol ou is In have nn. ,n. x
i-mphfiiatbin tn the pi m t.,t i ,k
the lime of Miis Kthel J, u ams
fini'ign seiielaiy of t hi TiiIm
i' A to be 1 1 '.I UK 1 1 1 .1 1 . .1 toil link'
I in or b r to maintain In-i in ciuna i
j l,i tt;r , al, ml ii nn wh, h cnli d ly 1
I Iti en h month of the vial I-- n J
! s, nlieil, Hii.l vi hn h Is ai tsi I. a llv I
de. oi nt, .1 m cniin se i har.ii his will
l, bung In tin lobby of tin- Mm la -lion
bnilliiiK md the oppoitunltv e
t, n.,l to Indli hIiimIs slid groups to I
pay fnt a di. m a week of Miss Wll I
Hams liini lino i.l on the basis of
IF, H ,1V The iipprsl Will hn. In ef
f. I l.i t Mln Williams be your
pinxv In Chini, do Ihe i I work
fur Chines,, vvotneu w hlc.h ou nro
iimihli i . i unfl'ti d In do Arrange no
lint when oti la.v flow u to slumber
at night. Miss Williams will rise In
china on the other side nf lha earth
to tepir-sent oii for a day " Miss
Williams' time mi spei l.xl dsys nf Ihe
i-r -ii. such its Christ ma, l-'oiirlh nt
Julv TliHtiksgii lug. Kasler. may be
purchiseil foi tin and upon her
l.iithilav for y::, I h dm so pur-
i bused will be marked on lb" calen
ill' wllh a slur and the natim of tlm
. otiirilitilor
Has .Many Ai'tlillles.
In maintaining a snreiaiy In the
foreign field the local association
niHiilfes'li no unusual spirit or t cl ip
e nnd pi omi csslveuess The till
,ihso. ml ions of Dsllasatnl llouslon,
Texas, aic the oilier ones huiltig
ii'i relat leu nlil oad
M Ihh Williams was formerly a set
letnr.v hen- and has mam Tulsa
friends' Hhe was sent to China f .ill
last fell and Is In llaugihow Tho
staff of the llangchow MM.sin-i.it Ion '
i onMsIs of Miss Ullllat. is Miss Mar
gtuit Mink, gi neral seen i-irv. and
MPs Ktln-I 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 . hiiigiiagi leu. b
il Miss W 1 1 1 In ii ih Is i oniblnllig
lnnRtinge study with the m I Ivtt lis
ix lib Ii are i liHracterlsllc ol W i'
A. wotk the woild aioiind. A ciomh
section of the wotk of her associa
tion would Include such iicllvlllcs as
a hostel to shelter gills nvvav fnnii
home, a Italiibow club for the
Juniors; a dramatic , lull and n
choral 90, ev, cluses on hip h vaib-d
subjei Is na Kuglish, first aid, voia
tloni for women, the itlhle, Institute
for thi training of lenders. In icllg
lous edui'tilhin, for baby welfare nod
for heller hollies, parties galnio,
glrl-li'd meetings and coininltlf es,
elc Chief with liei Is "Ihe business
of being a filend' to Individual
Chinese Rlrls anil women, from
rl,tch contact grows a whole i halu
of lllhle i Ihssi s anil other work.
MImi Williams, wllh a workir In
the ItapllHl station. Is lonductlng a
'lass In F.ngllsh for Chinese girls, of
which she says In a icii nt letter
"We mo putting our brains to work
on some typo of purpose thai will
tcully Interest theni unit will help
llii'in prai'tbe Kngllsb It la mnsl
amusing mid startling what on'1 can
put over If one only gives these live
voting folks a chamc In lalK and
learn more Kngllsh. They i-vi n en
dure Hlble cl.issea, when they don't
caie tn be "Inquirers' If they can
Improve their Kngllsh. Hut most of
them soon become vitally Interested
In Ihe tloitrlnes. It Is so gintlfilm:
to find so nun h latent ability nnd
mental stri ngth among the girls
Tea i hlng the Chinese girls play
nnd physical training Is valuable I.e.
cause "oni1 sees no little spontaneous
play," In Miss Williams' words, and
"II does do one's soul good to know
how well those glrlH ale entering
Into the splilt of play and H',.1
rei reatlnn In their work and how
I hey are i enters of enllveinil. quick
ened life wherever they go after
wards 'Ihe glils are so mm h aware
that thetiH Is the ptlvllego of
pioneering In lh.it line of work In
China, and of how little motion
their molheis and grsndinotheis
have been t.ipable of" With play
thi- little Chinese maidens learn
something else for "The compound
blossoms with tennis and baskilball
i ..nils, and the girls who mine hr-n-to
learn Kmlly Dickinson's b'.itl
tudc, "lllissed are they that pbiyl"
grow easily Into the beatitude of
servlie, ami find Ibat competition In
the making of refugee garments, or
lalsitig famine relief funds Is nn
niiii h fun as In running up a si ore."
I'rcclniJ lYi't ami .Mlmls.
Indeed, unbinding the feel nf
Chline women is as much a irt of
the V. W C A work in China as
unslrifkllng their minds, says Miss
Mabel 8tafff.nl. secretary fioni
the foieign tlepai tmi'iil of the na
tional Y W C. A. who spent part
of last week at the local assm Intlmi
The hound feet of Cbltn so women
have been the moat potent factor in
hindering their progress. Miss Xtnl
fnrd's lear's survey of the orient
eon vim i il her The women wllh tin
lll fi et ' cannot walk any distance
it nil, must depend upon Jiniikshns
for outdoor eicui slons, limp allghl
Iv and even In walking to and fio In
I their own homes must employ a
lune or other means of support
Chlnisie women ant Ii arntng
rapidly through the light whb h the
mnh of Christianity as upheld bv
the fi.000 missionaries In the country
is casting upon the dnrknow.i of
betithenlsm and especially through
asoitlon with Atneiban women,
whom the Chlneae women admire
greatly and bii'f because of Amer
b a' ts of klnilnesH to China In the
past. Miss Htufford said All the
Chinese woman needs Is a chance;
she has the Intellect, the ability, tho
physique, the enduranio.
Heller Cf.iiiiicl .VifiT-xnry.
Ramon "Kay Hastus, what would
yo' all do if vo' honey wanted a kiss
nvah de telephone?"
Hsstus, "Ah'd ask fo' betta' oon
nei Hons "
Damming Ills lllii-r.
Scientist- "What would you
If I told you that evnntuallv all
rivers will dr vnp""
f'vnifs "I'd K.iv do llkcw-ls-'
Nnlsslv llobc
' I , . . , , I 1 1 . ' , if h- ,
gri.pr 1 ' " vvh,i' o
' g'
k low-
o M I g' a a- r
"1 wasn't there ,'XPa oed l-rnes1
ha-irtlr, "I went o the ball game '
Hoslon Girl Is Motoriiu Alone
From Atlantic to the Pacific
Miss lllgu I 'rani' dniu'r of llnslno
Miss fil.M liti, vi i i imiiii. I ioi. ill fill Is tnotniing alone mm Iloslon
lo California This pln.i ,-gi .ipli of her was t.ik-n In fnnil of Ihe While
House where elic , tilt ,1 t., -ri' tic prc.-i.li m !lh,- also cilbd to see her
former gni.-iii, !. tin ,ii nt ip e pn sld, nt Hhe left Hostnn on May 1!
nnd expei Is to untie In Cillfornla In June II. r null' from Washington
will be over the l,in n!n llli bvviii In liin.ihii. N.'b
Difficulty Found by Red
Cross in Rounding Up
Frightened Victims
A negio girl fleeing In fear of
ileal h l.y gun mid flic in Tulsa's
rai e i lot met death by drowning In
I'leek m-it r Hpeiry. Wednesiltiv
moruliig as thu bail of n filKcis of
which she was a part pressed Into
the hills for safetv, aiionllng to In
formation given by one of the men
of the pat I v Fi Ida V a Him noon in Mrs
Charles I'. I.iiliiiian, who au lied
Ci oss rei esenlat Ivo, explored the
coll ni IV ninth of the illy mi the
Sperry mail yesterday In a search
for hilling refugees.
Tho gill drowned while the lltlle
hand was running Into thi' hills about
half a mile from tho main road Willi
fear of puisulug whiles mil fur l,
hind I, tiding wings to Iheli feel the
black told Mrs l.nhman lie did imi
state what disposal, If aii'f had In en
made of the body
Th'1 negro tefiigee, who Is ni the
fai mhoiise of a negro family in ai
Kperrv. also lold Mrs Ijibman ofitlie
si arch for two Inst negro girl.' I
ami 1 I yea is of age, now being ion
ducted In the hills l.y Iheli father
and the negroes In the vn Inllv
When the farmhouse. In win. h tin
negroes hail taken refuge, was fired
upon bv whiles, the lining .-IMcrs
rushed Into tho woods and havi imi
been err-n since though p.iiiicm an
searching the hill range all dav nn.v
returning at nightfall llull'tn mi
bedded In thi- faimhou, door t,.,r
witness lo Ihe trill Ii of put of the
A negro lad. Hen Andrews Int.,
self n refugee who was I rough! I k
to the cltv Thursday mgln w is ait
en with Mrs Liliitinii nnd J H
Ciofker Jeslerday lo show tlii'io
where the refugees were hidden
Without Ills presoni e Ihe Itcil Crfisa
party would have prnhahli been un
able to locate many of the r, fugees
as they were still hiding fr..in iln
while people Viewing tin- farm
limine In question from a di'i.in-,
the lied Cross party saw i igbi
negroes outside, bill lib, n iln v
stopped their car the vvnioeti and
children disappeared and mi'v iw
men were seen A 12 v,.;tr old n rro
l.nl living near HpetrT mifidi , I
Mrs l'ihmnn thai Ihe r, !nii. i ran
at fight of while folks b it w, r. r !
afralil of Iiit party be, , him, .-f the
negro hoy In the , ir Willi iln
Hperry negro with hv, n.t Mill,
pli kanlnritcH who hail fb d wnli rh'ir
mother from Tulsa
The Iti'il Cross p.irlv forsook Ihe
main road and follow, d side litis In
the bop,, of em oiinterlnn t,-fng, es
They told all the nrgroef wh -in tlm
saw that all Is now s.fe In Tul- i mil
iiisked them to tell otlici r.fin... to
iiome to si. lifted housi s in lui n v
and Sperrv f"i I ra nspnt i il '. n t
Tulsa There are still mgio, !,i,
llllg out 111 the hills, HllV wire told
Admiral I rln nf ,lakiu sI.k in II.
IIUiimIipisI to Wf.mati
i 'nugri'-.iif.iiiaii.
Rp.ttHl !e Tllf W. tft.l
WAHHINUTi IN. June 1. Miss
Alice l(nl., rtrton re,,ivc, ii unique
hoimi toduv win n Adoornl I'll,, nf
Japan In p-i'.lug hie i,-spi,iH to ,.,n-
griSS llSlled In he lilt I ,,'lucr , i tl,
wotiuin member ll- told Miss All. f
that he hoped that his , ountry would
follow the exsmpb of Atmrba and
send women to parliament Admlr.il
I 'rln Ui a garduati. of the I'nlled
.States navnl ucidemy ai Annapolis
In thu i IiiM of 1 SS 1 .
MPs". Itoberlsori leaves flalmdiiv
to attend the annual lun'lieon nt
the Klmlra College club .it Phila
delphia While there she will di
liver the f ommencemenl nddr,ss i,'
Miss Cowles' si hool at o.iklarpl
Hdinii llclllllii line lilcn
Profrssor (In plain s, lee . ,
."f,'o doubt you have hr ir. of tn
Invention the' Mr Kdi.rf- t- '
veo'slng 'n M u vv I, -, i ,n -, I
whs! gr, St prof , ' .
nil ci' a I t t . a' r vv
ihe df ad "
ir gh, Krenhmiin liei r, w' 'fi
wM'ti wi l re.siai the heat,'
- t.iPi'STT'sn
I'lrst Dim IVicr Cnnsiriiclisl 'I he re
Is SlllX'fnHfllll) IdllllH'lllsl,
CAItTP.iil'INAN. t'paln. Jilint 3
The I lint siibniiirlim i u r musiriliteil
In Mp iln was limn, In ,1 hi'tu tnilns
i TP, isel'H illml.i. emi'Pt is , 1j
Ions anil ln-i lahubilnil Kire,l sub
ineigiil Is nine mlb s all hour anil
sin fine spcisl UI mill! Kill is oil''
of il gioup of six Hiuular ii aft or
ileiiil for Ihi' Hpanlsh navv
J lilllcl, ,', Hurl b) l.lgliliiliig
AMAKII.l.ti. 'Ivxas. June .1 Olln;
1 1 ili't of Logan, New Mi'xli o, n ml
J 7. Cook of Cameron N M . weer
liiHlnntly kllb'd and fivi others In
pin-, wlun lightning struck at
Kami HnlngH. n mud lamp oil the
A t In ti I ti Pie If!, hlgliwai, late last
night a, i i, i ding tn word received
hen imtiii
Thuriijr. Klmt Mhur.r. V
f Hroni 'I'htirititsir. huln.
Thlr.1 Thurnly. M Kourlh
ThurfxlRy. K. A Nit mottling
.1 line 1 HfKitlnr hiialnenfi
i.ii tint; ."0 l 111
JOH. ItltOlTT. Horrlmry.
I.l I l.itl'Uf: K'b will in"! In rFtftjlar
ronimiiiilt niiiiti Til' ) .I fine
7 Work In I r Irk'irn
i tntm n inir nt 1 Of) ti mi
Un Mrnii Air. jm wrlrnnio.
AIITIU'lt II A K Kll, rcrtnry
rKTHfLI.IIUM UtitKlft NO. 474 in-tl
vftry l-rliuy "irrpt rnnj,
r.it t MiiiiimnlrRtinn Krl1ar
luitf 1. t nininviiriiiic 7 10 p in
UrituUr itixiti lily btinlltii
1 1 f f 1 n k LiJtitmiaiimi tn M
M iIrM All Manuli In
nrl '
a I" R CLAMKK, W. M.
TTirflA CIIAI'TKH NO. 6 1 fl- A- VI., inwu I
'itftt iilj'l f Ii If 'I MnmUy rmrh 1
11 '.nth Mh-.M litiMlllfiia init
UK Manila June 6 7 . p
ir Uniii in ull ilnrt-rH Wnl
Vf fx .trM .Imiip lr fc-i mil lift Ml
I "0 p 1,1
AMUF.. n. itr. ii. p.
M A HNYIIKH. Kcrttarf.
THINITT fOMil ANWI'UT TiU. 10 in-ali
rttlJtA CIIAITK.II t a. minta first
.n.t third W.,ln...Ur of th.
OtrSx rnonlli t Moionlo hslli flrsl
M &fjtm to'-1 In K. Iiualno.a, 'Con.l Inl
VbrRTb .i.ili.ii i..l aurUl Slor'a rliia
BrUua in"', imi n1 ,lh Wf.tiir.Ur.
Xjfr M..unlc till 1 10 p in.
urn, C'AUb I. Hi. W'Ulhr M.tron.
MIIH I I.MM l'AhT' Brflrif.
yaiT " ...v.
11AIVJI I II At' r A.i.i,
, Il i ink 4 H
Kai.'i 411 " li'iui.Ur
M.i.lHt May ifi Ii in)
tji mm infi) n.li Mim n
I ii pi- H 11 rn , i utiw
AaalitaDt si'r
i , ir, i"t AllKK, Mnntron.
Al I!' HA I '!(,.' NO I I O V,
id 1 I i l i mm 1111 111',
! . i,t 'i Id. Mil- r SrKt
i if v. ti-lr I iy
i .
tl I. II.I'MI, Mi'.K
7 I ISA 1 ' OH I'M I I
i3 i ,i o r.
it I,, p. .I'MM'tnMr,, c. P.
It II KL'l.bKtt Srrlt.o.
tug il., . r.iH, i insa, 1.1
ml -ol II nlr
ta 1, .i.nniri . in
II11H fn Ct.AIIT. N ft
OEM rntll'll. IIAMilN, Ho-.
l'mri..'!i' Mi.llanl '.-i, i -.iiifci
Jin,.- IT. I I, ni All ' h- i .' . j ... . .
J. I' Mi - II K . ,i,i
Il H I l I I.l I
IXiYAI, SfiS'S. M-.ii,lii I ,n- i , ,,
i.ffiiT. I- r. mi-r, , 1,.... vv .
tn..li ev.ry 'II,ur,Ur nUn!
at K. P n.ll. IIS K h,. l
fir,- I, , ,aoj(, 1 i, , ,
f Mgll! ' IH' "f W r
VySjl? i r, I, t.t l' ,,, r . 1. I
V2W ,.fr..-l. M'"' r
I. I' Hall
i'P. M ' gixtiM i t
I II M'i ,1 hi s
UNITl.Il r-OMMKHr-lA!. Tll.l VKLKlia
Tulao Counrtl No III.
V-lIAo, A ilYEIlii, S.g ,
rs. ,fa ..rt, rrinnth. Nrlt rtloollnil
LMhTTSxViI M,ii,Iii Mv ' I i in Wufk
llXC "cl " "' "'" ""' 1 '""
I A.'lltL 1 ..... , l. .1 11IAN ltrr,.,rt-r
U. U I'uuNUI-t
News of Mimkogcc
Lnwyer Succeeds Smartt
as Secretary of Busi
ness Organization
SperlKl tn The WorW
.MI'SKOOKi:. June .1 ch, sier C.
I.yilli k. assistant Ifnlled si.it. s nt-
tornev ami secrelary of the Kiw.inls
club here, was elected se, rotary of
the ihatnber nf enmtnerce here trt
ilay to silcceeil U. W. Sniartl, whose
resignation lakes effect Juno IS
Mr I.ydlck Is not yet H'l. being one
nf Ihe inungost men ever elncled tn
the position
Mr. I.ydbk csme tn Oklahoma
from Kansas In l!Hfi tn enter tho
law school nf the I'nlversltv of Ok
lshoitm lie entered the attorney
general's office n IHS. and left In
IPI7 tn practice law In Hlunvnee He
came hete In January 191!. He
was nainetl secretary of the Klwanls
i lub nn Its oi gitnlsntlon 20 months
ago lie Is head of the I'ommunltx'
service council ami of the local
order of Dokkles.
Mukngisi Negri1 Union Pursl,
Muskogee negrn rltlr.ens today
started a relief fund for the benefit
nf Ihi' negro ilrtltns nf the rare war
In Tulsa Many of the refugees, nro
passing thiough here, but few are
stopping An nfferlng wns taken tip
tonight si the grailuallnn exercises
of the manual training school, when
111 black girls and boys were given
Cllhxign NriWMs In lli'lp,
CIIIC.Mli). June .1 , iiinimltteo
thai will supervise here th gather
ing of mom v and Ihe neresiillles ot
life for negines who were tnailn des
tltnte dutlne, Hn' rioting nnd fire at
Tulsa. Oklahoma, thla week, was
organized todn hv negro citizens
1 0,,-A West ronrtli SlrciH
MK.r.li AT, a I;. Mlllllln
10 tVral TLIr SO.
Tulsn ContrnctinR Co.
Phono Osngn :,HI(I
Mi ners nnil Plpo I, lues
Ilasciiiciits, Cisterns, and
Hub Ilralnngn
Venereal, Kidney, Illadder,
Illofsl, H k 1 ii. anil Diseases
of Women
1 1 3 Ja S. Main Osage, 4G52
Cement Blinks J5o
Cnminnn llrlck 118.00
Matt llrlck 127.00
Phones Osage 6013, Cedar 2684
111 N. ELGIN
:10 Itlchards Hide.
Third and Dnston
Tulsa, Okla.
Formerly of Hot
Springs, Arkansas
ninnd. Bkln, Oenltn-Uf Inary
and Venereal Diseases and
general office prnctlcn
b'crums, Vacrli.es. Hlectrlcal
Phono Osagn mil
Docali d al 113 West First
has parts for the following cirs:
Huh k. Dodip i b ilnn is fl. OxerLmil.
tin ion Mu also p .na. for Itopublla
two tun ni d Nil" ti Uuad.
717 Koi Tii ciu:vi:nvi:
Children t'arcil for During
WoiLlng or Shopping llouni
pound. flfJ rMri
ial. Uawrnti patj Im
avaaaos aaf llaal LarxaYMt. .,( ul axtjl 1 1
tlwidan Nm harm, vmin f lnirfnrsi with want.
!.UIW.I''-'"I1U IQUUnni. lritaUi
t LI-Kbraa-tura lllsMftaJTlraiid,
Ilia In I UolJ irflilll,'
' ti )! I iuS liiu Kliaim,
r v i
lAli Ml HlllNJ I'll.l.rt. sU
utrtk uroailt tint AtwlvikelLlt'
A Prrrtlorv of
I A.W fW HrMME-yL.Y.it 5ublltutt
mnaa.i.i n i aa naanimi irna,i,iimaai
l 3 I

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