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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 04, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 7

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' 7
cav She, With Help of
' Man, Was Trying to
Got His Property.
Wire Flashes
eit y
J! '
l lil. Juno 3. George
wars old, church anltor,
i uy shot and killed his
, ; . - Kleanor IauI. 34, And
v u.unded William Hudson,
ik J man confessed the
mnu he wan sorry ho
,e (1 Hudson.
, i c thn housekeeper
- ,rs to fleece, him nut
. r j find that, nlded by
' . , uid threatened his life.
. i m.uj. recently mdo out a
MINI I.HIt, ho tnlil
- ii' had demanded he
i property at one. Hath
. n.ade a now will beno
i ..'I'rr. lln claimed the
t hit hfo follow oil.
the mtiplo an thev lay
".t housekeeper's room.
I.nl Instantly, but Hud-r
!runil"' High Sclweol Student to
Hlniti nnloinli! nnd I'.itni-
(nrriniHr Honors ,im iiikv
.-YA2IUNnTOV J'n" 3 --The prealdent
and Mra. Ilnd ni ui.i .K.
end at Vailry , p4 ,,n ,,,
I ?"!'"'"' M - rhil.fil.f Kn..
I .V""! .Ko'.r 11 nuoun. ed
t the ull tio ja today
BAM JOSE, Cat.. June I. Maurice Con
nell 61, famoua aa ntw of tba three ur.
ttnc mtmbera of trie ureeiy eipedition
to the North Pole In 1111. Il, dlrd at hia
home her early today.
HOUSTON. Tctaa. June 3 - At unknown
white man bmlia the plate tlaa. dieplay
window of the Sweeney Jewelry company
on Main etreet. about dawn thi mominc
and made, away with atlcfc pin valued
at 110.
NBW TOKK, June 3 Pr Simon tta.
rtjrh, father of Ilernard Itarurri died
at hi. homo thia afternoon after a tinier
Inr lllnea. lr. Ilaruih waa one of the
moat noted phyelclana of Aemrlra an, I
aorvtit in Lena army. Ho waa It y.ara
if" -!(-
,v-. ,
I ' '
K , , '
( r
Sf It-.
u r
lor l'.
. letl.s t'l Ftllllontfl whoso
( '1 rtra-'urrlcul.ir nc
I them to rrcoRnltlon
f 'uro of tho farewell an
ntiK thn class of 1921
i' i liriliuttic contentajits
1 ihh " hool auditorium
mi; The luwembly mm
. . i of thn school year for
t officially cloned the
1 .iriim.ii commencement
the i Inert of ml. Tho
i of mi oil piirntlng to
l v the cI.ih of '21 wan
1 .ill Iloey nnd Claude
i , itain of tho bnket
uvd Seth HiiKliex, captain
rairf. preoerttcd trophies
it prertentailon halt not
i 1 before.
T . cut down from
i-iro h nle for athletic
i.', pirsenleil to f.tuili'tlt.1
, M let ii honors and old
i I ho same size n.
T'm to Wuden'H
. I'letm. honors. Mel,il
i 1 l.ewlso m.ide In KrlH
r- in tennis at Norman,
- representative tuisket--
urre al.n clven to jjlrlH
i points In physlc.tl ! u -i'
I numerals nwarded
, inmnri'K ami freshmen
a k and field nvents.
i f ,il dlctorl.in and
- itinouni ed at rlas? day
.rher In the week, went
T'l.icker.iy and Don linK-
HKnAt.lA. Mo., Juno 3.-Harl VJIIIIama.
t3, a Kitted tmt.ij' when he waa raught
In an elevator in a five atory binMinir
Tho youth head waa rruelfd, rKualnr
Inatant death.
RAN FltANCIsfO. June 3 -harlra
Tlarrlllaa, aald by the imlite to be a
.inking aeanian. waa ahot itre in a (tin
battle this artnrnoon siih Pniireman J
M. Hrutua, at llirli and lUmeon att-eta.
AlttlMniin. (vKla. June S Pe"
Ovrrelleel, ai;ed at.rtllt afl eera waa atab
bed to death at an early hour thi- mrn
Ini: near U Haon lite dylnic e'atftnent.
II la allrerd waa that Tom Starr lui
Tom Kord, waa tila aa.allant.
riKVtsON. Tetaa. Juna S -rieorre
fampbell, SJ, waa Inatantly killed on hie
farm near here yesterday when lichtnlnir
atrlklna: a treo analntt shlrh he waa
leanlnu durlnc a ralnatnrm taeed thrnuKh
hla bod.
ItfTTK Montana, Jun 1 Samuel
Itvearhewekl. nine oar old polish rheaa
wlaard defeated If Montana ehea. pUvrra
In about one rrnur and forty five inlmiiea
hero laat nluhl Amonit hla opponeiila
waa former Lieutenant ilniernor W.
leiitM s,ij llis'etit Solar Krup.
tloiio re (iiMiil lndlcntlons,
I'M1 N June 3 Itr-cent solar
ui i- i i h i.iused brilliant
i.' -a- ,ir.i dikrKanUed cable and
ti'crv'- e ire throughout t Ii
u -r d i,tv remilt In the earth re
eii -;r tn p sunshine durlnK thn
'j' si' culver IodKi', tho not
ed ipdi ,
S-i eren ventures the opin
t'.ii i he electrified particles
iY." ..ff l.v the sun durliiL- the
d-n-ha i - mav asslht In the de-
n of vrcetallon nnd reduce
,in ' f( duit held HUHpendeil
Ii he a'niosphere.
S' i r sa,s the maKnetlc dls
i.rbjn , that nttend the solar
arur'i' i were rflie to a torrent of
' I p.irtichfi. which cnnsli
lo'rl j Kiantic electric urrent
T' i is also held bv Camlll"
1- ir .i-.on ibc vi,Tan l'ren h a-
trinmr' who han evpressed sur
V a Morni of such iinu.su il
v . r urrins nt this time. M
I- irrn ),-m has pofjtted out thn!
,ve . nr.w at a period w
ilr 1 aitivity. the eruptions
1 ' t'.oe of the luminary re
"n-g n- mtei-nls of 11 years. Si"
ta-k t'vmn the astronomer royal
1 ,i'. a 'ho dc urbaneiTft caused by
"ie "po's wero the worst ever
"' ' i o Kncland
t,CIWnKV tnwa. .lima 3. Mayer It W.
Mowry today tendered hla realirnatlon to
the city council h reault of dtepillea
over alleKetl ,atrlollo relebrallonn planned
by arloua olrtuenta of ttia town.
MHl.SlNCORfl. Knk'land June 1 ml
and will ahortly Invite tepreeenutlvea of
r iniann. i,etvia i:aninnia and i.nnuainu
to a conference In Wareaw t" dtecuaa an
entente of all et.ta formerly tielonpinff
to tho Huaai.in emp re a ' irdlriK I" in
formation ntilinnd I ere todav
rt DcIckiiKt- In Soilllic-leni 1)1
tUlou Coinciillon in Okl.ihoni.i City.
On account of the relief work be
Inc done by th Salvation Army, ma
terial i hances liaxe been made in
the plans for scndlnc a d"le-;,ttion
to the annua) i-onpress of the south
western chief division of the Salva
tion Army to be held In Oklahoma
Oily Saturday, Sunday and Mnndav.
Instead of th lelecalon of thirty
Salvationists orlKlnallv m heiluled. 1 :,
corps cadfts will k lo nklahoma
City Saturday mnrnltiK and It mav
be impossible for Commandant and
Mrs. O. T. Johnson to g t awav
from here for any of the i wic'cm
.Mrs. Johnson was to bine led a
combined songsters' brlRade from
all of the post represented at the
eons-res and Commandant Johnson
had consented to art as marshnl of
all parades durlnif the coiiKress and
to speak at a ma.ss meeting In the
hiKh school auditorium at Oklahoma
Citv Monday ovenlnc.
The Klrl cadets will fulfill part of
the plans by wearlnu Tulsa badfies.
Several hundred Salvationists from
Oklahoma. Texas, liulslana nnd
part of Arkansas are expected at
the concress. A pacennt, "From
the Cradle to the Training Sihool."
showlnt; the various activities of
thn Army, will be presented Satur
day nlcht In the hiKh school audi
torium. All n'twlons but two are
to take place In the Oklahoma City
The Salvation Army boarding
home Is now open for girls desiring
a room, though meals will not be
served a' present Knsign belmi
Thell said Friday
aayaiainn rjijais
t.ct onr net! cleaning "one
at ('llp-on's. It's Clollicr- Care
11 ymrm
Town Talk Millinery
Tin; inc.rxT sniiiNotv nrawiiT.MK.vr in tpixa
your choice of any
Summer Hat
All Summer raltern Hats. All
TranHparent Hats that are.
marked to nell for 115 00,
$18.00. J52.50 and J25 00 au-r.
Included in thin mU,
Received Friday, 'Another Shipment rf
of Sports Huts nt yj
Aborat-350 to chose from, in nil sizes and
colors. And a large variety of styles to
choose from.
All the apparel offered in this sale
has been in our stock less than 30
days and was purchased at greatly
reduced prices.
Connected )'ith to Other Kxtablixhment in the World
Patrons of this store as well as
those who have never shopped here
before will do ivcll to investigate
these great reductions.
Greatest of all Price -Cutting Sales!
Drastic Reductions on Seidenbach Standard Merchandise
Never in Tulsa's history have values been offered in ladies' wearing apparel that would equal these we will
offer Saturday in this great sale. We have been fortunate in having the co-operation of several
of the best manufacturers in the industry. They have shown their appreciation of the enormous business we
give them regularly by selling us apparel for this sale at less than half price. And all our regular slock re
duced in proportion makes the savings tremendous.
New Fresh Women's Apparel at Cost and Less
Beautiful New Blouses
Less Than Cost
Over 300 Blouses
Unniatcliahlc vnltics at this popular price. Gear
nettc. Crepe dc Chine, Voiles, Ornandy, hand-made
Voiles and liatiste, and Tricolette in a wide vari
ety of styles, colors and sizes.
New Lingerie Blouses
Less Than Cost) $1.95
ou mouses in ?
This Lot I
Organdies and Voiles in hath long and short sleeve
models. Plain tailored and lace trimmed in white
and mami combination colors. Cannot he dupli
cated far'$2M5.
Blouses of the Better Kind
Less Than Cost $C95
i,uu mouses in mu
Thk f.nf w
Most of these lllouses are of Georgette of the very
finest quality, in many different styles; both long
and short sleeves. Every desirable shade, hand
somely embroidered and headed. Sizes to Hi.
Phenomenal Group of
Less Than Cost i C
- r r n 1 ' fry r i
iuu mouses in mis
Georgettes, Canton Crcprs, Crepe de Chines, hand
made. Voiles. All beautiful models in many attrac
tive combinations of colors and white, flesh and
Marvelous Hose Values
at Average Costj 4 5
50 rairs in 1 his , I
f is way'
Pure thread Silk Hose, full fashioned with mer
cerized tops. Hlack, white, brown and gray. Abso
lutely marvelous values.
Voile an d Gin ghamD resses
A t Average Cost ) $3.95
106 of These
Short sleeve models in figured Voile anil check
Gingham Dresses, bought at a ridiculously low price
and included in this yreat sate at practically the
same price.
Organdy and Silk Dresses
375 of These I H
Dresses I "
A remarkable group of fine dresses in Taffeta,
Organdy, Canton Crepe, Georgette, Voile and Swiss.
A surprise tit those who know.
Belter Dresses and Gowns
Less Than Cost)
4 Dresses in
This Lot
Elaborate Dresses of Satin, Canton Crepe, Geor
gette, Taffeta and Charineusc. Every stunning type,
represented in this great group.
Organdy, Canton and
Than Cost
1 71 Dresses in This
Crisp new Organdy Frocks in dainty and ft' telling
models. Smart models in Taffeta, Georgette and
Canton Crepe. All desirable colors.
Silk Undergarments
Less Than Cost
1,000 New
llcautiful Crepe de Chine, Iladium Silk and Satin
Teddies and Sightrobes, cleverly trimmed in lace
and embroidery.
Women's New Silk
Less Than Cost ) $2.95
200 Petticoats and
Included ) $3.95
Summer Tub Silks, Satinays, with double panels.
Taffetas, Satins and fancy Jerseys. In every wanted
coloring and combination.
Women's White
Less Than Cost
275 Skirts in These
.in (I
A galaxy of styles in mercerized Gaberdine, smarf.
Russian Cords and Surf Satin. Mothcr-ttf -Pearl
buttons trim them.
Dainty Silk Camisoles
Less Than Cost $1.00
r f
200 Camisoles in
This Lot
Satin and Crepe dc Chine, lace trimmed Camisoles
in a quality found only In garments priced more
than twice this amount. Compare, them yourself.
Women's Silk Skirts
Less Than Cost) $T9$
200 Skirts in This ' f
Or oun m
Accordeon and box pleated or plain Skirts in the
neiecst and handsomest Silks. While and smart
delicate summer shades; suitable for street, sport
and outing wear.
Georgette and Pongee
Less Than Cost C
i,buu mouses in
This Lot
Lace, trimmed and embroidery Waists in Georgette
and Pongee. There are. dozens of very smnrt
models included.
215 South Main Street

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