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Foods I What and Where toBwBow to Cook and Sem
A Tempting Breakfast and
A Cup of Real Good Coffee
L: U
I I NO OJ'llnllNTJ
1 hi. I -.iome l)i'iuirtinnt,
M W A Cii.)
"Tll o till
itt rnlnu to you "
Did you ever
hear that n Millie
In the mortilw; nt
thi' In cnilnt ,
bio In worth two I
nt any other,
llinn if III.. ,I:.V?
llllll) KIT I.1KKIKK
a p p c 1 1 1 c nt
breakfast. It In
tilt. Jlmn of thu
year when tlio ,
. f lioiiackccpltnr timet
. ,, -.p lot to keep ltn profcx
I r. i million. All thi- little
il.it dcccpllonM you know
!,.,. ii li practiced to keep
,i appetite UP to idnndaid.
s n.l ik out 8om" of tin- nlco
, iks we cm do for brenk-
. ' friil'ii In jicnon arc tmually
, f .1 I every out'. It Is thu main
f 1'ie nio.ll that Koch lii'KSllu:.
Molded lYult fVmil.
c servo )
! , .p uncooked wheat or oat
in .1
1 ilittn.
l' I I'D
C .'ip cptphI well thi' day be
., A'wn nparlv done Mir In tin1
th M'l ilati"". I'o'ir ttm rpri-al In
fn r ui nhlrh have lieen wet In
lvo I i"r Thu ilp will lio a llttlP
Wci f t-." f.'H Next mnrnlnc turn
th,. m .(IpJ cereal on Hinall plates
ami .n p with cream and Hiuiar.
f v It. ikf-wt Is to tempt children,
a ' ' , pink candy cnlnrlni; In thu
whi, d i ream makes It eo much
more rr'ructlve for them.
t'roainixl llamn nil Toaol.
(Servo 4.)
t idlPPs of bacon.
4 I i leapnnns flour.
i a list nill'it.
I y tk of toast.
C Of bacon with a sharp knlfo
In f .1' piece, crosswise. I'ut In a
.t, if mil cook over a flow fire
un II nip s'lr nn It cooks to insure
ll evfi crlspnnM. nip off some of j
, thi frj lenvlnc ahout four tnhle
V f p "i "f fat Hi with the hacon
jilern S'lr In thp flour with the,
tijp'W and fat, Mending It well, Add I
th milk and cook at bolllnir tem
perature five minutes. Tour over the
fOftened toast
Th- Toast Tlll.i toast should he 1
quite soft I know of nothing raoro
difficult to eat than a creamed food
on a h.inl, touch pleco of toast.
Make tho toast either under the
flame o tho lirollor or on the tonst
ir Iiutt' r It. then for a spcond only,
dip the bottom side In bollnc water,
Th steam will softpn It through and
ir.ike It murh more eatable,
llrtukfoM Muffins.
(1! muffins.)
I cur1 flour
4 tP.ispooni Mklncr powder.
(, tabli-ipoons shortenlne.
tablespoons suijar.
1 teaspoon salt,
Cream pec fat and sucnr until
vrv Ilcht Sift flour, baklm: powdpr
ard f-.ilt then alternately with the
milk s'lr Into the ecu mixture until
yo.i have a drop batter (a batter
that drop from tho spoon with a
llttl helpl nil well KreaMPil milf-
W. tins half full and bake In a hot
oven from 12 to ir minutes These
muffins well buttered and with nnv
s-ir of letly or Jam and snort cof
fe make a very natlsfylni; break-
And hy-the-way, how do you make
llfr are some of tho points I
rave heard dlCUBsed bv Rood cof-,
fe makers You may find snmethlni! j
hp'rful in them. In the first place.
It 'iikes eood enffpo to make irnod
rof'pp There Is a Rreat deal In the
rmkinir and I know many a time
ruirt cade nf coffee q spoiled In '
'hp maklnc Hut I also know that
In mr.ni rases, poor coffee Is the I
res 'it nf using a poor brand or grailn i
Of 'f'pp I
T'erp are two blpnds of tho brst
"""pps 'oo. The heavy or we, mlcht
mv l.lllpr blenils, used for nflpr
(llnnpr pr,ffpp ftn,i for bpavy coffee
drlnltprs jjpn w),n Krnnkn a great
dell want a stronger, heavier coffee.
thn those who do not.
The- there are tho mild blends
ef i Knnd prade of coffee.
Y 'ir Kropnr should bn able to
r !i' voir selection nfter vou de
p'1 nn the special kind of coffee
V'tr family pnlnvs
I'p nintor Coffee- Tor tho nver
spp 'ite four tablespoons level
f"l' of socially cround percolator
c'fpe i the pint of water. II Is
r.n r .miiiip to measure by the cup
Lei hip f-ups vary so In sl7.p. but
'!'" f wa'pr should make from
l-VJ'" ' fur cups of coffee Acaln
J 'Ms wii' depend upon the slro of
thi. - rrt I'u' the coffee In the re
"nt.vtp at the top and pour the
f nnter ovrr., ml let It perco
h'fl rr,m is to :o minutes. Cold
water will make t,i-1 as Rood coffee,
but It tahes bmcer f"r the coffee
to cuok. nnd the iiii. ker coffee Ii
mude and used the belter It will be.
Hi, lie. I Coffee lp the name
nmount of coffee, adding a little
more water as more Is lost In tlm
bulling, l'our the bolllnit water over
the crouniK put the pot over th"
file, stuff clean white paper In lh
spout to keep the steum and flax or
III. and let the coffee rtnnd nt Just
the bolllmr point for 15 minute
Itemove from the heat to settle be
fore nrrvlni;. A very Ilttlo cold wa
ter win no tins niso
V.stH Coffee Measure out the
amount of coffee then add the cr
white. One crb white may be usmI
for one. half cup ground coffee M
well with the Rriumils. Then p.'iir
over the nmount of water need d
In cold water nnd place to cor
Cook as boiled rot fee. If bolllni; wa
ter. Is poured , over the eces and
Kroillids, the white will be cooked In
tiny flecks and Is hard to strain from
the coffee.
If cream and simnr are used, eith
er one or both, put them In the cup
first, then pour the coffee In on
them. This distributes the flavor,
moro evenly and for many, ureally
Improves the cotfee.
Iced Coffee- There are manv who
enjoy leeil coffee for breakfast these
day, more than mt coffee. Make
hot coffee four times the strensth
you usually do. l'our bolllni; hot
over cracked Ice Add cream nnd
nil car to tnsle This clvi.s a belter
flavor than using rold left ovi r cof
fee. Mo sure that the half-hearted wav
your fnmllv eats breakfast these
davs cannot be traced to lack of va
riety and Interest In Us preparation
Sinn Feiners Wreck Train
i i
K . , r
J ...-- -p- -
,'W7viLMfW,,, i
t.m .. . 4. .t-..t,J.IJ,f-.l.iJ.'JJ A ... .:,tt..i.-?.:..
" w i-WMv
View of tho U'ns'U.
While llrltlsh and Irish officials are attempilni; to end strife be- tween the two countries thi. pic
ture Is d..nb ln'i restini; It sin wh tie r .ins of a train Idi.wn up at Aduvnelc, near Uuiidulk, by
the slnn fi . Main per ins were klieil nnd Kd.cr.il iais rompb'lely wncked.
Institutes "Jazz Wedding
Ceremony for Modern Couplesw
Sardinia In Habit of Tlimucnliw
N'paintliiii l'riiin llonic.
HO.M Kt July U. -Sutdlnla U
fond of calling herself the "Ireland"
of Italy, and of threatening to sepa
rate from the mother muntry
whom It necuscs of having alwayii
behaved to tlio gallant Ilttlo Island
In a eoniuwhat stepmotherly way.
Uowovir, thi! recent visit of King
Victor Emmanuel to his Sardinian
subjects win the occasion for an
outburst of loyalty which will oblige
thu Instigators of separatism to jlo
ler their hopes, liven tlm socialists
Joined in welcoming thu king.
.Sardinia needs roads und rail
roads to bring her splendid harvests
of grain and her other agricultural
products to tho mainland, and,
above nil, government help for re
claiming tho unhealthy districts
and sys'.ematlcally and scientifically
combatting thu terrible scourge of
malaria 'which renders many of her
most producUvo provinces almont
unlnhnbltablo for bcvcral months of
thu year.
Krifillf.il Clilliln-n Sco Moro American
.Mghtn '1 linn All l.lso.
LONDON', July 1 5. Knglish chil
dren are rapidly becoming Ameri
canized through seulng nothing but
American moving pictures, Is tho
contention of A. CI. ('.ranger, man
ager of an educational picture series
who holds that film education ought
to bu part of every school curricu
lum. .Millions of children go to tho pic
tures regularly." ho said to an Inter
viewer. "In American films no op
portunity is lost to Introduco tho
American flag; American motors arc
shown and popularized; Amcrl'on
Ideas In dress, furniture, habits and
customs uro being continually put
buforo the children with tho result
thit they know more about Lincoln
and the north and pnuth war than
about Oliver Cromwell and N'elMin.
"Where did thu fashion for
bobbed hair como from? Kroin
America, and by tho film." ho added,
All Kngllsh teachers aro now In
favor of Introducing tho film Into
thu schools, Mr. Granger tas.
COM'MIUA. Mo., July 15. Jnzr. Is
the order of tho day. And now
comei tho Jaz wedding ceremony,
nil revlip'd o fit conditions of tho
twentieth centry modernity.
Hev. fJ. W. Ilatrher. Columbia's
"marrying parson." who has tied
4 17 knots "f wedlock. In the pro
vider of the new ceremony. Made
public today, it provides that the
groom -.hull reply to the following
"Wilt thou take her for thy p.ird,
for better or for worse; to have, to
hold, to fondly guard, till hauled off
In the hearse?
"Wilt thou let her have her way,
consult her many wl'ihes, make the
fire every day and help her with the
"Wilt thou ooth her In her woci,
keep her spirit bright and gay? Wilt
thou turn the wringer, hang thu
clothes and trtiht her for the pay?
"Wilt thou give her all tho stufl
her little purse will pack, buy a
monkey board, a muff, u Ilttlo seal
skin Hack ?
"Wilt thou comfort nnd support
her father and mother, Atint Jemirn.
Uncle John, 1.1 (.Isters and a brother 7
"Wilt thou tell her to her face that
she Is sweet and kind, that the like
of her In all the rncu would bo dif
ficult to find?
"Wilt thou be to her the same nnd
never shirk nor falter, as she shall
wear thy name and thou shall wear
the halter?"
To break tho monotony of the
questionnaire on matrimonial prom
lues, liev. Or. Hatcher supplies the
result on the groom- "IIIh face crows
pale nnd blinks; It Is too late to Jilt.
As to the floor he indly sinks, he
quickly savs: 'I will.'"
Ilrlilo linn Qui-Mluiinalro, Tim,
Oh, yes' The bride tiiuot have her
set of questions. They're supplied
by the genial "marrying parson,"
who admits that Walt Mason hasn't
a thing on him-
"Wilt thou take him for thy pard,
for better or for worse; to have, to
hold, to fondly guard hl;i person and
hlfi purse?
"Wilt thou mako him mind nnd
show him every fault and, then. In
spite of groan or whine, mako him
walk the chalk?
"Wilt thou make him pat tho
scarps that belong to days of yore,
so you'll get your mid -day naps
and over novels pnrp
"Wilt thou bo quick to takp con
trol of all that's on the place and say
to him In language bold- 'You're not
my In. m In any ran,'' ?
"Wilt thou mako him sweep tho
floor, fetch thi' wood and water, pick
up thing!' iir wliatver else jou
"Wilt thou make him darn his
Kicks, sew button on his In Itches
and pet your flngern In his links
every time he missed?
"Wilt Ihoii make of him a cairy
all for bandbox, grip and bundle;
make J 1 1 m take the paniHiit and to
the taeket tumble"
"Wilt thou be I,. Iilm his dear be
yond all Clllljerlllle and when you
get upon your ear give Jiim a curt u In
The bride Is supposed to smile In
the rhyme of the minister: "Her face
I all aglow, her ejes an Jet. ag she
queenly stands opon the floor and
loudly says: 'You bet!' "
which preceded the end of his rov
til ut Inn.
A ppi oxltiintely 25 trees marked
the hlstoilral spot In lull. Today,
said, I t-is than half this nuiii
survive the raids nf thu chil
dren sent to ueatch for fuel.
I Tho gioe won Its name In 11)11
'when Mailero led his troops against
'the .Inure federnl garrison, which
I remained loyal to I'lesldent I 'or fir In
Ilia.. Tho commander of the gar
rison and Madilo arranged several
armistices under tlm Irna of tli"
Indian Mill Out of .lull.
Kl'crlsl In Thi. WorM
ADA, July !.'.. No trare has yet
been f u ii t of John lleniy. an In
,11,,,, ..., ,,i,l Ir,,!,. ll, ,'IIV
'jail heto Monday night, but officers
aro making nn effort to locate him,
I He was plin ei theie on a cliargo of
lUami' Gilotti for Kaihuv
of Italian l'Vmalo
Ily CI.AUA wui.n
MILAN', July. U- Not the least
in Ker fin the reNlgniilliui of Mr. (llo- .
Iilll i,r,l,' iik II,., ,iiii.ii vl,. '
111 1' wiirkltiK tor niiffrnie In Italy
"Mi. (Ilollltl has I i the moat
phlegmatic mid Impi egnuble eiiemv
nf woman miffrage In nil Italy, said
I'rofiiwor .MaiKlierlla Annum.
1 1 hah mail of the .Milan suffnid- or-i.-.itilKiitliin,
in an Interview with tin
! I iiieinatlonal News Hervli o.
The situation fur silffniKc, ne
i 'idiom to hi'i. Is i l y had. but Hie
1 i 1 1 1 1 1 in- n t end of IIIoIIIU'h minimis
nation will do much In mine the
I Impes of Italian women 'I'm li e a
bill bus been piissed by the h iinbei
I "f deputies of lluly, gnintlng nil f
ft age, but both (lines u new election
his been called bcfoie the question
was taken befoie the seiiaie. und P"
lias had to bo lull odiu ed again In
the chamber.
"rolllli'liins In Italy," she said,
"aro like politicians In all other
countries on the subject of woman's
vole. The populate de, lani tha'
woman suffrage will mid voles to
the socialist party. The hoi lulls'
iliiclnrn It will bring voles to th"
populate, mid the eiinslltulliiniillsls
aro afraid of both. In addition,
there an. those eonseri.lllves wl ii
want to limit the vote for men and
would never dleatn of giving votes
In women. However, If the govern
inent Introduces a bill, which vo
hope It will whenever there is a
change of pii'inler, the soclnllsls
and tiopolare will bnth have 1" vole
for It, and It will again pass and go
In the senate- If the next premier
does not go to tho country again be
fore that."
Iiespilu the general dlscouarge
inent of the suffragists, then, am a
few- opliiulsls who are aluaily pre
paring for the day when women will
have tho voli' Slgnora llosso of
Homo has organlited a woman s
party the iiuloue pollllca na.lonale
win. h. she d' In i. will work f"r
ii nip-ists ..f wntueii and will en
I' i tin pic. t. us, iheu wiiineii h.iv.
"i lute. Willi lis m'.ii tlciloral
h' Is
llpM'tlslllll Wltlllll Itlllll.H.
Already the wiitiien of Italy are
illvlilUig nn this quesliou nf whether
"r not there should be a wmiiun's
I arl
Wllhlii the intiUii of those who
lil" flKlitlng for siiffraKii theie bus
mne a fuither spill Willi the recent
eiecllnll a npllt Hull grew nut of
tlie fact that innii) women took
part In tlm party priip.iMiuidii pie
ii ding the eli" II, 'li. In .Milan, ,is
well as ilsewheie, the mole pro
i:riKHlii' leaders of suffrage dei laied
thai women should uige Hie eli'etlon
i.'ily of Ihnse who had pleilKed their
votes to silffluge - a piogiaiu erv'
like Hint of the national woman's
party or the I'lilli'd Wales. This pul
ley w.is defeated by women who
were eager to siippoit one party .or
auothrr, howewr.
I'lofi'ssiir Am nun,
UrillHlll nppiiHi'tl In
part la the eli'i Hun
tiufftago Issue, sns
' llle in mci ii wo don't get suffrage
In Hilly Is beiaiise the polltliians
n 'n not aftald of us, ns th. Amerl
'.ill polllli bins were nfiald of tlx
women there. It would be luipiis
who was par
Wiitiien, lalilnis
except on the
sible to adopt a feminine militant
liioi.mplit In Italy, but It would bn
an excellent thing If we could
Probably If Mr. rilullltl had hern
luaile us uncomfortable as Lord As
qulth was In Hiigland or rreslden
Wllsnn In America, he would have
done something for suffrage Instead
of silting dumb."
Horse .Miles nl Automobile,
HMD. July IB An unusual sight
for ll'i't was the nl'"liitn frlgl t
dlspliDi'd by a horse nil the publi
squiilo yesterday, when ailtomn
blli s ueru passing him. Willi a
whip and linmeiitlonnble words he
inn finally petsundeil d puss the
cuts but Irfl at a dead run It Is a
queer Innse that Is iiftnld of an auto
these ilajs.
Slimmer 'lerins In Itural S'liooN,
Hi-rl.il In Tlm World
ADA, July Ift- .Suminer school
terms In all rural schools of east
iitilral district have been opened,
according to iiuuoiiiicemenls from
the county supi'tlntcndcnt'n offpe
h'trsl reports received shows n good
iiileniliiuro In ninny of the rural
s, liools, espi" l.il'y consolidated
I.OS AN'OI'I.KS, July 15..
Ilaroness Ottlly de llopp, IIum mn
noblewoman, whoso fortune was
swept nwiiy by the war and who Is
now working as a needlewoman In a
fashionable local hotel, Is battling
ur .. ui. ,. ..ii..
,.- nun .i riii.i. ,
Thu baroness, who formerly had
servants to do her every bidding, I
has lioppH of soon advancing from
her present position to much better
ci rcum.'Uances.
"It Is a little hard to take up this
work," ho said "However, I am
devoting myself to It and hope to
Thu baroness Is the wife nf the
Ilaron William de llopp, who was
nn Intlmntii of many of the lllus
trlous men of tho Imperial Russian
leglmo and who Ii s-ild to have
owned a 10,000-arre estato In I. lib
uanla. The couple came to Amerlia
In I!il5. Tlm estato was devastated
during tho war and finally seized.
Mi-iIi'jiii (VitinniiiHiiN AIiiiiisI Conn
I'mm Chlldrcn'i ItnliN.
V.l. l'ASu, T?xas, July 15. - Mexl
pnn rhl'dren gaiherlng firewood are
slowly wiping out a dump of Cot
tonwood treis northwest of Juarez
Mexico iirnuj tin, un, (Jninili- from
herp. which has 1 n known at
'Tcaro Orove,' 'hecausn It was there
that Ceneral Francisco I. Maderu
nKceed to a serlen of nrmlflllces
nnd bottled in the larg
est and most sanitary
dairy in the state of
Al Your Oniocr's Insist
un lie' I'nn-nt mid Safest
Pniteurizcd Milk"
I'mm tlio
Pure White
Dairy Co.
I'nwntutlnn Takrt. I'laiii nt Ilcillcn-
Hon of Scum Ixalgi: Hut,
XpecUl to TIip Moriit.
AHA, July IT. The first Kaglo
scout In I'ontotoc was awarded his
badge last Tuesday afteniuuii nt thu
dedication program for thu Hoy
Scout lodge at the city lako. Three
bos In thu county have won this
honor and wcro presented with tho
badges at that time.
Moro than 350 merit badges. 12
sccond-c!a.s.s and 15 first-clafs
badges, were also awarded at this
time. This was the greatest badge
awarding cxen iso Uio I'ont"toc
county scouts have ever taken part
In. Several other scouts are cm
pletlng their teMs for tho Kaglu
scout badge.
107 East First St.
Frying Chickens
Alive, pound, 35c
Dressed, pound, 38c
Phone Osage 2080
Nice Fai Hens
Alive, pound, 25c
Dressed, pound, 28c
Archer and Boulder
The City Market is newly screened and also
all new screen doors.
We are trying to keep everything up to date,
and to keep ample supplies of all kinds of Fruits
and Vegetables at the lowest possible prices.
Fresh Meats, Fish and Poultry. A bountiful
supply of Spring Chickens.
Our Lunch Counter is growing in popularity
every day.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Auction Sales Every Saturday
Do Your Marketing Here Saturday Money Saved Is Money Mado
Veal Stew,
i' ,i,'l ...
ca: Ko.-Lrt, per
Spare Itlbs, per
C'hr.t, o Pot Itoast,
per pound
rrct.h Calf Liver,
pur pound
12 k
Ktni Spivlnl
Trlmo Illb lloant, boned and rolled,
rnon e corn tea biock, per
Choico I.ej; of I.arnb,
per pound
Good Smoked Hacon,
per pound
S-lb. slzo Crlrco,
C-lb. size Crlsco,
Dixie Ilaron Squares,
per pound
Jiest HrenkfoM Iticon,
sliced, I-lb. pkg.
10 Pounds
63 c
Pot si toes
I 'on ml
Quart Jars I'ura
I'rult Ji .ly .
Quart Jars II. I
I'eanut Hotter .
2 Tall Cant
("nrrmt Ion Milk ,
Tall Can
C Small CaoH
. 8c
lUlni SM'clal
15 canes only, California I'eacheii,
halviH or mtieil. In 30
iiyrup, extra heavy
No. 1 Smkiu AnpiniKUK Tlpn
M'.mt'hinK i xtia
fine .
2 I.irKi- Camj 1'ork
and In anH
10 Ham Bwlft B
White Koap
l ib can Calumet
Jlaklnc I'owdcr , , , ,
2 I'ackafen
Jiffy Jell . .....
Vlncjnir Tor plckllm; Ixilthil am I
bull. I'liro Apple Oiler,
Lets Work, Save,
L:iujli and Play
Hard Times Away
Vou can Undo at the fluent.
Morn In tlm ntntn with tho
UiVit'Ht prlceii and do the I iv
IliK. It will pay you to make
IhlH your ntore
Trader.'i No. 4, Itulclt bld(r.
Second and Hnuldcr. Tho new
loKic.it and Ideal retail food
i enter of Ttllivi.
Kancy California )
llermuila OiiIoiim OC
Jiffy Jell
per pkK U
i'urllan I.unrh Qtlt
ItolU 7L
I'mil'd lfi-OT! I'urn
1'reHorven, 35c to O0
I'alm Ollvo Q
Hoap Ot
l-'ri Hh (Ireen lleanH Q.,
per pound Ov
I ro Cream Halt, OJ.fi
per puund id'Kj
Morton (i No. 2 lted OQ
I'llted CherrliH LtiiKj
Tall Helm Milk, f ,
per can V
Tall DnnlKh I'rldo -j
Milk, per can XUL
Tall Hoiiebiid Mlllt, -t n
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la ii treat, 1 Q,,
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2t IbH iJQL
Standard Hour, (IJ- (4
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100 Iba. Standard (i0 rjQ
I'lour ... De'). I O
tlood floods I'lour, (- tyQ
21 IbH T) 1 .UO
(lood (loodH Hour, A O
18 Ibn tp.'iO
100 lb. CJood (loodH frA IJQ
I'lour D'4. I O
(lood floodM Hotter, ',)0
per lb fJJL
llest Nut (Jleo, -
per lb l.,)L
Old Dutch
CleallBer XVC
MatcheH, Rood nnd f?
dependable OC
10 b.im (iood White AQt
Naptha ilonp . . . 'IOC
10 Kara li. WiHij (TQ ,
Hoap .. . JOO
1(1 bam Crystal I A ,
White Snap ll'X'L'
LT. '' ()4c
Z!r ' " 04 c
Standard No 2 (.t
Toinat ii tly
Standard (i-,
i'.,rn tU
Mean In b'd wa'h'-i iiiuit t.e
K d our Mea'H nro Suin i
I' amy I '.i lif'.n.l.i O.,
In nn ud i ' ii.i'.ri'i ijt
Tall I'I'.k 1 Q
SHI on ui l.OL
Tall H-.l ir
Kilo ,.n .... OOL
Kx'ra Qnalltv Hulk 1Q.,
I " ri , tj Ilijttoi ... LiO
2 1 lim lt d Ktar fT- C)Q
l-'l-'iir . . n 1 ,tO
fnir h t r ti In Mean, i.miiy a
. im.iible i 'i iii m 'i d I o uh, with
K-.od p'lrk.iij; Hpaie. conven
ent and out of the hlKh reel
dlt.tr t I ptown. yet out of
lin ennc;ci!ed dlnlrlct.
wi; .i AitAvrr.i: I'.vcuv
'iiii.vt; wi: km, i,
Our buulncFfi prlncIpliH pro
tecln you not nlonn In prl"en
but In all that pom with Kood
"W Kill for lein and the
coodfl milHt be K"od KoodH or
tho milo In no (food '
Rod Feather Poultry Scratch
Red Feather Laying Mash
Oyster Shell
Mill Run Hay
Bran Oats
Shorts Corn Chops
Alfalfa Sweet Feeds '
Red Star Products Co.
Quality Feeds Cost Lest
219 East First
Osage 1658
On the face of an apple Newton saw the force that link:,
tho stars together and binds us to the myriad suns.
On the movement of a teakettle cover Watt saw
mighty moguls climbing mountain sides and titantic
liners plowing the deep.
On an electric shock received from a key attached to
a flying kite Franklin saw cities brilliantly lighted and
powerful machinery lifting stone and steel to build our
modern pyramids of business.
Vision gave to thu world Piggly Wiggly Stores where
every housewifo can get the best foods at the market's
best price and make her own selections.
"ami ovi:it thi: woitii"
KTOItr. NO. I I Kl'Oltn NO. 2
21 ICimt Tirol Kln-cl I Corner Siionil mid llirMon
I l.ltl.l SON'S
15c Loaves . .2 for 25c
10c Loaves . .3 for 25c
Pure White
Pure White
F".rr; BANANAS p":
Fine Ripe f Three rr"
California UUltClOlipCS for 25C
L a r (1,
Swift's Jewel ShortoniiiK,
Swift 'a Juwul SliortuniiiK,
No. 8 !- fQ
pails JL.UO
Meadow Gold QQ
iSutter, per lb. .. 0C
I) airy Maid Creamery
JJutter, QQ
per lb OOC
Swift's Premium Sliced
Hacon, lb.-hoxcs, CfA
each DUC
Best New Potatoes, lf lbs.
to peck, weight QK
nuaraiiteed, jieck OOC
Domino Golden Syrup,
net weight, -i A
1-lb. 2-oz., per can -L'xC
Swift's Premium
fi-lb. pails,
Swift's Premium
10-lb. tl- rrn
pails pl. 4 7
Templor brand pure sorK-
hum, net weight,
1-lb. C-oz., per can jOC
No. 1 cans Peat Hawaiian
Sliced or Grated Iffl
Pineapple, can 1 J 2t
National Hicuit Co. Cakes
and Crackers, 10c
National Hincuit Co., 20e
encli . . . .
. 14ic
Meal Deparlmcnt-PigSly-Wiggly No. 2
ur.sT en's or iu:st .mi:.ts. katikpacti'ion and I'ltit ns
oi Ait..vn:i:i)
I'ancy llecf Itoiuitit,
pi r III ...
Veal ItoaHta,
per II,
Chuck Hteak,
per Hi
Ilei'f IloillriK Mint,
per lb
l.unli Ilreant,
per Hi
Venl llrcnirt,
per 111
Cream ('litem',
per lb
A nice Mipply of uprlni: chlclt
rna and lieni,
A ( oiiiplelc Mne Olitnlnalilo of llrlcil nnd rrtih PrnltH
and 1'ri'nli Vi'ltctiililcs .la)N
sen mim iy t
Wo llellver Vnur Onlcr In All I'nrN nf 111" Cllv at a Very .Modcralu
liarito of IS In :i,"i I onth. Ainplo I'arUlnB lUiiini fur Auloi

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