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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, September 09, 1921, FINAL EDITION, Image 5

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...m m in ni IRinDCn
HULUUr rujmuiALu
cheriff &i.Va Tt Is Not in
" jus Jurisdiction and
, .-. pi. !. ConMileraliln
n ,.i stlrreil tt t Ihtm
1 whim oi'vprnl iint"l!i
in into the rity over thu
,,..,,.it ro.ul rrportfil
t h.Khwiiyineii were op
i i. mil J it ft cmiHiil,. of
r, Mho li.iil come
1. 1 Mtutril thnt 1 1 1 y hn.l
, i , IU.I llien Willi fl.lHlt.
. I aii.t nlluwril In pro.
i, mil mUHoii while oth
heen forcnl to
tHi ro.ul Into u piifturu
nlh oft the inn In thor-
UinR near the nrene o(
'i .Klupj renrti il tli.it at
- i if In thu pimliirn t
. .'i till' OWIIITH lined up
- mi. illstiinc:" from the
'en that he telephonei!
1 ..'I lin county uut that
. ..ii il that Hid y.cene of
.llll'll, wiim In Creek
i 1 1 i fun- out of liU J u -
. ..no from thin rlty
I I ho Iosm of any v.i.
State Briefs
CiiIh Tlinuit Willi Itaor.
DfllANT (I V Mnc ye.iri
old, f.itmir, living 1 1) imlm nowh of
hrrc. fl.mheil Im own tliro.it with .1
rax.-r Wi iito mlny an,l il 1 .1 In n f w
minute Hail hi'.ilMi aiol Iiuhhiim
illffli ultlos arc lilaiii".! IK tin' i iiiiK.'
Ilu luiles a wife nil I hp ven elillilrill.
tYnm (iroui'rH In riclil,
A ItD.Mi 1( K. The oki.ili.itn.i IV
rnti (lroern aHwirlHiion, wltleh wim
laiini'hoil here l.mt rtn, Ii making
prelmrutlonjt for an m-ilve eumpnlKti
III tlllK aet'tlotl of tho Hllllo to 1,'l't
owner of native trees to lniil thini
with hltfli Knule utoi k, a well an to
Ki'l othem to make preparations for
un orchanl of peein.
Snj IUiiiiIh .Vol TumiIiIi',
CHICKAStlA. ConlerulliiB that
Mute lmtMliiKa are tioiitax.ihlo, the
l'lmt National hank of this plno hn
appoali'il to tho illstrlct rourt from
tho ileelxlon of tho county hoanl of
qtinlizutlnn In retiming to iletliict
from tho Imnk'n aMonsmitit tho
amount of these hutuls hrhl bv that
a w
lnwi r
11 . lol
.1 n hi . f r nrnnu rnn nnelMCOO
I x .mi. 1 .f w Tni.nC.rtUT rUT DUOIINCOO
Wl I
. in" , -
Ml .VI III I 111' 1
i Mirt tie uph
ib 1 .
1 .. tho
ItrisMriilloti for 1 iilorll) In
SuIiir .Ni'it IVii'l., N
.Xnnoiimiil, I
Upwim In Tli.. IVi.tM. I
NOH.MAN. Sopt S. With mornj
than rnoiiKh roomliiK ami limrillnK,
liliirM IlKtoil for now ninli'iitH than I
run possibly bo eipeoteil, IS now 1
family mombois nppoltili'il lu help
In a
Embezzler Making String
At His Penitentiary Job
t . 1
f -
nlf r
". VTi;lt, Minn., Sept. S.
t x ) Thompson, million
. lor In tho capacity of
vf tho llormol raoklnif
it Austin. .Minn., Is now
..UK at tho ponltontlary
iK boon anslijnoil to tho
i-. by Warilon Sullivan.
1 tho wrllltiK of a book
lartod In Jail at Autln.
uto hit work for tho noxt
,f ho Horvos tho full torm
01 . o llo will bo cntllloil
. . howovor, aftor sorvlmi
n o.l' ll of two iouiiIh, onn
I. inrrit of 390,1100 ana
Is'i.iioo. thiw bi'lnir tho
. h.irKoH uniltr which h"
1 1..1 .1 nl soiitoncod by
11. Meiph.in at Au.Htln.
'afi' I'jiiploji's Mrlkr.
.M'ALl.;STi:it. At about II 30
o'clock Wiilnosilny four waltroBS.'ii
at tho Amoiloan enfo walkoil out on
a strike. Tliolr Krlov.inco is Dial In -stoail
of hlrlnc a portor. tho employ,
ers 1 1 in I rt 1 1 the waitresses to ilo por
ters' work. As tho waiters are tin
orKanireil here, tho cafo will go
ahead without t li cm .
l)rlilci- I'ho nil Officer.
I.AWTON Deputy Stlprlff Dan
Wimple was shot ami seriously
wouinloil at I'nche. M miles wesl of
here, Tuesilay iilxhl when ho at-
111 (it tl to Mop an iituotnohllu bo
lleloL to rontaln a nartv of four
111011 who outlier In the icentnit ran care for tho IncrisUe In eju oilmen!, 1 mln
iliiwn a man am! woman, the latter 1 I'nlverslry of Oklahomn officials j ,(,
family Thoro wore two men la this, tiro prr..iroil for by far the ingest
cur am! one or them shot tho officer" fall enrollniMiit In tho history of
in !he stomach. Itnoietv Is kiI.i tot tho I'tilierslly of Oklahoma, aceoril-
itii; 10 wcau miy iiiiiiiikoi, ihhoi
tiar. ItoKUl.ir fall nulslrallon will
start Tliursilny, September Ifi, ami
continue until Aituritity nlplil, Sep
tember 17 HoMovor, several I11111
Ireil fresliioon have alnsiily been
onrolliil, some orwarilin their
cicillls bv mull, while those who
live near Nornuin have conn. In per
son anil rotutneil homo until class
work olarls Motnlay, Seplenibor l!l
ltooms for new slililcnts .110 belnc
Mlpplleil through Ihe V M f A
aiu! Y W. ( A offlcs Hut f.
former stinlontH are seeklim rooini
h 11b I.
.1 .1
i n I.
in. st. 1
.'I It. !''
until tea.
Hint the
.1 f
' fi.l
lie. I the
1921 fall
1 1
1 1 1
setni.Hl.M i iv r ll
.' T 1.1 01 it 1. bill
are run! blent
eiirollnnnt will
bo doubtful.
lino Oir Speller (ilrl,
lllINIlYiri'TA. - Aftor rumilm:
ilown S-venr-iilil Ituby Voll on 11
1 11. ail liailltiK Into Kpellor City Tiles
lay nflorni.on ami spenlitiR on wlth
'out ntopplni; to Imiulrc whit il.im.iK!.
I ho lla.l 1I0110, Walter Mii'losy, ooal
inlnor. was nnoste,! at lis homo it
the Creek mines ami loilunl In Jail
without boml p. nillui; lh outcoine
of thu chilli's InurloH.
Ills 'inclcmv Hurt.
COI.U.VSVII.I.H Dian lliicklos
was surprised the other day when a
vnut man 1 .line In and handed him
;in cents, clalniltiK it was In p.iy for
somu ice iream three young men
had oaten off of lluckles 17 years
aKo. Tho oun man said his con
sciuice had been liurtlnK him.
'riioiiipsini Ci ts 1 Villi.
Altli.MnIti:. Harry Thompson
was sr. iiitod ball bv tho criminal
couit or appeals for tho alleged sl.iy
Iiik or A. A. (Ireetimrin ut Madltl on
the nlKht of August 11. Tho bond
was sot at J25.U0O, which was read
ily in. ok'.
roach at leas! J.flno If no! mote
lft II I'IimiI sum,. .More.
K. It I" t hs World
I'll.M'A I ll V, Sept. K --lien Wll-
fiirnii.r, jostordiiv f. it n,i a
floiillne ilowtislienri In the
Arkansas river here wlnih. m. onl
III? to ll Hole enclosed, had been
thrown Into the river on June ;i d ir
Hue the tlood at ruobbi The 11 !.'
bore Ihe names of Marvin Wells and
J oh Wl nsnitnleis Wilson iopl.ii..
Mm bottle in tho river and I't It
continue Its Journey southu.ml.
('..inline Homo I'min Ireland
h't iiil I.. Th Wotl.l
ADA, Sept. (i. .'iii n.ls and I. la
lives are antli'ipatltiK (lie u-tuui ..r
Dr N. 1" IMIIersoti, pastor ..f tin
I'll st I'M sbytei Inn chili, h hole with
In Ihe 111 xt Iwo we.'ks rn.ni In 'and
whin he h.' biin f.. 1 s. viiul
lin'tittis !'. lot mi, .11 lie iniitisl of
1 hi 1. io.i 1 an. e m . ii 1 v
'lavp. nern lla)s of t,rucc
S 1st I . I. . V Mil
J .' llov ne I I 1 .
luloibi 1 ..f ib lin.i'i- nt t ix vv ..
tints l 1 1 e.l In his Ii m.N f. t . il
liitiun and iIisIiIok t.. nn .1 If p.
wltiU. plai Iiik mi) hatilslnp u. .ti
snd taxpayer, Hhitlff Hen Hunt Ii
gives not lee that he will oll.iw '.'it
l.liivs of Ritne after the ex 101 at Ion of
the time llmll mi Ilu l.i-l ,.f u
IKIISl. .iftel Willi ll Htm if II boo III
j his ll.'t been llt.ldl . he Will nni-eei
to 1 ollei I as .111' 1 Ii d bv Inn
lilt 1 rf, ,.f til- Ill ' V Ot 0
M.h I I ' I I I I I H Mil! ". iiii.k
B' .1 1 I ' I Vll. .1 IK-. -I I 1 I. ..
o.tlr.t Vt..t..t... Ill 1 .1". t ,v 1. 1. 1
I.. Ktit l. II....I 'Irth" II. -I. 11
kill. ..,iti. o, 11 11 , ,,1 , . .11 1 1 1 1 I
Nt ir .-f.r. Ill " I 11 I ,l I I ..l
r-r,.l sn.l..ti.l.l, l .in nt' 1 1 1 u "
II .'II. I,
. I. Ill IM , Urn Mir.
1rlr.hiie II I I ill.
1 Old St clerS I'i'llllloll, '
, . 'I . World.
MlvM sept s. Tho second an--.1
1 ti ..f tho old settlors of
r.'t i . i .nty Is to bo hold hem
1' during tho fair. It
t. ! ird that a regular pro
g j-ii w 11 be carried out on that
Indleiisl by (ii'iiuil .In ry.
FpcM 1 . 1 .' W..rUl.
put 'PVT. K. pt. S. 'H.-ivltiR boon
3u- ' b the Krntnl Jury durliiK
s rr i t sision, S, ,M. Shaffer of
this r '.' wns urresteil Monday by
trpr 1 . . nf the sherlffa forro on a
. uf coiuhictiiiir a Tambltni,'
(..1- ( omiMtiv (ilvirn Dividend.
!?tlh T n World.
CI Si in i. Sept. S The Homo
Oas jm, any n local concern, has
n in r l illvi.le.nil of 2D per cent
i" its ' k for tho year ondlnc
Pfptvr, .or 30. Till company sup
.. 1 . by with nil Its bus, and
Is owrcd ) y local cnplt.il.
Sow Hand stntul llullt.
' T'... WorlJ.
MM'.Ki'M:, Sept. K. With
' si- ,1 ,,,.,! ,y eltlzens of this
, . r in cted by a commtteo of
r 1 1 w band stand for the C.
H i'.l has been erected utul
I--it 1
lli-s I p lliihhv's l'niH'rty.
E-( i Hi" Worln.
MIAMI Sept. S. AlloKlnc cruelty
M 11 support on his part, Mm.
fMie 1. liai-nctt has filed suit In
''ri oart acuinst her husband.
il )eri .. Ilnnietl (iMliinir th.it nil.
(.ranted and that ho be
ti r. j , , iny right or title to a
" " ulrn. 0 in this city which
' j s Is her Individual prop-
-r '-
I'lisnneis (id Orders.
IUHKiS. Thrco masked men,
wearing the robes of the Ku-Klttx
Kl.m, aiipi'.iri il ut the city Jail .Mini
day nli?lit and notified five iirtsoneiH
therein that thev must work out
their flms and then leave town, tt
was n!lei:c(I that the prisoners had
refused to woik tho strei t the day
ItiTUunos .Mulr Similes. j
AHD.MOItl'l. Artclls Dickson.!
popular youiiK bin Hone, who sam;
his wa.. Into the he.irls of Anlmoro
music loveis early In the summer,
leaves h-ro Thuisd.iy for Now York,
whole he wilt resume his studies
Willi I'er.y fTeetor Stephens nnd will
also enter I'lilumbla university.
An Aii'iimutalloii of 1'Iiiit..
yprsdal In Til" M.irln
ADA, Sept. s llui'U Jones was
landed In the city Jail this week 0111
neitiK tltiaiilo to pay rines Iuiil over
duo. Police Judire stated that ho
owed flints aniounlliiK to JUG. having
inadti bond until the present lime.
Throe C'liarKcs I'rofornsl.
I. A WTO. V. .loo DuBKiir and i: J.
Sellars of Cement pleaded Kullty
Monday to the chaw of hp'liwav
robbery. They wore arrested Satur
day 011 wnrrantH sworn out by (I. M.
Noret, Anna Stnuffer and J V.
Whltewell. who were amoim a party
hold up and rohbo 1 l'ri.l.iv ntslit
near Hotelier. They barrlendod the
brblKe and stopped two ,ats on.
beins dlsiiblod anil thu other stolen.
.Military Puncral nt Slr.itfonl.
t."ClHl to Ttis Werl.i.
ADA, Sept. ,s. I'uneral services
am to bo held in Stratford Sunday
afternoon for Walter (loodwln.
Stratford's flist dead In the world
war 'and tor whom the Stratford
post of the American I e k I o n
Is named, nccoidlni,' to toports from
thoie. lioodvvln died November I),
K1I8. A strictly military funeral
villi bo observed.
All the new fall '21
Ready for your selection
ltobeit A.
Funeral Diie. lor.
I 'hone ( is.i .'.'
21 S.
191 -1KB
Ilrnodisl Over Taxes.
MIAMI. ItroodinB over ill health,
tho world war, liluh taxes and other
troubles le, to the mental derange
ment of Frank .1. Zajle, wi.ilthv f ir
mer, OS years old, resnltitiK in his
shooting himself throtiKh th" heart
with a shotgun.
How toHavo Preity Hands
Uo iwwil.lo bi'.k si your Imn.lll MaVo
roil rs Mitt nu.l wlilto lr mlu Mm.Ii.
C'erinl-J. lloxuty ( rrtm, Takn tlii
lltira t iKivnlir Al'l'lei'l with a ibirrip
rne.l iioni;4 It it.lhtmK vntr ntet miiyi
op; prot.. is snil l...eilirii.s 1 or f n-n sn.1
nrk, lis., rih Ami while, CWc snil t)r.
THE llEimr.NS CO.. W.co. Tfi.i
No Action on .Vpiical,
IjAWTO.V. Ileenuso briefs had
not boon filed In the cixo of I oo (lo.
bin, under death senteno with Will
Talt for tho murder of Husell
Sprasue, Iiwton taxi driver no ai -tlon
was taken by the criminal court 1
J ,v
An all-season
motor oil ihai moans
more miles per
less carbon
4 fewer repair bills
? 40 io loo percent
natter lubrication.
'Wc Your Dealer
Tulsa Lubritc
Rubricating Co.
3n 'a-llf 111,1s, I'll,,,,, frilur 3UJI
TuU,i UI-.
On Main at Fourth)
New Styles
New Values
or iffy Brand
You'll be more than pleased with the
new slijlcs and woolens shown for the
fall; and the cost iff so much lower
than a gear ago, loo. The finest of
fabrics, with hand tailoring and So
ciety Brand style, gives you clothes
values hard lo equal.
$35, $39.50, $45 $48.50
$50 and $55 -
The New Fall Hats
Are Ready
$5, $6, $7, $8.50 and $10
NO excuse for buying a cheap
hat this Fall when genuine
Stetsons arc selling at an average
of 25 less than last year.
And besides you have some
thing when you buy a Stetson.
Sure money's worth, because
Stetson quality never varies.
Each hat made with that faithful
adherence to a standard kept
high for fifty-six years.
Go to your dealer and try on
one of the smart Fall Stetsons.
You will find one that suits you
individually and what's more, it
will look crisp and new all season.
and up
Stetson Style
Strtitm inutility
Stetson Money's Worth
'lilt n.iine today n for
50 ycart anurcil
ly the
Stetson Qutilily iMark
in Etery Hat
John n.Stctton Company
On Main at Fourth
Wi sire showing every new style produced by
Stetson for this fall.
Every new color and shape is represented in our
mammoth showing of genuine Stetson Hats.
$6, $7, $8.50, $10, $12.50 to $15
1W7 fam' r "Hi
S WL-i:'. vv'-t?
Vaiulcrurs St tgg cs I
Pretty Things to
Willi tin cliililirii ."(ion liatU to m'liool, and
Hiiiot ami pt'iu'i' roiitniiUf Mipri'iiui onto
ntfiiin. tin1 thoiiKlits of women with deft
lingers are cerium to return to tin., cmbroitl
eriiur of pretty tliinjrf.
I'mIu'ic, u well uh ynrns and other needed
And here they will find hundreds of pretty
.Mumped ui'ticlcs of every K"1"' dcniKn and
m i l" Mines nt prices that will udd zest to
this delightful pnntime.
i'spociully I'l'iiliiicd for Friday nml Saturday
Stntuped Toddies,
Kejruiur price in
,7fi. These ready-
made teddiea are
of fine q ii a 1 i t y
while batiste,
Htuinped in sevorul '
very ullractivu du-
Slumped Gownn, '
Pink hntiste tjowiia,
ready mnde, that
r e k ii I a r 1 y are.
priced Stumped
for I'rench knot
anil lazy tlnisy tle
.siKiin. Stamped Children's
Dresses, 's Price
A lin of clnldren'a
dresses in clever
design and si.es, 4
lo 8 yours.
Stumped Laundry
Ken tl y made of
Kood (liiality erc
toniio Htnmped in
usHorted florul put
terns. Priced reu
Konahly ut $1.25 to
Stamped Turkish
Towels '
Clever patterns on
jjootl Turkish tow
els with pink and
blue borders. Pric
ings. 1.-5 and
Deads " "
A very t!xtcnsivo
ii.ssortment of ImikI"
uud seed bends for
ti'iminiiiK tlresses,
huts unit h.'iK.s. 10c
to 75c bunch.
Slumped Towels, 'I Dr.
- Muck I o w e I s of
K'hhI tpiulity, sim
ple butterfly put
terns thnt ure most
utlructive w h e n
e in b r o i d - r e d.
These ure roKtilar
7.ric ipiulities.
Stumped Centers,
llulf Price
Linen coloretl cen
ter., l!l lo 8 ins.,
in very pretty de
sijrns, now h u 1 C
. Stumped Bed
S t a in p e d on un
bleached m ii s I i n
with cross stitch
desijru, ready inude
for full size and
(win beds; nltrue
liVe prices, $7.50
to $8.50.
Five-Piece Slnmped
Luncheon Set, $1 .B0
lUi-ineh cloth uud
four n a p k i u s ,
stumped with bns
ket designs on ood
quality unbleached
Wool Slipper Soles
For crocheted slip
pers, .'!5: to 95c.
D. M. C. Embroid
ery nnd Crochet
lloynl Society Crochet
Thread, 5c Hall
Kei'tilar 15c.
Cool nif?hts Kivo
a tl d o d impor
tuned to our
Sale of
-It will not bo. Ioiik before the need of warm
serviceable blankets is urgent, so why not
take udvanlayje of the special prices pre
vuiliiiK on tpinlily blunkets ami comforts
tluririK tin's week? The prices ure the lowest
in years and lower thiin thoy will bo after
this sale closes.
fjfo A TRIAL WSit paT
B you. Sfem
pn Hi Mi J
TkTOTHING tlia' wc could say would so thoroughly
L convince you of the value of Chamberlain's
I. Tablets as a peaonal trial. We can tell you
of thousands who have been permanently cured of
ihronic con tipation, indigestion, biliousness, sick
headache and disorders of the stomach and liver,
but this will have little weight with you as compared
to a personal trial. That always convinces.
V m 1. . I U Hi I . I. .

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