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NOV. 29
nniiv 34.ntK
I Sunday 3G.09G
NOV. 29
111 111 III III .WMlM
I 'OBfe. I I 5 ii.JS.BWf ..J jihimhiusx : - jmt WKki-fT-V. n JSW
VOL. XVI, NO. 50.
Deathbed Salvation Type
Men Quickly Forget,
Sunday Declares
White House and Throne Room
Don't Harbor Greatness
Like That of Mother
Then the Devil Will Bank His
Fires and Hell Will Be
for Rent at Cut Rate
When God fiends a grout mnn
Into tho world ho sees to It that
he Bets tho right kind of a
mother. Most any kind of a
stick will do for u father but
Cod Is almighty particular.
You get tho boys and girls to
lle right and the devil will hang
crape on their doors, hank his
fires and hell will he for rent
before tho Fourth of July.
A fellow said to mo, "lllll, you
rub the fur tho wrorg way." I
ald, "I don't. Iet tho cat turn
I am old fashioned enough to
believe that thcro Is not a devil
strong enough to pull a boy or
Itirl out ot tho arms of a Christ
Ian mother.
When n woman's heart and a
baby's tears meet nomethlng Is
doing to -appen that will give
tho devil. uold feet, believe inc.
If you want to find real true
sreatnesg don't go to tho throne,
towards tho white house or
towards the throne of learning:
don't go to some great factory,
my' friends, but e towards tho
The roof of the tabernacle nearly
cracked last night under tho Im
pact of vocal volume that hit It
saln and again before Hilly Bun
ay began his sermon. The burden
of the racket was "15 rjhs for
"lily"' and it camo from tho youths
of Sand 8pvlngs, lied Fork, Jenks,
Turiey and Union that compactly
filled the center sections.
When it came to a showdown be
en cold weather and IJIIly. Hilly
won. The big truck that brought
the Jenks delegation over was
Parked near the tabernacle a long
time before services began and tho
other delegations wero no less
prompt in getting there. Sand
hprlngs was there, 180 strong.
Jenks came next with about 80
Voung people, lied Fork was
ffpreented by 40 high school
tudenu and Union fccnt about the
"me number. Each delegation
save Its school songs and yells.
,. , Crowd Is Kxploshc.
This bunch." said Hilly Sunday
has more TNT In It than any
unch of young folks Its alio I ever
After the sermon Reverend Run-
urgca me young rolks to hit tho
Ml. After a moment's hesitation '
ii, o 1 1 ' "urn, yen icatier wuii
me Sand Springs delegation stepped
out into the alslo. Sand Springs, all
'S of them, followed. Then moro
irom other delegation. camo pour
ins out from the sections reserved
lor them, and by the tlmo tho last
St m lcft thclr nt. more than
of the 400 young folks had camo
forward. There was a total of
about 275 ,folka who hit tho trail
lat nlsht.
Sunday Greets Soldier.
A srup of several young men
iJ .t up. aftcr B"nday had returned
o the platform. One of thorn was
... n,fo.r.m' Sunday's eye caught tho
5f,nrl Btrlrie. Ho stiffened.
"Muted smartly, shouted "hurrah
if. i ,he CTPoral," as he dropped
H1' on the floor to reach down and
'"Mie his hand warmly and pound
mm on thehoulder.
,"'vrend Sunday doesn't believe
"i the deathbed repentance. Nine
i.T . out of te" ""ch repentance Is
'""Plred and If death doesn't
come after all such repentnnce oozes
Ty ,ne return of health.
irr.vi..?rmon "0(I Commands
Battalion Veteran Gel IaTo far
Rl?0INAJV. Mich.. Nov. 18.
iic . Champlln, 22-ycar-old vet
u" .f th "Iat Battalion" will
lir. . eneefJ Jackson prison for
'May because he murdered his
ai,. """her In dfendlng tho
Ua?h. of h1" l-ye-r-old school
"ner sweetheart.
ly ,h.e Blrl ne ovl 'hat
ti, frm tho youthful slayer
hI? the ba'r" ,hat puts hlm b0
thMIsdn't d 11 because I wanted
taHidmvney"I M 11 they
umt,.,you Hatn" he tobl Clara
Prat.' T 1) Vnch.c" P"P"
IwrnnVr, "ohool seven miles
M 1111 lit."; 5f neuloer. Phon. 1
" l0. Abulanca orvlce.-AdTt.
Billy Sunday Is
Fastest of All
Public Speakers
How mnnv words does Billy
Sunday speak n n minute?
That s a iiurstlon that u good
many Tulsa people have been ask
'"C mnco tho famous evangelist
niw been electrifying audiences
with hla verbal speed. It'n a
question Hint ran only be an
.awerrd approximately at bent, for
thu expert has yet to arise who
can accurately count his words as
they are hurled forth In volcanic
showers from the lips of the mutt
rapid public speaker In tho world
Two hundred and fifty word a
minute. Is his averago speed. Two
hundred nnd sixty Is Just about
his speed limit. That's nbont ns
fast as any human being ran tnlk
and at that rato his words trip
over each other's hcpls.
Sunday Is tho despair of stc
negrnphers. Tho average ste
nographer wouldn't even attempt
linn. Thcro is a famous ote
nogrnpher In Washington, who
once took a speech of Sunday's.
Ho lived through It somehow and
got the speech. However, thu
break-neck speed at which he had
to push an overworked pencil
made it necessary for him lo
corno and check up with the
evangelist afterward. At that,
his record in getting the speech
at all remains untouched.
Review by Commissioner
Dennis Shows Status
as FairJy.Good
Though Some Institutions
Have Nationalized, State
Head Expected Sonic Loss
Although there have been state bank
failures In Oklahoma cjurlng the
last few weeks, which came "In
rapid Bucci'ssion," tho financial con
dltlon of Oklahoma Is "porhupu no
more critical than In many other
sections of tht! country at Ihls time,"
according to nn exclusive statement
to tho Associated I'ress Issued here
today by Trod U. Dennis, stato bank
Crisis Is Vast.
Mr. cnnls declared In tho state
ment that "It now appears that the
crisis Is pan and tho energy of the
banking department la being de
voted to ways and means of adjust
ing thef.o failures." The wtatenlunt
refers to nationalization of "a good
many state banks," but declares tho
number taking this action "is only
a little more than we had expected
with tho approach of tho new year.
A total of M0 banks, with de
posits aggregating 8140,000,000 re
main In tho state banking system,
according to Mr. Dennis' statement,
while the losses amount to "less than
1 Vt per cent of total deposits."
Urnnlh' ritatcjm.-iit.
The htaternent follown:
"Tho financial condition in Okla
homa Is perhaps no more critical
than in many other sections of the
country at this time.
"During the past few weeks we
have had rome f.tate bank failures
which tamo In rapid miecenslon, but
It now appears that the crisis is
passed and the enein' of the hank
ing department Is being devoted to
ways and means o( adjusting these
"It Is true that a good many state
banks have joined the. national
banking system, but the number that
have nationalized Is only a little
more than we had expectod with
the appratch of tho new year.
"There remaln In the statu bank
ing system a total of CIO banks,
with deposits aggregating 1140,000,
000 , whllo the lpne to date amount
to less than 1V4 per cent of the total
deposits, showing that In spite .of
tho failures we aro F-tlll In fair shape.
The condition which has broutrht
ahout these failures Is local and
Isolated and loes not apply generally
to the situation In this state as a
CrnlR Cancels Trip lo franco,
LONDON. Nov. 18. Sir James
Craig, Vlfctcr premier, has cancelled
his proposed visit to Kranfe whoro
ho was to unveil u monument to
unionist world war soldiers, because
of nn attack ot ncuto Influenzu. It
was an n ounced today.
oOilA' persons claim they are for the
Spavinaw project yet hesitate he
cause it cannot be completed within the
times fixed by the engineers. It can't
lie completed at all until It is commenced.
Gerard Hopes Spokesman
for America Continues
in the Open
Open Negotiations Will Drive
Out Demons of Intripuc,
Ex-Ambassador Says
Expects Them to Offer An
nulment of Indemnity if U.
S. Cancels France's Debt
Former AmbaiAdor to Clr.nftny.
(forrrlitht. by tntrr New. Servlc )
(Written n.ecllly for Int. JSnwe, Bn.)
NEW YOIlif. Nov. 10. It is to fie
hoped Kccretary Hughes will not
lose sight of tho Immense advantage
given hlm by the open methods
Initiated at tho first session of tho
Thu bright light of publicity will
drive out the slimy rnako of Intrigue
and self-interest. Wo want HuKlim
In the open- -not others- In whom
tvft have nut Hie mine confidenco bo
hlnd closed doors.
Tho questions before tho confer
ence are lo bo decided by great peo
ples who havo ns much right to
hear tho discussions affecting their
future, their llvoa and their fortunes
and thoso of their children and chll
dron's children as they havo to pub
lic sessions of tho courts and It has
long been considered In overv land
that publicity in court procedure
spells Justice,
Lot IV Have Light,
fitar chamber methods nrevnlled
at Versailles. Let us havo light In
Secretary Hughes' proposition is
noceptcd in prlnclplo by Britain and
Japan. Now comes tho gnawing
criticisms to tho proposed amend
ments. Will these nullify the orig
inal plan? 1'rohably not. We may
take It as settled that there Is to be.
some agreement for a holiday In
naval construction.
Meanwhile, and while the delega
tions of America. (Ircat Britain and
Japan prepare propositions for the
solution of the questions of tho far
east, the Krcneh delegates aro ot
work on the problem of how they
can best Introduce their demands
neioru the conference. Those do-
manda are bound tip ujlh the ques-
thm of Germany. Personally I think
that the indemnity placed on Ger-Ian
.ni.ny ,r ,j onu mo power to pay
Of that countrv.
France Ha Nothing to Fcnr.
Franco has nothing to fear from
the kind of government now In pow
er, or rather In office, in Ileflln
that government Oermany would
gradually hit liberalized apd become
In thought and In political feeling
somewhat llko our owil United
Hut a people, however Industrious,
however disciplined, may bo mad
dened by financial ruin by the
prospoct ot for years bearing or pay
ing great annual tribute to anothor
nation like the slave nations deplet
ed on the bare reliefs erected by
Assyrian conquerors and tho tearing
away of part of German-Sllesla has
given tho militarists of the "Id sys
tem n peg on which to hang their
helmets an excuse to stir up hatred.
revenge anu too spirit ot war.
TI.V nrlfflhVT"T
showed a mors forgiving as well as
ft more diplomatic spirit. They were
against the partition of Silesia, and
It Is the Trench who are today thf
nation most haled in Germany.
Wo have great admiration, a great
sympathy for France, but It Is our
trndlllonal nollcv not to make Horn,
pean alliances and In view of the
Irritation of Germany by certnln
French hlalcsmcn. our people wilt
probably In no uncertain manner
dlcatc that It Is not our affair to orn.uona pay taxes ror tneir stock
ally ourselves with Franco against holders, they may deduct tho
Germany whether under tho guise of I"""""'1 B" I'ftlrt In niRWns their In
nn agreement for protection" or''10 returns. Tho stockholders
otherwise tor whom taxes arn so paid would
Nor do I think that another not, bc, Prmltted, howover, to make
proposition which tho French dele- n similar deduction In making their
gallon may piwsioiv nuvnncn win
meet with fnvnr. France, having
placed a too great Indemnity on the
bark of Germany and finding that
Germanv cannot pay. raav offer to
Jobless Horde
Grows Smaller,
Davis Asserts
WAfllllNUTON. Nov. 18. -Unemployment
Is decresr4ug rapidly,
Secretary ot Iibor Davis Mated
this afternoon.
Tho secretary announced thero
wero 403,(82 morn American
ngo earners In October than In
July In mechanical and maunfac
tuilng industries alone.
The automobile, Industry alono
showed a decrensu during that
period, tho secretary said,
Incrrnso In employment In Oc
tober over July wan rvported by
the secrutnry an follow!
Btecl, 52.664, li'i.tlcry and knit
goods. 22,241, pulp and paper.
f.,459; tar building, It, 139;
ligur unil tobacco men. 4,094,
The rotton Industry showed nn
Increase of IB. 760 between July
and October and Is now employ
ing moro than the 191n iinrinni,
Conferees Refuse to In
crease Measure as Set
by the Senate
Ap;rcc on Method of Taxing
Companies; No List of Tax
Free Securities
WASHINGTON. Nov. 18. Tho
senate amendment proposing to In
creuno the maximum Inheritance tax
rata from thn present 25 per cent
on estates valued at 110,000,000 'or
moro to 50 per cent on those of
8100,000,000 or more, was knocked
out ot the tax revision bill today by
hoiiso and senato conferees. This
amendment formed a part of thu
oompromljio revision program
brought forward by tho senate ag
ricultural bloa am!Tsir;d to by ra
puhlican leaders.
Tnlswas tho only one of tho re
maining "high spots" In the bill on
which the conferees came to nn
agreement tody, but tho house man
agers, In conformity with Instruc
tions voted yesterday by tho house,
acroptcd tho senate Incomo surtax
maximum rato of 5 per cent. At
tho white hoUso today It was said
1'rcfldent Harding was "frnnkly dis
appointed" by tho house nctlan on
the surtax mendment.
Accept liiMirnnco I'lnn.
Tho houso managed accepted Jo-
ronipanles. This plan provides that
lit,, irumaneo companies shall pay
inciiii. tax on Its Investment In-
comr t tho r.lt0 yi.t to bo fixed fur
corporations. Mutual Insurance coin
panics other than life will be taxed
at the same rate on their net Income
an computed under existing law.
while all other Insurance conipanlei
will pay the corporation tax late on
their net Income as shown In state
ments required to be furnished on
standard state fOrins to state tnx
commlw-loners. Other agreements
reached by tho conferees Included
Struck nut the Lafolletto amend
ment requiring taxpayers In making
their returns to list the tax-freo so
curltlcs held by them,
Adopted a compromise, amend
ment exempting from taxation the
first 1300 of Income received by
individual from investments in i
building and loan associations, thn
exemption to run for five years from
noxt January l. Tne nouse naa pro
nnune, out jno senate struts, out
tn0. mfn.' V"0"1' . .. .
. ? . 1 . . n -
"t "'
vision allowing corporations to de-
,,uct1.'r"m ,,,nlr "e B'ft",Jto
farltab a organUatlons provided
tho '"'n' not exceed 5 per cent
of the net Income of tho contribut
ing corporation.
Accepted senate amendments pro-
ln-klolmr that where banks and cor
Accepted a senate amondnient ex-
omptliig from taxtlon the Tental vsl
u? of dwellings fqrnlslieilto a min
ister ( the gospel nn a portion of
his compensation. .
Accepted a sciiato amendment ex
empting receipts received by indi
viduals from ship owners' mutual
protection nnd Indemnity associa
tions, not organized for profit
First Snow Full In Tulsa.
Feathery flakes of snow began
falling last night shortly after II
oolock and continued to an early
Tiour this morning. The flikes
melted ns rapidly h they fell be
cause of the warmth retained by
thn ground and pavement after a
week of comparatively warm weath
er when tho thermometer on two
occasions rea-hed u maximum tern
peratum of 83 'degrees.
TUWA, Nov. II.- Mtilmiim, IT mini
mum, SI. north wlni, cloudy precipita
tion ,91 Inchf.
OKI AlltiMA Slurr1f sad Sunday
fair, coldtr, birJ lriit.
Ambassador Will Tell Big
Nino How His Country
Stands on Demands
IInitii Stt Wjll , Contest
Any Bip Chanjro In Ratio
in American Plan
Will Ask All Nations Outside
Conference to Participate
in Any Agreement
WASHINGTON. Nov. 18. At to
morrow's meeting or the "big nine"
Ambassador Hhldeharii of the
Japanese delegation will present a
statement of the Japaneso viewpoint
In response to thn proposals of tho
Chinese dulo'ntCA, i
pan's request for an Increase In the
prnportlonnl strength of her navy
may lead speellly to some plain
talk across tho council tablo of the
arms conference. I
Tho American iMegallitil ttUhtla !
ready to dispute stubbornly any ma
terial change from the ratio set
forth In the American plan. That
rati" , It was einphaslred by highest
authorities today, reflects existing
proportional strongth and so can
not be altered without Upiettlng a
fundamental prlnclplo ot tho whole
In effect, the American figures
would glvo Japan six fighting ships
to every lo owned by the United
Stntes nnd ovey 10 owned by Great
Ilrltnln. The Japanese hasq hinted
but never formally announced that
they want seven to to. Tlio naval
experts of the I'nlted States really
heiievo that five to 10 Is nenrer the
proper allotment. Great Ilrltnln
ho accepted the six to lfl plan in
principle, but her spokesmen have
been silent about the new Japanese
Il'nds Knon Ofniniiilx.
If It turns out that the "slightly
greater" naval fqreo suggested for
Japan by Admiral naron Kato
only amount n tho addition of
one battle cruiser to the Japaneso
figures, then tho Omphalic objec
tions of thn American delegates
inriv mil lie dermftfi nreessarv.
The clear delineation of tho I
American ponltlon nn this subject
eeiv.-d to turn nllrnlKm again to
naval armaments today whllo In tho
far eastern negotiations wero at n
standstill to pormlt the powers to
work out details of their policy.
Neither the conference nor any of
its committee met during tho- day,
but tho "nine delegations will as
semble tomorrow In executive bch.
slon to rraumo their discussions of
the far east.
Coincident with the dlscloiure of
the American viewpoint no naval
reductions, It was revealed today
that the administration does not
proposo to limit tho armament
agreement. If there Is one, to tho
nations represented In the Wash
Ington conference; .Vhether n tresy
or simply an unuerstaniiing
would comn out of tho negotiations,
administration officials would not
predict but It was said that what
ever the form of agreement the
other lr)ercstid nations would bo
ashed to participate.
Should no treaty requiring sen
ate confirmation rsiilt. It was said
to be the belief of the administra
tion that the whole armament re
duction program could be put
through without congressional ac
tion. International "understand
Ings" nf policy do not requlrn tho
npproval of congress, and officials
hqv Hie tirnnnMrl srrnnntnr of war
ships cnuin on accompusncd unocr
general authority already possessed
by tho executive.
Will lUprrss Views.
There was every Indication to-
night that tho powers would go Into
tomorrow's far eastern conference
fully prepared to expresM their
views on the plan presented a ft
basis nf dissuasion by China. The
Japanese, however, Indicated that
they preferred to have their policies
develop! d step by step as the nego
tiations continue. They were pre
pared to ak for an Interpretation
of some of tho Chinese "lo points"
and seemed especially lntflfeted In
tho proposal for the re-cxamlnatlon
of all compacts affecting China.
Should China il'slro to roopon
what Japan regards as "closed In
cidents." the ntep wll) bn opposed
General support of China's asplr
tttjbn for national development, free
from tho rostrl'tlons that hitherto
have surrounded her. was oxpicmcd
today among the Hrltl'li delegates
who declared their government was
ready to glvo up thn extra terri
torial privilege as soon as Chinese
roitVlH wero sufficiently developed
to guuranteo Justice. A similar nt- 1
tltudo already had been Indicated 1
by Franco and the I'nlted mates, 1
Tho Chlncao delegates therrixalvca
will go Into tomorrow's meeting
with the attitude that having laid ,
down their declaration, of rights, It
U aomeone eUo's move. j
Unanimous Indorsement
Of Spavinaw by, Chamber
Tho Hpaxtnaw Iwue, which Is
to bo voted on November 29,
wnH unanimously indorsed by
the Chamber of Cnnimrrra Hi an
open meeting lipid at Hotel
Tulsu Krlday noon The motion
to Klvn this Indntsement was
Hindu by Col. ra I,. Iteeves,
manager of thn thamher, who
explained Hist unless an mto
qtiato permanent supply of water
Is obtnlneil by this city, his
work of trying to upbuild It
and of hiliiglmr here Imluntrlni
Institutions will not result In
much ai'i'omlillshment.
This nitlon of tho Chamber
r Cominerco followed closely
on t lift heels of that ot tho Re
tail Mercliautn association,
which Indorsed the Hpavlnaw
project Thursday after obtain
ing n rcpsrt cn the Holwar
TrammeU survey by I'M ward C.
Ibirtuw and llyron lyxinbert, en
gineers. 'Whllo many mombetn of both
organizations belong to other
clUo bodies tho Chamber of
Cinumorcn and thn Hotnll Mer
chants association lepresont
virtually tho emir" business In
leriiHtH of the city of Tulsa
which, as shown by tho action
of their membership, aro solidly
behind tho Spavinaw movement.
This action is significant, for It
shows that tho bushiest men and
property owners who pay th
heaviest taxes nnd who will pay
tho griMter aharo of Cost of thu
Hiwvlnaw projoct arc most em
phatically in favor of bringing
Spuvlnnw water hero. Weveral
of thftn have declared this
project would be cheap at $20,
ono.Oon and that they would
willingly pay their share If It
Agree With Management
That ReductionB Are
Swift Kmpoycs Vote Confi
dence and A llo'vT Officials
to Set Reductions
lly I lip AMocUtd t'liii,
CHICAGO, Nov 18, Employes
of Armour & Co., 6,009 In all, to
day, through their plant guvtrnlng
committer, agreed with officials of
the packing hniisn that a wage rf
ductloti Is nocctmry and fjxe-d Its
amount. The cut Is effective No
vember 28.
Tonight offlclaln of Hwlft & Co.
announced that after an all-day con
ference, representatives of tho Chi
cago nssombly of nmnloyos had voted
that a readjustment of wages was
necessary, had nxteo'ded a voto of!
confidence In tho man ago me 11 1 and
had volud to Icavo tho wngo read
Justmont to tho dlocrqtlon ot 11i
management. Hwlft & Co, tonight
announced reduction for various
clauses of employes of tho Chicago
assembly practically cbrreupondlnc
to tiioso fixed ny ine employes of
Armour & Co, and effective on the
samn date, November 28, Company
officials said they expected the other
Jii aixeinblles ot employes to tako
sliiilUr notion.
Umployos of Hwlft A- Co., Wilson
ft Co. and tho Cudahy lacking com
pany, who aro holding plant con
Terences, are expected to nocopt
similar reductions, and Morris &
Cft. lnftl Mrirlnc Inmivnrntnil .Vta
"ril.inr cnnirreMM fiVMlem of ntniiliin.
participation In tho management of
the IndUHtrV.
The quentlon was put to a voto
and the following reductions, effec
tive In 'all plants except that at Fort
Worth, Texas, adopted:
For piece workers, 8 per cent.
ynsKiueo moor, geuing r cents
i...u. , ... n-, 1 n trnm,
Heml-skllled labor, getting 45 and
110 cents an hour, 5 cents.
Skilled labor, getting over 50 cents
an hour, 3 cents,
, A minimum wage , of 2 ; cents an
- 1 1P" -VP r"." 'IO"Ti. .
The Sunday World
Will Be Brimful of Up
Interc&ting Features Here
I I10 ficnlro of llu;lies.
His deflation of Idealism at
the start of the Washington
conierenco was a signal ac
complishment and may mean
m u o li In accomplishing
nn understanding that will
"hold water." Hlmonds Is cer
tain thero Is a chance for
something dnflnlte to be done.
A Healer That Isn't Hunt.
Ill New Vork city there Is a
Japanese who places his
fingertips at certain nerve
rentrrSiOf the body and per
forms 'wonderful cures. His J
secret Is the stimulation of !
circulation In tho under- 1
nourished organs.
Best Sunday Paper
cost Hint much. However, tho
cost Is to bn only $11. 800,000.
Campaign headquarters In the
storeroom nt ;i Hmitll Main
slrflol Is a busy place. All day
long yesterday rltlions went In
and out, some of them to sample
Hpavlnaw water willed Is nlwajM
"on tap" and others to ask ques
tions concerning thn project
nnd some of Its details, and sllll
others well Informed on the
prnpoKlllon to answer theso
qilixtliins while regular attend
ants at headquarters aro busy
livery possible quest Inn that
ran h asked concerning tho
projr.it Is being recorded and
clear concise answers, linder
nlanoahle by any rltlien are be.
Ing prepared. 'Iliesn questions
and answered aro to bo published
In pamphlet form.
1C.I Daltoii and T. A. Trusty,
managers of tho campaign, de.
dared yesterday that precinct
meetings nre of great Impor
tance, and that every precinct
In tho city should bn organized
to spread Information about tho
Hpavlnaw project. .Several prn
clnct meetings were held over
tho city last night, but the man
agers expect to brlnrt about
meeting in all precincts during
the coining week.
Dalton nnd Trusty ara spend
Ing most of their time at cam
paign headquarters, an In J. IS.
Illldt, permanent secretary of
lh campaign organization. I'er
iwms unable to visit headquarters
and ask questions if they de
sire further Information may
call over telephones Cedar 3 S
or Cedar 2H9 and their Inquiries
will bo given Immndlato alien'
Hon, Hlldt said.
Arkansas Reports
Deaths in Wake of
Wild Tornadoes
Norther Reported Moving In
to State; Cold Increases in
Both North nnd South
MTTI.B HOCK, Ark., Nov. 1.
Twelve persons wero killed, 20 thir
ty or rnoro Injured and considerable
property damago done by two ton
radons which struck In widely sep.
nrated parts of thus state last night.
One storm, near Mn, In the ex
trcmo western portion of tho state
wlpt'd out' a family of eight per
sons, (
Anothor storm striking a lumber
camp near Arcndelplila killed ono
person. Injured 24 others and then
skipped north to a point near Mal
vflrt, where three more wero killed
und a number Injured,
HOT Bl'UI.VGB, Ark., Nov. 18.
Two deatha aro reported In a tor
nado which swept the rural sections
20 miles east of Hot Hprlngs last
night, Mrs. Jennie Walls, aged 70.
nnd n Justice nf tho pnaco of Hot
HprJngs county by tho name of
Lawrence, wero killed when the
twisted struck near I.onedaln. 8v
eral, Hnveral children of Kd Walls,
son of thn woman killed, vcrc in
jured, 1 AHKADKU'lINA. Ark, Nov, 18
Hnu w0"mM WIUJ rpV"ttva killed and
iiii:ti iieiminn .rijiJiuii seriouisiy 111
a. storm which struck a lumbor
camp of the Ornysonla Lurnbor
company, 12 miles west of Arka
dcuphlu, last nlKbt.
lly ths AtfUIrt PrM.
cold wfivn now moving upon Okla
homa will bring temperatures of
between 10 to 24 points dtgrrtu
above y.cro over tha stato by morn
ing, the roldrt wi'Sthor of the sea
- to - thc - Minutc News and
Are Jut r Few of Them:
Tho IlLilory of ScqnoflJi,
'Tho American Cadmus" is
alj to have regretted that he
Invented tho Cherokee alpha
bet because white men em
ployed It for tho dlinlrollatlon
of their religion among tho
Indians. A comprehenslvo
story by Norn Colo Kklnnor.
TluuikglvinR' Mill Oniibcrrlci
An Illustrated story ot tho
long etabllshed rustnui and
n favorite American dish that
Is of necessity 11 part of tho
day's program.
Theso and ninny other fea
tures will appear In Thj
in the Southwest
Piles Up Over 4 Million
Vote Margin Against
Two Score Rivals
MarRarot Gainz Third; Con
test Spirited Up to Final
Minute of Campaign
Expect Hiiro Crowd; Streets
Gnyly Decorated; Drnwing
on Auto Ends Events
M in Georgia Allen Is to be queen
of tho llarvout festival. When the
votes Here counted by the Junmr
Chamber of Commerce contest com
mlttco yesterday after several hours
of tedious work. It was found that
Miss Allen led with S3, 94 4,000.
Mildred Morrison was a closo second
with 54,170,000, Margarot Galim
ran third with 7,060,000 votes.
Contest Highly Spirited.
. . J?00. for nurvn was spirited up
to 10i30 o'clock yesterday inornlrcf.
when thn contest closed. All morn
ing supporters of the various con
tostants. and especially thoso of Mka
Allen nnd Mliis Morrison, sourrld
nbojit the city obtaining local news
papom containing coupons good for
votes In thu contest. Oeforo closing
time yesterday morning, votes were
arriving at festival headquarteru In
bushel bankets and washtubs.
There were 40 entrants In the con
, iur queen, ! (mowing arc tho
. mimes nf tl, ai ..n. . ..,
above, and tho number of vots
(counted for them;
Mm 4,32!,oon
Mlldrod Waltera '.2,430, Dsn
Helen Ilogcrs .....2,133,000
.aura Oatighey 1,J4,000
Madeline I'eltnn , ...1, 087,000
l.uclllo Thoinason an nnn
I.oulso I'ottv .. (l if. (inn
Itoso IVaslalewski i ili nan
Carrie Grevnway 257.000
Manila Murry ?nii nnn
Lucille llerlln lcs.ooo
Zoo Iledlc , 154,000
Ijols Ilrooks 163.000
Hurltlt Adams 125,000
.Merrill Mnr.10 inn ruin
Chloo Miller 07.000 .
Anna Miller 7!f,0M '
Alta Miller , , 86,000
Currlo Allison tfl.ooo
Frances Tallman 3t,0U0
Rmlly Constantino 32. nun
ueuyc j.ce Martin .
22. 000
.Mildred McCarroll
Uorls Clark
Vera Arnold . . .
Carrie Hclirlobo
Dorothy Aggan ,
Nellenu Ilrown
Virginia Davles
Cdlth Hlngleton
Margaret Croft 10,00'J
Georgia Lewis
Lillian IlandAll .....
Dorothy Krvlno . . . .
i.venne Chaso Greer
ICmma Hchmldt ....
Kster Webb
Amber Apnlegata ..
Arthcna. louder ... , 1,000
May Samalct 1,000
Muxlno Larson 1.000
While tho weather was disagree
able yesterday, members of tho
Junior Chamber of Commerce ex.
pressed the belief that weather for
the festival will be favorabla and
that thero will bo riotMnhf to prevent
tho arrival of rscprd crowds from all
parts ot northeastern Oklahoma,
Kven If tho weather should be ob
jectionable, they pointed out. It
would not Interfere with any part of
the day' program except tho pa
rade. s virtually all of tho enter,
talnment is lo be In Convention hall.
Tha mask ball can also bn held in
side tho hall If desired,
Tlicda Ilarn Arrive Tmtay,
Thnda, Ilara Is to arrive over th
Frisco at 1 o'clock and will be met
at tho station by ft Junior Chamber
of Cominerco delegation. Somo of
the other numbers on tho extensive,
program havo already arrlvod nt
aro In readiness for the opening, Trw
Jordan automobile, which Is to 1)1
given away to the holder of thi
Farmers Organization mul Com-
iiiImiIoii Men llegln Jfottllltlcs.
lly iti AwocUti.t
CIIICAOO. Nov. IS Marked
hostility between co-oneratlvo con
cern und livestock commission
merchant broke out In a federal
hearing on regulations to bo laid
down for the guidance of buying
nnd selling ugenrtex under tho
pucker and stockyard' act her
today. I'roiiosed rules nresented hv
Chester Morrill, assistant to Kecre-
tary Wallace of the dcuartment of
agi (culture, worn upheld by tho co
opcratlvn representative and In
turn wore vigorously attacked by
commission niorciiant.
Declaring that tho now act wan
tho ruault of effort by the farm
bureau to drlvo tho com mission
men out of business, Kay Wood pf
tho Chicago livestock Kxchange
charged It wa part ot a program to
change, tha commission mon "to
beggar or government employe,"
Ho painted to the long record of
tho commission men. who solved th
I problems ot marketing, he bald.

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