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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 20, 1921, FINAL EDITION, SECTION C, Image 42

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r xfrH2Tvkj , rtTti&GteM'GM JtP " t "
T.,avV' ,mra ptr jr as- y vsr-v Ai wm.w??m nHBr mmmmmmr
Illinois Pen
Model Prison
.lOMIIT. Ill Th. n-a . i,,,, .
state penitential '. n wil,., , i ,i
otii rete mill hrli k, in . , In i
lap tit intislrtirtlnn, and ",n .
barge tiow f cure (ht wniii. t
)' the i-nul instliiuio.i v i i
ThV new pHWon la i.H.i-i
hatesvllle. nar Jollel. nnl I, , . i, .
vhawwd ,y fifdctals nf a. v.., i
Pan nation, hi well - ,.
wtl warden from pr'ii'..i
In lh union,
rrie prison wall in bea i i
The wnll, an liinnvst,,,,, ii
crma! ruction, loom up .is I .
HtMllt flMll .(tend Id 11..
from tan to twenty feet 1 1,
nnt h. mmI'iI, It l figured. ,.. i. .
are no ledge at th t . . ,,i
honk or tope can bo fnxu tifii i u
mtwrth, umlly ilnplng aide,
no foothold.
When completed dure will i,.
.Iffht ell hiiiisr. r'rmur in .11.
striirtlnn. Turn rrllh'.iia.a nili
for th lea criminal md f.mr fo.
thus who are under K'KM'id tulfon
I'W llrfadi II ml fiMiirrlc
Henry M Tnmlliison aup iinlnd
ant of construction km mnfronted
with unique in. ,1,,. mii wh.'ii ito
started the htiflil.nr .f the aei nnd
ll-hniim. The ( 1 ri. nlli. tin railed
for brlrk wvl. win, uhlt.. brlrk lie.
Inc. font of mat-Hal nn'l labor has
advanced an fur In vi ml 1 hp slate al
lotment for the mirk thai iiftei 1011
alderuhl parlmiilnllnn 11 wit d-:-r-M.il
It) pour imi'ifi between two
wall of brlrk Thin i -d 2 nnn tino
hrlest and. iiltogeth'T, etiat one-lmlf
til H mount flgnt-d for snUil-brbk
construction. All nf th other cell
house r being built alum the con
crete brlrk plana
Tim prison I'liildlnv proper la In
the ten'er of tli- prtaon yard anil I
la hi out In a it etilar faahlnn. wttn
lh llnlnar mum In the tenter ami
Ilia rell-ltnuse circling nronnil It
Tho eight rllliniiMa will he run
peeled to tlii- central dining room hy
moan nf umi-atniy riirililors, Willi
hnneiftenls, innklnR tlw plntin if.
'iillilo n pflHlwil Nounr, with tlm
illnlilK linll ax II pi-nlrr.
Tim cIla HtirpnaR In apiinlntinriilH
the rnmna nf inittiv lintala, riirli Imv.
In 11 lavatory, villi hot nml rolil
ruiinlnr wiitrr, 11 tnllet, ho niitahln
vtlinlow, a dlrel IipiI. with arniilx
i-laan bfilillnir. h tftlile unit imnni(Kil
I,imiI,(iiiI 'iVmrr.
In tlm DMitor of tti prlann ynril la
a lower, wllh nn imi!nrrminl n
tiiiiira. I'rnni tlin plntfnrni In the
tower IIib Rimril ran Innli Into pvorv
fall. Hp ran nprn n iilnKlo rnll-dnoi
or nil of thorn from III ntntlnn mid
nn aultrh nn onn IIkIu or nil llKhm
ironi ino aaino awilcntioril.
If tho Inmato hi mmportrd nf nny
IrrPKularlty IiIm joI vnn ho lllutiiliin
ImI iiifitnntly from tha rnntriil tower
nnd If aotno of the prlnoni'rn K't In
pdMHrmiloti of flrrflrnm and open fru
on Ihn Ktmrd 11 alonl ahuttor enn tin
Inrlnntly dropprd,
Tho prlnon hna Its own wntr ayi
Ifin, atippllcd hy two nrtcnlnn wrlW.
W(irkMhoa and n honpltnl nt prea
rnt nrn undrr rnnalructlnn. Ilefor
jilniiH wrro flimlly irnwn W. Carina
Zlmmcriiiiin, torinrr atnto nrrhltojt,
inudo nn oxtatialvo tour u Kuropn,
vlnltltiK nnrlcnt nnd rimdrrti prlaona.
Thu 'olltnry," known In thn old
lirlnoti n "thu hlark hole." la nlrn.
ly different In dcUn nnd olijoet nf
Pt endi'nvora. Hlli-nrn la thr ptm
lxlunrnt inrlml out for Infract'om of
rulea, nllnmpln to t'Krnpe nnd othnr
ilpvlullona from rulea which drnw
arnlcnroa for tho ronvlrtH. In ti
tirw anlltnry thorn In vtintllDtlon, hut
Ihe wnlla Inaldn nnd out nro nlmo.
lulrly aounrt proof. Not h Himnd enn
ho li-nnl within thnt little hulldlnK.
Thrro h n cnrlt linoleum floor, fork
uiiIIh nnd nn Imtvnlnua window nliur.
trr which keeps out nolle.
15 Presidents
Were Masons
OUTIIItlU- l'IftPeii prealdents of
the United Hiatus were prmnlnoiit
Masons, many of them bavin been
masters of their iCm or otherwlan
aetlvi In NUwiLif ,'iti, aecunUng to
a klHtement made here today by
1'iank A. In 1. Sltril tlearee. Iionm -ary,
eet-rwiaiy of tiktahoma con
alstory. The Maaonle prealdentH In the or
der nf their terms of office, and
thalr home lodKu affiliations lue
na follows;
Ueora-e Wasblngtoii belonned to
1'ietUrlck todire, Krederlrkaburg,
V., and waa master of what Is now
VVaahliiKtnn-Alpxandrlii lode, Alex
andria, fa, John Admits was a
tuoiliber of HI. J ihn's bulge, llos
ton. Mass. Thomas .tntreraun ut.
tended the IoiIho of the Nino Hlk'Ten up now, ami armaments put
ters, Paris. James Monroe be
longed to 8t. Jnhn'a Heglmental
lodge. John Qiilney Adams In St,
Jnhns lodge, lloaton, Maas. An
drew Juckson In IMill.tnthronle
lodge, Chiver .llottoin, Tenn. .lames
.-Miiuiwin wu a .Mason, a were Wil
liam II. Harrison and John Tvler.
James K- I'olk In Columbia lodge.
Columbia, Tenn. James lliichnnan
In lodge No. 43, l-1iieaier. I 'a An
drew Johnson In Oreeuvlllo lodge,
tlrcenvlllo. Tenn. Jnuies A. tlar
fleld In Magnolia lodge, Columua.
Ohio. William McKlnlny, Illrar.i
lodge No. Jl, Wlneheater, A'ti.
Theodore Hoosovelt In Mntlneoook
lodgo. Oyster nay. William II. Tnft
made at sight hy Ihn grand master
of Ohio. Warren (I. lUrdlng, the
llllif lodge of Marlon, Ohio.
It Is claimed that I'resldeuts Tay
lor and I'lirco wore Masons, but
owing In tho anti-Mnsnnlo political
disputes they mailo no nubile aliit.
inents sh to their connection with
the craft.
Then the run lloutin.
A reporter wns misinformed, mr'
the obituary of a live man appeurssl
In the Pally Tribune. Of course, the
I've man was morn or lea Indla;
na.nl about the error, nnd rushing to
ihe telephone polled the editor, "f
In your illrt.v old abeet that I m
dead." he miorted
"Yes." replied the editor. ."Where
me you speaking from"' Att hlaon
tlm Kutilhm 1)1 w
Some boys wcr0 ull)r ven ,.
traction In dlvlmr. The nnrtteinr
lessnn waa dn the swallow dive
"Vow. Joiiktim" ..t.i .t. ....
to th" most baPkwaxd pupil, "von 1
take a turn." Jenkins made a hope
less attempt nnd created nn iilsriuinn
splash. That' not a swallow dive "
raid tho Instructor "ftm't it?"
gurgled the unfortunate Jenkins.
Wliv I thought 1 had swallow, d
tho wholu pool!" t
imj v I, ,i laWSII.-j. fa-jriia-',ll lirCZ'WrVTOt I al'i-vil,V'?Vtt UWwllUUaMk ; Will amount to rtti.i, .
lly A It I HUlt 111 ll)
Noliodv kiiiiKn Whii. in
herry flrat m hh vad Intim 1
the Thnkaa;lvliiir lin k. v
1'diuil, however. Ihey . ..ij
im parted. ,
t'reaiinialily their unlmi w 11 11
rotnpllahed In very enrh r ,
i ranlrry anine waa um.i w, .1
nin hy lh" Indiana I.hik In t.i 1
Columhu lAnded, It w.i-, i I . 1,
the noble led man wlm Intr 1I11 d
lha Pilgrim fathara to Hi in
harry, mid It irmy he luk n f r
Kranted that (he IMIgilm niolheia
war not alow to iidupt It for tiielf
nwy culinary purpoana.
m thuae early daya lurkea In
Maaaa. huaetla w e r a, exceedingly
plentiful, and ao tame ta.iy tho
rhrniiltlea of tha period) that often
they l ama to the very ilonryarda of
Ihe culonlna to plrk up odiluienla of
food. A fltiM hlnl to Rrnee Ihn
ThailltNMlvliiK tutiln could he hud for
tha coat nf u charge of powder nnd
ahtit. wlill) crnnlierrliia, growliiK
Wild In tha mnrahea, werd ohlnlliahln
In any iinanllly at thnt aeaaou for
tho troiihln or ph-klng them
'mnhcrry DUlrlrta,
Olear nrriMw Capo I'nd, from
IlunardH buy uorthniiHtward, ex
lernled what la railed todny the
Crnnbrrry belt, a atrip 2G inllea wide
nnd Inra-ely awnntp l.ind, whlrli li t
the ireaent time produetlve nf crun
herrlea of fnmnu iiinll'y.
Hlinllar ewulnp lamia rnvrrlnf
Hide nreaa 111 Orean and ndjaeent
riiuiilPM of aouihvrn New Jpraey 1
)ue pink been cvlebrnted for their 1
ininherry cropa, nnd the en mo U
f exteiiMlve marahy dlatrlt'tal
Japan's Leaders Hope
Washington Conference
Will Prove Successful
1. N. ft. Matt rorrixpiinilfnt.
TOICIO Jnpan'a leaders who ro
miilti nt homo are dlrectlnc; their
chief Inlereat towurd tho American
capital. While Japan ranks first for
tlm number of nmisaarlua now In tho
Cnltml Stales, her mlwdona number
I11K thrvn, tliure urn, nuvei thelea,
runny former lenders and men still
active, In covet umeiital 11 f fa Ira who
must watch tho dnt'olupntents of u
meetlna- vltnl to Jiitiiin. throiiKh thn
cables sunt from the United ijtittif.
It la lHissIb e. l.v views clven be
fore the detonates left, nnd by the
view of leaders wdio remained nt
home, In cot aunts Idea nt Jnpan'a
nopea lor'tnn Washington confer
ence. A symposium of views uf
Japan's londai'M brines out aovntnl
exprivwlons roinmoit to nil, soveritl
attitudes which inny bear crltlclam,
nut nt Die stimo time they exhibit
hope that the forthcoming meeting
will Klve Jnpun on opportunity to
clear herself before the powers, and
also a alnceie desire thut Japan may
tieueflt by a Mineral Hgroement to
reduce the burden of 111 inamonts.
1 hae before me the nplnlnns of
nice lOKumiwa. piwiiioiil or Uio
..tip. .,1 .ri , leitiiuiH uspnnoew
delegate, nf Oenernl 'laitaka. who
may be said to repiesent the mlll
turhtta here; signed statements -fnrm
Viscount HhlbuvHua, Viscount Knne
ko, the latter ptestdeut of the American-Japan
aoi'letv ; from Karon
(Into, niavm- of Toklo; from men llko
Oaakt. Itiniji SunnM. labor louder;
MmmiuUi Okum.v and other. Out
standing In these opinion ts a splitt
of hope that Japan, In otiminon with
other nation, may agree to an ar
mament program -neglected of late
In fHVnr of battleship bill PI 1 11 u. Ja
pan constructive mods limy be tuk-
Japan .MIsiindcrhliMitl,
There la, too. In many of the state.
11 enta of Japan's public men 11 ten
th my to i'ImIiii that Japan has been
misunderstood In the past, some ut
those quoted taking the attitude thnt
Japan will explain her caso at the
continence, while others maintain
that many powers, In mlslnterpi et
tng Japan, hate erred, and Japan la
not tailed upon to pletid a caso to
these nations. Sunn) take the cute of
v'hina and tell of a campaign uf
sin ml er against Jh,ii; some nre
duubtftri about the motives of the
I'nlled tttgttw in m Hug the contin
ence. Hut after opinion have been
expi eased, all come tlnally to
aeutonce where they expieas a hope
that It the mtttoii. are alncere In
their expression for disarmament, all
will be allied in bringing about the
end In view.
I'rinco lokugawn. leader of the
doloautlon from Toklo, say: "Hlnoe
tha men who will sit In thu confer
euro are Alt men ut high powers
thorn l loom for optimum uPont
the outcome of this great meeting.
Thorn are Mdfish politicians and act
tutors lu both the 1'ulted Statos aliTl
Japan, these men must be guarded
against. Writers in both Japan nml
A 11 ii-1 lea have wrlttau on 'A pnitnro
War lletwuen America and Japan'
and 'A Dream of War llelween the
1'nlted Htntes and Japan.' I'nr my
part I cannot dream of j.uoli 11 war.
I believe It urgues well for the suc
cess of the conference that nt least
one or the delegates thereto, name
ly mj'-eir has never oven entoiod
Into a state of mind which would
make an American-Japanese war
l'rlntti k I'nlili.
The last word jupan hai hnd from
. - " " "V rfl.f lit"
?!!- 'Jll. Kanlnuv Maru was 'envlng
tlie vytrelrsM xon ot Julian lie In '
XZ . WHfleaa operator tolnnw Itt thn I'liltr.I Suites ntt:t:ll
eii,4 . iitriwtaBn 111 tttn .
nlo na follow' -".iivew peo
, i aiuk teuvi. it.,. .
A we leay Un. oe In which w .
PllSl Wa Vv 1 I Wm I lKWil ''MWihiI tUr ih wltlHlruwn In
ml I ml I WA mm mm r" roUd . u
In im i.iiniii 'rh'""' thr '.' "jtfi
fiiiniHh tin bulk ot our unnii.il out
put of thn Intl. h caleenieil fiull
The 1 rt ti 1 1 pptut 11 u Hinnll 1
hardv abriib wllh a rterKi'i en P'.hih '
Vp to the time of th. civil war no
nttempt w matin to brliiK It under 1
cultlvnllnu, nnd autnetllnea tho fruit
fetched 11 a mm h na d0 a barrel,
wbereaa nowadaya IS In n fulr prlee.
About HO year ago 11 one-leirjie.t
Sunn nameil ,Iolm Webb, no "odd
Jobbar," who plrkad crnnbi'rrl'a aa
nn Inelilentnl tneana of livelihood In
the neighborhood of Korkeil Itlver.
N. ,1., elmnced to notlcn that the
vlnea Krew more luxuriantly nnd
bore larger and better flavored ber
rlra In patthei where aand hud been
wnahed by rain over the flat bog
from higher ((round.
1 i.r an ivpeiimint, ho ileared a
rnuide of ni rea of boif.
(lulling up
can sond wlrelens measngMi to thn
Japanese people we wish to nsk
them to have faith In the Washing
ton conference. Much that can he
accomplished there depends on the
attitude of the people at home. And
the Japanese delegate are unking
fnr a united country for disarma
ment throughout the etnnlro of
Viscount Hhlhusawn Is known In
the I'lilted Htntn as one who has lung
neon interested In tho cause or
pence. Thl votnrnii Japanese dip
lomat and statesman tuceutly saldi
"Kvorythlng depends on tho dole
gates to Washington nnd their gen
eral attitude. If they negotiate In a
conciliatory spirit In tho interests of
permanent peace, thu conference
will bring good results. If, on tho
contrary, they are selfish In persist
ing In their own claims there will bo
n oJash of Interests, Modern states
men In many, cotes nre sagacious
enough, but when It oomea to justice
they nre often lacking." .
'1 wo men who might bo aligned as
leadeia of opposite belief are (fen-
tin I 'laetka, former milliliter of war
now a lender of the army group In
Japan, and Vuklo Osakl, a visitor
t Washington In t in Tft adminis
tration, foimer mayor nt Toklu and
minister of timt Ice. and nuw tlm out.
sfanrHhg leader for ilbuirumuient n
japan tlnneinl lnnaka says.
'The conferenca will afford Japan
nn excellent opportunity to explain
her position. There appear to havo
been many mlauuderstnndlngs re
garding Japanese armaments. There
I no need tor Japan to be back
ward or deferential 10 any nation.
We must be atiatghtforward, ., ex
plaining our pos.ilnn In no uncertain
telius. Ai-niarnenis differ with each
oounlry, P'rimcc bus her reiumn
In feir wars against llermany and
I tu asla. Kugiitnii lutsther oolnnlos to
protett, America has hor problem
,of armaments In view of her rela
tions with Mexico, Mouth America
and tho Mouth Sea Islands. It la im
possible to dlsi uss all problem with
uniformity. 1 teel that nation as.
sombled at the conftiteuosi should
take an attitude of mutual conces
sion ir any agreement Is to bo
And Mr, Qsakl says: "The reason
I had tor fighting for armaments In
the forty-fouith session of the Impe
rial Japanese diet wna Pooh use 1 felt
that some other country, probably
America, would Introduce each u
lliotlmi. Anil I iliulriul lit r.,iil, lliu
j proper ntnmsphere here. It Is diffi
cult to say now with nny degree of
act iiriir.v just what will bu tho out
come at Washington. If an agree
ment I not reached It la iulto like
ly, though, that nations will take
up thclt work for lncreaed arina-
1 ment with (trealer enthusiasm than
exist a niesent. anil the neonln m
different nations will suffer us a
Mnrtiula okuina repreaentri to -aoine
extent the prejudice nf tin
Japaneae for their own nation, lie
lakes up the attitude ot i.to.i t.
Wtlltl Japan and the confirm. a;
follow "The scttlah nnd impudent
attitude of China tpwatd Japan m
moves for pence (meaning the Shan
lung ftinceeailon) must iiiovc too
much even for up.'niniiboni'ied
Amorlcan. Jnpun Is coming to the
Washington meeting with the best
of intentions, if other nations will
do llkewl.e, as I hope and believe
they will, thero Is nothing to pre
vent the achievement ot the mut-h
desired International disarmament, t
m i-spffi.tilg glad that Japan Is ti
nave an opportunity to convince thu
' till HI llV't '' 1-M .
Prom the i oun'selor of the fnrruti
'. 11,. i.-i,..,i.-,i llrtv ,l,i , ,.
- ...... .. .
mo oprning cf in i ntorcucc
tnla etntcment
Htumpa nnd atrlpplnr; off tho top
mvei of tut f. coveied th ftreit
wllh threil Inchea of purn whltn
Hand, cut t In rr up his patch Into rec-taiiBi-H
with ditches to carry off tho
Mirfacu water.
(nliicil it Kortiine.
Hln nelKliborn laUK'hed 11 1 him,
hut three yenrs lator hla hit of land
beRiin to produce audi crupi an
never had been cen before, oxtru
onllnnry In ahundanca nnd rerpnrk
able for tho rlz of the berrlea. Mx
tendltiK hla oporatlona hn found n
rendy market for hi eranberrlea at
top prlcea nnd eventually retired
with a fortune.
Thl wna thy beslnnlnit of cran
berry lulture, which now In con
ducted 011 a wldo pealo by the method
I hat Webb cirlKlnated Kxiierleiico
Iiaa iiruved thnt the fruit la crown
to host advantage on 111,'irnliy land
cniu understand China? How many
of them realize In what posltlun thu
Jnpaneso people nro placed In rela
tion to the burning problem or na
tional iconnmlc existence? low
mony possess perfect knowledge, of
thn truo statu of Chlnn-Japanese re-
intlunsr in gonernl tlie isurnpean
and American publics are Ignorant
uf artunl conditions In this renioto
corner of tho orient. Their Imper
fect knowledge lends to vurluus mis
understandings regarding tho ours
lions In this part of tho World. I nni
hoping that tha Washington meeting
will afford a good opportunity to
clear thono mattura In tho oyca of
the wnrld."
Viscount Kentaro Kaneko, friend
of tho late Theodore Hoosovelt.
member of tho privy council nnd
president of the American-Japan
society, snys. In his opinion regard
ing tho conference; "It Is the 'gold
en opportunity' for Japan to clear
away tho many mlsuiidei standings
togiirdlng this country and to state
frankly nnd straightforwardly our
national alms and aspirations, thus
making tho foreign powcm under
stand them nnd lake thorn Into ull
Thus tho Jnpanosc tenders express
a part of the feeling held, Peru for
tho success uf tho conrrcneo. And
while tho leadora set forth their
views thero Is a sober thinking por
rentugu of tho national population
of the empire which sees In tho
forthcoming meeting bettor schools,
better roads nnd better conditions,
which will ralso tho status of the
Japaneru tomorrow to a plica nt
economic eouallty with that 'if
' )ands
In tho west.
lit Vaudeville
"Who Is this dame In vnmlevllla?"
"X lady who shot a gent."""
"Well she can't dance, sine or
art. Why doesn't she put up a tar
get and stick to her specialty,"
"How's business In your neghbor
hoodt" nsked Wombat, thn plumb
er, nf ftparerlbs, tho butcher.
"Well, the beauty parlors are all
doing well."
to Death
t Stops All PainThen
PeoU the Corn Off
prtn i.y ic tot i-ot on corn orturi
ft. Ut rij of your ca-n.' It ou hv
Malta Ycur Feet llappal Htmo? a Tkce
Com. Wilh "Cata-ll."
netet aeen a eorn IPk ed to death. Jut
al'P'r a ftw drip of tle'a It in jour
Hi a h that c-n d p a efiillv aa If
It h ,U ora u alafti Soon it la nothln
I t a i vl' ' llead ek n that 0U
can lift right off wirh our fimara.
t,t afiar thtm n -w Ycur drjgclat has
' at ai it It faiia. MM br r iwraac. a
tiati u Loaia put a irina-or notttls
1 Jj
. freezlnir. nnd hna the imntirinm u it.
dltlotinl advanUiRo of deatroylns in -
eei t encnilea. Tlm aund nfforda them
merely bed t atand up In their
food beuiK derived wholly, front the
water. Craiiberrlaa renulro no eul-
tlvnilon and no fertlllxer, the only
labor needed Imlng; to keep out thtf
wda 1 mainly aaw craaa and tho
hardy bulruah . which grow In tho
boBM with auch rapidity that, If per
iiiltled, they wuuld auon tnoe the
Tho moat aerlous dnmrer to tho
crop la an lnaect called tho "web
worm." On hoiiio fine mornlnt: thu
owner of a pronperotia bos may Ret
up and aeo It InokliiK aa It coveted
with miniature Unnka of fotr. It
la tho work nf the web worm, which
during thn night hna spread Ita fine
ellken neta over the whole place,
druwlnc the leavea and twlga of the
vines together nn tlchtly na It they
were tied. Whereupon thn dis
heartened proprietor ccnaea to cal
culate hla profit, nnd flgurea on
what ha ia likely to lne. There la
tiothlnR ho can do to flttht tho mia.
chief; the vlnea turn yellow In 11
day or two tho bloanoms fall off, and
thero Is nn end to tho prospect of
a cr"I'f0,, ,nut scaron
Bargain Sale
of U.S. Stamps
HA.N'OHAI. The I'nlled Statea
postal agency at Shanghai Is prob
ably the only American poitof fire
that ever held what may be called
a bargain sale In stamps. This hap
neneti this fatl and wna mado posal
bio hy a fluctuation In tho rate of
About a year ago as a rnnaanre
of convenience fnr tho public the
Amerlean postofflco placed on snlo
stamps that could bo purchased In
the currency of the country, based In
value upon tho .Mexican dollar. TIicbo
now stamps called surchargo stamps
merely wero the ordinary 2-cent nnd
other stamps, but they bore In black
letters on their face for tho J-cent-ers
tho words "Shanghai 4c China."
Soon nfter these stumps wero liiuod,
by icnsnn of a fluctuation In tho rate
of money exchange tho salo of the
surcharge stamps had to bo stopped.
Early this fall thn money exchange
rate again went to a mint nt which
It was possible again to place these
stamps on snlo nnd promptly a ruah
followcii to buy them, Tho renaon
was the nnxlety of collectors
throughout tho world to obtain seta
of tho stamps. It was found that
wh.llo a complete set of stamps
could be purchased nt tho American
postofflco In Shanghai fnr Mex,
J5.H. the same sets were being sold
by collectors In New York nt a rate
of gold 110 and In London at 3
pounds. he American poitotflce
In Shanghai Is thn only distributing
office lu tho world where these
stamps juny Jo obtained arid they
aro Isstlrd from tho Shanghai office
only when the exchange rate war
rants their sale.
A Ouernl Habit.
Have you ever noticed that thero
arc a lot of people In Nowata who
go around looking for temptations to
avoid ? Nowata Star.
Says Backnche is sign you
liavq been eating too much
When you wake up with backache
and dull misery In the kidney region
it generally means you havo been
enting tno much meat, snys a well-
known authority. Meat forms uric
add which overworks tho kidneys In
their effort to filter It from the blood
'and they beiome bort of purnlyr'd
und foggy. When your kidneys got
sluggish and elog you must relievo
i them like you relieve your bowels
l removing all the body's ttrlno ts
waste, else you havo backache, sick
headache, dlszy spells; your stomach
! sours, tongue Is coated, nnd when
i tho weather is bad ou have rheu
matic twinges. The urine is cloudy,
full of sediment, channels often get
s-re. water scalds and you urc
obliged to seek relief two or threo
, times during tho night.
Klther consult a good, reliable
physician nt nnco or get from your
pharmacist about four ounces of Jad
I Salts, take a tublcspoonful In it glass
or water uerore breakfast for a few
days and your kidneys will then act
fine. This famn-js salts is made from
tho acid of grapes and lemon Juice,
combined with llthla, and has been
used for generations to clean and
stimulate sluggish kidneys, also to
neutralize acids In the urlno so It no
longer Irritates, thua ending bladder
Jad Sail la a II fe saver for regular
meat raters, It Is Inexpensive, can
pot Injure and makes a delightful
' 'fervescent llthla-water
In titnrtinir a new cranberry pl.m
I11M011, f.i.-h cuttliiKa ar used, eet
out In May or June What with
ditching mid o:her preliminary op
eration, thr 1 oat to begin wllh H
I tOO t.i $700 uu n. ie In the third
year the hoc may ho expected to
' l''olit 20 to 30 lmrrela of fruit per
acre, loiter on It may run up to 75
or even 100 barrels,
Cranberrlea nre uauatly liniul
lilcked, Tho moat approved method
la to cnther them while- yet urccn.
after which they am winnowed
Kot rid of leaven and refUae, and
spread on bare Kround under open
anetla. wliere tnev slowiv rinen to a
sheds, where they slowly ripen to a
beautiful red color. Uefore being
imoked In boxes or barrels for
market, they aro run over n slightly
Inclined board, and all rotten or
brulfed berries aro picked uut and
Sinco timn Immemorial tho work
of cianberry picking has been as
signed mainly to women nnd chil
dren, und at tho ripening season they
havo assembled by thousands at the
hogs, coming trom all the neighbor
ing countryside. Whole villages
have been fairly depopulated, their
Inhabitants dropping at hither oc
cupations for the five or six weeks
nf tlie annual hnrvest, and many of
them living In tents, to earn a lit
tle "cranberry money'' to help out
tno winter s expenses.
I In recent years, hewever, the In
dtistry has been Invaded by swarms
of foreigners collected In tho cities
and shipped to thn cranberry dis
tricts, whero they nro housed In
wretched shacks, shamefully over
crowded, Insufficiently fed, and paid
starvation wages, whllo compelled to
get up at 4 o'clock In tho morning
and toll until dark In tho swamps.
Slaves of tho Swnmps.
Largely they are mles and Ital
ians, working under tho Iniquitous
padrone system, the wages they earn
being pnld to their masters, who
cr at thorn In overy Imaginable
way. The padrono charges for the
privilege ot tno jot; nu gets
rake-off" on their transportation.
ond he collects a commission on
every bushel ot cranberries they
pick. lie always jireters to cngigetamjoned Jlnallyas hopeless
Announcing the Opening of ji
li! Branch Office and 1
A branch office and sales yard has been opened at the cor
ner of Eighth and Boston streets. This office is in charge of
Mr, Chas. Van Hoose a special nurseryman from our organi
zation. These grounds will be kept supplied with fresh
dug, choice trees, etc., from our large nursery at Fayette
ville, and it will pay you to call and seledt your fruit trees,
shade trees, roses, bulbs, evergreens and other stock.'
'A force of special planters are employed by us, and if so
desired, we will not only help you select the stock, BUT
WILL PLANT IT FOR YOU. Advice regarding any nursery
stock gladly given without obligation." Consult us as you
consult your doctor or lawyer we arc nursery specialists.
Parker Bros. Nursery Company
larfeo fainlllea, wllh many children
niiii aninu nf it. imt i,i,. ...u,.
toil lcnff hour ilailT. arc not 'tnore
tenia ?, a ld' turnl"K fi vr 6
The&e workers are ationletnenteit
hy birito contliiReuta In tho employ
ui kicui pat-Kins nnu canninir con
cetns, llkewlan conalatlns of tho
poorest folk from aonthern Klirime
who In other months labor in tlm
inn kmc districts of Maryland nnd
New Jersey. The Vecetnblo and
fruit runners depend almost wholly
fur their supply of labor upon
women and children, who, on ac
count of thn perishability of the
products concerned, nin obliged to
work overtime to an extent unknown
In any other Industry, sleeplnc under
filthy beaiclothi's In Hurruundincs
often unspeakable, nnd BUfferlnc tho
evils of a congestion that outslums
the cities.
Vlcwlnc the cranberry In a more
cnearful niect, wu havo the pleas-
J urn of knowing that for the con
, kiiiiimp It Im ..r, i.u..uv.r..l f,..ntR
Ilrown-Scriu.ird declared It in ho
"tno most regnerutlng of all fruits."
Its nelds are germ destroyers and It
contains a aesqulnxldn of Iron which
Is 11 valunblu tonic. Horses aro fond
of cranbiirrles, A pint of them once
or twice a week will mako Dobbin's
coat glossy.
A worthwhile suggestion for the
housetylfo Is thut In dealing with
cranberries, should only use porce
Inln lined or enamel utensils. For
the SAiiro that Is to nccomptiy tho
Thanksgiving turkey, shn should add
to 0110 pound of cranberries three
fourth of a pint of water nnd three
fours of a pound of white suger.
Then boll 10 minutes, shaking gent
ly whllo boiling hut not stirring.
Thus tho berries will rotaln their
brilliant color.
For Jam sho should add to ono
pound of crnnberres a pound of
white sugar and threo-fourths of a
pint ut water, boiling fur 20 min
utes. '
Not I.IUctl Abroad.
The American oranderry Is pecul
iarly our own; Kuropo though It has
n smaller variety knows nothing llko
It. Ono may ask In vain for cran-
berry sauco at the best hotels abroad,
A few years acn tho department of
agriculture mado a determined ef
fort to Introduce our cranberry In
London. Tho chefs nt sevoral big
hotels In that metropolis agreed to
make a trial of It. but somewhat? It
1 failed to etrlko tho Drlttsh nalato
I favorably. In a word, It did not
' "catch on." and tho nttempt wus
Sales Yard
Of the-
Parker Bros. Nursery Co.
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Our tolal rrnnl.e, rv
.Vlr lo,ai crnntirtry
, ooo'r",rbuaheW's ' '
Pt U ua high 11.1 us 1. ,
I Energy Low?
Take Yeast in
Tablet Form
Combined With Iron and
Other Health Builders
Watch the Quick Imnrove
mcnt in You!
Pelnr rimla that a j,rn
Ma srow prematurrly m,i una 1.
coui Ititir roii.ia lurk una a, ,
uinunco csllM vltanPma,
Orillnary Saklinc yaat. It
fount!, ta rich in vltaiuinea 1
tiava eaten eonirtinn ram lt.it
easre. dtrlreal apl?ni!l,t ben. fl -
Uut the IrtinUo la that cinu .
lively few rt'Pl" ean 'aimm t
due. to Urn niniaeallng taai.
Uut nnw, at laat. eteriirt
yeaat -anrt rnjo) II. Kt.r. tin.1.-- t - i
Imtillett Yeam, u , Vailatie '
venlent taMet form, whtih ik
pleaaant lo lake, but la fti- 1 ,
tlva tlian orillnary yeaat be. ,, 1, 1
talna hlclily cunrennated hrewrr'a
blrh la even rlcner lit vtt,.n h $
uaalnir yeaat.
In atPlltlnn. lrnnlie.1 iVm -
nrsanlt or vegetable Iron ..ta,
lalad by the. aten,i ttl.i.h '
haa been Jtreaeilbetl aa a tt " 'I
Thua. In lroniznt Yr-.t , ,, ,
benerit of tvtu a.lentltt tonl.l 0 -
ontx one.
If you have been felt kly II i
down irenerally. It .ni feel t
ling eltl ami lack the en.-rirv m
lion yoll onee jKtaaeaaeil, If y.Mi ti
eaatly. anil are troubled ulth ;
lit, nervouaneaa. aleepl-asneea ''
all meana try Ironlfeil Yeail f t
moat raaea, bring reaulta that aro a
IroiilEPd Teaat keepa Irnlef 1 n''
feela about the aalne r-r a-""
nion yeaal. but la Inut It r on r t
I'.tich packaKft conlalna 10 ttia
ment and cpta ..nti a 1 f1
10c a day. Hperiul dlrec -i
druaslais everywhere. Ma.t-
tiren in eacn pacaaite.
lrunUed Yeaat Cumpiinr,
D. 104
- - v .. AUIIIHKIIIiyi.
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