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Many Sterling New Show Offerings
Billed for the Theaters This Week
,m Wise, movie star, njul n epe
v selected cast, Including Miss
,a Mac In "Memories."
nctty llyron und William Hale In
l Ilook of Vaudeville.
f,rw A I'aul Murdock. "Iloolleg
t. with a ong and darfco high-
iml & UooUy In "What Can We
,r McCu Hough, "Squirrel's
iri.rn," comodlun,
I'nlan. '
Thoma-i Jefferson In the. old
i-b , wlilrh' r.rltlos says I better
, r i lie screen than story, "HIV Van
V. hM.' "
ne Orey's popular niory which
- ni have read, Thc Mysterious
r.i .' i '
ifaiold I.Ioyd In his funniest com
. i Never Weaken." Hull of thnlis
" I lisssssss I III i Ill III M ll IsMI Ml C?C4 -lOiUkL. MkFWo 'TWf " ' M .BMn I 'HiVKi'i',-YH,-r1W::rmaBrfC JW-M I , . J.V TT" ,Y mLJar?(K 'i?! j3
a continual laugh, also the
-I'irrn Trail," a James Oliver
i Mil story.
' i r musical review, "Lovellme. I
n. 'iinc new nnd different and'
I liHltMl (II Hlimrii mi nuiiiiiminv
of , mil entertainment, comes to the
urmdway today for the first of a
' . kn engagement. It In another of
tin- irlcrn ImporlatlonB for patrons
f i'ii ltroadway and combines mora
ihu !io usual musical comedy com
esni ' In their repertoire of com-dle-
will bo found "The Funny
Mu i . "The Wrong Doctor." "An
Awfu Mlxun' nnl "Vhy Jimmy Left
lli.mi ' the four best. Theru will
be resented during tho week The
company numbers 20 peoplo by
artital count, and carries an actual
carload of rcencry rfnd coRtumes.
On the screen today will bo seen
"Koine Ilrand,' n narrative of human
motions, ptcturlted In an admirable
manner, and a comedy, "Law and
Order'.' Tuesday -und Wednesday
the Hroadwoy starts a new film
scrvl-n and offers Bcbe Daniels In
her film lilt, "Ducks and Drakes,"
Iong with J Klncto Rovlown and
Aesop's Fables.
Art Acord, world's champion cow
boy, wields a mean pair of spurs
In the flrft Installment of his con
tinued feature, "Winners of the.
West " to be shown at tho Lyric
theater next Friday ahd Saturday
in a way that Hhould delight even
tho most sophisticated audience It
u a convincing, and picturesque pro
duction portraying the Mitring gold
ruh of '49, with plenty of action
and hard and fast riding by tho kins
of rodeo experts.
The appearance of Capt John C
Fremont and Kit Carson, two of tho
distinctive charactera of the. era
when men kept their flrcarma al
ways within reach, added to the his
torical aspects of tho feature, which
was produced with a keen lnelght to
authentic utmoiphero and realistic
The opposing football team to tho
one on which Charles Hay appears.
In "Two Minutes to Clo," tho First
National attraction showing at tho
Strand theater, was compon'd almost
entirely of the University of South
ern California team, which played
through all tho last season without
being defeated.
The only difficulty that Mr. Itay
had in his direction was that Ihc
Imyn were all so tremendously keen
that It was almost Impossible, at
times, for his own team to make thn
trains they required, tow'ard tho end
of tho game, owing to the fact that
the boys got so excited at the very
IJea of having Another team oppos
ing them made them put up tho best
quality pf football -that they knew.
The result was that when Mr. Kay
made the last fow gains, which took
nini over the goal line, he hftd to put
forth every bit of strength und
knowledge he possessed.
.Marrv Carey Is not Just nn nctor.
yhn Harry Carey first began work
m I nlvertu! pictures ho upset u
sacred tradition of the screen byTij,.
jiearuig In uvernllx and n battered
hat Ho does not believe In present
ng screen llfq different from real
me Mr. Carey's western character-
ISStlnnn Km... L. . v.i ...
. ...i- iiiuukih ii 111 ii.iiiu nnu
lartune. The reason Is not because
"j are unreal anu spectacular, but
because they are sincere and nat
mII "rry Carey In "nlue StreaK
fi 0I1B ot "I" ,"-'"' pictures, at
the Wonderland theater.
Day and Night
Are Just Alike
v?.TTWAi Ont. ncsldents of the
or,nun oil fields newly ills
"v,'ja In the remote northwest of
" J "J'ong the Mackonfio river,
'orget whether It Is day or night
ns is the result of tho long porl
J ff daylight.
it Has brought out In an Incident
'r a id by O. H. Flnnle, of the Canad
' department of the interior, who
i'1 r,'c' ntly returned from Fort
"torn an. On ono occasion on h s
lit H t."1"v, accosted Mr. Finnic
a.iKing the time of the day.
11 o'clock." was the reply.
'' or night?" Inquired the na
"h a languid glance nt tho
' wiin h had been shining continu-
r days.
y Untile explained that tho long
'j ci ' periods, apparently take
from tho natives all nense of
iiL ani lh"y l'a't w,"on they are
uns,jr nml Hlcni wncil tncy wnn,
h. ut 'ference to what idee
h"e are night Ivours. ,
in i 'au11' Bfow exceptionally well
all . r r.or,hi ""J'" -M- Finnic, who
ta . XU.,a tho ' ''"y- I'"'
t , ,urnlPs. celery 'and ordinal y
tU,!en yield excellent crops.
. Ilenderiiig Him HarmloHS.
Tnk, r 1 '" wrllM It. II. M "the
mor.' i.pcl cr. "sulatlon isn't any
more iK, b)n U)al) lh(j not)c(j j
A l")"t"1 UP In Massachusetts
or t t''ne!v wheKi d0r n' 'Kns
tirely " nould be chained up no-
lvkX'I ou '""licrs Ixislng.
r.t?n'Nr"".Tnern u not ft "lne,B
rnkinp r ,n 'idon today that Is
u?rS a 1,roflt' ani herb Is -r
Pr "l"u..n?t ,n tP" nilll making
otmii c!ae.,, l-rd Hurnham, thn
mtlnt,,no.l?all' Telegruph. at it
house I-ondon Maneloa
Rip Vm Wntie
How Sauer Kraut Indus fry Was Saved
HACIXK, Wl. Thofo' persons
who like to have Just n few barrels
of sauer kraut In the houve In case
of slckn.-i-n or to whom 'corn beef
"uiii-' "i i "Hum tuin u. i-nrtiililv fnllnwpil rniitlniiniiM n'uni. mere are nines or cuntiagu
und cabbage Is a mcwlty and cab- J'ly followed continuous I " n,dw , 1P ,ruck r,.iinu (r U'lscou
bage frulad u luxury owe an Inestl- 'ng of tntjbngo and which practical- ',m ,,M(1 ),nl where a few years
manie iipin in nr. i - u. Jones, pi.uu
pathologlM of the University of wis
conj-ln and to t lie persist! nee of i
group of Wisconsin cabboire grow
Scasoii's Fur Coat Fashions Are
Indication of Lona Hard Winter
ltv l.l.tilSK. I
This Is the t.me if year when
every sign is taken as an omen of I
a cold December. January and Feb-,
ruary. If we air to belli ve all thew 1
unscientific linltctlotis then turaly
a strong tine s n wrut th" future;
weather will be In their new winter
urun fur. Mr-t or t'ie new rur '
wrai and ivr,ir In fur ore m .re
popnta- this 'bin r am
fit for ii trip to il, point polf"
m.tiir, t hert urr three lo- elv
n.rnr. .,1 tlir ilresfT tvnes. All
three, would; wra o ury o -caslon of
, zrrOxrey
era along the went shores of Luke
In the face of a blight which Iti-
ly iiireutonen tne extermination or
ths rommerclal Growth of the nlont.
vin-i iiuviiLn v:ijiiiui itu I, jiii-'i,i
Jones Imvo saved the Industry The
evening or any formal affair.
Ono ot the three Is not fur. but
merely woven fabric. And If this
were a piuitle pago Mrture lustrad
of a fashion I would be sure nnd
as): you to pick out the coat which
you It Is on tho flguro In the center.
At the left Is a wran of .lati-
am-ee sable. It Is cut on amnle lines
with n huge collar and not t o con-
ventlonnl sleeves. The flowing
llnea nf tho skirt and the silk rib-
bon tie ut the tbenm ur, iinnuiini
feiitnri-n .,n n rnr f-t,i.mn
Kcratnl W tho name of tile, fur,
' story Is told by a writer In tho Wis
consin Agricultural.
It h a story of a lft-yenr fight by
n-lentlflo men using the weapon of
"flection and elimination against n
(dln'iim known ns cnbhugu yellowH
nnd wnlcn sflcni-ii tlnally bas won.
ago mane y a trace or a crop would
reward the best efforts of the fnrm-
Cabbnge gro-s almost everywhere
fabric used to fashion the wran In
mo Winer, ii is suuaoiq only iori
evening wear and here Is combined
with real ermine and lined wlthi
chiffon velvet. A laiiie shawl col
lar and flare sir even am distinctive
Mink makes the wrap at the
right This is a rial wrap showing,
I nn iImui ii u frnm n Vrnm h
house Cut Bimitt m r-lmply as a
blank, wrb tnangulur armholes
and a huge ' 'a- 'hat can be turned
nn in h. i.f.n.i ii ...b.,u
fiihni, ..f...,i ... l.'..,... ... .
woman's th-crtTt ot evening frocks.,
In I ho I'nllcd Ktules, but It wat nn
IIHMutlsfiK lory crop bora two utter n
few yi'iits of production, land would i
Invariably become lnfecleil with jel
Inv. h and bi-ini'forth for ml time'
would refusn to Kiovv rabbugo I
The prlnrliilo iipiiu wlilch Ilotloi I
Junes iiierateil was this. A fl- lil '
Intecti'd with yi'llovm would produce
maybe a iloieii, maybe not mure
tliun one or two Ii -nil per mire,
l-'ot Monie itnison theie heails would
have a nutuiiil Immunity to yel
lows.. The theory wan i hut the piog-
iuiy of then' Individual heads wou:d
continue to develop tile Immunity to
a l.ugvr degiue and thla lias urokuil
out In luct
in 1310 tthen tbe Wlncnnsln cb.
hagt grulMu'ri were dlsbearted and
auout to uluniliin the liuluatry. Doc
toi Joiioi selected a single head hum
u lu-Hiin field owned by V. J.
II. inn hii of Kenosbu county. Cab
lege u a biennial and II took two
ji.iih lor tlio wed lu develop, but
ihr ulttinatu sends from ihU single
In ail also lu nvvd to have immunity
to the oilows.
They worn plahtml und carofully
conserved and studicu and hum
thU single head was devi loped the
vl4coiiHtu Ho. lander cabbage, a
strain that groua luxuriantly in Uiu
Hoist )elloia anil dlfeafod liiliil.
i . A. J. I'lpi-r, llroesche liriitin-in,
I Walker brothers and few' other
lake ehore gioworn wine ulsu con
ducting tlm.lar expetlmenU and -iutlish,ng
tlm. pflnclple that by so
lecion and ollmlnailon Immunity
. Couiu be lie tlove.upeil
Up to this year, a.mo.t no seed ot
the dlmase resistant etmln was win
out ot the etute, ulthougii caubage
gruneia everyuheru bail watched
the experiments und clamored for It.
There wua not tmuugh eueil yet to
r.upply Wisconsin nor In tint any
more than tor uo for lurther
growth of scud cabbuge. This year
the eeed la being dlsti United by the
college of agriculture of the uiilver
elty to other experiment stations and
colleges whole It will lie used by
them In overcoming their yellows In
fected cabbage land.
The .Mo tho.
Senator Hiram Johnson wat (lis
eusMlng the various restrictions which
it Is proposed to put on 1mm grutlnn.
"We certulnly have got to rnstilct
Immigration somshow or other," ho
milil. "or tho Immigrants won't leave
the nativo population room to
"CoiiilllMns In Kurope el nee the
war are so bud that praitlcully
everybody wants to i-ome here. J
suld to an Immigrant the other day;
".'You Immigrants ail Mlceoml re
markably In Amerliu. I wonder why
it isr
''It's because,' the Immigrant an
swertd, we know that. If we don't
succeed, wo will have to go back und
live In our own land again.' "
1 Ninnj r.mik Account.
KAVAN.N'AH. Ha. Twenty-nine
years iikii jnw .naune wuuio oi
Ja ksonvllh?. I'la., had a savings
account of II started by her mother
In the old Savannah Having- Iwnk
while the family lived here let-
ter recenilv uddiessed tu the li.uik
mine In'o the bunds f Cbji l.-s
Itn.kwel' il forme. Heasmer of tbe
.istimtlio long Hlticr' ill fi nc anh
Iiik v.lint 'he dillir had .-irc-il It
liad earned 17 'Bins, e - ml ig to
Mr. Itorkweit. and In advufil the
1 i',iini' tnilv tlie account ldl rlord
on tho books now in his posciIj.i.
Lovetjme " "BROADWAY
New Oil Discovery.
Cures Many Victims
of Dreaded Leprosy
IIONOLl'M'. T. II, - on the out m l the authorities to experiment
skirts nf Honolulu, set well apart with the new treument on them
from nil i evidential d'strlcts. Is a I selve s, such wa the evil eputatlon of
l.ttle oasis nf ereen lawtm and ! the old i.tl triatmenl. Home were
ispreadlng shade tiees hem-nth which
rtaiiils a group of plain but scrupii'
louHly clean and mthur attractive
lnilldliigs. No wall shuts out the
outer world, no signboard Identifies
tin- ulnce. It mliiht slgnbnard blen-
titles the place. It might be a school
or BM-n u group of private -tiuiiuings
fenced off from the public only by
an ordinary wire
This unpretentious, nameless, nut -of-lhe-wuy
establishment Is tho Kall
hl rirctvlni; station, where vliHn
or suspected victims of the world's
most Hticlcm scourge, leprosy, are
sent upon uppcrhonstou by the pub
lic health authorities.
Two years ago this pretty little
spot vmis a place ot tragedy. At It
gateway wives parted from husbands,
parents from children nnd friend"
from friends, never to be reunited
this side of the grave. For from Ka
j "'' w but h step to the
Isolation of Molokan, from which In
those iln none relumed, and but
few over returned to ttieir love,) ones
from Kallhl.
.Noil Irwilmeiit DlMincmi.
Then from the laboratories of tne
I'nlverslly of Hawaii In Honolulu
e.nne word of a new treatment, spo -
elfle for leprosy, derived from the
chaulmoorga oil, which for years had
been the onlv known weapon against
the dread disease, but which In Its
form as then applied was unnearuiiio
to the patient In effective qunnt'lles
Foientlsl awaited anil awaited word
nf another failure In the long romrd
of attempts to find H cure for lep
rosy. Heedless of these skeptics nr.
Arthur I. Dean, of the I'nlverslty
nf Hawaii, dlsi overed of the new
chaulmoogra o'l derivatives, ss h"
railed his specific, and Dr. ..I. T. Mc-
Donald, (ihyslclan In charge of the
Kallhl receiving station, went to
work to test the discovery.
Difficulty was encountered at first
In finding vol'inteers who would per
NO mill sqillns slut 'ln. Milt In gti
rid ot thnnii unnlsl.tly l,uc.tliii. bl. k j
hllll Titer III nn l ,n lite nf snil turn (
w)f to H'l llim eul nil llisl ! to nit
olK Ihein. T it') llils J"' "' b01"
two ouncrs of rsianlt iowclr from your
a-.,.ui nrlnklo s Illlle on "'
, n,. tlirkSMili
1 M-we-; '' ',h' 'T..,. .,1d
. ' '"'T mi. .
""r W.skh.l 1 f ""
I'lnchliur s.u.nls out Wrh.n
m.i,. I.rr rt smt ou tssi.-' s
i ml ot tin Wsrklnu "Hi nl
wtiUs llil nlmpl sppllntlon "f " "
powiltr " "n,xn v" ,
' ,in, ot tb" "! ,n '
,,uf.. In llnlr sstuni con I r nrf
i drusrlil "I" ' 0IJ "" 'crue paw
,lr MSil sticut id-i Jt. o v 'I bo
,eu will vr n-.J Aavtrti3mnu
fimnd, however, who wre willing l
saorlfirr themselves for the possible
goo,) of their fellows nnd the work
began. From the first the symptoms
of extreme nausea, vwhlch had been
nrodtiieil in the mifieiit by the old
treatment were noticeably absent,
with Ihc new derivalltes, wiileli were
applied by ln)i ( tlnll -lllln 1 11 f ricsn
.This encouraged more patients t
volunteer. Insuring to the experi
menters more definite i-siilts.
Si-wriil I'litli'titM Dl-cluireiil,
Then to an nutonlshed world calnc
th word that several pallonls at
Kal hi. known victims of the tllsease
then discharged, cured of the disease
as far ns nied cal skill could ascer
tntn. The world still doubted. The
lde of the Incurability of leprosy
was ton firmly Implanted to be thus
easily rooted out. Moro patients
were d si-hnrne.l from time to time.
but not iint'l early In 1321 wero tho
skeptl os finally nut to rout. At ttiat
tin,., amnu ft ? t.tifl.oilu u.',ir.t ills-
i lllirK(I f0I) Itl jihl Million with
,, ,1...,., i,m nr henltli. all throuith
treatmcnt with the new derivatives
,,f the chaulmooKra oil
o the day of this great event
1 B hi era set) to be a place of tragedy
and became Instead a place of good
cheer and hopefulness. Huspocts
consigned V Hie station went not
us men leaving the world hut a men
colli to 1 rlrsnseil of a illacase
as they might go to any hospital. On
Humluy ttilernnons partli-uliirlv Is tin
place brlgh.t and i heerf.il. f ir on thai
afternoon the up mteii nt vurio'jii
ihiinlir, go In t'ie stnll'iii on 1
with the patients In no insplr' u; hi'
i door set v e At lb
m r i i ' rt "A 1 1
.ii mil in
1 1,. ' ii.ruHi"
known umr i lam pi f.
1 i-nl, itain'd In ie' im Ii
i .
Mtnthol Is Nstuts't f stnedy for throsl
ffMilom, unit br Ihiol soil n r
tl.lllH III MoUiIni inil liIlr.j qmll
t!,. r.ll.r. It,l lirltiltd mtmbrn.
Htlni aim s pwrfl ntlnpllt, It pl
Tiflta ipratilllisef Ihtlnttamoiatlon.
Daar'i M.nthclalaJ Caugt. Diora aia
eoirpf vi't wltt last the prnpa. amuM
fmintfto: and pun cant '' lo makt
than dmbh airattlva. i'laaaam It ttala
alwribananlal. Now ft pi n war laa,
D,an UaJlelna Co.. Mllwauk Wii
glen clubs and orchestras of the sta
tion of willed a number have been
orKnnlsed by I ho patients. There is
n minimum of preaching, n maximum
of cheerful music, nnu inn cnuro
atmosphci ii Is onn nf brightness.
u Tram Now,
Nit fwllor buvlnir seen the former
tragedy nnd tears of Kallhl could
visit there nn n Hnndny nfternnni;
now without marveling. Separated
mily by u low wlro fenco and a few
foet of ground, two groups fare onu
another one nt townspeople, ono of
patients nt tho station. Tno latter,
for thn most part Hawaiian", range
In eitru rmm tills nf ttiren anil four 111
tlii faces of nil. young and old, Is
inlildlH-iigod men and women. On
the cheery slump of wcll-grotintlod
hope, ii ml no ono Hearing uioir spinn
did singing nnd watching their joy
in II oould doubt that to them llfo Is
no longer a hopeless tragedy, but a
thing of brightness to which they
look forward with full confldonco
and courage.
Not Golden, Hut Some
Egg for a Little lien
HTUATIIMOHi;, Alia, Tho myth-
leal goose that laid thn gotden egg
had nothing on it proud little barn
yard nrlstnurnt on the farm Of
Hugh llerry. In tho timn-worn tale
there Is nothing to Indicate that Hie
golden egg was of moro than usual
Hl.n. In this respect, ut least, the
Immortal goose was a poster.
Krnestlne, the little purebred
Illack Minorca clalma the domin
ion record for Ue. In tho strug
gle with several other Vhamploiia
for supremacy, ICrpeslIno laid an
egg having a circumference of
S 3-1(1 Inches. It weighed B!l
Twiet Wonl III Hound)'.
MOItA.NTOW.V, W. Va. - Mrs,
II. M. Fnrrell, !?, worried over an
iitiimld bill of SI. 50 for -19 years.
Then she came lo this city from
her home In I'lttshurgh lo pay the
bill contracted when she was a
young girl attending school horo
with the firm ot lloorge M. John
fr Co. Kim had an account with
the store and left the city owing
11 r.n which dobt. aha said, sho
could not dismiss from her niliiil.
Mr. John, head or tnn firm, is sun
iK-1 hi- thouirli no loniror actively
connected with thn More. Hho hunt
ed him up nt ills homo una paiu
tho bill.
It's Grantlmothor'B Recipe to
Bring Buck Color and
Lustre to Hair
You can turn gray, faded hair
beautifully dark and lustrous almont
over night If you'll get a bottle of
"Wyeth's Huge nnd Sulphur Com
pound" at any drug store. Millions
of bottles of this old famous Hi go
Too recipe, Improved by the addition
of other Ingredients, tiro aold unnu
oily, says a well-known druggist
here, because It darkens the hair so
naturaMy and evenly that no one ( an
tell It has been applied.
Those whose hair Ii turn'ng gray,
or becoming faded have a surprlso
awaiting them, beratiso after one cr
two applications the grsy hair van
ishes and youi lot ks become luxurl
in My dark nnd beautiful.
This Is 1 1 in nge of youth. Ory
h,ui.l hi ntirjctlve folks aren't
w.int. il around, so get busy with
W'yeihs Rigo and Hulphur fori
p., mil tonight and you'll bu delighted
wlih your dark, handsome hair and
v. ui youthful uppe.iraneo within a
few days. -Advertisement
Ask For It!
Expect lo find Ihe
Fisherman, the
"Mark of Supremacy,"
on every bottle of
emulsion that you buy.
This means that you will
always ask or
Scott & Down, BUomfl.U.N. J.
" awu 6at3 m
CTcb1U or Granule) 1
i VtaV I
BimiiwiniiB iiiiriiiiinikitMMeaBma8
; 11 A
U .
1 1

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