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Failure to Vote Spavinaw Water Bonds Will Weaken, If Not Destroy, Confidence In Tulsa's Future
NOV. 29
nailv i 31.025
Sunday 36,000-
V Jfai -.
VOL. XVI, NO. 52.
NOV 29
. Ill III 111 III saSiXZ!m3mK-
. in r.v v.-. j im i
Sunday Flays the Church
Members Who Emulate
Crucifixion Mob
Denunciation Shatters Pre
tense of TcrsonlH Libertine;
Calls Spade a Spade
More Than 500 Accept Invi
tation by Sunday to Re
nounce Sin
The moro oyster soup It takes
to run a church, the faster It
goes to tha devil when It set
Personal liberty that'll the. law
that all the anarchists want.
You cm not pray right unless
you do right. God' warriors
miift bo first his worshippers.
When you want to know II tho
devil Is In anything, pour the
light on It and you will hear a
howl from hell.
No man, no matter how low
down or high up, can conflno the
reiulta of his nets to hlntcslf. ,
It to bo a Christian you dis
please somebody, God bo praised
that you have found out that
their friendship Isn't worth threa
whoops this sldo of perdition.
Whatever God wants you lu do.
He will help you to do.
It's a waste of tlmn t.i pray to
the wrong- God. Jt's no uso to'
pray to your lfmnusbie, your
buMness, "your Jewels, your cer
tificate of graduation.
It was a fighting, fiery, militant
Wily Sunday who electrified .throe
audiences In the tabcVnoclo yester
day. 8ltchlng his aim from "the devil
and M.i gang." he went gunning for
tie men whoso sex sins engulf hi
ruin not only themselves hut the
Innocent exposed the modern
rhurch which is moro Interested In
the kitchen and puntry than tho pul
pit and the choir loft and has "more
full stomachs than bended knees"
asMlled the church members wno
nyporrltlnillj shudder at thohghl of
Ihe mob which cruelly crucified the
Chrl 2,000 years and yet whose
actloT.s In 1921 proclaim kinship to
mis sen. same mob.
In Combative Trim.
Itllly was In tip. top combative
trim, Never particularly gentle
worded, ho called spaces right out
loud, and quite loudly, too. Tho
fcubjeet of license masquerading ns
personal liberty was up for discus
sion duMn came Iiis clenched fist
on the wooden stand, shattering the
nushed silence' into pieces, like a
broken glass, while Ida denuncia
tions shattered the pretenses of the
personal llher-tlno." Ho under
scored a phrase with a gesture which
cut 'the nir swiftly and almost
snapped his handkerchief Into uuni
Mllly. he emphasized an argument
with stamping feet, ho reinforce!
stentorian tones wi(h hnnis pitted
trumpet-wlsa to Ill's "mouth. Ho sped
to the right, to tho left; thon sonic
more of the mime. In the heat of a
Peroration his supple body posed
perlously on tho edgo of tho plat
forni right legup. in the attitude
which lias come to bo familiar to
'utrnucie goern.
"st night ho darted out on u
Press table and confided to every
body within hearing that thero iiro
luisans enlisted on church rolls
"u nave not yet dnrkened the
tabernacle doors. In what soemed
"j r.ipiu movement ho swung a
Jlower basket from h press table,
'ore a handful of petals from tho
neart of several large clirymn
"1'iriumH nnd flung thorn to tho
J'nda in challenge to any ono to
"'Put? tho divinity of Christ. He
Mpt the audlenco ao Interested that
Lit'" H8 lf lfo them In tho
hollow or his hand. The climax
ot tiio sermon found him mounjod
jn the stand,
Conio Ihmii Give Mo Your Hand.
lo was tender withal. "What will
jou do with JesusT" he asked again
5nd Baln last night, not ns if ad
ivb,ur of 'a:e8 utretchlnB
IltllwlAtln TtlL,l. (J..I.I ...
m.)i: irrmrniloiis rroduiilim
Mm.. ''''tontlalltli.
aimy Om-KANS. Nov, 20. A
nriS I. eM tM w'th "trcmondous
unctIo.n. Potcntialtlca" haa been
rnr ii ln northern Louisiana, no-
h, a report made public
enHt0llay a,tr a" Investigation by
hu?i.t.'rB. of tho Unltei1 St
"ureau of mines, rnndurted tnr lli
"n ruiunt of Governor Parker.
A productive, area of
212 square
, or roundly 135.000 acres in a I Small, Mayor Wlllla-n Halo Thomp-
14 block, located In Union, 'son nnd scores of other dignitaries
"uarhlta and Morehouse parishes, ' and by more Minn 100.000 person
El?!..1"5 ry of Monroe, nnd deulg-lwho lined the route ot a parade of
in ?1 2" t" Monroe gas field, U HO.000 world war veterans and mem
"tuned In the report. beri) of !tallanAmerlcan societies,
W oobank Winner
Of Car Given by
Junior Chamber
To W. Woobank, who liven In
apartment n-5. Gotham apart,
mcnts, on Wet Fulrvlew street,
goes the 12,100 Jordan alitor'
bile given by tho Junior Chamber
of Commerce at tha close of the
Harvest rVntivnl. Woo bank had
only one ticket.
Tho dJacovoiy that ho had won
tho car cauitf as n distinct ur.
prise to him htf admitted it yes
terday. When his copy of the
Morning World was slipped undr
the door of his apartment
Sunday morning ns usual, ho
crawled out of bed. obtained It
and returned to the wnrmth of
tho covers to read of tha day's,
happonlng-s. Ho read several
storlea In the paper beforo ho
turned to tho story of tho Mar.
vent Festival. There, staring him
In the face, bo, uh to. speak, was
tho announcement that No. C071
won tho automobile.
Having only one ticket. It was
not difficult for him to, remem
ber the number. Ilo Jumped out
of bed with alacrity, rumoved
the ticket from ills coat pocket
and scan nod it carefully and
umazedly to make euro that his
cyea had not deceived him.
Woobank said yesterday ho ex
pects to visit Mayor T. D. ISvnn
this morning, show his ticket and
take tho car.
The lucky citizen was married
Just two months ago. lie nlrnudy
owns a Dodge roadster. Ho Is
head ot the Wonbunk Tank'i &
Machinery Co, with offices in the
tiaamnn building, and is about
30 yearn old.
Walker Says Howat Fol
lowers Will Get All
Hjlp Possible
Says Officials Controlled by
Steel Trust and Indus
trial Court Is Owned.
PITTSnunO, Kuu., Nov. 20
John H. Walker, president of the
Ullnol State Kderatlon of Labor,
told 1.500 or moro miners, tho most
of them followers of Alexander
Hnwnt, In a moetlng at Frartklln thla
afternoon that the Illinois miners
would bo behind them nnd -would
provide relief to sustain thn strikers
as long as rellof Is needed.
walker announced that ho had
como to Kunaas to stay "as long ns I
am neoded and thero aro nearlv
100,000 other coal minera In Illinois
who will come liorn to help If thev
aro needed."
"Wo will not provide you with
flno hotels, equipped with olectrlc
lights nnd nil other modern conveni
ences, but wo will bVo to It that you
havo tho necessities und a. llttlo later
some pleasures," Walker. declared.
Owned by Steel Trust,
"Tho international union of tho
coul miners- now is ln tho control of
tho steel trust." Walker declared.
"Tho ICan,ias Industrial court is In
tho control of the stool trust."
Walker discussed tho cases of tho
Ustn und Itellancu strikes and said
that tho reports ot thu International
officials who Investigated them
showed that ono was a lockout and
ono wns shut down.
When Judge Andcrsmn Issued the
Injunction against tho check-off,
Walker ald, J.cwls did not have tho
manhod to call u strike.
"Howat men don't play lefthand
ed oolltlcs." Walker said. "When
men arc honest nnd stand firm they
uo iiu rcaun lu Humi-riuhu.
Walki'r assailed John Wilkinson
hend of thn Oklahoma. Arkansas
and and Toxaa miners for opposing
I!ltor I'ltiUn-M Summrt.
Oscar Amerlnger, editor of tho
Oklahoma Leader, xoclallst new
paper, was another speaker, declar
ing that his paper would tomorrow
begin a fight against (lovornor All-in
and the Kansas Industrial conn Uiw
Resolutions, commending How:it
and August Horchy, thanking l-'ranl.
Karrlngton, president of the Illinois
district and tho Illinois inlnun f ir
their support of tho Ilow;it strikers,
condemning John L. Iswls, nnd the
Industrial court and Governor Allen
and declaring that ."tho miner are
standing 100 per cent soilil tor the
strike nd there are not now to ii
ceed 300 men who aro nt work i'l
tho strip pits and the deep mim-s of
Kansas In Crawford and Rnsrokeo
counties," were adopted by tho rueot
Ing. Illinois Dignitaries
Welcome General Diaz
CHICAGO. Nov. 20. Armando
Vittorlo Diaz, generallsflmo of tho
Italian armies nnd world war hero,
was welcomed to Chicago today on
bis American tour by Governor
QOnly by Aid of U. S- Can
Catastrophe lie
America Alone Can Stabilize j
Credit of Nations Hover-
inp on Insolvency
Possibility Forecasts Dire Re
sults in France, Which '
May Wreck Europe
LONDON', Nov. 20. t'nle'ss fhe
United States ihoulders the burden 1
of world finance, only
miracle '
can avert the financial qatnstrophe
which i- ever ilrnwlnf- nearer, the
Kundav Tlm.v. declared editorially '
this morning.
r. ......
Tho newspaper regards tho llmi-1
tatlon of nrlnaments ns an accom-
pllshol fact, for which It gives
credit to the United Stuleri and
passeH on to Its dlHcussion of fin
ance with the remark that It Is
V i Ii. . rY"UXI"- ,M",1 " .
hoped tho American neoplo will
display equal courago and foresight ' contt.st r lilu not conHUlling any In
In coping with the vastly moro lm-, ,,v),,lln, or facton In tho democratic
mlnent menaco ot world finance. Imr,v
"Attirrifn nliinA ,n , IbKHIva nr.. Hit
by devising sonic ochomo for financ
ing tho nntlons now hovering on the1
brink of Insolvency.;' It says, under I
the caption- Washington and
World Finance.
Snjs Germany i'un'l l'ay.
"No one for a moment Imagines
that Germany Is nblo to pay 500.
000,000 gold marks on January Hi,"
tho editorial continues "In the
event of her failure td do so, trip
difficulties to French fliianco may
n.nvn I n.minrn t.lo 11 ml If f-n.ni. fnl.
lows Germani- Into bankruptcy the'
crash may well bring down trie
wholo edltlco of European credit
In such nn event tho United
States will suffer Incnlcuable lowes ,
The only way out Is for America to
observe the precedent set by the
Hank of Kngland when It saved I
American credit In a minor crisis
by drawing gold from all tho world
to loan where It wtw most necdort
"America holds the world's gold
today. Tho time Is short, for, should
Oermany fall to liHy. Krnnco may
murch into tho Huhr region and
then who can tviy that disarmament
proposals may not vunlah In the
smoko of war?"
or chaci: iv pav.mi'at.
Ily (h Ar.clatil Prrrni.
ni-ntl.IN. Nov. 20. A communi
cation handed to the icparntlon
commission liy (.'hancellor Wlrth.
telling of tho Oerman govornment'a
wllltngnosn to seek foreign credits,
required to moet tho January repara
tions payment to tho allies, lias neeii
received by tho publlo ns confirming
tho belief popularly held that the
government possesses no Illusions ns
regards Its ability to secure a period
of grace lu which to meet Its obliga
tions, Tho commission left yesterday for
I'arls without answering the com
munications, but In official quarters
the belief Is oxpresmed that a reply
will be forthcoming from Paris, tho
belief has prevailed in llerlln offi
cial circles since thu arrlvnl here 10
days ago of tho members of the
renaratlnns commission that It was
tho primary object of the commls-
'slon to obtain at first hand an Idea
upon which to basti Ill attitude for
nn adjustment of flermany's repara-
lions payments, subsequent to thu
fnlllng due of the January and l-'eb-
ruary Installments. lavenini nnd urrestud hlrlckler wliu
- wa In bed.
CoiirlS Will Decide llWIewil Men Were Officer. ,
urmtn ti i "it"" Curtll) lolll u, Ilolle ,tl.lt ln'ny
LCflCllltlJ Of of;l7could have kllle.1 the two men eiully
oh they wern on the lookout for Hi
CHICAGO, Nov 20 -The i-ourts
will bo asked In derld whether
dancing the "shimmy" in extreme
form Is illegal in Cblrngo us n ro
Fiilt of a serli s of raids conducted
by the polli e . arly lodliy, II wan
announced lon:ghl by the state's at
torney's office. A score of cabarets,
gambling houses nnd saloons were
Invaded by the police In tho most
concerted drive launched against
them In many months.
McAlestcr Is Preparing
to Vote on Bond Issue
Frrrlnl In lh WorM,
M'AI.HSTHlt. Nov. 20. Follow
ing nwnciimi' created by Hcn,uo HoJI
nioWng to Ourunt, George Hall of
tho McAlester Trust compuny was
appointed county registrar and la
appointing his precinct, rfglstrnrs
throughout tho county preparatory
for tho J7G0.0O0 ro(,j bon.l election
to ho hold December 9.
Investigate) I'lorlila AVnlcr.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 20. I'lor
lila and the Mexico border probably
will bo the next arena for concen
trated activity by Commissioner
Haynt-H, It Mas Indicated tonight by
prohibition officials
Hot lunchti rrvcd dlly. Hup'r'ir T
i.u.111, v. w, mmh uvrtii;iiiciiia
Howard Out for Governor;
Gives Up National Career
The most Interesting political an-i
nouncement of the past week, not
only to the l-'lrat congressional dis
trict but to the stato at large, was1
the announcement ot ox-Congress- ,
man 11. II Howard that lie will not
be a cnndldate for emigre ugaln
but will be it landldnte for the
democratic nomination for governor.
I It has generally been conceded
I that Howard would niaku tho racy
for congress iiKnln next year rrom
tho First dlMrli-t In tho democratic
primaries, nlthough there were
grape inn repent going about that
ho might cuter thu gutic rnaorlal
free for all contest.
,Mftky Ctrl) Aiuiomirrni.nl.
In in authorised Interview with a
representative of The Win Id at his
ii nrtmenls In Hotel Tulsa Satur
day Mr. I Ion aid confirmed the
above facts and slated that he wtia
already preparing letters to be sent
to his friends nd former ronMIl
Uents in the I'lrst congressional !!
trlct Informing them that lie Would
not be h -candidal!; fur the con
grcsslonnl nomination. "1 feel that
I owe It to my frluiids mid to llio
democratic party In the first din-
trlct, who have so signally honored
me so many times In the past that ,
I will not again be n enn-liiliite for,
no congressional nomination from
WWm 'b,' k
ri.,i.i . r..,. ... i m.. i,r,npn,l "i
he stated. ' '
wnllo It li possibly a trine cany
" iinitM' tin iiuviii ' in. in iii in.
,.., ,i,i . i,., ,.,
to make announcement for the
,i,, . ,,, .uinir Hii'm nnimnii.
, , ..., ,,., , ..
randtuntq for tho ilemocratlc nom
ination for governor next year. All
my Interests aro now n Oklahoma
nm. 1.11-ju . Miiiiiriiniii i .
My eight years ns slato auditor I
nf U....A l.,.n.l ..f .
a(fnlrH lintl ,wo ycan! rongress i
,..,.... ,i.- . ,, ..i
1 oiiporuult to render real servlco to
Oklahoma in tiio govi rnorslilp and 1
A7!ntivic. JAnniifr Pnii- tia
" ... . J
Men Who Attempted
lleprrsentlng tliemselvrs to ln of
ficers looking crra over for contra
band ipiall, two young bandits later
idintlllrd as It. C. Strickland and
It. T. I Ui r l r 1 , forced a party of re
turning humors to gel out of their
car about a mllu east of Lhu end
ot I'cilnial drive, and after a search
of their car revealed no ijunll, asked
fin their money. The four huutoiH
were then searched but falling to
find any valuabloH tho two bandits
then coinpolled tho party or four
to get back lu tho car and them
selves soon disappeared dov,n the
load toward Tulsa.
After continuing their Journey
ugaiu tho hunters, II. A. Curtis-and
J. L. l.emon, with olflcea In tho Be-
urlty building, and a. W. Crum
woll, 1820 Weft Cameron street, to
gutlmr V.HU M Mullens, 130G 1-.ist
Second street came upon the scone
of un aulomobllo collision on Fed
eral uvenue di he.
Idcnlllliil nn itandltM.
Stopping tludr car they were
greatly surprisi-u io sec l ie iwn men
uhoin I liny allegeil neiii inem up
I'lalm liiiluwmuii J. I. llliiluu and
.Ned llnllurd drove by in u i.ir about
tile Mini' ilimi and recognized Oil r-
tla, ulm called the offtieis to him
I anil nolnted them out
liarrtl was immediately arrested
1 and btiVught back to the Ity but
istrli - kler cHCupid, About an hour
later the two officers went to tho
Icapltol hotel, l-'lmt klri w and IlnstoiT
kers. When tnn two sloppid trie
ear by illxplu) trig a large flashlight
they partly leveled thslr shotguiiH
ut lhu two its thuy dtuw up along
side. Tho two men drew back their
Dins in the daiknesH as If to dis
play their badges, and the four took
mom ut tneir worn.
They quickly dropped tliolr money
mid watches In thn bottom or ! In
cur before getting, out, as a precau
tion, they sold. Thn bandlU oVer
looked tho money , In tho dura
CAN the water bundn be xnld accord
inn to law? aaka some who are
avcr-zcnlaUH concerning the details of
the Spavinaw project. Tulsa has al
ready bcen fitted with bond, buicru
Kcekinu information concerning thii1
water iasue. The bonds can he sold.
II. II. Il.mnnl
I am prepared at the proper time to
make an ncllve and vlgmrms cam- 1
p.Ugn not only f r the nomination
but for the election
"I am not going to- be the candi
date of nny fac tion or pnitv llque
nnd shall continue In the future ns
in past to treat nil fairly and hon
estly and If I am successful, as I
bollevo I shall be. to serve all the
people of, tho state ns governor to
tho very best of my ability After a
man Is elected governor the office
I still belongs in tile peopto and Is not
in,,,, ,,,-.. hn ... i.
Ids personal property , a fact moru
r ., 1 1 I In f hi. l.fi.nrli f III. 1 1 III
tin. observance In this state in the
im! Timi is nil I imvn m mv m
this time. I'll havo moro to say
later on.
Divorced Wife, Mother and
Visitor Sliot Down Be
fore Children
WILMINGTON, ).. Nov. 20
Oliver Vondervort, 32, who clnlins
to bo a fur denier of Ibis city, wan
being held under n murder charge
in tho Clinton county J.iH here to
day following u trlpln murder nt
Cuba, a village near here, last night
ThOMi murdered were lieitbn
WJiitlow Vandervort. 30. Ills di
vorced wlfo, and mother of Vaniler
vort's three children; Mrs. Jeff
Whitlow. 67. mother of Mrs. Van
dervorl and Howard Hosier, 24, said
to havo been a caller on MrB. Van
dervort. Mrs Whitlow, beforo dying from
her woiindfi, the pollen say, declared
that Vandervort committed thn mur
ders. Tho police tiny she told them
Vandervort -camn to her home while
Intoxicated and started a uarrnl
which united' In the shooting of the
Itodncy Wallace, a farmer living
near the Whitlow home. Informed
the authorities today that Vnuder-
vort, whllw crar.ed by drink, shot
1)lm lftrt nM,,. A ost-mortem cx
,,,... wnl ),. l...,l i,m,,lrrow to
determine If the tiamn caliber bill
lets killed tho throe persons and In
jured Wallacu.
Denies Slaying nf Throe.
Vundervo'rl told the authorities i
day that ho was not responsible f
tho triple murder, and that he .n
tho victim of circumstanced In hav
ing been found at the Whitlow
home. Ho claims that whtlo walk
ing lit tlie road In Trout of the Whit
low home, tie heard a commotion
and aw In thu, darkness a llguro
rush from the door. He wild he
could nut tell whether tho figure
was Hint ot a man or wouiun. Ac
cordlng'to his story, tho pollen say,
ondervort'Ji 10-yenr-old sou, Oliver,
rushed fro n thn houso to call for
help, icuw his fill her and Induced
him to enter.
Asked by the authorltleti who did
tho shooting, tha boy said: "Papa
did It."
Tho three small Vandervoit ilill
dron wero the only witnesses. When
tho police nrrlvvd Vandervort was
fitting In tha hnusn holding hit'
youngest child, a baby
Japs May Question Fivo-Fivo-Three
Ratio at
Con ference
! Delegatus Say U. S. and F.iiK-i
land Have Night to Kven j
Greater Advantage
Japan Says Tonnage Alone Is
Only Fair Method of De
termining Armament
Ily til AtviMttrtt t'rAK,
WAHIIlNf ITON, Nov. 20. The
"five-fhrt tliree ' ratio of navnl
strength for tho United Klnte, Great
llrilaln and Japan, advanced by the
American nrins delegates ns a means
of perpetuating the present relative
"" " oi ue wireo powers, is
,." " """"n r
in the Important cards of thn big
diplomatic gamn begin to fail. In
ho mil n. proposed modifications
win In cider about tho contention
Hint the "flve-flviuthrco ' formula,
which Is based on tonnage nlonn.
Unci not properly reflect present
pioportionato strength when such
other elements ns spoml, cruising
radius and urmnment aro considered
ship for ship.
America to MjimiI I'iiI.
Thus far thero has bren every In
dication that the American group
would "stand pul" for tin proposal
of maintaining the existing ratio, but
It Is declared th national viewpoints
nf tho other powers as to what con
stitutes a fair bnsis of compnrtsou
will have tluo recognition ns the no
gntlntlons lirncecd. The result may
bo u moro thorough review nf tho
exact status ot. the present naval es
tablishments of tho tlireo powers,
which the .lapanrsn hold will show
.lupan's right to an Increase over the
' flvn-flvo-thren" proportion lit
which American experts declaro will
io more llKely to estniilisli mat
Oreat llrltaln and tho United Hlnlej,
each Is entitled to almost a 2 In I
advantage over Japan.
Thn advisability of mch a tevlew
Is understood to have been discussed
yesterday nl a conference between
Secretary Hughes, Arthur J. I!al
four nnd Admiral Huron Kato.
ll'lullivrwow n ..
resul't of 'the conference yesterday ,
between Secretary Hughes, Mr. Hal
four and Admiral llaron Katn, at
which the naval uuestlon was
thoroughly cnnvnssnl In tho light of
the Japanese reHervutlons, tho great
est confidence was expressed In au
thoritative Japanese circles tonight
that an accord eventunlly would bo
reached. Thn conference, It was
saljl. effectually "cleared the air" of
many misunderstood points.
Whllu no offlclni statement was
Offer t IlclmlMirho American Hank
cm for luti Want to I'li-ar W
Internal Situation.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 20. -Of tor
to i,iy Interest duo on twn lnuns ox-S
tended to ciima' by American nana
lug companies has boen madn by
thn Chinese Hankers' association,
I'uul S. Ilelnseh. legal counsellor to
the Chinese government said tonight
in a statement atscusmng cnlti.i a
financial situation, Tho untoclntlun,
however lias requested thai tepa.y
liient of prlnclpul bo oxienilml for
six months or a year, ho lidded.
Wo must understand that an ex
tensive popular movement U going
on In China for the reorganisation
of the government In the pruvlnces
and thu nation," tho statement Mild
"Ihln movement Is organized
through Ihe chamber of commerce,
the cduciitionul societies umU In
dustrial bodies, which have a cen
tral national organization In Shang
hai. "This Hisoclallnn of the people of
Cliln.i lu h declared inplialli ally
thai II wishes the goveriimet to
make ,io rurlber forulgn commit
ments until the internal situation In
Chin.i Is settled and the reconstruc
tion completed.
Heller Cities .fudges
Visitors at Sapulpa
KAPIM.PA, Nov 20 -After In
spection of the city yesterday, (hi
.1.. , ..,!.. ..I 'V. "I.,,ll l.ll.M-
llllt-.. JUi.hr" -
iiirilest exprd their approval of
the credentials offered by this city
in (ta race for first plaie line of
the Judges. Prof J W. Henrsnn of
" 'i v'",f ebraTkl ' stated
that tho i leanlliie
r: i ....
Illlilllin an.. ,
h unci e -
, i he big
tieclally tho school
points In Hapulpa' (avor. "Jlw"
Is the next illv on
llltf lint l -
Ited by tho .fudge.
V .'..7T7m rniii
l 'til IMA JO. -ittI..,
UJ fouih wlml p'Mr
untttlr'1 .
, nwiiioHi i'"'1'"" rT,i'.'l,'wuYi'',.iri.ne
ZTiiiVriv iedi. . .. . '-In who wa driving, escaped tin-
" KA.ssAK in'r;in Sl"a'"t'.' ..'"'Sn , Hcathod being w:dtected bv Me
?i',h.t.Pyrl '"t'cXr "'" Cay's body.
Ford Is Certain
lie Will Obtain
Mussel Shoals
llr is Aimii-iiUiI l'rM.
NKW YOltK, Nov 20 You
bet It's going through." Henry
t-Vril xiiiil Initii), legardlng ht"
pinpoMtl to buy and lease the
Mussel H bonis. Ala., nitrate and
waler povr projeils. Thn terms,
he added. Hern up to the govern
ment Mr. Ford, who conferred here
today with TIiiinihn A. Ilillaon
regarding the Muss'il Shoals po
Jtl, was asked If he proposed
to compete with rhlln In the pro
iliicllon of nitrate
"If e inl beat Chileans we
ought to o.ult," he answered.
Referring to Ills visit to Wash
ington yetlerday, when he eon
fetred Willi Hei retary Hoover re
garding Mumel Hlioals. Mr. Ford
sold tint he also had had n toti
ferenrc Willi President Harding
nnd nl that time had offered to
buy for Junk battleships scrupp'd
by Ihe gnei ninent as a result of
the arms coiiterencn. He added
t Hnt the piesldenl had enjoyed a
hearty laugh.
"It'a nothing," ho remarked,
"wo buy scrap Iron nil the tlmo.'"
Mr, Ford s.ild he "would leave It
In the expeits" to flguio how
much horsepower could bo de
veloped and the amount of nl
traln It would be possible to pro
duce nt Mussel Shoals. That
would bo determined, ho said,
after he and Mr. IMIson, with
technical ndvlsers, had Inspected
the property
R. C. McCay, Hunting, Is
Fired On by J. T. Tuttlc
Who Used Shotgun
Youth Opened Door of Farm
house and Fired PoIntBlanlc
at Tulsa Automobile-
It. C. McCny, auditor of tho Hell
Oil fr Has Co., la In the Oklahoma
hospital Buffering from threo painful
buckshot wounds and J. T. Tuttlo,
about 23 years old, young farmer
who liven four and a half miles out
on (lift fair grounds road Is held In
the county Jail without bond nun
faces a serloiw charge for having
fired n load of buekuhot Into tho car
'""'''K1',, XI S1"?' "'V1. ,
A. Diirhlu,
aiitomobllo dealer. I3J South Klo
ral, wore riding at an early hour
Sunday morning.
Tuttlo was allowed to glvn him
self up to Sheriff McCullough late
Sunday morning after tho wounded
man had been rushed back to Tulsa
und tho sheriff nnd Durbln had r
lurned to tho nceno of tho shooting
and mado an Investigation.
Tuttlo Oonfitfwc.
Durbln stated that Tuttle rcndlly
confMwcd to the shooting when. Jio.
appeared at tho nherlft ofliee, ex
ululnltii ihtit lm thoueht the car ln
fwhlch McCay and Durbln wrre rid
ing contained tujacKers. rieuner
Sheriff McCullough or County At
torney Heaver could be located Hun-
tlnv urierrlonn.
According to Mccay unci uurnin
they left Tulsa. at 4;4t Sunday morn
ing on a hunting trip. Several miles
out they stopped the car and McCay
got out and snot twice at a raunii.
They hud travelwd scarcely moro
than a nuartor or a mue on mum
Ing th trip when thero waa a report
of a gun nnd McCay began bleeding
prnfusoly from tho mouth nnd nose.
Without tinualnc to ascertain thn di
rection from which the shot came
Durbln hurrlod McCay to tho hoa-
n a
Mi'Hnr II It in Tlirrc ruiiiw.
One ot tho shot was found to havo
entered McCay'a head near tho haae
of the Jaw bone, barely musing tne
Jugular vein, but ranged up and nut
through Ihe mouth. Another shot
o creed tho right shoulder and
imbedded In the back, while tho
third lodged In ih buck. McCay
hud partly turned toward Durbln ut
Ills time tho shot wan fired.
Uiter when Durbln and the sheriff
presented themselves at a farmhouse
noout one nuntitea leei obck irom
the point In the road where McCay
'i.i t.ii o,i ho, reiaiive-
,1, .i.lml i, knnvi-loiiec of Ihe MllOOt-
Ing. An investigation, however, re
ealcd gunwnil scattered about the
yard mid when Tuttle produced his
shotgun for Inspection It was found
lo contain another load of buckshot
which had not exploded although! It
had been "snapped " Tuttle,, when
he reported at the sheriff office,
iimiiti.il ibMt he fired from the
doorway of tho (a nn lions. Ho was
immediately locked up pending tho
filing of charges by Durbln.
4'..- !l..lli.l IFlt.
McCay and Durbln both narrowly
UHcaned with their lives, 'nuichargo
,.f .tint was nr neipaiiy m-rnmi
-- ,'f .,rt (ir In I in
"i eii" .- , ,lin,p'iims in mo nanvo quanrr oi me
the metal body n" lrty. A mob burned a pollco sia- H
vicinity o h. f '"'V ?, ' naVe, ' tlon and military controls, wore
l,L" In 11 placet
. .. .1... u.t l..rr..l
nun Hire.' ill i o,.... ...v.v.
through- Had the ciiurge round lt
mark si g it y nignur notti men
'would have been killed Instantly,
1 H...I.I.. liulluira.il
wurwiii ''""f "
Althnuffh MrCay U pnlnful.y
oisi.li.rt uttciirllni? rihVMlclfiii4 Vinvn
. no doubt that he will rrcriTrtir. Dur-
Boosters Tighten Lines of
Offense at Sunday Tab
ernacle Tonight
With Election Drawing Near
Much Work Must Be Done
to Insure Success
Importnnt Organization Meet
Is, Also Scheduled for tho
Lincoln School
All citizens of Tulsa who nro In
terested In tho Spavinaw water pro
ject, ns well as members of the gen
eral campaign cnmmltteo and ot tho
executive committee nro requested,
by I-M Dnlton and T. A. Trusty, man
agers of tho Spavinaw campaign, to
nttend the open meeting at 7. SO
o'clock tonight at tho Municipal au
ditorium, it wna first intended to
securn Convention hall for this jnot
Ing, but later It was found that the
hall ,1s engaged.
According to the campaign man
agers-, tonight n meeting Is of vital
Importanro as a link In the cam
paign chain. Tho election Is only ft
few days off nnd thero Is yel tnucli
planning and work to bn dono to In
sure the success (or this bond lnsuo
Hint Is desired.
Hrgo Citnmltiri Altmdnncr.
"Members1 of tho committees, es
pecially, should attend," Dalton ex
plained yesterday, "aa this will bo
one of the moat Important meetings
of tho campaign." A similar opinion
was expressed by Trusty, who de
clared thai Hi coming week will be
the most active (or mipportern of tho
bond Imuo who aro using their in
fluence and effort to assist In Its
iloth rnanngero wero emphatic In
stressing tho Importance of precinct
meetings and the formation of pre
cinct orgnnlatlona In every product
In tho city. Such organization, they
stated, will reach persons who might
not otherwise bo fully Informed on
tho Spavinaw project. Precinct
workers, they advised, should sea
every rrflldent In their section mid
lose no opportunity to show the ne
cessity and thn feasibility of bring
ing Spavinaw Water to Tulsa.
Call h'iKX-lal .Mcotlnc.
A special meeting of tho Heal ICs-
tate exchange Iiaa been called by
Secretary J, C. Ilrddln. to bn held
also nt tho city nan at 7:30 tonlgnt.
This meeting, according to tho sec
retary' nnnunncemenl to the to
member. Is for tha express purpose)
ot discussing the Spavinaw bond is
sue- special delivery letter were
sent to all mcmbrrn Saturday notify
ing Thorn of the meeting, Tonleht'H
meeting Is to take the place ot tnn
regular meeting Thursday, which Is
Thanksgiving day.
A. working organization in precinct
No. 13 1 to be formed nt a meeting
at thn Lincoln Kohool, Fifteenth and
Peoria, at 7:30 tonight. At the first
meeting In this precinct last weok
Clark Wlllteslde, woe elected peclnct
chairman, Rstt:rd ho sent special
delivery letters to 60 men and Atom
en living In the precinct asking them
to attend tho meeting tonight ana
to bring their friend with them.
Plans aro to ho mado for spreading
Hnow and 7cro Wcatlicr Impede
Hall Trafrio Stockmen fncjwr.
OMAHA. Neb., Nov. 20. Zero
weather prevail over northwestern
Nebraska and tho Hl.ick Hills roun
try of South Dakota, following a
heavy snowfall, according to pe
clal dispatches received by -a nuwe
paper hero eurly this mornlnic
Handlers aro, opprehensivo orer
the safety ot thousands of head of
rattle on the range, tlie dispatch
PORTLAND, Ore. Nov. SO. Tho
Pn.ific nnrtliuest was In tho grip
I of its first heavy storm of tho wln
! ter last night. Snow, In omo places
the heaviest on record for so eany
in inu fiawi'i " - - - : w i
,.in,. in ensisrn Oregon and taari- d i
ington within reacn oi wiro cum- r
iniinlentloil. I
Hookuno, Wash., reported th i ',
earliest zero weamer in i r.
Ilnllroad trafflo waM impedcl in 1
several Instances.
rff..l. 1 1 . . n. u Xllllia lnll.A Klnllnn. ' i'l
Soldiers t.iocll l)lnturt)iiric.
It lh Ancl4t(i Prm.
HO.MIIAY, India, Nov. SO.DlsUrb
ances occurred Friday at several
... ,u- .-.
I I' "m 'H HI" iiaiiirw UAiiri ui hlia
'tlon ami ml tary controls wore
- .
llUlieil 11IIU UtllUII. XtlVJ lll3' UUVIl
and dispersed tho rioters.
fered oms casualties, ,
Saturday morning tho trouDle
started afresh ln a number of places, i
the patrols again being forced to (Ira j
Into tho crowd.
Hotlt disturbance were confined
to tho native section, affairs In the 1
European business quartet- golnc on
as usual.
f w

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