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Famous Banker's
Daughter la Wed
Judge Charlton Rules
That Tax Is Excessive
and Illegal
av in Mnrfy instances Is
Greater Than Vnluo of
Property Liable
Af . . Thn World
it.vitTMjSVlLMj. Jan. 13. Judge
j 11 cnariton or mo amuict court,
r.nilrrpj 11 decision ugallist tllo city
nf n.irtlcsvlllo Wednesday hi the
poll) n fur mi Injunction (lied by
iirop1 rty owner ot tho west hide of
iv ll Tho residents) of ecwer
lilstr ' iso. ij ASKcu an injunction
lo r- rain tho city and tho county
trea cr from collecting taxe
iitwel against lots In Hint district
for the construction of a sower
which lii been completed recently.
Ju Igo Chiirlton In handing down,
hi ruling, said lie hnd found that
lip stliiialo ot tlio city engineer
At newer dlntrlct' No. 13 Imd been
jiadtled nbout one-third, or $39,
377.4 5 and tho cfillro proceedings
baic 1 upon thin padded egtlmuto
were declared by tho court to bo
illntsl ami void. Tim court alHO
found that tho city had chnrged nn
(Xpei. of 7 per cent, or 1 10,907.08
nzilnit the project, which appeared
n tho main to bo u charge for tho
wrvircn of tho city engineer mid his
assistants, who wero paid by tho city
at large find that of thlri charge
19 300 was Illegally Included In the
letter project.
Tho decision mado It plain that
Judge Charlton held that tho law
and the facts mudo It Illegal to
"vy taxes and lo baBo ordinances or
etabllsh power districts upon an,
ptlmati" which Is padded to cover
the difference between the fiico
taluo of tho sewer warrants und tho
actual catdi cost of construction.
Tho decision points out that tho
elty engineer based his preliminary
jitlmHte nat nlono upon tho cost of
Ittcrlul and labor necessary Jn tho
iVnstructlon of tho sower, but that
he took Into ronslderutlnn thn fact
that llio tax wurrants when Issued
"Would probably bo worth only
tventy-fIvo cents on tho dollar nnd
lie added to his estimate on tho ac
tual cost of tho material and labor
necessary In the? construction of tfho'
Mwer tho estimated amount of the
depreciated valuo of tho tax war
rants. Becauso of this procedure,
the opinion holds, tho taxpayers
were called upon to pay one-third
more than would havo becn ncccs
iary had tho cstlmato been inado on
a rash basis.
Judg Charlton also Jield that the
value of tho lota assessed were
from $10 to $300 each with ma
jority ot tho lots -worth from $23
to 1100, while tho sewer tax In tho
majority of tho Instances excocded
the actual valuo ot tho lots.
The rourt held further that tho
?n;!r.ecr's estimate was mads ftl
i.iost a year beforo tho sewer was
constructed, at n tlmo when tho
jr!co of labor and material was
greater than It was at tho tlmo of
the construction of xho sewer .that
It was made beforo Buch sower dis
trict wns established and that the
"ontract was let beforo such n tfewer
district wns declared n. necessity or
mtahllshed In said district and that
ncordlngly tho proceedings from tho
time of tho cstlmato to the passing
ot the ordinance of assessment, al
though apparently regular on their
face, In many Instances wero Illegal
and void and cannot bo upheld by
tht court.
. A. O. Harrison, city attorney, an
nounced Wednesday nfternoon that
he would ask for a now trial and In
fe this Is denied ho would appeal
the cao to tho supreme court.
Orchestra Makes Music
for Official Installation
of Sisters
Wyoming between Cnspcr and Deer'
creek ami again was ono ot win
early day stage drivers In Arizona.
Ito camo to Puncn, City 12 years ago
and had slnco owneTl a produce busi
ness hero.
State Briefs
Jtrs. Artomiis T. (inlr. nco Miss
Allro Tnilx'o II.ivImiii.
Mlrei Alice Trubeo Davison
daughter of Henry 1 Davison
member ot tho Morgan banking
nrni, lias become tho brldo ot Arte
hills Ia nates. Tho wedding took
placo at Locust vullcy, Long Island,
r. wnero tho Davlsons hav
their summer home.
Bp"ell m.Th WorM.
l!AIlTIjh.HVI.M-:, Jan. 13. Tho
Pythian order of llartlesvlllo Is
mnklng elaborate plans, to carv mi
its Activities with tho rami) vigor
that marked Its career when first
established In this cltybaek In 1900.
Tho most laborato Installation In
ears wTtJMie d at thn l'vllilnti matin
Thursday night nnd tho following
officers wero Installed by tho
Knights qt I'yllila.
i. a. Aimersim, chtticcllor com
mander: II- n. Arnett, vloo ohan
cellor; Onirics Easthum, preTntu;
Oeorgo It. McKeon, keeper of foe.
ords and oenl; C. A. Hilling, master
at, irms Tom H. Htrlckler, Inner
guard; 0. o. llnrnoy, outer guard:
li. r. Twyrord. muster of work? I?.
If, Plunkctt. master nf cxchtwiiini-:
w. vt . jsorris, muster or finance: c
H llullng. Junior trustee.
The Pvtllhlll Hlstors llmtnllml thn
following officers; Cora Knwlcr,
past chief: Annln Jeffrnv. miutt .
cellcnt chief: l'lo Itlchnrds, excel
lent senior; Kiln Nnilth, excellent
Junior: Dema Htrlckler. mutineer:
Jekslo l'lshback, mistress of tho rec-
orus nnu enrresnondpnea: I.vdla
Hchroeder. mistress of finance:
aiud)s Combs, pianist; Ida Trip,
pott, guard.
Ono of tho Interesting features
of tho occasion wan tho aiipruranco
of tho locently organized l'ytlil.in
orchestra composed of Helen Hpayd,
pianist; Cuiirtland I.ylte, flute: Jako
Julian, mandolin; Ituth Haekman,
violin; Stanley Uphum, saxophone,
and Charles Drlscoe, drum.
Iners arrived and formally closed tho
institution, announcing that thcl
action was duo to a gradual run.
Scrml With t'lieniUin Soldier I'll.
tier Stand Wnltio In tit II War.
Sptrlnl to Tlis World.
JAY, Jan. 13. --Ham Cuvry, nged
7S, nn ex-confoderato soldier, living
about siven miles east of Jay, died
suddenly at thu Wostcrn hotel .it
Southwest City, Mo., Sunday morn
ing, about olglitecn miles northeast
of hore.
"Undo Sam" was a native of Mis
(iurl, served four years on tho side
of tho confedernoy and part of that
tlmo under Stand Wattle, the
famous Cherokee brlgadlcr-genenil.
Ho was III thn battln of Tea ltldge.
Ark., ono of tno fiercest encounters
nf the wsr. On retlrltnr at bedtime.
ho complained ot a pain In his side.
and was found dead in urn nnu mo
next morning.
consii)i:ii sr.vniiAi, .mati iuis.
Chamber of t'omnieroi IMroi-lnrs All-
iiouiiiv Iniportnnl rrognini.
DlroctoiH of tho Chamber of
Commerce at their weekly meeting
nt Hotel Tulsa Friday noon wilt con
sider referendum No. 37, by tho
United States chamber of commerce,
which has submitted this case to n
vote of tho various Individual cham
bers of cominerco over tho United
A report Is to bo mado to directors
Krlday by thn taxation committee,
of which T. J. llurtmnn Is chair
man. Thli committee has conferred
scvernl times to ' referendum
No. 37, Which relates wholly to tax
ation methods.
Dlroctors are to decide Friday
lluffiilncs nnd logics In Coinlml Out
J'.KMIon nf t'lly OtfUliili to
Serui for Ono !J.
Tul; Is In tho midst of n. heat
ed election strife, Tho Huffaloes and
Hngles aro about In lock burns nnd
talons In a great political battln. Hoy
scouts linvu chosen tho historic ani
mal of tho plains and Ujo majestic
American eagle ns tho tVi banners
under which they will soon tttngo nil
electlcn for the city offices.
The boy scouts are going to run the
cll's government for one hour on
February 1, and tho election Is being
held to find tho most popular boy
for mayor and tho boys best fitted
to fill tho offlcd of tho city commis
sioners. ' Registration and filing for offices
are on this week nnd heated Interest
Is being shown In tho coming elec
tion by alt boy scouts. To bo tuVtl
naled thn boy must hnvo tho signa
tures of to fellow wniils vim have
not sIkihm) the petition of any other
candidate running for that office
1'ilmnrv election will bo held Janu
ary an nnd tho final general election
tho following Friday, On tho night
of January H7, n court of honor will
he held In I Iff1 Municipal aiidltoilnm
when tho results of thn election will
bo announced and tho honors award
ed. All city officials will take
part In tho ceremony.
Tho scout executives olMUicII will
hold a luncheon ut the Y. M. C, A
Jnuuniy D! nt 12:15 o'clock.
being laid and u. iv,thc
being put In n ji illna
The ralbond hut t.i cine, nl ,..
though It win .-tiv to have steel , rvn r I cut Itcnily In Ho 1'nld (tcr
shipped here One hundred thousand I , , li'HwHors,
arrcs of iimbei iim.lii II nmiiilst ry
that tho road should come, within
ninety days the incnmotlo will be
srrcnmliig m Hnllnn rreeK. tienr
Steeley, which Is the tnidllloiml Ifoitin
of many hands of Chomkees, Msny
man'- bonds nf Cheruketn Many
lllllllcin of thn will be ehlpiied out;
saw mills will bi-gin npciHtlen and
many mililxn f, i i ,,f luinhnr will bo
sawed and fblpped.
IMCIIF.lt. .Isn 1.1 - All creditors
of thndefuni'l I'lchnr Nallonnl bank
who have receiver's certificates
show-tug tin tr claims pioveu, have
been cslled iiimn bv N. M. Dtulisy.
recidver, In pirsent th snnin nt" his
office and have the ' dividend lu
ilnrsixl Hh'ic.ii, so as lit get their
checks In p.ijnieiit nf the first divi
dend of lo pet cent.
Tho checks haw been ireclved
from the controller of the currency,
nml amount to nhmit $30,000 In the
Home tit nun Flow era Tulsa
Flower Shop. 0 West Tlllld. Cedar
152S Advrillei'itient
llnr iimhlliiK nml Drinks,
I'll IIKIt. Jan l.i Anoidlug )t
the ball regubiMons recently pre
pared b n "iiunllieo upituini'd fie
that purpnso nnd adoii'-l 17
I'lcher 1 nr Nn. too, Amerl' ntt
Legion, gambling by im mt.cm H
strictly forlilddoii In tho liar Fur
thermoit', nov meniiicr gulf' ot
drunkenness is subject to a fine i.f
$5 for the first offense, and to ex
pulsion fiii- u subsequent off' nn-.
Telephone bills nr due. The com.
pany respectfully requests prompt
payment. thereby avoiding tho
charge of Ml rents for discontinuing
nnd reslmlhg scrvb e This charge
becomes effectUo after the ISth ot
the iniuitli AiUnrttsemrnt
Dclawnrc's I'rliucMil lirnls He
miiiiiiI in MiihIc nf .
tfpecUl to The Wurld, ..
jav. inn ia, Jnbii W. Hoffman
of KmiKim Cltv and 15. II. Itrnly uf
MliHkniren. llp.lfl men III thn lluffmilll
Till K- Lumber Co., also Interested In
ti. Vittinnni i inniw nnri comnany..
nttorneys, hush .ioiicb oi
Every Department Offers
Exceptional Values Saturday
Shopmen Hack to AVork.
CHICKABHA -l'ursuont to a call
by company offlcluls, 25 Ilock
Island shopmen who wero recent
ly laid off liwu havo returned to
work. It Is reported that more will
bo ordered back shortly. Shops aro
now being operated flvo days n
week, after being closed down sov
eral days on account of a slice In tho
Tsioklng Out for SiiuiIImii.
HKAVKNHH At a special meet
ing Thursday of tho American Le
gion tTio former soldiers offered
their cervices to tho city officials In
enforcing tha smallpox quarantine.
No sorlous case ot thn malady has
been roportcd here, but every pre
caution Is being taken to provent an
Ijonn Farmer FVjunil Pond.
IIKNNKKSHY It. .1. McKIhhIo, re
tired farmer, was found dead by
relatives nt his home, near hore,
Tuesday. 'McKlsslck has been living
alone, as his family was In Colorado.
He had been In poor health.
Arrested for J'uclo Murder.
OUYMON Texas county officers
haje brought Al Davis from Ama-
.yjng A, O. Puelo ot Toledo. Ohio,
noso body was found several days
jrien . , n . a . . . i . - .
v., ,b uuu ouutiiwesL oi rierc.
Challcngo to 8cllliuj lcc.
AltDMOHK itotury Is tp havo a
nance to show how well it can servo
. !he, Wily of spelling. This op
portunity camo In tho way of a
'haltengo Wednesduy from tho
similar challenges aro expected by
"i I.lons and Klwanla. und any
member appointed to spell who falls
up nnu perform win be
. . 'U ivjuilin CUIIIU s,re
-"'in wns method to build up tholr
laiinn loan tund.
n,.',ri,,ty Khcriff Indicted.
Ok.ML'L,aUI3 Tho first indict
nnt was returned by the grand Jury
fo ih VM vmVanA Primarily
- puqjuMi ut investigating inu
it""1" of the defunct Hank of Com
' Ifclrf?; Lo Orum, De.wur deputy
-"in, was inaictoii on a murder
"large In connection with tho klillne
"alter Weir at Dewar on Chrlst
ma eve.
Apftersmi Station Itohbcil.
l'ONCA CITY Two bandits held
up nnd robbed tho station agent nnd
telegrapher nt Appcrson lato
Wednesday night, according to word
received here. They put their guns
through broken window panes nnd
made their victims hold up their
hands, after which they locked them
In an empty boxcar.
Vote for GckkI lloads.
I3UICK Hy a voto of 412 to G4
Hrick citizens Tuesday carried a
bond Issuo ot $30,000 to build clay
roads within this- township. An
rlceltnn ,1s called for the I7th for
bonds ot$10,000vto extend and lm-
,,..,..n K(. ,.tt wnlnr RVklflm.
1'""" ' "-- -
Mnko I,nmlH I'riMluctlve:.
citlCKASHA Terracing of all
hillsldo land In Grady county Is be
ing urged by A. v. Houston, county
farm agent, no insists inern um
mnnv ncreH of land In tho county
that can bo mado fertile nnd pro
ductive by terracing.
Nnmo New School Official.
MUSKOGI3U Tho offico of su
pervisor of school Insuranco has
been created hero by tho school
board. John J. Monatt, insurance
man. has been placed In chargo at a
salary not to exceed $250 a year.
Ilia Job Is 10 SCO tliai an policies am
kept up to dato and ho will check
up on tho valuation of all school
properties. .
s-rVi'V.?" "on'! Texas School.
HTII.US ATEIt Word comes from
Austin, Texas, that J. W. Cantwell.
!jr ix years president of tho A. &
rollego here, and who resigned
April, has been appointed super-
r?M,mt 9f 11,0 Tox18 ta'e Juvenllo
'"lnlng school nt Uatesvllle.
sai'I'VA'!"" ,n ,ks Contlniidi;
tacher11erromo.nt. ,,a.H 1,een
couiof ."erlculturo and Sequoyah
catMiy..w,,"'reby worlc ln eradicating
lo ticks will continue unlntcr-
'rltr.l, llerontl,. a ut.lnt
lI?,W.n, rdcf,l when some oppo
. "on tj the work was encountered,
inJ.''Il,l"R Nnturo Along.
not . lVUKMotncr Nature is
'llm,n.pecdy nush In aging Illicit
Mt.H '. u ,oc'41 bootleggers havo de
u.t.1 . m'h0ll f lotting gas sewers
tout,! 1,18 -on. A quart Jar was
hou """.fen'J to the.lld of a man
etiolt.t. .',0..',ewer Bn whs strong
aIIlr'l".V,El080, " lime. "
lViJT,!UIK The authrle Btat
"banl' ,orm,erly Oklahoma State
tv,.",..'!' dosed Wednesday for the
yeJr ,l. m.,e. r"co October of last
wKntnotna City bank exam
nxi; ii!iisisti:nt officndf.h
Woman IUiiilrtil to Apiciir On Own
Volition mill Mcrvo ociiicncc.
Rfi.IbI i r. Tin. Wnrld.
PlCHKH. Jan. 13. Mrs. Ida
(Judy) Williams of this city, a ro
tirntnl offender niralnst tho prohlbl
tint, iw. wns tried in county court
at Miami Tuesday and convicted on
n, chargo of Illegal possession of In
toxicating liquor. Hlio was seniencca
to pay a flno ot $150 and costs, and
to servo 60 days In tho county Jail.
Sho was glvon a little tlmo In
which to arrange her affairs, and
Instructed to return on Saturday
nnd receive sontoncc, so as to be
gin serving nut her time. ,
I.cimmI From Death Scnft-iico nml
. Nnv Many Years of Svnlvc.
bprelal l Thn Woilil.
l'ONCA CITY, Jan. 13. -Captured
whllo wearing the conledonito gray
and within tlio contcdernto lines and
sentenced to hahg tin it union wty.
yet Jonathan C. Llndsey, whoso
death occurred hero during the past
wcck, nvcu (o a ripe otu ago. Ho
was a member ot -company C. Sixth
volunteer cavalry, during tho Civil
war anil was assigned to scout duty,
it was whllo attempting to get In
formation within tho confederate
lines that ha was captured n it spy.
Ho determined to make a break for
liberty, preferring death by shooting,
but ho managed to escape under n
shower nf bullotM and finally
reached thn union lines again.
At tho tlmo ot tho grand review
of tho federal army ln Washington,
Llndsey did provost duty and con
tinued to do bo until tlireo monthi
aftor tlio war's close, Later ho
served nt Forts Ilnyes. Dodge and
We've Got 'era!
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whom shall bo elected each year. If their mill was pilMiiuicn. mo men
tho change Is adopted, thorn will bo 'suy that work Is progrcriliig rapid y
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Espeys It),.
Orchard White S7c
HlBuard'H , n7t
I'lancee 11o
Elmo Cucumber
Cioitm 70u nnd lOo
All 2Bn Talcums ISo
All 35c Talcums 27
All 30o Talcums 37c
Tootli Paste
Pobectt i 37c
Knrhun's lib) nml 2lln
Senrect 2:!n
Kuthymol Itio
Lyon's llln
Colgate's Tootli Powder Il)i
Calnx Tooth Powder ltli
Pyorrhoelde Tooth
Powder 7D
Km our 'rollct floods t'tiuntcr for iiiiiiiy otlier M'li'lally lulit'd
IK-Iiw fnr Mltilllljl).
Main I'loor
All Winter
at Price

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