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Sheriff Attempts to Clean
Up Naughty New Oil
State Briefs
Tho WorM, '
nti MA If. Jan. 50. Mmiv re.
Nirts avlng conin to tho sheriff
. ip lo Ufa effect Hint "25"'
i siille, was not conducting
niluum uw,,u. inmhu in 11
. n community, Monday
is net an'Aeby tho shcrirf to
ml Investigate conditions In
oil town In tho T,yons pool
to "
llif "
.,ff"vri. Hold Hugo HUH.
.... Ufl ne of ,h largest whisky
tills over brought to this city iy
any sheriff of thU county was ruliltil
thin week Hear Hcss.nn Inland town
"enJ, Hod river. Will llolcomb, a
well-to-do farmer, Is eald to bo the
... . Hrc-hi Mori- In Uxifnl.
M AJ.hSTKIt--Tho general imir
ehund'so more of Watson Urothors nt
krebs was robin d Wednesday n.Bht.
The thieves gained entlmico by
breaking tho rear door. No clun was
left U8 lo tho nUmbcr or Identity of
tho criminals.
i .
Health Sumy No I Witk.
STIU.WEI.I,-A ten day health
far enough but what cither warning?
followed him. Andrrxon Is licensed
! having wrecked n lloynton family
ltoil Croscs Doing Cixxl Work.
IIO!.iBNV!Mj!2 l-'nrty families
of this vicinity nro hclnir rami .nr
by tho lloldenvllln chapter of the ! KpcJl (o The Wuild
i roes, according to .Mis. Trix I
Lnscuer, executive secretary. 1
r , - - - .. ' ii.i Vtlttj j nayS 110.11111
W.-. wwa of bo en nMr. survey of Adair county will beg..
,M I Mi ( oilier left Okcmah jnlmry 2ri- lt L, ,imiut,nr0,, Tno
,doi the wiy stopped tit l'lmraoh .program will consist of medical In-
.,,7i , Keil up Deputy (Sheriff
i-liarli - llcnilrlcks. They then
! 11 io -.i wuii ino .lucniiou
g tno tear oi ino law mm!
rcrs or inni aiicgou siniui
spcctlon of tho rural schools ns wll
as tho schools of Htlllwcll nnd West-vllle.
of pul'
llin t'
burg 1 Pn nnd after their nrrtvnl
t w.H f V ueni. nccoruing io mo
tq Hi'
( nnl' i
1 flthci
ilrli X
InK t i
Milch neeiieii io no none in
ntnln dcnlicns of tho town
,th of icctltude.
",d famlllnr sconci were
1 almost forgotten since tho
uf tho Volstead law. While
of tho deputies wcro am-
nit alleyway In search of
i id two men woro seen
i inking ft pouring liquor
i it? Into bottles. Deput es
Hewitt nnd Charlie Hon
.iinedlately riivo chase, rr
revolvers Into tho nlr and
to stop tho men anil ex
i auso of their hurrle.i do-
beforo becoming ncqunlntcd.
lltndt, i s was leiidlnfr Hewitt In tho
i rfiai' "id polns stroiu? when, as
Ilcttl't xplnlnn. ho1 stumbled over
a Ka pipe, falling to thn Bround.
Tho inij'.'ict with Mother narth
raufed ill" prematuro firms of
iinuin 43 automatic, thn nillot
from v. libit overtook nnil tinssv,! , possession.
llcnln Ki. puncturinB his hip an u
speil M ' Comntuiilli' Instltiitn In .Vlnlr.
Will lo Its Own lias.
CO.MANCHK (.'omancho Is roIiib
to wolvo lis own fuel supply by con
necting to Its r.,000,00u-foot supply
recently broiiKht In by it well within
ill" Vll- wnilH. 1IIIS Will DC llUi- iMlv vlr-n nrcalili.nl
ment.'d by other wells lo bo drilled r"5, U' 1're''k"'
in uiu vny iiirn. i hp cny is pipoi' Winn vl. I. l:......
for artificial .-n n,i h r.i al t blow to liccp .loll.
supply will bo turned into them.
Reformed Dope Fiend , INDIAN ROAD TAXES
Falls From Grace and
Gets Doctor in Trouble" a1"' i'niH,ti iTmidcs mmi.
for llnl'illnc IiimhI HIkIiwiijts
vi aicli road nio In isid to reimburse tho rov
v irnni' iit tiniiH, nil. It use wourd vlo-
Koquojnli ('omiiiunliy limlltulo.
VIAN Miss .Mubel (:. HmliUnd--ance
nurso. has beou hero this weok
complotlng arrangements lor the
immunity Institute from the 'nlver
slty of Uklnhumn, which begins
Armory At HoMcmlllc
llOt.DKNVII.I.K- Contract soon
will bo nindo betvceii tho govoruN
tiient and tho city to lease a building
hero for an armory, lt Is reported
A three-tear leaso for J 1,000 It.
drain Dealers ranir IIIik'.
JI.N'ID The gruln dealers In con
vention hero Thursday passed teso-1
unions yroinmenuliig thn Hitrlcultiira,
"bloc" 'in vongrtw. Indorsing the I' i
llNID, Jan. 30 When Hthel
ftephrns, a notorious doio riend.
fell from grace and wits put In Jail
It was tho undoing of Dr. C. v..
Hmlth, .who Is under arrest for
selling "dope." Illhel has served a
term In tho "pen" nnd on ner ic
turu to her haunts serveit notice
that shn was off tho dope stuff
forever and helped the police -ra t
several bootleggers and testified
In u score of cases ngHlnat "Two
street" negroes, but l-'rldny slio
was arrested for stealing surgical
Instruments frffm tho officii of n
local doctor.
A boy strolling by In the Jail
corridor whs hailed by Hthel and
g'.vcn a note for Dr, Hmlth. Kol
Iflwcil by an officer the hov ent
direct to tho office of Dr. C. K.
Kmlth and returned with n pactt.
ngn with seven capsules contain
H. tlraln Ornwers, Inc. and asking Ing narcotics and a nciillo and
the Oklahom.i IcKlslutuio for inori
liberal trcntment financially of tlie
Oklalioma Ai Ac" M. college. Walter
II. Jcaseo of Hupply was lu-elceted
president nnd mill Peeler of Klk
riano Crush Victims May llevowr.
DI'NPAN Karl Khidclmid. nlbit
of the alrpbuio which fell hero Jan
uary 7, and Krnnk Hall, passenger,
Hi;.NTINi:i- Announcement of the
appointment of Wllllmu M. Ileiiueit
tricl court ousitiess.
svrlnge. The boy had previously
given tho note to tho officer ,ut
wnj told to go ahead so that fiey
might catch the doctor. In an
swer to yhat his plea would bo.
Doctor Hmlth repllul. "Utility. In
n way, 1 guess I was gu'fty or nn
error." Hond was f ied at 1 3.000
and a preliminary hearing wiitdi
whb'h was set for Mummy wus fti-
Mrs. ' Olive Uncock, has imsud
storm hero. This Is no discredit to the
appointee, but neaily every wotnnii
111 tow 11 tills mIlfiuhI a oolllliiii Hint
tho most s'Tlousiy Injuicl, nro re- .Mrs. Ilocock be retained. iHhe Is a
covering In u Dillas hospital, uccord widow with small children liven
ing io auvices received Here.
On Tribal Allotments,
j C)rUl to The WorM
! I'ONCA CITV. Jan. 'JO.-JTho 1)111
1 recently Introduced In tho I'nlted
Plates senate by, Ashurst of Aruon.i
applies to n'l lint la ft lands that are
I not taxed and would thus apply to
I the Olocs, l'oncns, Knws nnd severnj
other Oklahoma til lies. This inlor
matlon Is secured front a copy or the
Ashurst bill, Jut received here.
It provides for nn appropriation
of not over 800,00u for thn pio.viu
I fiscal year nnd 1 1, 000,000 Tor end
succeeding fiscal enr up lo and
llnclud ng l27. or n total of S,S00,-
ooo, lo be used in conjunction wim
frdeial aid roud money and In co
opera Inn ulth statu lilghway dtt
parttnenis fur Hi" survoj, construc
tion, leeonitruitlon nnd mamten
nuce of iilKhwnvs on or ndjureni ti
Indian lands not taxed by the state
it prolines niso mat so rar as l'"" I in
sHibv the preference shall be given, m
28 HENS NOW LAY - fe
lo Indians ns lalmn is
ins iniiinti r,in,i ru,,,i aiin't u k,...,.. ,...... i....in,i.... .. hi.
I .. V -...4, ..fi, ni 1 1', il. 1 1,, il iiiii .
apportioned nmnng the several ' ti Ibe,
slates In proport on to Hip nron and -
value of such untaxed Indian laud,! Sail lil. School lliiru.
It Is provided that Ihe goM'ininellt I HALT I.AKK (MTV, I'tah, Jan. 50.
inav, wherever possible, reimburse I'lre heheved to have, originated In
I'self- from tribal f.mds of the In-ilhe Iihsi meiib this morn ng de
dlnns thus beiiefitrd by such tonils stroveil the iMfnyeltn school hel
This reimbursement may bo made causing damage estimated at np
by taking fi.nn the Income ot the proximately fion.uno, A general
tribes from s to 20 per cent nn- alarm was tinned In and nil fire
tiually until llu- k.'Vci lunent shall fighting upi'iiialus In the city was
be paid back In full This Income to sent li, the si eiie l-'lrcmen expe
lndlails i onus funn limber sains rleiued great dlffli nllv In handling
griming permit t and ininltn flic hose and .imiiitii owing to bn
iciires and nnv oiner trinal re. low seio He.illicr Th
was onn ot tho largest schools In
city. Tho loss is fully covered ! '
Insurant c.
Hl tho use of detlcnte eledilcat
nppiirnlim n Ilrltlsh nrlenllst ban
demotisttnled that tho liumnn m
emits some unexplained power. In
nil ptnbublllty viu unknown ray ill
MK lit.
sources. Tribal ni trust funds ma with h whs
Ilcnilachcs from Slight (.'olds
Irfixallvo HltOMO QI'lNINi: Tnblen
relievo tho Headache by Hiring thn
Cold. A toii'i laxative and germ
destroyer. Tim genuine bears tho
nlttiiatuie of B V. (Irovo. (Ho surn
bulbi ng you get HltOMO.) 30c Advcrtisi-
Iimii slmv stnietiire i inenl.
This During Cold Winter,
Weather. Dan It Simple.
"I fed poa Kung to la 28 hens that
vrrrs net lajrlnf, Hut lhr are laying
I rrrtlrr titgh '.'7 rg
Iiy anil nrtcr Irn than Z
iIIys your lirni Don Rune and wstrh
rtiulla for nns inouth. If jou don't
find that It pays for ltirlf and paa tou
gomi prollt hnliln. trll ua ami juur
money will be cheerfully rrfunilril,
non Ming tmtntiiA ror
ner. li
.1.1.. ' Ilculns SllflCi of Affnlrs Willi VIkw ' Jrlilde lISTltlaon. Yates Ontrr. Kan.
I iiii in iiui mr unniuin mrnrwiir . ,...- , - , Mrs. llail.lmill wrnls this Irtler In
,wun uio move to prevent a (liange. ..., "'.'"" ' ll.rnry. Figure her proflt nn two
Xoiln Hoy Caught Willi Isiot. - Pp'flal to Tho W urb). , .loien rges n la from brna that
HOI.Di;NVII.r,i: llurglars broke MURDERER DIES DEFIANTLY :.. AWHrHICA, Jan. :0.-Jnmes V I -wouldn't T lay." Well mako you the
Into the Chapman Jewelry store rirouK. recently cut leu city mnnurr r oner we uiau ; nrr.
Tuetdny night nnd got away wlih ... . , i . ot rawnusgn, tins iwsumeii nts dull s
100 wm Hi if goods. Tom Ilerry, A",r."" S1'., M"" , "" here from Wichita, whom
negro boy. was nrrested at l'rancls, u,"i i cc!.,1 Ilci '"'"i;, h?.. v""1. 00',,1 'lth n brnnch
twenty miles south of here. He wni . , . i " . " I "ttlco uC tl' Koss Construction rem-
said t5o. havo had all the loot ht -.Us Ma hh laugh ng and al er- lm,iy.
niiVrini-Tv i.V n i rin'i ii i,r,.V.. n , Mr' "roulf Mid Thursday that 10
rWlo sm ad at Hip Dial st. .., l' "'l'""' 11 thorough eurvpy
r !L....",aJL".V.!..11 . ... "! . '). of municipal affairs with n view to
li-ndncV.s w:as lakon to Weleetkn -WESTVII.!.- Advance workers The vollev was fired nt 8.03 o'clock , "yM."m,.l"n?. '"'V .''uslnisi by i!e-
nhere a physician dressed the from tho University of Oklahoma 1 and Mnsllch was pronounced dead , ',, , , !";lar,,,' eavmgs in
wouuil nun announced mat it was wero nern mis weeg arrnnging ino two mlnuu Inter. I ',", , "' , v"' from j6nr dtugrlat or pauliry reni'ny
,nly a flesh wound. Tho results of program fo the community Institute Mashllch was convicted with Nick ' "im' iIHnso could bo made. i AnltT' . ,, 8,. for', M,,. i,.
thi raid appears to bo nno man shot I which begins lie Westvlllo Baturday, Obllzalo for tho murder of Marco I 'he new manager has had expert- , mall prepaid. Iturrnll-lliigger Co., 2M
r hnlf-sriot. tho last January 39. " Uius and both fcntenced to death, i ence in engineering nnd construction , i.oiumui mug., inuiiiiapoiia.
having been broilgnt to Hoth appealed to thn supremo couit i work, In the oil business and at one
ho paid Ills flno nn do- Diinrnu KclionI 'Is Crowded. for a new trial. Mnshllch's. appeal lime servod as secretary of u chain-
lurtrd. However, tho sheriff has UU.NCAN Tlio Influx of popuia-'was denied and Obllznto's has not "er in commerce, no is a tormcr
la eaallr glffii In thf food, Imprnvra thn
nrn a nraiui anil main ner stronger
' snil mors attlrr. It la ffiiarahlfeil to
Eft the rcff. no matter bow cold or ,
i wrt the wralhrr.
I lion tiling ran b nbtalneil crompllr
thi raid nppi
all iinothcr
rfmtioncd h
where I,
.1,1 thai he intends to hnve n tiearn. I Hon to Jiuticnn has.brought nn over- I vet been decided. Mashllch asserted ! tervlco man.
ful town at "15", even If ho has to crowded condition to thn public 'his Innocence to the hint. ,
fight to get It. schools. Enrollment nt tho beginning i 1 iVth n new cas rnnce food can
ngni ru. of Ujo fccom, om4tcr KlloWH Kaln , . Mpx.,IW , ,lp it(.,mtr,r,l. bn brought to a bo img condlt
TnunioT nini io tlltilTlilo ; " u over lasi year, inuro are now, a.mu.mu, icxns, jnn. .u. i nftor which the uns Is shot off inul
TOURIST PArlK IS INVITING '2,500 In the public schools. ncrod-Umny Mexicans now lu tl.e Cnlted Insulated hood drmine.l over t'
Ing to the superintendent, and there i stntes without food or shelter wilt food recentaclo to make lt a flrcl. uj
nro vet about 300 of scholastic line l, e.,n(rl,.le.l In- their irnvfirnmnnt ' I. . .,' . ' 1 Cl 1 KO 11 a "rC1 UJ
Commercial Club Imys 1'lnns for " ' ' - " "l"0"lsJ r
Mniir llOh nib C ImnrnvMiiciils "ul vl muiiuu. ruui nw
,ai i5 Thworld 1 teachers havo been employed nnd
M'Al.KSTKK, Jan. 20. In ad- 'hero Is need of at least twelve ad
dition to (.pending nt least J200.000 j d'tlonnl classrooms to tako euro of
on Improvement ot highways In enrollment, expected.
lUOt.tiri MiiinlV tUr (mi.lu, nrtn 1
! . .w .,,. ..... uu. .n. ......... ,.,1,, ,.1. ri.w. 1.. Tlnl.l
llll.l llj l,.tl III l,l.
here Is to be Improved so that trnv
elers on Jhe Jefferson nnd tho Postal
highways, which cro.su each other
ln McAlcster, will havo a camp equal
'lo any In tho state. If the plans of
Boono Williams, secretnry of tho
local commercial club carry.
The location of tho McAlcster
tourist camp Is Ideal, nnd with tho
(rounds smoothed and gravclod, n
commodious building erected and
with Kitv, water, lights nnd other
conveniences Installed, tourists will
find tho McAlcster camp r delight
ful place to stop.
rut on Another Carrier.
f.'l,l'to Tho World.
rONCA CITY, Jan. 20. Post
tnastcr Pred Klrby has received au
thorization from Washington. 15. C; ,
to appoint another city carrier who
will havo southwestern Ponca City
for his territory, nnd also that tho
featiest has been Granted which ex-
l UnA nlnM ..I . - .. 1 1 ......
- ,v,,u uw Lauiui nvi Iti lu uu imj-
iiona of the Incorporated city. These
requests havo been beforo tho de
partment for tho past tlx months.
Farming was tho occupation of
half tho population of Franco beforo
lh war.
MAIIIKTTA Andrew Holt was
shot and instantly killed by Deputy
Sheriff John Turner Thursday nVht
when officers searched for whisky
In tho homo of Itobcrt nnd Uuford
Jones. Tho Jones men wero arrested
but claimed tho liquor found be
longed to Holt, who attemptod to
shoot Turner, and was killed himself.
Gets Wnnilng to Icavc.
CHECOTAH Tho unrelenting
hand of tho K..K. K. still pursues
Clayburn Anderson, tho barbor wool
was noggeu lasi uctooer near noyn
ton. For tho third tlmo has been
wnrned to leave town, and ho has
ossnyed to obey, but never moved
be repatriated by their government 1 rouker.
within tno next montu, according to
word received from Mexico City to.
day by tho cnambcr of commerce.
It Is estimated Mlvat In tho Imperial J
vnlley, where tho mnjor portion ofi
l(lll'l(ill HIIIUI nun Mtn . nj- t.nv.
with, tllcrn .nro approximately flvo
thousand Mexlcnna without employment.
wi: i-Mutv
AND st iti: MASH
Binding-Stevens Seed Co
Osngo 11(1 Oigc .1110
aa tho man who will not sco tho
necessity of proper cyo care.
.Better Glasses Aro tlio Itosult of '
IJctter Methods
at the
Poplinger Bros.
New Worthmore Wonder Hats "
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lflpo quality all wool iiweut
cis for women In "pullover"
or coat styles, Sizes 30 to
42, Colors purple, lose, bluo
and cardinal. 112 values,
cxtin. spcclnl Saturday SI. nr.
Cotton Union Suits
llrokcn lot ot medium nnd
long length cotton union
suits with high neck nnd
long sleeves; low neck nnd
halt sleevesi low neck nnd
no sleeves. All nro nnkln
length. Values up to 2.
To closo out "Na
MunsiiiK Silk and Wool
Union Suit to Close
Out, $4.95
High neck, long sleeves nnd
nnkln lengths: tS.DO Millie.
Closing out prlco $1.05
Mun'inp; Silk-Faced
Union Suit
$2.G9 and $2.89
In pink rfr while, ooso or
light knee, open or closed
guru. Hcgulnr slues. Fri
day SIMM
Out slzus. I'rldny S2.HU
Silk and Wool Union
Suit $3.80 otid $4
Styles Include low' nock, no
lovcs; ii n It I a or kpen
length;,, lit g It neck, long
sleeves; low neck, elbow
sleeves, lingular sizes ,1 NIK
Out sizes, i $1.00
MimsinR Cotton
Uon Su't
$1.75 and $2.00
In heavy or medium weight
Willi high neck nnd long
sleeves; low neck nnd short
sleeves; low neck it ml no
slenvcM. Hcgulnr sizes. Hoe-
clul IT,
Out sizes. Special. ,,,.2,00
All Women' and
Winter Underwear
Reduced 20
(Second Moor)
All Remaining
Winter Coats
Sized in, 18, SC. 31 and 40
At Half Price
Your Choice of
Any Winter Dress
Half Price
.1-3 Off on All Children's
nnd Junior Coots
Ages 2 lo 17. Vsiovrs, Vel
vets, llollvla und I'olo. Homo
nro fur trimmed, Somo aro
plain, many nt them lined
Willi silk. Colors am brown,
bluo nnd tun. There's still
plenty of tlmo to get your
money's worth out of them
this sensou. l'rlrcs wero $13
to tco. -Now only is to s:i:t
Boys' Overcoats 1-3 Off
Ages 2 lo 11
In Chinchilla nnd Polo
Cloth. Colors brown, gray
mid bluo. Styles, belted nnd
iloubto brcustcd. ltegular
grown-up moilnls. Prices
wero from SG.50 to S25.
Now they nro Ono-Thlrd
(Second Floor)
Boudoir Lamps $1.95
To oloso out icmalnlng stock,
your choice ot uny boudoir
lamp for only 1.0,1
Ivory nnd gold inetnl bases
with silk shades of rqso nnd
Toiletries Specials for Saturday
I'sre I'owitrra
It, "0 Vacs T'uwitrra tie
Slilrn I'ow,tr .!"'
bOo 1'nri, PuwilM "C
"Irfivo U" Turn I'owilrr a'e
All Ste Khc lUijnulrn lie
Cliaiiillly ! co IVmttar -3f
I reams
All tl.OO Cf'aina IJe
Wniulhurr rrwona ai
All 10c 'rfin SSr
Marln-lln Tlaans Cream.. Ir. e
II. A II Cl'l C'rMuliiH. ,7.V, lllr, Xtlc ,
I'ona's Colli I'ri.fn Ill', Ille
llllkwr.l I'rfam 37
Alisrlua l.mon
ClMffl SI.S.1, SI, f
NailllKilk Cream. a'e
KyH!ll Cream 37e
lir Harry's l'rekl Orenni. . . . 4i
fUlllniati'a Kieckla Cream 33ii
Sloro Hours
Week Hn
8:30 n. in. to
C;30 p. in.
8:30 a. m.
to 6, il m.
Iluilit l.ollioia
llealnnl Ointment .
I'ulliMirs Olntnieiit,
Wild, lUael
leUt Hkm titlua
Drrli.rrl White
Klini, I'uiinnber Cream.
. TiilruiiiM
All n f.i.,,-,
All ito Tatiuma ,
All iu: 'lai.u...,
Tuolb I'nate
sfic, Ms
. It,', XX
.lllr, Ino
I Ho
,0c, We
. ..31c
IUc, (Do
I.yeii a
rnliate'a Tooth l'nwdr.
i iliit Tootli rowiler.
. .nic
. .100
. , IOii
I'ygrrhoetite Tooth, r'oiJder.!I!l0o
Nnn-Std His
Amollu 30p, IBo
tJ,l.Io.lio 4r, T.lrt
Kel-A-Tono 70o
Net 30,i
llerplohls llslr Tonlo. , . .sllc, 30o
linu lie Qtilnllio Heir
Tonlo 11.10, 9o
l.r-'il 7 Or, 30r, Itin
Iijer-Klaa Hoap, rake , ...lOo
Hlirtflnr f'reutn
SIM ha MimlUM Cream
Wllllatiia' miavInK Crwua...
Coliruto Hliavlns Crealn
, tor
Hair Cutting
and Hob blliff

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