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I IMdge r J u t this week, consolation
j. h r limn Uic member nt tlio ollub
! Mowlam O A. Wiseman. T.
i Trbkey, Hurley frier, fifty Wll
iii, fdwiird Thornton, J. Nnrvotl
Walker mi, Mbms Clephans Wcrlz
Ihthit ii1 HorI Cobb,
Mm. I. 1'. Dorrlt entertained tli"
rnft.il.T4 iif Mm T. A. llrMffn rlub
I 'I hurortny afternoon Ht 1 ' lock
I'Uii M mi.
I II 1)1 1 1 Ml.
3t may 1h 1 Nlmil lint attain
'Die height h"ie 1 Iwsv Hijr SJOM.I,
It limy bo l ohull iv r win
Tim Unri'N that would save, my
"Vet I shall ham riclirt grelr
heights, i
And 1 shall win fur infiif I Unnw,
Tlmn had I li'fii content tmrli ilny
And Idly drifted In sMd In.
Vclmsv West Hyn.
Ttlii)V l!rills.
ICappn Kappa (lumnia, Alls llo..
llmt J follow
fuptls i.f Mr. Walter i.
piano recital In llm piilillc llbmry,
Kn.srhts Toi'ttilar ntinu.il bull, Con
tention hall.
M .so Nosnil I'onnur, auction bftdite
Dinner ami Infiirirt'tl diiui'lnsj Ht
the Country i'IiiIi.
Woman's I'lirlstlmi Missionary so
ciety fht Christian church, tun for
Ml Wlhnu Wlnklxcr In church par.
Mr. nnd Mi. H. I. ford entertain
villi dinner nt Hih Country club.
Tn (ittii ll.HI.
Horliil Itilvrrnt for tho host two
i"h l centering In mid will m
volv about the hi bill t" Klvi"i
In CimviMitlnii hull tlio nlHlit
Wdndu, February I. Tim Trinity
rllilvcnlml ihlllill Hi'ivirn leaguo
ini'iiibum. who nr sponsoring
Personal Mention
Mrs. Charles fltzglbbrm of Urad
fird, I'h , In tho guest of !n-r
daughter, Mm. Jatns 1'. Ityan.
inomburs. who nr spin w riin u n - - - - ;j.i7..L' . .
dance, urn laiddly rirniil.tln their -r. " Mrs.
lilaiiH nnd hy Nunduy '"inn in no
able to imniMiiiiii the Hut of names
nf patroil and piilrnnessifs. Tim
Jn lliitchkliiN orchestra will play
lor dnni liiK and Ui-Ui't nrn jrolnic In
ho iiluei'd mi wild Tiicmlny, .liinunry
3l. ul Hunt's. MotnbiTH nf thp
lfuKiie ('Xlift t" malm th" bull tlio
InrKCKl mid mimt brilliant affair of
IIh kind Blvfii thh wlntor.
llr. iri Iti'tiinni t(i Tulna.
Thr farl Hint Hr. lMward llw
nrd tlrlcKn U rclurnlnic to TuUi thl
wlntt'r f"r 11 I'ouriio of locturfu Ih a
ruuri'o of Buntilne ilnntir to thf
many who hnvn bon prlvllfiscd to
Jifar him huf'iir, and thono who
Idiow tilm only by rmtatlnn nharc
tho iintlctiiatlmi with whloh bin
friend hikI udmlrcru arc looltlnu
forward to hlii anprnrnncc this weol:,
Uootor UrlBKn Klvc tho find, two of
liln hitIm t l tiirK on "(Iroat Mor
al Lmidcr nf tho World." Wi'i'iJ"
day nnd Tburmlay cvrnlnc of this
week, lie will Kponk In tbo HohIoii
Mnlhin!la'. church at
o'clock nf each ovi-nlnR. Hit ""''J1"''
Wcdnmday nUht will Ht.
V rnnclii of AiwlM" and ThUmday
ovonlni! "Havoiinrola." Doctor nrlKKJ
rcturiiB to Tulna for Wednesday and
Thumdny nlKhla of th follonlnK
woclf. wbrn Im will hnvn for bin
tibjecls "(llardao drlnii" and Cur
lylo." and nisillntho WedneMday anil
Thumday of tho wcok followlmr.
13,nor.nn and Tol.tol wll affan
stibjpct matter for tho !ut two of
hln iPolurcH. Tho mnnibKra of the
Hhnk'noarn ftlub. undi-r whonu nun
iiIcph tho courm. of U-clureH Is Klvuri,
liava tli'kotM for Halo ami they will
nUo bo nlnrod on nalu nt the
Iloxall driiB tdorf.
Mm. ('Inrenrn II. Taylor. 12.'S
Hall I more, bait tin hrr hou'n KUnnt
thh viffk llrs. II, V. ftnrry of forts
inmilh, N, J I,
Mi and Mm. Tato Jtrady bavo
mm ul Into tholr niw colonial hnmo.
J'mi rni'iitly conipb'lFil, on tho
liriilh i.lile.
Mr, nnd Mm, Hani Hann nnnnunco
tho birth of a lit t In unit, MolVIn M ''
lionald, January 12.
MIm Agni-n C'omptnn of CloVfland
wiih tho km 'it nf Mm, I'nlll Adamn
Hi'lirclnr-r Thurnday, MIkh Onmptmi
en inn i-npoclally to hour Ilaohman
Innff Thurnday nlitht.
Mm, J5. 1). Wnrron of Hannibal,
Mo., in vlilllnu Mr. It. T. Courtnoy,
309 North Tacoma.
Mr". Clmrlca (liven of Bradford,
fa., h tlm Knout nf hor ulnlor,
Mm. Charlrn NcMon,
Mr. Harold fronlun nf James
town, N, Y In vlnltlwr linr pnrenti),
Mr. nnd Mm. IIunMtnln llrown
nnd ilnuuhti'r, Ileatrlce, have moved
into tholr now homo nt SIT Kimt
W. Campaign Total
Up to Noon Friday
Was $24,688
Tlttu ltntfo (MinliiK. ,
Tho Jlyoehka rub has announrod
that It presents Tlta ltuffo. tho fa
mous and conceded to be ho Km -est
bnrytono Hvlnu r I h l r tnj
lCHtlv.il March 3. Mm. l''n'
lotto Kpsteln wUI KlnB upon thU oc
casion mid 1 happy ,,'!1u'Bltl" V'
tho festival program. lit" mu o
club has presented mny t tbo
world's famous artUta to Tulsa anil
In plans for this year's aprlnir ton
tlvn s but carrying on tta P lend d
oUcy of Blvlnn an opportunity to
those, who aro "a Ion
Hrondwa' to enjoy tho best In tho
urt W inuslr.
KnlRbts to llu,',"" ,,,
Knlshta Templam will
dress uniform tonight Jt th "
annual ball Ktvcn under th atisplccj
of Trinity Oommnndory 20. The
dance, which Is MPft4
l.ircolv nttonded, will b Blven in
mvoutlon hall and th ml
marv-li will take placo at 0 o clock,
rant commnndem. headed
Hanna as chairman form the com
mittee in cbaruo of tho arrant o
mentfl for tho dance.
Club Events
M.t.- J Mmilu RhnWnlon
club which will hold Its fornlBhtly
f..,.iu.. nrtvt week. Is of
peculiar lnlerest. it Implies In tho
Oaago toniruo IIIO irnipua "" '
tho orKanliatlnn. llonjamln Allison,
conforrlnu with mi Intorprotcr for
tho OsaRcs. learni'd that Monlo Sho
kolnn moanl. In OoaKu. "Monday
every second week." Since tho or
nanlzatlon of tho club u year ntro
thin wlnler lla purposo has been
purely that of sor'nl ploasurn and
Hh momlicrs plaiinml furtnlulitly
Maii,ii.a 'rt.. i laiiu-i, name, dutiinud
T,..,r,w. w-
apropos an well iih euphonlouH. was
auopioii us me ninm ihiiuhi h.,,,..
Mrs. T l U.niim worrd hlKli
when Miss llenv i'omtl onler
tnlned tho ini inliers ..f th- Thursday
Contilbutlons to tho V. W. C. A.
nrn mountliiK steadily In amount,
not only oxempllfylnir Tulsa' In
tcnit In tho Institution nnd lla typo
of sorvlcn tn Kills and women but
also to tlm creator prosperity of
the now year over that of last year,
as ine peaa reaction in tlm cam
palitn by Friday noon was j:i,r.8H,
a larger amount tlmn haa been Mlvon
to any cause of the kind In a num
ber of months. That tho amount
of tho xlftH on tho first thron days
of tho rntniinlcn nvoriiKed hlgliur
than In a similar period of tlmn last
yonr was a luatter of comment yes
terday noon by C. K. lluchner, Y.
At. C. A. secretary, In a talk to
A buHlnewi women's team, that of
Mm. Hlua Joiich, prosldont of tho
f. II. X. club, HiirpiuiHnd all other
teams with n total of )2,0R4, thrlr
nearest compntltor boliur tho team
headed by Mrs. J, Wl HanOns. Ycs
torduy'H' collections of (CSSg.nO
represeutod labnrfl carried on by
workers through mm of tho coldest
day's In Tulsa's history, Thursday,
and through tho dlsnirrcenbla fore
noon of Ifrlday. K. II. Houston. In
a luncheon addroHi, remarked thati
tho total was parhatm explained by
tho fact that workers found all tbo
business mnn prisoners of cold In
their offices.
Tho campaigners will enrry on
Hnturday, reporting their harvest
Ins at a noon lunclieon, nnd expect
to continue next week until thoy
resell tho goal. "Tho nmoolutlnn
must have $64, IBS," Rdna Vylo,
Kuneral secretary, said yonterdny.
Homo tlrown flowers
flower Hhop, West Third.
1 52 8. -Advertisement.
, Enlarged Fiold of Activ
ity Announced for
New Semester
A number of new courses which
neier before hnvn been a part of tho
eiiirlrulnm of tlm University of
Tulsa will lie ofrored In the new
semester opening ne Jnniisry '1
Of thli kind will bo a course In
bUflno-,1 psychology, or psychology
mi It iippllen to the trnds. wh'eh
i-rnr i n. .mclooii win try to make
useful to those students Intending o
entor tho business world. Agrlrtil
luro is also being scoduled for 'ho
first tjino, because nf tbo require
inent that students anntvlnr tnr ih,.
eletnnntaiy tencher'ii certlf.,Hr
from the state tionrd Imvo a rredli
In this subject.
Co-mls who, whllo studying (Iroek
and all other "nlogles." nrn wlnly
maklnir some prnpurntlon at le.isi
for managing homes nf tholr own
soma day. Imvo eeloAlon of four new
courses under Knthrtlnn feiin (llrlu
who am nitmteum In the domistb
selence department may tako look
ink nun loxiiies, nut an advance
course In winlistlon Is only open to
stndonls frpodftllzlng In ilotiif tic set
enye and household mannKomrut Is
only for seniors In tho department
and tlio who have hnd all tin ,
rtnoklng experlenco rcqiilred for a
11. B. degree In diuniHtb- srlciicc.
Now lllbln courses nnnouiircil by
Dr. finnklln (I. Dili (tro In the his
tor Iif the Hnbrews to tbo your.
080 It. C . tbo life of Job nnd l.ll .
ernry Htudy of the lllble, Other open
inn classes win o in Hn.ini.ii. te
View algebra, nrlnrlnlns nf i.,Iiun,Hiiii
nnd education psychology, economics
nnd llngllsh history, for tho beno
flL OfAtUdentB urnduatlnir frilm blirli
HOhnols this somester. beginning
freshman classes will bo arranged,
final examinations will bo hold
next week at tho university,
Will Orgnnlrn Ninth Nlrtn Hoy Si-mt
Troop nt (Vntfiinry .Motlinilln
( him li nt Once.
Tho formation of u North Hid
Hoy Hcout Hoop was put under way
Thursday night ut a meeting of
scout officials, pilniipals of North
Hldu schools and church officials of
tho (lentonnry .Methodist church,
hold In the church edifice, The
actual orgaiilcntlnn nf the troop
will tnko place at a meeting In the
church next Thursday, night at 0;J0
o'clock of all boys Intdrestod tn Hoy
Hcout work.
A committee composed of llev.
W. I,, ulnckburn, pnstnr of tho
church; Judgo N. .1. (lubnor. J. 11.
Uardnor and Henry llranUim was
aiipolnted lis im executive commit
lei) In the scout organization work.
A short talk on Hoy Hcout principles
nnd workings wn Riven by John Ml
Dudley, scout exocutlvo of Tulsa
county nnd similar talks worn given
iiy Jlenry iirandon unit Howard'
Meyers. M. Mcgeo, principal flf
Osage school, pledged the now
plan hearty co-operation on tho
part of Osago school. Other hcIipoIh
which tho executive committee
hopes to draw on for their now
piau nra I'orshlng and Kincrson.
V. II. Wnndiirrl, 111 West Uaslon,
pledged himself to take. rare of each
and every boy's Initiation fen Into
Clio North Hldu Hoy Hcout troop,
which will bo 60 cents fur each boy,
Itclis-tfsl tlm flavor.
Colonel Ilreckonrldge and Major
l'ulndextcr, Kentucky gontlomen of
tho old school, noticed somothlng
unusual about thrlr favorite, bever
age, but they disagreed ns to what
It might be, "Vary linn llquah,
suit," observed tho colonel to tho
major, "but It has u foreign fla
vor." "You nh right, siuhi It has a for
eign flavor," replied tho major, "I
should nuy, sub, It has un Iron fla
or." ho added.
"You Mi mistaken, suit, It has
tbo flavor of leather," Insisted tho
When tho hogHhead from whlcu
their libation cm mo was empty n
tack with a leather tup was found
on tho bottom of the receptacle,
Ilobert A. Mulilrney
funeral Director t21 H. Main
l'hono Osago 191-458,
MarrfR Portrayal
of "Salome" Ih
Talk of Chicago
tme arrog or walitv!
I I mm y.p- i mnn i nHl i i, ii mmss-I
ai021 South Main
Mllllnory Section Scxsind floor
The Smartest of
Spring Millinery
Special Saturday
$5 to $7.50
Flower trimmed ttiffutn snilortt, braid and satin
combinations; I ho hat you will appreciate in
an early spring model.
Mary (Janlcu ns shn nppcnusl In the
role or 'halonic."
ThM Moiy (lurden, uperatlo star,
n ton! to tho height of her brilliant
inrenr In her realistic portrayal of
"Ktlome" In thnt opera', produced
under her direction In Chicago, Is
tho opinion of her followers. Hut
clergymen nnd reform leaders de
nounced it as "degrading." Wiilcn
brings up tho old question of how
inr an can go anil bo art.
Lawyer Claims Mrs. Still-
man Has JNever ucnieu
Illegitimate Charge
NKW YOHK, Jan. 20. Mrs. fill
J'ntter Htlllman ho never expressly
or emphatically denied thnt her son,
(luy, was Illegitimate, A. f. Jenks,
counsel for James A. Htlllman In
his dlvorco action, declared today In
representing the "banker before the
appellate division of th'o supremo
1 court appealing sn order allowing
Mrs. Htlllman 17.600 additional
counsel fees,
Mr Jenks said Mrs. Htlllmnn, dur
Ine tlm lust nine months had been
allotted 1120,000 from her husband
and that the law provided Hint nl-
lowanrcH snnuid be made only when
the defendant can show lessoimlile
probability ut success. Mrs. Htlllman,
ho eald, has so far not Indicated
th.it pronblllty.
Mr Htlllman Is suing to dlvorco
his wife "nil it to lllegltlmntlzo Ouy
"Tho plnlntlfr nlloges tho Issues of
the marriage are: Alexander, Anno
and James," Jenks nild. "Hhe alleges
hor children nro Alexander, Anne,
.lames ami uuy. i iirther on In hor,
brief sh uriita: 'Infiinl flni- ' I
"In her affidavits nho does not ray
sho denies the charges becnttso oho
In Innocent. Hbo says: ! nm In
formed by one of my attorneys that
I Imvo n good defense; 1, theroforo,
ask leave to amend my nnswer."
"Tho plaintiff In his cqmplalnt al
leges tho defendant 'lived conttnu
ously In adultery with tho co-re
spondent,' Hho says: 'Theso charges
t deny.'
"Thorn Is nothing to show sho de.
nted th'o possibility thnt sho limy
huvn committed adultery ono or
mnro times. Hho slmnlv savs he
denies those charges referring to the
statement 'continuously in aiiul
Ought to lid Nut lf led.
Kffis'tlvc Diplomacy.
frwtitit ,i,i v,in tin uiimii ',i,, it, la-
band Insists on driving tho cur too
fast?" s
'IT linvn n Hitrn v In mnb liltn
slow down."
I wish I could do tnat. My hus-
lutti.l lu u.t U,,1,I,.P., IV... l.h ,1.1.
.'.,.. n .... lltnl ,1.7 HI 1,1V
oven faster when t complain."
un, i neviy navo n nit nf t Dou
ble. All I do Is to whisper that a
tratflo officer Is following us and
hu can't slot" down quick enough."
A Kuroponn rnUrond has developed
ii truck to carry a considerable
quantity of trnlk-hulldlng materials
which runs on n single tall and can
bo handled by ono man.
Toll thev tho tale, ns Mr. Cabell
I says, of the late (Jen. Horace for
te r. what time ho was manager of
I tho fulltnnn company. One day
i ho got a letter from an army officer
I who said thnt the fullman car that
had carried him from Jersey City
t- Lrfing Hranch bad not been prop
erly swept nnd dusted. General
. forter waste-basketed the letter!
also tho second, the third and the
fourth. Hut tho fifth was n violent
that (Jcnernl fortor dictated the
following reply;
Hlr; Wo have run tho train off
tho track, burned the cars, shot the
conductor, hanged tho porter and
discontinued tho line. Hoping thnt
this will be satisfactory, I regain,
City Will Conduct .Municipal Km
ploynicnt. Ilun-an t'nilcr.a Clerk,
flans were made by tho mayor
flnd city commissioners frlday to
nsslst In helping tho unemployment
situation locally. It was voted by
tho commission to obtain the serv
ile of n clerk and conduct a munic
ipal employment bureau, with which
citizens may leavo orders for help,
which? will he communicated to the
various employment bureaus. Ap
plications from men and women out
of work will not bo received.
The emnlovment service Is to be
In chnre of Major T. D, Kvnns, who'
was elettcd chairman of the general I
employment committee composed of
ads of various civic organizations,!
employment departments of largo I
companies, and of local employment 1
bureaus. I
In addition to the mayor, this
committee Is composed of J- D. Mc
Clelland, representing the Chamber,
of Commoreo; Mrs, Hunt, represent-1
Ing the Y, W. C. A., Jinteph DruoUt, ,
representing tho employment service
of the Masonic frnternlty; (leorge ,
Hush nf Cosden utid company; H
U Allison, representing tho Ameri
can I.rulon, nnd R. N. 1311.. active
head of the federal-Stato Employ-,
ment service.
Another meeting of this com-1
mltteo Is to be held noon, at which
tlmo completH plans for relieving .
tho unemployment situation will tie
furmulated and arrangement mado
to establish nn office.
A new nroress for vulcanizing rub
ber makes use of metnl alloys that
melt nt a temperature a little high
er than that needed to manipulate
the rubber. ,
Cuticura Talcum
Fla.lis(tr Fnersat '
Always Healthful
hsikrmilMlm UlntM,V.XIII4M,
The Advance Shop'
Women Who Appreciate Style
and Quality Should See These
New Spring Frocks
Worth $10 to $12 More
We .have taken a few recent ahipments of spring
frocks and placed them into one group for spe
cial selling today. This is to stimulate your in
terest in tho smart new styles for spring, cor
rectly depicted in this showing of silk, crepe and
canton crepe frocks.
The price of $25 is for today only.
A group of smart little taffeta
frocks have Le6n placed on sa
today for only $15. These are
new styles and colors for spring
Worth $22.50.
CQjfiQ Popular Store of Style, Quality, Values
(round floor of Itubltison Arcade Opposite Hlalto
at the
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Third Streel
von Women
Our First Showing
New Spring
Capes and
Your now ivrnp for spring: Is qn to
likely tn Im n ca that Is, If jim
wish tn keep iH('n with ilainc fn-blnii
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ever dsn may or may not enter lull
your spring plans, ono nt tln'i-o new
impc or vrnp must be Included Ik-.
youil nil ((iiosllon. They luivo Jtit
arrived and aro priced remarkably
The Most Wonderful
New Spring Frocks
Now linos, new materials, new trimmings, everything new and
different Is tlio latest ilccreo for spring frocks. Thcso aro the
most stunning styles wo linte ester seen anil so reasonably
priced. That line's keep Jut a little iilicail of tho proecsduu
Is proton hy tlio fact tluit thcso stjlcw nro fully thirty dajs
ahead of vtjuit otliur stores 1ll bo showing.
The Quaker
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The Puritan
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The Wm. Penn
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The Quaker
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The best things to eat home-cooked and served in an appetizing manner.
Why Pay More for
10o falmollve, 3 for., 23a
10c Cocoa Hani Water, 3 for 2lo
16c Saymen's, 3 for 30c
26o Woodbury's 10c
23c Cuticura 10a
26c Packer's Tur 10a
30c Iteslnol . .....20c
Why the Quaker?
Ask Thy Friends
Items at our stores that
carry special prices are not
chargeablo or delivered
Every Day Prices
Kodak Department
Roll Films, any size, six
exposures .............. 10c
Roll films, 10 or 12
exposures lc
Flhn packs , Sbo
Vest pocket .i
3V4x3U .....4n
All other sit
Let us take care of your kodak
It PA YS to Trade at the Quaker

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