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League Rcsolutcs Against
Officials in General and
Sewer Scandal
Prod County Allornoy
Some Action in Prosecution
of Sewer Contractors
The Taxpnvers lenpun Friday night
cleared It" decks and unllmhered lis
bin Herlhas for aetlnti It experts
to shorn tn the line
fall where It may At n meeting
In tho miiiilrlr.nl auditorium It was
"voted to employ an .ittornev to mko
Its Itivi'i-tlKHtloim mid iiofi"''llli" It"
cases. Theie In too much business
on hand unil In slBht for tlin busy
mstnborchlp to handlu henro, 111"
To select lliln itttomcv i commit
tee was tinmi il i .moused of H. It.
Irfivls, r. Ii. Holland .lolin IrfiKfin,
M. J. flliss H K. lliiKhes. W. 1J.
Orr, IN II. Iturr and .lolin II. Him
Inons. And to inert tlm additional
expenso that will lie neeessary tn
liny an attorney's salary, tlves In tlm
Taxpayers I en Klin with Increased
from II ft year to fl 11 jear.
Ho tho otlornoy will not find tlmo
hanging lirnvlly on 1 1 In hands, hi
first Joli will lio to gather evidence
from the sowor In district No. 1(10.
lH'i'Kuiit It to tho county attorney,
nnd assist tlmt county official In
prosecuting nny and all city offic
ials or employes who have been
guilty (if crookedness or misconduct
lit connoctlon with thin project.
Among th'n speaker nt Friday
nlftht'n meeting wnro T. .1. CJiilnn.
I Ii, flnrf, W. H, Orr, Fostor HuniR,
W. C. lllllolt, It. K. HuRltfH. T. C.
Hughes, John I.oKati. ft. It. Low In,
llr. Mary A. Ilutchlnnon, II. C.
"William", P. 11. l'nrr. and Tato
II rally, president of tho league.
SlrSlllMTS All Itlkil Up.
(Most of tho speakers dwolt on thn
horror and alleged crookedness of
tho sewer In district ICS. At times
thoy liccntjio morbid. Two or threo
of thpni suggested that those gulllv
of Kraft ho taken to the woods nnd
tarred nnd fenthered. Ono speaker
evn pleaded for permission to lake
nil city of flrl.iln out nnd homowhlp
them, I'lcnty of hickory stick may
bo found n few miles froiu.tlni city,
he advised.
Parr was of tho opinion that tax
payers In district 1(0 or "out of
luck" In trying to recover damages
If ny nro duo them. Thrco cases
JiaVo beon trlod In Oklahoma courts,
ho explained. In which' popcrty own
.tried to get damages or rebates nftor
h legal '80-day protest period had
expired, nnd nil three onses wero'
inrown oui oy mo judges.
"However, wo ought to bo sble to
cot somebody In tho city hall that
that has been crooked," he declared,
"Of caurso." he1 explained, Hr am not
saylntt nnyono Is Crooked, hut li ho
Is, ho should tio punished."
Bpeaklng on tho motion to In
crease dues to (0 a yenr, H. It. Lewis
suggested that If any membors of
the I on sun nro unable to pay this
amount, their names should not bo
dropped from tho roll! but they
should bo allowed to remain In tho
organization, paying- -whatever
nmoupt they nro able.
Walling for Krlilrnco,
Membors of the committee np
pointed at the last meeting to con
fer with tho county nttorney con.
corning tho filing of suits ngslnst
those who participated In tho con
struction of district 186 sewer wero
impatient at tho delay In getting
action, John Cloldsberry, assistant
county nttorney, Informed tMnu they
inai no is gathering lnforma-
the petition of taxpayers In district
160. Ills motion carried. This re
guest was that In making tho inves
tigation of this fewer authorized
Friday by tho city commission, there
bo an engineer selected by these tax
payers, one by the city and ono by
the Tulsa chapter of the American
Association of Knglncers,
Ah a member of the committee of
five appointed at the last meeting
of tho Taximycis league, to assist
the rouniy attorney In obtaining ovl
dunce against city officials, Walter
t'hltwiiod Mated Just ono week,
I,. I. (loff. it property owner In
Ohio nlii.e, which Is it part of dis
trict ICC. ilemamtrd at Inst night's
meeting tbt Clillwond bo removed
, fiom this rn mitten Immediately
lor , f not sooner.
From Ooff's talk It nppenrfl ho has
In the past week guthiiri'd Informa
tion shout C'hltwnod. He found, h'e
explained, thai rhltwnoil Is an nt
torney for the Indian who Is now
seeking to obtain possession of Ohio
Place nnd divest property owners of
their lights The suit Jlllrtnt this
litlilltliin Is Klmllnr fit tlm min nitlnl
1ft the shrapnsl property ownem In (V'slile Heights,
mi i iiiiwoon, it member of the
T.ixpayeis league, Is nut In help ob
tain evidence against alleged crooked
nnce nnd ns family allotments, The
vocational training and other plans
should be put Into forco ns a mat
ter of Justice, he added,
V.'AHIUNOTON, Keh. 3, A soldier
bonus bill carrying provisions for
raising funds for cash compensation
will bn passed by tho house within
two weeks, according to predictions
made today by Chairman Kordney,
of tho house wnys and means com
mittee, following a conference with
l'reeldont Harding nt tho whlto
Kordney suggested to tho presi
dent that hn should call members
of tho seunto flnancn nnd the house
wnys nnd means' committee to the
whlto house In tho next few di.ys
to discuss methods of raising tho
money required by a bonus.
Thn administration's foreign debt
funding bill wns nlso discussed by
Kordney In his conference with tho
president. Tho measure now Is In
faint hone that tinvment of a sol.
dlers' honlls might bo effooted
through u loosening of tho liquor
laws to permit tho manufacture of
light wines nnd heor tinder it high
tux, went ii-gllmmerlng today.
Ilecr Talk Wnsti) of Time.
"You nro Just wnstlng your time
nnd ours," said Hupresonlatlvo
(Ireen, acting chairman of tho ways
nnd means cnmmlttno, tn witnesses
appearing today tn urga tho liberali
zation of tho Volstead law to pro
vide funds for a bonus payment.
"Morn thnn two-thirds' of the
present sennto nnd houso voted tho
liquor laws on the statute books and
thoy won't bo modified."
Levi Cooko. who claimed to repre
sent the "sober public," suggested
nn amendment tn tho Volstead en
forcement law permuting tho manu
facture nnd sain of non-lntoxlcntlug
bevernges not to exceed 2,75 'per cent
alcohol In volume nnd Imposing on
such beverages n tax of 20 cents a
co.VTiNtJn rnott paok onr.
pries of coal to the publlo ho re
dm ed.
llmv U'ligrs Ctniipitrp,
Dr. I1'. t' IlonnuM, eecrutnry-trcn-smer
of the Illinois roal operators'
association, has prepared for thn
lllllinls meeting nn exhaustive sta
tistic nl review purporting tn show
thai It Is Impossible for of.eiators
oritrnitlng with tlm union organi
sation to suei-Mlnly compete with
operators In tho nonunion fields, lie
tins figures of ithe present wages of
nun" employes per eight hour day
on the following comparative basis:
Union Nonunion
Motormeu "MU
Trip riders 7.50
laborer, Insldo . . 7.2(1
l.nlioicis, uulslilo .. f,.H8
Machinists H.SO
Tnii ktueli 7.60
It Is the contention
llonnnlil and many opetntors that
high wnges iMtld miliars have at
tracted thousands of men to the In
dustry and that Industry now has
too many men, Illinois nlonu having
5,000 moio today than It had it
year ngo.
4. HO
2 72
4. an
4. AO
WA8HINC1TON, Keb. 3. A pollt
leal upheaval threatening disaster
to elements Id tho republican and
democratic parties which aro classed
as aulogonlstln to orgitnir.ed labor
Is fornrast by tho proponed coalition
of railroad workers and coal miners,
according to priillctlons madn by
labor loader here today.
"Old Ounrd" Wiirncil,
They conveyed thn warning to the
"old guard" of both parties that
hack of tho Invitation extended tn
the sixteen railroad unions by tho
United Minn Workers of America
may lie nn effort to combine th
Inbor and fnrmer vote to oxert pow
erful Influence In futuro political
'There Is deep political slgnlfl
ennen Imck nt the meeting called by
thn president or tho mine workers,
William 11, Johnston, president of
tho iDternutlonal Association of Ma
chinists, declared. "It In no secrot
that thn laboring men and thn farm
ers of tho county Intend to exert all
possible political Inftuoneo. Wo nre
prepared to go Into thn primaries
and have soma voice In the selec
tion of candidates."
In other Inbor circles It was
learned that organized labor Is de
liberately feeling the political pulse
of tho United Htnles and that when
tho proper time ciincs, it third parly
may he launched.
At the headquarters of the Amer
ican 1'Vitcri, Hon of Labor, It no'
stated officially for Samuel Cloiu
pore, president of thp federation,
that tho federation stands back of
"any attempt to combine among
workers to combat posslliln w.tgu
reductions." (lompers hns not yet
received nn Invitation to attend the
proposed meeting catledtby Lewis to
tiring together representatives of
mora than two million organized
during tho first half year of tho
now bureau's operation.
The president pointed out lhat the
meeting was called In pursuance of
n policy of assembling tho business
hads of the government, precisely
ns would hn done from tlmo to time,
In nny business organization.
Through the complete reorgan
isation of routino business methods
by fo-ordlnntlng nscneles created
under executive order, Dnwes salt! n
saving of approximately 132,000,000
had been effected through Interde
partmental transfers of property
Mono The valuo of tho property
i bus transferred was placed nt
Lcfion Han Refused
Attempt to Rob
Capvlol Poatoffico
attempt was mndu last night to rob
thn postofflca substation nt.tha capl
tol, It became known today when an
Investigation was started by Chief
(Sadler of tho cnpltol police. Sadler
Vild lhat the bars over a window
hod boon pried apart, hut that no
entrnnco had apparently been effected,
Oklahoma Health Head Will Penult
Itcnmtnis In Slate Institution.
Py Aiaoclsled Trsi stats Wire.
ification of tho quarantlno regula
tions relative to the admission of
prisoners nnd patients Into Okla
homa, state Institutions was an
nounced tndnv bv Dr. A. It. Lmvls.
OfflW nf ScHatorHllin nie health commissioner, In a let-
"Ulu"""l 'iter to -he state hoard of affairs. The
' mortified order provides that all
prisoners to ho sent to nny st.tto In
stitution must be vaccinated for
smallpox. After a reasonable length
line, upon request or me janer
oprescntn'lvn of tile health de
partment will Inspect tho prisoner
and If ho Is found to hnve a proper
take from tne vaccine a permit will
ho Issued for his transportation to
the proper Institution, tho now or
der says.
HAfriMOItH, rob. 3. Ilanford
MacNIdor, national commander of
tho American Legion, refused Wil
liam H. Kenyan's sent In the United
fctntes si-nate, Colonel Washington
Howie, Jr.. announced hern In n com
mittee meeting nt which .MacNlder
was present. Colonel Ilowlo added
that Colonel MacNlder declined tho
appointment from tho Iown gov
ernor In order to romnln nt tha head
nf the American legion. Colonel
MncNIdnr mado no comment.
Colonel Howie said today that his
Information camn from n member
of Colonel Mnc.N'lilor'rt party,
tlon on this caso, but that ho does
not want to swoar out an informa
tion until he has found that some
one Is guilty of fraud. As soon its
ho finds this evidence, ho told them,
ha win start tho wheels of prosecu
tion. "Tho commltteo asked Mr. (lolds
berry whether ho will gnther this
evidence or If tho committee must
do It." Qulnn stnted. "Ho snld hn
thought ho would have more Infor
mation In a fow slays,"
Bovernl speakers domnmlad that
ft grand Jury bo called. Others
were opposed to this domand. de
claring that a grand Jury would not
be effective In thin case.
lawyers Aro Indicted.
Ono member delivered a general
indictment agulnst attorneys In gon
erol. They nre "about all crooks,"
Jje declared. Hn conceded that
thero may be snrno honest lawyers"
out mat no nas not seon any of
them. "I ve been gymul' every time
I got mixed up. with' them." ho con-
4 ....... ... .....
v iiiuiiiin oy a, i;, l.owis WttS
ikissou requesting that nil citizen
refrain from signing nnv moro pav-
,ir,vr Bcwor- pennons ror u,0 next
00 days, "or Until Investigations now
in uroBress nro completed."
John Logan spoke against tho
proposed charter nniendmont mak-
iiik inn city numinintrat on Its own
oxclso board. It is neeessnrv f thn
interests of economy that tho county
mmru continue to pass on tho
cm-, nnpronriations, nn declared.
W. 13. Orr moved that n commlt
teo from tho league visit C S.
tounaman, commissioner of water
nnd sewers, earlv Baturdny morning
nnd demnnd that the city hcrede to
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r, i J t utiiv A. ivo. 3. A rnnstlttl-
tlon and by-las for thn Duslness
Women's rlub of I'ltwhnska wns
adopted Wednesday night. Tho
club, organized about a month ngn.
lias an nrtivo momuersiiip or about
twcntyjflve. It expects to bs feder
ated with tha statu and national or
ganizations nf business and profes
sional wotnen clubs.
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tie Advertisement. .
Klniisnicn Join in Kill t.
ATLANTA. On., Keb. 3. Twenty
eight members of tho Ku-Klux Klan
living ,ln and near llvanavlllo, Ind.,
today wero granted permission In
1'iilton county superior court here to
become nartles to thu suit for n re
ceivership for the order recently filed
on bonnic or tno no otnor mombors.
Theli petition declared they Joined
In charges madn In the petition filed
by former grand goblins of tho ktan,
headed by Harry II. Terrell and W.
II Atldn.r
New telephnnn dirtrtory will go to
presg soon, Any changes in listings
desired should he called to attention
of manager, Osago 123. Advertisement.
UtnngellM He-nils Ho ponso to TvIo
grnin Sent by lllbli; Clam.
Hilly H ii ml ay has not forogottcn
Tnls;i. He says so himself In it letter
sent to the ilusness Men's Illblo
dasH of KlrBt ilantlxt church rurent-
At thn beginning of tho Humlay
nmpalgn at Hpartanburg, H. C. tho
hiss sent tho evangelist it message of
cheer nnd good wishes for the now
venr. Hl reply rend: "Dear Friends:
Your encouraging telegram provided
Just tho noto of rrlandshlp and In
teret needed ns we brgan ft cam
paign In n new nlaco. We had not
orgotten Tuma In tho loast nnd don't
think I ever will, but It wns good to
bo remembered and thoughtful In
you to do It. Hut I am never sur
prised nt thn things Tulsa does nny
more. 1'ienso rememner mo nrrec
tlonately to tho members of the
class, aand nssuro thntn they nro
frequently in my mind. Ilest wishes
for n happy and prosperous new
ear Hlncerely, W A Hundav"
Oklahoma IMcgiillon nt Cnpltnl
Work on Itetlsiil Nina Itcvrimn.
Spfclnl to Tin TVorti.
Oklahoma conirresslonal delegation
nt n. meeting today appointed Sena
tors Owen and HarrMd nnd uon
gressmen Carter and HwnnK to
study tho sunromo court decision In
tho muosp'o case nnn uticmpi to
framo ft bill which will cover the
riisn In thn future.
Later tho commltteo appointed
sent a telegram to flovernor Hob
ertson telling him of tho meeting
nnd asking that tho stato legal au
thnrltlen glvo their attention to th,
mntter nnd nttcmpt to frnnio cura
tive legislation.
tween the peoples of tho United
K ates and Japan.
Uncial discrimination was n sub
ject upon which tho Paris confcrcnco
nenrly split. It wns n subject enro
fully avoided by the Washington
conference. Fenrlng that It might
break up the Washington conference
before she had succeeded In winning
what she sought, even China re
frained from projecting tho subject
on tho conference screen Yet It Is
admittedly one of tho Issues ulosest
to tho Japanese heart urn! the abo
lition or it throughout tha earth 1.
by their own spokesman's word,
"tho goal of Jnpancse ambition." K
Yokoto, Japitneso member of parllni
inent who recently visited Washing
ton, clenrly outlined Jnp.moso am
bitions nlong this lino and urged the
calling of such n conference.
Hope wns expressed today In
Japanese, official quarters that tho
Immigration and racial discrimina
tion questions as directly affecting
thn United States in Its relations
with Japan, might be settled ami
cably between American ambassa
dor nnd tho Jnpaneso foreign office
"at nn early date."
Falling in this. Japan would bn
glad to lnlilatc n ronferenco of the
powers it which would bo dlscus'ed
tha questions of Immigration and
more especially tho lssuo of racial
Huch n conference,
mlttcd. would moke the California
And Hawaii Immigration questions
forefront Issues. "That Is," he
hastily corrected himself, "If tho Is
sues nre not settled between am
bassadors beforo such a conference
We expect they will bo settled beforehand."
vomi:.v wn.r, staoh cikcub
llu.slncNH Olrls Plan Novel At
traction for Tho Nights In April.
A circus Is a thing for their an
nual public tiorformance, the Dusl
ness Women's club council of tho
Y. W. C. A has decldod, so circus
It Is to be, sometime early In April.
The council mombors, following
their meeting this week, took back
word to the 20 clubs of which they
am members and asked that they
begin preparation at onco for their
Individual parts.
The circus will bo given In the Y.
W. C. A. building two nights In suc
cession nnd ndmlsslon charges will
send a delegation of business
women to the annual city con
ference at Kstes park, Colorado.
Last year the proceeds from the
hippodrome performance sent to
Eetcs Jiark ft delegation which
proved to be one of the largest at
the conference. Traditional circus
stunts will be performed by tho
clubs nnd booths conducted. Tho
clubs range In character from
women employes of oil companies
and bankers to a "department storo
and switchboard operators.
Moro I'oimi In ttio Jail.
SpfeUI to "ftis World.
1'AWIIUHKA, Feb, 3. Tho nddl
tlon of a third story to tho Osage
county pnll will be coinuletcit In
about a week. This will provide
cells enouch to nccommodato 28
tho official nd prisoners in Jail Thursday
Chorees Agairivl Small
Wm Not Re Diamhscd
CHI'BACJO, Feb. 8. Tho statg ,
ceady to go to tr'al with the M
ngalnvt Oo.v. I,en Hmnll, it ftiu
Icarnei'l tonight, and will not seek to
nolle t ho Indlctme t ami obtain new
ones In Sangamon "rounty,
Edw krd Pree, assistant stito's at.
torncy of Sangamon county, wm
represent tho state tomorrow and
iflge Kdwards to set tho dnti)
for trial. Monday, February 13 i,
being discussed as tho probabl,
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ues that formerly sold' at (13,
The Pettfcoats Are $2.79
Wonderful qualities In Jersey petticoats
In nice' variety of shades.
The Knickers Are $2.79
These silk knlckitrbockers are wonder
ful values at this reduced price. All
colors from which to select.
Bathrobes $5.95
Imported Crepe Kimonos
$2,215, $2.95
lS-button kid gloves
In gray, black and
brown, qualities that
sold at J7.50 and 18.
The' boat value of
the year.
!-:ntlro Stock of
Vurs Go nt(
Half Prlco
111 tlio Clearance
Tanlac 96c
tiuniinnnsiii tit tum
A. J. CltlPU, .Mnli.igtr
417 South .Mulu
oigo juj.uiai
V en en-Tv

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