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TO ASK $900,000 TO
Bond Issue in That Sum
Will Be Submitted a.t
Special Election
Means Safety for Life nnd
Properly in the District
Subject to Floods
sperU! election will bo called n
noon a leKally posslblo to voto on
Ilia Issuance of (900,000 In bonds to
build s'orm sower ndeqtinto for tho
need ot ""' Cenlrnl Pl,rlc drainage
district. Tho mayor ,and tommls
nloneri voted to call this election
after a half-day session Friday with
nroptrty owners from tho south sldo
and from Kendall, wlio attended tho
rommlilaon meeting.
Tlio report of tho Freeborn I'n
llnerrlni: company, which marto nn
aJostutlve survey of this proponed
ilrtlnase project, advises tho voting
of a 11,300.000 bond lssuo. However,
after the lengthy and nt times heated
dltcwlon Friday, city officials and
property owners found that by using
an open ditch for n section of tho
KV.tr tho cost could bo substantially
During the noon hour J. W. Free
lorn, head of tho engineering com
pany, acting on this suggestion,
made an estimate of the savlnr If
the change was made. Ho found
the difference to bo approximately
1400.000. Property owners artd city
officials expressed doubt whether (i
bond lssuo of $1,300,000 would re,
ctlve favorable attention from vot
ers at this time. Thoy worn confi
dent that n bond lssuo of 5900,000
would be passed.
(According to tho new spoclflca
enn and estimate, there would bo n
rwer 13 to 16 feet In diameter from
Boulder park, near Klghteenth nnd
Main streets, to Eleventh street:
from Eleventh street to Oontrnl park
an open ditch would bo used. Thcro
It no property that would bo greatly
damaged by allowing this open ditch
to exist, property owners averred.
Will Drain 2,300 Acres.- .
Plans call for sower and n ditch
of sufficient capacity to nfleiiuately
dispose of all storm water from this
district of approximately 2,300 acres
which extends rust as fur as Kendall
and north to tho Frisco tracks. At
present all wator from this area
empties Into tho eight-foot, sower at
Millions Spent, but U. S. Ships Are Idle
n 1 i 11 ill n 1 'rii 1 1
Idle VS. Shipping Boap1 Vtrstis u Hud
llumlrats r 1 B, shipping board tcsw-Im, built for war rmcritoiier. tlitl up In Hudson rhrr near West l'oliit,
, owing to lark of turgors. llimdifaN of nillllntw of ilnlliirta writs mld out for tlii'w ships.
llotli Sides Join Hands.
As one Kcndalllto expressed Ills
sentiments: "Vou can't expect us to
help pay for a sewer that will bene
fit only tho south side; wo nro ready
to join with tho south aiders In vot
ing a bond Issuo to covr tho whole
project. Hut If wo nre only half
hearted In our oTforts, wo bettor
drop tho wholo thing nnd let condi
tions remain ns thoy arc"
It was W. A. Marquis, a resident
of tho south eldo, who suggostod that
the sewer on Uleventh street be left
Itev. Halp J, Umb of Kondalli
opposed tho plan to glvo remaining
sewer bond money to tho south sldo.
"It tho south sldo gets what It wants,
Kendall will continue to bo 1111 or
phan," ho declared. "Kendall for
10 yours went without public Im
provements, and It Is Just now get
ting them beciruso It organized and
catno boforo this commission de
manding them.
"Water la standing several Inches
deep Invsomo of our streets right
now, simply becauso ,wo havo no
sower facilities. If wo continue
without sewers, tho Bprlnft rnlns will
cause tremendous damugo to prop
erty." Kendall's nortlon of thn bond Is-
Eighteenth and Baltimoro, which la au(l voted several months ngo pro
muirti too small nnd which causes ex- vldes for a sewer from Kjindnll to
Central park, where It Is proposed to
commissioners that loan companies
have placed property In her section
on tho blacklist because of tho fro
uuent floods there. Many property
owners, sho said, will bo placed In a
serious predicament unless tho pro
posed sewer Is built, und they can
renow their first mortgages which
wero given prior to tho loan com
panlvs' recent decision,
Trap Package Cause of "
Arrest of Mail Clerk
DODQK CITY, Kan.. Feb. 3. A.
decoy package, with a trap electric
alarm, proved tho undoing of Jack
Northern, a postofflce clerk hero.
Northern has confessod to several
mailt thefts, nccordng to postofflce
Inspectors. For three months pack,
ages havo been missing In tho mulls
here. Inspector Illnugh enmo to
Dodgo City, mid placed a decoy
package In ono box contunlng u.
marked paperweight. It was stolen;
Anothor package was then attached
to un 'eleclrlo nlnrm trap, Authori
ties lay In wait nnd when tho V"l
was sprung, rushed In and arrested
Northern. They found tho paper
weight at his home, they nld.
Alva J. Nilcs Goes to
Mexico on a Big Hunt
A bear and linn hunt Is the busi
ness which took Alva J. Nilcs. Pres
ident of tho Security National bank,
to Jjxreuo, Texas, Friday. Nlles win
hava as fellow hunters A, I Udg.
tngton, formerly of Watonga, Okla.,
and ono of tho pioneer citizens of
this ntuto nnd now 11 resident of
Lnrodo, and Ilruce Hoover of the
Kansas & (lulf pll Co. The party
will start on tho trail of bears and
lions from Monclovn, Texas, 175
miles south of Kuglo Pass.
Seek to Quash Indictment
Against Okmulgee Bal
lot Counters
OKMt'I.OlSi:, Feb. 3. Tho fore
man nnd five other members of tho
superior court grand Jury now In
session testified today In thn homing
before Judge 11. 11. Christopher on
motions to iiiaah tho Indictment
gainst Wlllard Hulllns nnd 13. J.
Krrstlng, promlnehi llsnryrtla bus
iness men, on charges nt fraud In
conducting the 1020 election In the
first ward of Henrietta where thoy
wero counters.
Tho hearing will ho resumed at
1 30 o'clock tomorrow when other
members of the grand Jury will bo
examined relative to thn ovldeneo
Introduced before then on which
thn Indictments wero based. M.
(lordou Clark, foreman of tho grand
Jury, tmttflrd nearly all thn election
officials III that wnrd who iippennil
before giund Jury wild If any
ballots wero changed, thn woik was
dono .bofoif tho ballots left tho
counting room In which Hulllns,
Kerstlng nnd two girls were work
ing. Virtually nil tho evidence was
W II Crum, secretary of tho
county election hoard, probably will
bo called tomorrow to bring thn bal
lot box Into court. It Is said some
of tho ballots show plnlnly that they
wero changed.
Wire Flashes
WAMIINUTkN lb llalirssenfatlv
Mltvor liOmlAn. amtill.l i.f N'r Yerk.
today Intrnilurail in tha Imusa a rasrtlutlun
lxrlarins that It la "the sans of tin houaa
mat ilia Uhltnl Klatea Kosarninrnl slinul.t
laha iart In tho ecatnomlo oontrnio st
WAX1IINOTON, Keb I. -All ImniMlat
Invrallratlon Vaa rlarij hy avnala
today of tha allMtil ttforla nt Ilia nils
lit pararrn to iM.(tiia a mndtflf atlon of
tha ''eonarnt drerM" iiroliUiUlns tliam
from anaaitDK In mrtaifi linn of bual
nana. WAHIIINdluM tvt,. J. Ttaaaury sar
ins rtrtlflt'alt nt thn naar iaaue In tha
lalua ( 111.115,019 15 ware aolit In Amtll
fan Inreattira durlns Ilia ninnth of Jan
uary, tha treasury uinmtnt announced
DKTIIOIT Mleh.'.'fali l - Tina Hamuli
Trartnr Fiimpany of Jaliaasllla, Win., a,
division ot ilia Ilanaral Meters eemnany.
lodar announra.l a relticlliin et tlto In
lis i rlca it tlm miMlal M linolor. tu Mil.
WAMMMdTON. Tab. -Tha aanata
lain te.lay conflriilpd tlia nomination of
I'alrr 11. l.iiras aa tMaalinaatar al Han An
tontit, Tasaa. I.ucaa aurcaeits it, II. Ar.
mlstta.1, rataned.
NKW YOnK. I'el.. t- rntuaat r
laaua.1 this afiarnoon tiy Atftlainnt Ulstrlt
Allnrnay ,'llann tor production In die
John loa liroetedlnis of tho hooka nf tho
American t'otton and drain airhnnia of
this city.
WAHIIINdTtlV. fab I, Tlia aanala ro
raaaa.1 lata today until stonJay inornlns
nt It n'rlnrlt In orilar to iterinlt arnaiota
In attand tha plenary aaaalon nf tha nrilis
'MIAMI. Ha,"pTb ,1 Poalmaalar dn-
eral Wid Ilajn. iho ra'enlly snnouneart
or-'Manio nf a contract in set sa dl
roi'tur nf mdion tdriuro '.nteroata at a
larco salary today docllnad to tnmrnanl
on tho murder nt William I). Taylor of
WARIItNdTON, rli. i. -neirntatla
Itankln. dainorrat of Mlchlsan. today In
trodllrod In tho liouao a Mil ireldln
for the araailhs of Indcpendenco to tha
I'hllluotno lalanda wllhln ono year attar
tha ).assae of tha hill.
Cl.rvni,NI). Ohio, Vah. I I'lorenea
Marrnsti trt-)est-oid slrl manasar of a
rhaln stooery nt 4101 Weal Tldrly-nlnlh
slratt waa hold up and inldied nf ItflA.
tho onntanla ol ilia rash reilalar, thta
aflatniHtn hy a vellad woman, haaullfully
droaaad and iveatlns a aealakln coat.
WASIIIMdTOM. Kab. I -If the arma
ment rontaronr ands tomorrow, and tho
trratla ara alana.1 Monday, l'rosldant
llardlns In all probability will transmit
all of tha Irratlaa tnetdhar to tha aanata
wllhln throo or four iiaya. It waa an
naunead at tha whlla houaa today.
rid'NUM'OWM Ohio. Kh, I That an
nouneament of tho consummation of tha
bis- Indi-pamlanl slial maraor will ha
fnrthcomlns early nast arrak la xenorally
bollved In atari elrclra hera today.
WAHIIINOTON. i'ah. t - Vennlnlment
of an atnbasHdor tn lha trlah I'rsa Slala
and tho opening of dlroot dlploiuatle ra
latlnna avlth tho naw dominion wars pro
posal! in a resolution Introduced lata
this adrrimon In tha homo by Itepiraenta
tlve John W llalnoy of lllln.la.
ritP.liRltiri;. reb t - lrey WrUht.
10-sear old boy was trushad to daalli near
Pnydar lata yaattrdsy whan a laraa hout
dar whleh bo and flva rotneanlnna wvra
attrmpllns to balance ot liayund thalr
control anil rollad nvar 1dm,
DKItl.lS. (la rrh. I Iluhlln ladlra
who ais aruistotnrd lo play hrhtaa for
prlsra wrro warnad by tho Ijaurrns enunly
rranil Jury Iwlav in slop this practice
Tho srand lury Isaurd a waielils that If
tha pra'-tleo conlinurd, uiontiul 11 fuf
Itambllnc asuuld full"W, ,
NV.V TOItK. frh. i. -A haw huh rik
kf I, lit rasas III this yr in'" t
rpldrmlo wai lepnrtad todsi 1 . tci
dratln from Influanna wara fci ltd
Pneumonia dsalha totaled 13.
tiHTIlOIT, Mtoll.. Fob. ) - Tha l.ash
rallrtiad was prrinananlly tcsir ait
hy Judao Ouy In elroull cour'. f' aboi-
Ishlns the aanlorlty Mil on in lin. a
Hl.tlOnAIK). Kan., frh. I M
drlais, llutler rounly ml nprfit. , has
filed ault nsklns IH.On damssas fr lha
tnlrraraa Mervle corporation aii"gui
mallclnus irosecutlon.
KANHAS CITT. M., rah. I - Wlthils
foot cautht in Iho frnf of a swlt. i. Wll
Ham Leall t. etenal ponarleas 1 a ra.
capo rrom a awltch enstnS whiib Imr
dovan upon hlni and crushed out h'i Ufa
ally today.
lllrllMONH, Mo.. Feb. Jaal .usv r
a pretty m-yrar-otd widow as tha n ii 01
for tha alarms ol J. It. Walkrr tha
llsoalsloe eVrlnas Coal eompanya mis
yaslsrday. aecordlns to polios tudav
l.wla. saner) manairee nf lha est
Western Mmalllna; and naflnlns fern ri
wild nfflora In fhloasn, cnnimllled sul
el.la hat today by shooting Mmself.
IMclitna IIHngri Hctinl l'rlcc.
NUW VOltK, Fob. 3. Wlnslnw
Htjinnr's famous sen rnnvna. "Klght
Hells," established n new price for
modern American nrt when It wat
purrhased by 11 New York collector
for ,110.000, the John iovy gallerlct
announced today.
Uobert A. .Mclllrney
Funernl Director Vtl H. Main
I'hnne Osage ioi"lo-.Vdvortl-e
r. w. w.'H sunt oirr op tjvn
i:icl(ir:nl(i, Ark., (ilacs 7 Vngrnntn
nnd Ijiaajcr Hours to l-uac.
ni.llOHAUO, Ark.. Fob. 3. H. H.
Julian, n lawyer of Kansas City, Mo
following a mnss meeting today, was
ordered to leavo town. Ho came
hero several days ago to represent
seven alleged members of the I, V
W. held here. '
Jullnn and his seven clients left
town till" afternoon. At tho meet
ing ho was told charges of vagrancy
agulust tho seven would bo dropped
If they would depart.
Kntv City .Man Hies After Shooting
iiliiiHcir; wire win Hi-cnacr.
Knrrla! In Tha World
I'ONt'A CITY, Feb. 3.-Frank
1'iicn, who shot his wife nnd then
attempted suicide liy snooting Him
self In the head on tho street nt Knw
City near here on tho night of Jan
uary 31, died today in a jsewmrK
hnsprtal as the result Ot ins soil-in.
fllcted wounds. ,
Face nnd his wife wero working
In a Knw Cltv restaurant nnd It h
claimed thnt Jealousy was thn cause
of tho shooting. Officers nttempted
to capture 1'iica lifter he shot his
wife, nnd It wns then he shot him
self. The wife will recover.
iTlTMartlndato (a O HI
Matfindale &
Bulla 109 nil) til Hecurlty llulldlng
I'lione (l.mr 1(101)
cms water to back uij Into base
ments and streets.
When tho bond election will bo
calted has not been decided Friday.
It was first thought best to hold it
In connection with tho primary elec
tion In March, but this plan did not
meet with approval by proporty
owncM In the affected district, who
contended the lssuo might not ro
celvo tho attention duo It If It wero
combined with another election.
Frequent displays of oratorical
pyrotechnics were shown during fhe
meeting Friday bcforo the dove of
peace descended and property own
ers from the south and east sides
shook hands warmly. .
Kendallltcs Want TheMrs.
Several south sldcrs suggested that
money remaining In the bond IssueH
voted six; montns ago 00 useu 10 en
large tho sewer In their suction. Hut
Kendallltes, knowing a part of this
money was voted to Improvo their
sewer facilities, balked emphatically.
They couldn't see why they should
be left to tho mercy of rains and
floods whtlo the south slders would
not bo troublod with excessive mols
ture, South slders In turn wero strenu
ously opposed to allowing Kendall
to use Its portion of the bond lssuo
to build a sewer to Centml park
unless the nutlet nt Eighteenth and
Baltimore could bo first enlarged to
dispose of it. Thcro wns only one
bond lasnn voted for SllCClflC PUT1
poses. If ono section used all the
monev. tho other section must muter.
S)o it wns finally agreed tho bnly
ettoctive remedy is ,no voting 01 ia
w liond Issue sunicieiu 10 provino
terminate- tho open sower connect
lne It with the Hewer running south
to Eighteenth and Main.
Is Up to tlto l'coplc.
Kendallltes and south elders
plodgod their support to tho brmd is-'
suo and they expect to get out on
election day and work tn the districts
that will not be affected by this
nrolect. honing property ownors in
such districts will voto In favor of it
bocauso of Its general necessity to
tho health nnd progress of Tulsa.
Ono woman who lives on BoutH
Baltimore Informed the mayor and
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from neuralgia, wnen tnose snam
pains go shooting through your head,
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