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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 19, 1922, FINAL EDITION, SCHOOL SECTION, Image 47

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Tulsa A Scout
(Published Weekly hf
Troop 3
Yc Not" 1,0 'Wrrool Three.
of firm!. aU others void)
i,,n. .1 opened Hh meeting on
, .. . f,;f tlio first time In history,
i. l . ill whs answered by n timing
,!,'.crlblng birds, Scout Ham
? M Kinney deHcrlbed a bird which
. ., ..tied sometimes and ut other
',!, i, is striped. Ilntnlet Informed
, .t nils llrd wns Internationally
",.!w Mill bird. HeoulHum.
. .iccrlbed nit American sparrow
( i Ho informs tis wum .nn hng
r.i, - iriow tlmt Inid linen over a
, - ume Tho next thlnt! on thu
,, ' i ,ni was the voting In of oomo
' . outs. After ft fow debates by
, ., orators and after Heout Wll
i n 1 Thompson had been appointed
., r p.'trol leader by Scoutmaster
il ii dale, wo rlosed our business
tn. .-ting. Wo dnclded to have a
,i, ,-t li I ko to the woods miuth of the
nut Friday so .that a few
Ki.limns can end their. career as
""rxnn' Special! Scout Norman
!;.. is now n full-fledged anm
.,ur wireleiw operntor. llobort Men
In ,linot convinced that Darwin
,,' ileht bIiico wo voted tho last
fik "f boys Into tho troop. Chum
hue been trying uut tho old
.i hod f catching birds by salting
ihcr nil as lie wants to get ft
Pi, i ire of somo birds larger than n
roin. lie ought to toko a picture of
sn,- of tho birds In our collection
A, 'iry aro much larger than u
Trodp 1
Hy JIOOS (I'AUL 11.)
Meeting was called to order Mon
dav ut T o'clock p. in. Mr. (iordon.
our assistant Hcoutmnstcr, ft ml
jloi.Jy aro making us pats merit
badges as fust as wo possibly can
without pushing too hard. In spite
of the rain we had 22 present last
m cling. After mooting w.tn ad
journed some of us played basket
ball while others passed tests. Joe
Desso, George Goodale, Dill Zim
merman. Hay Clark, Wndo Heath
nnd Kd Ciormly passed merit badges.
Thomas Knanell passed flrm-chisH
signaling and Paul llodcnhelmer
bussed somo first-class tests.
Joe Desao. our elongated specimen
of human flesh, no usual was with
out his patrol report.
Troop 4 Is vory lucky to get K. C.
Gordon to net as assistant .scout
master. Much interest Is being
shown in our much-tnlked-of troop
exhibit bh tho time to ftngo it is
drawing near. 1M Uormly was
threatened with vlolenco last meet
ing when ho yelled "duos." Troop
4 lias an amateur muslcl.iu in Prof.
Joseph Pessn, li. V. D. I. O. U.. T.
N. T. Wailo Heath, our Illustrious
soccer football player, says ho is
going to Hcnryctta and beat their
professional team. Hob (Dolly)
St'ino has been nbscnt from meeting
several times. Ho lost his powder
puff. "Slats" Van Schalck was
caught eating candy In meeting. Ho
will ho tried in Judge Hill (J. U
JIc.MorrlK' rourt noxt Monday. The
rouitroom is located In the 2000
block on Hast Admiral. So long,
gang. Dinty calling inc.
Troop 5
Snappy Scrvico has gone to bunk
titire llonorablo Pete refuses to
write proverbs on various subjects
for our benefit but has been re
wvinl by ?
Troon G will condescend to In-
In.ito two, soon-to-bet scouts next
Friday. We won't say what will be
used. Sixty Per Cent will be there
with bis slightly strong water to
enjoy the unfortunntcn In their mis
ery. All other aspirants to Join
troop i had better Join while, they
i an
Our basketball team craves n
game. Wo have challenged troop
4 many tlmos. but they always ln
lt they have another game. A
Bond excuse, wo call It.
If anyone lias a houso or barn for
rent wo might rent It for a month.
Wo won't say how wo will loavo It.
Wanted KIght husky boys to
Join Troup G. Aspirants must bo
strung in tho hat rack and ahlo to
withstand hard knocks. All Inter
ested pleaso call at tho V. M. C. A.
l'"Js lobby. 7:30 p. in. Wo will du
the rift, nuff Mid.
Troop 9.
It'h, Jimmy Itolllnn, como here,
you I., wanted. .A small white
faerd, freckled, llght-halrcd,
"might but curiy( nn,i bow-legged,
but pigeon-toed fellow came fnr
wa il. Pretty pretty. Isn't ho7 Ho
' "Uld win a beauty contest, couldn't
'-lad wo havo ono good-look-
'tlS BU.
iifiHiie of last Friday being our
'lift meeting In three weeks we felt
"ne ,, he back again. Mr. Uosiard
,J,'o In and said troup 23 was
Ki iiK to beat us. Well, 23, we hope
"" t. ve us a race.
lui- hlrd-house contest ends noxt
'fiu.iv nnd we hopo to havo somo
vi Ue houses. First, second and
I'd UfH are to bo awarded. Mr.
' said he was colnc to bo on
nan. next Friday to get something
it because tho twin tako all his
i . poor air. Meyer.
. ' ..' ,''rl('sy wo-are going to have
.o-time teed. Sandwiches, plos
- --.,,,. jojt wecK nevornl
rt0fent.... wm bo reported. You can
GUr.j, why.
" patrol was formed last
L.iv'1'"'!, and 'I'cMua to call them
ne Slag putrol. Ve have six
now- As soon a a n
- uuuiuier can bo fimn.i w .hull
"o a new Kendall troop. ThN Is
t,n " m- n"y"' now many are Just
""it to die of curiosity to see the
ni ,l0w many uro going
mu. . 1 oeU'ou are. Don't
lir , l,y anything once. Kven
. ,er anu Toby.
Trnnn 19
t roop 1&
.. Hy KD M'LAIN. icntlnna of entering contest by
"Mln, scouta. haven't heard from handing their fi' to their woui
" ") a long time, havo you? Weil, master or telephoning headqu.n ters
opet our eyea and look at this. All must bu reglstcied not Ufer
ml , Ul "'" Kd MeLam brought than February
on .'in Mr ciarvln. our scout- i 3. Scouts thouM stait t t.l-i" foi
; 1S tlve an exnmplo of what house at on-e Tt . o1' ' '
'!' In tho way of build- -nlt 'he "1 J" "' "
J u -1 L c iuip, allh iu,:h thi.i ( jmphki. I " , J
(he Tulsa Council
! camp Is going to bo a real camp, It.
' nlin r.olt.1- in lirt itn,tl nnm.. I
Is nlso going to bo model camp
Tho Mlto of our camp will be one
and a halt miles northeast of our
meeting place, Uutlette and Haskell.
Tho first thing we nre going to do
Is to take plcturos before and after
camp for example, and they prob
ably will bo exhibited at scout head
headquarters as soon as we make
We liavo two patrols and part ot
another. Hero are our main scouts:
Mr. anrvln, .our scoutmaster, and
Virgil Hiwler, assistant scoutmaster.
Uood-bye, see you, In thu funny
Troop 17
Last Friday as John iMfoon
(otherwise known as John, the
Loon), was absent. Mr. Meyers sent
(lien IiForgo over to take charge
of our troop for tho night. As there
were 34 boys present wo organized
the Tiger patrol with luymomt
Crnmburg as the leftder. Our pa
trols now nro Flying Hugle, Silver
Fox, Ilenver and tho Tiger. After
tho regular biHneHi meeting was
over, several scouts took teats. Ow
ing to a disagreement as to the
length of our room Cupid Pitcher
and Joe Picking could not take that
part of tho first-class Judging. Tho
guesses ranged from 35 feet to 70.
Answers to lnt week's ftulz:
1. Tho first scout law of tho Eng
lish scout Is "A scout's honor Is to
bo trusted."
2. Tlio second llngllah scout law
Is, "A scout I loyal to the king, hl
officers, pntunts, hi country nnd
3. The third Kngllsh scout law Is,
"A scout's duty Is to bo useful and
holp others."
4. Tho fourth Kngllsh scout law
l.i, "A scout Is a friend to all and a
brother to every other scout."
5. Tho fifth Kngllsh scout law
Is, "A scout Is courteous, especially
to children and old people."
1. What tho Is sixth Ungllsh
scout law?
2. What Is tho seventh Kngllsh
scout law?
3. What
tho eighth Kngllsh
scout law?
I. What Is
scout law?
C. What Is
scout law?
tho ninth Kngllsh
tho .tenth Kngllsh
Troop 19
Tho meeting was called to order
nt 7:30 and roll call was answored
by scouts giving good turn done
during the week. William .Stryker
wns clcctuo temporary scribe until
certain conditions nro settled In opr
troop. Mr. Meyer attended our
meeting and gavo tin a talk on pa
trols. Ho also hrought along with
him Glenn LiiForge and Mr. Wlm
hlsh, who aro to bo our assistant
scoutmasters. Our flags have ar
rived which wo ordered and wo
thank Mrs. Hunt very irtuch for
giving -them to us. J. F. McKays, n
new member brought in by Kdwnrd
Heed, makes a total number en
rolled In our troop of 22. A hike
was nrranged for Saturday. We aro
going northwest of Sand Sprlnga
with Mr. La Forgo and wo hopo to
havo a good time.
Troop 1, Sand Springs
Some people get married nnd sel
tlo down: niiwt of tlio m need a Job
so they run settlo up.
Wo met In our clubroom nt tho
Community church last Friday.
Well, you will know In time for we
had somo real business, somo of It
will not toll hero for we have
something up. our sloeve as well as
tho others.
Mr. Forbes was there, ho Is
applying for assistant hcoutmahtcr,
and ho will mnko things hum, too.
We Just received an order of appli
cation blankH nnd ft lot or other
things. Mr. Scoutmaster Hill gave
out somo of them to the hos for
new members they are lining up for
tenderfoot exams.
Tho meeting wns tu,rnod over to
Asnlstant Scoutmaster Stout. A ro
port wns given of tho game of
basketball between tho Hear nnd
Panther patrols. Tho Panthers ex
pected to win tho game. The Dears
gavo thorn a good fight, making a
score of 10 to 13 In favor ot the
They say tho troop will
up. Tho l'nnther patrol challenged i
' ,,., I,-. tint.
tall for next Thursday. Two boys
passed leatu for tenderfoot. o
hnvo organized a radio club, nam
ing It tho Amateur Hadlo club for
the boys of Troop 1 only. It Is
owned by our antlatant fcoutmnster,
John Cornelius. Tho club lias re
celved music and spouking from tho
following places: Oklahoma City.
Pittsburgh. Pa., Denver, Colo., and
many other places I dp not remem
ber. Well ho long, fellow) I will
you next Sunday.
Hy senior patrol leader,
Troop 2, Sand Springs
Troop 2 met at headquarters in
itnn,i...n.f Tli.i.lU church Frl-
tho Hroadway Huptlst church Frl-
i nu ' . . ' .... .. . ji
day night. March 10, with 23 scouts
... .,. fiii.i.
present, four visitors, two officials
',r .." .,i..um., .,r...
en S ee ing was called to order ' . Ulfln In their parade last Sat-r."...:.Hi-
L mneniintf the scout I urday. Thirty-two o f them have
oath. Scribe called tho roll and
each scout answered with a good
uirn. Four boys from Troop 2 went
on their H-tnlle hike: Saturday.
Troop 2 went out to Medio Tuesday
und organized a new troop at th
llaptiat ohurch. 18 boys enrolled.
Ivan Cunningham was appointed
tliolr sew fccnutmaster.
Troop reporter.
Bird House Content
lluW and Instructions.
1. All registered Hoy Scouts are
eligible In the Tulsa Hoy Scout bird
houso contest.
, ,.,,i must glen fy their In-
book, or some other reliable hook
.... .I...... f f 1. tr
on the subject. Iiea! headquarters;
will luve ii rupply of government
pamphlets within ten days.
4. All houses must bo nt head
quarters not later than April 7. Con
test closes April S. Prises to be
awarded by the Klwnnls club on
Apt II 10.
5. Clvlo work will bo given for
the time actually consumed on
planning anil making tho houses
L'e regular form signed by scout
master or examiner.
(1. All houses ate to be surren
dered to the city park department
They will be placed In the parks of
the city.
7. Contestants may outer aji
many houses as they, have made
8. Houses must he tagged with
the following Information: Name,
aridrmw, phone, troop, for what kind
of bird, how high nlioulil house, bu
9 Judges will bo selected by the
commissioner and executive. There
shall lie three Judges. No commis
sioned officer will Judge.
16. Judges will gralte the houses
on tho following scale:
I'HIIty Weather protection, 10;
drainage, 10; accessible for ring,
10; habitable certain Idyl. 10; Cav
ity, size of, 10 entrance, aboie
floor, 6; entrance, diameter, 6; o
points. DeMign General lines, 10;
appearance. 10; 20 points. Work
manshipWoodwork, 18; painting.
S: 20 points. perfect house, 100
llncrencc to the Flan
The nutlmr of this article has ob
served n few things In regard to the
reverence of tho rllltens ot Tulsa
to their flag, Old Cllory.
In tho first place, I would bo
willing to wager that not more than
1 per rent ot the people In Tulsa
know the rcrreot way to stand when
n, flag Is passing. Out of tho 2,000
people who snw the Attlerlcnn Le
gion parade last Monday, exactly 20
men removed their hats nnd e'tood
uncovered while the Hoy Hcout color
guard passed. This Ii a matter
which 1 think should be put tipper
most In tho citizens' minds.
Citizens of Tulsii, It Is your duty
to show rcspeet to your country and
flag In tho correct way. Men of
Tulsa, havo you observod tho way
In which tho Hoy Scouts observe the
passing of colors? If you have, you
have seen the enrrert wuy. If you
have not It Is your duty to learn tho
way ami faithfully observe It.
It would he a bad statu nn tho
reputation of Tulsa to hnvo it mild
that tho citizens do not properly ob
serve this prlv liege. I call It n
privilege bocnuso It Is so. Tho coun
tries nro few which havo the privi
lege of freedom nnd Justice its wo
Citizens, I as a member of the Hoy
Scouts of America, nsk you to cor
rectly do your duty.
All Around the Circle
Scoutmnstera desiring to Instruct
or examine their scouts In n flrst
clawi swimming test may Ufc tho y.
M. ( A. pool nearly any evening,
providing they secure pass from Mr.
Klbell and accompany thu hoys to
tho pool. Deputy Commissioner
Harhrau will oxnmiuo stouts on
merit bndgo swimming and life-saving.
I.cavo appointments Ht head
quarters or call Mr. Hurbeau.
Visit nr.
Scoutmaster A. fiwlenner of Lena
pah visited local scout headquarters
.March 11. Wo ni. nhvujs glad to
wclcomo these outsiders.
I,:i-t Call for ll.iml .MciiiImti.
Sevoml hoys have left their appli
cations for our scout hand, but not
quite enough to enable us to get
down to business. We will extend
tlio time to March 25 and hopo that
tho boys who failed to register he
foro will do so now. If you can play
an Instrument, come tell us about
It and let us register you In our
group of b.mdboys.
SfOittmiiktiTs AhMiclntloii,
Last Monday night. In spite of tho
rain, wo had several scoutmasters
out at our meeting. A permanent
scoutmasters association wbb organ
ized, and n definite program will bo
explained bit' .
Lt't .crV School.
At the meeting of the Kcntilmae
'0,'h "woclatlon last' Monday evening
It was unanimously decided to co-
r0".te with the Inter-church hoys
l work forum, which Is held each
beginning Mnrrh 21, at 5:30. All
Tuesday evening at 5-30 o'clock, he
ginning May 21. All prospective
and new scoutmasters should attend
nnd "the" old birds" will learn n
great deal. This course will ho fol
lowed by a big rally n roll ml tho
campfire out in the Usage hills,
with nn invitation to visitors. Then
following up the big campflro, a
short course for scoutmasters will
bo conducted.
Ilinllo Club,
First-class scouts should bo In tho
Radio ciiib. National headquarters
Is readv lo send Its communications
hy wireless, and local headquarters
wants to be ready to rocclvo the
szu mo In I lin nau rut urn
name In tho near future.
American I-i'l-Io
AnuTlcan Ighm.
Sixty-five boys helped the Ameri
ulalmed civic: work. The other 33
must present their claim within the
next week.
Ii mil Hrokrn Arrow.
A. M. Calloway, scoutmaster nf
troop 1, Hroken Arrow, was a visitor
at headquarters this week.
Si' SeontniiiMrrx.
Four pamphlets. "The flood Turn
Habit," "Discipline Without Demer
its," "The Troop Headquarters,"
and "Starting the Troop Itlght."are
published hv Herbert Kehnoley of
Fir Tree lodge. No. 4-110, Woodlawn
place. Seattle. Wash., and are selling
for l' rents earh, and may he had
by writing to the above publisher.
They might lie very useful In solv
ing some of tour problems.
Clciiniip Campaign.
The fimt two weeks uf April will
be iiIihiii-iI hv the iivle organiza
tion. ihiIiIIc si bonis and (lie genrrnl
1 o ii'iin' ion wnn mo ciiy
1 irtnccii 10 i-ondui-ilng a
mi rr Tl o Hoy I- outs
1 in -rvng
ti - j ' j py
beal b d
' ' -ri . 11
lA'ft l right. Srrri'lary Wd'l.x, Mrx
nnd hl.i wife, AUorni)
President Warren fl. lli'dp"
Mrn. Harding and inf mbi t nl tlo
cabinet haw been guests of Ivluind
II. Mcl.an nn his Yacht, the "Nnh-
meoka,'1 during their l'iorlda trip
The pRrty has been cruising .jn 'liL
Willi the spirit of the campntgtl. De
tails later.
Nfi Smut nistrhls.
Tho following troops are now or
ganized Into districts under the dep
uty commissioner:
West Troops ti. 7. 14. 17. IR, 28;
F. ('. Hnrbenu, deputy commissioner.
Northeast Troops l2- 2i- ii ,6;
tl, 11. Wlllett, deputy commissioner.
Hast and southeast Troops S, 3, 11.
21; F. K. Howard, deputy commis
sioner. Central Troops 1, 2, 3. fi,
10, 15, 23; F. 1. CraTt, deputy rom
mlssloner. North and Central
Troops 13, 1C. 19, 20; Harry Thomp
son, deputy commissioner.
HUhy Now Organized.
The following men of Hlxby were
selected for tho local council and
nniiolnted to offices: A. ( Wise,
chairman of nctlvlties; F. P. Leon
ard, vice chairman: CI. W. Davis,
rhalrtunn finance committee; W. J.
Cross,' rhnlrmnn dlhtrlct committee;
('. L. Hunard, secretary-treasurer:
L. M. Forry, chulrmnn court of
honor; Hev. Jeffry. deputy commis
sioner. The others on the council
follow: .1. M. Osborne, J. L. Dlinlap.
I). O. llVrder, Huiry Knylor, O, XV.
Ilrown. O. K. Wetzel, Joe I.owmiin
und J. M. Henderson.
CJilf Work.
Oh, boys! hero's a chnnre to work
for that gold medal. All this week.
beginning Monday, March 20, there
will be clvlo wotk after school. The
Hoy SeiiutH of Tulsa hnvo co-operated
with tlio Oklahoma health de
partment In carrying on n "milk for
honlth" campaign. This campaign
Is under tho direction of tho United
States department of ngricultuto
and fccouts of different towns are
helping to put UiIh campaign over
successfully. Here's it chunco for
tho Tulsa scouts to show tho city
what they can do.
The State .Sunday School Cotiwntloti
The scouts who have signed up to
do civic work for the state Sunday
school convention will bo notified
soon ns to wlint work they will be
required to do nnd at what time.
i Suffrage Pioneer Tells
Voters Evils to Democ
racy to Be Combated
N1JW YORK, March 18 Ten men
aces to American democracy have
been listed for the guldaneo nf wom
en voters hy Mrs. Carrie Chapman
Catt, pioneer In the feminist move
ment and founder of tho League of
Women Voters.
Sho Is engaged In a spirited con
troversy wltli ifJovernor Miller, who
chnrges that on Independent wom
an's political group Is n menace to
the ttato.
The real menace to tlio state, Mrs.
Catt declares, are:
'I, The greatest menace Is tlio Il
literacy of tho electorate, because nn
Illiterate votw Is a, controlled vote.
2. Tho second menace Is Igno
rnnce. Those who rend their ballots
but do not understand them vote
somebody clse'n opinion Instead of
their own,
3. Too partisan partisanship,
which Is truo of 75 per cent of the
memherthlp of both pnrtles.
4. Indlfforence. which Is almost
wdrso than tho controlled vote, be
cnuno It gives control to tho few.
Voting wrong Is better than not vot
ing at nil.
t. (lovornment by groups. He-
cause of the Indlfferenro of the many
a fow are left to Ho nil Tito worg,
and this la not democratic. havo meekly downcast eyes. Here
fi. Tho use of patronage to holdaI1j there, however, there Is an ex
voters to the party stnndard. The (,(,p,in- ,,,. an upatnnd-
Job Is the Trice paid for partv loy- nK atnazon ralinly directs etipld ai
ally, and the league of Women , ,H nmK t liingiil-' vouth, who,
Voters will fight this practice by up-1 Kiancjng up from bis bonk, notes tho
holding tlio civil service. I proceeding with urn on' ern. In an
7. The use of money the saddest i other ,i ning woman places a
of nil mennies. I " " "
s. Hosses.
9. HUnder nnd abuse This Is the
cheapest of the menaces, but fsy to
use. hccHUe verybndy likes gossip
nnd enjoys spreading It. Rosses use
it to overcloud the real Issues.
10. Tho most terrible nf-all men
noit Is when politics entirely breaks
down, and then wo havo war.
lipwsrd of more than aeven-biin-dred
iboussnd American homes I
schools cburih'a balls nnd offo
biilld'ngs nro eo'itnpid w.'h rude
receiving starinr aid rnor hati
f ftern hAusmd stniioes envr hecn
U-if'iipr.l (y tu ernm r 1 fo
1 f mx 1 c iv ' ) n ic " 1 or
Vacations in
llarillu:;. spi :il,cr (.lllctlc, Pii'.-hli
(. ni i.il Ii.iiikIi' it) anil (ii'oi!:'
v li iff r ii- i-tt'ie putting I i -In
.-.li'ie it -! oft. n in. mull to enable
tbi' no iu ii nt the paity to singe
siveial round'- of Kolf The presld"iit
- O' - - " I'"1"!'1' X,M I" oblems onjils re-
Saw an English Attempt
an I'-iiignsn iuumib
Improved Idea With
Big Results
Business Grew Until Miss
Ilowlntitl Sent Out Over
$100,000 n Ycnr
CHICAGO, March 13. A onilout
collection of old valentines which
the Art club exhibited hern re
cently recnlls the story of a woman
whom the stiidentH of Mt. Holyoke
college toast nverv year on Febru
ary 14. She wns M!si Usther llnw
land, who mniln the first Ameilean
valentines and the first valentines in
which printed verso was used. Her
work Is liberally represented In the
cnllrctlon, which Is thnt of .Mrs,
F.inma II. Hodge, and which was
loaned to the Art club for tho pur
poses of the exhibit by tho Art
ItiKlltuto of Chicago.
Miss liowlnml was graduated
from Mount Holyoke In 1X17. when
higher education for 'voinen was an
Innovation. Valentines were first
made In I'nglnnd, and Kngland hnd
a monopoly of their inaniifacttire
fnr many Jenrs. In fact, n valentine
from Knglnnd, tho first which she
had reen, gave Miss How hind the
Idea upon which sho bused her
work. It was two years after her
graduation when she was at her
home In Worcester, Mass. The Kng
llsh valentine, which is In Mrs
Hodges collection.' .has an elaborate
border of inrn paper with flowerr
pasted upon It. A tiny note rtpnued
In n small pocket In tho center. Miss
llowlands father, whn wns n sta
tioner, Imported a few of these val
entines and his daughter thought
she could improve them. She made
some from lace paper, colored pa
per and paper flowers, and per
suaded her brother, who traveled
for her father, to take thorn with
him as samples, lie returned to
bewilder her with orders amounting
to 16.000.
Hcgi'n Moderately.
Miss Howland unlisted the aid or
her friends to fill these orders. The
following year she had doubled her
working force. Soon she found her
self with a valentine fin-lory on her
hands, and was Importing materials
from flermany. She made further
Innovations, Including tlio use of
silk. She originated the Idea of em
bossing lithograph ornaments which
was ullllml by n firm in tiermnny.
Meanwhile tho Ameilcnn or Wor
cester vahntlne became famous, and
In a few years Miss I lowland was
sending out goods wnnh 1100,000.
The traditions with which Miss
Howlnnd's work was associated are
ancient as well as sentimental, for
observance of Ht. Valentine s iiav
has been held to Le a revival of the
Roman Lupcrralla, and bears the
name of n Christian martyr of tho
third century. Ac-corning in ono
story, mo innriyr wroie n ikiiii
nf love on the day of bis execution,
February H. 'o hts J.iller's daughter
and signed It "Your Valentine." The
day was long observed with various
customs heforo rommerelal use was
tnadn of the sending on that dav of
walsted maidens depicted on them
amatory messages. ,
The verses on many or inn vai-
mino in
this collection express
I ,iomcilc Ideals. and the wast)
Dr. K. II. Paddock. Bpoclallst, of
Kansas Cliy, Mo., bus distributed
Tree over leu.uuo copies
or n booklet on Hie
cunao noil treatment of
Irift.i fiimiit loii of the fiall
Illadder and lllle D
us nssocinicd with 'loll
la slum of tlo- 1,1-
lous foil. .1 innrti.
f is
IndlgrMiee Just sci d 1 n 0
r r lira ! llui k 1 I I
I Milieu h ! x TU " I
( . y M. Ad c U ci . .
nt Hauling. I ilmml II. Mi ls-nil
III Minn. .Ir
tin n In ,i-h mut mi, lin Iinllng the
il i i i-iis ami tlio need of hu ci-
Ing up the work of congiiss on Im
poiunt measures now pending In-
IiiiIIiik the iioniis measure.
' wirn Hi on the head of n kneeling
nvwiln, ami In the veises below the
semi, r feminine) assures the reclpl-
nt i man nllne ) I hut her hand will
he lis whenever lie claims H, ex-
lnlntitu that on alentlne's diiv n
mivldeii inni d. hi lose affections con
cealed nt all m her times.
bKI I loH oALlto
Noted Writers Debate tho
Merits of Prohibition
in English Press
LONDON, March 18 Heer is the
bono of contention In a Ixittle. of
words raging between Ooorgu Her
nan! Shaw and tl. K. Chesterton In
the Hrltlsh press.
"On tho whole I nm a pro-Pussyfoot."
duclarod (Icorge Bernard
Shnw on being queried ns lo wheth
er he opposed prohibition. "If a
tin t in al chnlco between drunkenness
nnd sobriety wero possible In our
civilization, f should leave tho peo
ple freo to choose, Hut when I seo
nn enormous capitalist organization
pushing drink under people's noses
ut every corner and pocketing tho
price whilst leaving mo nnd others
to pay the colossal namngeH tiieu i
ii m prepared to smash that organiza
tion and mnko It as easy for u poor
man to he sober If ho wants to ns It
Is for Ills dog." .
This statement caused fl. If. Ches
terton to rlso In his wrath. "What
Mr. Hhaw has to say Is exactly typi
cal of the whole blunder about tlioan
things," retorted Chesterton. "He
actually mentions the truth and
then misses it,
Tlri'd llnilm Illumed.
"Tho etlls from which people suf
fer xnruig from Urn fundamental
evil that property, which should he
normal to the ordinary ritirrn, hum
become something wbb It n few peo
ple possesM and most people don't.
"When people's brains are tired as
they are now, it is very much easier
to look at tho symptoms than nt the
cause. They say. tliorefore. thnt If
we abolish the public house n lot of
those evils would not orour; just us
when the evil has become so bad
Mint peoplo go out, as they soon may,
with brick and stones nnd kill other
people, it may bo said that If wo
were to abolish sticks find slonoa
there would he no rltits,
"When people are not In the mood
for going to the roots of things they
then exclaim: 'Cut oft all these ugly
"For that matter It would be easy
enough lo represent that the capi
talist Is not all orvtho sble of. beer.
"It Is porroelly iniieiensitiie inai
they should lie In Judicial position"
at all In tho matter ot licensing
While this merry little war goes on
between two distinguished gentle
men of Hrltnln'H literary set, the
buxom barmaids continue to pour
tho amber fluid.
The first wire suspension bridge
In tho word, built In IS10. wns
"cross the Hchuylklll river In Phlla-
ilclnhlll. l"n. Hiintiorteii Hv rallies
of six three-eighth -ln h wires. It
lifid a span of I0S feel and wan IS
Inches wide. Not more than eight
people wi re perrnltli d to walk on
It at one time.
Don't Spoil Your Child's
Hnir By Washing It
When you wash sour child's hulr
Pi careful wb.it jou use Most soups
and prepared stianqioos lontaln too1
much alkali, which Is erj Injurious,1
as It dries the scalp und muk'S the;
hulr brittle. ,
The bast thing to use Is Mulalfled
i-Oi ounut oil shampoo, tor mis ia
pure and entirely greaselcss. It's very
ii-up anu t).is ttnyiino w ic "
or three tcaspiioiifuls of M"l
n a c uo or glass with u nn h'
warm water Is all that Is .required
Him ply moisten the hair with water,
and rub It In. It makes an abund-.
enee 01 run, crwnmy iniiiur, tipen"-"
thoroughly, and rinses qut vaally
The lulr dries oulrklv and evenlv
and Is soft, fresh looking, bright
fl iff u'ivi and cuv to liandle. Ill
Bidi i- 11 loosens and lakes nut even
1, ai il'li of dun d.rt and ihmdiuit
Y'"i 1 an g' t Mub'H'l fit o tt ' drui
s' hi' and a f- " m iv II I
1 c n ' r 't r
1 .. c ( 1 ' c l
. i I A ) 1.
- ir -V"
A - U
Sunflower Troop I.
Who 1 1 afiald nf tain? Burcly
not thu HiiMfloweis. for there were
onlv tl nli.'nt at the meeting
Mondnv .'WMlng In spile of the
Ii, n v ilo, npotir. Hcouls whn
..nun fioin l.rc, Jtfferson htnl llor
., Mmiiii re In be especially com
in lull ! for ronrlnn nut. ,
Iloblnrttd subnillleil n
-.miplo ef darning. Kite
d her signaling require-
I' i
t '
r r .
1 ,
tl i I
lO t
V ,1
r mir last mewling win
x on different immbeit
m i I'i'iranco at the Palton-
i -Mi, ui Win Friday eve.
I , h .'4. Look rnr detail
himI.iv's paper.
Iiml,, ills Vame. AIM Mr
ii 'I Madi II IhueiMtn psss-nl
. Million test In the leuMti
I till' t . iv
I null. .1
lwit. I.,
. i i rialnly glad to Welcome
iniiiiuele for which we have
hi long, Beoinl girls who
n s' nuts for some lime need
Hi- ii, hi manuals lo repluce. the
, nil! Mhi' on.-s Itefnr they can make
imv fuitlor progress In their work.
We wm. glad to see news from
J i.ttii'i- troops In our last Monday's
i o m i Wo felt lonely in the paper
of luo weeks ago.
! MiiiK.net Depew, one of our new
i t mi outs, read ti tetter nt our last
liio-i'iliiK which had been minlved
I hv Mli-s Miller, sei i-einry n I our local
1 1 u ii II. asking fnr Information te
I giinliou sinning a scout troop nt
Centrnlln. Okla.
Our report from tho eecietnry of
Division 1 shows an excellent at
tendance record for tlnl wouls en-
rolled III the class nt Red I'rimn
lirHiliiiiarterH Mnvino liwry, Atina-
innH Howaid, FliHeiion Johnson.
Louise und l.iivlnlu Clear, lngrld
Hrnndborg, Melon iinnn and Loiiorn
Turniiu st have been perfect In nt
tendance, while tlladys Vlclt. Hlslo
llroehmiin. Hilda lOssley and lid-
Winn. Ilrown have missed threo
WlldriiMi Troon 7,
ltst Tuesday we Hindu more defi
nite plans for our liilllntlon service
and set the date for Frniny, inn J 1st.
We hope the Ilroheu At row troop
will be able to he with UH.then.
Watch for the dale of nur"'illgger
minstrel nnd onrnlvnl," folks. It
shtiah" Is going lo be soma show,
F. desires to learn
Why nieiinor made such a fuss.
If l.orellu likes to tense.
What was mid about her before
she arrived.
Where Kntherlne learned to apfll
"them" eyes.
It Kvelyu relishes bends fnr din
ner. If last week wasn't gloriously
sunshiny lust fine for n hike.
If fllndys likes to dance. (Wo
liked II fine.
Owl Tiooii .'.
Hello, slater scouts, Troop 5 hns
found tlni" to write up some news
nt last. Wo Have been so tiusy. ( :i
that we could not get It down. Ho mi
nio going to begin wbern wo left otr.
Troop I! had n vnlentlnn party
q'uesilav. Feb. 14: tlieie were f'J
people present. Troop 4 Hoy Hcouta
nnd the parents of our troop were
nresenl. The if r In wll n nre working
on I heir hostess merit badges may
count this entertainment In.
runners Forbidden lo Coiigrcgntu III
Tradllloiiiil Tnij I el I 'luce.
LKXINtlTON. Ky.'. March li.
"Court Day," u century-old Institu
tion In Kentucky, lias suffered n
na'tiful Jolt here. The clrctit court
'ihiough an abatement order has
I taken nwny fi mil It "dtunpsldn" n
public square. In Urn center or the
business district, where farmers nnd
trmleiH for miles around gathered
In numbers on the second Monday In
each month to swap horses and to
trade anything from harness to
And now, for tho first time In
more limn 100 years, they nro ilpt
permitted lo meet In the historic old
square, of late yeura within tho sight
of tho town clock In thu coiirlhuuso
tower, but have been shunted to
another nnd less dislinhle street,
The tarrni iM say. however, they will
not submit tnrjcly to what they re
gard as no InVimlon of their rights
and Indicate they will carry the fuse
to the Kentucky court ot nppenln.
The lower court said they mndu of
It n nuisance, ut onc-o unsanitary
and unsightly.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mecca for Health
Albuquerque is recognized s
the gieat ull-yenr i Itioale foi llm
cure of tuhciftilosls. Huiomei
is tho season for qulekist iu
Slllts. Albuijuei'iiie is in nly a mllo
high. Bmniiier I iys inner b"l.
Colofortal.li' sb i plug lequln a a
blanket. Mon- than 300 pi IN t
days I n eve i v eur. lion cl
mi bonis, good water, iimp.o
ainuseinenls, pavBd stieetn,
slate unlversllv. You can learn
I he ttpanlsh language In 'i pro
gressive American city. Cnitr.il
for mountain trips and touilM
Ample housing and sail ilorla
for those with means lo pay
moderate expenses. It you can
build houses costing from $1,000
to tlO.ttOO each, you iun wll or
lease them at n good profit, l'or
lnforiiistb.il. wrlto
Chamber of Commerce
lliiliin Hlie, Sou .Mexico.
11.11 .1
Da d CanJ Turn fW
II "
The Owli are not only win bluis
but nl-H basketball pincr- (Mir
Hum is llni'd up im TuIiuWh Fls.a
Wbltely and Hr.ice llerry, forw.iiils; '
Maude Mi.Moili-e. nnd Nellh. I'ntkr.K il
center. Manila Haney Ililili ll ir- ri
vey and Dorothy J-nrwri. g i.irds.
Hill Drain Is our conch. He wish '
to thnnk Hill for his good advice '
and the help he has given our bns-,(
hnthall team. It any troop has ulnim '
nnd would like to play u- let us ;
know, we would like to pln another
We played the preliminary to the
Hoy Scout Troop I vn. Homo Hardens
tenni Willi His Scind Presbyterian
church tentn. The score was 19-J
favor of the troop. The chmi h team
proed Itself a cheerful
We wish lo announce the tnar i.
rUjf of our captain, formerly MIm .
Messle Day, now .Mrs. J. w. Wink
ler. This Is the second captain that
Ims been mnrrlsd, for som-o ot tho .
girls In troop (. We heartily con-,
grHluIniH Mr. Winkler. i
We also wish to thank Mr. Wink
ler for IiIh help to the troop. Mr.
Winkler mndu the poles for our.
flags and lis helped us steadily
along In our scout work.
Troop S Wantn to know
When the fllrl wonts nro going?
to have another rally
Who will play tu a game nf '
basketball. ti
Whsii w are going on an over
night hike.
Why some of mir glrli don't get
lendy for their set nnd -class tests.
When the rest ot our girls will
net their uniforms
Why more girls don't tako the"
'"American lllrl." 1
Why wo didn't have ft meeting!'
Hutiinliiy. f
Wluiru the next troop will be or-J
gun I led.
Where Tioop li can gel a mascot,;.
Who Is Kolnt; to get tho prlzo Inj
the lettuce contest,
Pretty (llrls I '. cry v. here Will Tclli j
You That Stuart's Calcium Wafers, 1 ,
Is Vour Ono Knro Way ?
' i
flot a tn lodar "f Kluart's Cslrium i ,
Vt'afrrs tint In a ftw hours you won't r.
quratlon why llirr ar tli brat known,.
mnt wlilely ilimt n4 incut sucofatfujjj
ccimplailon btaullflar rvrr found. Thr
rlrar your tliut, they itmoia ths luialill
Inipurlllra lliat sllr In inaka plmplaaB
bolla, raalira, lilotchaa. MackliMita, mud'l
ctlnraa and audi liltinlalia, Tlia caiclurat
IHcilf ta Ilia grrataat akin Influanc known?
It cauara tha akin to wka up. It brslnfl
lla work st ones, you iilumi Ilia raauln' ,J
li nl in ft law aaya invra ia aoaoiuieir nn-, .
rjufatlon as to tlia wonoarrui action oi, sj
u u'.r.,. n.i - an -ill '
boa today at any drus alors. They arc,
iilu m si, hi nl . I n tl tnisajait k A umr 1 1 n n t
Savs Rheumatism-
Leaves You Forever
Jainaa II. Alien. o( Congrraa Avanua
llMhf.lar. N. Y , one a rhauniallo crip
Ilr, who dlaaovrrnl AI.I.KNIUIU and vrltlj:
It Laniaiirn titty irara oi urio acyi in .
sary amn of rtiMimatlain from hla bodrf
my that cvary ilrnsslat guarantia ft ful" .
pint liottla of AI.I.HNIUIII lu atiow tin ' '
way to complat recovery or money bark
It relieve st enee and Immediate!). ;
tier you atart In take At.t.r.NPliU tto' 4
gitoil wotk lieslna. It aearnhea out urlii
acid ilepoalta, illaaoivea ilia arereimne m
ilrlvea rliemnalla polaon out of the bod)
tliiousb the kldni-)ra nnd bewda. l.eei
m whera aiiffrlHK baa been plleoui
snd painful ail iracee of tlile dread dlaeaaij '
disappear In ft few claya, ntunoerg uroa
can aupply you - Advcrliieinein.
Plumbing & Heating
a We act) to anybody
NlinnllP'J wtnleaate prlcea.
UIIJJJIIIWO y (!) Wll ,a, jo to
(0 per i em en all ii.atrrtal (rim oom
plele an 1 suuiameeil atnk
ttrlte for free lliu.tfHlnl Ciifslofoe
Independent Plsimbin
and lleiitin!4 Supply Co.
Mil itmiluiril MHh Any Triiet.
IIJI I I1..11.11I M. SI- Niul, Me,
Uric Acad
85 cent Bottlo FREE -A
(32 Doe) .' '
Ju.t bmauae you atart Ilia day wortlei.;
and ilre.l at iff lege slid anna and inns il
ilea, an aching tirait. burning and bearlni
ctowii pains In the baik wern out befor--Hie
day blne do not think yuu bae
to aluy in Uiai roiuiiuon. j
flat welll lie ties tfoni atlff Joints. aor S
mueclee. rlleumatlo palna, aching, back j It
kidney or Wmlder lloublea. Hlarl NUllij
If you auffer frmn bladder wenknea ,
villi buintns. aealcllns palna. or It yo
I ate in and out ot bed half a dm-ci time . J
... .....i ...... u,ll ar...r,.., Ilia .Ml fl
j NL IIIHIIL, JM wi i-.-- I
1 conifort an.) aiienath itoa ire.iini. ni tei J
9 will slve yuu ful mic ov n une on
1 II rmt liollle IM ltiia.-l KHII: 10 con'
I lnre yen The Wllllut Tifaimenl cutl
iiueta kidney and U.,l.r irunMre, BheuS
".Htlatn anil all utto-r nil'l no ni.m, a
tv.w cliionio ur eiiibbuiti whro i-aueed b'H
rn "eatve n-lo arel. n fl
Kclicl tin not in Willi r""C ""' ijt ll
t i in n a Hiiimii ci li'i'i vv ' iq; il
I' ii I1..I1 I ..t llan.plon f.nm I'lesattl,
c -I t.i, 1. 1 i o l.-tp lay t'irt l ot! )
Wo n
trail l
er r 1 1
a r'c
1 Treat
f - e a '
; -i t-2 Ai'ner
1 h

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