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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 16, 1922, FINAL EDITION, COMIC AND MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 27

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Why tlii Shahs Bad Boy Was Ordered M
ie iQiYig front iloritfi virlo 1 nj
lvW ViLlt.
Bachelor Dinner for Four Sounded
Perfectly Proper Until the Persian
Ruler Heard About the Nymphs Who
Came in Their Golden Barge with the
Coffee and
An Intimate Snapshot, Taken at Monte
Carlo, of Prince Hassan Mirza and Hii
Friends. The Prince Is Standing with
His Arms Folded. Mile. Liettc Dinis
Is Sitting in the Sand. In the
Chair Is Count Giovanni
'Parisian llcauty and Unlit Opera Prima
'HE tonguc3 of international gossip
havo been sot wagging at a great
rate by tlia sudden recall of the
gay young Prince Mohammed Hassan
Mlrza, heir-presumptivo to tho Terslan
throno, from what was to havo been a
long Summer outing at Monte Carlo.
Surrounded by a group of boon compan
ions, ho had been enjoying tho season to
tho full, when suddenly, In tho midst of
the gaycty, a peVmptory official telegram
arrived from the' Shah, ordering him back
to his regiment at Tolieran.
It was a mystery-scandal that created a
lively Interest, not only on tho Klvlera, but
in Paris and Now York as woll, for tlui
young Persian Prince, on his former visits
to tho French capital, has been a familiar
figure both to Europeans and Americans
who are in touch with social and diplomatic
life on tho Continent.
Slnco .my own recent arrival In Now York
I have heard oven here a numbor of whis
pered versions of what went on behind
tho scenes at Monto Carlo beforo tho
young Prince was "sont homo" like a bad
boy but tho true story, I am sure, has
never beeti told until now.
What I am going to tell you, you ran
believe every word of It for I was in
Monto Carlo when It all happened, and was1
present myself at somo of Prince Mlrza's
lavish parties, though I did not attend tho
wildest ones.
We wero all in tho samo group, playing
together on tho beach and in the Caslm.
We know each other well. We had Inti
mate mutual frlenHs, and what I did not
see with my own eyen I learned first-hand
from others who had been piesrnt on the
actual occasiqns.
It was not one episode, but three each
wilder and more fantastic than the other
that caused Prlnco Mlrza's family to re
call him, "bag and baggage " at the height
of tho season '
I think you -may agreo with me, when
you have heard what tho three episodes
were, that Prince. Mlrza's actions can best
be described withSuch adjectives as eccen
tric, fantastic, wild rather than vicious or
Rut who knows? I havo never qulto
understood what you call Anglo-Saxon
morals, aud perhaps you will think tho
Prince Mlrza was very wicked, Indeed.
The first of tho episodes which caused
annoyance to tho young man's royal fam
ily back In Teheran, was a studio "bach
elor party," In which Prince Mirza deliber
ately sot out to "stage" a supper which
was to bo "more sensational and unique"
than anything Monto Carlo had seen.
I was invited to participate in tho climax
of this festivity, but declined when I
learned tho kind of costume I was expectod
not to wear. The following afternoon, how
ever, I bad all tho details from the Princes
n si. r" mM I II
arS x:y ' m
iJ. ' $ 5 x is-
44 ... A barge floated in, on which re
clined four superbly beautiful 'nymplie,'
garbed well, garbed as nymphs
and dryads."
friends and from a girl who was of thj
group that helped entertain them.
Tho extraordinary supper party was an
intimate affair in tho Prince's own enor
mous studio, and the men guests Included
only his three best friends Prince Salar
es Saltanes, ftaunt Gilbert IVAuvllllers
and the sport-loving young Viscount Max!
nilllen do Moras.
These three bachelor guests, who came
In conventional dinner clothes, wero
charmed to find that tho background of tho
studio had been transformed into a classic
sylvan glade, such as those described by
Virgil, Theocritus and other Oreek and
Roman writers of bucolic idylls.
There was a gorgeous and roallstlc wood
land setting, with tree trunks, foliage,
nooks, bowers, wild flowers. Tho entire
tloor was covered with a matting In Imita
tion of real grass, and as a final touch at
tho end of tho studio, in front of a great'
follago-scrccned door
way that led to nn nd
Joining apartment,
there was an artificial
strpam with ronl
wator on which whlto
swans wero swimming.
In this leautlful set
ting the four young men sat down to
sup. Hut despite the beauty of the set
ting, tho delicious dishes and the bendy
wines, tho Pflnco's three gnosis, toward
the end of tho supper, began to llni'
themselves a little bored.
It was all very lavish and wonderful
but It was scarcely gay at least, not
ay by tho standards of tho young Vis
count Maxlmllien
And presently, when the other two
The Shah of Persia
(Who Recalled the
"Bad Boy" from
Monte Carlo),
Strolling with
the D
Hassan Mirza,
to the
Earned Him
the Niclcnamo
of "The Shah's
Bad Boy."
Another Monte Carlo Snapshot, Showing Prince Mirza with Mile. Dinis,
Count Vanutelli and Other Friends.
uke of ,'rf wx. . W FU ' mw,
rk. tMffiffl - m K
Coprrtjht, 103S ty lntniationl ftitura Srviw, Inc Orft Drttin Itlrbta nmnri,
ie'. 1 y mo(r n rt'ill tlmo of it, but
ao' 1 t.. p.,iip 10 their host) woto
f " ' vmi,- th.. vis'-ount said:
1'iitiM- M11 ..i. your woodbind
gb'tc in , --iii'.un aic rliaste, classic and
b'-niiiful (mii don't you think the at
niospin io wiiiild havo bef'n Improved and
made irnno realistic by (tin addition of a
few equully classic and beautiful ny:npl)3
and liryaiis?"
At this very moment tho stream began
to glow with (i radlanco from an Invislblo
spotlight, soft music began to b hard
from the dlalanre, nml tho prow of a boa!
emfrged from the foliage with which tha
doorway at tho end of tho stream had been
It proved to be a bargo, docked wlln
flowers, and lecllning among them wero
four superbly beautiful "nymphs'' garbed
well, garbed as nymphi) nnd dryads.
Ily degrees tho bargo moved slowly down
tho stream to tho end ot tho apacloua
Mile. Liette Dinis, Parisian Beauty
and Prima Donna, Who Tells the
Astounding "Inside" Story of
Why Princ Mirza Was
Recalled to Persia.
studio, when) It canto to rest. Hieing
slowly from their tiowery couches, too
lovely "nympliH" nllghted nnd began a
classic dunce.
At llrst they danced languidly, but pres
ently tho music, and danco beenmo moro
ntiltnaled until It readied a climax in a
When this story reached Prince Mlrza's
famllv, they warned him that ho mustn't
repent such n peifoimnuco if ho wanted to
remain on the Klvlera.
"All right," said the gay young Oriental,
"I prornlseviot to repeat It. I'll think up
something else."
And tho next stunt with which Prlnco
Hassan shocked even Monto Carlo, you
could never guoss Ho smoked hashish
publicly on tho beach I
Presently the fumes of tho drug began to
work. Seizing several serviettes, which ho
draped ns a short skirt around his bathing
suit, he crowned himself with a ladles' sun
bonnet and pioceedrd to execute a most
grotesque and comical dance half "hula"
und half snake dunce. Naturally, this In-
cldont caused a 1 lot, and tho Immense
"guffaw" that went up flnnlly reached tho
ear of the Persian court, and onco more
naughty Hassan Mlrza noarly embarked
for, home.
But although he wag forgiven once move,
It was not long before the Prince commit
ted another faux pas which set tho tongues
w'agglng anew. Hassan suddenly bepamo
Infatuated with Mile Sophia I)oras60v,
daughter of a numanlnn banker, and oug
day whllo strolling with the young heiress
ho suggested that they sit on a bench and
rost a while. Suddenly the young Prince
proceeded to mnko cave man lovo to the
beautiful girl, grasping hor roughly.
Passors-by on tho Uoulovard do 1'Observa.
tolre, believing the girl In danger, called
a "gardo champotre" (forest police), who
took the girl under their protection nnd
upbraided the young Prlnco for his conduct.
Owing to tho Impoiiant rank hold by
the parent.; of tho young people a gieat
eflort was mude to hush thlni,s up, but the
account of tho eplsodo leaked out llttlo by
littlo. nnd tho Persian court, finding tho
situation unbearable, recalled Hassan, bag
and baggago, back to Teheran, with orders
to rojoln hia cavalry regiment. t

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