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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 23, 1922, FINAL EDITION, COMIC AND MAGAZINE SECTION, Image 25

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ll 1' " M'" Blanche Watson (left) and Mrs. Bculah Card, Aquaplaning nt Coronado Beach, Cal. ' j
grat-: f Even Flying Is Too Tame This Year BfPiL. . W
my for Young Millionaires J? mP
" Who Are Enlivening 3iT '
Fashionable Seasides with Their C. WmWr '
Aquatic mJM V'- ... .' -..--!
Thrillers gSF k M . y:-KS,Tw 1
Eft.. Vl Ski'. -r- .IF.
PwirS II I 4 '
Miss Lora Boyd MacTaggart, of
Seattle, Wash., Enjoys Her Lunch
While Seated on a Surfboard
Traveling at Express Speed.
'IIB starter's plntol cracks. Six soa
tleds zip ncross tlio water llko six
nashlng comets. Each comet lias
for a tall a long rtipo Ultclicd 1o a flat
board. Each board has for a rider a pretty
girl In a bathing suit, who stands upright,
tugging at a pair of taut ropo reins.
Tho sea sleds whiz a milo a minute.
Tho boards hit the waves pop! pop! pop!
with tho rapidity of machlno-gun flru.
Tho glrlB, their hair streaming In th wind
and spray dashing over them, aro n pic
turesque combination of water babies nml
broncho busters.
Ahead strotches tho flntsh lino, gay with
flags. Along tho course aro yachts, motor
boats, express cruisors asd other craft.
The boach Is a gay panorama of parasoln
and colorful costumes. Peoplo shout an J
wave hats and handkerchiefs madly.
"A thousand on niimbor four!" "Fifty
on tho red!" "Take you!" "Watch out
thero sho goes!"
Ono of tho riders wavers, loses her bal
ance and pitches headlong Into tho blue
sea to bo fished out by tho rescuo boat,
half laughing with excitement and half
crying with disappointment.
Tho other sleds put on a now burst of
epoed. Tho waves roll higher. Tho boards
pitch wildly. The riders shriek and tho
spectators howl. In a flurry of foam, ring
ing bells and shrilling whistles tho llva
surviving sea sleds roar across tho lino
with' Number Four winner by
Wherever society congregates
this Summer, from Nnwnort to
Coronado and from tho Groat Lakes to
Ponchartraln. such sportlvo scones as this
are enacted. For society, llko a bad little
boy, has "run away to sea," and no little
boy looking for adventuro on tho Spanish
main gets a bigger thrill out of bluo water
than society is getting.
Not plrato luggers, but a typo of vessel
Intonslvely dnveloped only within tho past
few years and brought to its highest point
of perfection In tho United States, Is mak
ing bluo blood beat faster. Tho motor
boat in particular tho sea sled Is tho now
rago among tho rich.
It used to bo yachts. Every Grado.A
millionaire had ono. It was his "floating
palaco." Ho raced It against other yachts.
Miss Lois
Huggins Ski
Planing Near
D. C.
2,- . vis"!
Ho cruised In It to tho Caribbean In tho
Winter and to Norway in tho Summer. A
millionaire without a yacht In tho public's
mind, anyway was as Inconceivable as an
omelotto without eggs.
But yachting lost Its savor. Fast motor
cars drew socloty ashoro. Fast planes got
society up In tho air. Tho big ocean liners
werp thero when ono wanted to travel by
sea. Thoro was no raoro thrill on tho
water. So it camo about, a tow years ago,
that only a comparatively few millionaire
yachtsmen wero left in tho world.
And thon camo tho power-boat smaller
than tho yacht, but many times swifter.
Engineers, Inventors and manufacturers
began to develop new types with amazing
rapidity. Thu hydroplane, tho express
cruiser, the BCdan, tho runabout and tho
Bea bled woro put on tho market In swift
succession, Now each season wltnossoi
tho Introduction of somo now variation la
motor boats, every ono a little faster than
Its predecessor,
Tho soa slod was, porhaps, tho most rad
ical doparturn from tho usual boating linns.
Tho slod looks llko It sounds - a boat with
n squnro Instead of a pointed ibowj h V
shaped umlerhody; two runners swooping
high In front, so that when tho sea sled
hits high speoil It docs not, cut through
tho wator so much as It sktmB over its
own foam, llko somo groat gull.
Society suddenly woke up to the fact
that llfo ashoro no longer offered tho ulti
mato In sensation. And, almost overnight,
tho old-rich and tho now-rich and tho near
rich declared for a llfo on tho bounding
Some took to thn "sedan boat," a beau
tiful llmouslno of tho wrftors equipped and
appointed with all tho luxury of a trans
Atlantic liner. Othors bought crulsois, Jit
ted with every convenience of tho old
steam yacht and capablo of developing
much morn spoed.
Commodoro Gar Wood, of Detroit, Amer
ica's "fathor of motor boating," drew tho
eyes of tho world rh tho now sport when
ho drovo his "Gar Junior Second" from
Miami to Mow York, a distance of 1,257
miles, In forty-seven hours and fifteen min
utes, beating the record tlmo of tho Ever
glades Limited, tho fastest train between
Florida and New York, by exactly twenty
nine mlnutos.
"Flying Is tamo corapa'red to this!" de-
fj-ii i r lid
Miss Gertrude Arteldt, KS?Sl5S(OTK-& &L 'MM&&&
Chicago's "most perfect vWMTOjAM
bathing girl" in a MSi&ikSm 'MM
Water-Plano Race. mmMXWL . WS
clared Charles Chaiiman, editor of Motor
Homing, who accompanied Commodoro
Wood on this trip. "Wo hit the waves
faster than a clorl. ticksfull speod nil
thn way, yet not a meal missed, anil each
meal served as elaborately as though wo
wero nshore."
On tho heels of this stunt Georgn Loary,
Jr., set a world's record at Miami wl"n
his nca sled "Orlo Second," going forty
mllos an hour ovor a two-and-a-half mllo
Last Winter another typo of sea slod ap
peared which smashed even this time
Tho bulldors am now offering sleds thny
declaro can go sixty miles an hour -a mllo
a mlnuto! Elghty-olght feet every tlmo tho
second hand of a watch trembles!
To this thrill society tacked on anothor
The favorlto sport at Miami, I'alm Ilwh
and other e:iat coast resorts last Winter
was aqua-planing. Flat boards wero
hitched to nea sleds. Water nymphs
mounted tho boards'. And away they went.
Today, wherever there Ib blue watni,
you will find bluo bloods. Thero aro racos,
luncheons, dinner parties, short crulsi's
and long cruises. And alwuys thero b
within grasp tho big thrill of M.i-3k-4.1ln,;
along at sixty mllos an hour a mllo a
minute! elghty-olght feet n second!
CopxrlrM, 1022. br Intfrnalion-.l yvat'iro Si'nri, Jsif Orrit PrlU'n Itlttil' R'ml
Sea-Sledding, Mile-a-Mlnute Style, at Mliml. (0) Kdwin LtvM)

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